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emerge. The originals of those referred to the drawing office for answering
will be retained by the chief draughtsman, whilst at the same time copies
of all incoming letters will be circulated similarly to the outgoing ones. The
section leader must peruse them carefully, and make a precis of the more

Fig. 10.—Circulation of Letters in Firm

important ones in a book he should keep for that purpose. The book will
have a column for the name of the firm from whom the letter came, and its
date, also short statement of contents written in pr&is form. It is desirable
to have a further column giving the date on which anything of importance
in the letter was given effect to. This means a little labour at the time,

Fig. ix.—Circulation of Correspondence inside Drawing Office

but it is well repaid at a later period. After the section leader or one of
his juniors has finished with the correspondence, it will be put in the office
filing-basket, from which the clerk or typist will take letters once or twice
a day and file them in-the proper filing cabinet. There are a great number
of filing cabinets on the market, but for drawing-office work a loose folder
system is the most suitable, as the letters have to be turned up so frequently.
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