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Issue # 3 - Winter/Spring 1998 S3»CI© 

In M.S. Cash 


>>^F^A'^- ^B9 

' - ■■'''■"£>(-•■ ' '"'■ '• • : - - : '■'■'- fiflL 'yff ^t-'^l'tfSfr 

r, : . 

■ . 

brutal truth Slap A Ham Records (JNRCIH 

„ Ji 







BM- B^^ S 





Split f lexi 

Also: Record Reviews/ Pictures of Monkeys/ Pictures of Bands/ Albino 
Gorilla/ Proctor & Gamble Exposed/ Simian Opinion & more POA stuffft 

Super Urine Monkey: 

Co-Editor/Publisher, writer, features, interviews, revealer of 
human atrocity, bonobo lover, lazy stoner 

Admiral Andrew: 

Co-Editor/Publisher, interviews, features, marketing monkey, 
Jedi Gorilla, minion of the Law Giver, lazier stoner 

Leia Organa: 

Interviews, pix, Strawberry Shortcake cavalcade 

The Bleed Sucking Monkey from 

Outer Space: 

Interviews, Satanic Skull Crusher. 


Interview helper, Pornomonkey 

Evil Oompa-Loompa on Boo: 

The adventures of Ace Freebase 

Jobe Bittman: 

Other Monkey comic 

Hafioso Monkey: 

Special guest columnist 

Chris Eldermonkey 

Thanks to all others who donated pix or whatever: 

Darren, Ty, Jason, Tyler, Travis, Mitch, Ahm, Fabio, Kim, K.C., 

Alex from Queens for the awesome cover photo of Chris having a spazz, and 

anyone else we forgot because things got misplaced or forgotten. 

Super Urine Monkey 

PO Box I 142 

Cupertino, CA 9SOI5-I 141 


We gladly accept any live band 
pictures you would care to send. 
Don't feel bad if we don't print 
them. Chances are we will, if 
they're good. We would also like 
stories of real life simian 
encounters. If you've had 
contact with non-human 
primates outside of a zoo or 
circus, write it down and send it 
on over. Any pictures of 
monkeys & apes are also 
appreciated. If you want your 
record reviewed, send 2 copies 
to Super Urine Monkey. Hell 
send one to the Admiral. We still 
dont want record reviews, but if 
you'd like to write an article, 
letter, show review or some 
other boring crap that we'll 
probably hate, send it to Super 
Urine Monkey. If it fits the 'zine, 
it'll go in. If not, dont get all 
soggy about it. You're only 
human, so we understand the 
limits of your capabilites. 

ISSU£ ft TT Due out Summer of '98 

Interviews with Systral, Hellchild, Opstand, 
His Hero is Gone, Unit 11:74, Thug/Bovine, 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Cavity, Godstomper, 
Pete the Sticker Guy!, Bob & Grandpa, Drop 
Dead, Seven Foot Spleen, and much more!! 
Also: CD comp with Cattlepress, Corrupted, ex- 
Grief, Seven Foot Spleen, Noothgrush, Thug, 
and more yet to be confirmed bands. 


Ad Rates 

Full pg (7 1/2 x 10") $60 

1/2 pg (7 1/2" x 5") $30 

1/3 pg (5" x 5") or (2 1/2" x 10") $20 

1/6 pg (2 1/2" x 5") $10 

We still don't do classifieds. Why bother? Nobody cares. 

Deadline for next issue: 

May 1st (subject to change - write to S.U.M. for updates) 

Admiral Andrew 

PO Bqx 790166 

Middle Village, NY I 1 179 

Issue # 3 / Winter/Spring 1998 

Hello there! Admiral Andrew here and on behalf of Super Urine 
Monkey and myself, welcome to the much delayed Monkeybite # 
3. Thanks for being patient, it's basically my fault that this issue is 
late, so I'm sorry. But when the shit comes down, some things 
have to go on the back burner. This 'zine is important to me and 
I know Super Urine Monkey feels the same, so we are committed 
to future issues and are pretty psyched about what we have lined 
up. Now, to clear some things up about the issue you are holding 
in your hands: In the last issue we said this one would contain a 
Bastard Lounge 7". Well, Bastard Lounge is a side project of Man 
is the Bastard members and we all know MITB is one of the busiest 
fuckin' bands around. Therefore, the good ol' boys in Bastard 
Lounge couldnt record in time for this issue. However, Kenyon (of 
both projects) assured us that they are recording soon, so it will be 
forthcoming (Probably in issue #5 - issue # 4 will have a CD comp 
of all slow bands. Take note that we will be the first to release an 
all slow comp). So anyone who has a problem - Sorry, champ, 
you need to get some sort of life. We hope you enjoy the 
Suppression/Benumb live flexi, because these are 2 of the sickest 
bands from either coast. If you don't, then you are obviously a 
hopeless loser who enjoys techno. Also in the last issue we said 
that certain bands would be featured in this issue, and as you can 
see, they weren't. Sorry, we just didnt get around to it or certain 
interviews fell through. Blah blah blah. Next issue, the bands 
we've stated on the opposite page will definitely be in the shit. So 
dont piss your pants in a state of alarm. We are taking care of the 

LISTEN UP SLACKERS!! Starting next issue we will be naming 
names of distributors and people who haven't paid us for Monkey- 
bite #1 and #2 (and #3 if it goes that far). So you can't say you 
haven't been warned. We need the money to print new x zines and 
records, so get your shit together. You know who you are, so 
contact us with your lame excuses and proceed to pay us! We are 
not threatening anybody, just reminding you people of what is to 
come. Call me at 718-326-0012 and let me know when you're 
sending out that check. Thanks, champs! Thanks to all the 
distributors and cool people who are on the level and pay us on 
time. We truly appreciate your support. Thanks to all the people 
who order x zines and write. Keep those letters coming. Where's 
the hate mail, you posers?! Just remember that your existence is 
a cancerous growth on planet Earth. There is no cure for cancer. 

Admiral Andrew's top I O 

1)16- "Blaze of Incompetence** CD 

I) Eyehategod - live 

1) Thug/Green Machine split 7" 

4) Capitalist Casualties - "Dope & war** j** 

5) Pete from Benumb's phone messages 

6) Fu Manchu - "the Action is Go!" CD 

7) Deadly Encounters W" comp. 

8) Kvikksolvguttene - "Gamlem" CDEP 

9) "Requiem for a Dream" - novel by 
Hubert Selby Jr. 

1 0) Iron Monkey - s/t CD 

4*" • 



ft J 





"Hey, Ma? Some asshole human dressed me up like a '70s business 

man, so I beat him to death with this phone. I'll be home as soon as I 

figure out how to drive his car. Do you want dark meat or light?" 

Super Urine Monkey's lop I O 

1 ) Sitting in silence with the lights off. 

2) Corrupted - "Paso Inferior" CD 

3) Systral - song on ••Complacency" comp. 
4>) Seven Foot Spleen - ••Boredom & Disease** 7** 

5) Revealing my true inner self unto my god 

6) Enewetak - "And the Beat Goes on" LP 

7) Thorr's Hammer - song on "Awakening" comp 

I'm not gonna review the CD, but their song "Troll" is pure punishment. 

8) Ire - s/t 7" 

9) Unit I 1:74 - 7" & split 

I O) Sleep - "Dopesmoker" - Hope this gets released. 

I'd Rather 
be Sleeping 


* * 

■ t 


By Admiral Andrew 

Part I. Feel the Darkness 

Everywhere I go, at every moment, I 
feel a dark cloud hanging over my head. 
I feel the impending doom as that cloud 
is about to rain a bunch of dark shit onto 
me. No matter what I do and no 
matter how good things go for me, 
something comes along and fucks it up. 
How do I escape the darkness? Should 
I surround myself with happy go fucky 
people and go to happy go fucky 
places? Nah. I'd rather wallow in it. 
Because no matter who I'm with or 
where I go, I usually end up hating the 
person or the place big time. There's 
no solution to the endless cycle. Slow 
music helps, but its a constant re- 
minder that life sucks. The only com- 
fort I have sometimes is that I'm not 
the only one that's fucked. We're all 
fucked. This world is completely 
fucked. Its funny to watch it become 
more fucked up, knowing we cant do 
anything about it. I like to watch all the 
happy go fucky people scurry about in 
their happy little world. I just laugh 
with the knowledge that they're even 
worse then me because they won't 
admit that they're fucked. At least I 
admit it. I embrace the darkness. 
Welcome to the world of self-hate core. 
Part II. Crossover 

Do you remember the term crossover? 
It started in the late Ws when a lot of 
hardcore bands started to use elements 
of metal into their sound. A lot of people 
hated bands for this. Not me. I fuckin' 
loved it! The genre of crossover has 
spawned some of my favorite records of 
all time and I've got some news for you - 
If it wasn't for a lot of the late ^O's 
crossover bands, I dont think powervio- 
lence would even exist. Just ask bands 
like Spazz, His Hero is Gone and Assuck. 
They all have some of the same elements 
as some of the bands and albums I'm 
about to mention. Here's my top 5: 
1) Corrosion of Conformity - "Animosity 

A fuckin' classic album that captured 
harsh sounds combined with amazing 
anguished lyrics. "Prayer?", for exam- 
ple, is one of the best hardcore songs of 
all time. Eyehategod heavily bites off 
this album and Eric Wood owns the 
actual bass Mike Dean played on this 

2) D.R.I. - "Dealing with It" 

I was a big DRI fan. While I loved their 
first LP, when I got "Dealing with It", I 
lost my mind! I couldn't believe how 
good it was and how fast! Also check 
out their crossover LP. Its OK. Ask 
Capitalist Casualties and Despise You 
about DRI. 

3) Cryptic Slaughter - "Money Talks" 

A big progression over their classic LP 
"Convicted". This album rips with hard- 
core fury from start to finish. "Are these 
your heroes? Well, they're not mine". 


Fuckin' killer! Their third LP, "Stream of 
Consciousness" is great and was under- 
rated. It's all downhill from there, so 
stick with the first 3. Spazz did a cover 
of Cryptic Slaughter's "M.A.D." on their 
"La Revancha" LP. 

4) Suicidal Tendencies - s/t LP. 

An instant crossover classic. They had 
everyone liking them: metalheads, 
punks and hardcore kids, skaters etc. 
This LP was the soundtrack to freshman 
year in catholic high school for me. I 
still get the chills when I hear it. If you 
dont have it, you have to get it. Avoid 
any of their other LPs. Despise You did 
a Suicidal cover on Reality part #2. 

5) Crumbsuckers - "Life of Dreams' 

The mighty Crumbsuckers weren't as 
popular as the aforementioned but they 
were just as good. Chris Notaro possibly 
had the harshest voice in hardcore at 
the time and the rest of the band were 
brilliant players. "Life of Dreams" is a 
perfect crossover LP. Avoid their second 
LP, "B.O.M.B.", it sucks. Why doesn't 
anyone do a Crumbsuckers cover? 
Honorable Mention: Prong - "Primitive 
Origins" Wermacht - "Shark Attack", 
Leeway - "Born to Expire", Carnivore - 
"Retaliation", Ludichrist - "Immaculate 

If you can get any of these albums, 
you'll be on the right track. More people 
should start bands like these. Don't rip 
off Spazz and Drop Dead. Those bands 
are still around. Be influenced by the 
bands that started this shit. Let's bring 
crossover back! ! 

Part III. Giving up on chimps 
I've changed a lot since Mon- 
keybite # 2 came out and I've 
come to the realization that I'm not 
really into writing about monkeys 
anymore. Don't get me wrong, III 
still expose humans for the fuckers 
they are, but I guess III leave the 
monkey business to Super Urine 
Monkey. Don't worry, hell do a 
good job. This means III be 100% 
into the music coverage in Mon- 
keybite, so expect the interviews 
and reviews etc. to get better. 
See, well still hook you up. Don't 
quit hardcore to listen to techno. 
Hang with us for a while. Well 
show which hardcore bands de- 
serve the attention. OK, pal? 
Write me with comments and sug- 
gestions on this. 
Part IV. Selby 

My favorite writer is Hubert 
Selby Jr.. I've never read more 
depressing books by anyone else. 
Every sentence you read by him is 
like severe punishment. Selby himself is 
a fucked up individual who's been on the 
brink of death more than once. He must 
have had a miserable life to write with 
such despair. I implore you to read his 
work because hell tap into your dark 
side. You'll probably have some serious 
revelations about yourself. I know I did. 
He's only written 5 novels. They are: 
"Last Exit to Brooklyn" (Made into a bad 
movie), "Requiem for a dream" (Heroin 
anyone?), "The room" (Jail is no good), 
"The Demon" (Random murder is cool), 
and "Song of the Silent Snow" (Twisted 
short stories). Check out Hubert Selby 
Jr. You won't be sorry. Then again, 
maybe you will! 


By Super Urine Monkey 

I've been thinking a lot lately 
about music and politics. There are a 
few things that have been bothering 
me about the way the combination of 
the two are viewed by members of "the 
scene". First off, what the fuck is up 
with this backlash against being "PC? 
Being politically correct is not some 
whacko form of liberal fascism. Being 
politically correct means that you allow 
for every human's equality with all 
others. Using the words "jewed" or 
"gypped" to mean that you got ripped 
off are no less fascist than KKK 
directives or nazi slogans. The fact 
is, using terms that refer to a specific 
type of person as having an 
unfavorable status, whether 
intentional or not, presumes that you 
consider yourself superior to them, 
based merely on your race / gender / 
religion / height / physical capabilities 
/ sexual orientation etc. This is the 
basis of fascism. Many of us who use 
these terms do not even realize we 
are doing it, or realize what we imply 
by using them. We often use terms 
learned from friends and family, not 
ever fully understanding the meaning 
of the term or its origins. Once I 
realized that referring to being 
economically slighted as being 
"Jewed" was extremely anti-Semitic 
(yes, people can be that ignorant), I 
decided to take up the term "gypped". 
This however, has the same 
implications of gypsies that the former 
term does for Jews. Ironically, it's a lot 
more likely that I have gypsy ancestry 
than Jewish. The point here is that not 
only are most of us unaware of the root 
of the word "gypped" (often misspelling 
it as "jipped" or some other such 
aberration), but even more of us are 
unaware of the implications of using 
such a word in a derogatory manner. 
Such is the basis of the need for 
Political Correctness. 

The backlash against PC ideals 
is almost even more ignorant and 
pointless as the fascist ideas the PC 
movement is trying to defeat. Being 
"offensive" to get attention or to stomp 

out some sort of perceived threat of 
equality is more pointless and moronic 
than actually having some rationale for 
your hatred. Being that our concept of 
reality is based on the intake of 
information, it seems likely that direct 
human contact is not solely responsible for 
the generation of this backlash. At some 
point during this century, our culture 
crossed a line, on the present side of which 
our parents decided to let the television 
raise their children. Most of my childhood 
memories are of cartoons, commercials 
and the Six Million Dollar Man. The 
process by which this transformation 
occurred may have been a fluke, but the 
outcome certainly isn't. If you honestly 
believe that this is a truly free society and 
that you're not being controlled, think 
again. Corporate America js America; they 
are one in the same. The thoughts you 
process are at least somewhat guided by 
the force of your surroundings, and 
chances are, to some extent, Corporate 

America is controlling your surroundings. 
Those of us that expose ourselves to only 
mainstream media (obviously not YOU, 
since you're reading this), will only think 
about what we've learned from those 
media. The "bias" that is inherent in the 
programming/editing decisions made to 
provide content, isn't as simple as being 
"conservative" or "liberal". The bias is 
handed down from those that own the 
media. What they want to instill upon 
their audience is not a bounty of pertinent 
information, but a grasp of control. 
Primarily, this control is based on 
consumerism. You watch, you see, you 

The secondary and tertiary levels 
of this control are not so obvious. The 
information we receive from corporate 

media is usually NOT pertinent 

information, but false self-reflection, 

which depicts the average citizen (i.e. 

the viewer) as exactly what Corporate 

America wants him or her to be: The 

bickering trailer trash on talk shows, the 

grunting, sexist, bathroom obsessed 

husband/fathers on "Married with 

Children" and "Home Improvement", 

and more directly, the class-torn society 

that they need us to be in order to 

maintain control. The support of 

"individuality" (which culminated in the 

"me" decade of the '80s) over unity 

(which was recognized as a threat in the 

*60s) within our mainstream media 

serves the distinct purpose of dividing 

our society into tiny fragments. Each of 

us recognizes ourselves as a unit. That 

alone can actually be a good thing. 

However, we learn throughout our lives 

that as a unit, we are in competition 

with other units for basic elements of 

survival. What this entails is that there 

must be some criteria for deciding 

who should be entitled to those 

elements of survival, and who 

shouldn't. Being that this competition 

was created by the culture controllers 

to drive consumerism (keeping up 

with the Jones's), we must delve into 

a tertiary level of control to 

understand how it works to support 

racism, sexism, homophobia etc. This 

level of control is established in order 

to keep our society at odds. 

In "Beneath The Planet of the 

Apes", the mutants of the underworld 

used their mind power to force their 

enemies upon one another. "Divide 

and Conquer" is an ancient war 

technique and is the same as that 

being waged on our society. We are 

trained to perceive one another as 

threats to our individual existence. 

We use knowledge based not on actual 

experience, but on the reality to which 

we are exposed through the corporate 

media. Even those of us who consider 

ourselves "underground" are not free 

from the grasp of this culture control. 

The division of "free-thinkers" into 

groups that consider the support of 

animal rights, gay-rights, and women's 

rights a joke is yet another tool of 

culture control. As long as enough of us 

consider these movements enough of a 

threat to our superior position in society 

that we feel the need to defeat them, we 

are doing our job as the puppets they 

have bred us to be. While we turn our 

attention towards other members of the 

counter-culture of which we're all a part, 

and cripple each opposing force with 

negativity, we ignore the elements of 
our existence that make us "counter- 
culture" in the first place. What good 
is the "underground" if it only 
perpetuates the same divisions that 
plague the mainstream culture from 
which we are supposedly trying to 
flee? While we point our finger at 
"emo-fags", "crusty-bums", "druggie- 
losers" and so on (the divisions 
within this scene are too numerous 
to name), the forces that led us to 
recognize that division are 
eliminating freedom for others world 
wide. Some of us are actually 
politically active, and exist beyond 
the perception of division. Some of 
us pretend to be politically active 
to be "punk", when all we care 
about is how we're perceived as 
individuals in a sea of similar 
individuals. Some of us don't care 
about anyone but ourselves and 
don't even bother trying to hide it 
(the proud puppet), and some of 
us care so little, that we blindly 
mock those who are different for 
the mere sake of being 
recognized as an offensive or 
otherwise boisterous individual. 
This last example is that of a true 
tool, seemingly planted into our 
culture as a bomb, destroying any 
hope of making advances beyond 
the fascist mind-set that our 
mindless masses act upon every 
day. I'm not out to incite a giant 
group hug or anything. I just hope 
that you recognize who YOU are, and 
what purpose you serve in your 
culture. Are you really an individual, 
with your own ideas, and a passion 
to progress, create and explore? Or 
are you a scared puppet, robotically 
clashing with any force that seems 
foreign or contrary to your egocentric 
world? As the culture controllers 
churn out these puppets in 
devastating numbers, those of us 
who recognize them must seek to 
re-program them. While one could 
chalk up the perception of division as 
"human nature", I'd like to believe 
that there's more purpose to my 
existence than fear and hatred. 


There are a few things written in this 
'zine that you may find contrary to 
this article. Please note that while I 
could have edited or rejected these 
items (as we did with a few items in 
the last issue), I have chosen to print 
them as they were said and/or 

written. To do otherwise would be 
censorship. I have no reason to protect 
anyone involved with this 'zine from a 
consensus that deems their words to be 
complete bullshit, fascism, juvenile, etc. I 
stand by the words in this article as my own 
views. If you disagree, I'd love to hear from 
you. If you are in disagreement with 
anything said by others in this 'zine, you are 
welcome to write to me, but please also 
voice your rebuttal directly to the offending 
band, writer, label, etc. Effective 

communication can and will destroy the 
forces that make life on this planet such a 
miserable hell. 

Thanks - Super Urine Monkey 

and where. It's all been public 
knowledge for years. The fuckers are 
members of Seaweed, Los Cycos was 
the original suicidal line-up, and you 
believe anything you hear. I hate you. 

"Show No Mercy" length thank vou 

I O 'Zine 

By Chris Eldermonhcy 

777/5 list was originally written by Chris for a 
different (metal) 'zine, which rejected it because 
they knew it was true and was too applicable to 
their readership. We chose to print it because its 
pretty funny, and may actually spurn someone to 
write to someone. It is totally unedited, and as it 
says at the end, if you're mad, write to Chris. 
Thanks - S.U.M. 

Interview 30 bands - Why interview 30 
stupid bands when your zine is only 32 stupid 
pages? You interview the same dumb ass 
bands that mike, george, steve, and 
armando interviewed, and guess what? Your 
questions were just as boring as theirs! Save 
your mom the long distance charges and 
reprint their fuckin' bios. 

The Bruieria Syndrome - Don't think you 
got the inside scoop on who's shat and when 

Your retarded 'zine is out of rr3 lot #356 

in South Dakota. I'd like to give a big 

decapitated metal thanks to: John "give 

me head" McMullin, Steve, the 

donaldson family, joe "sorry we fucked 

up the rehearsal room (ha ha)" 

henderson, mectacon (keep grinding! 

you guys are sick!!), jorge "hellblister" 

jiminez, and on and fuckin on. Kind of 

makes me think that you give away all 

30 copies of your shitty mag to the 

assholes on the thank you list so all 

you fags can sit around and 

congratulate each other thinking 

you're the center of the heavy metal 

universe. I think you're a fuckin' 

bored hippy looking for some 


Take yourself so seriously - All you 

assholes start your zine with an intro 

that includes at least one the following 

points: "Sorry this took so long", 

"send promo paks" and "dont send us 

any rap or glam". I wish you'd 

disappear. Nobody's success or 

downfall rides on what mindless shit 

you whine about in your dumb zine. 

Nobody was on the edge of their seat 

waiting for it to come out, you'll never 

have mountains of shitty "promo paks" 

overflowing from your rural PO Box, and 

how the fuck is a rap group gonna send 

a fourth rate metal mag demos? 

Ummmm eat shit? 


Follow the Trends - You used to 
breakdance, you listened to Ratt, you 
liked hip-hop, you were way into ultra- 
brutal death metal, and now you're 
"true" black metal. What the fuck does 
that mean? You're 20 years old. That 
puts you at a "seasoned" 6 years old 
when the "Melissa" LP came out. You're 
a fag. 

Blank back cover/ 2" margins - Poor 
organization? No skills? No opinions? 
You couldn't even come up with a shitty 
drawing of some demon in the woods? 
You're kind of weak. 

Staples through the text - Any 

asshole knows, "if you can't see it, you 
can't read it". All 6 of your readers 
spent 5 minutes tearing out staples just 

to read about you asking Internal Bleeding 
brilliant questions like "what are your 
influences?", "any label interest?", and the 
most provocative question I've ever seen, 
"So... how's it going guys?" Fuck You. 

Think vou're shocking people - I've 
seen shit in numerous dumb *zines like 
yours where it says "if anything in here 
offends you then fuck off!" You can't 
offend anyone with zero opinions and no 
ideas of your own. The unemployment rate 
is 19%. Thafs offensive. E.M.I, records 
had profits sunk into supplying guns to El 
Salvadoran death squads. That's brutal. 
Nike has 10 year old Vietnamese children 
making "Air Jordan" shoes at gunpoint. 
Thafs offensive. Shitty xerox reproductions 
of a couple assholes that were shot to death 
in some dirt field arent shocking, brutal, or 
offensive. They're boring, bland, routine, 
and over-used, just like you. 

know when you print something stupid 
like "the next unholy issue to be 
unleashed upon the underground in 
January" you're a fuckin' liar. That piece 
of shit will be 8 months late and you'll 
have to start your first page 
introduction by saying (again), "sorry 
this took so fuckin' long... blah, blah, 
blah." You whine like a bitch. You 
deserve yourself. 

Start a 'zine at all - There's way too 
many shitty zines already, the last thing 
we need is another one to get in the 
way. Ill bet my "Manitou" picture disc 
T that some of the most boring/un- 
opinionated/visually dull 'zines I've 
come across will be ten times better 
than any piece of shit you could glue 
together and xerox. Stick to sucking 
dick backstage, working at the mall, or 
some other "behind the scenes" job, 
because if you dont matter, you're not 

*if this list makes you mad, then it 
describes you, and I win. To further 
discuss why 99% of all 'zines are no 
longer interesting / meaningful / done 
for the right reasons - write me @ PO 
Box 4452 inglewood, CA 90309. Send a 
stamp for reply, and no, I wont "spread 
your (stupid) ads" for overpriced / boring 
heavy metal demos. 

love, chris elder 

Check out Admiral Andrew's Interview with 
Chris Elder in this issue and learn what 
other discouraging things he has to say. 

#was born and raised a simple chimp in 
the rough side of the jungle. We did 
what we could to get by... we did 
what we HAD TO to survive. At an early 
age I was orphaned. A kind orangutan took 
me in as a son and later I became a 

soldier I am THE MAFIOSO 

MONKEY, and this is an excerpt from 
my memoirs 

Eventually all the bloodshed, all the 
violence, all the beatings and murders are 
just a part of life. Is it uncivilized to feel this 
way? Or is it just a part of what we know as 
civilization? The day I killed my best friend 
was the day I knew I was now part of the 
whole scheme of things. The hairless apes 
call it the cycle of nature. The hairless apes 
don't know shit about our world. I 
remember the first time I was taken into 

captivity like it was yesterday. I 

was out on a routine surveillance 

of the area around our compound, 

making sure all was well on that 

warm summer's eve. Everything 

seemed OK. I was now a high 

ranking officer in Zeus' army, 

having stopped his assassination 

which was to be taken on by my 

closest friend in association with 

the hairless apes. I let my mind 

wander for one second too long 

that night, dreaming of the day 

when I would never have to kill 

again, never have to hid again... 

when... WHAM! OUCH! I pulled 

the dart out of my neck... then I 

saw them... and next I knew, I 

woke up behind bars. I was 

pinched. The hairless apes had me 

in one of their prisons, their so 

called "zoos". I was supposed to 

live life as usual as they gawked at 

me... taunted me... threw rotten 

fruit at me... was this how a 

high ranking soldier of the 

biggest ape family is treated? 

It was terrible, but I dealt with 

it with the strength of a gorilla. 

Ill never forget how easy it 

was to trick that stupid guard 

into believing I was sick... Ill 

never forget the sound of the 

door opening when he came 

to check on me.. .Ill NEVER 

forget the sound and feel of 

his neck cracking in my hands. 

Ill never forget that 

night... the night I realized that 

this was a territorial war we 

were fighting. That is the 

night I realized that I was 

KILLER by nature. I was once 

again celebrated as a hero 

when I returned to the 

camp... I took my sentence 

and gave up nothing. My 

banana was finally peeled. I 

know now what it's like on 

both sides. I now know my 

destiny is before me as THE 


If you have any questions or comments 
on the columns and stories printed 
here, pick up a pen and fuckin' 
communicate, human! Anyone who 
wants to contribute any monkey 
stories, fictional or otherwise, please 
send them. If we don't print them, its 
because they suck, but you probably 
knew that before you sent it, didn't 
you? Send them and any pictures you 
want included to either of our 
addresses. Send Planet of the Apes 
stuff, too. And money. Thanks. 


..5o what £ 

1 SEfcKpffTJ 







► « 


I / 







iVOllte FVJCKB) 









£k> A 

_\l - _ - 

* - 


1 \ :• 









a+* ■ • ■ 

What is presented below is fact. It was not printed here to make you feel guilty or to offend you. It is purely a hope that our 
readers are open minded enough to learn something about the way our species treats primates (among other animals), and 
how strong your purchasing power really is. In the industrialized, dollar fueled world, blind consumerism is the basis of any 
corporation's success. After reading the information below, please consider whether or not you'd like to contribute to this 
simian holocaust. Educate yourself. "If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities" - Voltaire. 

Proctor & Gamble subjects monkeys to cruel, unnecessary tests 

"You can wipe your ass with this data." 

- Laboratory technician during P&G sponsored tests on 

monkeys, Jan. 15, 1997 

"Please take a moment and look at all the injuries and the 
visible bruises that occurred from your handling of these 
primates from the past three weeks. Just think how YOU 
would feel to be put into a cage and physically abused." 
- Supervisor's memo to animal technicians regarding their 
treatment of P&G monkeys, Jan. 30, 1997 

For eight months, ending in May 1997, a PETA 
investigator worked as an animal care technician in a 
laboratory hired by P&G to maintain a colony of 
monkeys on-site for product testing. 

PETA's investigator documented laboratory 
technicians slamming monkeys into cages, 
screaming at frightened animals, suspending 
monkeys by one arm while pumping test substances 
into their stomachs in mid-air or while injecting substances 
into their eyelids, shaking their fists in monkeys' faces when 
they were strapped down for electrocardiograms, fastening 
alligator clips to tender body parts, and stuffing a lotion bottle 
into one monkey's mouth as a joke. 

PETA's investigator also documented a P&G-sponsored test on 
48 monkeys in which rubber tubes were forced into the 
primates' noses and down their throats so that huge doses of 
nasal decongestant - much more than a human would ever 
consume - could be pumped into their stomachs. P&G made 
no provisions in the testing guidelines for the euthanasia of 
suffering monkeys. A memo from laboratory technician states: 
"[Male no. 6328] ... was noted to be lethargic. ... Based on a 
discussion with [P&G], the technical staff has been instructed 
to continue dosing. ... The protocol has no provision for 
moribund or found-dead animals." 

At the end of the study, the investigator witnessed one 
monkey still alive and breathing while a lab employee cut him 
open and performed a necropsy. Parasites were found in the 
intestines and livers of some primates even though they were 
to have been de-wormed at the beginning of the study. The 
absorption of the test material in the body is affected by 
parasites, thus potentially compromising results. 

USDA Cites P&G's Contract Testing Laboratory for 
Animal Welfare Violations 

A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection on 
March 26, 1997, revealed violations of minimal federal 
animal welfare regulations at P&G's contract lab. The USDA 
inspector noted that only suspended mirrors were present in 
the monkeys' cages, stating that mirrors alone were 
insufficient enrichment devices. During PETA's investigation, 

it was observed that as many as 
half of the monkeys did not 
even have a mirror in their 
cages at times. 

The USDA inspector also noted 
that one monkey had lost hair 
on all extremities (a sign of 
agitated behavior and stress) 
and cited the laboratory for not 
having a policy in place to deal 
with psychological distress. 
Socialization and grooming are extremely important to 
monkeys, and the law requires enrichment in the form of 
toys, varied foods, and group housing. The laboratory that 
P&G hired states in its Standards of Practice (SOP) 
guidelines that its veterinarian and director of toxicology 
have decided that housing monkeys together for 
companionship is "incompatible with the mission of this 
research facility ..." Anthropologist Dr. Kelly Stewart of the 
University of California-Davis reviewed conditions for 
primates at P&G's hired laboratory and wrote, "It's clear 
from this tape that the people who carry out this research 
are not going to take it upon themselves to treat animals 
humanely, so they must be forced into it. ... I consider that 
housing a social primate on its own is as cruel as anything I 
saw on his tape." Responsibility for the monkeys' living 
conditions ultimately rests with P&G. 
The USDA inspector also found that P&G's decongestant 
test failed to give a scientific justification for the number of 
monkeys (48) killed in the tests and that the criteria for 
assessing pain and distress in the animals had never been 

A laboratory memo indicates that the nasal decongestant 
being tested on the monkeys was already being tested on 
human volunteers. 

Proctor & Gamble claims to 
share our goal of eliminating the 
use of animals in product 
testing. However... 

In 1987 P&G fought a shareholders' 
resolution that would have 
eliminated product testing where it 
is not required by law. 

Since their testing procedures have 
been exposed to the public, P&G 
have spearheaded a $17.5 million 
program to convince our legislators, 
school children, and the public that 
tests designed to poison, blind, 
burn, mutilate and kill thousands of 
defenseless animals are absolutely 
necessary and humane. 

According to the New York Times, the 

answer is legal, not scientific: 

"The fear of product liability litigation 

is an even stronger barrier to change. 

There are cases where toxicologists ! 

would like to use in vitro tests in the 

early stages of product development, 

but top management has been 

aggressively not interested because of 

potential legal problems. They don't want anything in the 

records to contradict the animal tests. They want to make sure 

they stick to one method and do nothing else" (Feb 28, 1988) 

Monkeybite and PETA urge you to boycott products 
manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. You may also 
contact P&G and urge them to stop using animals to 
test their products. These tests do NOT protect the 
consumer and cause unnecessary pain to the animal. 

&k -^ 

Edwin Artzt, CEO 
Proctor and Gamble 

P.O. Box 599 
Cincinnati, OH 45201 


Proctor & Gamble Products include: 

Acne Care: Qearasil, Noxzema 

Baby Diapers: Luvs, Pampers 

Baby Wipes: Baby Fresh, Kid Fresh, Wash-A-Bye Baby 

Baking Mixes: Duncan Hines 

Bar Soaps: Camay, Coast, Ivory, Oil of Olay, Safeguard, Zest 

Beverages: Folgers, Millstone Coffee 

Bleach & Prewash Additives: Biz, Tide 

Cosmetics: Cover Girl, Max Factor 

Deodorants/ Anti-Perspirants: Old Spice, Secret, Sure 

Dish Care: Cascade, Dawn, Ivory Dish, Joy 

Fabric Conditioners: Bounce, Downy 

Feminine Protection: Always 

Fragrances: Giorgio, Hugo Boss, Laura Biagiotti-Roma, Old Spice, Red, 
Venezia, Wings 

Gastrointestinal: Metamucil, Pepto-Bismol 

Hair Care: Head & Shoulders, Ivory, Pantene, Pert Plus, Prell, Vidal 

Hard Surface Cleaners: Comet, Mr. Clean, Spic and Span 
Incontinence: Attends 

Juice: Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight 

Laundry: Bold, Cheer, Dash, Dreft, Era, Gain, Ivory Snow, Oxydol, Tide 

Oral Care: Crest, Crest Complete, Fixodent, Gleem, Scope 

Tissue/Towel: Banner, Bounty, Charmin, Puffs, Royale, Summit 1100's 

Peanut Butter: Jif 

Prescription Drugs & Physician-Selected Products: Actisite 

(periodontal fiber), Asacol (mesalamine) Delayed-Release Tablets, Brontex 

(codeine phosphate/guaifenesin), Dantrium (dantrolene sodium), Dantrium 

IV (dantrolene sodium intravenous), Didronel (etidronate disodium), 

Ditropan (tablets and syrup), Macrobid (nitrofurantoin monohydrate/ 

macrocrystals), Macrodantin (nitrofurantoin macrocrystals), Peridex 

(chlorexidine gluconate), Ultradol (etoladac), Zebeta (bisoprolol fumarate), 

Ziac (bisoprolol fumarate and hydrochlor-orthiazide) 

Respiratory Care: The Vicks Family of Cough/Cold Products: Chloraseptic, 

Cough Drops, DayQuil, Inhaler, NyQuil, Sinex, VapoRub, VapoSteam, Vicks 

44, Vitamin C Drops 

Shortening and Oil: Crisco 

Skin Care- Noxzema, Oil of Olay, Old Spice 

Snacks: Pringles 


For a list of companies/products that DONT jam toxic 
chemicals down innocent monkeys' throats, write to 
Super Urine Monkey or 


501 Front St. 

Norfolk, VA 23510 


As a human, you don't have to give a shit about any of this. 
In fact, Proctor & Gamble, as well as other corporations that 
still test on animals, have been installing political support and 
media support to help substantiate their claims. Everything 
you know about animal testing and animal rights was 
probably learned from media sources that are in service to 
the same industrial/political forces that own the labs. If you 
buy the lie, we can't blame you. You're only human. 

Just as she promised in the Spazz special of V6, Leia Organa had Chris Dodge 
return to KFJC in May of V7 to do a Slap-A-Ham "Mayhem" special. We 
played a song or 2 from every release as we went through the catalog, so 
make sure you do so as well as you read along. Chris's wife Lydia joined him 
and the two made for quite an interesting radio show. Unfortunately, much 
of the hoopla doesnt transcribe very well and what we're left with is this... 

SUM: What made you decide to start 

£; I always wanted to start a label, for like 
years and years and years and years and I 
never did it. Then one day, I caught wind of 
how to get a catalog from Eva-tone, this place 
down in Florida that does flexi-discs. Since I 
really had no idea what I was doing as far as 
putting out records and all that... once I got the 
catalog right in front of me and it said "Here. 
Send the tape here and we do everything and 
you just give us money." So I got the bug and 
thought, "Wow. I could just do this if I wanted 
to!" So I went to this place where I had my life 
savings and I withdrew money out of my life 
savings. It was literally my life savings, which 
I'd never touch for anything except for 
emergencies. I took $900 out and called Eric, 
who was in PHC at the time and Matt from 
Infest, 'cause at the time, they were talking 
about doing a split release together. I asked 
them if I could put it out and they said "Yeah" 
and the rest is history. 

SUM: What other labels were you into at 
the time? 

Ci That's a toughy. I'd probably have to think 
about that for a while. There were a lot of 
bands at the time that I liked that weren't really 
getting recognition. New Beginning was putting 
out a lot of stuff by those bands. They put out 
the PHC album and they were gonna do this 
4-way split that was going to be Stikky, Infest, 
PHC and Half Off, I think, which never 
happened. Other bands like Heresy, and stuff 
like that, but just like a lot of the more extreme 
bands, people really weren't into... Well, people 
were into them, but no one was willing to put 
out anything by them, except like a very small, 
small handful of people. New Beginning put out 
a few things and Infest put out their own 
records, and that's about it. 

SUM: Why'd you pick the name 

£l I don't know if we can go into that. Is this the family hour? Are the kids 
in bed now? Its after 10. SUM: You just cant cuss. £: OK. I can imply 
though, huh? SUM: Yeah. £; OK. Originally, it came up... Li So to speak. 
£: It originally came up when Lookout was putting together this compilation 
album called "The Thing that ate Floyd", a 2 LP compilation. At the time, 
David Hayes was involved with Lookout. Anyhow, he knew at the time that I 
wanted to start doing a label and he said, n Hey, we're putting together this 
booklet thafs gonna go in the compilation. If you want to put an ad in there, 

since I know you're going to do a label, you can have a free ad and 
everyone will see it and be interested in your label, go ahead and make 
one up". So I said, "Yeah, OK, sure", but I didn't have a name for the label 
and I had to give it to him the next day. So, I took a phrase that my friend 
Walter Glasser used to say all the time. He used to go to Gilman all the 
time and say all these things that were implications, or double entendres 
for... uh... how do I put it politely? Tossing off? SUM: That's good 
enough. £: Tossing your salad. That was another one of his things. He'd 
say tossing your salad' or % slap your ham'. So I chose "Slap-A-Ham". I 
figured it was silly enough "cause there are enough labels out there that 
had really mean names or scary names or whatever. So, I decided to pick 
something that was none of the above. I chose *Slap-A-Ham' and I didn't 
put out anything for about a year and half or 2 years after that ad came 
out that I finally did something. SUM: So the label had been an idea you 
had for a couple of years before you finally pulled it together? Q\ Yeah. 
In fact, I think that ad said something about how I was going to do a 
Stikky split 7" with somebody and some other thing. At that time I was in 
Stikky, and I think No Use for a Name, and I was planning on doing records 
by both of them... and I didn't... until later when I wasn't in either band. 

SUM: Did you ever think that the bands you put out, like Infest, 

Crossed Out & 

Neanderthal, would have 
as strong an influence on 
modern hardcore as they 
turned out to have? 
£; No. Especially at the time, 
nobody was really into those 
releases. Especially 

Neanderthal, 'cause the first 
few releases I did which were 
the PHC/Infest flexi, the 
Melvins flexi, and the No Use 
for a Name 7", when 
Neanderthal came out, a lot of 
people weren't really into it. 
They just didn't know what to 
think of it. In fact, at 
Maximum... I was doing 
reviews for Maximum at the 
time and I took it in there and 
gave it to Tim, and he listened 
to it. I was trying to figure out 
who on the magazine would 
listen to it and give it like, not 
a terrible review, and there 
was no one except for me. So 
Tim said "Well, why don't you 
just review it yourself and say 
why you put it out and why 
you think its good?" "No! I 
can't do that! That's stupid. 
Thafs why I'm taking out ads. 
I can't review my own record." 
Anyhow, someone wound up 
reviewing it and kind of 
cushioning the blow, but 
nobody really liked it. In fact, 
I remember when I was 
trading with a lot of people at 
the time; everybody wanted 
the No Use For A Name 
r record. Well, of course, I 
guess, look at them now. 
Shows you what I know. So 
anyhow, everyone wanted the 
No Use for a Name record and 

were like "Uh... don't send anymore of that Neanderthal. I didn't really like 

that very much." Now people are willing to pay like $80 for one, which is 


SUM: I think Neanderthal, in fact, is a band which started a 
phrase that may be plaguing you now... 

£: And that would be? SUM: (scary music goes here) Powerviolence. 

Raised by Bonobos, Chris had difficulty adapting to human ways 
Here he tries to suck his thumb, but misses his mouth entirely. 

George was 

Li (in her best Eric Wood) Yeah yeah, baby! £: 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Mrs. Eric Wood in 

the studio with us... Yeah, pretty much. I don't 

know. Neanderthal didn't really coin the phrase 

"powerviolence", but that kind of was a starting 

point for everything. Of course, everything leads 

back to influences of influences of influences, but as 

far as what everyone knows as "powerviolence", I'd 

say definitely Neanderthal is pretty much the 

starting point for that. It was just Eric from PHC 

and Matt from Infest, just a project thing they did. 

But, later on when Eric started Charred Remains, 

which became Man is the Bastard, they started... 

