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?58                   MODERN   GERMAN   LITERATURE

work, together with naturalistic environment (Waldwinter, 1902;
Die Hemat, 1904; Der Sobn Jer Hagar, 1904)

The emigration of the original Swabians who founded the Ger-
man colonies in Hungary and their struggle to keep their German
speech and culture is described by ADAM MULLER-GUTTENBRUNN
(1852-1923) in his novels Die Glocken der Heimat (1910) and m his
trilogy of historical novels Der grosse Schwaben^ug, Barmheryger
Kaiser, Josef der Deutsche (1913-16). He launches out in the accepted
German fashion against the oppression of these long-suffering
colonists by the Hungarians in Got^endammerung (1908). In San
Vaterhaus (1928) he describes his youth in Hungary. His Master
Jakob und seine Kinder (3 vols., 1919-") sPins its story round the
tragic figure of Lenau, the German-Hungarian poet.