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How will it be 
Forever Destroyed? 




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JlifMM'wi^e of 


How Will Militarism 

Be Forever Destroyed? 

VruMtat Dar Events R«vl«w«d in th» Light of 
0mna Propheiy. 

By Hon, J, F. RutluTfortL 

Tlw quMtloa ▼• lutT* tor eouldtr- 
fttlon here ti npp«n&«t In fh* mlsdi 
of E maJoTltr of ttw tttlnkli^ im)9l« 
ot «trth, For mora tbtn % jmt mU- 
ifou of fflta turn bMs upon Um tat* 
U* field eniaied In ft detiiUr eoafUet 
TUrtr mlUionf 9t m«tt ftni th«rt now. 
Other nlUioiu h« oeanplad (a tbt 
masHfMtun et ftmmsiiltlon tad 
fuitrnmenU of dMtruetlon, wlilie 
minr more milUonft ftr« looUag on 
wltli btted brefttl) sad uO bevt fts'i 
Mktnr, Wity U ftll Uitt wu bmm- 
•arrl Wl»t will bt th* and ot th«H 
thlngeT Mir Uie vorld enr bop* 
to ie« the dsr when It will be tree 
from UiUtftrtenL; 

It ta botb tpproprtftt* «iid timely 
tbftt we dUoiue tbeu iMetlou in % 
calm ud dliptulonftta mftaavr. ftnd 
w« bopa tbftt tbift dliowftton md coti- 
eiderfttioft mej' reiult btnofleliUy to 
ftll ot u. 

IB JTnlr* 1S14, tbt eonntriei of 
BurOM were in ftn extremely nervotu 
OQodltloii. l&tftniftl Ubot ftnd gw- 
ernmentftl quettioiui w«re thiefttftn- 
Ing the peftce «nd trftuquUlty ot Ortftt 
Britftin; 9oei«Uim wu menftdat 0«r* 
mnny, 'while revolutloii wu foment* 
Inc in Euuia. Bat ftilde from tbeee 
home troublet ftnotber ftnd grmter 
etorm wfti thrtftteoint and whloh «u 
deetloed to brtftk ibortly tbw«ftft«r. 

More tbftn n qatrter ot t ««ntury 
prior thereto tb* Imperial Oonm- 
ment of Oermany betaa to build a 
treat military and naTal powtr. 
Otbar ttftUoDft eaiumiitc tbat ansa- 
mtnt li neoefiary in leU daletue fol- 
lowed the exampia ot a«rfflatir< Tear 
after yaar new Instramentl ot de- 
■truction were devlied. Tear after 
year tb* atronc Klnfdomi of flttrope 
taortftftad both In armament and 
trained eoldlen, The thonihttnl and 
obeerrini people toretaw that a gnftt 
international war wa* not only 
tbreatened, bat waa almoit a ««r- 
tafnty. Tha publlo pree* for eer- 
M«l yean bad been pra4totIni a 
graat coatUot. In the iprtni time 
It waft announoed that the war wonld 
oomo In ali probftbllity Mm 
autamn. In the antuma it wai an- 
nonnoed thronib tba pnbllo praH 
that Barely the war oould not be bald 
off nntll eprlng. 

Borne, howerer, with leaa wladom* 
were reaaonlnf tbtiB: Ob. fhar* ean 
narer be ftnotber war, beoftuaa eftoh 
nation will be aCrftld to ko to wftr; 
tbla ffraat preparation tor war li tba 
anrest guarantea tor p«a<». (The 
Pnited Btatea hai many anob uawlae 
onei who are not profltlni by obter- 
Tfttlon and the axparlenoa ot other 
nations.) Conaiatent wlUi tbla gl- 

santlc preparation ttie lonf-loaked 
rof a[oru tiroke over tli« nstioni oC 
Elurops In AUfUsL, 1D14, Mora Uma 
a year lina pauecJ and tltd fires oC (!*»• 
itructlau are bur»ltii wliu jQcreased 
lury. Atraady ttie loues toUl up- 
warda oC eigliL million meu aud to r»- 
Itort tlic property loaa wuuld require 
mom than i\ npiiiiiry, 

'I'be wurlil today lacoe a contlltlou 
that li ui) paralleled in Ite lilitory. 
True it la tbat alnce tUs early dawn 
oC civilUatlon tliert tmvc bein cou- 
troveralee and wan betvs'ttit trlbei, 
peoptee and nalfone, but never be* 
[ore liave Llie Iiiugdoma lud aatiotii 
been eugaBed In audi wliolaaale mut* 
der; and tiie evidence polnti iti'oail.T 
to the [act, ilial before it eods all the 
civilized, so-cAll«d uatlona ot aartb 
will be drawn Into It. Already tM 
United Statee in a meaauie la entatad 
In tlte war, Our lawa recogniie that 
tbers la no dUfereace between kill- 
Inc a man and providing a man wlUi 
a cun wltli Trhich to kill, knowloc 
tliat Ita Intenda ao to uh It. Tbe 
United States le aupplylng tbe (ud 
tvitli. lull knowtedce. 

But, do tbe cotnmoo ptiople who 
produce tbe vi-ealUi and bear the bur- 
dens of clvUIntJon desire this warT 
We are penuaded tliey do not, and 
yet seemhisly the people are pow 
erieia to prevent U. 

I am persuaded tliat the freat ma- 
jority of the peoplea of the uatlona of 
Curupe do not desire ttiie (rest war 
that 1) davastallRS their lands, de- 
stroying ttietr liomes, makint their 
burdens grievous to be borne and 
leiidtns tlielr able-bodied men tn 
premature graves. 1 hav>i some per* 
•onnl knowledge at the sentlmeDt Of 
the people and the conditions there. 