/know, Eric is a totally colorful person who comes 

up with these just amazing phrases, just out of 

nowhere. They're just incredible. One that he used 

to describe his own band was 'powerviolence' and that's just one of those 

phrases that, rather than just trailing off into something else, it just stuck 

around and they kept using it. "Wow. Powerviolence. Cool." So, voila! 

SUM: They even said it on a record, I think, fe Yeah, the split with, uh.. 

SUM: The A.M. split. £: The split with Aunt Mary, yeah. 

SUM: I think well get started on some music. Well delve into 
your first release, but first I thought I'd read this, because I find it 
hilarious myself. 

£; Okay. SUM: (I read the intro on the inside flap of the PHC/Infest fieri. 
If you don t have it to read yourself, check out the contest at the end of this 
interview, or send me the 10" compilation l No Desire to Continue Living', 
and III rush a copy of Slap-A-Ham's first ever release to you pronto. How's 
that sound?) 

SUM: How come you don't write stuff in your records anymore? 

£l I don't know. I never really thought about that. Maybe I should start 
doing that. Each release from now on will have an essay by yours truly. 
*I'm feeling pensive today, and I thought I'd share it with you. Now, 
Excruciating Terror...URRRGGGHH!" 

SUM: Both "sides" of the PHC/Infest flexi are live, right? 

£l Yeah. Both of those were live. In fact, that was PHCs last show ever. 
There were probably about 30 people there. Infest played that show, too. 
That was their last show up here. I thifnk Infest only came up here twice. 
The first one was really good, but that second one, they opened that show 
and there were only about 10 people there. It was really, really sad. 

SUM: Was it your idea to do it as a live thing, or did they already 
have that planned? 

£l I think they already planned on doing that. That was the whole thing. 

They wanted to do a split live 7". So I said, "Hey! How about a split live 8'? 

Wacky!" They were definitely into that. SUM: How many of those did you 

press? £i 1000 SUM: How 
many colors? & Only blue. 
Why? Do you have a different 
one? Is that what you're trying 
to tell me? SUM: No, mine's 
blue. Are the covers... £i All 
green. But it has been 
bootlegged a couple times. 
SUM: Really? fc Yeah. It 
has a different cover and the 
sound quality is horrible. 
SUM: Is it on vinyl? £: 
Yeah. Its on vinyl 7". The 
one I have... obviously the guy 
who did it listened to his flexi 
about a 100 times and wore | 
all the grooves down, so all 
you hear is surface noise. Its 
just all noise; the hiss is louder 
than the actual music. 

SUM: After that, you 
hooked up with the 
Melvins. How'd that come 

Cl I don't remember how I 

actually met them. It was around the time I 
moved to San Francisco and I met them because 
they were in San Francisco, too. At the time they 
didn't really have that much out. They put out a 
single on C/Z about 3 years before, or something 
like that, C/Z sold a couple of those and kept the 
rest under the guy's bed, literally. I think he was 
selling them for way too much and no one had 
heard of them and no one was buying them. Dale 
told me that the guy literally had most of the 
copies under his bed because nobody wanted to 
buy them. SUM: And I saw it for $35 at a KFJC 
swap! Li Those were the days. £: Anyhow, I 
Very CUriOUS. j met them in SF, and I think around the time they 

I didn't have anything else coming out. I was telling 
them how I was doing this 8" and they were like 
"Hey! Well, we'd kinda like to do an 8"! Maybe well get that info from you 
and put it out". I said "Why don't I keep the info, and III put it out?" They 
said OK, so I put out the Melvins flexi. That was around the same time... I 
think the only other thing they put out around that time was their 2 nd album, 

SUM: And you drew the cover for that! 

£: Correct. The circle gets even smaller. L: Ozma is, no joke, one of Yoko 
Ono's favorite albums. SUM: No... fc Yeah! Its true! Its one of her 
favorites. She's a huge Melvins fan. So is Sean Lennon. Li And the Melvins 
recorded for Yoko, too. SUM: Recorded what? £: They recorded a song 
together down in LA. the last time she came through about a year ago. 
SUM: That is a band that just... & They're definitely pioneers. That first 
album, on Alchemy was the only other thing that was out before the flexi. 
This guy Victor ran Alchemy and he was really crazy. He kind of treated 
them like his little pet project. He didn't think that anyone would like them 
or that they'd go anywhere. So, he kind of swept them under the rug. The 
first pressing of the album, on the back of Gluey Porch Treatments, he got 
the names wrong underneath the picture. He switched Buzz and Dale's 
names or something like that. He got the names totally wrong and I think 
he got some song titles wrong or left them off or something like that. The 
very first pressing is really screwed up. Even more nerd trivia for you. 

SUM: So you did 3 pressings 
of this record? 

£i 3 pressings of the Melvins 8", 

each of 1000. The first cover 

was the Buzz cover, which has a 

picture of Buzz when he was 

about 6, or something like that. 

The 2 nd and 3 rd pressing both 

have a picture of Dale when he 

was about 6 or 7. The third 

pressing was supposed to have 

Lori, but she chickened out and 

never gave me a picture, so it 

wound up being Dale again. I 

think I'd thrown out the picture 

of Buzz, so it had to be Dale 

again. Don't ask me the colors, "cause I can't remember which was which. 

I know one of the pressings was clear, one of them was yellow, and one was 

something else. SUM: On the 3 rd , I have red and green, or yellow, 

whatever that fluorescent color is. £: Yeah, there's red! That was the 

other one. SUM: Was it your choice again to do this live? £: That was 

theirs. I just told them to give me whatever and we'd put it out. SUM: 

"Your Blessened" is on it, but that ended up on "Bullhead" a year later. £: 

True. So there's a live version of that, "cause they had a good live tape from 

Gilman, and then they used the other song that was on there, called 

"Pronoun/Piece me", which was a title they made up on the spot "cause they 

couldn't remember what it was really called. That was from the original 

sessions from when they recorded their first 7" in '86 or whenever it was. 

SUM: Up next, you put out the No Use for a Name 7". You weren't 
in the band at all when you did this record? 

£: No, not at the time. Actually, it was supposed to be with the new line 
up. There was this guy, I think his name was Rob, who was playing guitar 
at the time. They actually wound up never recording anything with him. He 
was in the band for about a year, playing guitar. I wanted to put out a 7" 
of their new stuff, but they never got around to recording. I needed to put 

out something at the time, so I said 
"Look guys, I need to put out 
something. Its time!". So, they said 
"Well just put out the old stuff, and 
when we have something new, well 
give it to you and you can put that 
out". So I put out an old recording 
that I was on, even though I hadn't 
been in the band for a while, just so 
I could put something out, because 
I had money to do it and I didn't 
have anything else to put out. Thus, 
the "Let *em Out" 7" was born. 
SUM: About what year was this? L: 
What year did you let 'em out? 
SUM: Was this in '90? £: Yeah. It 
was January 1990. The PHC/Infest 
was, I believe, June-ish '89. And the 
Melvins was around August or 
September '89. So, now we're up to 
January of '90. LO: That was my 
first Slap-A-Ham record, by the way! 
Q: Really? That was my third! 
SUM: How many did you press? £: 
There were 2000 of those. The first 
pressing was all the solid colors. 
TTiey were all color vinyl. There was 
a grey cover. The 2 nd pressing was 
all clear colors, with purple covers, I 
think. LQ: Oh. I have the purple 
cover. Its 2 nd press? & Yep. Its worth about $2 less than the other one. 


SUM: After No Use for a Name, you released Neanderthal. PHC 

played their last show and you 

got a record of It. Eric Wood then 

went on to... actually Cyclops 

was happening at the same time, 


£i Yeah. Cyclops was happening at 

the same time as Neanderthal. It 

{Neanderthal was just him and Matt 

Domino from Infest. Both of them 

were just doing this project and he 

asked if I was interested in doing it 

and I said, "Hell yeah!" and it came 

out and there was much rejoicing. 

SUM: Not according to what you 

said earlier! £: That's true. I'm 

sorry. People didn't hate it. People 

who liked it really liked it, but there 

were a lot of people who were just 

really indifferent and didn't care. 

Look at them now! Groveling like the 

pigs that they are! No. Sorry. I got 

carried away. SUM: Did you think that it was not going to catch on? Of 

course you wouldn't put this out like "Well everyone's going to hate this, 

but..." But was it a concern at all? £; No. I really liked it and I knew that 

there were like-minded people somewhere in the universe and that 

somehow we'd be joined through some sort of cosmic connection and... 

yeah. Some new agey sorta thing like that. I knew that some people would 

like it. There's always extreme music out there, but I think it was too "out 

there" for some people. SUM: When did this come out? 

£l I don't know. Some point in 1990, obviously after the 

No Use for a Name. I don't know, you've stumped me. 

SUM: How many were pressed? £; I did 1000 at first. 

Actually, I had 300 covers left over, so we did another 300 

or 350 as a 2nd pressing. Out of those there were 100 that 

were purple, and the purple ones are the ones that nobody 

has. Somebody offered someone $80 for a purple one 

recently. So, there's only 100 purple ones out there. SUM: 

No. There's only 99, 'cause this one's purple! £i Actually, 

I have 98 in my closet, so there's only 1 purple one out 


SUM: After Neanderthal, you re-released the Stikky 

"Cuddle" E.P. 

& Yeah. It originally came out on 
a label called Off the Disk, which is 
over in Switzerland. That guy only 
did 500 copies of it, and actually, 
when we got our copies, we had to 
buy them. He spent so much on it, 
and paid for our recording, but he 
couldn't afford to give us copies. So, 
he sent us 30 and wanted us to pay 
him for them. Needless to say, not 
many people got that one. Several 
years later, there were people who 
were allegedly willing to spend a lot 
of money for it, so I finally got the 
tapes back from him and re-released 
it in huge quantities over here so 
that there wouldn't be a problem 
with people paying way to much in 
auctions or bootlegging or anything 
like that. SUM: I know there's 
different colors 'cause Leia's is 
orange and mine is green... £ I 
couldn't even tell you how many 
colors there were. I just told the 
pressing plant to go ape and they 
did. They're all splattered vinyl, and 
all of % em are totally different. 
There's 2000 of *em. There's a 
million different colors of vinyl and a 
million different colors of the covers, SUM: But Murray Bowles is on every 
one, right? £: That's right. Very few people realize that that's Murray 
Bowles, the famous photographer, on the front on the swing set. The whole 

concept with "Cuddle" at the time 





was... that was the time when a lot of 
bands who were hardcore throughout 
the *80s were getting kind of wimpy, 
playing kind of melodic stuff. I love 
melodic stuff, but stuff like 7 Seconds, 
New Wind and Uniform Choice went 
into their weird little stage. All these 
bands were suddenly being just really 
soft, so we decided to take it one step 
further and make it "Cuddle" 
aawwww... SUM; With all the cute 
puppies... £: Yeah. With all the cute 
puppies and flowers and stuff like 
that. We couldn't think of a more 
positive cover image than Murray 
Bowles on a swing set. It was 
recorded in '88 and the Slap-A-Ham 
was re-released in late '90 or early 
'91. I'm not sure. SUM: III look 
inside. Oh, you didn't skip the 
message on this one, but then again, you're on it... LQi Read it! SUM; (I 
read the whole thing including the part about trading nude photos of Dezi 
Arnaz for more copies of the 7"). It says here it was recorded May 29, 
1988, but it doesn't say when you re-released it on Slap-A-Ham. 

SUM; Rolling down the catalog to number 6: Fu Manchu. LO: 
That's one of my favorite records of all time! 

£l Really? It seems to be everyone's least favorite 
record. \£k I saw so many copies of that in the used bin 
at Epicenter! & Me too. I was tempted to buy them all 
so that I could give them to people who really wanted 
them. SUM; So how did you hook up with Fu Manchu? 
Or were they even called Fu Manchu when you met them. 
Q: Its funny you should say that. When I first met those 
guys, they were in a band called Virulence. They had an 
LP out on Alchemy. Virulence was just completely 
amazing. They were like super powerful, like Black Flag, 
seeing them live. TTiey were just incredible and I really 
wanted to do something by them. So, they said that 
they'd do a 7", and they're just one of those bands who's 
really pokey. They took a really long time. In fact, they 

took so long that they wound up changing their name and changing how they sounded. By the time 
they got around to recording, they sounded less like Black Flag and more like the Melvins, and they 
changed their name to Fu Manchu. I got it and I kind of liked it. It was very Melvinsy and it Wcsn't 
exactly my goal of what I wanted to put out in the first place, but I still liked it. It's probably one of 
the rarest Slap-A-Ham records 'cause there's only 1000 of them and that was it. It sold really slowly, 
"cause I think people respond more to the fast stuff and people weren't really into the slow stuff like 
that It just kind of went out of print and disappeared. Lfii What do you think of them now, being 
on MTV and stuff? £ They're a great band. Regardless of what label they're on or how big or little 
they are or any of that. Even if they were playing coliseums and they were playing the music that 
they are now, I'd still like them. 

SUM: So, this was your 6 th release, and looking back, now 3 of your first 6 releases had 
bands that are now on MTV. Any misgivings? 

£; Thaf s true. Thafs pretty bizarre, but it's true. I never thought I'd see the day when Infest was 
on MTV. iQi Infest?! SUM: That would be, for those at home: No Use for a Name, Melvins, and 
Fu Manchu. If I ever see Eric Wood on MTV, the apocalypse should soon follow, (lotsa laughs and 
indiscernible jokes). If you had to pick, what band of all those you've released would you expect to 
see next on MTV? I have one in mind. I was talking to someone today and they mentioned Man is 
the Bastard, but I don't think so. & Maybe as a little blurb like "Here's this really weird, obscure 
band..." type of thing as a side note on the news. Li They're too slick for MTV. d Yeah. The only 
other one would be maybe Eyehategod. SUM: Yeah. Thafs the one I was thinking of. d Not 
because they're accessible, but because they've gone on big tours and stuff. SUM: And they're 
Pantera's friends. £ Obviously they've gotten their breaks in that way, which is cool. I still like 
them, too. They're still a great band, regardless of them playing someone's basement or playing 
with Pantera. 


Up next is the famous 7" that everyone was hooting and hollering about! 

Ci Hooting AND hollering. SUM: So you got some wacky idea to do a compilation... iSh 41 
bands, 64 songs, what possessed you to do this? & It was a really silly harebrained scheme of 
mine that actually happened. I was home sick one day when I thought of that, believe it or not. Li 
In your delirium. & Its true! In my delirium walking around the house, "Oh, yeah. Wouldn't that 
be great idea to write to a million bands and put them all on one record?" I kind of hate doing 
compilations, so I took it upon myself to do the ultimate pain in the ass compilation. So anyhow, I 
was just thinking, "How cool would it be to put out this album, and write to all my favorite bands and 
have them all do 15 second or 30 second songs and put like 50 or 100 bands on an album. I was 
thinking, "Okay. Poison Idea..." and all these bands. But then I thought, "Well, I could write to all 
these bands, but none of them would write me back. So, why don't I just write to a bunch of bands 
that nobody's ever heard of and put together a 7", because nobody would ever be able to sit through 
an album like that." So, I wrote to a lot of the underground noise, thrash and hardcore bands... the 
cream of the crop as it were. About a year later, little baby Bllleeeaaarrggghhh! was born. SUM: 
There are so many bands on here, and some of them are still big names, or at least legends, but 
some of them... never heard from 'em again. Mork Hotel? Whafsthat? & That's 
actually Dale Crover from the Melvins. SUM: No way! IQ: Really?! d Way! Ij 
Dale weaseling his way onto yet another Slap-A-Ham release. SUM: Any 
misgivings about the Meatshits being on here? & Not at all. I love them. LQ: It 
must have been hard to get everybody to get their stuff in on time. £: Yeah. It 
was. Thafs why it took more than a year for it to come out and why there were 
actually supposed to be more bands on it, but it ended up being less, which is 
good 'cause I don't think there would have been room for the other bands that 
were supposed to come through. I wound up doing half of the layouts because 
bands flaked on those, too. I just cut and pasted from their records and letters 
they'd sent me and just threw together layouts so that it would come out. 
Actually, the first pressing of that has a booklet. All those layouts are in a booklet 
instead of that fold-out thing. After doing the booklet, which was a real pain, I 
decided, "Nope. No more of this. I'm gonna reduce everything microscopically 
and make it a fold out", which was much easier. I think that if there was any 

release that put Slap-A-Ham on the map, as it were, it would be 
this record. SUM: And this was in '91, right? & I believe so, 

yeah. SUM: I hate to ask, but how 
many pressed? £i It got repressed 
so many times in quantities of 500 
and 1000, "cause I wasnt sure when 
it was going to stop and it kind of 
never did. People just kept buying 
them, so I just kept pressing them in 
small quantities. Eventually, I just 
got sick of looking at it, so I stopped 
putting 'em out. I wanted to put out 
new things. I couldn't say- 
probably of all the releases it was 
the one I did the most of. 
Probably 5 or 6 thousand 
maybe. SUM: So, lets play 
something off of this. LQ: 
How are you going to 

It srnelled -funny ! 

decide? lj Play the 27 th track on... SUM: 
Actually, I went with 2 of the bigger names, mostly 
because I'm a dork, but also because you never 
released anything else by these bands, at least not 
yet. Ci Who's that? SUM: The first one will be 
Hellnation, and the 2 one will be Assuck. £: 
Yeah. SUM: On the Fiesta Grande #1 Flyer, you 
said that there was going to be a Plutocracy/ Assuck 
split. £: Yeah. Assuck was the band that 
headlined the very first Fiesta Grande. Originally, I 
was supposed to do a split with Assuck & 
Plutocracy, but Assuck lagged for about 3 or 4 years 
and it wound up being the Discordance Axis/ 
Plutocracy split, which came out like a year ago. 
Thafs how long it took for those Pluto tracks to 
come out. 

SUM: Did you have trouble with bands doing 
that? Just dropping out of the project? 

£: No, not really. SUM: Wasn't there was 
supposed to be a Melvins "Sandwich Bag" or 
whatever that was? & That wound up being the 
5". We just kinda cut corners. Well get into that 
later when that comes up. 

SUM: Each side ends with a 
phone message, right? And 
side B ends with your father- 

£: Yeah. It ends with Lydia's dad, 
'cause he called up one day to 
listen to the message on our 
machine and all he said was, 
"Thaaaafs cute". So we figured 
that was a nice ending for a whole 
record of bands going, 
"Aaarrrrgghh Aaaaahh 

Aaaarrrggghh Thaaaafs Cute". 

I don't think to this day he knows 
he's on the record. \a No. We told 
him... £i Oh, thafs right. We told him, but we 
didn't give him a copy because some of the band 
names and song that were on there... Li Also, he's 
an avid classical fan. SUM: So the Mouthfarts 
wouldn't have gone over well. £: He probably 
wouldn't have appreciated it. 


SUM: After Bllleeearrrggghhh!, you co- 
released a record that isn't officially a Slap-A- 
Ham record. Or is it? 

£: Yes and no. I don't know. It wasn't on my 
discography at first, but because I kind of forgot 
about it. I added it recently. SUM: The matrix 
says Slap-A-Ham # 7.5. d Yeah. Ifs the Charred 
Remains/Pink Turds in Space split. Pink Turds in 
Space is a band from Scottland and they're 
amazing. Definitely an under-appreciated band. 
The first side is Charred Remains which was the 
first release for what soon became Man is the 

Bastard. SUM: 

Charred Remains was 
basically PHC, with the 
same line-up. £: Yeah. 
Exactly. On this 

recording they had the 
exact same line-up as 
PHC. Eric was putting 
this out and basically he 
paid for the release and 
I sold it. He wanted 
Slap-A-Ham to be on 
there, "cause at the time 
I was starting to get 
established and it would 
have been easier to sell 
the records than if he just put it out himself. No one had any idea who the 
2 bands were. We made it Slap-A-Ham 7 and a half, since it wasn't really 
something that I called up the bands and asked them if they wanted to do. 
It was Eric's project, but I just kind of co-released it with him so that more 
people would hopefully listen to it. LO: That was nice of you. C: Thank 
you. SUM: How many were pressed of this? £ I think 2000. The first 
pressing there were green with red splatter vinyl and red with green splatter 
(1500 with black & white cover - SUM), and the 2 nd pressing was all black 
vinyl (500 with red & white covers -SUM). There are definitely 2 pressings. 

Suddenly his head 

eniv nis nea 
began h turn. 

Up next you released a band called Capitalist Casualties 
which eventually made it onto 6 Slap-A-Ham releases to date (now 
its 8! - SUM). This band was around for 4 years with no record 

£; At least 4 years before this 7" came out. That was definitely a crime. 

They were great. The first time I saw them, they were playing at Gilman. I 

think it was their first show at Gilman and they were opening. I can't 

remember who else was playing. Once I saw them, they just blew me 

away. It was like seeing early D.R.I., 'cause they had the huge set list that 

went all the way down the wall with like 30 or 35 songs on it and they just 

blasted right through them. I was like, "Oh my god! These guys are the 

best!" and I remember going up and talking to Jeff and saying, "I'm in a 

band called Stikky. Do you wanna trade demos?" So, I think eventually we 

did. We just traded tapes for a while 

and Stikky and Capitalist played a few 

shows together. Then they just kind of 

disappeared and one day they 

reappeared and they still didn't have a 

record out. Four years later! I was 

like, "God. People are stupid for not 

releasing anything from these guys." 

They were going into a real studio to 

record, 'cause previous to that they 

had just done garage recordings and I 

think they went to Gilman and 

recorded a demo once. This time they 

were going into a real studio doing a 

real recording and they wanted to put 

out a record and at the time, I wanted 

to put it out. Viola! The Capitalist 

Casualties "Art of Ballistics" was born. 



SUM: The record that came out 
after that is probably one of the 
most sought after Slap-A-Ham 

£l Definitely. And that would be the 
Crossed Out 7". There were only 1000 
of those as well and it never got 
repressed. SUM: Was that due to the 
mastering defect where it had those 
huge gaps between each song? £ 
No. Typically with all my releases to 
date, except very recently, I would do 
one or two pressings at the most and 
then move on because I wanted to 
keep putting out new stuff instead of 
just dwelling on the same old stuff. I 
think after this 7" was gone, I was on 


9 ' 

*•. « 


to other things. Also, I know the 

band was very picky about their own 

material and maybe at that time they 

weren't satisfied with it and didn't 

want it to come out again. SUM: 

Lucky for them it got bootlegged!! £ 

Hopefully ifll come out officially some 

day. I would definitely do it at this 

point because I can, for the first time 

in my life, afford it. Well see what 

happens. Until then, keep lookin' for 

those bootlegs, kids!! SUM: I just f ^ _., 

got this official copy at the KFJC £&?N«!ftft 

record swap for $6!!! £: You know 

its official because it has those 15 second gaps between each song. SUM: 

Why did that happen? Do you know? Q: Those guys went in to master it, 

and I guess they didn't realize until they actually got into the studio that the 

person they'd recorded with had screwed up and left these really weird gaps 

between the songs. So, they went in to master it, found that they had these 

really big gaps there and they decided, "Eh... screw it. Why not?" They 

didn't really care. They thought it was kind of lame but they didn't want to 

take the time to correct it, so it just came out that way. I got the test 

pressing and I was like, "hmmm, there's 15 seconds between each song. 

Do you want it this way?", and they were like, "sure. Why not? Who 

cares?". So, it added a little bit of character. It added an extra punch to 

each song as it came up. You could be doing housework and think its over, 

but then another song comes up. "Alright!". It lends to the immediacy of 

the whole release. 

SUM: Right after that you went back to Capitalist Casualties. This 
time your first full length, with the 12", cassette and CD... 

L: And 8-track! SUM: And microcassette. Any story behind this release? 
£: Mmmmm No. 

SUM: After that, another band was released that was... 

£: Another unappreciated band that fell through the cracks at the time, and 
that band was No Comment. SUM: Its funny, "cause all these bands like 
No Comment, Crossed Out, Neanderthal. Nobody had heard *em, and now 
they're all emulating them up the wazoo. d True. Well, No Comment was 




* .;< 


*. "i 

.. ;^vw 


^ . 


V I 


*«m ; <& 

around forever. I don't even 
remember off hand when their 
first demo came out, but it was 
late '80s. I remember getting a 
cassette copy of it and thinking 
that it was just amazing and 
thinking, "Wow, some band I've 
never heard of and will never hear 
of again". I remember getting a 
flyer from L.A., seeing that they 
were playing and I thought that 
was cool. I just figured that they 
were one of those bands that just 
makes a demo and breaks up and 
nothing ever happens. But, a 
couple years later, around the 
time I was doing reviews for 
Maximum, all of a sudden one day 
this No Comment 7" showed up. 
I was like, "Oh my God! They're 
still around! Yes!" It was the first 
7", the "Common Senseless" 7". 
Finally, I had an address to reach 
them, so I wrote 'em a letter 
saying how much I liked them, 
and eventually wound up talking 
to Brent. At some point, later on, 
I convinced them to go in and 
record again. By that time, I think 
they'd broken up and re-formed 
several times. At the point when 
they were kinda going strong, I hit 
*em up to see if they'd do a 
record. Actually, I originally 
wanted them to do an album, 
'cause I was just thinking, "Aw 


man, if they could do an 
entire album, that 
would be the best 
record ever released. 
The best hardcore 
album EVER." So, they 
decided they were 
going to do the 12", and 
then one day Andy, the 
singer, called me up 
and was really kind of 
meek and said, "Well, I 
hope you're not mad at 
us or anything, but we 
only have enough songs 
for a seven inch". I was 
like, "No! Record! 
Please just record!" So, 
I was lucky enough to 
get them to record, and 
they did the 

"Downsided" 7". If 
anyone were to ask me 
if I had one favorite out of the entire Slap-A-Ham discography, it would be 
hard to pick one, but if someone was threatening me within an inch of my 
life, I'd choose the No Comment 7". SUM: How many pressed? £: The 
first pressing was 1500, all on clear. The 2 nd pressing was 1000, all on 
black. I think that's all it was. 

whole idea at first was 

for us to do a dear 7" 

and a clear 6" flexi and 

the dear 5". It was 

going to be a whole 

bunch of clear stuff. 

SUM: All in one bag? 

£ In a clear bag with 

a dear sticker. But, it 

was just so ridiculously 

expensive we said, 

"Well, let's do a 5" and 

keep it that way. Lefs 

keep it simple". SUM: 

And they're both Ripper 

covers, right? & Yeah. ~ 

SUM: And they even have the little Flipper logo on there... & Exactly... a 

little Flipper logo on there to clue you in that they're covers. Its kind of 

funny, after it came out, Bruce from Flipper actually called me up wanting to 

know if there was any way to get royalties from it. SUM: Really? & Yeah. 

Like at the time he was fiending for a substance and had no other income. 

LO: What did you tell him? & I told him to go away! SUM: How many 

in existence? fc Of the 5'? I think there's 3000. They disappeared 

instantly. Literally. TTiey were gone. I didn't even really advertise it. I 

didn't picture it... well, it couldn't be pictured. It was just kind of thrown in 

with the rest of the stuff listed in my ad. SUM: You had to put both the 

Flipper sticker and the Slap-A-Ham sticker on every bag? & Oh yeah, L: 

I may have even helped with that one. £i As if. 

e -felt as if 
he were flying. 

SUM: So, then you decided you'd punish yourself again and do 
another multi-million band comp. 

£l Actually, after I did the first "Bllleeaaarrgghhh!!" compilation, I said "Oh 
my God. I'm never, EVER going to do this again. This was such a pain in 
the ass, I'm never going to do it again as long as I live". But then, for some 
reason, the bug bit me again, and I had to do another one. So I did. I was 
regretting it while it was coming together, but once again, when it finally did 
fall into place, I was really happy with it. Actually, the 2 nd one, the "Son of 
Bllleeaarrrggghhh" compilation 7" was a lot easier to put together than the 
first one. I think because the first one had already been out and people 
realized, "Oh. Hey. If I do come up with a 15 second song, this actually wii! 
come out". Maybe thafs why the first one took so long to put together. 
People were saying, "What. No, you're not going to put 50 bands on one 7". 
Thafs stupid. Thafs not going to work. Whafs Slap-A-Ham? What is this?" 
So, I think by the time the 2 nd one rolled around, people actually knew that 
it was legit and made an effort to get me the tapes a little faster than the 
first time around. LO: Were you sick again? £i Yeah. I was sick another 
day and I went "Aw, man. Now I gotta come up with another one of 
compilation with a million bands on it...". LO: Out of all these bands there's 
not one on here that was on the first one? & Nope. Li So you guys didn't 
figure it out yet that he just released the same record again and just 
re-named the bands? £i Shhh.... 

LO: How many of these are there? 

£ Don't even ask. There's a million different colors of vinyl. They're all red 

covers, but I don't know how many of each color of vinyl there are. 
probably have a couple of the rare ones written down somewhere, like if 
there were 4 on dear vinyl or something. \Sil So how many were 
pressed total... about. £j Probably... maybe 3000. Maybe 4000, 1 don't 
know. I have it written down on a tiny scrap of paper in the bottom of a 

SUM: After the "Sandwich 
Bag" idea fell apart, you 
contacted the Melvins 

£l The original idea for what 
became the 5"... and for 
anyone who hasn't see n it, its 
a clear 5" with no labels md its 
in a dear bag with a clear 
sticker on it. The only place the 
song titles are on there is on 
the matrix. Thafs the only way 
you can tell what song is what. 
Otherwise, its all clear. The 


SUM: So finally you got to put out a real Man is the Bastard 

£l Finally. SUM: No funny names. This is the 4 th Slap-A-Ham record with 
Eric Wood on it, and all of them had different names. £j No pseudonyms 
or whatever. This is the bona fide, honest to goodness Man is the Bastard. 
No "aka"s, no nothing. SUM: Nothing much else of note about it, except 
that ifs a split with Crossed Out, making it one of the most punishing 
records in existence. How many were pressed? £: I think 2000 of the first 
pressing, 1000 with the red cover, 1000 with the blue. Then repressed later 
with the black cover and I think there're 1000 of those. 

After that, you released a record of 2 bands that probably 
nobody's ever heard of then or since. It wasn't really fitting most 
of the genre you'd been releasing up to that point... 

& So?! Whafs wrong with that? What have you put out, smart guy?! \Sh 
Did people ask you like, "When did you become a metal head?" & "Wh/d 
you do that death metal record?" Why not? I don't know. SUM: Hov/d 
you hook up with Monastery & Anarchus? & I was talking to the folks in 
Anarchus for a really long time about doing a 7" with them. TTiey had a 7" 
out before this release that I really liked. Then I got a hold of Monastery 
because I liked them. I wanted to do something with them, so I said, "Hey, 
2 bands are better than one, right?" So I put them together. I released a 
CD, an LP and a Cassette, and I wound up with a lot of cassettes. SUM: 
You still have a bunch of those? £i Yeah, there's a whole bunch 
somewhere. Revolver has a stack in the corner that, if they haven't 
smashed them with hammers by now, they're supposed to give me. I might 

Slap A Ham Records "^^^^^^usicobsotctc since ioao 





TTtf*« ©ddbilN boll©-* and ■cr**ch 
thru Mi* high c.,1 I--' <h»j\h 1 .»-.■■ ' 

MSfttftftf* 11 



UO.* ■•:•*;* 



OjIw.,", —. t-b.-.««l SINISIIR KNTO'/UtU* 


T shirt S10\SlO\$12 
US Ca«»d*/ A„ 

DlMnbuiIot t-j Sceoiy Ooo / Revolver UM 

til'!' I9J JfJ7 

e\ap NW 


send them out free with orders at the end of the 
year. SUM: How much of the vinyl was pressed? 
£l I think there's 1000 of each format. 

LP: Where did the Slap-A-Ham t-shirt come 
into the picture? 

£l I had the same design since about *91, I think? 
LO: Do you have any more? & No. I got rid of 
them. I'm really sick of looking at them. I'm going 
to come up with a new design that'll embarrass 
people even more to wear. 

SUM: Another element of Slap-A-Ham that J 
we've sort of glossed over is Fiesta Grande. In 
January of '93 you threw a party and you had 
bands like all of the one's we've been playing. 

£l It was Assuck, Man is the Bastard, Crossed Out, Capitalist Casualties, No 
Comment and Plutocracy. LQl Wasnt that one of the first kinda metal 
shows at Gilman? & First metal show? Its powerviolence, baby! I guess 
at the time no one was booking bands like that. Well, I KNOW nobody was 
booking bands like that, 'cause that was the first time that all those bands, 
except Capitalist, had played here. So, the whole thing just came about by 
accident, "cause Assuck was going on tour and asked if I could set up a 
show for them. I don't know how it all fell into 
place, but I said, "Hey, yTcnow, I should get all 
these other bands up here..." and it just turned into 
an event. It just kind of mutated into this thing that 
happens every year and people fly out from all over 
the country... Li And from all over the world. 

SUM: Lacking anything else to release, you 
hooked up with some kids after Fiesta 
Grande #1, who were starting up a new 
project and you were interested in joining 
them. That became the... 
Cl The legendary... legends in our own mind. That 
band was Spazz. This is the first 7". We practiced 
once. 2 days later we recorded 10 songs. A month 
later it became a 7" and we've regretted it ever 
since. SUM: And I think you divulged in the Spazz 
interview that there are about 1700 of those. £ 
Yeah. SUM; Any other interesting stories to go 
along with this one? £i There's about 3 hours 
worth of stories about that printed in Monkeybite 
#1. SUM; I guess that covered it. 


"Making Music Obsolete Since 1989 

XrowAbin / Spliof 7" 

; ' « 


O i fctt i *** *! c * _ic tclf m i is ju 

5LAVT STAT* / LACK OF LVTTKHr 11 w» r >P<<t 7" 

< M I 1 U IM CAM ALT 11% -ll.twd I. -...<"i " IO .-■•:: T" 

* I fcmtrn»9, M am) >«•> irjiktf 

AN*HCM1'% 'MONAMiar 13 io«c »pl'« IIVMC'CU 

'Son Of nil1<..*n* t .«»rr«Tf— Khh" SJ h.i I t-t *o»e T" 

MM" A ILAM I M1IHT • .wpvr cool / Jt.lof .!..■,--. >— -».t. %>..<\' I ,., XL 

stNO iv c ii hidden cash or m.o. 


Lr/CS S7\S9\S12 

us. tmiu tit 


SUM; Next, you put out the Lack of Interest/ Slave State split. 
What's with the cover of this one? They didn't have any artwork, 
so you ripped it out of a book of ciipart? 

Ci Yeah. They didn't have anything. Actually, Lack of Interest sent me just 

about nothing. They sent me lyrics and the drawing of the little mohawk 

guy sitting in the chair and that was it. Slave State just sent lyrics and that 

was all. So, somewhere I had this picture of a guy clubbing another guy 

over the head, and I figured, "Hey, why not? I dont have anything else." It 

was a lot more interesting than a dead body picture, so I 

put that on there. Actually, there's a very good story about slave state / lack 

that. I guess Revolver had sent a whole bunch of those 

over to Holland and they got sent back at customs because 

allegedly the cover encouraged violence or something like 

that For those who haven't seen it, its this really silly... 

well, its not silly, because I feel sorry for the guy thafs 

getting hit, but it's a cartoon drawing of one guy hitting 

another guy over the head with a board. Ll They do have 

a point; It is violent, but, Iitchy and Scratchy kinda violent. 

LO: What do they think of all the death metal covers? Ll 

Dead bodies are already dead. 

Catalog wise, we find ourselves back at the 
old staple. The Slap-A-Ham mascot band: Capitalist 

£i The ol' standby. SUM: With a 2 nd full e.p. after already putting out an 
e.p., a full LP and a comp. Track, they're back again with "Raised Ignorant". 
Any wacky tales with this one? £1 Wacky tales? I dont think there are any. 
They said, "Hey, we're recording soon, do you wanna do another record?" 
and I said "yeah", so they recorded and I put it out and people bought it. 

SUM: How many did you put it out? £; I think 2000, 
all of x em were red vinyl and all of *em had a poster 
sleeve. Nothing unique. Other than that, people cant 
find it anymore. 

SUM: And then you put out this record... 
Rupture's "Baser Apes*. 

£; Baser Apes, as in free basin' SUM: Is that what 

its supposed to entail? Ll Who knew? & They're 

kinda into drugs. Ifs kind of hard to tell. Ifs very 

subtle. They're a subtle band. They have a lot of 

metaphors in their lyrics. SUM: A lot of other things 

in their lyrics as well. I love the cover for this with the 

hypertrichosis family, the hairy family from Burma who 

toured as freaks. As all freaks should... just be 

paraded around. £ I think there should be more 

freak tours. SUM: I think Spazz beat them to the freak photo, though. £ 

Yeah. You're right. So there's no point in this record existing. Just throw it 

out the window. SUM: How would you classify Rupture, if you had to? & 

Offensive hardcore. 

SUM: Next out, you released Iabhorher. LQi How'd that happen? 

& Joey sent me a tape about a year before. When they originally recorded 

the songs, the band was called Eviscerate. There 

was either another band called that, or they just 

decided to change the name to something that 

was even harder to remember. They recorded 4 

songs, and only 2 of them would fit on the 7". I 

think this is the first 7" I ever released with only 2 

songs. After waiting for about a year, it came out. 

I dont know what the wait was. Maybe he was 

waiting for me or something. Actually, I think he 

sent me the tape and I was kind of hmming and 

hawing for a while and they still didnt have 

anything out so I said, "Hey. You gotta put 

something out, so III do it, 'cause these songs are 

really good." SUM: We're in about '94 now. This 

is when you were slowing down release wise. & 

I think I was losing steam around this point. It 

was the 5 year itch. LQ; Is this the first record 

you did thafs one of the professional looking 

types? £i You mean the full color sleeve, of 

which the only full color part is the lower right 

hand comer? Yeah. LQl Well, ifs a shiny, hard 

cover... & That I had to do 4 color separation and pay about 5 times more 

than any other cover IVe done so that the corner could be purple. Yes. LQl 

Did you like the idea that you didnt have to stuff them as much, or...? & 

Well, I still had to stuff them. It was just a one-piece sleeve, so I didn't have 

to fold them. Then there was a separate lyric sheet that I had to put in 

there, so that made up for the lack of folding. SUM: But you got to put the 

Slap-A-Ham logo in purple. £ True. I think ifs a great record. I think, at 

first, it was another one of those ones that took people a while. I kind of 

slipped everyone a mickey. It wasnt fast... well, it was kind of fast, but it 

was only 2 songs and it was just different from stuff that I'd been putting 

out consistently. I think ifs a great record and a lot of 
of interest split e.p. people got into it eventually. 

SUM: So then there was Fiesta Grande # 2... 

£: Which was only 4 bands. It was slim pickin's that 
year. Man is the Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, Lack of 
Interest and Spazz. Word Salad was supposed to come 
out, even though I hadnt put out anything by them. I like 
their stuff and they were going to be in town at the time 
and I couldnt find any other bands that fit on the bill. But, 
I guess their van broke down. So it wound up being 4 
bands and it wound up being the thinnest year. I think 
thafs the year that people started flying in from other 
cities to see the show. 

SUM: Capitalist Casualties, were on your next record even... 

£: Speaking of Capitalist Casualties... Hey! What do you know? Another 
Capitalist Casualties record! SUM: Their 5 th appearance on a Slap-A-Ham 
record. Was this a benefit in any way for Food Not Bombs? & It was a 
benefit for Slap-A-Ham to put out more Slap-A-Ham records. Chris from 
MDC gave me all the stuff that they wanted on there. They wanted all the 

Slap Mam 

P OBoxA208« 

info about Food Not Bombs. A whole bunch of people thought it was a 
benefit, but it was merely informative. I just laughed all the way to the bank 
on that one! 





Also •tv.iil.iblei ._% ..I ._ 

NO COMMEMT -OovsnMdrd' 9*on«j 7Vp 

IAOHORHER Xro^sfcin / Splint* V tP/CS S7\S9\SI 

VAN IS THE DASTARD / CROSSED OUT 12 *on«j *plit T cp CD ! 

Si AVE STATE / LACK OF INTEREST 13 wq *pM 7" «-p T-Shlrt S10\S10\SI2 

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES -R.iisrd Iqnofjnr 10 song J'cp U -S- f" ( I' < L 1 ' *' 


CAPITALIST CASUALTIES ^Di -.assembly Lino" C.'.'-llr only' 

THE OLD JOE CLARKS 3 -vonq 7" (NOT punh ■ hillbilly country on R.injnn. Woody Rces.l 
*B1Hnnn a •nm m in i rr-T p phh li l Ti»o Record* 41 64 song 7" 
"Son Ol I'll!, .'i-. .l.t. luuuurrrrgrjlihti'* '•>* l).ind. 09 song 7* 
Sl.'p A T sliiit tuprr cool / 2 color design on white »hirl / L o* XL 

Di.fivKli-. fc? 1i»obi Dm / t« 


SUM: Out next you put out Man 
is the Bastard's DIYCD, the only 
CD only release. This is catalog 
#22, but you didn't put it out 
until after catalog #s 23-27 had 
been out Why? 
& I think it took them about a year 
to get artwork to me. Seriously. It 
was mastered in June of one year 
(V4) and then towards the middle of 
the next year I got the artwork. 
Then it came out! Just to keep 
people on their toes, I released 
things out of order. SUM: This was 
pretty much everything they'd put 
out until then that wasn't on 
vermiform... £j Just about. 

SUM: After that, you put out 
another Spazz record... 

