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The most remarkable fact in connection with machine moulding after
that of the very numerous variations in the designs in use is that of the

IX XV   X   I                                                                                                                   KX V  XX

Fig. 76.—Portion of Pattern A being drawn through Stripping Plate B lined with White Metal.
C, Pattern plate.    D, Frame of Machine.

enormous growth in their dimensions and capacities.   Patterns, the castings
from which weigh several tons, are moulded on jar-ramming machines, and



Fig. 77

Figs. 77 and 78.—Brake Shoe, pattern part moulded
A, Pattern part for bottom.   B, That for top box.   C, Pattern plates.

those of several hundredweights on hand-operated kinds. Though the
movable parts are heavy, their mass is counter-weighted with weights or
springs, and movements are rendered easy with levers and gears. For power