When the war began 1 was In Hain- 
burp, Germany. The people ol that 
be.Tutitu) city were quietly pursuinit 
their rMpectlve vocations at 3 o'clock 
In the tLftornnon. Al i o'clock the 
urtlor Tor muhlli^nllon <>C the army 
wni polled. [ saw fathecd. tons and 
brothers bnlnR hurriedly takttn from 
their liomc!) and rushed to the front. 
I snw mothers, wives, anU children, 
9nA of countenance and with tear- 

stained faces hurrying through tbe 
streets to wave tbelr luved uiiei good- 
bye a« ibey ruehed to the battlefleld 
to die. These I am sure did n^t 
want the war. I aaw liundredi of 
Itutslang, leaving behind tbelr prop- 
erty and German friends, fleeing 
across the border into Denmark and 
Into Swnddii LryluK to get b<tuk to 
tlialr tiutivo lahd. Tvaiu aftar iralu 
bore tbeee unfortunate refugeeg 
away. I traveled wltlr many from 
the border to UtockUotm, Sweden. 
They were not a vengeful people, 
they desired to harm no ouc. Tbey 
did not want the war, 

Denmark and Swnden were mobil- 
izing tbelr armies expecting to be 
drawn Into the tight. I talked with 
both loldlers and citlzene who were 
hoping and praying their aatlooa 
would not have to go to war. i saw 
many ot England's citiicnt fleeing 
out ot Germany whose etorlei woula 
make sad the heart of any man. For 
several weeks 1 visited many parte 
of England and Scotland and wit- 
nessed many sad affairs. Business 
men were trying to induce their 
younger emptoyeea to go to the 
front; placards marked every station 
or moving vehicle urging young men 
to enlist; young girls occupied In 
persuading tbe young m^n to go to 
war; and, worst of all, preach- 
ers, claiming to be the representa- 
tives of Meadali's Kingdom, urging 
young men to enlist, marry end be- 
get chlidren, and then go lo the front, 
that there might be other generatlona 
to war after the present one is gona. 
Tbe people ot the Uolonles ot Qreat 
Britain have sent thousanda o( their 
sons to battle, yet ot all the people 
on the earth that stop to calmly con- 
sider tbe altuatlon none of them 
really want war. 

No eane man wants to be kfUsA, 
because life is the dearest thing to 
him. No honest man wants to kill 
hpcnuse he rcallies that ho Is takluf 
away that wbicli be Is not able to 

It Is apparent to those who think, 
that the United Statee, perslatlng In 
her present course, will ere long be 

a<;tlv«Iy elixassd Ifl tba bloody eon- 
tllct. Do tlia poople of ilia Untied 
SUtei, peace-toTfug and IndustTtoui 
t» llmj am, dMira th* burdeti of Mil- 
itarism and tb« dcvaatatlng war Uini 
la almoat certain to lollow. I taul 
■ure Ihar do not, and y*t-w4 aee the 
uiacblnvv ot tli« nation aorinc 
ilcftdlly in that dlret^OH and notli 
liiff will jtrnTOnt it. 

liut, wiiy, you may aak, du i aDuiiit 
with auch MrtAlntrt Bvcauia, I &&• 
•wer, I am not ipcaklag my ova wla- 
tlom, nor am I Tolcltti tha wladom of 
otber man, but 1 am vlawlnc ttila aub- 
iect from tha standpoint of Qod'f 
Word— the Bible, 

It la not my purpoae to tnflam* tba 
mluds bt man, nor to uu^iUr alarm 
unyone, but It la my purpoae to point 
out aoma great truttaa now due to be 
UBJaratoodi and i baliaTe It to ba the 
duty of every man wbo underatanAs 
thcae trutha to maha (.bem known to 
hia fallow- man. 

If we can get at the real cauae ol 
tbia great war, and dafhiUety know 
from unimpeachable evl'lenca that 
tbe future holds something exoeed- 
ingly good for man, we aUovId eag- 
erly seek such facta. The true so 
iQtfon of this problem la not only 
poeaibte, but tt Is found in tha filbl*t 
iind In tt alone. 

Th« Cause. 

"Whd 1« responatbla tor this awtut 
wart Some say the Kulsar is the one 
to beer the blama. Others who are 
the enemtee of the BrlUeb aay that 
(Ungland Instigated the war, while 
sUIl others ley the blame at tha door 
of Rusela. All are In aoma maaauro 
to blene. One nation could not fight 
a battle alone. If a man orma hint- 
self and goes forth to luoV for his 
adTcrsary he will itKely And aoma oc* 
eitalon to uaa his weapon, T{ a nation 
arms with the intention of engaging 
In w&r aha te Ukaly to find some oe* 
eaalon to engeie therein. 

Under tbe laws of all clvltlEsd na- 
tions, ti two men arm theiuseWea lor 
tbe purpose ot engaging in and do 
engage In a mutual combat and one 
dies 04 the result thereof, tbe inr- 

vlver Is guilty of murder. In princi- 
ple there IS 110 tiinsrenca batweuu In- 
dlTtdual combats and national com- 
bata, beoausa natlona are composed 
of men. If one la murder tbe other 
le murder, It one is JuallOed t,)e 
other Is Juatlfled. 

Interest In this great war Is Inten- 
stfled when we recall that Uod In tha 
nible foretold more timn S.GOO years 
u|[u Huuh an intoruutlouHt coittllct. 
Tbe same wisdom foretold that It 
would begin la Ihe year 1914. It 
camo oti schedule time. Long prior 
tbarto tlie same autliority^-Qod In 
tbe Bible — pointed out tba cause of 
tit* war and likewise foretold what 
will be the result and wbat shall fol- 
low thereafter. 

Why have these thlngj not long 
ago bean understood by tha people 
that they might be avoided t There 
are tit least two potent reasons. Une, 
because the prophetic statemeuts of 
tbe Bible cannot ba propnrly undsi- 
atood until God's due time, and >«o- 
oud, because comparatively few havs 
been dUl gently seeking to under- 
stand, The teachers have been 
largely overcome by the spirit of the 
world-deaire tor fame end riches — 
ftitd have neglected their dut7. 