£ Imagine that. SUM: This one a 

split with C.F.D.L from Japan. Any info on how you hooked up with them 

or what CFDL stands for? £ Crazy Fucked up Daily Life. SUM: On their 

new one it stands for something else... £: Chaotic 

Freakin'... Dumb... Letters... or something. I don't know what it stands for. I 

just hooked up with them, 'cause they were on the "Son of 

BHIeeaarrrgghhhh" comp and I liked all their other stuff, so we talked about 

doing a split. We really liked them and they really liked us, so we just had 

a big love-in on vinyl and it became the Spazz/CFDL split 7". SUM: This 

one's hard to find too. & There's like 2000 of those. SUM: Kids are goin' 

ape for this one. I think its "cause people started noticing Spazz had 30 or 

40 records out and decided, *I have to have *em all!" LQl 

No, if s the awesome cover. Thafs why. SUM: And the 

titles. "Hot Dog Water Popsicle in the Hand of Eric 

Wood"... sort of a take off on the whole Eric Wood versus 

Tomas Lens thing. £; Instead of having a negative song 

about somebody, we had a positive song about someone 

we really liked, but in the same vein as the anti-Thomas 

Lens songs. 

LP: Up next was the Eyehategod/13 split. SUM: 

And it came out at the same time as another 

Eyehategod/13 split on Ax/ction. 

£l That's not my fault! SUM: This is one of my favorite 

Eyehategod songs and its exclusive to this 7". How did 

you hook up with them to do this record? £: Actually, I 

got their first demos when they came out. I reviewed the 2 nd one in MRR. 

I think Mike Williams called me one day to thank me for giving their tape a 

good review. I talked to him off and on for a while, got their first album 

when it came out and a whole bunch of other stuff. I always wanted to do 

something by them, but it wasn't gntil many years later when they'd already 

release these other albums that this finally came together. Actually, before 

this, we were planning on doing an Eyehategod/Rupture split 10", but EHG 

were pokey about recording, so the Rupture 7" 

came out. Eventually the Eyehategod/13 thing 

came together. I told them that whenever they had 

something, I'd put it out. It finally happened a little 

while later LQi So they chose 13? They said, H I 

want my girlfriends band..." d I love 13. I really 

wanted to do something by them, too, so it was 

another one of those best of both world things. 

Slap A H^ni Records ■**&*&« mus*c obsolete since ioso 


Shut, Evolved to Obliteration and Nuclear Armed Hogs, which featured Ken 
Sanderson from Prank on vocals. Ill be bootlegging that soon. 

SUM: The Plutocracy LP was supposed to be released in the 1870s 

X think? 

£ 1895. A hundred years later, it 
finally came out. Steve from Assuck 
was supposed to put it out, but a 
couple of years passed. He put out 
a few cassettes of it, but vinyl was 
always "on the way". Then, it just 
kind of got lost in the sands of time. 
A couple years ago, Max said, "Hey, 
I asked Steve about that album and 
he said just call the pressing plant 
and find out whafs up". I guess 
Alberti had actually pressed 500 
copies and they were just sitting in a 
corner in these boxes for years. 
They hadn't been paid for, they had 
no covers or anything, and they 
were just sitting there. The plates 
were destroyed or thrown in a 
dumpster. They figured, "these 
guys are deadbeats. They didn't 
pay, so we won't destroy the vinyl, but well throw away everything else!". 
Max said all we had to do was come up with some money to buy the 
albums. So, we both went halves on % em, since there were only 500 of them, 
and Max and Dan hand screened the covers. SUM: Those 500 are all the 
12" s that exist. £: Yes. SUM: And its since been repressed on CD and 
10" £: Within 6 months of its original release, yes. 


• a. 

LP: Next was the Suppression/ Despise You 7 

£i Despise You is one of those bands who I tried to get to play Fiesta. 
They've never played live, ever. They've put out 10 or 20 records, but never 

played live. LQi Well, there're a lot of myths... SUM: 

Let's not get into that... 

(By this time, we were all tired and getting punchy. We 
played some stuff off the record, but forgot to talk about it) 

SUM: Was this other split released at the same 

Ql Yeah. #27 was the Discordance Axis/Plutocracy split 
7". The Pluto tracks were from the ill-fated Assuck/ 

Plutocracy split 7 
finally came out. 

(same as above) 


Three years later, the Pluto tracks 

SUM: So now its 1995 and you did yet 
another Fiesta Grande. 

£; This is the first year that it became a 2 day 
thing. The first night was MDC, Cop Out, Phobia, 
Capitalist Casualites, Bludgeon, and No Less. 
Bludgeon was this one time thing. It had Matt and 
Mike from Capitalist in it, and some guy from 
Insanity Puppets and some friend of theirs who 
liked to drink. Then the 2 nd night was MITB, Spazz, Lack of Interest, Stapled II whatever reason. 

SUM: You put out 2 splits there, and then nothing for a long time. 
Fiesta #4 was in '96. 

C: Yeah. Fiesta 4. SUM: Day one was Noothgrush, Crom, Charles 
Bronson.., \Q\ You forgot His Hero is Gone! SUM: Oh yeah. His Hero is 
Gone snuck on the bill "cause Noothgrush was late. I think their drummer 
couldn't figure out what shirt to wear. Luckily, Ken Sanderson was there 
with this new band he was putting out and they ruled. Who else played that 

night? Spazz, Phobia and Man is the Bastard. Day 
2 was... \Sil Agents of Satan... £i And that was 
the classic, classic Agents show. SUM: With the 
black metal make up... £j I got the tapes back 
and I only got the last 5 or 10 minutes of their set. 
I was so bummed. I told them afterwards, 
jokingly, "You guys need to break up now, "cause 
you'll never have a show that good ever again". It 
was the ultimate in confrontation. It was brilliant. 
SUM: After that was Locust, Gob, Dystopia, 
Cattlepress and Capitalist Casualties. £i Yeah. 


rings and stars 
danced before his eyes 


SUM: We have 2 records left in the 20's. 
One of them came out in September of '96, 
and the other just came out now. 

£l We're getting into the period when I almost 

gave up. I was just getting really burnt for 

I think it was the wedding bells... \± I think you're 

right. SUM: So the first one is Enemy 
Soil. Any story here? Its the first 
Slap-A-Ham record with a drum 
machine on it that I know of. & True. 
Except for Mork Hotel! SUM: And that 
was a drummer! 

LP: How did you get Phobia to 
finally do a 7" with you? 

£: They actually asked me first. I 

liked them for a long time, but I 

thought they were stuck on Relapse or 

, something. One day, when they came 

Then evervthinfi wpn+ Anr\< u p for one of the Fiesta shows ' Shane 

/ <y ncuj uunu.. gg,^ « Hey ^ if you ever want t0 d0 

something on Slap-A-Ham, we're 
down!". I was like, "Really?" So, 2 years later, it's finally out 

SUM: That was #29, even though #30 was released at the same time as #28, 
Enemy Soil, was. 

& And that would be a crazy band called Noothgrush. Its kind of interesting that, since a 
member of Noothgrush is the one who's picking songs to play tonight as representatives of 
my catalog, they all seem to be the slower songs, the sludgy ones. SUM: Thafs OK. 

SUM: So you get to #30, and it was with these 3 releases that you were starting 
to talk about hanging it up. 

Ci I was getting burnt out. SUM: But then you got another idea. You were sick again 
weren't you? & I was really sick, and home for 2 weeks with nothing to do but mull over 
these really ridiculous ideas and thus were born the celebrity splits. There's 3 of them. Not 
that I put them out!! They actually came out of Germany and they just showed up at my 
door. So I've been giving them away. SUM: The first one is the Spazz/jimmie Walker split. 
Its weird how those guys in Germany got a hold of a live Spazz set recorded right here on 
KFJC! £: It was a year ago. They had time... Li Those tapes get around. ISil And it has 
you dorking on it!!! d Dorking? SUM: I'm in the process of "dorking" on that Spazz 
record. & So those crafty Germans put this record out and people are asking, "Who's this 
band Jimmie Walker?", and I can't laugh at them, 'cause there's bands with names like 
Charles Bronson and stuff like that. But I'm like, "Its Jimmie \JJ.' 'Dynamite!' Walker!". 
SUM: Yeah. When I got the record I was like, "Spazz, Schmazz, who's this Jimmie 
Walker?", and I put the record on and went ape. £ You actually went ape? SUM: Yeah. 
And just as a side note, somebody told me that you once took a picture with a chimp. & 
Thafs true. SUM: Was it an enlightening experience? & Yeah. It was amazing. It was 
about 3 or 4 years ago and Lydia and I were at the Alameda county fair and they had this 
booth that said "take your picture with a chimp". I couldnt pass that up! Who could?! 
SUM: What was the chimp's name? kl I believe it was Lucy, d No, those were those 
bones that were found. I think it was Annie. In any case, this chimp sat on my shoulders 
and it was immortalized. I can prove that a chimp sat on my shoulder. 

SUM: Whafs your favorite celebrity record that you own? Not the splits, but the 
celebrity releases themselves. 

£i I'd have to say the Uri Geller album is definitely a good one. SUM: He sings? Ll He 
speaks. & Yeah. He speaks over this really wacky bed... the cover painting is him walking 
through this 70's space-like landscape with these little pieces of bent metal and weird odd 
shapes, kind of Salvador Dali-esque. Thafs a good one, the Ted Knight one is a good one... 
I just got one of Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, I think his name was. Ifs the guy who played 
Washington on "Welcome Back Kotter". SUM: Awesome. L: Donny Most! £: Donny Most 
is a good one. I just got a Chuck Woolery single, which is amazing. Ifs from 1970 and he 
sings on it. 

SUM: We still have the other 2 celebrity splits that some mysterious German 
label left on Chris's doorstep. 

£l Yeah. Mysterious German release # 32 was the Benumb/Dukes of Hazzard split. I think 

one of the folks in Benumb used to be in Dukes of 
Hazzard, so thafs why they chose to pair the 2 



SUM: So some guy in Germany scratched a 
catalog # in the Gob/Wink Martindale split as 

£; German release # 33. SUM: Do you know of any 
other mysterious German releases with catalog 
numbers that remarkably mirror those of Slap-A-Ham? 
£l You never know what those people in Europe will 

(Chris has since /earned that there will be no more 

."".V ... :^^ 

,?■« 4 



deliveries of mysterious German releases pairing hardcore 
bands with washed up celebrities. Any rumors that there 
will be more are false for now - SUM) 

SUM: We almost forgot Fiesta #5!! 
£: Almost. SUM: Day one was Utter Bastard, 
Noothgrush, Spazz, Cavity, Hellnation and Slight Slappers. 
Day two was Benumb, Lack of Interest, Excruciating Terror, 
Enemy Soil, Discordance Axis and Capitalist Casualties, who 
got the Official Slap-A-Ham Fiesta Grande Sombrero for 
being the only band to play all 5 Fiestas. £: Yep. 
Unfortunately, Man is the Bastard couldn't make it, so they 
got no sombrero. SUM: Grief and Exit 13 cancelled too. 
Whafs up with all the trouble? £: I don't know... 

(The tape ended here for some reason. I think someone 
accidentally turned it off. So, the rest of this interview was 
done by mail - SUM) 

SUM: Slap-A-Ham #34, Spazz's "Funky Ass Li'l 
Platter" plastic 1 inch noise e.p.. Why? 

Cl Well it all started out as a 
joke.. .for a while I was putting all 
of these fake releases in my ads 
just for fun. I made up some 
impossible formats like a 1" 
record. The funny thing ^s there 
were a lot of people who believed 
it and wanted to know when the 
1" was coming out. I just 
considered the whole thing a 

prank when one day I was in this funky little crafts store 
and they had a huge bin full of little plastic 1" records! I 
couldn't believe it and I was just like "Damn, now I actually 
can do the 1"!" Of course they're just these little pieces of 
plastic that don't have any music on them. They're so small 
that it would be absolutely impossible for anyone to play. 
The hole in the center is barely big enough to stick a pin 
thru let alone the middle thingy on your turntable. So 
anyhow, I decided to actually release a 1" by using these 
plastic records. I figured I needed to cover myself in case 
some genius down the line found a way to play one.. .so I 
decided to make it a "noise" record, cuz that's al anyone 
would hear who was able to listen to it. And so the Spazz 
"Funky Ass Lil' Platter" 1" Plastic Noise Record was born. I 

bought about 50 of those plastic craft store records and went home and 
made all of these microscopic labels, tiny record sleeves, and little 
inserts. I even made some little plastic outer sleeves. I sat there forever 
pasting & taping those things together. I had planned on doing 50 of 
them and giving them to my friends, but it got so tedious making them, 
that I only finished about 14 and then gave up after that. I gave those 
out to friends and added it to the discography to drive record collectors 

What prompted the release of the Capitalist Casualties 
and Spazz discography CDs? 

£i Well, obviously all of that stuff on those CDs was out of print material 
and it was just a good idea to do so that people would stop having to 
pay ridiculous amounts for the originals. There's always going to be 
people who want the original releases... you know, collector nerd types, 
myself included... but a lot of others who just want to hear the music 
without paying $20 for one out of print split 7". * 

SUM: Whatever happened to the Slap-A-Ham TV Theme comp? 

£: I'm really bummed about that because I think thafs the only Slap A 
Ham release that was in the works but never actually came out. It 
would have been great if it came together. The whole idea was to get 
some of the meanest sounding bands doing covers of the most 
non-threatening material out there. Some bands recorded for it, but 
most of them flaked. And as the years dragged on, it was obvious that 
it wasn't meant to happen. It was supposed to be an LP. Some bands 
who recorded for it were Hellnation, Mindrot, A.C., Brutal Truth, GG Allin 
& Shrinkwrap, Schlong, 13, Lack of Interest, a few others. Other bands 
who were supposed to do it were MITB, Crossed Out, Capitalist 
Casualties, and a lot more I'm forgetting about. A good 2/3 to 3/4 of 
the bands never did their songs for it. 

SUM: If there was a movie about Slap-A-Ham, who would be in 
it and what would it be about? 

£: Wow, thafs a really really good question. Ifs a tough one. The 


\ ' - V- 

>-%€. * 



+ « 


movie would be called "Ice Station Ham" and would star Ernest Borgnine as a 
salty punk rock bass player named Chris Dodge who overcomes adversity, 
scales life's many challenges, and finds himself while starting a noisy record 
label and periodically hunting for walrus. 

SUM: Any last comments, hoorahs, acknowledgements? 

£: No Comment! Hoorah! Thanks for letting me ramble for hours and hours 
about this stuff. I hope it came out somewhat interesting. 

Slap A Ham 

c/o Chris Dodge 

PO Box 420843 

San Francisco, CA 94142-0843 



j- .._ *_. 

:- x 

Slap A Ham Records discography 

#1 - INFEST/ P.H.C. split 8" flexi 

#2 - MELVINS 8" flexi 

#3 - NO USE FOR A NAME "Let Em Out" 7" 

#4 - NEANDERTHAL "Fighting Music" 7" 

#5 - STIKKY "Cuddle" 7" 

#6 - FU MANCHU 7" 

#7 - "Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!-The Record" 7" compilation 


#8 - CAPITALIST CASUALTIES "The Art Of Ballistics" 7" 

#9 - CROSSED OUT 7" 
#10 - CAPITALIST CASUALTIES "Disassembly Line" LP 

#11 - NO COMMENT "Downsided" 7" 

#12 - "Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!" 7" compilation 

#13 - MELVINS "Love Canal / Someday" 5" 



#16 - SPAZZ 7" 


#18 - CAPITALIST CASUALTIES "Raised Ignorant" 7" 

#19 - RUPTURE "Baser Apes" 7" 

#20 - IABHORHER 7" 

#21 - M.D.C. / CAPITALIST CASUALTIES split 7" 


#23 - SPAZZ / CF.D.L split 7" 

#24 - 13 / EYEHATEGOD split 7" 

#25 - PLUTOCRACY "Dankstahz" LP 



#28 - ENEMY SOIL "War Parade" 7" 

#29 - PHOBIA "Enslaved" 7" 

#30 - NOOTHGRUSH "Embraced by the Anti Self 7" 

#31 - SPAZZ / J. WALKER split 7" 

#32 - BENUMB / DUKES split 7" 

#33 - GOB / WINK M. split 7" 

#34 - SPAZZ "Funky Ass Li!' Platter" 1" plastic record 


#36 - SPAZZ "Sweatin' To The Oldies" CD 

#37 - CAPITALIST CASUALTIES " Dope and War" 7" 

#38 - HELLNATION "At War With Emo" 5" 

#39 - MELT BANANA "Eleventh" 7" 

#40 - "Fiesta Comes Alive" - LP/CD 

#41 - NO LESS "Boxed In" 7" 

Win an Infest/PHC split 8" flexi - Slap A Ham's first release!! 

What do YOU know about . . 


Chris- if you want to read something funny, check out the stuff \ 
included in this e-mail. It's an e-mail I received from a person 
who says he was ripped off by a guy posing to be in INFEST. He 
sent me a copy of the impersonator's e-mail where the imposter 
describes the rise and fall of INFEST. You gotta read this, it is 

hysterical, it begins with an intro from Scott. -Dave 


Hi Dave 

Thanks for the reply. Well, I must say, now I'm really confused. 
This 'Matt' claims to be the original singer from infest. He also 
mentioned being in Neanderthal. Here is the first part of an 
email he sent me months ago... 

Infest.. .the whole story.. .ergh. I'll just 
rant a bit here, this is the outline. Don't 
go spread it around. ..I'd prefer every- 
thing but the music to remain 
buried... ifs all books and interviews 
anyway. Infest formed in December 
1986 as Bronx Suckas...same line-up 
we had all the way through, except I 
played guitar and sang for a little bit. I 
found that playing guitar and singing 
really sucked because you can't do 
either very well and I had a desire to 
just jump around and destroy the hell 
out of everything (because I would get 
SO over-raged while singing these 
songs) so I said fuck it. Originally we 
sounded like Black Flag/Dead 
Kennedys.. .my biggest influences. 
ROAR! I was also really into sXe crunch 
metal and thrash too, so we incorpo- 
rated that into practice.. .in between 
song blast we'd evaluate... basically ev- 
erytime we'd all look at each other and 
say "Faster, louder". That was the 
philosophy behind Infest! In 1987 we 
changed to be named Infest for two 
reasons: a joke on metal, and as being 
the infestationon NYHC, which was full 
of so much stupid shit, the youth crews, the metal, the idiocy. 
Blech! Blah! I was 18 in 1987, having been expelled from school 
that year and being thrown out of my house the year before (felt 
like Johnny Rotten!) I was just really pissed at all the stuff I saw 
around me, all the stuff I saw going on. I didn't think the bands 
of the time had enough of the rage, didn't say what was going 
on... I also had an intense hatred of people, their idiocy, their 
mannerisms, elitism, a broken scene, etc. The rest of the band 
shared them. They wrote the music, I wrote the songs. It was a 
pretty simple thing. We changed our names as a gag on youth 
crews of the time doing the same thing (everyone in New York 
in 1987 was either named Katon or Steve, if you believed 
them!),and we had our own crew, the skaters, the street kids. 
We started playing lots of shows in 1987, and recorded our 

Contest Rules: 

Transcribed here is a falsified history of Infest, invented by some internet 
cretin posing as a member of the band. All you have to do is read the 
"biography", write down a list of all the discrepancies you find, correct the 
mistakes, and send your answers to Chris Dodge. The entry with the 
most right answers wins!! Runner up gets Chris's copy of "Planet of 
the Apes" on paperback. Thanks to Scott Eidelman and Dave Ring for 
exposing the Infest imposter and making this contest possible. 

demo, which I think is our best stuff because it is just so brutal and raw.. .put my voice 
out on that thing. It took a hile for my voice to adapt because I used to just scream so 
loud, I'd put it out all the time. Hurt like hell at first... I used to steal sodas and throat 
lozenges all the time to cool it. I was far from sXe at the time, but I used to put all the 
Xs on my hands... everyone ate it up. We were a very angry band, and had a lot of 
trouble early on getting gigs because we played too loud for most of the people to deal 
with, and we'd always end up destroying things (I don't like to incriminate myself, and 
the memory is a drunken haze a lot of the time, but it was usually me) and fighting with 
the owners, and the kids. I had a tendency to just lose it through the songs and just 
jump, dive and crash into anything while "singing". was just something that I did to 
go to the music. We built up a cult fanbase in New York which was unfortunately very 
violent, but at the time I loved it... I was a little shit whose opinion was pretty much "if 
you can't take it, you're weak! Fuck off!" We played CB's for the first time i 1988, 
probably our best year. They booked us with all these horrible sXe youth crew bands 
like Sick Of It All, Judge, etc. I still have the show review from that, I get a huge kick 
out of it. I'll print in for you. ..this was in Boiling Point, the biggest sXe/metal 'zine at the 


- CBGBs Feb. 18, 1988 
The big show of the month was here, 
and the band that certainly took us all 
by surprise were Infest, who were the 
second band from the front. After a 
great set by the newest New York 
power Warzone (Lower East Side), 
Infest (Bronx) took the stage. I hadn't 
heard much of these guys, as tbey 
apparently don't play many shows. 
They took the stage, and the first 
thing their singer does is say, "I think 
Judge is shit, and fuck CB's for putting 
us on the same bill with them." That 
bastard from Infest then started up 
the first song screaming "I HATE RAY! 
CAN GO TO HELL!" The crowd, fortu- 
nately, was having none of it. Infest 
then started their set, which was 
overly loud, extremely fast and had 
few traces of melodies or any crunch, 
and I didn't like it much at all. The 
v _ »^^_ violence then started up, as the 
jB^3i$iV9^IH singer and guitarist were jumping all 

SSS^l^T'V^ over ** place and vt)e guitar W8S 

•SroymrftT^ being used as a weapon towards kids 

. i wu/KtcuKUS I *J in the front in Judge and Chain shirts. 

The singer did about seven face-first 
dives nto the front, and when he would land, would throw high kicks repeatedly towards 
faces. Soon a huge fight broke out and the singer and guitarist went down amongst a 
pile of kids. The bassist and drummer kept going, but this huge rumble enveloped the 
stage and soon about thirty people were involved. Eventually it broke up, and the singer 
came out, his face a bloody mess, standing next to the guitarist (who had since fallen) 
wielding the guitar like a bat again. CB's security finally tossed Infest from the building, 
to many cheers. I hope they never play New York again. After them came..." 
Boiling Point, 1988 - Tim Singer 

Thafs probably about all you should read. He misrepresents things a little bit. I got the 
nickname "that bastard from Infest" for about four or five years from this article. This is 
a quote in a recent interview from Tim Singer... 

"PW: When you were doing No Escape in the late '80s and started Boiling Point 'zine, 

you went to a lot of shows. Any bands that you particularly count as influences? 

TS: Obviously Judge and Youth of Today were probably the two biggest... (snip 

snip) another huge one at the time was Infest, who were just so fast and loud 

it was inspiring. 

PW: Didn't they have a reputation for being overly violent? 

TS: They were totally rebellion, and their music was so powerful, that sort of 

thing was bound to happen. It was great stuff though, a personal favorite 

band." | 

- Change 'Zine, 1995, - Tim Singer \ 

What a fucking bullshit artist! We're getting loads of good reviews, credits as 
influences to tons of bands, whatever.. .blah blah blah! Shut up! These people 
are all liars! We didn't really have a fanbase until 1990 or so. Anyway, I'll stop 
talking about shows and enemies in New York.. .that would take me 100 pages 
to describe. In 1988 we put out Machismo, the first 7", by ourselves (D.I.Y. so 
to speak!) and made 1000, but in the collector scum spirit I didn't even know 
existed then (I thought of it as "a version for friends" and a "version for 
everyone else"!) we did 200 with sticker inserts. Hee hee. We traded most of it 
to foreign audiences, who really liked us. We only made about 100-200 copies 
of the demo, and so many of them went to Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway and 
the UK, it was ridiculous. Probably 80%! We sold so little in New York! We put 
out Slave, the first 12", in 1989. The thing was so confrontational, so loud, so 
violent, no one knew what to do with it! Everyone was scared shitless of us at 
th time because of our reputation for insanity, our music (which was a lot louder 
and faster than any band I'd ever heard that didn't have stupid metal or thrash 
tendencies, that stuff was so wanky!) was regarded as "too fast" (what an 
oxymoron) and we were unable to sell a lot of the copies of the 12" because 
many people were still paranoid of us. We made 200 of them pink, 100 of which 
we gave to our coolest fans/friends (all our fans were our friends!), 100 went, 
one each, to our favorite hardcore bands, and our favorite 'zines. The other 800 
were sold to various people, it took us a year and a half! The 12" was put out 
by Off the Disk records, which also did Stikky, and Chris Dodge contacted us 
later in the year with a really rad letter saying, "I think your band is totally 
awesome, loud as hell, I love it... I wanna do a limited pressing thing with your 
band and my new band because I'm broke, tell me if you're interested!" So we 
sent him some live stuff, he did the 8" flexi with Pissed Happy Children and u, 
all the stuff is live, he only used some of it, ifs one-sided, limited to 1000! What 
ended up happening is 400 got lost in the mail! Whoops! Most of the ones Chris 
gave to us as our cut (we carried the record, Chris' bands usually rock but PHC 
sucked!) went foreign, so who knows where they are, but I get offered big 
bucks for this! We kept going, people really liked us more and more in New 
York, a lot of people liked us because we just played our guts out and respected 
our intensity and our determination to blow all the other bands of the time 
period away. The only other band from that time period I think matches up to 
our fury was Crossed Out, a fine bunch of guys. We were going to do a split with 
them, but it didn't work out. In 1990 things were starting to fall apart, Infest 
were fighting internally, people were really starting to like us (because we were 
becoming the trend!) a lot of bands started doing the faster/louder/angrier 
politics route, and before you know it, it was a mess. This where it stars to get 
crazy. In 1989/1990 a lot of the NYHC bands started to get big. Guess who 
comes in? Rolling Stone, MTV, those people, to spotlight the "growing rage" in 
New York. Myself and the rest of Infest weren't on good terms at the time 
because I took the Japanese route of dealing with your band mates by not 
spending a lot of time with them. ..that was the only way I could deal. We got in 
huge fights when they signed a release for us to appear on some MTV special 
where they used some of our live footage. I flipped. Big trouble. We finally went 
to Europe that summer of 1990, as promised. We got through a few countries, 
had a great time, played with some great bands, saw some great bands, met 
some great people. It all fell apart in Holland. Much anger, I stormed out, said 
"after this tour, I quit!" They said, "You're out now." We broke up there in 
Holland. One of our roadies took over my duties as singer. He even used my 
stage name! No one in Europe really knew the difference, it was horrible. I was 
stranded in urope because I had no money (the "rich" one in the band was 
Craig, and he was holding the purse strings) and I finally managed to scrounge 

up money for plane fare after promising to pay some people band via 
records and money once I got home. I didn't get home until late 1990(it 
took me that long to work everything out!) and when I got back, who's 
huge in New York? Infest! They were prepping to sell-out. In 1991 they 
put out Mankind, our second 7". The vocals on that are still all me. Its 
not as good as our earlier stuff, I don't think.. .the material was recorded 
in January 1990, no matter what is says on the liners. They were playing 
lots of gigs, slandering me in public constantly, and were starting to 
change their sound adapting to all the boring sheep and folks from the 
area to begin with! I was furious. I went to an Infest show to confront 
them, and they got a bunch of their friends to beat me senseless. I got 
carried out of the place. Couldn't walk out. In 1991 they also reissued 
Slave, and made tons f money. I got none. They broke up in 1992 after 
a failed sell-out attempt where all the band members kinda inverted and 
things fucked up. I was glad! All the members pretty much filed out of 
hardcore. I was in no mood to do any serious band, though I put out 
some one-shot hardcore 7"s here and there with friends. New York was 
still a sXe/youth crew mess, with all the same shitty hardcore bands still 
going, and many of them now being post-core, even worse than 
whatever they were originally. I didn't start any real band until I joined 
Milhouse in 1995, and quickly stole Andrew from there and formed Black 
Army Jacket. To my shock, everyone had already forgotten me in New 
York, and Infest was now remembered as the loudest, faster, angriest 
and best band to people who really liked hardcore, but we were 
remembered as a bunch of sell-outs and phonies, which was horrible. So 
I blended into Black Army Jacket, and we started up going, playing 
shows, doing the demo, etc. People loved the demo, and couldn't figure 
out hy. Because we play it how ifs s'posed to be played! I had a good 
two years in BAJ, now we're starting to have problems again, unfortu- 
nately. Maybe I'll stick around. In '96 Infests popularity was still at an 
all-time high.. .we had tons of fans who got into us after we broke up, 
way more than when we existed. The prices were getting outrageous for 
our stuff, much of it had been booted (poorly with bad quality and lousy 
packaging, even occasionally missing a few songs to force people to pay 
high prices for originals!) and it just sucked. The once-cool, now leeches 
(aka the rest of Infest!) put out the "official" reissue of Mankind then, 
made tons of money. They then did the "official" of Slave. I found them, 
got into a huge fight about it (because I was getting miniscule checks 
and they were fucking everything up!) and they said "we'll stop". I 
wanted to do some real reissues. They then booted Machismo, and 
made a lot more money. They finally did the discography CD, which they 
are doing incredibly with, ton of dough, last I heard, its on ifs third 
pressing. I'm just totally beyond pissed with the situation. I had thought 
it had gone away after '92, but ifs back in '96.. .hopefully this is the end 
of it. Some of our live boots (a few of which we did!), the 8" especially, 
and the 10" A.C. comp we're on are worth some money now, our 
posthumous popularity is astounding. Ah, I don't wanna talk about it. I 
hate to say it, but you oughtta pick up the CD to hear everything (at 
least they did it, which I suppose was kinda noble).. .you'll get an idea. I 
don't even own it, I'm not sure if they put the lyrics in. Maybe, who 
knows. Or, if you wanna be cool, hear the stuff (and see how loud it 
truly is! we still get tons of comparisons in reviews and are referred to 
as one of the fastest and loudest bands ever!) and support something I 
at least get like .03 from each sale (ifs that low, ifs ridiculous).. .get the 
Slave 12" re-ish, rock out. I dunno. Didn't even listen to the 8"? What a 
dork you are! ;0). And thafs all have to say about that. I'd like to bury 
my memories of Infest, though I'm still very proud of the music itself... I 
had some incredible musicians backing me up, and when we were all 
together, it was really fucking the total stuff. From 86-88 we really 
meant something. Oh well. Ifs all bullshit anyway, now they're all 
fuckers, half our fans are liars, and I'm forgotten and dead. Fucking 
Infest.. Talk more about KBD later.. .I'll send another mail soon or 
something. I'm drained now. I gotta close the store now, and go home. 
Ech... Fucking Aerosmith. CONTEST ENDS JULY 31, 1998 

Lcrne * t* tor wr fttwe Pnm Slaf a kn/ fcf*J of m iwfc mi ttok 
aA\n Jte'fW compilww, fintoHtf fft ^ *•* adWdrd m r «mg* 


tW- *hfl* **9 tofl *j«u damn punfc rtUwt (mt* «to 4itftrtrtJia«f#f 

zomt rewd 

"nfiK fKi tort-mid c*b in £!£££■, 
1 nanus ror TaLy* Vkfc *--T rwi<on v0« ^ n * ak * * f* w W** 

f$4 Hsellirtj * * so,ne n r S+cp +tuchir« yotetlf, ^y~. 

SltfA HAM 

Unruh combine pissed hardcore with technical intricacy and musicianship to 
present a style of extremecore all their own. This interview was conducted with 
them before playing at the Bomb Shelter in Oakland, CA on July 15, 1997. 
All live photos taken by Super Urine Monkey that very day. 

SUM: Gimme your names and what you do in the band 

Ml My name is Mike, I'm the singer. 2l I'm Jason, I play bass. Ri I'm Mr. 
Ryan Butler. I play guitar. SUM: And who's your drummer? Rj. Bill. He's 
inside. 2i He's not much of a talker 

SUM: Where did the name Unruh come from? 

Ri Howard Unruh was the first contemporary American Serial Killer. He was 
from Camden, New Jersey. Basically, he was a military sharp shooter and he got 
kicked out of the Army. He lived with his mom and he made a list of everyone 
who fucked with him. He lived in a really small town. He had a couple of 
Barrettas under his bed and he started with his mom. He basically killed 13 
people in 12 minutes. He's still in jail to this day. The picture on the cover of the 
7" is a hobby horse that this kid was sitting on. If you look close, you can see 
blood on it. And that's Howard Unruh on the back of the 7". 

SUM: How did the band form? 

Ri From the ashes of Uruk-Hai, basically. Me and the drummer were in 
Uruk-Hai and our old bass player played guitar in Uruk-Hai. We decided we 
wanted to do a Citizen's Arrest/Voice of Reason type band. In the Spring of '95, 
we started playing and we tried out all these different singers and nobody 
worked out. Mike Edwards here called me while he was on a tour of booty with 
his girlfriend on the west coast. SUM: Tour of booty? Ri Yeah. And I told him 
we were doing this Voice of Reason/Citizen's Arrest type thing and he got so 
stoked he said he'd start driving back that day to be our singer. And he drove 
back that day and started singing. 


SUM: When was this? 

Rl We'd been practicing for 2 or 3 
months before he came in. This 
was summer of '95 by that time. 
We played our first show with 
Dead and Gone on August 10 or 


16 or some shit. 




Mr. Feast & Famine, Mike Edwards 

SUM: What happened to the 
old bassist? 

Ri I don't know if we want to go 
into that. M: Basically, we all just 
grew apart musically. He went 
from playing bass to second guitar, 
and then things just didn't work 
out. SUM: So you guys were a 5 
piece for a while? R: Yeah. We 
got J. in September of '96. Mi 
Nick went his way and we went 

SUM: Unlike other bands from 
Phoenix, it seems like Unruh's 
lyrics are more of an anti- 
capitalist labor rather than 






'■ -U L 


^ ¥ : 

Ryan Butler - lead guitar! 

focusing on religious philosophies. How'd that 
come about? 

M: Basically, we're all just working class kids. We all 
have shitty jobs. We all deal with... at least somewhat 
our feet are buried in the industrial world. So, most of 
us have button-up shirts and wear fuckin' nametags 
that are sewn onto our chest. The main thing that 
makes me angry is that I have to deal with these shit 
heads every day. I'm doing everything in my power to 
beat it, and Unruh is my 
only release. R: We're 
trying to make it a 
permanent thing, as 
much as we can. 
Unruh is our only thing, 
yT<now?, our only way. 
li Making people 
aware of things they 
ignore just to get by. 

SUM: You guys have 
done tours before, 

Bi Yeah, we toured 


with Wellington, this bad ass band... Is 
They're pretty heavy. They rock Ri They 
get so many chicks. SUM: That was 
summer of '96, right? Ri Yeah. We've 
played a lot of California shows. 

1 So far all you've released is the 
first 7" and the split, right? 

Ri We have the cassette version of the LP 
here. SUM: Who released the cassette? 
Ri Mr. Feast and Famine, right here, Mike 
Edwards. M: I'm putting out the album, 
as a split label release with King of the 
Monsters. He's actually doing most of the 
work putting it out. It should be out by the 
time we get back to Phoenix. SUM: The 
new stuff sounds a little more metallic, I 
want to say. Not in a bad way, though. 
There's more blast and stuff like that, ii 
Its more diverse. Ri Nick wrote a good 
portion of that, our old bass player. And I 
wrote a good portion of it. I've just 
recently got into guitar a lot. More 
technical stuff. Mi We're basically trying 
to evolve the band, we don't want 
everything to sound the same. We dont 
want anyone to be surprised when they 
get our next thing. We're not going to do 
anything we haven't done previously, but 
we're not going to do the same thing 
forever. 2i It keeps everybody happy, 
too, instead of just re-hashing the same 
thing just because you know you can do it. 
records, but it's nice to sell records. 

\ ■ . 





Jason, monkey fanatic and bassist 

We're not out to sell 

show. There was this guy who was 
showing all this classic cars in 
Albertson's parking lot. People just go 
there and show their muscle cars off. 
This guy had a spider monkey on a 
leash. I was watching him from across 
the street at the circle K and I saw it 
make eye contact with me. I was like, 
"Wow, check it out! A spider monkey!" 
I saw it jump on like four classic cars, 
from a '57 Chevy, to a classic 
Thunderbird, it was kind of a mix. Some 
of them were Chevys, but some were 
Fords. I'm sure the monkey was a little 
bit disoriented. Then, as we were 
driving home, I saw it in this guy's car. I 
could see in the rear-view mirror that it 
was staring at me, yTcnow? For the next 
14 days I'd see it in the back yard, the 
front yard, at my work place. I work in 
a comic book store, and it would shuffle 
through the comics. Then, one day, it 
left. Ri I've got one thing to say: 
Jason is full of shit. 3i No! It's a real 
story! There was a 14 day monkey! I 
swear! If you believe in the monkey, 
then you believe the story. SUM: So, 
where do you think it went? 2l I have 
no idea. Ri Uh... it never happened. 2l 
Transmission of information. Ri Don't 
believe it. 2l He saw the monkey too, 
he's just too embarrassed to say it. Kind 
of like a UFO. Ri I've seen UFOs, man, but not fuckin' monkeys. 


Unruh / PO Box 10221 / Scottsdale, AZ 85271 / USA 

SUM: Do you guys fit in pretty good with the Phoenix 

Ri We're starting to get... like the straight edge kids are starting to 
come out and the crust kids are starting to come out. We're starting 
to get a decent following in Phoenix. 2l All kids go. Its not like 
scenester bullshit, yT<now? Ri Breaking down walls! Mi Especially 
in Phoenix, we try to talk to kids from all different cliques and let 
them know that anyone's welcome. We dont exclude anyone. We 
dont want anyone not liking our music because our pants are too 
baggy or we have spiked hair or any bullshit like that. Ri We just 
played with Avail! Mi Basically, we want everyone in Phoenix to 
know that they're welcome to our shows and they're welcome to 
wear our T-shirts and we don't want anything standing in the way of 
that. That's what I'd like to see all across the country, but that's our 
city and thafs what we deal with on a day to day basis, so that's the 
main thing we're trying to do there. 

■ . . 





» ■ 


S^ftM: Are you guys straight-edge? 

Ri Just me. SUM: You're sober, right? Not "sXe". Ji He's nice. 
He's not a militant asshole. Ifs a life choice, not a label for him. Ri 
Tm into straight edge, but ifs a real personal thing for me. Mike, our 
smger, is like one of my brothers, yTcnow, and he drinks and smokes 
out every once in a/ while. Bill drinks. J. partakes in the buddha 
every day. Whatever's their thing. Ji We all love each other. 

k ' *^(^H SUM: Do y° u 9 uvs nave anv m ° nke y 

3* ' akf ^Hi stories? 

3i Well, there was the infamous spider 
monkey. SUM: Which was... 2l This 
monkey that followed around me and a 
group of my friends for 14 days straight. 
£. A _ A a^m First we thought it was from this classic car 





Ryan's infamous chimp covered cabinet 

Unruh Discography 

Unruh 7" (King of the Monsters/Abiology) 1996 

Unruh/Enewetak split 7" (Feast & Famine) 1997 

Unruh 12" (King of the Monsters) 1997 

w-ffit*.- . > ' 

Interview with Ryan (guitar/ 
vocals) & Mike (Bass/vocals) in 
Oakland, CA July 15, 1997 

SUM; Why did Wellington 
break up? 

Rl Our drummer is going to 
Hollywood to be a professional 
drummer. His Dad's paying for 
him to live there for like 2 
years. So, he's just going to 
play in some brit-pop band, and 
thafs rad for him. Our bass 
player is a jack-ass and moved 
to the bay area... Mi No, I 
moved because he was moving 
and there was nothing for me 
in Phoenix. Ri No, he moved 
because he's stupid. 

SUM: Were you guys 

always a 3 piece? 

Rl Yeah, always. SUM: And the drummer... Ri Gordon. SUM: He's 

coming back to record with you guys? Ri He's still living in Phoenix 

until September. SUM: So you guys are gonna still record? Ri yeah. 

SUM: When did Wellington start? 

Ri September of *94 I think. Yeah. We started in September and 
played our first show in October of '94. Mi It doesnt seem like that 
long ago. SUM: How'd you guys all meet? Ri I've been friends with 
Mike since freshman year in high school and I've been friends with 
Gordon since I met him in church in the 3 rd grade. Ml We used to 
skateboard together. He used to pick me up... Intrusive Bystander: 
RICHARD CRANIUM!!! Ri We had a pop punk band together. It 
sounded like NoFX. 

SUM: What other bands were you in before Wellington? 

Rl I had this band called Lyburnum. It was like Honeywell hardcore 
type stuff, meets like Moss Icon or something. Then there was, uh... 
Mi Richard Cranium. Ri Yeah. Mi Gordon's Dad thought of that 
name. Ri I just jammed with various people. SUM: Is Richard 
Cranium supposed to be like Dick Head or something? Ri Dick Head! 
Wow! You got it! Mi I dont think that sarcasm's gonna come out that 
good on paper. Ri III try anyway. That was pretty much all the bands 
I was in before Wellington. 

SUM: Fetus has put out every record you guys have done, 

Rl Yeah. King of the Monsters is going to do the Dystopia split. Mi If 
we ever talk to those guys. Ri They're supposed to record the day 
they get back from Europe, but you know how those guys are... 

SUM: Did Wellington ever tour? 

Rl Yeah, we did like a California thing in '95. We played Gilman with 
Dystopia and Excruciating Terror. Mi That was like one of our first... 
Rl Quit interrupting!! Mi Ok, Sorry. Ri We played a basement show 

with Dystopia and a 
show in Santa Barbara. 
Then, last summer we 
did a 2-week West Coast 
tour with Unruh, my 
other band. Mi All the 
way up to Vancouver. 
Ri Yeah. We went to 
Vancouver and back for 
2 and a half weeks or 
"I something. SUM: 

When was this? Ri Last 
summer, in June. Mi 
Vancouver sucked! Ri 
I No one gave us a show 
■ here. We tried. No one 
would hook us up. 

SUM: Do you have 
any monkey stories? 
Rl Uh... SUM: You 
have chimps on your 
amp, though. That rules. Rl That's been there since 
Lyburnum. Withdrawn actually was our name before we were 
Lyburnum. It was like metal Rorschach type stuff. SUM: So, 
no monkey stories? Anything besides circuses and zoos? Mi 
The one that haunts me is the one on "Faces of Death" where 
they eat the monkey's brains. Ri We dont know too much 
about monkeys. We dont want this to be like the Devoid of 
Faith interview. 


