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the most serious misunderstanding, and it should be realized that serious
grievances are often due to, and are kept alive by, a lively sense of some
real or supposed injustice. Such grievances are seldom confined to indi-
viduals, but quickly spread to large bodies of men. Fortunately with tact
they can usually be met and rectified.

One or two other points of a general nature have to be considered, and,



Message        Massage

Fig. 16.—Relationship of Officials
although they do not enter into the daily routine of drawing-office work,
they can be quite justly considered under the heading of organization.
One is the question of apprentices' entrance to the drawing office. From
the nature of things, no universal system of recruiting drawing offices exists,
nor is any standard of efficiency and ability demanded for full membership
of the profession, although it is obvious events are moving in that direction.
The day is possibly much nearer than many people suspect when draughts-
manship will be a profession like medicine, the law, accountancy, &c., in
which qualifying examinations are necessary.
A practice, in some of the leading firms at present, is to staff the drawing