It Ood long ago set forth In Ble 
Word the certainty ot this great war 
ftnd the cause thereof, may we not 
expect to find In tba same aaiborltT 
a toragleam of how Mlllterlam will 
be otlminaled from tlio earth and 
what sbali follow? If wt bolieve 
the Bible to be true (and I do, and 
aesume that you, so hotleva) and if 
wa can ftnd the evidence tberain set* 
tting these great questlona, then 1 
submit that the vital quostlon before 
the peoples of earth today who tore 
rlgUtaouanau and hate Iniquity, ts, 
Shall we not lay aalde ou^ man made 
creede end turn to the BlbleT What 
doee the JBlble say on tbese tnbjecta? 

The entire human race — all the tto- 
ttens of the earth — sprang from one 
men, Tha first man was uot g war- 
rior, bees use created perfect la the 

tmM« of Qod, Hit horns wu la 

Eim, a pl&c« of plonty and happU 
aeUi a condlUoa ot peace and Jor 
F^m Ood he received powi^r and au- 
thority to iubdus til* earlli and fill 
It «ltb people. He wa« to enjoy: 
thii bJeised prlTJlefe wUboitl Ister- 
rnpUon >o long ai lie rendered hlm- 
•elf tn obadlarice io Uie Law of Ood. 
But, feetore exercising HU power to 
bring children Into the world h« Yio- 
iBt«d God'e law with th« lesult tbat 
his right to live forever wu taken 
from him and he was removed from 
bis perfbcUhome—^Cden, The earth 
aside from Sden, vas an untlnfabed 
place, brlngliiK fortb ttiorut, this ties 
and polionoui fruits. Urlvec from 
Btden the first man went forth to 
battle against the elements. In the 
■watt of hU taoa now be must earn 
hie bread. No more could he par- 
take of tba perfect foods of Sden. 
Dallr Ue was dying and he knew that 
It was only a question of time when 
he would esase to exist. This spirit 
or disposition of selfishness and bit* 
terness began to grow In hla heart. 
While In this condition of mind Adam 
begat all of hi! children and these 
children Inherited more or less of 
that dliposltlon. Time pissed and 
two sons had grown to manhood. 
Calii had developsd the spirit o! eelf< 
lahness and bltteraees In his heart to 
a superlative dttirn»e. Pursusded l.i 
Ms own in I nit tlin.1 his brotliiir ha<I 
Been more highly Cavorsd than him- 
self, tie armed hlmeelt with a deadly 
weapon, sought out bis brother and 
murdered him. Tttnt was the heglii- 
fling nf Itlllttarltm and the flrst elTects 
uf war. Intense selCIihueRB had led 
to the crime and back o( thtil was 
sin which caxiaad Adam, th4 perfect, 
to fall. From then till n?w aslflsli- 
nesi hns predomii>ate(t araoLg the 
peoples of earth ttnd only the on« 
who hss fought against this monster, 
seUlibnesi, hiui been able to arold 
gross wrong. From then till no\v 
men liave nought oot inventions with 
which to avenge themseUtis against 
roni nnd supposed foes. In every 
tribe and nation there bave beeu 
some noble characters who have 

fought to establish a governmeat of 
rlgbteousneas In the Interest ot the 
people, but in the course ot time aetf- 
tshness predominated, ana hatred end 
war, the leglttmftU fruHs of selfish- 
ness, have l^ to destruction. 

AU Imperfect, 
As the Psalmist bas stated tt, 
"There Is none perfect, ho not ose." 
Why? Because all came under the 
condemnation of death. Etom, &tlS. 
Psalms (1:6. In proportion that 
men and nations have cuttlvat' 
ed the disposition ot rlghteous- 
nees and love for lettow mas 
In that proportion have they been 
against mUltarlsm. In proportion 
that men and natloas have cultivated 
selflshnesa—the sphit ot grabbing 
tliat which was not justly ttaetr own, 
in that same proportlcD has mllttar- 
tsm grown. Long ago tiie seeds of 
the dragon teeth were sows, and 
now the nations ot earth sure reaping 
the harvest of whirl-wind <tnd blood. 

Whj BvU Perultted 
Ooi'B purpose toward man })■» 
been slightly understood. Wh«a we 
see so much poverty and stekness, 
crime and wickedness, selBshaeis 
and murder In the earth we are 
)jrons to wonder why a jost and 
loving Ood would permit such. Be- 
lieving that Qod is rosponslblo foir 
all this wickedness and sufferiiit 
many have been driven to in&delitjr. 
Let us lake a saner view. 

A parent lorsa bis oblld. The 
child baa a aiaula for playing with 
fire. The parent says, lor the good 
or that child I must teaoh tt -the 
bnneful sfleets of are, and eo be 
permits tho chdd to burn Itself uo- 
til pala resulbi. The lesson has been 
learned. Love prompted the teacher 
to that courae. 

The Bible reveals that It was the 
purpose of God from tbe beginnini 
i.hat man should bave an everlasting 
blenslng, but in order for man to 
upprectate the great blessing wheu 
<t comes tie determined tbat man 

should h&v* ii tall knd complets l«- 
BOS m the baneful «ltects ol Bin — 
to iMrn tbe tUBOO he hBi permllted 
ntMt to burn hlmiell aavorely et tli» 
fire, Tlili h«B applied to moa Indt- 
TlduBllj Bttd tbe peopUi nod sattoni 
colltoUvety. Hlitor7 dlBoloBCB thiU 
flvary luUlon wlion roftchlTiR Us CtiU- 
uflM in Bin and BolllaliQCBB hua per- 
tailed from the eerth. While ths 
ceoplei and aetiona heve been pas*- 
iDK throufb tbts long dark nl^ht 41 
expartanoea. Ood hai bees develop- 
Inx the Klncdoin of rlghteoueneai 
thftt win brJDg the dealra of the pure 
In baart of all ttatlona. 