SUM: What's the scene like in Phoenix? 

Rl Its really tight-knit. There's always like a good core of kids 
that go to shows. Kids never really watched Wellington until like 
last year. Usually we'd play to like 2 or 3 kids in Phoenix. We 
played with Portraits of Past once and I counted like 6 heads. 
Mi It got good sometimes, though. Ri Sometimes it was good, 
like if a lot of crust kids showed up. Kids have really got into 
Unruh in Phoenix and that kind of turned them onto Wellington. 
They couldnt really dance to Wellington. SUM: The kids've 
gotta dance! Mi Yeah. That's what I'm starting. Dancecore! 

SUM: Were any of you 
members of Uruk-Hai? 
Rl I was. SUM: What 
was that band all about? 
Rl I was in the band for 
4 practices and a 
recording session. The 
lyrics were written the 
night before we recorded. 
The songs... Bracken from 
Hail of Rage lived out 
there and he wanted to 
start some stuff. Nick, 
who used to be in Unruh, 

was in it... and Shane from Fetus, 
and Bill, the drummer from Unruh 
played drums. We all just jammed 
together, made 10 songs. They 
wrote x em all, I just learned 'em. 
M: And Kieran from Australia! Ri 
Yeah, this Australian guy as there 
and he did vocals on it. Mi One 
day, in Phoenix, you see him, and 
he's straight edge as hell. 2 
months later, we're on tour and 
I'm buyin' him 40s in Oakland. Rj. 
It was just something to do. We 
played 1 show and it was like 2 
songs. You know how long the 
songs are on that 7". M: He's 
probably gonna hate that story and 
want to fight me... Rj Why dont 
you shut up? Fucker... 

SUM: The LP is called "Thank 
you Jesus", the Uruk-Hai 7" 
was "Give up on God" and then 
Tho Ko Losi and Absinthe have 
their anti-Christian stuff... 
R: There's a lot of Christian 
straight edge bands in Phoenix. 
SUM: Is that it? It seems like all 
the bands from that area... the 
samples are awesome. M_i The sample on the last part 
of "Thank you Jesus" is actually from... £i His ex- 
girlfriend's Dad, who's now in jail! He's a minister. He's 
doing time for molesting kids in his church. Mj I got the 

■T. '"V^^.' ". ** 

4rf*» — - 

.— ■ 

esT2 s 



<* f* 








... ,. _ . 



IHffb Wm 

'.'-■ ■>■--■ 


Far from home: Wellington on tour in Seattle, June 1996 

tape out of all of his preacher sessions. Rj We taped over most of her Dad's 
sermons. I guess he's a freak. He (pointing to mike) had to have 
Thanksgiving dinner in prison with him. M: It was weird. I was friends with 
him, dating his daughter yT<now, and the next year he was in Prison. 

:r; ■■■■.■ 

■■■•;•• ■■ ■■ 









i :■ 


SUM: Other than the Christian thing, did Wellington lyrics have any 
political agenda? 

R: Yeah. It was like three quarters political and a quarter personal. I would 
always give them the lyrics to check out and make sure they agreed with 
everything I said. Gordon, the drummer, isn't a hardcore kid at all. He didn't 
really mind about the lyrics, but I always wanted to make sure we weren't... 
he had pretty strong beliefs, and I didn't want to go against him or Mike in any 
way. I wrote most of the lyrics, and he (Mike) wrote a couple. M: "Isolated 
in Despair" is political. It's about like religious wars. It kind of affected me in 
a way, 'cause we were watching it on TV so much and we couldn't do anything 
about it... R: It's about the Croatian war that's going on. It's going to be on 
the Dystopia split. 

SUM: Thanks for the interview. Any last comments? 

M: Thank you. £: Yeah. Thanks for being interested. Nobody ever really 
cared about us until the last dying days. I'm stoked that people are into 
something I created. That's about it. Rock on. 

Ryan Butler / PO Box 357 / Tempe AZ 85280 / USA 

l * ' * 





Wellington Discography 


Mike in Phoenix, AZ - Spring of 1996 

Relic of Waterloo 7" (Fetus) 1995 

Wellington/ Fall Silent split 7" (Fetus) 1996 

Thank You, Jesus 12" (Fetus) 1996 

V/A "Amnesia" (Ebullition) 1997 (Also feat Lybumum) 

Wellington/ Dystopia split 7" (Fetus) 1998 

Wellington/Noothgrush split 7" (100 Y.O.S.) 1998 

Discography CD (Fetus) 1998 

Jesuit is a crushing hardcore band from Virginia 
Beach, VA. Believe me, they are as foolish in 
person as they are in this interview, but that'? 
OK because when it's crunch time, Jesuit will 
knock you on your lame little ass with the severe 
punishment. Intervew by the Blood Sucking 
Monkey from Outer Space. Photos by Admiral 

Jesuit are: 
Nate, Brett, Jay, and Brian 

(Band shot below also includes roadie) 





BS: How did Jesuit start? 

Ni I said "Fuck it! Let's start Jesuit and 
fuck people up". Bj. There's too many 
emo bands and someone's got to take 
care of that shit! 

BS: What kind of band is Jesuit? 

B_i Sick! We don't rollerblade but we're 
still fuckin' mega extreme! 

BS: When did you start and how 

did you get the name? s^^^^^^^^^^W 

N; We started a year and a half ago and 
I saw the name Jesuit and I thought it 
sounded cool. There's no significance 
behind the name. B_i Basically, we like 
to party! N_i Brett partied with his pants 
on AND off last night. It was the first 
time he consciously showed me his dick. 
BS: When did he unconsciously show 
you? N: When I pulled his underwear off while he was asleep. B: Oh, you dick! 

BS: What are your lyrics 

Ni They're about personal 
shit, but all my lyrics end up 
being about personal 
relationships with other 
people. 2l There are some 
political topics touched upon. 
N_l Yeah, but then we realize 
that we're all stupid and we 
can't write about that shit. So, 
we figure we know about girls 
and women, so we write about 
that. There's a correlation 
between love and killing 
yourself. We have a song 
about car stereos. I don't 
have a tapedeck in my car, so 
I could crash and die and the 
last song I would hear would 
be No Doubt and that would 

'■■■■:,■:■:-'' '■- > : .-'\ "-■■-■ ■ : ■-. ■-. 


^m\^M m 


|Ml| > ■ J] 


yj$ia3fr i J 

1 'C* ^"3 ft 

. .V> '.- ^ •'' 

|» ^^B ^H 

1 " '^ ^H^ES^I 

• m '-' 1 ^ - 

, . . .. 

: ^r 

Ni The monkeys in 
Norfolk, Virginia always 
throw shit at each other 
and the people. B_i I like 
Monkeybite because I 
was an extreme Planet 
of the Apes fan, until I 
met Admiral Andrew and 
found out what a piece 
of shit he was. Now I'm 
not into it. Ni Brett puts 
peanut butter on his dick 
and lets dogs lick it off. 
B_i No I dont! N: He 
puts bananas on his dick 
and lets gorillas suck it 

BS: Where did you 
get the idea of using 
your guitar pickups as a microphone? 

N: The mic isn't enough to hold my intensity. 

; ' i 

■ ■ 

. . : 



_— ~* 

i£»» w 

How does love 
correlate with suicide? 

N: They make you want to kill 
yourself, man. B_i You could 
say we're pretty emo, to be so 

BS: Do you have any 
monkey stories? 


Nice shirt, Kiss Ass 


.— * .^': --*-** 










BS: Do you like Virginia beach life? 

N: No. The hardcore scene is good there, but we don't have a place 
there. That may be partly our fault. 

BS: How do you feel about the state of hardcore today? 

N: It sucks because its not about innovation, its about emulation. Like 
taking a trend from 10 years ago and capitalizing on it. That sucks. No 
one wants to do anything new. So that's why Jesuit came to fuck shit 
up. We started harporncore. Hardcore with porno! If its porno, Jesuit 
is all about it! 

BS: Describe each member of Jesuit 

Nj Brett likes to get drunk and its really funny because he thinks hippie 

girls are gonna 
do it with him 
and he gets 
loose. J_: Nate 
tells stories. We 
do stuff on tour 
and over time, 
later in the tour, 
the stories get 
inflated every 
day and he gets 
a lot of free shit. 
B_i Jay is very 
interesting. He's 
a drummin' 
machine. He 
likes to chill and 
doesn't have a 
lot to say buy 
you know he's 
thinking weird 
shit, because he's 
writing down in his 
little book. He has a 
book where he talks 
shit about all of us. 

:■-■ ■■ 




■ ■ 


BS: Did any of you ever ride the snake? 

N: On tour, one 
of our tires blew 
out and we 
walked into the 
desert and rode 
the snake. It was 

BS: Would you 
ever get a 
tattoo on your 

Ni Oh, you heard 
about the tattoos 
I'm getting? I'm 
getting a bird on 
one cheek and on 
the other cheek, 
I'm getting a hot 
dog, but a half- 
robotic hot dog. 
On my forehead I'm getting "Hawaii" in cursive, and down the 
middle of my face I'm getting an upside down cross and on my 
chest I'm getting "Andrew Orlando" in old english. 

Jesuit c/o Nate 

5349 Brockie St. 

Virginia Beach, VA 23464 


Jesuit Discography 

"Big Balls" (demo) 1996 

Jesuit s/t 7" (Reservoir) 1997 

Jesuit s/t CDEP (Reservoir) 1998 



r ?-*3m*\ 

K*&*~J:,-.J$^ -\ 

Interview with Code 13, conducted live on 89.7fm KFJC, Los Altos M^ 
Hills, May 14, 1997. All photos taken by Super ™ 

Urine Monkey on May 17, 1997 at 924 Gilman 
St., Berkeley. 

Li Introduce yourselves 

El Clad only in a piece of duct tape and a 
bullet belt... I; Thafd be Trevor Trend, 
the guitarist. That's me. F_i I'm Felix 
Havoc on vocals. Si Tattoo Shane on 
bass. 2i Josh. Si Madman drummer. 
El Josh blast. JJl The song destroyer. El 
OK, ask some questions... 





L First off.... 

Ei Wait! Before you ask any questions, 
there's something I want to say, about 
interviews in general. Okay, band 
members get interviewed and people ask 
these deep sociopolitical questions. At 
what point does a musician become an 
observer of society? How much more 
does it matter what I have to say now 
that I'm singing in a band than it did 
when I was just some guy working in 
construction. Does anybody care more 
what Shane thinks as a tattoo artist than as a musician? He never 
gets interviewed for being a tattoo artist, does he? But he gets 
interviewed for being a musician all the time. I really want to call 
into question the whole idea of the band interview. Do musicians 
have some sort of special insight? Are we really producing some 
sort of role as observers and documenters of society, and therefore 
somehow reflecting our society, and being some sort of mirror to 
the reality that is placed in front of us? Or are we just some dudes 
in a band and have nothing more to say than some dudes who 
arent in band? Si We're responsible for our music, though... J_i 
And the message we convey. El Okay, ask questions now. I just 
wanted to get that off my chest. JJi Now that no one wants to talk. 
Li You're role models for all the 12-year-olds sitting at home... El 
Those kids need to get on their skateboards, get their dad's gun and 
go start something on their own, because its not up to us. 

SUM: But don't you think that part of being in a hardcore 
band is inciting some sort of socio-political discussion? 

El Perhaps. However, most people at shows are only playing the 
role of consumers of entertainment commodity. How many people 
are at a show for intellectual stimulation? Its primarily 
entertainment. Those who take the time to read and absorb the 
lyrics are hopefully moved to ponder the issues addressed. Still, 
how many cats start a band just to examine sociopolitical issues? 
Usually, they start a band because they enjoy playing music. Those 
with an agenda to advance usually do so in a different format. Print 
media, political protest, etc. Basically, we're lucky if we move 
anyone to social and political contemplation. Most, I imagine, are 
just here to rock out. 




Li Well, how did this line-up change happen? What 

happened to Criminal Shane? 

El Criminal Shane attempted to pull off 
the biggest caper of his career and it 
backfired on him. He's now doing 25 to 
life in a maximum-security prison in 
Sowater, Minnesota. We haven't been 
allowed to visit him yet, although we did 
see him at the trial. He had shaved his 
head and tattooed an inverted cross on 
his forehead, and he carved a pentagram 
into his hand and flashed it at the 
cameras. We're going to be using that as 
the cover on our next record. Due to his 
lengthy incarceration, until he's paroled... 
We did toy with the idea of having him 
record with us over trie phone... S_i He's 
on too much thorazine, anyway. El 
Yeah. The sedatives they've given him is 
really impeding his playing, so we 
borrowed Josh from another band in the 
twin cities called Invay. You want to tell 
'em about your other band, Josh? Ji I 
play in another hardcore band in 
Minnesota. One of their friends saw me 

play and said "Wow! That guy can play almost as shitty as Shane 

can, why dont you come play in Code 13?", and I said "OK". Ii 

Oh, dont be so down on yourself. F_i Really, there's only a handful 

of people that can play 

the kind of fast 

hardcore that we do, 

in Minnesota. Si Ifs 

a workout. El Josh is 

one of the few people 

that could fill those 


Li Are you three 
the original 


Si Yes. Li When did 
you start? St Four 
years ago? F_l No, it 
was more like 3 years 
ago. I was alone in a 
dark room and a vision 
came to me, so I 
stripped off all my 
clothes and drew a 
pentagram on the 
floor in goat blood. 
Then I lit a candle at 
the end of each point 
of the pentagram. On \ 
the third "Hail/ 

Satan!", there was an opening in the sky above me and blood <~f— ~p 
poured through. Then, a great horned, winged demon came V-VN, 
forth with a pitchfork and told me that I had been chosen to k^^ ' j 
spread the word of evil in the whole realm and that these two, jy 
Shane and Trev, would be my accomplices in this act. 
Therefore, this vision came to be reality and we started having 
practices. The Satanic church of Minnesota had a fundraiser 
and bought us all of our equipment so that people could hear 
the message and the evil would be spread about the land, Li 
Wow. Ei Do you want to hear the real story? I don't know. 
We're just some guys who wanted to start a band. 













Li Was this after Destroy? 

El Yeah. Destroy had been broken up for a little while. We 
still had some mixing and overdubs to do on that album... I'd 
been in Destroy for a few years and we had gone much more 
in a grindcore direction, like maybe a bit more of a metal 
influence, which in the late '80s and early *90s was the big 
thing at the time. We were kind of more on the Extreme 
Noise Terror tip. I wanted to go back a little more into the * 
'80s hardcore roots. We still definitely have a thrash/grind -f^ 
thing going in Code 13, but we have much more of a punk 
rock, x 80s hardcore influence to the sound. These guys were 
both interested in playing something like that, and we put up 
an ad in a record store and got Criminal Shane, but the terms 
of his confinement now prohibit us from having anything more 
to do with him. 

Li Were you, Shane and Trevor, in any other bands? 

Il I played in a couple of bar bands. We played old covers like 
"Gloria" and stuff like that. El Shane was in the Vile Babies. T_i 
I was in a band called Stagnation, but we didnt make it very far. 
El Ask Trevor about his new band. Ii Oh yeah. I'm in a band 
called the Decoy Voices in Minneapolis, which I sing for. We 
have kind of an old SoCal sound, I think. Kind of like TSOL, its 
pretty evil though. Ei He wears a skinny tie. J_i Yeah, I dress 
up in suits when I'm not dressed in my bullet belt. 


Li Is this your second tour? 

El More like third or fourth. This is our first time to the West 






: ■ * J 



*£ 4 / 

Coast. We had a west coast tour booked for February of last year. 
However, we had some mechanical difficulties with the jalopy we tour in, 
and were forced to cut our tour short. We have returned to make good 
on our commitment to play the West Coast. We played L.A., Goleta and 
Berkeley. We're going to Sacramento tomorrow, then Reno, then back 
here to play the show at Gilman on Saturday. Then we're going through 
the northwest, and then back home via Denver. We've played quite a bit 
in the Midwest and on the East Coast. We toured down south, like 
Florida, Texas and Alabama. If we can keep this momentum up, well 
tour more frequently. Our real aim is to go to Japan, but we decided that 
it was in our best interests to put America first. These are the kids who 
buy our records and support us and I think that this is where we ought to 
be playing before we strike out on some foreign land away from our fan 

Li I have to say, that is the biggest tour van I've ever seen. Its 
not even a van, it's a truck. 

Si It's a beast, Ji It's a Tasty Bread truck. Ei It looks really cool, but 
if you had to work on it as often as we do... We spent all day hanging out 
at a muffler shop in Fremont, and we have to go back tomorrow and get 
some wiring done. Its not as fun as it looks. Si Big headache. Ei That 
van has been a constant source of trouble for this band. Li Yeah, but 
you have four beds in there, one for each of you, a table with chairs, 
and... Si A little wet bar... El The bar, the restored x 50s jukebox. T_i 
We got a Jacuzzi, too. 2i Indoor pool... heated. Ei It is nice to be able 
to have a bunk for each of us so that we can rotate drivers and sleep. We 
have room for all of our merchandise and equipment. We also get 8 miles 
to the gallon and have an uphill speed of 20 miles an hour. 2l and a 
downhill speed of everything 'cause we cant stop. 

Li What is your discography? 

El We have 2 7"s of our own. "Doomed Society" which is our first one, 
and "They made a Wasteland and Called it Peace", which was our second. 
Those are both available on the label that I run, Havoc Records. We also 
have numerous comp tracks floating around. We're on the "Start a Riot" 
compilation LP on Clean Plate. We're on a compilation CD/ double LP of 
all bands from the Twin Cities area called "No Slow All Go". You probably 
haven't seen it much on the West Coast. T_i It kicks booty. Ei We have 
a song on a comp record that just came out called "Complacency" on 
Turtle records, with His Hero is Gone and Suffer. I guess that's our 
discography. T_i We also have a demo floating around. Its kind of 

embarrassing. El We have almostl 
enough songs now to do another 7", so] 
you'll be hearing more from us. To all ol 
you who come up to us at shows and 
ask us when we're doing an LP: 
Probably never. Do you really want to| 
hear a whole LP of 1 minute songs?j 
We're not one of those prolific bands| 
that records a split 7" at every practice. 
We prefer to release a really kickin' 7"j 
than a full LP with a lot of filler on it. I 
think a lot of the LPs that come these! 
days in the punk rock/hardcore realm 
would have really made a great 7", but! 
the pressure to fill up time and space, 
when you're faced with that vast amount] 
of space to fill, you can wind up 
committing to vinyl some pretty heinous 
tracks and some really goofy cover 
songs and novelty stuff. I'd rather keep 
it short and brutal and to the point with 
one 7" after another. If you want an LP, 
go buy State of Fear's LP or DRI's LP, 
thaf s a good one. 




'v » 








■ M 


Jj What label is your next 7" going 

to be on? fw B^^W* 

F: It'll be on Havoc Records. I like ' Jm':S 

putting out the records on my own label, j& u 
'cause it gives us complete artistic < " 
freedom, I guess you could say. Also, 
its to make sure that I'm in charge and 
on top of promotion and distribution., 
No other label is going to promote my 
band the way I'm going to promote my 
band. I can get 'em out to people better than I think any other label 
could. Ll How many do you press of each record? El It varies from 
release to release, but I think the "Doomed Society" EP was 2500 on 
black, 500 on red, 2000 on green, 2000 on marble, so thafs 7000. 
The "They made a Wasteland..." EP, there was 50 on purple, 500 on 
red, 2000 on green, 2000 on black. About 5000, probably. Li That's 
a lot of records! El I do a lot of trading with labels overseas and 
stuff, so I get it around, you know? I'm not so sure that if we were 
on another label if they'd be doing as many. I trade for a lot of 
records that I have a hard time selling, just to get our stuff available 
in Japan or Europe or wherever. We also have all of our stuff 
available on cassette in Poland, Russia, the Philippines and Malaysia 
and Brazil. We have cassette versions of everything in countries 
where the music is not too available and vinyl is not a popular format. 
Most of the music down in South America and in Asia, outside of 
Japan at least, is dubbed onto cassettes, just kids dubbing them and 
swapping them back and forth. I tried to make some cassette 
versions. It says on the cover "free to duplicate" and stuff. It gives 
people a chance to hear the music and the ideas outside of the vinyl 
market. I get a lot of mail from the Philippines at least, so hopefully, 
its proliferating over there. 

Li Do you guys do a lot of interviews in 'zines? 

El There's a whole box in my house full of fanzine interviews. Si 
The questions are usually the same... El Yeah, it gets really tedious. 
Il There should just be a form letter or something... F_i Yeah, we 
should just issue a communique and just leave it at that. We get so 
many interviews in the mail, and when you get the fanzines back, 
you realize that you put more time into answering the questions than 
they did into the layout and production of the entire fanzine. So, 
we've been kind of slack on that lately. There always seems to be 
something more important to do, like put a muffler on the van or fix 
the amp or something. 



L\ You guys seem really into guns, 
so it seems, would you like to 
comment on that? 

I: Actually, we have to bring them to 
shows in Minneapolis to combat the 
'drive by shootings and stuff. Its 
basically a measure of protection. Ji 
We all have concealed firearm permits. 
L: Are you carrying guns with you on 
tour? T: Just our axes. F: We actually 
have no weapons with us except for our 
razor sharp wits. El 3 out of the 4 of us 
actually do have rifles, shotguns and 
handguns. 2l We do have actual 
firearm permits. El I have 12 or 13 
guns. J_i I have a couple handguns and 
4 or 5 shotguns. El So, we're ready for 
the apocalypse, you know? I've 
watched "The Road Warrior" so many 
times, it ain't even funny. Everyone 
knows that after society degenerates, its 
gonna be like... the strong will rule. 
Only those brutal enough to pillage and 
mobile enough to scavenge will survive. 
I've been watching that "Road Warrior" 
movie and I've been practicing. You'll 
I notice that that humongous dude was 
the only one who had a gun and he was 

^.totally in charge. I think that on a more 

$> elevated and political level, being an 

armed citizen, if you want to use the 

S&term "citizen", is an important part of 

&A protecting your rights and your freedom. 

w? Those societies in which the individual 
citizen doesn't have weapons doesn't have are more oppressive and 
totalitarian. Our government is full of it, but it can only get away 
with just so much before the people of this country are pushed to the 
point of revolt. Certainly at a point of the depression, or even in the 
late '60s, there was a real danger of revolt. That danger was made 
much more threatening to the powers that be by the fact that this is 
really an armed society. There's a gun for every man woman and 
child in this country. I think that this armed populace is something 

wz*: ■" 


T^L^MOn .--■ 









;■* /" 





*-— . 





that keeps this government in check. Politicians love unarmed 
peasants who they can tax and throw in prison and draft into the 
army and beat up and brutalize at will. Its not to say that the system 
isnt brutalizing us every day, but through economic and coercive 
means rather than brute force. You dont see the same degree of 
brutal oppression here as you do in China or North Korea, nf 
Those are countries where firearms are completely 
restricted. The far right, who get into the papers a lot 
these days, are very well armed, you know. In the 
future, after the oil runs out and society collapses and 
we revert to the road warrior lifestyle, the far right are^ 
probably going to be out looking for us. They're all 
armed, so I think its important for us to have weapons 
to defend ourselves, not only against the government 
and state repression, but also against political rivals. 
We saw in Germany in the 30s, a near state of civil war 
between right and left in the streets. There have been 
countries like Spain and Russia that broke out into civil 
war, with rival political forces battling it out. The left 
faction, or the revolutionary, progressive faction were 
made up more of these visionary, artist, and writer types, as 
opposed to the armed thugs on the right, so they've seen 
themselves crushed by the side of superior force. Therefore, I see it 
as necessary to have weapons. ii Arent you afraid that one day 
you might be too drunk or something and accidentally shoot 
someone? ii No, we're responsible adults and we know how to 
handle our firearms and we dont screw around with them when 
we're drinking. El Half of us dont drink anyway. JJi I dont screw 
around with them when I'm drinking. 

being a cop is like... I dont understand. T_i Is that just a rumor, or 

is that the undisputed fact? ii It's a fact. I grew up with most of his 

friends and he was in my husband's band for a while. All of this is 

true. El If this cat is listening right now, he should call up and 

explain to us what possessed him to want to be a cop. I mean, our 

show in Long Beach was busted up by the cops just a couple 

of days ago. I; We're notorious for being busted by the 

cops. JJ: My first 5 shows with these guys, I only played 

\ 3 songs. Our longest show was like 10 minutes 'cause 

> they all got busted up by the cops right in a row. El 

What's going to happen when the cops roll up and 

bust up the show he's playing, you know? Ii "Its' 

alright boys!" Si Hell pull out the badge! Ii "Its 

Okay..." E: Maybe if I join the police force, less of 

our shows will get broken up. ii If he's busting 

people for selling pot... 2l He has to run down from 

the stage every 10 minutes "You! Stop that!" Si I 

don't know the guy, but he sounds like a scumbag. El 

There's other forms of music for cops to play like 

southern rock. §: There's new country! Jj Wait! In 

that "ChiPs" episode, Ponch did that Kool and the Gang 


SUM: Any last comments? 

El Thanks to you chimps for having us on the radio show. If anyone 
wants our recordings, write to Havoc Records at PO Box 8585, 
Minneapolis MN 55408. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for 
a catalog. Don't let the system grind you down. Support 
underground hardcore. 

ii I know you guys are against 
cops, and I'm not talking shit, but 
I was wondering if you'd comment 
on the subject of one of the 
members of a band you're playing 
with at Gilman this Saturday being 
a member of the police 

Ii I heard about that. 2i Which 
band? ii Ringwurm. El Not the band 
from Cleveland, but some other band? 
ii Yeah, this is a different band, from 
San Jose. Si So, what's up with that? 
Ei Yeah. How can you be a punk and 
be a cop? Si Thafs like an oxy-moron. 
El What does this guy do when he's 
not with his band? Beat up 
skateboarders and hassle punk kids? 
ii Actually, he's a narc at a high 
school, ii There you have it - an 
infiltrator! ii He poses as a student 
and busts kids for selling a joint or 
something. Si 21 Jump Street! Ii 
Should we perpetrate here? El I dont 
know. I mean... I don't really 
understand how somebody could be 
into punk rock or hardcore, which is 
this anti-authoritarian youth 
movement, which is speaking out 
against the system, and then like... Si 
Be a pig! El Yeah. Then be part of the 
fascist power structure? I mean, I 
know cats who have joined the Army 
and stuff, and I think thafs a bad 
decision too. But even that's like, you 
go in for four years and like... I aint 
even gonna support the whole going 
into the Army trip either! Definitely 






'You scratch my bock and I'll scratch yours!* 
Tiny 3-year-old Tina Doy knows that when 
she's itching to hove fun, her furry pal Fred 
the chimp always backs her up. The play- 
mates were born on- 
ly weeks apart 
and are being 
raised togeth- 
er at Tina's 
home in 




















. y.j 

1 IMl 

■kft % 

wtir ''AH 











Si 1 







4 L ••* * v 

• - .. ■ • 

■-*.•• . 






U £•' 





Asshole Parade is a ripping thrash/hc 
band from Gainesville, FL Their spirit 
and enthusiasm should be an exam- 
ple for all of us jaded and depressed 
fools who feign interest in this current 
he scene. Read on as A.P. singer 
Travis tells all. - Admiral Andrew 

AA: If there was an asshole 
parade marching through 
your town, who would be in 

Il Steve Heritage would be the 
guy with the baton... just kidding. 
Probably the whole police force, 
the guy who's tearing down the 
old houses and putting up student 
ghettos here in Gainesville, all the 
jock college kids here... 

AA: Somebody told me to ask 

you about the a nti-sXe song. 

Ii The thing is, that song is really 

old and that song is about people 

In our town, not about people as 

a whole. The kids in our town 

who were fucking with us at our 

shows. We get a lot of people 

treating us different because they know we're not sXe, we're not against the 

movement, just the mindset. People not coming to our shows just because 

we're not sXe... its pretty retarded. Being militant about something is good, but 

not about sXe. 



:V i ■■ ~l 


AA: What does "hardcore" mean to you? 

Il Hardcore means a lot of different things to different people. To me ifs a 
release and a way to have fun. Playing shows is the ultimate thing for me. Ifs 
hard to get a point across. It seems like a waste of time because only a handful 
of people are going to care. Ifs more fun for us than stressing a message all the 
time. AAl A lot of people also lose sight of the fact that they're playing music. 

AA: How is the scene in Gainesville? 

Il A cool club called The Hardback just 
reopened. My friend told me about the 
vibe and I totally agreed, ifs amazing. 
A really amazing place just ot hang out 
and not feel pressured. The music 
scene has been a lot better. There's so 
many bands here. 

AA: Describe each member of the 

Il John, our drummer, is Mr. Black 
Metal, mysticism, demon, dragon, 
wants to visit Norway. Travis, our 
bassist, is a lot like me; a normal guy. 
Brian, our guitarist, is a peculiar, funny, 
Jerry Seinfeld type guy. He's definitely 
the weird one. He sees things differ- 


Do you like Planet 
of the Apes? 

Il No. (The interview 
should have ended here - 
SUM) But my Mom is into 
Planet of the Apes. She's 
so into it. It always scared 
me, so I couldnt watch it. 
Brian, our guitarist, says 
that monkeys are cool and 
he likes Faces of Death 
when they bust ifs skull 
open and eat its brains. 

AA: I think grind and 
powerviolence are get- 
ting really trendy. 
What do you think? 

Il Its making it hard for 
the bands that have good 
intentions to get any- 
where. If s weird to be pop 
punk one year and then 
start to sound like Spazz. I 
hate to hear people de- 
scribe their band to me and 
say "Capitalist Casualties" or "Spazz". Those bands are 
great but they're still around. When I was younger and 
just a fan, I was like, "I wish some day I could be in a 
band" and now I've realized that I got to that point. 
That's the thing about hardcore I like. I was a kid 
jumping around, my mom's living room with her stereo 






■ , ' 


1 - 





I' % 

* ? - ■ 


•*>• • • 

• ' •■< ■ 

' • . .-*" 

'*■*'• ■■■■>' 
. - ,, • <*- 


V;^ v- x 








-:- : gf™' 

I >/- 



. ;;>:• 

blasting a Septic Death tape while hold- 
ing a flashlight pretending it was a mic. 
I wished I was in a hardcore band. I 
hate that name, "powerviolence". I 
hate when people call a band like Infest 
"grind" and shit. 

AA: How do you feel about tech- 

T: I think the measures we take to 
attain technology are retarded. I think 
eventually we will kill ourselves. Even 
though I eat meat, I think testing shit 
on animals is stupid. I enjoy technol- 
ogy to a certain degree, but it is really 

AA: How was your tour (Summer 
of '97 with Suppression). Was it 

T: Check this out. We lost a place to 
stay in Portland, OR, because some- 
body in Suppression called a guy a 
"bitch". The girl wouldn't let him stay 
at her house. In Tonawanda, NY, we saw these girls 
across the street. Really petty girls who were like 18 
or so. One of the guys in Suppression was being 
dumb and said, "Show us your tits!!" and for 15 
minutes these girls took turns flashing us. It was 
awesome. That was the most notable fucked up thing 
that happened, not to mention breaking down numer- 
ous times. 

■ . ■ ■ - 

AA: Future plans for Asshole Parade? 

T_i 12" on Six Weeks, Fiesta Grande #6, comps, 
European tour and shit... 

AA: There's a movie about Asshole Parade. 
Who's in it and whaf s the plot? 

Ii The cast of St. Elmo's fire, the brat pack. Rob 
Lowe, Emilio Estevez, even the girls. It would be 
about all the personal, crappy drama about life. No, 
actually, it would be a Rambo movie and we would go 
in and save the sXe kids from the beer drinkers. 

Asshole Parade 

PO Box 14344 

Gainesville, FL 32604 


Asshole Parade Discography 

Asshole Parade s/t demo (self) 1995 

Asshole Parade s/t 7" (self) 1996 

Asshole Parade/Ansojuan split 7" (self) 1997 

Asshole Parade/Palatka split 12" (Coalition) 1997 


Possessed to Skate (625/Pessimiser) 1997 

Reality part #2 (Deep Six) 1997 

South East Hardcore, Fuck Yeah!! (self) 1997 

^hVbVbVbmhVbVS <hVbVbVM' 'hVbVbVbVbu * I !^bVb^EI ihVbVbVJb< 

Brutal Truth, from NYC, has been 
grinding around for many years, 
continually battering us with 
releases and tours. Their new LP 
has some uncanny similarities to 
some Monkeybite topics, so check 
out what drummer Rich Hoak had 
to say about our fucking sad world. 

AA: Your new LP is called 
"Sounds of the Animal 
Kingdom" and there's a 
half-human/half-ape on 
the cover. Explain the 

Bl The name came before the 
cover art. The reason we came 
up with the title is because we 
thought our music was really 
raw and primitive and the songs 
we wrote for this came about 
organically. Just smokin' a 
bunch of pot and jammin'. We 
thought the music came from 
the lizard brain, the cerebral cortex. Then, after thinking about it, we 
realized it also fit into the concept of the lyrics. A lot of the lyrics had 
to do with technology and how its rapid advances affect the human 
animal. Evolution takes millions of years to create a human being. The 
reason why we behave the way we 
do is because evolution has created 
that over a million years. 
Technology, even if you go back to 
planting seeds and sharpening 
sticks, is only a hundred thousand 
years old. Technology moves faster 
than evolution and that causes a lot 
of problems. The human animal 
isn't supposed stare at a TV screen 
for 8 hours a day. We're not 
supposed to be packed tightly into 
cities. Ifs the equivalent to when 
you have too many monkeys in a 
cage at the zoo. They exhibit self- 
destructive and outwardly 
destructive behaviors. They jerk off 
all the time, they're violent, they 

yjJJ rape and things like that. 

That's the same thing 

Vj that happens when 

there's too many people 

in a city. These were all 

the concepts that were 

coming out through the 

J lyrics and music. Then, 

| we were trying to find a 

way to express it visually 

and at the same time I 

was reading "the naked 

■ ape" by Desmond Morris 

jj for quotes and ideas. 

*^ The basic concept of the 

book is: Desmond Morris 

is a zoologist and he 

examines humans from 

a zoological point of view 

as opposed to psychiatry 

and sociology. He looks 

at relations between 

people as if they were 

animals. It gave me the 
idea that humans are all animals and we ignore our animal side. 
I wanted to show that man is still an animal. The Relapse guys 
are really good at design with computer graphics, so we took a 
stock photo of a gorilla and the human is Relapse's deliver guy. 

So, the computer guy sat for 
2 days and made minute 
adjustments until it perfectly 

Ml Do you think 
technology is advancing 
too fast for our own 

The first track, 
Dementia", is about how 
medicine is now technology 
and no longer a healing art. 
We've seen people who've 
died with no dignjty, being 
kept alive on machines which 
is very unnatural. 

Technology triumphs over 


sharp: grunts, groans 

lilker: opposable thumbs 

hoak: sticks and stones 

gurn: fingers 

humanity again. There's a song about the music 
industry, with CDs and DATs. It's an economic 
technology which takes away from the human animal 
side of the music, which is just beating on sticks and 
stones. It's not like we're saying, "Let's go back to 
nature", but if you stop to think about it a little bit, it's 
a start to make things better. Even though technology 
is so down on us, its destroying our world. All the great 
technology that we have, like cars and trains, is 
polluting our planet. Hopefully we can realize it in time 
to do something about it. A lot of people say, "You 
guys have good ideas, but the way you present them is 
depressing and cynical". Well, a lot of times, we can't 
find anything good to say. Granted, if Armageddon is 
coming soon, we're gonna party til the last minute. 
But, at the same time, if our little message gets out and 
combines with thousands and millions of other people 
who feel the same, maybe that will make some kind of 
change in the global mindset. 

AA: Anything else to add about lyrics? 

Rl III point out the song "Pork Farm". Its about mass 
production of animal flesh. Humans were made to go 
out and hunt and gather. Evolution made us that way, 
but we've separated ourselves from that evolutionary 
heritage with technology which dehumanizes us, 
because we use technology to get food. We put a 
million cows in the slaughter house, all stressed out. 
Ifs not a healthy environment. Brutal Truth is not a 
political band, but we have a political and social 
conscious. We're not gonna say no one should eat 
meat, but with common sense and everything in 
moderation. If 90% of the people in the world were 
90% vegetarian, everything would be better and people 
would pay attention to what they eat. This record just 
all fell together by itself. The music, lyrics and concept 
all make a major statement. We're totally psyched 
about it. 

AA: Do you have any monkey stories? 

Si I always loved my Zippy the Chimp book. AA: You 
know he was a real chimp. £1 Yeah. The book had 
pictures of him. (I then tell him my Zippy story. See 
Monkeybite #1, fuckhead. - AA) R; Do you know 
what happened here in Philadelphia? AAl What? El 
The Philadelphia zoo murdered 25 monkeys a year ago. 
The rent-a-cop security guards saw smoke coming out 
of the monkey house and they didnt do anything. All 
the monkeys burned. People were pissed off. 

AA: Did Planet of the Apes scare you? 

Rl Yeah. The one that really scared me was "Beneath 
the Planet of the Apes", when they worshipped the 
Nuclear bomb and shit. I was a little kid, and back in 
the 70's, people thought the world was going to end 
and that the world would be destroyed by a nuclear 
bomb by the year 2000. Now I think well slowly get 
worse, sinking down like a slow decline and rot as 
opposed to everything exploding at once. You might as 
well party while Rome burns, because the world is 
going to end. 

Brutal Truth 

70 A Greenwich Ave. Box 413 

New York, NY 10011 


Brutal Truth Discography 

Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses LP 


Perpetual Conversion CDEP (Earache) 

Brutal Truth/Larceny split 7" 

Bootleg demo 7" 

III Neglect 7" 

Need to Control LP (Earache) 

Need to Control Box Set - 5", 6", 7", 8", & 9" (Earache) 

Godplayer 7"' (Earache) 

Machine Parts 7" (Deaf American) 

Brutal Truth/Spazz split 7" (Bovine/Rhetoric) 

Kill Trend Suicide 10" (Relapse) 

Sounds of the Animal Kingdom LP (Relapse) 

Brutal Truth/Rupture split 7" pic disc (Rhetoric) 


Nothings Quiet on the Eastern Front (Reservoir) 

Bread: The Edible Napkin (No Idea) 

V-*&4.«; - '■ : ■■■ ■; >*■ 

Hemlock is the blackest of NYC's metal scene. Their mission as a band is to 
destroy the holy, so if you're thinking about attending any church service this 
weekend, just call ahead and make sure they haven't burned down your church! 

AA: Disclose the origin of Hemlock and 
its current members. 

Li I started the band in early 1992. It was 
me and torn. We started it out of interest in 
the old style of metal. Two months later we 
met Tony, and we recorded a two song 
demo. It took us a few years to get any kind 
of lineup. The members now are Brandon, 
Tom, Tony, Dan and myself. 

AA: Is Hemlock the only NYC black 
metal band? 

Li Without question. There's nothing else 
here. AA: Do you consider yourself true 
black metal? Li As far as true is concerned, 
we are the only black metal band that plays 
genuine black metal music with satanic lyrics. 
AA: What is the meaning of "true" black 
metal? Li Playing the music not for the sake 
of the trend. It goes beyond the musical 
realm. You have to be a part of the philoso- 
phy - and I'm not talking about a text book 
philosophy - of Antichrist ways. Most people 
mistake the Antichrist ways for something 
they get on stage and become this image. 
When Antichrist ways are just as natural as 
getting up in the morning and eating cereal, 
you are Antichrist at every part of the day. 
There's no difference between being on a stage or dressing in a certain 
color, to be a certain way. Being true black metal means you're the 
same thing every day without being two different personalities. 

AA: Do you think wearing corpse paint is gay? 

Li For the U.S. bands its extremely gay. It's uncalled for. The last U.S. 
band that did it and had the right was Slayer in 1983. But in Europe, 
it's a different culture. They have a more conservative Christian way 
than we do. At the same time, not every band should wear corpse 
paint. Thafs not a definitive aspect of black metal. People are fooled 
by that. 

AA: What is hemlock's purpose as a band? 

Li As a band, every command I say through a lyric is just that 

command. I don't write lyrics for the sake of 

novelty. Our lyrics are simple and straight to the 

point. I command people to act out what I say. 

It's up to them to act out. Hemlock's exclusive 

existence is destroying the holy. We're not here 

to do it as a musical joke. It's about destroying 

everything. Destroying the light, destroying love, 

destroying Christianity along with Judaism and all 

kinds of religions. Its all a crutch. One who feeds 

into that is a loser. 

AA: Isn't Satanism a religion as well? 

Li Well, people that go by Satanism as a religion based on the 

flip side of Christianity is ridiculous. 
Its being enslaved by the flip side, so 
you're still on your knees. I have no 
interest in worshipping inanimate ob- 
jects or anything else. I worship 
myself. My views are moderate, ev- 
erything I say is a metaphor for what 
I want. We live in selfish ways. Self- 
ish. I take what I want, whenever I 

AA: So the Satanic lyrics are for 

Li It depends. Some bands try to use 
a traditional approach and extremely 
primitive ways by calling people the 
power of Satan and stuff. Anyone 
that has half a brain realizes they are 
just putting that as context to them- 
selves. You could look at the first 
Bathory album and say he just did that 
to shock people because in Sweden 
there wasn't too many people doing 
that. Now extremity is a marketing 
ploy. Anything could be considered 
extreme. It depends on your ap- 

AA: Explain your song "We Attack, We Fight, We Win" 

Li That's just an apocalyptic message that we've had always. 
It's based on the theory of being the master of your own reality 
and some people are slaves and some people are leaders. 

AA: Why do all black metal bands have enemies and 
who are Hemlock's enemies? 

