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MKTHODS  OF   l!AST[N<;  TKST   BARS  FOR  THK   A.  K. A.      545
laid at the level of K and W, as shown by the black dots in Fig. 140. The cinders were also brought out to come under the pouring basin A, Fig's. 139 and 142, pages 552 and 554, after which cores to form the gate connection () and risers E, seen in Figs. 138 and 139, were placed in position as shown, and sand was then rammed u.p to a level of the top of the cores and moulds. To keep the dirt from dropping into the mould through the gate holes seen, at W, Fig. 138; while ramming up the pit, boards, to cover the gate holes (not shown), were used. After the pit was rammed up to a level of the top of the cores and Masks, these boards were removed and runner patterns of the form seen at Fig. 136, page 548, were then placed over the cores to form runners in connection with the main basin A, as seen at Fig. 140. This done, plates were set on edge as at: M, S, and X, after which the inlet plate H was set up against the plates S, and plates as at B set against its ends after the manner shown. This completed, a board 12 inches dee]) by 15 feet long was braced 11 indies away from the face of II and the whole bed was then rammed up and finished to appear as seen at Fig. 14.!. This cut also shows men in position to test lifting the inlet plate II by means of levers \T, resting on the t              plate M, to come under lugs N. Stops, as at P, pre-
(              vented the inlet plate being lifted to any greater height
than 2 ).;; inches, which insured clean metal only passing to the moulds, as when the basin A was filled by the ladle U, as seen on page 556, all dirt was confined and remained upon the surface of the metal in the basin |              A. Two risers were carried from the two outside
1               flasks,   as at  K, and  left  uncovered when casting, so
that  when  the  moulds were  filled  all  surplus metal in diameter, and cast on end, us such will tfive truer results than the [J4™inch round bar in general practice, especially in making comparison <>i; the widest ranges in grades.temper '' or damp-              ,| |