Ood'B ProDiIae 
In evarr Ace there have been 
Bome men whoae beartB, lonctm for 
rlshteouaneiB. have turned to the 
Lord. To Bueh Hla taror haa been 
ahown. Four thouaand yeara afO to 
Abraham he made promise sarlnti 
"1 will bteiB thee and make thee a 
bleaalnB, and In thy seed shall all 
the lamlltes of the eanh be 
blenad." The first nation formed 
amonMt mea and which JehoTsh 
recoEDlEed was the Nation of Iiraal. 
With that people Ood made a special 
corenant, proelilof tbem the bless- 
iniB of Ufa, liberty and happiness If 
tbey would obey His lawa. To that 
imtlon llo Rftvo a porfoct code ot 
Laws and Cor cesturlea dealt with 
tb«m in a speciet manner. Tbe prom- 
ise made to Abraham was renewed to 
that people ttme and asats. Ood 
tsuiht them to look tor a freat De- 
liverer, a MeBalsh, through whom 
their blesstng would come. The na- 
tion oC larael Interpreted this to 
mean that from their number a great 
King would artss who would extend 
the dominion of Israel to the four 
comers ot tbe earth. 

Olerity of land 
With the Nation of Israel the Lord 
tnntUuted the prleetB, or clergy, 
whose duty It was to perform the re- 
ligious ceremonies and aboTe all to 

read the Word ot tbe Lord to the 

people and Inatruct them In right- 
eousnets to keep them In mind ot 
the great MesBlah that was coming, 
Some of those tallhCutty perFormod 
their duties, but the greater number 
ot them became beady, high mtnded, 
tioii^hty. nuntcro. naffllgent of ibelr 
tluilQB and luri llie ittioplQ into tin- 
rlghteottsness, The result waa whan 
JasuB came — tbe one who abould oe 
the UelWerer — the olergy class per- 
Bsciited him and turned the people 
against him and crucified him. 

The lUird bad pointed out that 
larael should be destroyed, and later 
the armies ut Home enoonipasaud the 
holy city, stormed Its walli and de- 
stroyed It. The Nation of Jsrael per- 
ished from toe earth. The Apostle 
Paul tn Heb. 10 and Cor. 10:11 
points out that the events tranapjr- 
Ing concerning Israel were typical of 
other events that would traniptre on 
a far grester scale. The priestly clasi 
ot the .lews flnds Us mitt-type <ir 
cntinterpart In the priestly or ttitrtiT 
nlasB of present time. Had the 
Jewlih clergy taught the people the 
truth fai the people had heeded 
that teaching the OTerthrow of that 
typical nation would not havs fol- 
lowed. The Scriptures point out 
that the degone ratten of that nntiou 
jtnil Ita fa)) wna tyitlcn) uf Chrtnlou. 
dom which is In a degenerate con> 
dltlon and the overthrow ot which 
Jf now threatened. 

Advent of Stnt 

Ood bsd promised that "la the 
Seed of Abraham atl the families of 
the earth should be blessed." 8t, 
Paul in Oat. 3:U polnU out that 
Christ, the Messiah, is that Seed 
through wtitofa the blesstng must 

At the birth ot Jotus the Messen- 
ger of hoaven made announcement 
saying; "Glory to Ood tn the Hlichnst 
on earth PEAQIS, good will toward 

Proptt«tl(»lly It bad been "written 
eoncsrnliig Jeaui: 

"TJalo us a chlSd la born, unto 

UB a (on Is Elven, AHU THB OUV- 


His SHOULDBkS and His name 

■halt be called wonderlul CouH' 

setter, TUe Mighty Qod. The 

EverlKstlae Father, THB PRINCB 

OP PBACE."— 1«», »:e. 

NotvltttiUndtuK be WM tlio 

Prince ol Peace, tbe term ol bit 

•artblj mlnlitr^ wae one ot troubln. 

The oierE7 element of His time, uu- 

mlndtut ol tbelr dutlee and privl- 

l«tes, persecuted blm and incited 

the mob atalnat bJm and ultlmatelr 

caused tbt cruet nxJon of the Prince 

ol Peace. Nearly 1900 rears bave 

cone since then and durint tbat 

time militarism bae Increaeed anfl 

has reached a climax In the oloa* ol 

tb« A|e. 

\V1ij He Cttine 

II Ood intended to bl«» tb* peo- 
pie and Jesus was tbe Qreat Prince 
who would briuK the bleaslnr, wUt 
was Me put Lo deatb? A proper an- 
swer tc tht« queitlou la essential in 
order to understand the events that 
have rince transpired and irbidt 
we ;io-v witness. 

Mankind, through Adam's sin, 
was iDider a condemnation ot death. 
No amount ot bleaainf coutd be toat- 
lug until this legal condemnation Is 
removed. "As br the dtsobedlenca of 
one (Adam) ein entered Into th» 
world and death by stn, to death 
pasted upon all men, all are (born) 
sinner*" Itom. E:12 and Psa. 61:fi. 
Ilen<-e all most die. The onlr meane 
ot meeting the legal reauirement 
for tlie reteaae o( maitklnd from this 
Judgment oC denlit was b7 the death 
of a perlecl one. Jeaue became a 
man and died for thta very purpoae 
at the Apostle bo clearl7 puts in 
Heb. £:9 and \4, The death ot 
JpBtfS provtdnti thn rftntoin or pur- 
ehate price Tor ALL and In God's 
due time all mittt have an Oppor- 

tunity to recelre tbe benedtt there* 
of. 1 Tim. 2:S'e. 

ICissdom Dlaae 

If Jesua died tor all, and Bis 
death Is to retuii In a bleating to 
att, wblch blatilnc meant Uie, 
peace and happUietfe, why, after a 
period of 1 SOU- yean do we And the 
earth filled with violence and in tbe 
tbroet of tbe greataat trouble ever 
known T 

Tbit queetlon la one tbat bas trou- 
bled both clergy and layman. It la a 
Tttal quettlon to all. It behooves 
every one, In this hoar of atrett, to 
give careful bted to the Scriptural 

Before the foundation of the 
world, Qod In ttaa exerclae ot Rta 
love and wtedom, ordained tbat 
Jetus Cbrlet should have ataoelated 
with Him In His great and peaceful 
worl£ of blessing others, a company 
whose members should be made 
Ilk* him and who should b« known 
aa Hla Church or Body, the King- 
dom class. Tbeae to be aeleoted 
from amongst men, the reciulrt- 
mantt being that they ahould by 
taltli becomA the tootatep follow- 
era of Jeaue, A follower la on* who 
does aa Jeaua did. At Pentlcott the 
leiaetlon ot this claaa began lo the 
fuller sense. His dlectplet had been 
Iirevlousir called, but now they were 
begotten to tbe blgher, the Divine 
nature. From then until now all 
who have been called and beKott«n 
by Qod to the divine nature have 
been called to this high poaltlon. 