Li Hemlock's enemies are vast and many. Pretty much any New 
York band claiming to be metal is our enemy. In New York City 
there are only a few metal bands. They are: Hemlock, 
Ceremonium, Valarakor, Terror of the Trees and Uncreated. It 
starts and ends with that. As far as enemies with other black 
metal bands, it's all an ego battle. Some bands like to call each 
other out and say, "We're better than you" and they usually live 
really far away from each other so there can be no confronta- 
tion. So, it's easy to talk shit in magazines. 
As far as Hemlock is concerned, we ad- 
, dress all of our enemies. They know we 

hate them and they usually hate us too, so 
it's perfect. 

AA: Who are "Synth wimps"? 

Li "Synth wimps" are wimps that use 
keyboards in black metal. When I listen to 
black metal, I expect to hear drums, bass 

and guitar. I hate all this fuckin' garbage with keyboards and female vocals. That 
has nothing to do with black metal. It's hard, primitive cold music. Its not for 
being happy, nice and pretty. It should be uneasy to listen to. Al these fools that 
use all these dumb trendy instruments, they just want to be happy and thaf s not 
what we're about. We're about sodomizing Christianity. Bring them to their knees. 
The only way to do it is to do torturous music. Black metal is not for everybody. 
Especially punks. Punk rock and black metal are two separate things and they 
should stay that way. 


AA: What bands have inspired Hemlock to emerge? 

L: That's a good question to ask because I like a lot of old bands like Slaughter 
from Canada, Hellhammer, Sarcophago, Volcano, Bulldozer from Italy, and of 
course the classics, Venom, Destruction, Sodom and also old speed metal bands 
like Necrophagia, Assassin and new bands like Samael, and Treblinka, which is 

AA: What about Da rkth rone? I think you're similar. 

Li I wouldn't count them as an influence even though I like them a lot. We don't 
try to sound like them. They have the same influences as us. The thing I've talked 
to Fenriz about is that we get compared to each other a lot and it's coincidental 
that we have similar influences. We're also the same age group. We also have the 
same style of recording: Low fidelity with vocals high in the mix. As I said, black 
metal should not be easy to listen to. The best way to try out some wimp music is 
to take a corny powerviolence record and a black metal record and go to a college 
dorm in an art school. You put on the powerviolence and you see someone 
grooving their head and saying, "This is cool!". You put on the black metal record 
and they shut it off after 15 seconds and say, "What is this garbage?" That's when 
you know it's the real deal. All these idiots make this head bopping music. Fuck 

AA: You recently visited Norway. How was that? 

Li It was a great trip. I hung out with the guy that put out our record. Hung out 
and talked a lot about music. It was cool to talk about music with actual music 
fans and drinking beer. It was cool to be surrounded by people who think the way 
I do. Ifs not because of Geography. They're just as Antichrist as someone in 
Peru. Thafs just a focal point because of the media's attention to that area. 

AA: They actually kill each other over music. 

Li Yeah. America is extremely wimpy. Black metal has become uninteresting to 

most Americans, so its on to the next trend... AAl Powerviolence! Li Yeah. 

Powerviolence is ridiculous to begin with, because it died a long time ago, but 

people insist on carrying it on 

with these dumb bands that rip 

off bands that are still around, 

„^^^^^^^ which is pointless. If I want to 

ST: r JSnin9$£g^?^3$^3Q^^^^^^H listen to powerviolence, III put 

on No Comment or Crossed 
Out, early D.R.I. , Crumbsuck- 
ers. I grew up listening to the 
aggressive sounds of crossover. 

AA: What else happened in 

Li I had meetings with bands 
about what black metal is turn- 
ing into. It was us, Mysticum, 
Darkthrone, and different 
bands. Me and the guys in 
Darkthrone talked over hash 
and beers about how black 
metal is turning into majestic 
garbage. It's not the color of 
your pants, it's the color of your 
soul. Just because you buy an 
outfit doesn't make you evil. 
Are you truly evil when you go 










--■ * 

AA: Do you have any hails or threats? 

Li I hail the people who support Hemlock. It's a 
mirror. I support people who support me back. As 
far as death threats, any bands claiming to be metal 
can and will fuck off. All these idiots who listen to 
grindcore, play your stupid music. Fuck every band 
who kisses ass ot Japan, because its nothing special. 
All these grindcore bands play in your abandoned 
buildings and fuck off. Fuck your little 7"s and record 

AA: If there was a movie about Hemlock, who 
would be in it and what would it be about? 

U It would be about the Satanic crusade in New 
York City. How we would be coming for people in 
the middle of the night when they would be cuddling 
with their pillows and listening to techno and we just 
come and take them and show their women what a 
real man is like. Fuckin' wimps! John Travolta would 
play Dan Lilker, Tony would be Joe Pesci, Brandon 
would play himself, Tom in invisible, so it won't 
matter, and Skeet Ulrich would play me. 

AA: Anything else to add? 

Li We have no intention of stopping and our next 
album will be called "Rise of the Serpent" and will be 
another battle against the white Christ. It will be 
more ugly and unlistenable and more horror ever 
imagined. We dont know who's putting it out yet 
because we want to wait for the highest bidder. 

Hemlock Discography 

"Crush the Race of God" CD 

(Head Not Found) 1996 

Hemlock/Black Army Jacket split 10 

(Sound Views/Go Kart) 1997 



Interview with Mike (Vocals/Guitar), 
Reggie (Guitar/vocals), Sage (Bass/ 
Vocals) and Mitch "gippi" Sharpies 
(Drums/Loops) just before playing at the 
Koos cafe, October 18, 1997. 

SUM: When did Gasp start? 

M: The Rolling Stones hit 50 and we 

had to take over for them. P_: 

Summer of '94 SUM: Who was in 

the original line up? Ml The original 

Gasp... Me and Mitch have been 

around longer, but we actually 

weren't even original members. It 

was Sean Cole from Night Ranger... 

uh, I mean FYP, and some other 

guys. They had the name Gasp, but 

they were actually a Fear of God 

tribute-type band. Crazy grind style. 

Then I ended up joining and then 

Mitch ended up playing drums and it 

was me, Sean Cole and Mitch. El It 

was a totally different band and we 

just chose the same name. I think 

thafs how it worked. Ml Yeah, 

basically. El Sean said that the band 

Gasp was over with, so why dont we take the name 'cause there's no 

more Gasp. Ml Yeah, basically. SUM: But you still did a Fear of God 

cover. Ei Still Fear of God worship to this day. Ml The Mike and Mitch 

k : ;»":"£ ; is<::i.,,::; 




! *ra a 


. * 


First show with Sage - May 31, 1997 

incarnation of 
I Gasp started 
somewhere in 
'94. El With 
Reggie? Ml 
No. Me, you 
and Sean Cole. 
Rl I saw you 
guys... that was 
like '95, man. 
Mi We broke 
up, I remember 
quitting Gasp, 
and I was going 
to jam with 
Terror... that's 
another fuckin' 
story, but that 

P® didn't work out. 

y&Then I called 
Mitch again, 
and I was 
telling him over 
the phone, 
"C'mon, dude, 
! let's jam..." El 
I was jamming 

with They Might Be Giants, but 
they didn't like my long hair. 
fii Even when it was just 
them two, they played for a 
long time and told everyone 
about it. For a long time, I 
assumed that Gasp was a 
whole band. Then when I 
found out it was only Mike and 
Mitch... Mi Its funny how we 
picked up Reggie... Ri What 
about Cynthia's story. Sj. III 
make this quick. There were 
4 longhaired guys, then they 
ditched the long hair, and now 
its 2 shorthaired guys and 2 
longhaired guys. That's the 
end of the story. Just like old 
D.R.I. P: And there was a 
longhaired lady in the band for 
a little while. Ml Cynthia was 
in the band because she was 
a friend. Reggie came to 
interview us for his 'zine and I 
was like, "hey, man, you got 
equipment?" and he said, "OK, 

you wanna jam?". Ei We had our weekly Eddie Diesen fan club 

meeting and that was it. 

SUM: Why does Gasp exist? 

Mi Beats the fuck outta me! R: For me its because every time 
I try to get something together... I never had this much an outlet 
or release for ideas and riffs. This band, it seems like anything I 
come up with is prime candidate for a song. Whereas with some 
bands it was like they'd check it out and it wouldn't work, or I'd 
jam with people and they'd go "You cant just stick a bunch of 
riffs together. That's not a song!" El No. They said, "Take a 
hike, beaner!" (Lotsa Laughs) 

SUM: What records do you guys have coming out? 
Anything besides demo tracks on comps? 

Ri There's too many demo 

tracks on comps!!! Ml 
Supposedly, we have a full 
length coming out. I don't even 
think its gonna happen. Pj Its 
gonna happen. Ml Hopefully it 
will. Thanks to Chris Dodge. Ri 
I think a lot of people have read 
or we've wrote to a lot people 
about a Stapled Shut split. It's 
bullshit. It's probably never 
gonna happen. Ml Its gonna be 
a 4-way. R: It should have 
been out a year ago, as a full 7", 
but those songs are way behind 
us now. It doesn't really 

represent us. All these releases are coming out after we don't play 
the songs any more. By the time the LP comes out, who knows 
what well be playing then. Sj. When the LP comes out, those 
songs will be has-beens. Well write new songs and people will 
come see us and go, "Those guys suck!" Ri People always ask us 
to play stuff off the demo. I'm down with a couple of them, but a 
lot of them just don't cut it. SUM; But you guys have a song 

1 ..v\ 

'' . v.- • 



called "Planet of the 

Apes" that you have to 

play until you're dead! 

Ri No. We haven't 

played that one in a 

while. Mi That's a 


"Planet of the Apes" is 

about racism. P: It's a 

Celtic Frost cover. Mi 

It's a Celtic Frost rip off. 

The drum beat was 

there, and it's basically 

about these asshole 

nazis, man. I love 

those movies. Charlton 

Heston... P: It's about 

the monkeys. Just 

humor him. Ri Nazis 

are like apes. Mi Nazis 

are apes and they 

should be buried... 

SUM: Hey! Ri Not to 

say that we believe 

apes are below us and 

that they should be 

buried. Mk Calling 

Nazis apes is talking 

shit on apes, 'cause 

nazis should be buried. 

P_I That's the wrong way to put it, though. Mi Hey, I'm down with 

apes! P_i You're dissing... Mi Chimpanzees are cool and nazis 

aren't, so... 


Reggie, probably out of tune 
- August '96 (SUM) 

SUM: What's the favorite drink of Gasp? 

M: St. Ides Special Brew. S_i Any kind of tea. P: 
Strawberry. R: Its either Bud Dry, horchata, or Corona. 


SUM: Who does the trippy noise bits, like on the demo and 
the 2 nd recording? 

£; Our very close friend Professor Cantaloupe. SUM: Does Grape 
Ape help? P_i No, its just Professor Cantaloupe. Ri I'm thinking 

about getting the guy from Final 
Conflict to do a piece with Grape 
Ape on my back. He does tats 
really good. 



' * *, 


('< > 

* » *~^* 

r- y 

v .■ 





V >i 

■ yi 




SUM: Do your lyrics have any 
bent to them, or are you just 
saying a bunch of words that 
you don't really care about? 

Mi I don't know about Reggie, but 
100% of my lyrics are just about 
personal stuff. They may not 
make a lot of sense to people 
except for me. Its just about total 
personal experiences and uh... P_i 
Duh... Mi Just stuff that 
happened, man. P_i Basically, he 
downs a couple St. Ides... R: A lot 
of the time, I come up with ideas 
for lyrics and I write some stuff 
down. Half the time we come up 
with song titles first. So, we work 
on these amazing song titles, and 
sometimes they don't match up, 
and sometimes III think of what I 

want it to be about. We have this song called "29 
times", where I say a few things about your whole 
life being mapped out for you. There's no point in 
trying, 'cause there's already a blue print there and 
its already gonna happen that way. What does 
that have to do with 29 times? I don't know what 
Mike's really saying, but I think that, going back to 
the songs on the 7", I think a lot more thought into 
what I'm writing. Whether it matches up, whether 
it makes sense with what Mike is saying or not, 
either way, it sounds good to us. When I play, the 
feeling is there and I like it. Si Heavy Metal! Ri 
Metal as fuck. Pi Basically, if the documentary 
"Heavy Metal Parking Lot" was never filmed, we 
wouldn't be a band. 

Si I have a question. Why are you 
interviewing us? What's the point? 
SUM: There is none. You tell me. What is the 
point? Do you guys have individual outlooks on 
existence and humanity? S_i Mine is veganism. 
Destroy everything that creates the downfall of our 
environment, which is already pretty and nice and 
blah, blah, blah... and right now my teeth hurt. Ri * 

Mine is living as peaceful an existence as possible, causing the least 
harm possible to others and the environment. Its hard sometimes 
when it comes to throwing stuff away, but when you throw 
something away, its gonna end up somewhere. Be as nice as you 
can to everybody, and everything's gonna be fine. Not just me doing 
it, but everybody. P_[ That's mine as well. Its all one big quest to 
get the Cartoon Network. As soon as I get the Cartoon Network... Si 
Well be over. P_i No, III be over. You guys will find someone else 
to jam. Actually, my goal is to get as many farm animals as possible 
to play with my penis. Ri You only have a few more to try, Mitch. 
S_i Did you know that if you ram sheep in the ass, they die? Mh 
Seriously? You've tried it? P: Is there a DEATH button in the anus 
of sheep? Mi All I have to say about my outlook on life is.. Ri 
Breakdancing, St. Ides, Crenshaw Mafia... Mi To me, its like, be 

yourself no matter what 
anybody else thinks. 
Don't worry about what 
other people think, and 
don't try to be 
something you're not... 
Ri 'Cause we're 
visually pretty geeky. 
M: As long as you're 
r * not hurting anybody, 
enjoy your life. Ri And 
I have a multi-racial & . 
band. Its neater. Mi|?» 
And have a chick play * 
bass, 'cause -' 

Smashing Pumpkins 
did it. Si Its 
alternative if you { 
have a girl play bass. 
Mi When Cynthia 
quit, we put an ad in 
BAM that said, 
"Female preferred. 
Oriental a plus. If not 
- black guy." It 
seems to me that 
everyone's worried 
bout what other 
pie do. Worry 


Born in 1969, Oliver is a mild 
mannered, middle-aged ape that walks 
upright like a human and seems to have 
many characteristics in common with 
humans. He watches television, uses - 
and flushes - a conventional toilet, and 
enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning 
and a night cap last thing at night. 

Apart from his human habits, Oliver 
also looks different to other chimps. 
He has a small head, square jaw and 
unusual ears, arid his head and chest 
are virtually hairless - all of which have 

led some to speculate that he is a 
human-chimpanzee hybrid. 

Because of his differences, Oliver is 
shunned by his fellow species. Far from 
upset, he spends a lot of his time trying 
to copulate with his keepers wife. 


''■ '■■; 

$ :■■'• 




>M : id 

.■■■■:. i 

about what you're doing yourself. Ri Another thing that needs to 
be addressed is that lately, the whole hardcore/grind/ 
powerviolence/punk rock/crustcore thing... everyone talks about 
unity and stuff. Lately at shows, there's people like longhairs, 
people who are bald, people with short mod haircuts, and it 
doesn't matter 'cause we're all down for the same bands. Pi Why 
are you talking about this? Its common sense. Ri Well to some 
people it is, but for some people... Who knows if this longhaired 
band is going to be good when they play? Si If you're gonna make 
an opinion on someone based on you're first glance at them, 
you're a loser. You don't know. They're gonna come out and blow 
your nuts off, and you're gonna lose a load and go, "Wow. They're 
great!" Pj. Basically, it all boils down to if you have good reefer, 
you're our friend. 

Gimme a banana. 
P_i What!? SUM; Do you have any monkey stories? Si A long 
time ago, when I was a kid, we were hanging around the zoo with 
a couple of my friends. We were on a little field trip from school 
and we were hanging out by the monkey pit. These 2 kids who 
were like the class bullies thought they were hard-ass so they 
started throwing rocks at the monkeys. They turned their backs 
and I was looking at them like, "Those guys are jerks. I'm gonna 
kick their asses", but they were bigger than me, so I didn't even do 
that. As we were about to leave, the monkeys got rocks and 

Cynthia in her final daze with Gasp 
March 1997 (SUM) I 

assaulted these kids. It 

was awesome. It was in 

the paper and everything. 

I was laughing so hard. 

SUM: Alright, Mike, you 

have a chimp story, right? 

M: Yeah. I was watching 

"Unsolved Mysteries" and 

I was really disturbed 

because Robert Stack's 

voice is really scary and so 

is the music, so I couldn't 

sleep that night. Let 

alone after what I saw. I 

see this monkey with 

human eyes, smoking a 

cigarette, drinking a beer 

and walking upright. It 

was very disturbing. I 

fuckin' freaked out, man, 

but I kept watching. 

SUM: So was it an actual 

ape that they found in the 

forest? Ml I dont know 

where they even found 

the ape. They didnt get 

into that. All I know is 

that this ape walked 

upright like a human 

being and its face looked like a human being. It was very 

fuckin' scary! SUM: You sure it wasn't just a bonobo? 

Humans do some fucked up things like getting them to 

smoke and drink and shit. Mi I just want to say this to 

Monkeybite readers: If you'd actually seen it with your own 

eyes, you'd be disturbed, too. You'd be like, "What the 

fuck!?" This ape is drinking a beer and he burps! Vknow? 

Like a regular beer drinker. He's smoking a cigarette, 

walking upright and behaving like a human being. Eating 

food with a fork! P; I can't even do that yet! I'm still 


■■-■:; B SS? ; 


■■ ' 



:■■ •*.■. 

working on the fork 
thing. Mi They 
compared this monkey 
to... actually they said 
it was supposedly a 
chimpanzee. It was 
bigger than a 
chimpanzee, but not 
as big as a gorilla. 
When it stood upright, 
it walked like a 
human. When the 
owner showed up - 
there were 3 separate 
owners - one of them 
showed up and the 
ape came out. He was 
all old. They 

compared it to a 
regular chimpanzei 
There was no hair, 
had like a pale fai 
and a receding h; 
line. If you looked into' 
the chimpanzee's 
eyes, they were like 
human eyes. I ain't 
shitting you. You'd be 

SUM: Last words? 

P: Go see Crash Worship as many times as you can while they're still 
around. Si These are my last words. Ei Go check out a show with bands 
- if you have a feeling it might be cool, go check it out. There's a lot of 
good bands out there and nobody's watching them. S_i Wait. These are 
my actual last words. Commercial pitch. Anyone: If you have 3 or 6 
dollars, buy records from I Am A Idiot. Y'know what? Just send your $6 
to I Am A Idiot, PO Box 43, Santa Monica, CA 90406. P: If you want to 
write to Gasp, use my address: 


5045 La Crescenta Ave. 

La Crescenta, CA 91214 


Ri Or use the Wilmas connection! 

. • 


i ^ 


* mm 

;■ : M 







■' ■ '■■■"- 






t *«'«^i 

rvffis^' i 


"' If! 


Reggie/ Gasp/ Less Than One 'zine 

PO Box 104 

Wilmington, CA 90748 


Gasp Discography 

■Sore For Days" cassette (demo) 1996 
Gasp/Noothgrush split 7" (Clean Plate) 1998 

"Lepido Stomatid" 7" 
(Feast & Famine/King of the Monsters) 1998 


Pippi busts a percussive move - March '97 (sum) 


"No Fate vol. 2" CD (H:G Fact) 1996 

Try Now Cry Later vol. 4" 2x7" 

(Pessimiser/Theologian) 1996 

"Reality Part #2" LP/CD (Deep Six) 1997 




1— Red 

3— Blue 

2— Yellow 

4— Green 




5— Orange 
6— Purple 



If you ever talk to Pete Ponitkoff, the singer 
of Benumb, you'd never guess he was a 
screaming head frontman. Benumb is 
straight up hardcore/thrash from the bay 
area and if you don't know about them, you'd 
better get your ass in gear and learn about a 
real hardcore band. Interview by Admiral 
Andrew, the Blood Sucking Monkey from 
Outer Space, and Corpselos on July 30, 1997. 
All pix by Super Urine Monkey x cept as noted. 

Since this interview, Rob has left the band. 
Paul has taken over guitar duties, and the 
original bassist, Tim, has returned on bass. 

AA: Hi Pete! I saw you play a show in 
Sacramento and you kept yelling at 
your bass player. Why? 

El Because everyone was lagging and 
dragging. It should have been snap, crackle, 
friggin' pop! Things weren't rolling. He was 
fuckin' around. I just dont go for it. It has 
basically a dictator. I'm a prick. What can I 
say?! (Laughter) If this explains it, the bass 
player is my brother, so I've got the right. 

& Your drummer & guitarist look 
metal, so does the thrash thing come 
from you? 

El You hit it right there. John, the 
drummer, and I are hella into the grind thing, 
but Rob, the guitarist, was more into Korn 
and shit. We turned him onto this stuff. 

B_i How long has Benumb been around? 

Ei We've been around since '94. Too many 
major lineup changes to list. Tim, our old 
bassist is still a good friend and still 
contributes music. 

AA: So it sounds like things are going 
good for Benumb right now. 

El Oh! Outfreakinstanding! 


"■ . . 


AA: Do you think hardcore, grind, 
and power-violence is getting 
trendy like the pop punk of a few 
years back? 

El I went to a show in San Francisco 
and I saw a new band with an emo 
message. They were copying fast 
music with an emo message. It was 
manufactured and ready for MTV. 
There's capitalism, right there. For 
something to be marketable, it must 
first be user friendly. Poof! There it 

B[ What are Benumb lyrics 

El The lyrics are about personal 
anguish. What Benumb means is a 
lack of emotion, or the anti-emotion. 
Its about personal struggle, strife, 
what's goin' on in my life. I hold no 
stance on politics and shit. What I 
write is about me and what I see in 
my fuckin' world. The shit I go 
through on an every day basis. How 
basically, I don't fit in society. . 

Benumb at Trainwreck - photo by Jim Thompson 

AA: What pisses Pete off about hardcore? 

El The lack of unity. The scene is not what it used to be. Back in 

*85-'86 there was a cause. 
Its become neutered bullshit. 
Now if s a fashion statement, 
not a state of being. 
Afuckin'men! Its become 
neutered, neutered, 

neutered, balls cut off! 

AA: Describe each member of 
the band. 

El Paul, my brother the bass player, 
is very technically proficient, but hard to get a point across to 
sometimes. He takes after me, of course. Rob, the guitarist, is 
a great guy, but hard headed as well. You put 3 or 4 assholes in 
the same room and what are you gonna get? 






AA: How did you get into 

El Back when I was in high 
school, when dinosaurs 
walked the Earth (laughs), 
the shit that was on the radio 
was fuckin' stupid. Hardcore 
had a message and a good 
point behind it. There was 
something intelligent being 
said and that's what drove 
me to it at first. 

AA: How do you view the scene out where you are? 

El I see a bunch of warring 
factions. The whole Gilman 
scene is worried about empty 
causes that won't matter next 
week. It's all a popularity 
contest. The west bay scene has 
great people and bands. Fuck 
the bullshit and play hard, brutal 


AA: Are there any bands 

around today that give you 

the same feeling you got 

when you first started out in 


El I think the closest is Man is 

the Bastard. There are some 





■Jf few •»?** 





great bands in California, but MITB are the 
only ones really saying something. 

C Are you getting any flack for doing a 
record on Relapse? 

P_l Oh, Jesus! Yeah. Basically, if people are 
so concerned with calling me a sellout, they 
can basically fuck off, because I'm trying to 
boost the scene. I love the scene and they're 
cool to me. Bill and Matt, I have respect for 
and if people want to call me a sellout, they 
can suck my freakin' dick! ! 

B_i You have a lot of energy on stage, 
where do you get it from? 

P_; I got it from you! AAi I like that stage 
dive you did during Noothgrush in 
Sacramento! (Note: Pete from Benumb was 
the first and fast person to stage dive during 
a Noothgrush performance - AA) P: 
Honestly, it depends how I feel. If I'm angry 
or frustrated, its my release. 




£i Do any of your peers, being that you're older, ever tell you to grow up and 
get a life because you play hardcore? 

P_l Nobody really says it, but I get the feeling that they make you feel like a piece of shit 
because you don't have the house, the wife, the car and you're 30 years old, etc. 
Whatever. But you can either fall into their stereotype or you can fuckin' live your own. 
You've got to live with yourself. 

AA: Being in a band can be a pain in the ass. Why do you do it? 

El Its probably the only way to keep my sanity. It's a release. Because dealing with 
society sucks. Example: I flew down to L.A. for something and I was looking conservative 
as hell and I was sitting with a bunch of yuppies and it had been quiet so I made a smart 
ass comment about the stewardess not coming quick enough with the coffee. They all 
turned and looked at me like I was a piece of shit. To this society I do not belong. It 
doesn't matter what I was wearing, I'm an outcast. This is my state of being. Right now, 
before anything gets misquoted, I definitely want to reinforce this: The extreme hardcore 
scene is great and evolving and there are a lot of good bands, but on the other side, you 
have the Gilman scene and pop punk lameness its become. If you say "bitch" or anything 
else, you can be ejected from the place. AAi That's pretty gay! (lotsa laughs) P_i Its 
pretty fuckin' gay, beeeotch! 

AA: Future plans for Benumb? 

El Full length on Relapse and a East Coast tour in Summer of '98 with Black Army Jacket. 



AA: If there was a movie about Benumb, who would play you and what would 
it be about? 

El I've seen a lot of movies and being that 
I'm so good looking, I'd have to 
compromise with Brad Pitt playing me. 
Nicholas Cage would play Rob, one of the 
Beatles would play my brother and sorry 
John, you don't have a personality so you 
can't be in the movie. It would be about 
drinking beer and the ever trying quest to 
get laid and failing at it! Oh God!! 



AA: Any closing comments? 

El Thanks to all the bands in the scene (he 
then went on to name every band you ever 
heard of, so just check out the "Gear in the 
Machine" 7" for a list). There are a lot of 
good people in the scene. Everyone in the 
underground rules. Benumb is happy to be 
a part of it. 


1129 Oak wood Dr. 

Millbrae, CA 94030 

x. .. .'. . 


. v.; 




Benumb Discography 

Benumb/Short Hate Temper split 7" (Same Day) 1995 
Benumb/Dukes of Hazzard split 7" (Rape An Ape) 1997 
Benumb/Apartment 213 split 7" (Stenchosaurus) 1997 

Gear in the Machine 7" (Relapse) 1997 
Benumb/Suppression split flexi 7" (Monkeybite) 1998 


El Guapo LP (625/Same Day) 1996 

No Fate vol. 2 CD (H:G Fact) 1996 

America in Decline LP (Six Weeks) 1997 

Hard Sound CD (Trainwreck) 1997 
Fiesta Comes Alive! LP (Slap A Ham) 1997 

•«*,-..-_.- >. ... 

Monheybite Presents. 


Recorded Live on Leia Organa's "The Darkside"on 89.7fm KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA 

Here's the cover to your new Benumb/Suppression live split flexi. 

You can either rip it out, fold it and find out how much you fail when it 

doesn't fit into a J" sleeve PR you can photocopy all this stuff and make a 

Do-It- You-Fuckin'-Self record cover. Your last option is to never take the 

record or cover out of the Tine. Then your failure would be complete* 




SATURDAY, JULY 26 © 8:00 P.M. 

fitC HAPPEN !$£ 

Recorded Live on KFJC March 27, 1996 

We would like to acknowledge the following 
and dedicate our efforts to them for their 
endless support during good and bad times: 


Noothgrush, Andrew and Black Army Jacket 
(Andrew, bro, you rule beyond rule), Jason 
H. and Suppression (Jay - LA V Memphis, 
S.F. - It's been an honor, my brother), No 
Less, Agents of Satan, The West Bay and 
East County scenes, The Gotelli, Ponitkoff 
and Regan families, Misanthropists, Christian 
Prohibition, Chris D. and Spazz, Mike and 

Capitalist, Suzanne F. and 


love and respect), Tom and Trainwreck, Bart 
and House of Faith and anyone we missed. 

Thanks and much love: Chiyo and Gary-NOOTHGRUSH, Chronic Joe (lor getting us Ugh those nights), Greg 
Heiman-F.A.G.G.o.T..Naoml. everyone In ASSHOLE PARADE and Tony. Pete and BENUMB (Pete, you have to be 
the nicest motherfucker). Nicolas and NOISEGATE, Alei and AUT0DEFENESTRAT10N, Jason (Detroit) lor the 


Broadcast Transmit Spew. Shit. 

Creeky old men with greased palms... 

shove their hands up media ass, 

work them like motherlucklng puppets. 

Controlled Information equals controlled thought. 

herts and the pedal, Daniel, Marcus, and Muskrat- NT, all In SPAZZ, ZED, CHARLES BRONSON (R.I.P.). Andrew Lethargic lucks. ..armchair sponges... 

Orlando and BJJVCK ARMY JACKET, Eric Wood, Jon and the mighty 60B,Mlke and INEPT. RESIN, HELLNATION. 
Sean-BOVINE. Andrew- KNOT MUSIC, sbitch. Shane-Fetus. Richard Ramos. Jeff- Portland, OR. 
PALATKA, Tonys parents. Sean and all the kids ii Saskatoon. Canada. Scott and SKALP LOCK, Dirk and 
Thrashead-BJLT.. Steve and Chris- APT. 213, Robin (Austln,TX), Felix- HAVOC, Roshawn. OK Dirty tor the 
dlmebags. August- SOCIETY OF FRIENDS. Chad and Rick- Ml lor being so sexy. Greg and SHORT HATE TEMPER, 
Andy- POTATO JUSTICE. Andys giniriend and her sister, Jason- Houston. PISS POOR. Lakis. Mike Genz. LO- 
CUST (we have to play w/ you someday), GabeMN. Cullen, Mitch -GASP. Cartas Reveco. everyone we met on 
leur. everyone that got us high and/or helped us find drags, gave us a place to stay, came out to see us. ..we 
leve you...ll we forgot anyone we still love you all the same... 
Go luck youseit: Canadian Border Patrol, the shenll ol Junction, TX and the town ot Junction, TX. 


White culture, white wash, bralwash, mlndluck. 

The enemy has no lace... appearing as forms and documents. 

Life can be purchased, experience Is a credit card. 

Computer-age asswlpe cowards.. .Youre all tucking plnheads...pinheads!U 

Absorbing. teedlng...on media puke. -SELECTED POPULATION KILL- 
Slckly money ted. grinning worms... Regulate population growth. Eliminate 
Pacify a drooling Idiotic public Targeted minority lifestyle. Infect 

— ProlecL.expertment. Populatlon...murter. 

Heinous unforgivable community genocide. 


.— -v 





Recorded live at KFJC radio 
In San Jose.CA while on 


m ■ 








Tour soul Is tainted, your aura is putrid. 
your soul Is tainted, your aura is foul... 
Millions ot years ot evolution... Plgtucker. 
A drooling, snorting subhuman tuck. Plgtucker. 
Better try to save your lat ass... Plgtucker. 
Your existence means nothing. Plgtucker. 
Your soul Is tainted, your aura Is rotting. 
You' re falling mi serably, and we re laughing... 

Contact: 1022 Summit Lane NW 
Roanoke.VA 24017 U.S.A. 


■ , ^*^^ — 




-r, 'J^V 


I must not have made my Intentions cl"~k 
because I'm going to bludgeon you. "*3F % 
You deserve no tolerance or compassion, 
you've tainted us from the beginning, f r- 
You're not human you're animated shit... 
and surely you'll not be missed. 3 
You bloated luck your days are numbered, 
because we're going to bludgeon you. 


b h r i 

, ,', 


c.l. A. supplied narcotics prom... 
Increased by America's war on drugs. \ 
The bloodsuckers' war on freedom... \ 
Imprisons all who try to profit... U 
trom narcotics that they've supplied. 
Easy disposal ol unwanted population. 
American government Is organized crime. 
It you're not on the payroll then you'll do some 
Take out the Judges, cripple the network. 
Tonight the pigs will pay...Super1ly. 




■ «i <■■ 

"- L 

. \ 


' ' 


• T v\ 


. -j 

CHRIS-vocals. HOG-drums.GABE-guitar. j;S0N-bass,vocals. CLAY-vocals,'modified' bass-noise/effects. 


If You Act Like A Dumbshit, They'll Treat You As An Equal" 






1 -I ' 







& -V< 

> ! 

— I 


f^* jr : H riM 

Friday, July 25 1997 

_~i i » 


• : ifcwsft 



-' ■-ls m -~ 

- , y 


> '. 


HI 4Cn 


•A 4) 


'7th * Capp. San Francisco 
< ^P?*^y *- to- «... v a 

■ 55. mi rig" • 




Roanoke, VA's Suppression have been around for a while and have 
consistently been destroying us with the massive noisethrash. They are 
ever evolving and therefore their brand of hardcore is always 
interesting to me. Definitely check it out or you're guilty of 
assholism! - Admiral Andrew. 

AA: How did Suppression start and what was 
it like when you first started out? 

li Me and Hog were in a hardcore band and we 
didn't want to play with those people, we 
wanted to do something faster. We got 
this skater guy Dave who was into Sore 
Throat and E.N.T., so we sort of 
sounded like E.N.T. 


What bands 

influenced you to 

1: E.N.T., Sore 
rtennaoon, and 

Assuck. I'm 
not really 
into crust 
shit anymore. 
We did it just to 
piss people off 
around here. 

AA: Do you hate where 
you're from? 

2l I despise it. Its boring. The 
only thing to do here is get fucked 
up and skate. 

AA: Who influenced you to play bass? 

2i Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and Mike Dean 
of Corrosion of Conformity. But nowadays its 
Bootsie Collins and Man is the Bastard. 

AA: How has Suppression changed since the start? 

2: Now we just try to do our own thing. We don't care about those 

scenes. We don't play crust 
anymore. Hog wants to do more 
jazz beats, so its gonna be 
different, but still abrasive. There 
will be a lot more sarcasm in our 

AA: What are your new lyrics 

2i Songs like "bootlicker" are 
about ass kissers and we've 
written stuff about consciousness 
because we read Terence 
McKinna and Robert Anton 
Wilson, like mind expansion 
through psychedelics. We're into 

mushrooms. I just did K for the first time and it was really 
strange. I was like a midget in virtual reality. 

AA: Do you like playing high? 

il I always play high. Everyday on tour we were 
fucked up. I play better when I'm stoned. 

AA: What's up with all your line up 

2: Me and Hog are assholes! ! Davey, 

our singer, couldn't tour with us. 

We plan on relocating to 

Richmond, so our vocalist on 

tour, Chris, will stay with 

us and maybe Scott 

from Agoraphobic 

Nosebleed will 

play guitar. 

a&l.JDq. you, find 
the hardcore scene 
getting trendy? 

2: There are some really 

bad bands that are so 

formula, its annoying. I'm kinda 

N»" sick of grind bands with deep 


AA: How was your summer tour? 

2i Alright. We got fucked with a possession 
charge in Texas for $700. That's why I'm pretty 
much broke now. We talked a lot of shit with 
Asshole Parade. Our guitarist Gabe leaned out the 
window to tell A. P. to pull over and his glasses flew off. 
That was the first day of the tour, so he pretty much 
couldn't see for the rest of the tour. We were in Berkeley and 
he couldnt see us from across the street and he walked away 
from us. In Berkeley there are some tweaked out fuckheads out 
there. You just sit for 5 minutes and watch people go by. You 
just get disgusted with the human race. I'm sick of dirty shit 
kids with their dogs that they can't feed asking me for change 
when I'm broke as fuck. A lot of it is unnecessary. They've got 
mommy and daddy. It's just stupid fashion. There are some 
cool people out in that area, though. 

AA: What is Suppression 
into in general? 

2: Drugs, Motown, old fast 
hardcore, reading Terrence 
McKinna and Robert Anton 
Wilson, playing music, being 
assholes and being funny, 
not taking ourselves 

AA: Does technology 
scare you? 

2: They're going to clone 

obedient workers. That would 
be funny. AA: Just to work? 
JJi Yeah. Just to work and go 
home to sit in front of the TV 
to be briefed. That's actually 
reality anyway. So, I guess 
cloning has existed for a while. 
Turn off your fucking TV, play 
music and read a book. Find 
out your own ideas about the 
world. I've watched TV ail my 
life with my family and its 
fucked me up, because I'm 
almost 23 and I'm just starting 
to figure out things. I was 
totally mindfucked for many 
years. I've figured out I don't 
want the typical "Leave it to 
Beaver" family. I look at my 
parents and their miserable, 
shitty house, shitty family, 
shitty job, shitty wife, etc. etc. 
Relationships don't work half 
the time, so to be with 
someone for 20 years has got 
to be hell. 

AA: Do you think the 
human race has failed? 

2l We failed miserably. Just look at all the 
assholes out there. People don't know shit. I'm 
an asshole, but I'm not a moron. Everyone is 
guilty of assholism. 




■ ' > ■ - 




■ "* ** v 

BUI BP" -* * ■ ■ '■"■ ■ 

bT 1 wr .^FS 8 *;-^" • 

Bv 'B*^-' - 

Bh BBbB&^Pvk 

* *m It"", 

Ell wet -Sf ■ ■ *#i 

I m 

- Bl 


■ - ■ ■•PPT' * "1 

;.,;^ :■■:,' \j» 1 





J ^B^ 


1 /• J 

■^.-jr - 

n> ,--•; afly *^ JBfr aT — J 

.* V dB 

vSu * i 

&£*&&& /}$&^& "H^K^ 

Sfeftv * .« 

DB,nWM0s: C. 

BBk.' ^r 

i B| 

.1^: •' ^BB 

* P i? — «.'-ii 

v ' ■LPjJVVJVar^^kfe la 

P^M/ *fci^ 

Br ^B 

Br .'" ' s 

- V" 

• • 

AA: If there was a Suppression movie, who would play you and what 
would it be about? 

il We'd be played by the "Revenge of the Nerds" cast. Total dorks with noise 
equipment, touring. 

Suppression / 1022 Summit Ln. NW / Roanoke, VA 24017 / USA 

Suppression Discography 

Suppression s/t demo cass. (Chaotic Noise) 1993 
Suppression s/t demo 7" (Sludge) 1994 

Suppression s/t 7" (Fetus) 1994 

Suppression/Rectal Pus/El Kaso Urkijo 

3-way live split cassette (Chaotic Noise) 1995 

Suppression/Grief split 7" (Bovine) 1995 

Suppression/Despise You split 7" (Slap A Ham) 1995 

Suppression/Cripple Bastards split 12" (Bovine) 1997 

Suppression/Dahmer split 7" (Yellow Dog) 1997 

Suppression/Benumb live split flexi 7" (Monkeybite) 1998 


Discover A World of Sounds 7" (Amendment) 1995 

Cry Now Cry Later vol. 3 dbl 7" (Pessimiser) 1995 

Kamakaze Attacks America... CD (Sound Pollution) 1995 

Nothing's Quiet on the Eastern Front LP (Reservoir) 1996 

Complacency 7" (Turtle) 1997 

Reality part # 2 LP (Deep Six) 1997 

Accidental Double Homicide dbl 7" (Satan's Pimp) 1998 

Audio Terrorism CD (Chaotic Noise) 1998 


• *.-.-> 


• ■ - ■ - - * 
. . • i »• . - a • - » • 


••• * 'a* ■ W 











f. !«'•-. 






?"« •*,/ 








v \ 





»\*« v.* V 




I . I.-..- . - - — . I, .1 I ........ - . .>• . . ...—_._ . ■ _. . ... 





■ • 


: !a->2.-j 

16 is a crushing hatesludge band from LA. They write devastating 
riffs and teh end result is always pure punishment Words cant 
describe the utter destruction, so read on and then go listen! 
Interview with Phil from 16 conducted by Admiral Andrew. 


AA: How did 16 start? Give me the run down. 

Ei 16 Started in '91. I wasn't in the band then. I went to 
their first show. Me, Chris Elder and Tony (now 16's bass 
player) used to go to their shows and stuff. About 2 and half 
years ago, their drummer left and they talked about splitting 
up, so I talked to them and they decided to keep going. We 
got Andy on drums and in early '95 it started up again. 

So when you joined the band, the direction got a 
little slower? 

El Yeah. I guess I had something to do with that. I missed 
the Japan tour and I missed playing the Slayer shows, but I 
went anyway. They played with Slayer in Vegas. It was cool, 
a lot of Heshers. They played in Fresno, too. 

AA: Your new album is called "Blaze of Incompe- 
tence''. I know it used to be called "The Agony of 
Defeat", what happened? 

Ei We just kind of talked about changing it. WE got it from 
wide world of sports. We came up with different titles and we 
liked "Blaze of Incompetence" the best. When we recorded, 
we told people it was "Agony of Defeat" in April. AAj. I guess 
"Blaze of Incompe- 
tence" is similar. 
You're a loser either 
way, right? Ei 
(Laughing) Yeah. 

AA: When I read 
your lyrics, I'm led 
to believe that 16 
partakes in mas- 
sive drug use. Is 
that the whole 
band or a select 

El It varies from 
member to member. 
Some of us do more 
than others. Some of 
us are getting back 
into it. No addicts, 
just casual use of pills 
and drugs and shit. 
AA: Do you like to 

- — =-_ *■ 



>w - > 



\-'X ... 

play high? P_i I do, It helps me be more relaxed. AAi its cool to listen 
to 16 while high because it sounds so much more crushing. P_i Thafs 

AA: I've been into 16 for a while and was psyched to see Alex 
Newport (of Fudge Tunnel) producing your new LP. How did it 

Ei He moved out to L.A. from Arizona. He used to go to our shows and 
we kind of knew him from Chris, who interviewed him in Pessimiser 'zine. 
So, we'd see him at shows and he'd gotten into producing and he asked 
to produce our record. We were blown away. 

AA: The few interviews I've read with 16 seem to always talk 
about old metal. Is that you? 

