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as described previously.   The shaft journals are then cleaned, a little oil
rubbed round the journals, and the rotor put in position in the outboard

ist position—Rotor with central lift lowered into outboard pedestal and packed up at turbine end

2nd position—Pedestal cover bolted on. Pedestal forms an out-of-balance weight which enables
rotor to be slung out of the geometric centre. Chain blocks can be hung on crane hook and help
to support pedestal if necessary

3rd position—Sling up against end of generator stator.    Outboard pedestal lowered on small steel rollers

and turbine end packed up

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4th position—Turbine end raised, rotor jacked or pulled on rollers into final position
Fig. 12
pedestal, the other end of the shaft being packed up on baulks of timber,
&c., as far as possible dead level. The top half-bearing and pedestal cover
are then put in position on the outboard pedestal, but the bolts securing
the cover are left about •&• in. slack. The rotor, together with outboard
pedestal, is then slung on the crane, care being taken to arrange the sling