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and Steel"— Chicago— Sept. 8, 1900.
Volume One of " Analyses of Pig Iron" has just been issued by the compiler and publisher, Seymour R. Church, San Francisco, Cdl. As the first work of the kind ever published, it will i nterest every foundryman find user of pig iron. The substantial character of the work first attracts attention. It is a handsome quarto volume, and its 172 pages, abont 9x12 inches in sizo, are printed on heavy calendered paper and stoutly bound in heavy covers, fitted to endure long usage in. the home of the iron maker.
It is the contents, however, that are of the more lasting1 importance. There has been an increasing1 demand from foundry-men and others for analyses of different kinds of pig iron, and it was to meet this demand that the present work was issued. The correspondence involved in collecting those analyses comprised several thousand letters, and if every furnace analysis is not presented it is because some makers of pig1 iron declined to furnish the desired information. The work lias so grown upon the hands of the publisher that a supplementary volume, to contain entirely new matter and not a repetition of this initial volume, is already .announced to appear early in the year 1901.
A glance at the indi>x shows the immense scope of the work. The names of more than 200 producing companies in tho United States appear in the index and in the body of the work, and where analyses are not obtainable, that fact is stated. The index of brands analvzed also exceeds 2l)i) names.
The pig irons of foreign countries receive what seems exhaustive treatment. Groat Britain naturally takes the lead, and analyses appear of about 150 brands in England, besides a number in Scotland and Wales. The products of thirteen other nations, embracing all essential iron producers, receive adequate attention..
The book is well illustrated. There appear many half-tone cuts, representing the fracture of different brands and grades of pig iron, showing the various characteristics of the iron. There are also a number of illustrations of furnace plants
Important and interesting statistics relative to the production of pig iron are included^in this valuable work, which will no doubt occupy a favorite niche in the office of the progressive pig iron melter.
Volume I—Now ready.
Volume II will be ready for delivery in the latter pait of 1901. It will not be a repetition of Volume I, but will contain new analyses and a very valuable article on the " Utility and Mixing of Pig Iron," by Mr. Thos. D. West.
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S. R. CHURCH, 301 Sansome Street, San Francisco, Cal., U. S. A....................................................    8,860     "                               \,