El Which 'zine? AAi Generation Excrement. P_i (Laughs) Yeah. I'm 
from L.A., so I was into Hirax, Dark Angel, Armored Saint... They lived 
down the street. I played Basketball with the singer. AAi John Bush? P_i 

Yeah. It was like metalhead basketball. I also 
liked Kreator, Possessed, Cryptic Slaughter, etc. 

AA: Your new LP seems to be slower. Did 
your lives take a depressing turn for the 

£l I guess in a way our lives, especially this year 
(*97) are total shit. The slow shit happens, 
especially with downers. If we were on speed, it 
would have been fast like a Cryptic Slaughter 
record. AA; I'm trying to imagine what a 16 
record would sound like sped up. Could you pull 
of all the bends and shit? p_i Yeah, I know! AAl 
It would definitely be metal! 

AA: Does life suck in Los Angeles? 

El Its OK. I live in downtown L.A. Everything is 
in walking distance for me, but I drive anyway. 

AA: Do you have any monkey stories? 

El No, but John Oates shaved his mustache and 
now he looks like a monkey. 

AA: I'm pretty upset about the human 

> ' 

J0 ■ . 

■&*~*sz *" 



El You too? Whether you're driving, talking on 
the phone or ordering food, some fucking asshole 
is going to fuck it up. They'll do something 
stupid. There's a lot of people that I would like to 
see not here anymore. AAi Same in New York. 
Its pretty funny to see people get fucked up on 
the street for stupid shit. El Yeah. You see 
some bum shitting in the parking lot and they get 
fucked up! AAl There was this gang of kids in 
New York City that my brother knew that went 
around beating up bums in the subway. El 
Dude! What a gang! Vendettas against bums! 
That's awesome! AAl They got arrested, 
though. El How many bums did they beat up? 
AAl Like seven. El I'd love to watch it! AA: 
Fuck bums! El I'm with you. AAl Fuck smelly 
punk rock bums, too. El You talk to someone 
out here and they say, "Man, I cant get a job" 
and they stink like rat piss and they look like total 
shit and you say, "Oh, really? I cant see why no 
one will hire you". I want to start a bum patrol 
with vans and just snatch the bums. Just erase 
them, dude. Throw them in the grand canyon. AAl 
Fuckin' bums! El That's a good topic, dude. 

AAl What would be the soundtrack to your worst 

El To help me? Definitely "Panama" by Van Halen. To 
make me worse: the new 16 album. AAl That song 16 
is depressing. El Yeah, this one guy came up to me and 
said, "That song on the 'Drop Out LP with the 7" helped 
me get through a rough time". I think he thought we 
were saying that drugs are bad. He said he was on heroin 
and it helped him get off and stuff. I was almost going to 
laugh in his face, but I said "That's good!" and laughed to 











AAl If there was a 16 movie, who would play you 
and what would it be about? 

El I'd be played by a random bum, and it would be about 
drugs and alcohol. Our cast would be the cast from 
"Colors" and it would be about pimping, getting out of the 

16 Discography 

Preoccupied CD (Toys Factory) 

Curves that Kick 10" (Bacteria Sour) 

Drop Out LP (Pessimiser/Theologian) 

Blaze of Incompetence LP 


Plus a shitload of 7"s and comps. 
Too many to list. Write them. 

business, getting into drugs and shooting ourselves. 

-16- / PO Box 83026 / Los Angeles, CA 90083 / USA 


Chris Elder is the man behind 
Pessimiser 'zine (an influence of 
Monkeybite!). He is also 
responsible for releasing some of 
thes absolute best records in the 
hardcore scene right now. Pick 
up anything on Pessimiser/ 
Theologian, they're all gems. 


AA: How did you 
doing Pessimiser "zine 
and How did it evolve into 
a record label? 

CE: I started doing a 'zine 

with one of my friends 

because we looked at other 

'zines and none of them were 

saying anything we were 

interested in, so we started a 

zine on a whim. We did the 

first one in one weekend and 

we kept doing them. My 

friend Marc that I used to 

work with... I used to drop off 

'zines at his record store. I 

told him that I wanted to put 

out a record. I wanted to put 

out a 16/Fresh American 

Lamb split and he hooked me 

up with phone numbers and how to do it. Then he asked if he could 

press the record and I would just press the zine and split the costs 

halfway. We did it like that. Marc was totally cool with it and it 

worked out and he knew about putting out records with distributors 

and shit and fuck, dude, I didn't know shit about it. So we basically 

just split everything. He takes care of stuff like distributors and I get 

the bands and materials together. I promote the bands, too. I don't 

have time for certain things because I have a full time job. He does 

the label as a job. 

AA: Is Marc from Theologian actually into the bands you get? 

CE: He's actually into all the shit. He goes far back. He went to high 
school with Greg Ginn. He's from Hermosa Beach so he was around 
for all that stuff like Black Flag. 

everyone and said, "I want to do a comp LP and put you guys on 
it". I went to the printer and got this fucked up size paper and 
folded it up and said, "Fuck. I could do two 7"s instead". That 
was the first straight record release apart from the 'zine. Back 
then I didn't think people were into that stuff so we only did 

AA: What attracted you to 
doing a label? 

CE: I was really into 16 and Fresh 
American Lamb. They were really 
good friends of mine. Fresh 
American Lamb had a 7" out 
already. So, we did a record 
together. I'd been writing to all the 
bands like Grief and Spazz for a long 
time before I put out records. The 
first actual record was "Cry Now Cry 
Later vol. 1". I just wrote to 

AA: What do you look for in a band to put out? 

CE: I'm into so much different shit besides this stuff, so its hard 

to pinpoint what exactly it is because I'm into Oingo Boingo and 

Bow Wow Wow which have nothing to do with this stuff. I liked 

stuff like Devo, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. Nowadays, 

everyone is playing fast and trying to copy everyone else. I look 

for bands who have soul or groove. Even if its fast it still has 

groove. So many bands come out with some gay drum intro, 

then a blast and typical 

screaming. I mean fuck, dude, 

my wife could do that! Anyone 

can do it. I mean with a band 

like Assuck or Excruciating 

Terror, they go real fast but you 

can still tell they're grooving 

while they play, not just noise. 

[Most new stuff] doesn't seem 

pissed off, just standard. AA: 

To me, bands are just pumping 

out formula shit. Its pretty 

stagnant. C_Ej. I get these 

demos and I hear Spazz and Despise You riffs! 

AA: A lot of these bands that rip off 

Spazz, Despise You and Crossed Out 

don't realize that they got their shit from 

Infest and D.R.I, and shit. If s sad that 

they don't delve deeper into the past. Do 

you think this scene has already gotten 


£El It is trendy. There would be bills at the 

Hong Kong that would be Crossed Out, Man is r, 

the Bastard and Infest and there would be like 

20 people there. Now it would be over 200 

people. Maybe people got bored of what they were 

listening to. AAi Its funny to see emo kids into Spazz. CJjj. 

At a powerviolence show it is definitely weird to see emo 

kids. Its good, I guess. 


Where did you get the name Pessimiser? 

From "pessimism". I made the word up. Also from 
miser". A combination of the two words. 

AA: Do you think the world is in a downward spiral? 

CE: Yeah. If you look at the first 15 minutes of the news, 

youll see. People as a whole... Ill ride my bike to work and 

a car will try to run me 

over to get to the next 

light quicker. I don't like 

people. Its depressing. 

I think the generation of 

single parents has 

thrown a wrench into 

everything. Its so 

acceptable. The kids 

don't have shit. Nobody 

to look up to. Kids in my 

neighborhood just want 

to hit the lottery, no one 

wants to work hard. 

They'd rather be unemployed than have a shitty job. You've 

got to start somewhere. These kids are idiots. If you don't 

work hard you're shit out of luck. Then you've got people 

criticizing you with the capitalist slave mentality, but if 

you're gonna be a poor under-achieving piece of shit, you're 

gonna be a slave to something. You have to control your 

own shit. The system that's in place is here to stay. There's 

nothing you can do. If you have a "fuck work" attitude, 

that's fine, if you like living with your folks. But if you're on 

your own and on welfare and unemployment, you're a 

puppet and the government is pulling your strings. If you 

can't do shit for yourself, no one will do shit for you. 

AA: Do you have any monkey stories? 

CE: There was this store by my house that had 2 monkeys 
in a cage, back in the late 70's. I dont know why they 

were there. We would 
just walk by and look at 
them. It was a shady 
building so I'm not 
surprised they had that 
weird shit. I went 
swimming where they 
filmed a scene in Planet of 
the Apes where they were 
swimming and drinking 
out of that lake in the 
beginning. Its called the 

Point Doom Dam in L.A. It's pretty cool. They filmed a 
> lot of Planet of the Apes in L.A. 

AA: What do you like to do outside of the label? 
C_E_i Play Basketball. I play with Crom and Excruciating 
Terror in downtown L.A. 

AA: If there was a Pessimiser movie, who would 
be in it and what would it be about? 

CE: Brad Pitt. It would be about skateboarding and 
having a guardian angel that let me squeak out of really 
fucked up situations unharmed and I would marry Salma 

IHayer and on the side I'd be fucking around with Julia 
Roberts and the girl from Bow Wow Wow. 

AA: Will you ever do another issue of Pessimiser 'zine? 

CE: I think so. I've been thinking about it. I want to interview the girl from 
Bow Wow Wow. I just want there to be enough material that's good first. 

Pessimiser / PO Box 4452 / Inglewood, CA 90309 / USA 

Pessimiser Discography 

16/Fresh American Lamb split 7" 

Cry Now Cry Later vol. 1 dbl 7" comp. 

Despise You/Crom split 7" 

Dystopia/Suffering Luna split 7" 

Man is the Bastard/ Agathocles split 7" 

Cry Now Cry Later vol. 2 dbl 7" comp. 

Left Back, Let Down dbl 7" comp. 
Cry Now Cry Later vol. 3 dbl 7" comp. 

Grief/16 split 7" 

Grief/ Soilent Green split 10" 

Despise You "PCP Scapegoat" 7" 

Despise You/Stapled Shut split 7" 

Divisia "What's Left of Us" LP/CD 

16 "Drop Out" LP/CD 

Excruciating Terror "Expressions of Pain" CD 

Cry Now Cry Later vol. 4 dbl 7" comp. 

Spazz/Hirax split 7" 

Grief "Miserably Ever After" LP/CD 

Possessed to Skate 12" comp. 

Divisia "Wifebeater" LP/CD 

Excruciating Terror/Agathocles split 7" 

16 "Blaze of Incompetence" CD 

Upcoming releases 

Cry Now Cry Later vol. 1 -4 comp. CD 

(includes bonus tracks) 

Excruciating Terror new LP/CD 

Grief new LP/CD 



Simian ( 
the issue 


Simian of the issue: Albino 
Gorilla {Gorilla Gorilla Albino) 
By Super Urine Monkey 

A few months ago, I was in a 
friends garage and I came upon a 
stack of old National Geographies. 
One of them listed something about 
an Albino Gorilla. My interests 
piqued, I excavated the issue and 
was pleased to see a cover photo of 
"Little Snowflake", the worlds only 
Albino Gorilla. The issue was dated 
March 1967, only 6 months after his 
The story inside went something like this: 


On October 1, 1966, Benito Mane shot and killed a lowland gorilla who was 
destroying his banana plants in Equatorial Guinea. Clinging to his fallen 
mother was "Copito de Nieve", an albino gorilla. Found at approximately 2 
years of age, Copito de Nieve (Spanish for "Little Snowflake") is the only 
known white gorilla ever to exist. His hair is white, his skin pink, and his eyes 
a sapphire blue. Benito Mane kept Snowflake in his home for four days, lining 
his cage with leaves, ferns, and sticks, much as a gorilla builds a nest, and 
feeding him wild fruits, stems & buds. He was then taken to the Bata animal 
acclimatization station of the Barcelona zoo, where Jorge Sabater, head of the 
station, purchased him and nurtured him back to health. Eventually, Sabater 
tamed Snowflake, and the gorilla became part of the family. He followed 
anyone who showed him a favorite food, and would walk hand in hand with 
those he knew well. 

I looked for references to Copito de Nieve in my other simian texts, but only 
found a picture and caption in a 1973 encyclopedia. There I found out that 
when he reached maturity, he was successfully mated to two normally colored 
female gorillas, begetting a son and a daughter. Though neither baby is a 
mutant, zoologists hope that, through cross-breeding, Snowflake will 
eventually sire other white gorillas. I still wondered if he was still alive, 24 
years after that report. I went to the library and looked for any and all 
references to Copito de Nieve, but found absolutely nothing. My final resource 
(which I guess should have been my first) was the www. There I found that 
at least one year ago, he was still alive, well and the only albino gorilla in 
existence. Several travel-related websites mentioned Barcelona's zoo as being 
the home of the worlds only albino gorilla. Unfortunately, a couple of them 
also mentioned the poor shape the zoo is in and how depressing it is to see 
animals confined. After searching more, I found a reference to his "30 th 

birthday", which 
was marked on 
November 1, 1996. 
This date actually 
marks his 30 th year 
in captivity; Not 
the best life for the 
rarest strain of 
simian to exist in 
our time. One of 
the sites depicting 
this anniversary 
listed the 

sentiments of 
many school 


\ ■■ 

I ■ 

children who visited Copito de Nieve on his birthday. 
There was a list of everything written on his "birthday 
card, mostly by children. About the only other thing I 
found was a blurb in a travel diary: 


"His name is Snowflake. He looks like a polar bear, but in 
fact he is only albino gorilla in the world. He sits like a 
king in his cage at the zoo - adored by animal lovers who 
come from all over the world. Zookeepers have made 
endless attempts to help Snowflake to father another 
albino. They have been unsuccessful to date, and the 
situation is getting desperate as Snowflake enters his 
30th year at the zoo. The anthropologist who brought 
Snowflake back from Equatorial Guinea believes that he 
should be cloned. The zoo disagree. We meet Snowflake 
and his keepers, and see archive footage of this 
remarkable gorilla as a toddler". 





PT ■ Mil 





. « 


- U-: 


All Photographs taken by Paul A. Zahl for National 
Geographic, Vol. 131, No. 3 - March 1967 

If anyone can find me more information on Little 
Snowflake, please send me clippings, references or any 
other pertinent data. That humans have failed to meet 
even their own ends through his captivity makes his life 
imprisonment seem all the more a waste. After his death, 
I imagine he will become an icon of human failure and the 
pointless misery we cause trying to control our 

-Super Vrine Monkey 





West Coast Tour 
Oct/Nov 1997 

(The pleasant version) 

by Leia Organa 




*Z^4 '"< *M 

*»3iM * 


■--. ,*& « 




** **Uj ^. 


Friday, Oct 17 - PCH Club, Wilmas, CA 

Dystopia / Disassociate / Corrupted/ 

Hellchild/ Noothgrush 

Some couple fucked on the bathroom sink and broke it, 

creating a His Hero is Gone effect on the show. Reggie 

found the used condom on the floor. Our jaws dropped to 

the ground as we watched Corrupted play for the first time. 

The lights and shit fell off the shelves when they played. 

Saturday, Oct 18 - Koos Cafe, Santa Ana, CA 

Disassociate / Hellchild/ Corrupted/ Noothgrush / Gasp 
One of the best shows of the tour. Hevi and Talbot smoked 
out with Excruciating Terror. Little did they know the joint 
wasnt just pot. Later Hevi got tricked again and smoked 
more, but he liked it. 

Sunday, Oct 19 - C.K.'s Survivalist Bunker, 
Fullerton, CA 

DMsia / Disassociate / Hellchild/ Corrupted/ Dystopia 
Mitch from Gasp put on Midget Porn and passed out 
popsicles, but Dystopia refused to play until he turned off 
the video. 

Monday, Oct 20 - Cactus Club, San Jose, CA 

Disassociate / Hellchild/ Corrupted/ 

Capitalist Casualties/ Noothgrush 

Dont ever play here. The owner is a fuckin' rip-off. 

Tuesday, Oct 21 - Ryland St Basement, Reno, NV 

Corrupted/ Hellchild/ Noothgrush / Gob 
Pete the Sticker Guy is king. Great place to play. Some 
guy showed up In a monkey mask. We gambled *til 7am. 
We realized how hard it is to try to get 5 bands and 4 
friends (24 people) around the casinos and getting a table 
at a restaurant without taking forever. 

Wednesday, Oct 22 - Day Off 

Went to a vegi-chinese resteraunt and tricked Corrupted 
and Hellchild into thinking they were eating real meat It 
was Jose's birthday so we gave him shots of Tequila. He 
threw up at his party at Mauz's house. 

Thursday, Oct 23 - KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA 

Corrupted (featuring Funkleman on noise) / Hellchild 
Corrupted played 9 songs for 2 straight hours. The best 
thing to listen to when you're stoned. 

Friday, Oct 24 - 924 Gilman, Berkeley, CA 

Corrupted / Hellchild / Word Salad/ 
Disassociate /Noothgrush 
Dystopia had a party after the show for all the out 
of town bands and we all got wasted. 

Saturday, Oct 25 - Day Off, SF, CA 

Pretended to be tourists and went to Haight St. and 
Fisherman's Wharf. Then we went to see Dystopia, 
Eldopa and Word Salad that night. Consumed lots 
of alcohol and green stuff. 

Sunday, Oct 26 - Punks with Presses, 
Oakland, CA 

Moral Crux/ Corrupted/ Dystopia / 

Sake / Word Salad 

Got very stoned and drunk. 

Monday, Oct. 27 - The Paris Theatre, 
Portland, OR 

Noothgrush / Corrupted/ Detestation / Axiom 
This place had some bad kharma, everyone's 
equipment broke. We got offered smack as soon as 
we got there. This place is also a rip-off. 

Tuesday, Oct 28 - Roundhouse Records, 
Portland, OR 

Noothgrush / Corrupted/ Detestation / Engorged 
Went record shopping all day. We watched Mauz 
and Hevi skate at Burnside. Great show, great 
people, great place to play> 

Wednesday, Oct 29 - The Velvet Elvis, 

Seattle, w A 

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live / Corrupted/ 

Noothgrush / Toadliquor 

When we got to Washington, some guy at a gas • 

station suggested that we paint "VANGINA" on the 

side of the van. At the show, Corrupted & Mauz got 

tricked by a bum who said he was an undercover 

cop. He took their beer and money. The local 

bands ruled. Everyone in this state is weird. 

Thursday, Oct. 30 - Tried to drive home 

Dino's van broke down 3 or 4 times. We ended up 
in south Oregon at a cheap motel. We went to a 
hick karaoke bar where Mauz sang David Lee Roth's 
"Just a Giggolo" and Billy Joel's "Still Rock & Roll to 
me". All the girls loved him. Me and Gary sang 
"Surrender" by Cheap Trick. 

Friday, Oct 31 - Drove back to Oakland. 

Mauz painted up Corrupted as KISS. Everyone got 
drunk. Dino showed us his freshly pierced penis in 
an alley. Then someone gave Dino a real knife. 
NEVER give Dino a real knife. 














Saturday, Nov. 1 - Happy fun house, SF, CA 

Jenny Piccolo / Corrupted/ Noothgrush / Still Life / COD 
The outside of this place smells like urine. Mmm... Urine. 
After the show, we went to a party where Fanatics and 
Sistema Nervioso were staying. 

Sunday, Nov. 2 - Day Off, Oakland, CA 

Bummed around at the compound all day. Cant 
remember anything after that. 

Monday, Nov. 3 - Club Cocodrie, San Francisco, CA 

Corrupted/ Noothgrush / Slough Feg / 

Lachrymose / Little Princess 

All the bands were great, especially Slough Feg. 

Corrupted took pictures with Steve VonTlll and Billy 


Special thanks to Mauz for driving, Dino for lending 
us his van, Detestation for all the killer food and 
lodging, the guy in Reno who gave Gary the monkey 
mask, all the bands we played with and that loaned 
us equipment, the venues that didn't rip us off, and 
our groupies: Justin, Jason and Tyler (he's the one 

who took all these 
pictures), who were at 
the first 10 shows, Brian 
Detestation, who was at 
almost every show, and 
Anthony Embittered for 
tolerating us on his ride 
back to Seattle. Thanks 
to Reggie, Scott, Pete, 
AUJ Chanel, Josh, and 

Michaela for booking the 
shows. Thanks to 
everone who let us stay 
at their house. Thanks 
to anyone else who 
pitched in one way or 
another, especially 
Disassociate, Hellchild 
and Corrupted for 
including us in the plan. 

Corrupted - Paso Inferior 

CD (Frigidity) 

This is the soundtrack to self-hate hell. No 
matter what mood you're in when this song 
starts, 42 minutes later you'll be reaching for 
pills, blades, bullets or whatever means you 
can find to put an end to the absolute dismay 
in which you suddenly find your existence. 
This band captures sounds and feelings that 
no other band ever has before. Any band 
claiming to be "heavy" or "doom" can have a 
seat. This is the song that I wish I could put 
into people's heads to make them understand 
how little their lives matter. A sonic 
assessment of the fact that humans have no 
right or reason to exist. 

-Super Urine Monkey 








■■•*■ - 






■ •:. 







: ■ ■ 




*- .. 

< - 


Blaze of Incomptence 

CD (Pessimiser/Theologian) 

From the beginning to the end of 16's new 
album, it is absolutely perfect. Massive 
guitar tracks, hellish drum sounds, a bass 
sound to be envied by all and perfectly 
buried yet torturous vocals comprised with 
smart, complex yet catchy songwriting 
make this one fucking punishing album. 
Add to the fact that Alex Newport (of Fudge 
Tunnel) produced it and it can't get any 
better. If you like old Helment, Fudge 
Tunnel and elements of Eyehategod, then 
you'll love it because it has traces of those 
bands yet 16 seems to pull off their style 
with an air of originality that is downright 
awesome. Fuck! I'm jealous! I wish I 
could write songs like this! If you can't 
grasp the genius of this album or any of 
16's releases for that matter, then you are 
fucking incompetent and you should quit 
music! Make way for the blaze of 

-Admiral Andrew 

. . . & •& 

Remember to send 2 copies of your shit to Super Urine Monkey for 

BOTH of us to review. Hell send the second copy to Admrial Andrew, 

and it get reviewed by at least one of us, as long as it doesn't suck. 

We don't review stuff we don't 

like, so if you don't see your 

record or tape in here, try 

harder. You can get most of 

these records through Vacuum. 

Look for his advertisement in 

this aperag somewhere. We're 

monkeys just like you so don't 

get excited if you don't agree. 

is for Ape 

ABNEGATION/CHAPTER, split 7 '. I +/- Records 

side, and the lyrics are pretty antisocial, so its not quite 100% metal, but its 
the closest thing you'll find to it in these reviews. Chapter are more on the 
hectic tamarincore side. Harsh vocals, tripped out guitar, good shit. (SUM) 

ABSINTHE. s/t, 7", (Kino of t he Monsters) 

Now defunct Phoenix operation deals out further damage on this one. Sort of 
an epilogue to their 10". Totally brutal, scathing and critical of the institution 
of Christianity, this record stands as a great example of what the bands in this 
scene could accomplish. The Jack Chick lyric book makes it a classic. (SUM) 

ABUSO SONORO, 7" (Sin Fronteras) 

Great Brazilian poitical hardcore. The vocals rule. (AA) 


s/t 7" (Clean Plate 

Great follow up to their first full 

instead of 30, with all the speed, 
screams & riffs of the first one, 
but more. The song "amputee" 
captures signs of doom potential 
where one never would have 
imagined finding any. I've still 
got reservations about the 
machine, but this one gets my 
opposable thumb up. (SUM) 




Low budget he, the way it should be. Exterminate your brain with this. (AA) 

ACRID/BOMBS OF DEATH, split 7" ( No Idea) 

Acrid come from the Canadian school of hardcore. Fast, fucked up guitar 
work and double vocals. Maybe a tinge of metal, but certainly not too much. 
I was quite pleased. Bombs of Death is a Slayer wannabe band composed of 
Steve from Assuck, Max from Spazz and Dylan (ex-Locust) doing very un-Tom 
Araya like vocals. If you like Slayer, youll dig B.O.D. (The name's a Hirax 
reference, in case you thought Max was over that). (SUM) 


The Belgian splitmeisters dish out a couple more of their patented brutal 
mince core™ ditties. I won't pretend to have heard half of their stuff, but this 


induced grind. Their bassist's name is Raul, by the way. (SUM) 

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, s/t 7" (Clean Plate) 

This is the only 7" you ned to put on right now. It fuckin extinguishes all the 
weak shit out right now. Blazing fury all around. Now get fucked up! (AA) 


ALL ILL. "Mind Power", CD, ( B-core 

Energetic hc/thrash from Spain. Reminds me of Spazz without the humor 
Good shit. (AA) 

ANGEL HAIR, "Pregnant with the Senior Class", CD (Gravity) 

Fuckin' right on collection of this awesome emo/hc band from Colorado. 
Includes the LP, 7", and splits, etc. A lot of bands bit their style. Along with 
Mohinder, Angel Hair were among my favorite bands on Gravity. Essential 
listening. (Gravity; POBox 81332; San Diego, CA 92138; USA) (AA) 

ANTI. "The H.C. Years 1980-84", CD. (Grand Theft Audio 

* • • * ■ 

records. All good stuff that has that unmistakable old school sound that 
most bands can't touch nowadays. (AA) 

APARTMENT 213/BENUMB, split 7" (Stenchosaurus) 

Another one of those "Best from both" splits that you'll fail for not getting, 
but will become severely damaged by upon first listen . Apartment 213 bust 
out some swirly, heavy shit that caused me some internal bleeding. The 
last track sounds like it features Ian Gillan, playing the lead in Jesus Christ 
Super Star, on vocals. Benumb give us 2 untitled tracks, one really fast, and 
one somewhat slow, that demonstrate the versatality and brutality of this 
great band. (SUM) (Stenchosaurus Records; 9520 Cedarwood Dr.; 
Cleaveland, OH 44133; USA) 

APARTMENT 213/BENUMB, split 7" fStenchosaurus 

Crossover maniacs Benumb rip through 2 untitled tracks. Killer stuff. Apt 
213 is good, too, in that infested sort of way. It's fun to hear good ol' Pete 
from Benumb straining his vocal chords. (AA) 

ASSHOLE PARADE /PALATKA, split 12", fCoalition) 

Double scoop of Floridan he. Asshole Parade hands over some of the better 
stuff I've ever heard from them. Its not all as fast as the 7", but for those 
of us that dig dynamics, this is pretty fuckin' good. Palatka delves into new 
realms of mania with totally spastic, yet somehow followable riffs held 
together with some whacked but tight drumming. Impressive. (SUM) 

is for Bonobo 

BRUTAL TRUTH/RUPTURE, split 7" picture disc (Rhetoric) 

I like pot, but not as much as Brutal Truth & Rupture. Rhetoric too. (AA) 

BASTARD NOISE, "Our Earth's Blood part III". 7" (Rhetoric 

One of the machine quartet's finest releases ever. Less chirping, more 
screaming, churning & scraping. Good soundtrack for ape rebellion. The 
cover art tells the story of Horatio, a tortured simian test subject. (SUM) 

and Fiery Force", 12" (Outounk/K) 

Crazed violin soaked hardcore from the northwest. They blend manic, chaotic 
songs with hilarious samples of old rock bands doing lame song introductions, 
as well as other samples. I wonder what Anal Cunt think of them. (SUM) 

BENUMB, "Gear in the Machine", 7" (Relapse 

Cover art? Song titles? A full E.P.? This is Benumb? Wait. It punishes. OK, 
this IS Benumb. Side A contains 4 standard tunes, full of pissed vocals and 
blazing guitar/bass/drums. The real treat, however, is the B side. 
"Deprivation" is one of the most excruciating, slow & battering tracks to ever 
grace vinyl. Ape status granted. (SUM) 

BERT, "Quiet Positive Pump", CD (Chicken Ranch) 

Yes! Total Dazzling Killmen worship. I think more bands should sound like 
this. The music is great and a great Steve Albini recording. This band is out 
there. If you like Skin Graft stuff or bands like Gob get this, chief. (Chicken 
Ranch; PO Box 1157; Ruston, LA 71273; USA) (AA) 

BIZZARE VIDEOS, Late Fall 1997 Cataloa 

A great catalog of videos of horror, sci fi, sleaze, hong kong action and 
punk/hc bands. The descriptions are hilarious. Check it out. (Joseph A. 
Gervasi; 142 Frankford Ave.; Blackwood NJ 08012-3723; USA) (AA) 

* * 


* i 





Ik M 


- Jl 


• .' -i 



S v, 


In good health when found, Copito de Nieve's tooth development indicated 

an age of two years for the 19.25 lb. ape. 

BLACK ARMY JACKET/HEMLOCK, split 10", (Sound Views) 

On the BAJ side you get blasting prosimian violence, peppered with mock- 
sapien numbers like "Hot Date". Youll have a smile on your face as your 
teeth are whacked out with a ball peen hammer. Hemlock, "true" black metal 
from New York, present 3 dark adventures into a realm run by the demonic 
monkeys first seen in Wizard of Oz. Spooky stuff to be sure.(SUM) 
(Sound Views; 96 Henry St., #25W; Brooklyn, NY 11201-1713; USA) 



Some freak in Texas loves Spitboy so much that he calls himself "Joanie 

There are also lots of reviews, ads & good veggie info as well as some 
pleasantly disturbing random thoughts. Me say good job. 2 bucks, 2 stamps 
or trade to 2955 Alouette Dr. # 318; Grand Prairie, TX 75052; USA) (SUM) 

BLIND TO FAITH #2(?) *zine, 32 pqs, full size 

Rad 'zine w/good pix & interviews. The In/Humanity interview in here more 
than makes up for the weak one we had in Monkeybite #2. Fuckers told me 
they didn't DO interviews. Well, this one is awesome. There's also interviews 
with C.R., Asshole Parade & Fang. The pix are all half-toned and everything 
is easy to read. I don't have a clue why this would be "The most hated *zine 
in Cleaveland", this thing rules. (SUM) 
(Blind To Faith; PO Box 771296; Lakewood, OH 44107; USA) 

BOTCH/NINEIRONSPITFIRE, solit 7" (Indecision 

Awesome split of 2 similar operations from Washington. Both are totally 
abrasive and use lots of twisted guitar melodies and nutzoid pace changes to 
keep it from going stale. Botch sounds a little more produced, but 
JNinelronspitfire has a slight edge on being pissed. (SUM) 

BRUTAL TRUTH, "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom" CD (Relapse) 

An impressive improvement over the disappointing "Kill Trend.." record. Total 
grind with a lot of punk and hardcore influence. Think Napalm Death meets 
the Accused. There's a half-man, Half-Gorilla on there, too. (AA) 

is for Chimp 

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, "Dope and War", 7" (Slap-A-Ham) 

Finally on the label they always dreamed of/CC dishes out more of what 
you've come to expect. No dry moments, just full force anger and speed, 
with the occasional riff thrown in. Old fans won't miss Matt at all. (SUM) 

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, 74 song (!!!) CD (Slap-A-Ham) 

Chris Dodge & the Capitalist dudes must have hefty balls to put out a 74 
song CD collection. But believe me champ, the size of those balls is 
justified! Get this CD because ifs C.C.'s collection of splits and assorted 
bullshit you can't find. One of the best hardcore bands in the USA. My 
favorite tracks are, "You explode", "Liberty Gone", and "Fashion". But, hey, 
they all rock the primate universe. (AA) 

CAROL/STACK, split 7" x 

(Summersault) E> I> sNa 

2 of Deutchland's finest pair off . //Wt ,/ '*-*^Wlx\ 
onthis'n, complete with retro- //^^^^0/^))[j\ 
80's metal rip-off artwork. The [[^ \^M?y /\\ 
record itself contains some of Si jl^ A¥ W 
the finest material from both II ^'-f$)f$)i<^ ) 

hands. A hktnriml tpIp^p nn <;n IX^^^^-f^^^U 

many levels. Apeishly good. \\ \1"JI « // 
(Summersault; Paulistr. 10-12; \\^W**«^ 
D-28203 Bremen; Germany) XN^ y ^y^ 
(SUM) ^ — a— "^ j 

CATTLE DECAPITATION, "10 Tales of Torment" 7" (Humanure) 

Contrary to what Hirax boy had 
to say about this in MRR # 173, 
this thing FUCKING RULES. 
Obviously a Locust side project, 
but in somewhat of a different 
direction. Manic, technical & 
brutal with every note. The 
cover is pretty slick, but 
shouldn't outweigh the 
devastation wrought by what's 
contained on the vinyl. Don't 
pass this one up. Get it through 
Vacuum while you can. (SUM) 

CAVE IN. 7" (Hvdra head 

An amazing Acme/ Rorschach style 7 . Sounds exactly like Acme. Cool. (AA) 

CAVITY/ BONGZILLA, double live split 7" (Rhetoric) 

Totally clean recordings of 2 sludge behemoths. The Cavity stuff is both new 
and old, the Bonzilla stuff is pretty trippy. Lotsa weight, lotsa weed (SUM) 

CAVITY/BONGZILLA, double live split 7" (Rhetoric 

A 2 x 7" by Cavity and Bongzilla. Fuckin' depressed! Now pass that shit! (AA) 

CAVITY, "Somewhere between the Train Station ..,", CD (Rhetoric) 

If you haven't heard Florida's Cavity yet, you're a fool. This is their new CD 
and it rules. The production is killer and their new songs totally punish. Ifs 
slow droning shit. I feel it. (AA) 

CAVITY, "Somewhere between the Train Station . " CD (Rhetoric) 

You get one track from their Rhetoric 7", some newer stuff and some more 
live material, mostly stuff from the first LP. The newer stuff was pretty 
pleasing to me, more on the Eyehategod tip. I'm pleased. (SUM) 


I was pleasantly suprised by the combination of technicality and power 
offered by Converge. More, please. Coalesce appealed to me a little more 
than last time. A bit over produced, but suitable listening. (SUM) 


Another Corrupted epic widdled down to 5 minutes. It fades in and then 
out, and what we get in the middle is a brief glimpse at what is probably a 
totally devastating tune. I wish I could hear the whole thing. Enemy Soil 
still impress me with their new sound. The pressing of this record makes 
them sound a little thin, but the songs rule. Totally fucking twisted. (SUM) 

UPTED/BLACK ARMY JACKET, solit 7" (Friaidi 

One of the most awesome Corrupted songs ever, sacrificed to the con- 
straints of a 7". If you saw % em live, you'll remember this song being a lot 
longer and much more intense, but this version will suffice, especially for the 
kimata. Black Army Jacket dump off a couple of their own numbers, 
somewhat attuned to the slower side of things, but with that familiar 
ape-and-at-'em Jacket sound that you've grown to love. (SUM) 

CORRUPTED, "Paso Inferior" CD (Frigidity) 

One song CD from the Japanese downers. A fucking great repetetive riff to 
damage you over and over again for 42 minutes. If you're down, this will 
put you further into the depths of despair. (AA) 

MILHOUSE, Solit 7" (C.I. 

Two great NYHC bands team up to do he damage on this. 2 great Milhouse 
tracks accompanied by anger filled C.R. tracks (1 original and a Team 
Dresch cover). Too bad the package sucks. (C.I. Records; 739 Manor St., 
Lancaster, PA 17603; USA) (AA) 

CRUNCH, "Bubba Bubba Bubba", 12" (Clean Plate) 

Italian he that blends old school, crazy fastcore and a sense of humor over 
the course of 25 songs recorded (& originally released) in 1995/1996. 
Comes with big poster/lyric sheet and a nutty cover. (SUM) 


Old Bronson tracks. Pretty good, but the new stuff is better. Unanswered 
fucking rules. Like Rorschach & Jesuit style. Packaging is whack. (AA) 

CRUNCH. "Bubba Bubba Bubba". 12" (Clean Plate 

Awesome fast he that reminds me of Los Crudos, crossed with old DRI and 
Capitalist Casualites. Obtain. (AA) 


Everything that was ever good about Charles Bronson shines through on this 
one, including the samples, the sarcastic social commentary, the manic riffs 
and Mark's girl voice. Chuck, we hardly knew ye. Unanswered, as I've said 
many-a-time, are totally punishing, totally original and will make a baboon's 
genitals swell in mere seconds. While a lot of their stuff is totally fast, they 
do have more pounding moments, quiet parts, slow parts and some totally 
fucked up pace & timing changes. Awesome. (SUM) 
(Track Star; PO Box 60; Forked River, NJ 08731-0060; USA) 

[ CHARLES BRONSON/OUILL, split 7" (Nat) 
Both awesome and compliment each other. For fans of Spazz. (AA) 


More awesome Bronson stuff, includes listings of their favorite bands, their 
crusty enemies and thanks to folks like the prolife moshcore vegans. Quill 
sound similar to their paysans Assfort, but with a heavier twist added at 
times. Like a cross between Bronson & Gleek from the wonder twins. (SUM) 

CWILL, "Sevenlnch", 7" (Sacro Eqosimo) 

Above average kraut-crust with some pretty rad violin thrown in for no 
apparent reason. Weird, trippy, innovative stuff. (SUM) 



COMBATWOUNPEDVETERAN, s/t 7" (Suppose.,,1 break vour neck) 

Floridan fastcore that'll peel the skin off yer eyes and shatter yer teeth. Lots 
of samples and variety in the songs so you won't get bored, and lots of pain 
and suffering in the vocals and music so you don't forget you're alive. (SUM) 
(Suppose...! Break Your Neck Records; PO Box 898; Largo, FL 33779; USA) 

COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN, s/t 7" (Suppose. ..I break vour neck 

Fuckin' ripping fast he with a definite Bronson influence. Good shit. (AA) 










'." ' 

o - -■ 

is for Douc 

DAMAD, s/t 7" (Bacteria Sour 

Instead of raving about the packaging, I'll just tell you that "Rewind" is one 
of the best Damad songs ever. The samples rule, if you're smart enough to 
understand them, and the music is stacked with apeish fury. "Manmade" is 
standard Damad fare, making this something you don't wanna miss. (SUM) 

D.P.P.S., "Urge for Going" 7" ( NAT) 

Lo-fi, Lo tuned, sick as fuck and packed with burl. Japan's answer to 
Stapled Shut. I only wish the recording quality were a little better, but that 
drawback doesn't really stain this awesome record. Punishing. (SUM) 

DANISH ESROM.# 4, 'line, half size, 28dqs 

Mostly socio-political *zine. There are some *zine reviews, ads & band (not 
record) reviews in here, but nothing else really about music. Most of it is 
animal rights oriented. The reading is pretty insightful and worth a gander, 
but what secured my recommendation was the pro-ape features. (SUM) 
(Noah; 634 Millwood Rd., Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1K8; Canada) 

DANISH ESROM.# 4. % zine. half size, 28dqs 

Cool Canadian punk % zme w/ a personal feel as well as an objection to ape 
experiments. Cool shit. (AA) 


I dunno why Ken told me I wouldn't like this. Its pretty good. A bit more on 
the skatecore side ( I guess that was his reason), but brutal nonetheless. A 
couple of riffs forced me to form a goafs head with my hand. (SUM) 

DEATHREAT, s/t 7" (Prank 

This is Citizen's Arrest style he w/members of His Hero is Gone. (AA) 



DENAK/EXCRETED ALIVE, Split 7* (Abnormal Beer Terrorism) 

With an awesome follow up to their first split, Denak return to shatter your 
ears with some more of their blistering grind. Dual vocals from one guy! 
Classic. Excreted Alive, also from Spain, dish out a more old-hardcore 
influneced grind. Listening to them is like nibbling through electrical wire. At 
first it seems fun, but you don't get the last laugh. (SUM) 
(A.B.T. c/o Matjaz Galicic; Trilerjeva 4; 1215 Medvode; Slovenia) 

DETESTATION. "The Aqonv of Livino". CD (H:G Fact 

A Collection of 15 tracks, including their demo, 7", and some live stuff. 
Female vocals over non-stop finnish-style hypercrust. Lyrics jab at the U.S. 
labor system, homophobia, and dead punk band reunions. The best line is 
"My Hatred fed by your stupidity". Ah, someone who understands. (SUM). 

DEVOID OF FAITH, "Slow Motion Enslavement". 7" (Coalition! 

Punishing riffs, jarring lyrics and the old-school Infesty vocals make up a brew 
that only D.O.F. could master. The guitar war is pretty fucking awesome, but 
the lyrical assault on mainstream mentality wins. (SUM) 

DEVOLA, "Playing the qame of Revenqe and winninq", CD (Mountain) 

Fuckin' awesome he band from NY who sound like Charles Bronson, Spazz 
and C.R.. These songs rule and the packaging is cool and unique. I would 
say youre a failure if you miss this. (AA) 
(Mountain; PO Box 220320; Brooklyn, NY 11222-9997; USA) 

DIM MAK, (demo) 

ex-Ripping Corpse guitarist, singer & drummer set out to do (and acheive) 
the most technical he band in existence. This is the best demo I got in 1997. 
(c/o Scott; 94D Throckmorton Ave.; Red Bank, NJ 07701; USA) (AA) 

DISTURBO MENOR. 7" (Sin Fronteras 

This is OK punk/hc from Chile. Its old style w/ a Raw Power influence. (AA) 

iter", CD (Pessimiser/Theoloqian) 

Awesome female vocals and he music. Reminiscent of Nausea, Suicidal 
Tendancies and other crossover bands like DRI. I love this CD. The lyrics 
rule, as does the artwork. (AA) 

is for Evolution 

EBOLA, "Imprecation", 7" (Flat Earth 

Annilihating follow up to their devastating LP. Not only do you get 9 tracks 
of brutal gibboncore, and not only do you get a fat lyric booklet, but there's 
a picture of a grinning chimp on the label of the A side. Impressive. (SUM) 

EBOLA, "Imprecation". 7" (Flat Earth) 

Fucking fast he with awesome changes. Kind of like a well produced Drop 
Dead and the packaging is thick and full of info. Worthy of your cash. (AA) 

ENEMY SOIL, "Ruins of Eden", CD (Clean Plate 

When I saw *em at Fiesta #5 with a real drummer, I knew that this band 
was gonna get better. 11 awesome blasts, coupling chest-pounding violence 
with sparse quiet moments. Not too different from past endeavors, just 
better. Originally released in Europe on 10" (Insolito). CD comes with 
material from live at Fiesta Grande flexi (also on Clean Plate). (SUM) 

ENEMY SOIL -Ruins of Eden-. CD (Clean Plate) 

Excellent grinding he from Enemy Soil. These new songs rule and kind of 
sound like Despise You. The lyrics are right on, too. (AA) 

ENEMY SOIL, "Live at Fiesta Grande" 7" flexi (Clean Plate 

What kind of fucking idiots would put out a live flexi? (AA) 


Equally devastating onboth sides. Bow down, fucker. (AA) 


*U**> ■■ 



NOSEBLEED, split 7" ( Bovin. 

