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584                    METALLURGY OF CAST IRON.
9. Reasonable facilities shall be given the inspectors to satisfy themselves that castings are "being              ' made in accordance with specifications, and, if pos- i sible, tests shall be made at the place of production, | prior to shipments. \ These somewhat general specifications are doubt- i less capable of being modified, but are presented by [ us to this Association for discussion and possible j approval in lieu of anything better now in existence.* l| The specifications should certainly be fair to con- : sumer and founder, and, if experience teaches us better, can be suitably modified from time to time.
From the first outline of our plan of casting* test bars, now known so generally, to the final completion of this report we have endeavored to obtain informa-               !
tion valuable to our industry,  and sincerely hope that               :
much good may result from this, we think, impartial series of conclusions.      Respectfully,                                         ^
DR. RICHARD MOLDKNKK,                    !
JAS. S. STIRLING,                                 
Jos. S. SEAMAN,                                   j
Jos. S. MCDONALD.                              !
* This report and specifications were received and unanimously                 j
adopted by the A. F. A. Convention at Buffalo, June, 1901.      The                 !
committee was tendered a vote of thanks and was discharged.                      iJ^NM!   fur t lit*.