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tools, grinding wheels and circular oil-stones are obtainable. Included in
the equipment of some shops is the conical oil-stone for sharpening the con-
cave bevels of paring gouges.

All the machines in a shop, the lathes excepted, should be in the charge
of a man or men who alone operate them and are responsible for their

Fig. 88.  Mechanical Wood- worker operating on Three-way Valve Core Box with numerous Internal Chambers
The core box shown was completed in forty-five minutes.  Approximate time by hand forty-five hours.

efficiency. This is both economical and safe, since circular saws and planing-
machines are fruitful of accidents to inexperienced hands. The lathes are
used by all the pattern-makers, who also grind their own tools.

The Shop and the Stores
The lay-out of the pattern-shop does not reveal those aspects of interest
which are associated with the machine-shop and with some of the later
foundries. The real attraction centres in the work under construction.
The lay-out is similar to that of the carpenters and joiners. Rows of benches
disposed across the shop accommodate two men each, working at opposite