The best Enemy Soil yet. Only 3 ~. 

songs, but the first one punishes . ; •' 

and each song gets better as it 

goes along. The end of the last ! 

song made my bladder snap. I F 

threw the needle right back to the < 

beginning when it was over and -±v 

then I had to change my pants. ^J| 

Agoraphobic Nosebleed rips your &-■ 

ears a new asshole with totally 

insane riffs, including a nice slow 

crushing one at the end. This is a good fucking split. (SUM) 

ENGINE #4, full size, hella pages 

Mr. Average returns with another awesome issue covering "angry music for 
angry people". Interviews include Seein' Red, Agents of Satan, Black Army 
Jacket and tons more. The layout kicks ass, the articles rule and the photos 
are top notch. One of the best x zines of our time. No monkeys, though. 
$3ppd (Engine Fanzine; PO Box 64666; Los Angeles, CA 90064; USA) (SUM) 

ENGINE #4, full size, hella oaaes 

Matt Average has done it again. He manages to destroy all other he 'zines 
and is posibly one of the best he 'zines in the USA (along with Change *zine). 


nir^i p. •■•£]•; \k\ r»3Mrc^iiKX««TiGBB 

Charles Bronson and more. This is the best issue of Engine so far. (AA) 

ENTROPY, "Tangled Human Complex", cassette (Etv) 

From Mass., Entropy is a twisted grind/he band with a big Rorschach 
influence. It's definitely cool and worth it. These songs are longer than 
their first tape, "World of Disgust", and just as good. (AA) 

ENEWETAK/UNRUH, split 7" ( Feast & Famine 

Of the 3 Enewetak songs, I like the 2nd the best. They were a great band, 
but this ain't their best stuff. Unruh, on the other hand, present some of 
their finest material yet. Totally captivating, sometimes lurching, sometimes 
blasting and always punishing. (Address at end of Unruh interview) (SUM) 

[ ENVY/ENDEAVOR, split 7" (H:G Fact) 
More tearjerkin' madness from Japan's Envy. Not like any other Japanese 
band I've heard, but still damn good. Endeavor are similar, but a bit more 
on the rough side. The lyrics will make you feel like a mandrill's ass. (SUM) 


A ridiculous split 7 of insane grind by both of these tremendous bands. (AA) 

is for Fossey 

"Who Will Save the 
Unwanted?" 7" (Rhetoric) 

Awesome Virginian operation with 
twists and tricks that lead the 
music in a whole new direction. 
Some times riff oriented, but also 
lots of faster stuff with the dual 
guitars each standing out and the 
bass fuzzed to a blurry buzz. Fun 
for chimps of all ages. Highly 
recommended. (SUM) 


Facade Burned Black 

OOOOOmiu ^1 

FACADE BURNED BLACK, "Who Will Save the Unwanted" 7" (Rhetoric! 

Interesting noisy hardcore that dives into hate sludge and goes back and 
forth, keeping you hooked. (AA) 


Friends are gay. (AA) 

FU MANCHU, "The Action is Go". CD ( Mammoth 

Cheer, and Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu grooves with punishment. Songs 
about outer space, muscle cars and Sasquatch. Dude, you can't go wrong. 
Listening to this reminds me of driving in my Dad's car while he subjected me 
to his classic rock taste. Awesome. (Mammoth; The Broadstreet building 
101 B St., Carborrow, NC 27510; USA) (AA) 

FU MANCHU, "Godzilla", 10" (Man's Ruin) 

Fucking amazing 10" by Fu Manchu with 3 tracks of killer sludge rock with 
insane guitar sounds ala Tony Iommi. "Godzilla" is a monstrous track that 
totally lays it down. Ace record and the shot of the stoner chick rules. (AA) 

is for Gorilla 

GENERATION EXCREMENT, Issue # 2, half size 

A great 2nd issue from that negative fucker Carlos outta Hawthorne, CA. 
Interviews with Apt. 213, Cojoba, Naomi/KXLU and an awesome 16 inter- 
view. This rules and is full of negativity and venomous rants against 
christians, rock stars, the rich and his own "Fuck You Haiku". I loved it! (AA) 





GNOB/NOBODY, split 7", (Lb.) 

Gnob dishes out the sounds of a twitching lemur. A fairly average/good DIY 
outfit, but worth a listen just for the song title "Resignation as Human". 
Nobody exists in a unexplored jungle somewhere, possibly on another planet. 
Extremely innovative stuff, almost like 70s space rock or '80's death rock at 
times. Really weird, but I like. (SUM) 
(Lb. Records; 412 S. Armistead Ave.; Hampton, VA 23669; USA) 

r T& 


■ « 

GODSTOMPER, s/t 7" fCessDOol/625 Productions/ODen Wound 

Awesome lo-fi grind/punk with no guitar. Pretty cool & worth a listen. (AA) 

GODSTOMPER, s/t 7" (Cesspool/625 Productions/Open Wound) 

Sunnyvale's lords of lo-fi, the Ascevedo bros. return with a full platter of 
goods for you to choke on. Paul dishes out the hollers and distorted garbage 
disposal bass, while Danny serves up some of the most tight & manic 
drumming you're gonna taste for a while. Good eatin'. (SUM) 






Officially, Little Snowflake's name is "Nfumu", which means "white" in the 
tribal language of the land in which he was born, and his mother killed. 


Grief broke up! That sucks! But the good news is that Jeff, Terry, Eric and 
their old drummer are starting a new band similar to Grief but with a 
different name. Look for more info in the next issue. (AA) 


t« % 


"*? LMk 


HELLCHILD "Clockwork Toy", 7" (V) 

A lesson in metal from Japan's finest. It ain't grind, its barely hardcore and 
its got mad pace changes and technical prowess. Not your standard 
Japanese fare, but awesome nonetheless. (SUM) 
(V. Records; PO Box 4382; Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4382; USA) 

HELLCHILD, "Circulatina Contradictions". CD ( Ritual 

t _. w _- — — , _ ..._. 1 — _ v __j _. .__ 

like Brutal Truth's fist LP "Extreme Conditions". I almost destroyed my new 
apartment moshing with Nicole to this. (AA) 

HELLNATION, "At War with Emo", 5" (Slao-A-Ham) 

Some of the best Hellnation yet. I actually heard a break in there 
somewhere! 3 guys, 5 inches, 8 songs, and I couldn't find anything about 
emo on the thing. They give the back of their hand to the crusties a couple 
of times, though. A whirlwind of scathing aural infliction. (SUM) - 

HELLNATION, "At War with Emo". 5" ( Slao-A-I 

Thrash core that reminds me of D.R.I, but only in the guitars. The singer 
sounds like he went to the Drop Dead school of vocal instruction. A raging 5" 
that rips many emo bands to shreds. It's about time somebody went to war 
with emo. Care to join the fight? (AA) 

HELLNATION/REAL REGGAE, Split 7" (Slightly Fast) 

If you thought Hellnation was starting to repeat themselves, then this is for 
you. I was blown away by the introduction of some pretty out of character 
pace changes mixed in with a bit of a more old school Hellnation sound. Real 
Reggae will definitely appeal to Hellnation fans. Japanese extremecore that 
will strip the fur off of any sleeping macaque. Brutal. (SUM) 

HELLNATION/SINK. Solit 7" ( Sound Pollution 

Hellnation drops off another bucket of their patented Covington fried he. Sink 
took me by complete surprise, though. I'd heard 'em on the Japankore vol. 2 
comp, and somehow wasn't prepared for this. Awesome all female band that 
you better not miss, x cause this is their last record. (SUM) 

HEMLOCK, "Crush the race of God", CD (Head Not Found) 

Debut CD from this NYC black metal outfit. It reminds me of Darkthrone 
"Panzerfaust". Lo-fi production gives this a raw edge. The overall feel of this 
CD is unholy. (AA) 

HIS HERO IS GONE/URANUS, split 12' (Great American Steak Reliqion) 

HHIG coughs up some good shit, more like their demo stuff, not as well 
produced as the LPs. Uranus was new to me, and I was very pleased. 
Whacked Canadian he with a touch of drama so you can feel bad about it later 
when you're trying to have a good time. Now that's a good record. Hand 
screened covers makes it even better, hope it gets re-pressed. (SUM) 

is for Howler Monkey 

HAIL MARY, s/t 7" (Prank) 

Cool Born Against style hardcore with a Life's Blood influence, too. (AA) 


Fucking spiteful demo with a His Hero is gone influence. They're more 
prone to slow it down and go off. I like their raw sound. Hopefully people 
will notice them. Great cover and the song "College Anarchists" destroys. 
(Hand of an Angry God; 780 East Campus Rd.; Athens, GA 30605) (AA) 

[ HAND OF GOD, (Demo) 
Weird demo. They have harsh vocals with semi-melodic music (lots of 
octaves on guitar). Its a strange blend so I don't want to call this emo, but 
with a name like Hand of God, I'd expect some downtuned punishment (AA) 
(Hand of God; 187 Lark St. Apt 2; Albany NY, 12210; USA) 

HIS HERO IS GONE/URANUS, split 12" (Great American Steak Religion) 

HHIG blast through 6 tracks of blistering he (with a Jerry's Kid's cover) and 
the Uranus side is actually their classic demo pressed on vinyl. Hearing these 
bands on this record together is cool because they are similar even though 
they existed at different times (AA) 

HIS HERO IS GONE. "Monuments to Thrives". 12" (Prank 

Wow, HHIG is one of the best hardcore bands around the USA these days. 
Brutal shit here, though not as classic as the first LP, but still great. I've 
noticed a couple of Voivod riffs in here, which is a good place to lift. Get this 
and any other His Hero stuff. It's all right on. (SUM) 

HIS HERO IS GONE. "Monuments to Theives", 12" (Prank) 

More of the punishing sonic disturbance hinted at on their 7" and developed 
on the first 12". Intricate, harsh and sometimes sickening. Didn't leave the 
turntable for a while. I hope I never get sick of this band. (SUM) 

Not even the myths of tribal Rio Muni suggest the existence of a White Gorilla 

is for Indri 

is for Jane Goodall 

E, "Positive Charqed" CD (Grand Theft Audio 

If you like nardcore (a social term for melodic he from Oxnard CA), you will 
love this. It's quintessential to melodic he from the early 80's and you should 
check it out because all of the 43 tracks will get you moving. (AA) 

INHUMAN, "Evolver", CD (Eyeball) 

A great NYHC band that reminds me of Slapshot and Negative Approach. 
They blow away all the tough guy NYHC bands. This CD is a good 
representation of the damage Inhuman can inflict on you, (Eyeball; PO Box 
1653; New York, NY 10009; USA) (AA) 



IN/HUMANITY "The History behind the Mvsterv" CD (H:G Fact 

Weird collection of tracks from 

one of my favorite bands. Not . C J. a / . c .., ; < - 

exactly in the same vein as their l ; \ \i/ ! \M (J^oi 5 j\ 
jolder material. You get 11 short J 

tracks, 1 medium length ditty 
and a 15 minute doozy of sounds 
and noise. Overall, this CD is 
very dark and introspective. , 
After a few listens, it started to 
make every day seem like a rainy 

day. An awesome musical ' . ... 

representation of our world as a 

dismal humanmed ruins. Cant > ■•»^"- .<■ *u- ymrs^.i uv 

beatthat (SUM) 


tut Hisropy bfeltlHd tiic Hystwisy 

music tv Ktu. youKsekr uv 

INTEGRITY, "Season in the size of davs", (Victory) 

Looks like a black metal CD but still sounds like integrity. Gritty hardcore 
thafs in your face. Good CD but get "Systems Overload" LP for maximum 
mosh fest. (AA) (Victory; POBox 146546; Chicago, IL 60614) 

IOMMI STUBBS, "Rockandrollodor", 12" (American Voter 

I really hesitate to compare this to Eyehategod and Sleep, although most 
probably will. Its got way more of a Karp/Melvins sound to it, and goes off in 
more directions than any of the aforementioned. The perfect record for a 
rainy day and a few bong hits. I was extremely pleased by this (except the titte). 
(American Voter; PO Box 14655 S.E.; Portland, OR 97214; USA) (SUM) 

IRE, s/t 7" (Schema^ 

Holy fucking apeshit!!! This is one 
of the best records I've heard in a 
long fuckin' time. I loved their split 
12" w/Seized, but this somehow 
even tops that! They've got the 
german he thing down pat, and put 
enough of a twist on it to avoid 
being derivative. One of the best 
records of the year. (SUM) 
(Schema; PO Box 1161; Battle 
Creek, MI 49016-1161; USA) 

IRON MONKEY, s/t CD (Earache 

Taking the best parts of Grief and Eyehategod with a big "Hats off" to Black 
Sabbath, England's Iron Monkey sludge us through 6 tracks of relentless 
depressed stoner core. "666 Pack" wins song title of the year (AA) 

ILL REPUTE. "Positive Charaed" CD (Grand Theft Audio 

An excellent thrashcore LP. The music is full of fury and the vocals are 
screamed Cryptic Slaughter style. A ruling LP (AA) 

JESUIT, s/t 7" (Reservoir) 

Awesome technical hardcore from Virginny. Mangled guitars battle for 
epileptic glory while the drums chase them down with a nail gun. Sickly 
negative lyrics lurk within the shouts and screams that pepper the sonic 
blasts. One of the best fucking things I've heard in a while. (SUM) 

JIHAD. "New Testament", 7" (Makoto) 

Post Mortem release from these kreepy kapuchins from Kalamazoo. Com- 
plete reprimand wrapped up in a dreary overtone, peppered with defensive 
spoken word vocals and, of course, that Jihad sound that kicks so much 
tight primate posterior. (SUM) 

JOIN KAO, % zine. full size, various lengths 

I ain't gonna review a specific issue, 'cause they're all about the same. Its 
one of the better Euro zines I've seen, and they cover some good foreign 
bands like Mine and Envy. When it comes to reviews, however, most of the 
staff often sound like they have no clue what they're talking about 
Otherwise, it ain't bad. (Join Kao; Box 2003; 9100 Alborg; Denmark) (SUM) 


rsup j 





Mt fl ) M3U 


5 : :■: 




is for Koshimi Monkey 

KILARA. "The Funeral Fix". CD (Rhetoric 

Sorta Cavity-esque trip from Virginia, where bands seem to be coming 
outta the wood work. One one level it can be somewhat heavy and dreary, 
but mostly it has more groove and presence than a doom band. A little too 
happy, but with enough simian elements to keep my interest. (SUM) 

IRONY OF LIGHTFOOT, "Ibex" 7" (Wreckage) 

A big improvement over their first 7". Its great noisy hardcore with a nice 
modern twist. Good guitar sounds. (AA) 

KILARA, "The Funeral Fix", CD (Rhetoric) 

Kilara have found their sound on this kink of a cross between Eyehategod 
and Helmet. It has the groove that both of thos ebands utilize. I like this 
record better than their 7". (AA) 

KILL YOUR IDOLS, 12" EP f None of the Above^ 

Kill Your Idols is a he band from NY who play 80's influenced he like Negative 
Approach, SSD & Minor Threat. "Change" is my favorite track. (AA) 
(None of the Above; PO Box 654; Farmingville, NY 11738; USA) 

KISS IT GOODBYE, "Preacher", 7" (Revelation 

Treacher is a great track, a little different from KIG's LP. Its faster and more 

which is pointless to me. The new song kills, though. (AA) 


Short, but brutal disc from heretofore unknown gibbons from Sapporo, Japan. 
In 15 minutes, you get 11 tracks of chaotic blasts, node swelling vocals and 
berzerker riffs. Great stuff. (SUM) 


Konstrukt step in from nowhere (OK, Austria) with some awesome warped he. 
Apeish pace changes and twisted mood snaps give their side the edge in a 
close battle with Slovenia's Wasserdicht. The latter band brandish old-school 
technique within an otherwise thrashy approach to modern crust. (SUM) 
(Jay Walk; Smetanova 82; 2000 Maribor; Slovenia) 

[ KONSTRUKT/WASSERDICHT, split 7" (Jav Walk) 
Konstrukt are Austrian he, liek Systral, and Wasserdicht is from Slovenia and 
rip it up as well. (AA) 

LARM, "Extreme Noise". CD (Coalition) 

75 tracks of prehistoric fastcore from Holland's Classic Commie Colobus 
monkeys. A collection of material recorded from '84-'87. Good listen for 
the kids that think this shit started in the Ws. (SUM) 


Collection", 7" (Punch the Cheese 

KVIKKSOLUGUTTENE, "Gamlem" CDEP (Head Not Found 

Unholy shit! This is the best black metal band ever. Fucking distorted to hell. 
"Skullcrusher" has to be a masterpiece. Black metal with a definite punk/hc 
influence. The back cover has a pentagram made out of cocaine! Classic. (AA) 

KVIKKSOLUGUTTENE, "Kriea" CD (Head Not Found) 

The fucking full length brutality from Norway's Kvikksoluguttene. Just a good 
as "Gamlem" ep. THis band can be compared to old Mayhem (same bassist). 
With hardcore riffs and black metal you will not lose. (AA) 

gimmick band. 3 Japanese girls, g 
dressed in gowns, gems and *5 
tiaras doing cute song intros and 
then blasting through short spurts 
of brutal, hectic grind. Assuck £ 
with a twist. Then, after each jj 
song, they all clap. Comes w/ * 
coloring book. Ltd to 200 (SUM) £ 

tfg, S~f Vi C«Aa^ jt 

LITTLE PRINCESS, n Sonq Collection", 7" (Punch the Cheese) 

The most amazing band. They're cute and they grind like maniacs. The 
packaging is right on. This is a fun 7" to listen to and it will Chher you up! 
All Hail the Little Princess! (AA) 

LIVING IMPAIRED, "World keeps spinning", CD (Cold Earth 

From Maine and totally like old Brutal Truth, its OK stuff. Fans of BT should 
get this. The lyrics are really good on "Human's Way" and "Flea Market 
Religion". (AA) (C.E.; 8 Tanglewood Dr. #5; Lewiston, ME; 04240; USA) 

LOGICAL NONSENSE, "Expand the Hive", CD (Alternative Tentacles! 

This is what a hardcore band should sound like. Ripping guitars, hefty 
drums, booming bass and infected vocals. This CD rules in every sense. 
Logical continues wth great stuff here. Check it out. (AA) 

LOS CRUDOS, LP (Lenaua Armada 

A great LP by this classic he band. The vocals are a little different on this, 
but in a good way. This is the way hardcore bands should sound. Fast and 
furious. The packaging is unique. Seek this out. (AA) 


Ifelai ri * WM ryf^rMi ^fc- 



■ h«J fc*T\ f f r J.- **^ 


i 1 


■ ■ ■** 

t - 

4 * 

"ftl*m T7\* 

• /S^- 

•** .* - * ' * *» 


- '-^ -v^:-'C. 

- ; * 1 ■ * fi 

is for Macaque 

MAKARA. s/t 7" (Hymnal) 

A totally gripping sound from 
this 5-piece. The songs are 
somewhat depressing, but the 
music is mostly fast, similar to 
some of the newer German he 
that's going around. It's a 
Jenny-Piccolo side project; a lit- 
tle more on the melodic side, 
but still brutal. Awesome. 


ICHURIAN CANDIDATES, "Double Crossed", 7" (Big Citv Bastards) 

I dunno if I was asleep when I heard them on El Guapo or what, but this 
band is pretty fuckin' good. Mostly fast, lung scraping vocals, the occasional 
melody and just enough riffs to make it interesting. (SUM) 
(Big City Bastards Records; 5006 Grover; Austin, TX 78756-2630; USA) 

is for Lemur 

LAMAGNA, 7 (Wreckage 

Ex-Scapegrace vocalist w/melodic yet hard stuff. Pretty Great (AA) 

MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES, "Double Crossed*. 7" (Big Citv Bastards) 

Excellent he band from Texas with good lyrics. Its pretty original. Get (AA) 

MANFAT/HARD TO SWALLOW, split 7", (Enslaved 

I really like both of the bands on this, but they are hard to describe, so I 
won't bother. Check it out if you like fast hardcore. (AA) 
(Enslaved; PO Box 169 Forster Ct.; Bradford, W Yorks; BD7 1YS, UK) 


■ ■• 


7 *x 

• , , 

•J ' ■ ■ ■, ' •_ . 


■• ■ 



(Alternative Tentacles 

Fucking godlike MITB tracks. Its baffling to imagine this band getting better 
and better. Each record they destroy everything! These 3 tracks will rule 
your life. Let the punishment flow! (AA) 

(Alternative Tentacles) 

Man is the Bastard dispenses 3 amazing new tracks, exposing more of their 
prog-rock influence and expanding their diversity with 4 different vocalists 
and more music-oriented electronic soundworks. While one may be surprised 
by their decision to contribute to a label of A.T.'s scale, rest assured that 
every cent made from this project is going to Mumia's defense. If you're 
unfamiliar with the case, then that's all the more reason to check this out and 
educate yourself. Mumia's spoken word doesn't merely explain the reasons 
for his incarceration, but the reason for political imprisonment throughout the 
"free" world. Even the most brainwashed cop loving asshole can understand 
what he has to say. Listen. (SUM) 


The MITB stuff is from Fiesta *96, KXLU '94 and some other random stuff. If 
you dug the live 7" on Deep Six, you'll dig this. The Bastard Noise side is 
from a 1995 radio performance, and as you could expect, sounds like a 
lobotomized monkey trying to break open a human head for food. This label 
did 500 live Capitalist 7"s, so don't expect a repress of these 500. (Vibrator; 
30, Nakajima-Cho, Momoyama-Cho; Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto, 612; Japan) (SUM) 

[ MELT BANANA, s/t 7" fSlap-A-Ham) 
More of what Melt Banana lovers get into. Those who don't know need to 
find out. The craziest of the crazed Japanese operations. Songs include "Bird 
Like a Monkey part 2". (SUM) 

MELT BANANA, s/t 7" (Slap-A-Ham 

One noisy ass 7". Weird shit. Mr. Bungle with a twisted girl singer. 
Maybe.. .you decide. It's on Slap-A-Ham, so all you little bandwagon babies 
must get it. I like the rats on the back cover! (AA) 


South SF's Misanthropists burn 
through 5 tracks of their impres- 
sive take on he. While many 
bands seem to be trying and 
missing the point, these guys 

aren't having any trouble at all. 
Christian Prohibition busts out 
some 1988 sounding punk, 
mixed with a chunk of brutality 
to keep it fresh. (SUM) 
(Cesspool; 985 Bidwell Ave.; 
Sunnyvale, CA 94086; USA) 


Both bands play fast. More bands should play slow. (AA) 

MORE NOISE FOR LIFE, s/t 7" (Blurred) 

If you were looking for a Japanese label that puts out nonstop fastcore/ 
grind, Blurred should suit you fine. More Noise For Life captures the most 
insane take on "80s style hardcore with 12 tunes, including a DK cover. 
The back cover says "Punk is not only fun", just in case you didn't know 
where they were coming from. (SUM) 

MORSER, "Two Hours to Doom", 12", (Per Koro) 

Ex-Systral/Carol that punishes as much as their previous projects, although 
on a slightly different level. 2 bassists & 4 vocalists round out the 8 piece. 
Some of this stuff is a little more metallic, some more melodic. At any rate, 
its a devastating collection of kraut fury that only a complete failure would 
miss. (SUM) (Per Koro; Fehrfeld 26; 28203 Bremen; Germany) 

MOTHMAN, "Poison Arm" 7" (Rocket Science) 

A new twisted 7" by noise rock masters Mothman. Kind of like Shellac if 
they took a lot of drugs and shit. This is beyond fucked, so its right for me. 
You need this you fuckin' piece of shit! 
(Rocket Science; 85 Veterans Pkwy; Pearl River,NY, 10965; USA) (AA) 


Czechoslovakian hardcore represent. If you're going to actively listen to 
modern hardcore, you can't pass up this foreign shit They introduce 
elements musically & vocally that you just won't hear from a US band. M.B. 
sounded a little more pissed to me, but POR touched on some sick sounds, 
similar to France's Opstand. (SUM) (Insane Society; PO Box 6; 501 01 
Hradec Kralove; Czech) 


I'm fuckin' sick of music. (AA) 

is for Night Monkey 

NASUM, "World in Turmoil", 7" (Blurred 

Japanese fastcore with a dark overtone. Punishing dual vocals, and very 
well developed music, especially compared with other stuff on the label. 
One of the better listens this time Yound. (SUM) 

9 SHOCKS TERROR, -Earth, Wind &The Sheik Throwi ng Fire". 7" (River on Fire! 

Ohio outfit, ex-HlOOs, similar in sound to Australia's Subversion, with outta 
hand guitar leads, total time capsule riffs and nearly legible vocals. Good 
stuff. (SUM) (River on Fire; PO Box 771296; Lakewood OH 44107; USA) 

MERZBOW, "Space Metalizer" CD, (Alien81 

What on the surface is just another Merzbow release turns out to be another 
Merzbow sonic assault. This is the kind of stuff thafs making the American 
he kids go nuts for noise. Another lesson from the master. (SUM) 

NO SIDE, "Depressing Dav", 7" (H:G Fact 

More of the crazed take on "80s hardcore you've come to expect from 
Japanese bands. Has almost a UK feel to it, though. Those who reject 
modern crossover will really get into this stuff. (SUM) 


This is noise. I don't know what to say except, "YAWN". Goodnight. (AA) 


I like Pretentious Assholes' style of he/grind. Its not formula. I don't like 
Dangermouse too much. (AA) 

is for Orangutan 

OPSTAND/SEEIN' RED, split 7" (Praxis Records 

Opstand give us more of what we want: Non stop insane bonobo core with 
paint peeling vocals. Seeln' Red, while not usually up my alley, took me by 
surprise. They still keep an element of classic he, but it sounds pretty brutal 
to me. (SUM) (Praxis Records; 27crs intendance; 33000 bordeaux; France) 


2 Chicago area bands square off on this D.I.Y. collective effort. P.A. are 
totally brutal, blending heavier elements into their sound, while Danger- 
mouse stick to an older he formula. READ THE FUCKING BOOKLET! (SUM) 


I'm no stranger to the punishment of life. (AA) 

is for Patas 

PAINDRIVER. "The Truth...". 7". (Sound Pollution 

Aside from being ex-Ulcer, this is sorta what you'd expect from Sound I 
Pollution. Like the back cover sez: "Not Crust. Not Grind. Just Hardcore." 1 
Totally fast, totally pissed and the logo has a skull with nails in it. Cool. (SUM) 

k is for Queen of the Apes 

UADILIACHA, 7". (Denied a Custom 

Awesome melodic hardcore with an Assfactor 4 influence. (AA) 

PAY NEUTER, "Dead Inside", 12", (Tee Pee) 

Arizona tamarins who utilize the gap left by old Neurosis, while introducing 
some elements of modern hardcore crossover. Played at the right time, this 
LP broods and builds to a swirling fury where the swell from plodding to blur 
is almost unnoticable. I'm into it (SUM) 

PAY NEUTER, "Dead Inside", 12", (Tee Pee 

Totally raging metal influenced he from Phoenix, AZ. This record kicks from 
start to finish. Listen to it in a rage. Its fun. (AA) 


I really don't like people. (AA) 

is for Rhesus Monkey 

RECLUSE #E (?1, 'zine, full size, 36pqs 

Interviews w/Stapled Shut, Gasp and a bbunch more. Also contains Hong 
Kong movie reviews, pix of bands & pro wrestlers, reviews, ads and random 
clippings. His best so far. Send a buck or two to: Arty Flores; 5902 
Valleywood, San Antonio, TX 78250, USA. (SUM) 

R.P.O.D, "Cataclysmic Devastation" (Demo 

This is R.P.O.D.'s 2nd demo. They're from Queens NY and they rule. Old 
style hc/thrash that's not afraid to play fast. The vocals rule. I'd like to see 
this band release some vinyl. (87-10 Clover PI; Hollis, NY 11423; USA) (AA) 

PHOBIA, "Enslaved" 7" (Slao-A-Ham 

Political & grindy 7", different from Relapse stuff. Much better now. (AA) 


Awesome Discordance Axis style demo. Everything sounds like DA, 
especially the guitars and vocals. The drummer needs a little work, but hey, 
its a demo. It still rules. Scott Hull from Agoraphobic Nosebleed is the 
guitarist. THis band has a promising future judging from these songs. (AA) 
(Pig Destroyer; 11218 Pope's Head Rd; Fairfax, VA 22030; USA) 

PLANET OF THE APES (Pierre Boulle 

An amazing novel which destroys the movie. Its more interesting with many 
more details about ape society etc. I can't explain how awesome a read it is. 
You have to read it to understand the punishment. (AA) 

PLANTABISS, "The Color of Foul Thoughts". CD. (Etvl 

Cool mid-tempo hardcore with weird distorted vocals, overall pretty cool and 
interesting. (AA) 


Awesome hardcore 'zine from Arkansas, featuring Assfactor 4, Despise You & 
Avail. Its pretty funny. Definitely a great 1st issue. Keep it Up! (AA) 
(Robert Bell; 123 CR 320; Berryville, AR 72616; USA) 

PRAPARATION H/30HN BENDER, split 7", (Anthropomorphic^ 

Prap H relieves rectal itch with 4 soothing numbers that may end up peeling 
the skin off the rest of your body. John Bender breaks out with some lo-fi 
skatecore that put that unexpected smirk on my chops. Each comes with its 
own trading card. (SUM) 

Benito Mane kept Copito de Nieve in his own home for four days, lining his cage 
with leaves, ferns, and sticks and feeding him wild fruits, stems and buds. 

RYE COALITION , "Hee Saw Duh Kaet", CD (Gern Blansten) 

A great album by Rye Coalition. They venture into Shellac and Jesus Lizard 
territory on this one. The drum sound is incredible, as is the rest of the 
recording. A definite keeper, bro. (Gern Blansten; POBox 356 River Edge, 
NJ 07661; USA) (AA) 




mm- % 4 





tZ - 


1M|; : . 

1 *i 

£*■■ * v ^^^*£Jjti** 3 


is for Siamang 

SAKE/SUBMISSION HOLD, "Unnatural Disasters" 12" (Hopscotch) 

Both bands undertake female vocals, odd instrumentation (violin on one side, 
flute on the other!) and some innovative song writing. Most of it is on the 
abrasive side, but may take some by surprise. Those of us who appreciate 
being offered something new from time to time will find it hard to take this 
thing off the turntable. (SUM) 
(Hopscotch Records; PO Box 1143; Cardiff, CA 92007; USA) 

SCALP-LOCK, s/t 7" (Satan's Pimo 

Noisy hardcore from L.A. that's fuckin' good. (AA) 

SCALP-LOCK, s/t 7" (Satan's Pimp) 

Amazing garagey sounding doom punk from L.A. They've had a coupla 
member changes since this, so theyll never sound the same, and you better 
check this out before it becomes legendary. You won't regret it. (SUM) 

SCROTUM GRINDER, s/t 7" ( Burri 

Wow! A new band from Florida featuring Steve (Kosiba) from Assuck. Great 
fast hardcore with Assuck style guitar riffage and female vocals. I was totally 
fuckin' pleased. (Burrito; PO Box 3204; Brandon, FL 33509; USA) (AA) 

SEEIN f REP/CATWEAZLE, split 10", (Wicked Witch/Kangaroo) 

A double dutch super political apefest! Seein' Red dish out more of their 
patented hollandcore, for which I'm gaining more appreciation with each 
release. Catweazle deliver a more rock oriented attack, often brutal and 
usually somewhat heavy. Comes with a booklet that'll learn a chimp to ignore 
its surroundings. Aperiffic. (SUM) 

: M •, 

'■• . - 

■ •■ . 
• ?: - • •• 

.... ^ .m 

. 4HPW 

;./v . 

SEVEN FOOT SPLEEN, "Boredom & Disease" 7" (Rhodhiss Records) 

Out of NC come the mighty 7ft. Spleen with an amazing debut 7". Slow and 
fast mix with heavy bottom end and brilliant lyrics. Similar to Eyehategod 
and Grief with metal guitar riffs. There's also a St. Vitus influence here. 
Keep up the good work, Seven Foot Spleen. (AA) 

16, "Blaze of Incompetence" CD ( Pessimiser/Theoloqian) 

Suitable follow up to their previous CD. Perhaps a bit darker and heavier, 
with the introduction of more doomy elements. The lyrics are some of the 
most dismal you'll find, and one of the most pleasing aspects of this release: 
Stoned and poor / all time is gone...". Definitely music for losers. (SUM) 


SOCIETY OF JESUS, "Dei Miracoli", 7" (SOA 

Insanely fast and intensely brutal mania from these "anti-religious str8 edge 
heroes" from Italy. Completely crazed drumming could account for its being 
touted as "political-grind", but with the lyrics in Italian and the music mostly 
riff oriented, I'd be more inclined to call it muriquiscore. (SUM) 
(SOA c/o Paolo Petralia; V. Oderisi da Gubbio 67/69; 00146 Roma; Italy) 

SO WHY WORRY? # 2, *zine, 40 pqs, full size 

Gil Worry, student of the self-hate philosophy, returns with "the second 
coming" of this fine read. Unlike most cut W pate x zines, this one actually 
has substance. Tons of interviews (Toadliquor, Gasp, Excruciating Terror & 
lots more), lotsa pix, reviews & cartoons. Give the kid a coupla bux for his 
trouble. (So Why Worry? c/o Gil Russel 1107 S. Bruce; Monahans, TK 
79756-5511; USA) (SUM) 

STACK. "Mondonervaktion", 7" (Crust 

I'll just come straight out and say this is some of the best stuff I've heard 
from Stack yet. Great pace changes, a good recording, and their patented 
schizophrenic baboon sound all comprise an extremely strong release from 
this German band. (SUM) (Crust; PO Box 8511; Warwick, RI; 02885; USA) 

STIKKY, "Soamthologv" CD, (Sound Pollution) 

Ahh yes, finally a Stikky CD. When I was a little punk kid and all my friends 
worshipped NYCH, all I wanted was for Infest, PHC and Stikky to play in 
NYC. Ifs a shame Stikky and the others never came/ but at least I had the 
records. Essential CD for all you new jack posers. (AA) 

SUPPRESSION/DAHMER , split 7" (Yellow Doq 

Suppression return with more chaotic capuchin core. 5 tracks, some noise, 
lotsa punishment. The title track blew my simian mind. Dahmer spread 
more of their homicidal extremecore. Similar to their 7" on Spineless, but a 
little more riff oriented. Good shite. (SUM) 
(Yellow Dog; PO Box 55 02 08; 10372 Berlin; Germany) 


*-Q*^i»^ - 

SEVEN FOOT SPLEEN, "Boredom & Disease" 7" ( Rhodhiss Records 

As soon as I put this on, I was i 

completely destroyed. The sound > 

of a bloated dejected orangutan 

who just fell out of a tree drags the , 

A side of this thing almost to its 

end. Just before you decide to end 

it all, you're pummeled with a i " 

pseudo-crust attack that finishes 

the side. Side 2 continues with 

slightly faster-paced stuff, but the 

entire record sounds like they had 

diseased apes tune their guitars for | 

them. Burly. (SUM) (Rhodhiss and 

/or Fuck Inane Records; 153 Duke St.; Granite Falls, NC, 28630) 

Borcoom Ano MSCASE 

SWALLOWING SHIT. "Love is the act of being moved...", 7" (Commode) 

Awesome Canadian fastcore band with insane changes, shitrunning guitar 
vs. bass work and vocals that fit perfectly. Similar to Ire or some of the 
newer Rorschachy bands, but stands on its own. Don't skip this one. (SUM) 

SWEET DIESEL "Wronqville" CD (Gvpsv 

S.D.'s 2nd LP is truly great. Total rock and total uncompromising guitars. 
Fans of AmRep stuff should cheek it out. My favorite song is "California Lays 
in Ruins". (AA) (Gypsy; 740 Broadway; New York, NY 10003; USA) 

SYSTRAL/ACHEBORN, split 7" (Trans Solar) 

A slightly more metallic Systral returns to claim our souls. Despite the 
almost unbroken speed, they still fit in the clashing guitars that make them 
so fucking awesome. Acheborn, also from Germany, takes on a somewhat 
more straight forward attack, but manages to maintain the homeland sound 
that makes this chimp grin. (SUM) 
(Trans Solar; Bismarckstrasse 6; 56068 Koblenz; Germany) 

is for Spazz (dull) 

Thee were only 5 Spazz records this time, hopefully they'll get back up to par soon 

THUG/GREENMACHINE, split 7" (Bovine 

A perfect split 7". Thug unleashes holy hell with their Spazz/noise influenced 
mayhem. GM dish out utter groove/punishment with the Japanese Eyehate- 
god slant. Both are totally uncompromising and relentless in power and 
damage. It will bring you down. (AA) 

SPAZZ/SUBVERSION, split CD (Deported 

2 years in the making and well worth it. This is like digging up a Spazz time 
capsule. Not only do you get an 8 minute instrumental from 'em, but you 
get female vocals on one track, and Mike Coykendall's banjo on a song that 
pokes fun at the Aussies. Subversion is an awesome he operation from 
Australia. Their best stuff is the % 94 7" and that's on the CD as bonus tracks, 
so you get it all. Ifs definitely worth owning, but good luck finding it. (SUM) 
(Deported; PO Box 4155; Richmond East, VIC; Australia, 3121) 

SPAZZ/BLACK ARMY JACKET, split 7" (Doqprint 

Orig. came w/Dogpnnt #9. Spazz's 5 tracks include 1 instrumental, 1 tribute 
to Ahm Le, who happens to be totally pro-simian and anti-human & 3 cover 
tunes. Getting tired, boys 7 Actually, I was pretty pleased with their material. 
B.A.J, coughs up 5 chunks, including a tribute, done in Spazz style, to a guy 
who terrorizes Earth Crisis. This ain't something you wanna miss. (SUM) 

SPAZZ/LACK OF INTEREST, "Double Whammv" split CD (Deep Six) 

The almighty Spazz hands us 6 tracks of their brand of fastcore. Best song is 
"Gilman 90210". Lack of Interest gives us 6 tracks of their Infest/Negative 
Approach style hardcore. They've improved quite a bit. This CD also includes 
excellent live sets by both bands. Worth it, Champ! (AA) 

SPAZZ/LACK OF INTEREST, split 7" (Deep Six 

Spazz continues to go ape with the cover tunes. There are some good 
originals on here, too. This is some of the best Lack Of Interest stuff out to 
date. I was totally caught off guard. The CD comes with an entire live Spazz 
performance and some live LOI stuff, too. Great. (SUM) 

SPAZZ. "Sweatin' to the Oldies". CD (Slap-A-Ham 

64 of Richard Simmons' favorite tunes to tighten your buns to, including a 
Negative Approach cover. Comp trax, outta print stuff and some previously 
unreleased tidbits. Good apethology. (SUM) 

SPAZZ. ^Sweatin' to the Oldies", CD fSlap-A-Ham) 

An absolute gem of a collection and a great way for all you non-believers to 
be knocked on your ass. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because they put 
out a new record a week. This was the soundtrack to me moving .(AA) 

SPAZZ/ JIMMIE WALKER, split 7" (Mysterious German release 

A Phat split w/ fastcore kings Spazz (Live on KFJC) teaming up with the man 
Jimmie Walker doing "Abadaba honeymoon" (a song about monkey love) (AA) 

TOADUOUOR, LP. (Soledad) 

This is really old but I've been listening to it a lot. Its the ultimate torture. A 
record of pure and unadulterated punishment. As slow as shit. If you like 
that stuff, this LP will instantly bend your feeble mind. Seek this out. Its 
worth it. Trust me. (AA) 


:t\ ~£k 

V- . 

i -, 




■ . . » ■ 

.' •■,^/--,- 



to \.fr\\ 


Hull i? ffWr- - ' 


TOMSK-7/BORIS. split 7" (Bovine 

Totally amazing stuff from Tomsk-7. Their rhythm section used to be in 
Fork, but you wouldn't exactly know that after hearing this. Female vs. Male 
vocals are a bonus. Boris do another take on the *91/'92 era Melvins, with 
a bit more of a psychedelic twist and a warped aspect that lets you know 
that they are in fact from Japan. (SUM) 

is for Tamarin 

THO KO LOSL "Not at total". 7" (Ben Johnson 

Another punishing yet defunct operation from Phoenix. The name refers to a 
mythical half-man, half-monkey type creature from Soweto, Africa , so you 
know its good. Similar to Assuck, but with more slow parts and, of course, 
the obligatory ant' -christian titles ("Don't blame me, I didn't vote for Jesus") 
and samples (Clancy Wiggum: "Where's your Messiah now, Flanders?") 
(Ben Johnson Records; PO Box 27073; Phoenix, AZ 85061; USA) (SUM) 

THUG/GREENMACHINE, split 7" (Bovine) 

Thug return from vacation and deliver a brisk ass kickin'. 3 new songs and 
all of them will reach down your throat and grab a snack, so eat good. 
Japan's Greenmachine roll up with their crazy steering mechanism and 
deliver 2 riff laden stonerfests that'll send you packin'. Eyehategod meets 
Fu Manchu with a twist that only the Japanese could muster. Damn. (SUM) 

TOMSK-7/BORIS, split 7" (Bovine) 

Thank you for the continual Ear Damage, Bovine, 
punishiment. Tomsk-7 = The piercing grind. (AA) 

Boris = Torturous 

THE STRUGGLE #6, 'zine, full size, 16 

Chicago area 'zme, focusing more on scene unity & politics than just music. 
Quite an eye opener & a good read. Send a buck to C.S. Productions; PO 
Box 29556; Chicago, IL 60629; USA (SUM) 

TUMULT. "The Heroic Bloodshed E.P.". 7" fDefiance) 

I was gonna say this was Germany's answer to Spazz, but it started getting 
faster, harsher and maybe a little more metal. The vocals are way more 
carcinogenic, too. Not like most German stuff, but good just the same. They 
DO rip-off the Slap-A-Ham logo and it DOES say "Kung Fu Hardcore" in the 
cover, but they're not really Spazz rip-offs. (SUM) 
(Defiance Records; Ritterstr. 50; 50668 Koln; Germany) 

is for Uakari 

UNRUH, "Misery Strenthened Faith", LP (King of the Monsters 

Awesome full length from this phoenix powerhouse. Could be raging 
hardcore, could be metal. Either way you get your tongue soldered to your 
teeth with scalding sonic lead. Brilliant musicianship. (SUM) 

UNANSWERED/ENTROPY, split 7" (Fiqure Four 

Unanswered are quickly becoming one of my new favorites. Awesome 
off-timing and pace changes that will rip every hair out of your head. Great 
shit. Entropy are a bit more straight forward, with a twist of metal to make it 
interesting. An altogether tasty split (SUM) 
(Figure Four; PO Box 175; Walpole, MA 02081; USA) 

UNRUH, "Misery Strenthened Faith", cass. (Feast & Famine) 

Cassette version of the forthcoming LP and boy is it amazing. It's totally 
metal right down to the double bass and intricate guitar work. Music for the 
totally miserable. Like me. (AA) 

UNHOLY GRAVE, "Terror" 7" (Blurred) 

Lo-Fi, multi-vocal loopiness. Rabid baboons sinking their teeth into the still 
flailing body of fascism. A different take on Japanese fastcore that shouldn't 
be missed. (SUM) 

UNIT 11:74. s/t 7 

Spiral Objective 

When I first heard this, I couldn't 

believe how fucking good it was. 