The atftpB required to enter thle 
race are thete: Faith in the shnd 
lilnod of Jesus as tbe great ranaoni 
price, a lull contecration to do thn 
^III of God even unto death, and it 
faithful and loyal parformance of 
that covenant by keeping or obeying 
the nommnndmenta of the Lord. 

Kvoryonc who on tern this nnrrgiv 
vAy la commltsloned by the I^ord tin 
sn Ambaseador of Christ (S Cor. 

S:ZO). An ftmbaisKdoT who !< faith- 
ful la ODe vbo falthtnllr reprueat* 
tita Klits and Hl> Klacdom, AmoiiK 
Uia commandintnts kItbd kU sucb 
by the Lntd waa and is. 

(1) Ta daclare I ha measago of 
HcfSUh'i Kingdom and 

(8) To BOt ba mixed, up with thn 
world (Itom. ISttSty, 

Whan JaiQi itootl bafora Pllata lia 
•aid "M7 Xlntdoin la not ol this 
world (praaantorderl If It wan then 
would my loldiera Ilglit tor m«." He 
taught nil tollowan to pra7. "Thy 
kingdom coma, thy va\ be done nu 
earth a» It Is done In heaven." 

The Apoatlaa and those ot the 
eitriy church faithfully dtd thair dutr. 
■uid down through the Age there 
have alwars been some true and 
faithful ones who hare deolared the 
tneesage of tlie Lord. But about the 
Tbtrd centurr ambttloue men enter- 
iA the ohurcb. The Papacy wait or- 
soiiized. The head ot this eyetem — 
the Pope — announced that he wur 
ruling Instead of Christ that the 
kingdom had already come. H« olilm 
ed to have authority and exeretsad 
authority to erown and naorovvn the 
tttngs of earth. T^ie Papal churches, 
th the name of Chrlit. the Prince nt 
Peace, organised a great military 
power and went forth to war. Tqt 
twelra hundred years the people 
were denied the use of or access to 
Bibles and were taught only the 
nreeds of aelfleh men. 

Luther led a mighty protest and 
hft ftSd othen orgaalied the Prates- 
tant church fn toe name ot CUrtit. 
Soon, this tailing to the blandish- 
mente of selfish men, mixing ohitrcli 
and state, the Lutheran aysiem be- 
came the State Church o( Oemany. 
Today the Smperor of Oerraany 
claims that he rules not only hie own 
country by divine right but that Qo(< 
has appointed him to rule over other 
nations of earth with a mailed fist. 
Does any unbiased person bellevf 
this to be true? Does the Bible so 
lenchT It does not. 

The CxnT of Russia claims to lie 
the head ot the Cturch of that land 

and that be Is reigning by DMne 
command and so teaehlng he armi 
his mllllona to engage in war. 

In brief every King ot Europe 
claims to be reigning by DtMne rlghl 
and. at the head of Ills armies, he 
Inyokes the blesslog of the Lord 
UBon bis efforts to alsy bli ttlioff- 
man. Suraly the Lrf>rd doei not ap- 
prove such a course. 

There are nearly two hundred dif- 
ferent church denominations In the 
land today, ail of whom are mere or 
teas mixing politics and rellglou, con- 
trary to the command of the Lord. 
In all these denominations there 
bare been and are yet some true fnl- 
to-wers of Christ, bnt the greater 
majority have little or no use tor the 
blood ot Christ. Uurlng ths pa«t 
forty years there has been a grant 
falling away from the religion of the 
cross. Highsr criticism and evolution 
have taken Its place. 

These rarlous fstie systems parad- 
ing under the name of Christ and 
mixing religion with lbs polltiet ot 
the earth, the Lordt In Revelation 
refers to as Babylon (meaning con- 
fuilon — an abomination unto the 
Lord.) These mixed kingdoms anti 
system call tb em i elves "Christen- 
dom"— meaning "Christ's Klngd&m" 
but Christ owns no such mixture. An 
the Jewish system wsi unfaithful to 
God end was overthrown, so Christ- 
endom" or Babylon has betn uutaltti- 
ful to the Lord and the message at 
Messiah's kingdom and her doom Is 

Christ declared that all ot his fol- 
lowers are bretheru. The brethern 
are admonished to love one another. 
Had "Christendom" been the true 
representatives and followers of 
Christ, brotherly love would hare 
prevailed, But Instead all these na- 
tions, while claiming to be Christ- 
ian have cultivated the spirit ot sel- 
fish nees. Selfishness has led to K\\* 
eystematlQ organization ot greit mil- 
itary powera. Had brotherly Iova 
prevFklled Instead of selfishness mili- 
tarism would have had no place 
among the lo-called Chlstian nations 

of Qkrth, 

Tbo Jewish system rekcbad la lull- 
nesa in sin ana seinehneia at the Qrai 
advsut of Jesui, kud the nation fell. 
Tbftt tall foreshadowed a. far creator 
tall. Chrlalandotn baa reacbed Ita 
rtillntjRs 111 sill and lOltlilineae ai tba 
■ocontl 11(1 vein of our Liord iiud lis tutl 
Is near at hanQ. Mark how ilia Lord 
forelold thts In His Word. Tbroutth 
UiQ Prophet He Mtd: 

