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Pig Breakers.—A great deal of pig is still broken up with the sledge.
Fig. 61 shows a machine used for the purpose. The pressure is not direct,
but operates through a lever arm that is pushed up by a hydraulic ram,

Fig. 59.—Crane Ladle, double geared

forcing the short arm down on the pig. Its valve is actuated by the treadle
seen at one side, and counterweighted. The pig is broken at the end that
overhangs, but some machines fracture it centrally. Some machines are

Fig. 60.—Carriage Ladle, double geared
driven by belt, others are electrically driven. Scrap is broken with the sledge
if light, and by the dropping of a ball from a crane if heavy. Labour may be
saved by using a lifting magnet slung in a crane. This is lowered on the
ball, the current turned on, the ball lifted, the current switched off, and the