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440                  MODERN   GERMAN   LITERATURE

Bohmenvaldes\ began with short: stories, //;/ RJ//g f]es Ossers (1913).
The magic of lonely mountain spaces and frowning forests fills all
his tales. In his novel AMS wilder Ww%e/ (1920) he describes the
settlement of the mountain wilderness of the Sudetenland by
colonists escaping from the terrors of the Thirty Years War; Der
Pfarrer von Dornloh (1932) is the chronicle of a Bohemian village
during the same period. Das G/fkk von Dnrrnslauden (1927) des-
cribes the decay of a village when ore is found: It is the theme
(ruin by riches) of Gerhart I lauptmann's Vor Sonnenanfgang* Only
in one tale does Watzlik desert his native province - in UmsHerr-
gottswort (1926); and even here he only just gets over the frontier
into Austria. In the short stories of Diimmcrvolk (1928) and the
novel Der Teufel wi/dert (1933) the supernatural beings who haunt
all upland solitudes are interpreted as the demonic impulses of
tempted and erring souls.