"Watt yet upon mt, wlttt ttia 
I^rd, until the day that I rlu us 
to the prey; tor my datarnloKtion 
ts to cather the nations, that 1 nny 
assemble the klDfdoms, to pour 
upon thetn mine Indipiatlon, eTen 
all my narce sneer; lor all tha 
aarth (syniboHcally meantnt order 
ot society or systems} shall be de- 
voured with tha fira of my Jeal- 
ousy." — Zeph. S:l, 
Durlni the psst forty yean knowl- 
•dga hM freatly Increased. Tba 
meana of transportation have 'wos- 
derfully developed causlsg ImlKratlon 
Trom oaa nation to another — the 
faUiertng of the nations tocathar. 
Svory nation hn* eant its ambaasa- 
dors to every other nation. Tal^ 
imph and cable fvlres hare usambled 
all the nations — brlDKlns them In 
dosor touch with each other. Aod 
wlillo Uiln nssniiibllUK hns bean KolnR 
on the Rronl [ixlUns away from the 
(atth of Chrlal and him Qruoinad bae 
Uken place. Compelltlon In the 
trade o( the earth has been greatly 
sharpened by this (athertnt tocathar 
the nations. Tlie spirit of lelfleh- 
nasn hne Increased and durlni the 
nme lima the creat mllStary and 
navnt powers of tha earth hata 
raachad a climax. 

rreparlti); for War Foretold. 
Twenty-ftve hundrad years ago God 
ihrouEh Hla prophet foretold thn 
comine of this day of axoesslre mlll- 
tariem, which we now sea so dearly 
fulfilled. Any student can under- 
stand a prophecy after it is tulCltled. 
Thrnuph the Prophet Joel He Bs!d: 

"Proclaim ya this amonf tha 
OentUes (nations) ; Prepare war, 
wake up the mishty men, lat all 
tbe men ot war draw near; tet 
them come up. Keat your plow- 
sliarea into swords and pruning 
hoolcs Into apears (that ta, use ma- 
terial lor war Instrunaents that 
could be ueed tor agricultural pur 
poaoHK let tha weatt say 1 am 
elrong, Assemble youraetves.and 
come all ya natlona (the word 
heath en maanlcc nations] and 
gather yourselves logethor round 
about; * « « i^t the natloDs 
be weakened and coma to the val- 
ley of Jehothaptait {maaslng tba 
vfilley of f raves ]."~-Joal S:8-1S. 
All can raadlty sea hev this itro- 
phacy has bean fulfllled and la now In 
process ot Cvtllltlment. All tha na- 
tions that claim to be Christian na- 
tlont have bean fulfilling thii pro- 
phecy for several years, and this and 
other Scrlptursa clearly pEove that 
before the trouble haa andad all ot 
tha ao-oallad Christian nations ot tha 
aarth will ba Involved. For thla rea- 
ion wa sUti, that tbara ii no earthly 
power that can now prevent tha 
tinitad Stataa from balnr involved In 
tha sraat and final conttlet. Mr, Bry- 
an and others, seeing that prepared- 
neaa for war means war, are dlllKantp 
ly working to prevent praparednaaa. 
Their efforts are honest and pralia- 
worttiy, but tlioy Ctinnnt sunnood. Tbe 
doom of BaVylon Is sealed. The 
United Btatee oomposei a part of 

BofdRntai Foratolfi. 
Did the Bible foreiall the b«(innlnf 
of this trouble and could tha ml&li- 
tera have foretold tbe people, had 
thay b«en faithful to tb^ir proto> 
slon? That tha Bible foretold tha 
very year In which the war ivoi;ld be- 
gin there Is no doubt. Why the 
preaohera did not know that and tall 
the people they must answer. Soma 
Bible siudenta have been polntlug 
out that fact for more tban thirty 
years and the preachers have rldl> 
culed the nuggeatlon and have pera^ 

cut«d thoM who bvn called atuo- 
tloa to t1iw« Bifal« trtttbt. No-n lot 
Uie DFOot. 

The "TlmM of tba Qflutllu" Is a 
d«llnUel7 fixsd tieWod. Bolb the 
Bible KEd flKUlar biatnrr fixes tlw it' 
ftnnlng of the "Timsi of tba Cea- 
tllea" Bt eOd B, a Bibte Chrosol- 
osr definitely Bxee Che length ol Oen- 
tlifl Dominion et a period oC 252(1 
)-oara. Accordlnit)' title porloit 
•lionld end lu the Autumn ot the rear 
iei4. It fe reaeoniibte to eonolude 
that theie Qentlle Covernoents be- 
lieving that they ar« Divloe Inititif 
tione and with the rltbt to rule the 
ttirth "would not ptaQ«IuUy eurTin- 
imr dominion, but would have to be 
ousted. When the term ot a leM« 
expiree and the lenani doea not toI- 
unUTlly vacate tb« laadtoM pre- 
(ie«d» to oust bim. The Lord U pro- 
eeedlng to ouit the Oentllee and tblt 
prooeedliiE becan In the Autumn of 
191 < — exactly on time. Oonoorn- 
tt»f the cofnttif of that time the Lord 
had oaueed tfatse werda to be record- 

"And the sationt were angry Md 
thy wrath li come." Ro*. ll;lf!. 
God Is permitting the ansfir ol the 
nations to wexkea each other prepar- 
atory to their oomptete ousting or 

As an evidence marking the "time 
or the end" of OenUle dominion tbe 
Lord snld to the Prophet Oaulei, 
"Shut up thfl wordi and ssal IhH 
book even to the time of the end, 
(then) many shall run to and Iro and 
knowtedgs be iaoreased''— "And at 
that time shall Michael (Christ! 
Stand up, that great Frfnce whkb 
staudath for the children of my peo- 
ple, and there shall be a Utne of tron- 
hlo surb>ae newer w«« since there wai 
anntjon.*' Dan. 13:4 and 1. Tba 
tncraaee ot knowled^s has coma dnr- 
(nK the past lorty years, likewise tli* 
great running to and Iro and sow th4 
"time of trouble," bat begur. 

.Tnst before the Cmeifixlon ot our 
Lord He was asked. What would bt 
an eTidenoa ot the end ot the Age. 
To thte b« anawtred; 

"Te Shalt hear ot wan and 

rumors ot wan ,isa that ye are not 

troubled by these, Uat when luu 

tton shall rise against natton and 

klitfj^om against kingdom • • • 

thoae are til e bcgtuoluit ot sor* 

Mws." — Matt. 2^:e-8, 

Never before in tbe world's history 

has this prophecy besn tttlflUed 

until now. U Is clear to ttas mind 

o( tlin «tti(J(int vt llto lx)rd's Word 

that this greut iniernatlonai war Is 

but the prelude to Ute "Battie of 

Arnmgertdon" which must yet be 


Ttine nt XMnble, 

The Lord Jesui d notes the prophecy 
of Daniel saying That the Age wUI 
end "With a time ol tronMe sueh at 
iisYer was sluce there wai a nation, 
and there shall never bit another. 
(Matt. H:tl). That time ot trouble 
will mark the complete end cf gen- 
tile reign, and ot mliltarlam. 

