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THK  A. K. A.  COMMITTKK'S KKPOKT.             5«Si
cupola, rnetal; mixtures, moulds, and methods of preparation to be fixed by the founder to secure the results bv ])urehuser.
2. All castings shall be clean, free from (laws, cracks, and excessive shrinkage. Thev shall eonform in other respeets to whatever |>oin(s may be specially agreed upon.
/,. \Viien the eastings themselves are t<> be tested t» j d< -sf ruet i« >n, the number selected from a i.';iven lot. and tin* tests they shall be subjected to are a. matter of" special agreement between founder and purchaser.
,{. (*^'s made under these specifications, the iron in which is to be tested for its tpiality, shall be represented by at least three test bars cast from the same heat.
5. These test, bars shall be subjected to a. transverse breaking test, the load applied at the middle with supports i.» inches apart. The break in;; load and dcflcc-
ti«'M shall be a;*Terd npnii specially oil placing tile '•'•utrart, and two of these bars shall meet the ivtjitiiv-
inrlit s. '•'
<». A ti-ii:;il»- stivnjith test may be added, in which »MM- at. least three bars b>r this purpose shall he cast with the* others in the same moulds resperl.ivel}'. The tilttntatr strength shall also be agreed uj»»u specially brtMiv plaein;.'; the eoi»traet, and two of tin.' bars shall nif'H t hf TVCJII iivnn-nt s,
' ,%'«in. •• Tiji' H-niiirh.ihly \vi«l«' mnyv of valur,-; Inr i he tillimatr ?:•';•.'.! i; .Hid !Hu«!n!«',  ••!'  r:ij»tui'f   a'fijt'h  art-  really J^NM!   fur t lit*.
'.;•'''". i l,i •.••-. •»!' :!'M:I, ]!!*•• !tielc-, tlur ;,',i Vltll', «if flt'tillitr UpjH'!' j.Tv,:: - ;•; '!;•- ,-.j n-,- • jirar ;> nr .. Jj will thrrrl'nl'r !*iini,iiu a Uliittrrof
ia;i!i;,i! .i;.1,!••i-im-jit ;u r.n'i; • .r r, tlir rc«juij'fincnl*'. <»i' srrvii'c and
,''•:• i  JMT jiu;jji«i j»ai«!  ri>;i;kitin^' ilu- laixturcH which can he furnace iron or subsequent annealing is specified, all gray iron castings are understood to be of