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FIG.   152.—STEEL   SOCKET   FOR TENSILE TEST  OF  CAST IRON. Two required.   Test pieces should fit in loosely.
FIG.  153.—STANDARD   TEST   BAR  FOR CAST  IRON. Cross Section equals % square inch.
7.    The dimensions of the test bars shall be as given herewith.    There is only one size for the tensile bar and   three   for   the   transverse.    For  the  light  and medium weight of gray iron castings the  i^-inch D bar is to be used, for heavy gray iron castings  the 2-inch D, and for chilling irons the 2%-inch D test bar. These bars are seen in Figs. 151, 152, and 153.
8.    Where the chemical composition of the castings is a matter of specification in addition to the physical tests,  borings  shall be  taken from all the test bars made,  well mixed, and any required  determination, combined carbon and graphite alone excepted,  made therefrom. *
*NOTE.— There should really be no necessity for this test, for the requirements of the physical tests presuppose a given chemical composition. It may, however, sometimes be expedient to know the total carbon, silicon, sulphur, manganese, and phosphorus of a casting to insure good service conditions.specially brtMiv plaein;.'; the eoi»traet, and two of tin.' bars shall nif'H t hf TVCJII iivnn-nt s,