The Scriptures dearly point out 
this Internalional war atll be (ol< 
lowed by revolution and that, by gen- 
eral anarcny, The great tItlnKera of 
the earth can see this aside trom the 
Bible and mru\y of them have point- 
ed it out In recent publleatioBS 

But the question which we wish 
answered to our satis tactiou Is 

JIftW WHl «!<! World he Helleved ot 

Will It be by Oermany conquerlnii 
alltheworldt Itwtllnet, Will U 
be by Great Britain becoming tho 
dominant power of earth? No. Wll) 
It come to pass by the DnUed States 
fxtsndlng Its beneflcent rule tb the 
lour corners of the earth? No In- 
deed. Will ic be brought about by 
all tbe nation* bo thoroughly arming 
that all will be atratd to i;o to wart 
Will it be preparednessf No. How 
then? It will come by the pcoplea 
ot earth becoming thorough Ij 
aick ol tTQuble, selfisnnets and 
wrong'dolng and by tbe tuli eetab- 
llshment ot tbe Kingdom ot Messiah. 

Mark tbe proof. In symbolic 
language the Lord describes the great 
tJmn nt trotlbln thus: 


"For Ha (th« U>r<l> uomoiand- 
oiU &ncl rcltetl) a >to:my wiud 
iyrsat wari aad troublo} wlijcb 
liCietb up tbt waves I Hereof (tha 
ra(iU«9 cleuiuiU or litimunltyf. 
TUe>' iti»unt up 10 the liMV«ns; 
Uity eo do'.vn tb tti« tlopttia; thair 
■out la malttd becauaa ol trouble. 
Ttior ( tli« nattoni — pcoplaaj reel 
to and fro llKe a drunken m&&i and 
tiro ut ttielr >^Ua end, Tban tkey 
err unto tlie Lord lu their trouble, 
and tio bilnsetJt th*m out ol thtlr 
uiBtruitM."— I'Ka. iu7:;!:t-:fit. 

Man's extremity (a Co'l't ipportu- 
iilty, 30 It hat over bean! A|;am lays 
the r>Drd throunh Iila propbeti 

"l''(>r Unix autUi tltc (.ord ot 
hosts, Vat once tinore) U ta a lit- 
tle whUo tnd I n-Itl ohskv lb* 
heavens CeRcleafaacIea] aystemt} 
and tbe earth (organtced sotloty— 
govarntnents} end tti« Ma ireii- 
l«a« Humauitjr} end the dry land 
{ BTlstocraey ] . And I wil) shake 
alt nations, and THEN THIG OS- 
COMB."— Hag. 3:«, T. 

Ttius wilt ttie tjord ahake out kit 
tbe kinsdoma snd domlntona ol thU 
earth ee deal tf tic &1 and polttloal, that 
uuun tho rulna tttvreot Ha ia«7 M- 
tsbllsh Ills liIuKdom for which Chris* 
dans, hare loof hoped and prsysd. 
This waa tons ago foretold tn the 
words at tbe Prophet, sayitig: 

"And In the days ot tbeae kl&fs 
tna Cod or heaven shell set up a 
t<tngdosn vhlch shall never be de- 
stroyed; and the kingdom Ehall 
not be left to other people, but It 
ahsll break in pieces and consume 
all these ktnedoms. eud It ■twil 
atnm) iorevvr.*' — Dss. S:44. 

I'rlncc »f I'eticfl to ltal|nt« 
Qod ts working out His xreat plsa 
In his own orderly way. Soon the 
fieat Prince ot Peace wiH have IiiUy 
established His Kingdom tor the 
hiestlns of sit the famlltes of the 
earth. Cod never falls In one of His 
promises. Itemember that He long 
SKO said this of Jctsus Clirlnt. 

"Unto ua « child ts born, utitfl 

ua a son Is given, and THE) 00 V- 
UHtJULDltii^. and Mia oanie sbali 
be culled Wondetlhl. Cuuosallor, 
The Jiliihty UoU, The Kvertasiiutc 
And of the Increase ot His Oov- 
ernmeat and I'BACB there sbtill 
1)0 ito end." — let. 9:6, 7, 

lind ot MlliiarUni. 

VVhon Moss I All 'a Kingdom la eatah- 
lletied tn Uie earttt "ttiea wilt the in^ 
habitants learn nthtoousnMS." All 
learning to do right, selfishness wtll 
be aupftlanted by love, Ther« will 
lio Ito iriorn nood for tho buildtnc o( 
battleships, submarines sad th« 
equipping of great aratlta, bat m- 
stend tlie people will turn their at* 
lentlon to reconstruction and beaiitl- 
tylng the earth. Mark the »irtain 
proof thereof: 

"But In the test days (aod «• 
are In those days now, tbe last oC 
the Oentlla reign ] It shall come to 
past that th* Kingdom imounttia 
means ktnirdonu of the house ol 
the Lord sbstl be ecubliahtd on 
the top of the kiiizdoiss, and H 
Shalt be exalted above the hills, 
and the people shall Row Into tt. 
And meny uatlonu shall come sod 
say, 'Come, and let ua go up to the 
kingdom of the Lord, itnd to the 
house ot the Ood ot Jacob, and Ku 
wtlJ teach ue of Hie way, and w« 
will walk to His path4; tor the 
taw ahaU go forth ot 21on {the 
Chrtst) and the word ot the Lord 
from Jerusalem. And H^ thall 
judge among nauy poople and de- 
cide for oationa afar off; and th*y 
JiOOKS. and nation shall not Ittt 
up aword against Dation, NBITH- 
ANY MORE, But they sliall sit 
every man under his vine and 
under his (is tree, and none shall 
ttialte them afraid, for the mouth 


ol th« Lord h«tU spoken lt."~— 

Mlcab 4:1-4. 

