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i >\l|'Il   \ 1 It \   <U    TIIK   A.   I'".   A.   TKSTS,   KIT.              565
TSie Iron for cast E rvns used for making sand rolls and is of a class similar to Cast I), and must resist Lj'ivat bending strains and sudden heating of their surfaces. The iron used was warm blast charcoal, melted in an air furnace. Though the fluidity strips ran up full, some of the small bars were lost owin^lo the fact. that such iron chilled quickly in a molten slate. The chilled test pieces were \vhite throughout the body, tin- same as wilh i'ast I >. The contraction ranged fnmt.iS in i-inch bars to . i i in .p-ineh bars. This east. was made under the supervision <>f Mr. |. S. Seamen.
The iron used for cast F consisted of shop scrap mixed with old grille bars, r u s t y t h i u malleable scrap, and a white weak pu. iron, melted in a
V        :!         .!,         "        eupo];i.      Tin-    m i x t u re
;'        "'',         /.        :.        ;;ave    a    perfectly    white
t ract ure    up    to   t lie   , '.. -
iljell  !-ieet H !1S, aiid   .slij'Jlt 1 y
mi t t led   in   t he  center  <!'
i         ;                  t he   larje   liars.       It    \v;is
iiupract ii-able to   machine
5        this   iron,   and   hence   no
1          "'"                  "       such tests are shown.    The
fluidity strips <H<1   imt   run  up   full,  showing t he effect
of   Mxidi/.rt!   irut the  chill  extending  throughout   tlu*
wholi-   eastiii;.*   ni    the  test   pieces.      The cont ract ion
ranged lYm ./s in the  !/ itich bars down to . M in the
I ifii'h bars.
14 T!<i'   ' , f  ,t!jrl  !hr,r   -r!i ,il   ( i,   If,   I, J ,   K, ;Uirj   I,,   p;i^'S  :;(,M O
'T .'.': iii.j'ir uiiiirt !!*.    ii}H-r\'! .Hn   <! hr. Rsrh.'tnl SlolrlciiKc .i! : ,   l'fjii]-.y!v,iu;.i M.ii! ,!.'..   <*', t.Mii! i v, I'it l:,l.ui>;, P,i,ll. The chilland j^reen sand  showedast on end, us such will tfive truer results than the [J4inch round bar in general practice, especially in making comparison <>i; the widest ranges in grades.temper '' or damp-              ,| |