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what transformations it must yet undergo. Incidentally, when this practice
is adopted, one tracing instead of half a dozen has to be altered, if an altera-
tion be found necessary.

In designating where prints are to be sent, it is desirable to mark depart-
ments rather than the initials of particular foremen, which is a common
practice in many places. For instance, in a large engineering work the
initial letters of the different shops may be used, as P. S. for pattern shop,
F. S. for finishing shop, similarly for erecting shop, smithy, boiler shop,
machine shop, dock engineer, works manager, &c. It is usual to send a
copy of all drawings to the works manager as well as to retain one for drawing-
office use. Moreover, it may be necessary to send one to the purchaser's
superintendent and possibly his inspector on the premises. In ordering


lirculation of Drawings

photographs it should be clearly stated whether thin, thick, or mounted
paper is desired, and also whether black-and-white paper or the more com-
mon ferro-prussiate blue print is required.
Up-to-date practice is to take only the tracings as authoritative text.
The drawings after being traced are used no further, nor are they altered
if alterations become necessary. They are stowed away systematically, so
that, should the tracings be destroyed, the work could be gone over afresh
from the drawings. Drawing-office copies are printed off, and are marked
for drawing-office use only. These are the drawings in use for reference
in the office. The tracings remain in the safe. Alterations are made to the
tracings and photographs only.
In order-sheets the designations of the orders may be indicated on the
top, either in a printed form or put on fresh on each sheet. The printed
form is preferable, with the initials of those departments which are not to
receive the drawing crossed out. Thus a typical order heading would be:
Copy sent to: P.S., S.S., F.S., E.S., W.M., D.E., Inspector.
A glance will show where everything has gone to, and its recall be easily
arranged if necessary