Thus win milllftrlsm fitrltb trom 
the eArth to be rerlvud no more for- 

Peace (tnd Plenty. 
Meislfth oace estubllahed In Hu 
Rlnsdom, petce wlU know no end 
itiid notlilni shell be ptrji^iUfd tUet 
will do Injur; to tnotber; tor 

"Rtghteoutaefi shtU be tbe 
Xlrdle ol Hi< IoIiib, and tnUhtulntiu 
the glt'dte oC Hli lolni. Aud 
"Nothing ihftti hurt ntir deitrOK 
In all ttiat holy kingdom, (or the 
earth ihatl be (Utl oC ihe knowl- 
edge at tli« Lord, a* the watnri 
cover the tea," — lea. ilia-S. 

There will be nons then ciTlnc tor 
bread, nor weaplnc bic&uee ol the 
i)e«ulutIoil of the land: tor 

"The wUderneea aitct the solttA- 
rr place ihtll be glad tor them an.l 
the desert ihall rejoice tiid hloe- 
foui ai the roie, Then tlie eyei 
of the blind iball be opened, the 
eara ol the deaf uaetopped; theo 
■h&tl the lame man (who woi 
crippled by mlUtarlum ) leap as a 
hart and the tongue of the dumb 
Shall slug {hecauie of jofj, And 
the ransomed o( the Lord ahsll re- 
turn (Irom the (raTe, death 
■tate) and come Vt Zlon (The 
Christ) with tongs at eTerlastlog 
jojr upon their heads; they shall 
obtain Joy and glailnesa, and sor- 
row and sighing shall tlte away," 
— Isa. 36th Uhap. 

"And In this Kingdom shall the 
Lord ot Hosts mate unto the 
paopU a (east oC lat things • * * 
and He will destroy blindness 
from the people and the veil (oC 
iRtionutco) tliut la aprond over nil 
nations * • * ftnd He will 
wipe away all tears trom off all 
laces." — Isa. 'ii-.t-i. 


There will he grent rejoklng when 

the people learn there Is no mors 

harali and mailed Hat to rule them. 

and that the oppressor will no more 

bs permitted. Happiness will rslgn 
supreme when they learn that the 
Lord ol righteousness Is dlrectiag 
the affairs aC aoctety. The Lord 
puts the words of pralao iu their 
mouths and causes thsm to say 

0> worship the Lord tti the beau- 
ty, ot holiness; reversoue Him aU 
tbn earth. Say among the na- 
tions the Lord reignath; the world 
also (as well is the bearen} shall 
ba esublishsd that 11 shall not t>* 
inovc;^; He shall judge tha peopU 
righteously, Let the heavens re- 
joice, and let the earth be glad; 
let the sea roar and the dullness 
thereof. Let the Qeld be Joytui 
and all that Is ihersln; than aliall 
all the trass ot tba wood rejolct 
before the Lord, tor He cometh to 
Judge the earlli ; He siiull Judge 
tlio world with rlKhteouaiteat ari'l 
the peopta with His truth." — F», 


Adam by dlsohedlence lost the 
right to life for himself and all the 
human race. Jeiua died, giving up 
His human life tiiat iha bumuu rao* 
might have life iJohn 10; 10, Luke 
19; 10, I llm, ::J-6, Acts 3:19-8C) 
HIa relan wiii not only dentTuy mill- 
tarlam and vrrong-dolng, but will de- 
stroy death Itielt by up tbe 
race out of dsalb and r«*torlns th^m 
to life; "Tor He must reign until He 
hath put all taemles under His feet, 
and the last snemy that shall be de- 
stroyed Is death," — I Cor. 16:2S'2t. 

"And God shall wlpo away all 
teara from their eyen^ and thera 
shall be ao more death, nor ory- 
Ing, neither shall there be any 
more pain, for the former things 
nrn imnscd oway." — Itev. El; *-6. 

In this last hour o( great aorrow 
upon the earth, let us lolnt the 
people to the glorious day Just be- 
yond the dark night. 

To the minlsteii ot various church 
denomlnatioui I would humbly sur- 
gest: Lay aside your highness of 
mind; bumhly take up the banner ol 
the cross and bear Its message of 


peace beCora ttie atn-itlQlc world 
ratber than to escoureis* them la 
■trlfe and blood sb«ddlnE. Toura has 
^een tti« moai honorable catHQg, Do 
QOt debase It by turning to the bog- 
garly elementg at the world, hut with 
tjrave hearts so lonli proclalmlhif the 
truth. The Klnidom of Meiilah Is 
at hand and it l<i the prlvilige of ev- 
ery ouB yfho bellevos this to deolaro 

We are living in a fearful and vod- 
dftrtul time. A time when history 
It bel&g made far more rapidly than 
oar forefathers ever dreamed of. We 
are at the turning point of the two 
great dlspensaUocs. We are beside 
the death bed of the natloot of earth 
sad at the birth of a new and glort- 
oua nation. We are ttandiiig at the 

voi'y iturlittN ul Uid Uoldnn AKq. Attd, 
While the clouds oC sorrow, dlstreai 
and death now enshroud the human- 
ktnd, by the eye oC faith we can pen^ 
trate that darkness end behold the 
Sun of Righteousness arising with 
healing in His beams and «/htcb shall 
shine forever-more. 

Long have you with others waited, 
hoped and prayed Cor the estab- 
lishment of a Kingdom of rlghteoua* 
nesB la whloh peace and J07 prevsl), 
aiid wrong-doing la unlcnown. Bfr- 
hold It Is at the door! Open your 
Slbles — that great iCorehouse of un- 
limited richee o( Divine wisdom — 
and behold what Ood bae wrought 
and learn what He has In reserratlOB 
for those who Ioto and Db«y Ulm. 

l!h*i« famphUta lo eaoh. AddroM AscoeUtod Blbl* Sludvnta 
Hlalorleal Bulldlsf, Honriatown, Pm