Besides Nation of Hate, all I'd | 

heard from Australia was grind, 

and this made that stuff sound I 

like total shite. I was totally 

blown away by some of the 

structure and thought put into 

their style, which would have 

otherwise been the work of just 

another good hardcore band. 

This rules. (SUM) 

(Spiral Objective; PO Box 126; Oaklands Park; South Austalia, 5046) 





is for Vervet 


2 Spanish grind bands on a Japanese label. Fuck yeah. VH starts off with 
some horrible crap, making fun of grunge. After that, they go into their 
patented punk/thrash. Not their best, but OK. Excreted Alive take things to 
a whole new level on their side, though. Totally lo-fi, with vocals that sound 
like a stuck pig. Monkey likey. (SUM) 


is for Wooly Monkey 

WELLINGTON, "Thank You Jesus", LP (Fetus) 

An LP full of post- Rorschach style damage. Slowed down and full of hate, 
Wellington pummell you with total hate core. "Thank You Jesus" is a 
brilliant title and this is a brilliant, yet underrated LP(AA) 

WOJCZECH /SARCASM, split 7" (Hammerwerk 

Wojczech slough off more of their Euro-crust/grind. The higher vocals make 
it worth a listen. Sarcasm are less grind, more crusty, but still with an 
element of straight up he that keeps it from going stale. The cover folds 
weird, too, just as an extra treat. (SUM) 
(Hammerwerk; Allerheiligenplatz 11/37; A-1200 Vienna; Austria) 

WORD SALAD, s/t 7" (Prank) 

Somewhat Neurosis influenced fastcore from the desert. Lots more blasts 
and less frills on this machine, though. Quite a change from the last 7", and 
I'd have to say I'm more into the now sound. (SUM) 

is for Yeti 


You should quit your shitty band. (AA) 

YUM YUM TREE, CD (Creation Records^ 

Blistering punk with biting female vocals. They kind of sound like Divisia 
without the crossover. (AA) (3202 21st Ave; Brenton FL 34205; USA) 

■•4 a 

• * > 




• *> 4 «v 

UNIT 11:74/FMD, split 7" (Spiral Obiective) 

More technical koalacore from Unit 11:74. I can't put my finger on any 
specific element that makes them so awesome. The vocals rule, the guitar 
tones annihilate & the drummer fucking punishes. I guess that's enough. 
FMD is a Tennessee band that drops some blazing hardcore with devastating 
lyrics. Their style is a little more straight ahead, and you can kinda tell it was 
recorded in a backyard, but the overall sound is worth checking out. (SUM) 


"A Benefit for the Reno Food Not Bombs" 7" (Ahimsa/Six Weeks) 

A pot luck comp of 6 West Coast bands, some brutal, some not. Hometown 
faves GOB take the cake, but there's bound to be something on here for 
everyone. The booklet inside explains a lot for those who are still too 
brainwashed by capitalism to understand the folly of food ownership. Worth 
looking into. (SUM) 

Atrocity Government Culmination", CD (Grand Theft Audio 

Awesome comp featuring 4 different type bands. URBAN DK (hc/punk), 
THE DREAD (punk), CRIPPLE BASTARDS (grind/he), and P.E.L.M.E. (weird 
he). All in all this is a really cool and diverse comp. Check it. (AA) 

"Awakenina". CD (Dwell 

A comp featuring bands w/ female members. There's 1 1 here and 8 of them 
completely suck shit. The 3 good bands are THORR'S HAMMER, DAMAD and 
NOOTHGRUSH. Those 3 tracks fuckin' rule and I listen to them a lot (AA) 

"Complacency", 7" (Tuttle) 

Definitely my comp. pick of the 
issue. SYSTRAL start it off with 
one of the best tracks I've ever 
heard in my miserable life. HIS 
HERO IS GONE then step in 
with a track of their patented 
powermandrill. The comp 
would have won with those 2 
alone, but it goes on to feature 

CODE 13 & SUFFER. Not to be 
missed (SUM) (Tuttle; PO Box 
8985; Minneaplis, MN 55408; USA) 

"Deadlv Encounters". 7" (Aoitate 96/Kill Music 

The biggest little comp in the world, 2 years in the making and well worth the 
wait. I won't name every band on here, but I'll tell you that SPAZZ & CROM 
tie for best song title. The other 9 bands dish out beatings as well. Not the 
cream of the crop, but pretty close. Good comp. (SUM) (Agitate 96 c/o 
Richard Ramos; 11479 Amboy Ave.; San Fernando, CA 91340; USA) 

Deadly Encounters". 7" ( Agitate 96/Kill Music) 

One of my favorite comps of 4 97. I love good 7" comps! Brilliant tracks by 
TRIP make this mandatory. If you like real he, get it, dummy! (AA) 


■'J J- 

\ i 

... U -/■ 4' 



"No Fate vol, 3". CD (H:G Fact) 

Another hc-from-around-the-world type comp from Japan. As usual, there's 
a lot of crap on here, but also without fail, theres a few gems to be found as 
a bunch. See for yourself (SUM) 

"Possessed to Skate". 12" (Pessimiser 

You'd think this would be a good comp with Spazz and Despise You on it, 
wouldn't you? Wrong. This is an awesome comp with not just those 2, but 
5 other bands. UNANSWERED PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES blew me away, 
but the whole damn thing kicks tight douc hiney (SUM) 

"Possessed to Skate". 12" (Pessimiser) 

Fucking brutal comp. Here;s the run down: CHARLES BRONSON (Maniacal 
he, great stuff), SPAZZ (Some of their best material yet), ASSHOLE PARADE 
(Excellent. Sounds like Cryptic Slaughter), PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES (Cool 
grindy he), UNANSWERED (Cool sped up Rorschach style), PALATKA (Not 
my thing, but OK), DESPISE YOU (More metal and more amazing). This 
comp destroys! (AA) 

"Enliahtenment". 10" (Soledad 

"Realitv Dart # 2". 12"/CD ( Deeo Six 


impressed with the THRONES, SPACEBOY was interesting, LICE was a 
pleasant suprise, and the TOADLIQUOR song on here blew me away. (SUM) 
(Soledad; 120 State NE #236; Olympia, WA 98501; USA) 

"Fiesta Comes Alive!", 12"/CD (Slap A Ham) 

All hail Chris Dodge for the genius of this CD. Fiesta Grande #1-5 captured 
live on CD. I was surprised by the great quality of some of the bands live 
recordings. There are too many bands to mention, but its 40 tracks of he, 
grind, thrash, powerviolence, whatever. The package is great w/color 
pictures. You must own this CD and feel the total power of Fiesta Grande, 
baby! (AA) 

Hard Sound vol. 1 , CD urainwreck 

A vicious comp compiled by Tom of trainwreck recording studios. Amazing 
tracks by GOB, NOOTHGRUSH, BENUMB, AGENTS OF SATAN. All the other 
Hop) and DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE. The booklet has quality pics of the 
bands, which is something that is often neglected in this genre. (AA) 

Masters of Misery", CD (Earache) 

I'm of the opinion that nobody can touch Black Sabbath, so why try to cover 
them? I know they're a big influence on a lot of bands, so I understand, but 
a lot of bands failed on this comp. The only bands I allow to live are 

"More Noise bv Nice Bovs". 7" (Insan 

Fucked up sounds from all over the planet. Mostly bands I d never heard of, 
but also includes awesome stuff from AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and 
MRTVA BUDOUCNOST. The label on the A side is a guy climbing up on a 
chair and the B side shows him hanging. That rules. (SUM) (Insane Society 
Records; P.O. Box 6; 501 01 Hradec Kralove; Czech Republic) 

When given his first bath, Little snowflake screamed and bit his captor 

Snarl Out Two", 7" (Slightly Fast) 

11 bands, 8 of which are Japanese, lay waste to 7 inches of vinyl. I won't 
pretend I went ape over everything on this comp., but it was crazed enough 
to make me pleased I bought it. The Discordance Axis stuff is a horrible live 
recording, so don't expect much from them. IRF is the definite winner on 
this'n. (SUM) (Slightly Fast; 303-34 Ogura; Maizuru; Kyoto-Pref; 625; 

"Southeast Hardcore. Fuck Yeah!!", 7" (3 & K 

Every band on this thing rules. I was especially pleased with EURICH, of 
whom I'd never heard before. The other bands are PALATKA, CAVITY, 
HUMANITY. Awesome fucking comp. (SUM) (Jason & Kurt; PO Box 13673; 
Gainesville, FL 32604; USA) 

Speed Freaks 2, 7" (Knot Music) 

Six bands, all deserving of the title name, tweak, gack and glitch their way 
through this one. Some of the bands take a goofy approach to their music, 
but all demonstrate some degree of brutality. For some reason, END OF THE 
CENTURY PARTY stood out for me, but AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED was a 
close second. (SUM) (Knot Music; PO Box 501; South Haven, MI; 49090- 
0501; USA) 

Violence, 8" flexi (Six Weeks 

A great capsule of modern Japanese he, with half the bands and the same 
cover artist as Snarl Out 2. REAL REGGAE, NICE VIEW, ARGUE DAMNA- 
out the goods on a very well put together comp. (SUM) 
(Six Weeks; 225 Lincoln Ave.; Cotati, CA 94931; USA) 

Violence, 8" flexi (Six Weeks) 

A compilation of 6 Japanese fast fuckin bands. All the bands rip. A great 
compilation. (AA) 














"u- *••'». 




Ak i . 

LTD (••_ 









; :'' 





^^ & 




Split LP/CD 

San Jose's Noothgrush Pairs with Osaka's Corrupted for the final apocalypse 

LP Comes with Bonus Poster 
CD comes with Bonus Track by each band 

LP = $7 US/$12 World CD = $9 US/$12 World 





The soundtrack to your worst day. 
Includes the 7", Compilation Track & Demo + 1 Unreleased Song. 

$7 US/$ 10 World 








The brand new LP by this North Carolina punk band will rock your little world 

-Jr*' »> 





. > - 

lp = $7us/$12 world CD = $9us/$12 world 


P.O. BOX 790366. Ml DOLE VILLAGE. NY. 11379-0366. USA 






Diversion Of Former 
Customary Trite Composition 


ejaculate two healthy spurts of hard rockin' psychedelic 
gnndcore featuring incredible guitar heroics, acoustic 
Spanish-style segways and swingin' female vocals. Weirder 
and groovier than previous releases. Diversion $ tracks 
were described by guitarist Super Wet Cheese as 
MADONNA meets old NAPALM DEATH." Humm?!?!?!?!? 


Gear In The Machine 

Six tracks of punishing California crust featuring the 
life-affirming ditty Beyond Fucked. Pete and the boys 
deliver ferocious grinding hardcore power violence with a 
savage metal influence. Why are people freaking out 
about BENUMB? Find out! 



The project band of ABSCESS sores Chns Reifert and 
Danny Coialles and Finnish sicko Petri Lahtinen, DOOMED 
will break you with 5 tracks of scathing grind similiar in 
musical style to ABSCESS but with cleaner, shouted 
vocals. With songs like Remove the Dead Bodies and Kill 
Me Before I Kill Myself, you know what you're getting is 
gonna be SICK! 

Also available from the RELAPSE Singles Series 

DISRUPT - Deprived, r Epanio* ENEMY SOIL - Casualties of Progress, r ep n. nim 




« - iwih., 171 71 m S7K Fax- (71 7) 397-9381 E-mail: Relapses relapse com Web site: 
Information Hotline: (717) 397-5706 rax.l/1'lfsf** •= m* y r riMlhmeta | and noise recordmqs. 

merchandise and interviews. 

11IISI ' ■ 





-0 « c 





01 * _ CO 






PQ ■ 


-P • 


£s » ° 




01 © 


9 o 5 ° 

*2 o ho 



r o 


c • « o 

«d ,0 "0 +j 

«d 4 . cq 



* ^> e •! 


TO vO 


s a S H 

* CU 

• ° o 







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O -P o 

cuJS • 
u mm 


rH 3 

CU • 

O O ^ M 



• (D 

CO -*■» 



■ti "d 

-^- +5 

* ^>rn ** 



■p -p 

i © S ° 


p -P 

co hO-p 
c © 

1^ 3 



fcO-H TO 

O E* 


d CO CO 


2 * 



•H TO 01 

* <D o 

■P fc 

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co a * 

Dm »o 





O U 

01 «M 

o. s co 

iH 01 

© T$ 

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* c 2 

H O 

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in f! • o 



W N ^ I ; -, 

•^5 8 



I* x rj o 


2 lAW 

*N © M -P 





s° *" 






• : ::v:v:j!S^ 



Bubba Bubba Bubba, LP 






.T.O.. 7" 


Qk, so maybe you didn't gel their earlier 7", but you'd haue to be 
crazy not to pick this record up. Ibis IP compiles their hard-to- 
find first two 7"s and split 7" (but not the one on Clean Plate) in 
one easy place. Twenty-something songs of great original 
hardcore, close your eyes and you'll be smearing that you're 
listening to some Los Crudos records imth more complicated song 
structure and nffs. Timojhen of Uacuum says of the Clean Plate 
7" "Hopefully this mill get them a fraction of the recognition they 
deserve... Its ferocious, breakneck hardcore punctuated by the 
strangest breaks... Its impressiue they maintain coherence 
throughout" (mhm« i (.',) . They euen couer "Walk like Hn Egyp- 
tian" goddamn itl So gme it one listen and it's garaunteed you'll 
be hooked. I uiouldn't put out an IP by em if I didn't think they're 
one of the best bands aroundl 

Damad-7", Dahmer-LP, Comp-5" 
Noothgrush/Gasp-7",Diskonto-7 M 
etestation-7 ", Laceration-7" 


■ FU Box 709 - 

- Madison, Wl- 

-53701 - USA- 

H (608) 2590403 

AX{608) 259-080 

iaccf ationfAvulsion, V/A Start A Riot, VfA-Prototype and Revolt!!! 
Ym. a Dean Plate Newsletter is starting it'll have special into and 
oilers: write to «t on the mailing 



^Write to Passive Fist; PO Box 9313; Savannah. 
GA 31412 USA: They have *H my shit tor low low prices aloni with a 
shit load ol other pood stud. See their ad for the low down, brother ! 

Visit the webpage you dork... , . tkmamm§ . , 





POB 709; Hampshire College; Amherst, MA 01002 USA 




a 1 1 k s i 









■ ■ 

..;■ .'■:■ 




: '■;, 


-Sire then r«re 

2i -:- 1 i i i : 




.■::,-.'. :.- 


- EH 


. . . 


* * 

'JMHjft.JMSC = $12, CASSETTE/ LP = $8 






"'■•''■' ■ 








- -amour 

. : 



■ ■ 


■ -;. 










"Fair Weather Fan" LP 
-$7 New!! Reckless & 
powerful... from the heart. 
Split blue/grey vinyl! 


"Greased" LP / CD -$7 
The long awaited eight 
song LTJ masterpiece! 
Split blue/pink vinyl! 



Buzzsaw Shaped LP! 
Members of Grade & 


7"-$3 Hard-hitting, melodic 

punk, a la Naked Raygun 
and Husker Du! 


ACRID "split" -r -$3 

Members of Assuck, 
Spazz, Grade. & Struggle. 


LP only. 

Ten new songs. 

December 1997. 


Makin g Slack and Absurdity Ajj 
Arch Nemesis Against Normality 
[S ince 19927 

CMP 21 THE EARWrSS Bmeeralla' 16 mlmrte cassette if alien samrdlrill mm WA. I 

C NP 22 F.A.6.6.O.T. 'A! War With Noltecore' Sex radical/ pleasure actttlsl nolsecore col lee! If e 

dedicated lo the liberation ol all forms ef life. ..demo with hundreds ol Jongs. 

CNP 23 BUILDING Of GEL ' Cabs' Blistering eleclronlc genius from Japan-M rrrin. cassette. 

CMP 24 LORD ZILUBLASTER ' Atomic Death Bream" demo...Blllv Hocera ol PISSEO OFF ORGASM, his 

harshest shll so farl 


from VA. .SO. (Salt Lake Cirri collaboration ml R. Ramlrtzf Hmrslon). 

CNP 21 TROPISM Focetlous Wrechrum' SO minutes of Canadian blzirre-mlntftock„.very origin all 

CNP 27 'TENSION STATE OF COLLAPSING' VOL 2 Hetntenolse east, comfl. ml MANPLOG, MASS 



CNP 21 (double cassette) BLACK LEATHER JESUS Glorious Sadism' Vol. 3 A 4 Houston.TX...S/M 

and murfer...$B U.S. $1 WORLD. 

CNP 21 TARMAC EXCLUSION RIGHT Oode' Casietle of f err loud Inttnso harmony-kill trom B.LJ. 

member K. Norak. 

CNP 30 SOUNDTRACK FOR THE NUDIST REVOLUTION' compilation cassette with SOUND ( Japan- 

member ol B.O.G.). MISOPSTCHIA lllttiuanla). WEIRD VISION (Canada). SUPPRESSION (VA). FLOW 


IVA-members ol SUPP. and 101 AMIN). A -f 



# CNP tapes are S» U.3. S5 WoRlfl 

Also available on CNP...SUPPRESSION Amerlkkka Transmit. ..The DISEASE Is Spreading' tour 
cassette/ advanced copy of upcoming releases all recorded In f7...llmltod lo 100 b/c IN vinyl 
should bo avail able very soon. 

Nootn^^sK . No LAST'S , 

Up next: cassette of prank phone calls. BLACK MAYONNAISE/ SUPPRESSION spill cassette, and no lalerthan 
Spring of 98: AUDIO TERRORISM Vol. 2 comp. CD ml 99 bands/ pro|ects...2 years In the making, sincere 
apologies to the bands for the delay.. .it was harder to compile this monster than I thought.. .co-released by 

Well hidden cash is preferred, HI II vet Hare to send a money order...mafce It payable to Jason \ 

stav % . . 


W te Pus <9gHJ AQTIC NpIS 


% A!so: t 

- - ■ . , - & ^ __, I,, _ "VCoai {c£x\f\r)lcv I 

Qo\oW / 7* x %z> yamm: 1022 summit la ne ww. rohnoke. va 24017,! ^ 3 ^"^ ^ • 





IX/lirMAMTY / 1111: history iti:ni\i> mi: mystery < i> $10 








MULTIPLEX : i:XIT-l :; / SPLIT 7"EP $8 


Please send cashlUS $) or trade!!!!!!!!!!! 

H . G. f ac t T 

401 |[(M;OM,2-^(>-J YAYOI ( IK), NAKANO ' 
rOKYO,lo4 JAPAN III tVrlAX 81-S-.*.*84-(>885 

> t 

' %* 



i <</ ! ? 



Abiertas 7" Personal/ political 
punk from Chile. Crucial HC 
screaming for change !!! 

ABUSO SONORO-Revolte-se 7 
Mad as fuck Brasilian anarco- 
thrash!!! Fucking killer! 

Each record for: 
$3 ppd. U.S. 
$4 ppd. N America 
$5 ppd world 

For a complete catalog, 
send a stamp or IRC. 

P.O.Box 8004 
Minneapolis , MN 
55408 USA 

M . JpEE 

IteN . 

. ^1 

*^" r ..,^3 







r0| ^ 





Saturation split 7 

9 Song 7" 


Seized /Ire 

Split LP 









Can U.S.A. World 
$4.5 $3.5 $5 

T-Shirts $10 ! 

Pricks are post paid air mail and 
payable to chris dragan. all 
orders in u.s. funds, except 
Canadian. Use well-concealed cash 
or postal money orders. no checks. 
Stores and distributors ask for 
wholesale prices. 

"Absolutely Greedy" cd 

Includes split LP with Shitftt, 
Split 7" with Monster X, full 




P.O. Box 524, Stn C, 

Montreal, H2L 4K4, Canada 

Phone: (514) 276-3889. 


Sounds of the Animal Kingdom embodies the most muscular attributes of 
grindcore, death metal, hardcore punk and rock. Savage guitar throttling 
strangles the last bits of subtlety from precisely simultaneous bass and 
drum avalanches to evolve into the definitive musical expression of survival 
of the fittestl To say the vocals are ravenously animalistic would be a grave 
understatement, as the infamous vocal knucklescraper Kevin Sharp has 
never sounded more focused and acidic. BRUTAL TRUTH have created 
a recording which will leave no jaw unfloored. Put on your warfaceHI 


atso available: 

BRUTAL TRUTH - Kill Trend Suicide 

a fe a m, m gi w tat m 'mm 



Mo. Hotnnes(717)3975706 Fax(717)3S7-9381 Efnamtolapse@re1apte*om Wet 

Please Note: Personal checks are held 3-4 weeks. 

for a massive 132 page catalog full erf the the best in metal hardcore, grindcore, industrial experrmernal am 

metal, and noise recordings, merchandise and interviews, send two dollars to RELAPSE RECORDS, RO. 


Slap A Ham Records 

"Making Power Violence a cheesy catch phrase since 1989" 

fiest a Comes AKva" An sonq 

ArSr e o^r S i°J FiestaGran de #1-5 with 

TER s R T o R p Gh E R NE H^ sSfti T fr ssssa 

ifrif n??MTr E ir L ^ ATI0N ' HIS HE ™ IS GONE 

NOofH?Ru?M M ^i , t N *°r, C0IV1MENT ' N0 L ESS, 




Fiesta Comes Alive! 





Si ' 9S XL ^/ M/S 






♦ MELT BANANA "Elmnth" 7 w « HELLNATION "At War With Emo" 5" 'CAPITALIST 


|" En»bvad" 7" 'SPAZZ w Swatin' To Tha Oldi«»" CD ' CAPITALIST CASUALTIES »/t CD| 

All prices postpaid / US currency only 

US/Canada Surfac* Airmail 

7»/5» = $3.50 4 6 

LP= $8 10 13 

CD= $io n i3 

new Shirt =$12 13 15 M'Send stamp or .R C for full catalog 

Slap A Ham jH 

, PO Box 420843 vfrii 
SanFran.CA 94142-0843 


/ * 


Ties 16 Jr 



pin* fa/y^e* ^^^tacka / 

£*£ All.(ttce?«c R^f Pa i>/ y 



her»s\ £ 


Temple o^ the JVtoRWKs St 

1"- v. ■•—■•«»■ 

TODAY IS THE DAY have added two new musical 
visionaries to the cult and moved to the grounds of the 
Relapse compound. Reverend Steve Austin has conducted an 
18 track service wholly deserving of worship, contemplation 
and reverence. Mind-controlling riffs and surgically precise 
percussive manipulation combine with maniacally negative 
personal frustration to form the basis of the most powerful 
and complex TODAY IS THE DAY album yet recorded! 

'ill indoctrinate thousands 

• i flli MUhI I M 1 1 [ 'A 1 1 1 1 1 * -1 h 1 I < • I e 

converted. The rock has been forged! 

CS S12. Ltd. Bl. IP S10, RR B964 

■ ■ ■ :".:'■ 



Order by credit card toll-free! Operators are available Monday through Friday, 9am-8pm, EST. 
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For a massive 132 page catalog full of the the best m metal, hardcore, grindcore, industrial, experimental, ambient, gothic, death metal, and noise recordings, 
merchandise and interviews, send two dollars to RELAPSE RECORDS, P.O. Box 251, MillersvilTe, PA 17551. Please Note: Personal checks will be held 3-4 weeks 

in' Ass From 
Here To Uranus! 

vc toh 

■ ouiiLf. 


\+-7 . 


'Dead Inside' 12" LP (TP-08) 

De serf baked crusty, 
thrash from Phoenix*. 
This smokes! 


Bk Onr 
car tun 
these pi 
colors; y 




fe*££ 1 taHfltini split 

*J^ 7 


SPLIT 7" «****' 



. 'Machines of Waf 7" (TP-09) 
* • 

Throbbing Gristle-Merzbow 

infl. power electronic* from 

• Steve (Apt. 213) & Dwid 


"also available: BRUJERIA - Marijuana Z'< "Khdpacabra Discos CH 01) • \ 









John Mendola 
201 E. rullerton 

Elznhurnt, IL 60126 

for a catalog full of other releases send a SASE to the address below. 

send well concealed cash (U.S. currency) or 

a money order payable to: 

TeePee Records P.O. Box 20307 

NY, NY 10009-9991 











LP/ 12" 





Upcoming Releases: Alomkinder/Sislema Nervioso split LP • Fanatics LP • Una de Goto II (feat. Grief, Black Army 

Jacket, Hemlock (NY), Noothgrush, No Less, Isore and more) 




Sound Idea Distribution 




PO Box 3204 Brandon, FL 33509-3204 USA 

PH (813) 653-2550 FX (813) 653-2658 

Nearly 3,000 titles from around the world! 

Send $1 US, $2 outside of the US for the current mailorder catalog. 

Stores: Get in touch for wholesale rates. 

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Sound Idea E-Mail: 
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4i'ltl\n T rRIT&T, iTf 





Also siili available 


PRICES: CD/LP $12.00 - 7" $ 5,00 - COS $ 9.00 PPD ALL OVER 




425 4th ST. NE #2 

MiNNHAPouf>, MM 55413 USA 


blistering HC/gutteral HC. 
S3ppd US. $5ppd else. 

quasi -power-electronics/inspirational 

$4ppd US. $5ppd else. 

2 x C-60 in handmade brass enclosure, 
classical noise/atmospheric noise. 
$15ppd US. $20ppd else. 

Forthcoming (release dates unknown, so relax): 

Einleitungszeit LP 

Facialmess/Hermit C-60 

Argue Damnation/Mrtva Budoucnost 7" 

Senseless Apocalypse/Slight Slappers 7" 

Einleitungszeit C-60 

Armagedom/Forca Macabra LP |w7 Sin Fronteras Rec.) 

Alchemy of the 20th Century/Richard Ramirez LP 

Law 7" 

Militia LP or 2LP 

PAINDRIVER "The Truth..." 7" 
ASSUCK "Misery Index" LP/CD 
HELLNATI0N "A Sound Like Shit" CD* 
GAIA "This One" LP/CD 
SPAZZ "La Revancha" LP/CD 
ASSUCK "Anticapital" LP 
ASSUCK "Anticapital/Blindspot/+3" CD 
3 WAY CUM "Killing The Life" CD 
DESTROY! "Necropolis" CD 

STIKKY "Where's My Lunchpail" LP 
Re-issue of the classic LP originally 
on Lookout Records. It has been re- 
mastered and the added bonus of 
hearing all the yaking between 
songs. Hear the classic sounds of 
SF's spastic HC legends. 22 songs. 

"777 (1991-1997)" CD 

Collection of songs by Tokyo greats. Includes the Women's 
Liberation tracks, songs from 7"'s. comps., and some I'm 

sure you never heard. Covering all the energy and 

enthusiasm from 1 99 1 - 1 997. 1 7 tracks of why they are 

one of the best bands of the 90's! 

STIKKY "Spamthology"CD 
Includes the revamped "Where's My 
Lunchpaii" LP, both 7"'s, compilation 
tracks, and 5 previously unreleased 
songs!!! This combines a whopping 49 
tracks in 72+ minutes! An essential 
collection of the best fast & funny 
band there ever was. 

send a stamp or «1 (outside U.S.) for a complete catalog and info 


PRICES (including postage): 7" 

USA $3 

world (suface)/Canada & Mexico (air) $4 

Europe(air)/W. Hemisphere (air) $5 

Asia/Australia (air) $6 











P.O.Box 1 7742/Covington,KY.4 1 1 7/USA 




"Don't be no jive turkey this 
close ta Thanksgivin'! Order yo' 
favorite grind, hardcore, 
noisecore, 'n' noise releases 
mailorder lust like me, Priest!" 




For a FREE list of grind, he, 
sludge, crust, noisecore, noise, etc 
merchandise, send/ fax your name & 
address to: 

c/o Lucas 
P.O. Box 4 
Tamworth, NH 

0S88 3 U.S.A. 

* * * 

fax: (603)423-74*3 

• * • 

ALSO AVAILABLE: Maelstrom sine 
#1, including interviews with 
Agathocles, Denak, Unholy Grave, 
A gN' bleed, guitar tab for Napalm 
Death, Agathocles, etc, all for 
$2 US/ $3 N Am $4 rest! 

Tape traders, labels, bands, etc.. 
Get in touch!!! 




ENGINE no *4 -Articles comix and interviews 

Send $3ppd (outside the US. add extra ) 
ENGINE • PO Box 64666 Los Angeles.CA 90064 


Bastard Noise Our Earth's Blood 7" $3 usa/ss worm 

Kitara Funeral Fix LP $8 usa/$i2 world I CD $10 usa/$i2 world 

Cavity/Bongzilla Limited To 1000 Double 7" $6 usa/$9 world 

Facade Burned Black Who Will Save The Children 7" $3 usa/$5 world 
Cavity Somewhere Between The Train Station... LP $8 usa/$i2 world I CD $10 us/v/$i2 world 

Rupture/Brutal Truth Kindbud 01 7" Picture Disc $5 usA/sawond 


All releases have a limited edition for mailorder only! Money orders or cash to "Rhetoric". Stores, we 
deal direct. Send two stamps for a huge mailorder catalog with tons of stuff! Mail goes to PO Box 82, 
Madison, Wisconsin, 53701 or you can fax us at 608.259.0803 Hurry, these are limited edition! 

■•". ->. --via--. 

. -.• ^ v /-:— --VVr't. 


"■ . IYV L ,~*\ *•■!■*« Oj" 

-^;' '"v/i ^'^ 

T W/,- ,1 

• ^?m 







*v / 

V/ 8 ***.- * 

1. v* 

.— " *-.CfV 




■ v -. 



oi ABSINTHE ten inch * 02 MAN IS THE BASTARD/LOCUST split 

ten inch * 03 UNRUH seven inch * oa ABSINTHE seven inch * 

os PURITAN/REVERSAL OF IvIAN split twelve inch 

seven inches = $3/$5 * ten inches = $6/$8 * twelve inches = $7/$9 
cash or money orders payable to Mike Genz 








APT. #14 

OAKLAND, CA. 94601 

PHONE #510-532-7738 



representing such tine labels as... 

Victory • Revelation • Jade Tree • Gern Blandstein • Dlschord • New Age • Dr. Strange • Lost & Found 
• Equal Vision • Lookout! • Bloodlink • Initial • Doghouse • Conquer The World • Watermark • Art Monk 
Construction • Wreck Age • Endless Fight • Ebullition • Oesparate Fight • Edison • Gravity • Ringing Ear 
L • Chapter • Striving For Togetherness • Toybox • Too Damn Hype • Blackout! • and many others... J 

Since 1991, we've defended our title of "the 
nation's best mailorder" against all 
contenders & and we've managed to stay 
on top. We've powerslammed . the 
competition with over 10.000 orders filled to 
date. And our fast service, huge selection, 
low prices, honesty & reliability will send 
you flying over the top rope! We've got a 
descriptive monthly catalog that's over 60 
pages long! So don't get pinned... Get in on 
Verymania today! All you have to do is to 
send us $1 (US) or $2 (world) for our most 
recent catalog that's guaranteed to 
piledrive you right through the floor... 

Write or lax us at (215) 426-9662 for our most recent 
wholesale catalog. We ofler over 150 worldwide indie 
labels, along with convience, reliability, & low prices... 

IF® l(ffi 4}gg©d 




GSL 1 2: 



' r-:**- 






_ iUFFER - EP 





1 D.D.I. - "PAZZI.." 10" 

a GSL/Stickfiqure co-release 

Available now - $6.00 ppd. U.S. / $9.00 

world lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllll 













gold standard labs. I 

p.o. box 1 1794 berkele^ca 94712 




II distribution 
Bottlenekk '" ' 


• • 

issue iv with: the break up of lifetime, the metal of converge, 

the off key sappiness of piebald, the p.c. politics of endeavor, 

the compassion and the revolution of cr., 

the business of pitching St, punk with icott radinilcy 

the comical side of nste from <Lo.f. & monster i. 


chats with the momi of ■embers of 25 ta li fe, tick of it all, 

the promise ring and black army jacket as well as a giveaway 

and more stuff you haven't seen in every other hardcore publication. 

S3 to eric weiss 72-38 65 place glendale ny 1 1385. 



AG NB | LACERATION 7" $5 | $3.5 

ASSUC'K 'Stale lo male' 7 $5 | S3. 5 


AOATHOCIES "Use your anger CD $10 $8 




BORIS | TOMSK 7 T $5 | $3.5 

CHARLES BRONSc )N , UNANS. T $5 | $3.5 



DAHMER demo % $5 | S3. 5 

DAHMER | I.R.F 7* $4.5 J $3.5 

ENEMY SOIL | AnB T $5 | S3. 5 

ENEMY SOU. Ruins of eden' CD $11 1 S9 

EYE HATE GOD Ruptured heart* T S5| S3. 5 


EBOLA Impcealkm'T $5 1 13.5 

PIT FOR ABUSE T $5 | S3 5 


RENO F N B BENEFrr 7 $4 | $3 



HARSH From manipulation..' T $4 | S3 

H 100 S 'Dismantle' T $5 | S3.5 

IRE 7" $4.5 $3.5 

KATHODE T S5|$3.5 

MITB Abundance of guns' 7' $5 $3.5 

MITB NOISE Earth- $ Wood 3' 7' $5 $3.5 

MULE SKINNER Abuse CD SI 3 j $11 

NEOS Tight wilb donakl" 7' $5 I $3.5 

SPAZZ B.A.J 7wifodogprint zinc S5|$3.5 

STACK Mondonci\-akuon'7 $5 | S3.5 

SERVITUDE T lid ed cover $5 | S3.5 


UNRUH 7* $4 i $3 

SPEED FREAKS 2 COMP 7 $5 | $3.5 






CRAP. PHONE : 514-276-38*9 MAIL : 



Upcoming Releases: Masonna - Frequenc 

Bastard Noise CD, Brutal Truth/Melt Banana - SfJIjl 7" 

Available Now: 

Aube/Knurl - Splif: CD 
David Kristian - Cricklewood: CD 
Kliji Haino - So, Black Is Myself: CD 


303-34 Ogura 
625 JAPAN 





««-'. • 






JAPAN ¥800(gaa») WORLD II tPPW 

■ Jfff 


^ ^Jll split? 1 (FA-004) 
' Both _a_re good^ _/ 


■ 'i^._ 



— ■ 

P R 



split?" (fa-mi) a 

,_ . .n ultra 

panese intense 

P.O. BOX 745 

Send U.S. DOLLARS only! ; Prease.= 







$3.00 PPD US / WORLD ADD $2.00. 


DEXTRO. $3.00 PPD US / WORLD ADD $2.00. 




SESSED TO . SRaTC lit 7 „ $3<go j 




s P Ht7 inch with JHUJR^LX $3 " 5 ° 


expression of pain CD $10 4 




./ ? 

ever after Db?LP 


CD$ll rLP $9 




V ^^'.JT$^r~£% 

.- — **4£S^9 

coming soon... GRIEF and 

EXCRUCIATING TERlUmuII lengths?- ^^^^^^ , 

T«SHIRTS - GRIEF $12, 16 $12, PESSIMISER $10 * 

All prices postpaid in the U.S./ Hat. and Can. add $ I per item /World add $} r*r CD. 7 inch. $4 per LP 

Cash checks, or m.o.s pavable in U.S. funds to Theologian Records (Not VenHimiaer!) POB 1 070 Mermosa Beach. CA 90234 



thug life records 

elitist assholes 


trepan nation SXE 7" $3.0Oppd. 
pretentious assholes/dangermouse 
split 7" $2.00 PP d 

a. p. b. /the killers split 7" 


thug life compilation 7" $3.00ppd 

pretentious assholes, dangermouse, a.p.b., 
the killers, christmess, st reetcleaner , the 
homewreckers, trepan nation, and dischrist 

trepan nation $3.00ppd 

"let there be danger 11 7" 

possessed to skate comp LP 

$7.00pP d 

america in decline comp LP 


cash or money order only 

to chris cabay 

thug life records 
429 circle ave. 
forest park, il 60130 







your design printed 
nn 250 B&W stickers 
for as low as $2Q 

SIZE: 2.13 X 275" or 4.25 X 1.38' 

postage paid 

contact us for free prlcellst & samples 

PO BOX 204 RENO, NV 89504 

ph: 702-324-7865 







SPAZZ - 500 
DEAD & GONE - 500 
MITB - 250 



GTA 027 • HUMAN HANDS "Bouncing To Disc" CD 67 min of highly original Los Angeles 
art punk '79 • '81. With members of WALL OF VOODOO, DREAM SYNDICATE, and CON- 

GTA 028 - ANTI "The Hardcore Years" CD 62 min of rousing punk from these Los 
Angeles leaders. '81 -'83. 

GTA 029 - CIRCLE ONE "Are You Afraid?" CD 74 min of rage from this beyond infamous 
Los Angeles hardcore unit. '80-'84. 

GTA 30 ■ ILL REPUTE "Positive Charged" CD 74 min of legendary NardCore. Raw and 
unpolished from '82 • '85. 

GTA 31 • "Atrocity Government Culination" CDEP 21 min of auditory mayhem from the 
likes of URBN DK, THE DREAD, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, AND P.E.L.M.E. Specially priced! 


$11 ppd (CA residents add sales tax), $12 ppd Canada, $14 ppd World Air. 

Prices for GTA 031 are $8 ppd US, $9 ppd Canada, $11 ppd World Air thru BOM P! Records. 

We don't handle mailorder. Wholesale rates are $8 to stores and $7 to distros and mailorders, plus shipping. 

We also have releases from these bands: AGNOSTIC FRONT, VOORHEES, SIN 34, RF7, WHITE CROSS, REBEL TRUTH, 

GTA: 501 W. Glenoaks Blvd, Suite 313, Glendale, CA 91202 USA (Send SASE / IRC for reply) 




KATHOD3 ; We Are Anti Nazi, Anti National WarTEP 


Skeptics, Mystics and Blind Idolaters...7EP 


Keeper Of The Seven Bass Players 7EP 

Pour un peu je croirais a la t61epathie. C'est vrai: 
j'etais en train de penser a toi et ta lettre m'arrive! 



Japan *-?-($XmV£tt 



No Checks No Cheques 
Only Well Hidden VS. Cash To 

YoshiyuU Takahashi 


Bad habits an caay to get, aad hard to get rid of 

c/o Yoshiyuki Takahashi 

3-5-12-106 Hashigadai 

Narita-SHI Chiba 286 Japan 

20 songs in the vein of Infest, 
Spazz, Ripcord, Capitalist Cas. 




- •■ t V. 


E '■.. 


i'.",V ■■■"■"•"■■•'•• A' 


.;*:■. 4 

I Xj 

• " r *#, 

m »' 


*y. i 



Please —nd your demos. Custom ad. #9 

10$ post paid. Ask for complete catalogue. 
Trades are welcome. Tel/Fax 34 3 4197883 

, B-Core disc r.O.Box 35.221 
08080 Barcelona (Spain). 












r ~>yf" 

"Oaubie VAvJwr aEii «& 



7"(DS-07) 11 TRAX 




7" COMP (DS-05) 




PO BOX 6911 


91510-6911 USA 

PHONE/FAX (818)768-5254 

US 1 7"=$4>1=$3EACH 

ELSE1 7"=$6>1=$5EACH 

DS-11 LP OR CD $7 WORLD $10 





Destroying Music 

Future TODAY. 


P.O. Box 2134 

Madison, Wl 




B041 . Split LP. 6 from CP, 17 from ANb. 
An inhuman sonic bulldozer that crushes all 

in it's path !!! NVs grindsludge kingpins 

destroy with a massive onslaught of churning 

satanoviolence, while D.C.'s pack of 

rabid ultragrind speedfreaks let loose 

with an unrelenting barrage of power and 

neck-snapping fury !!! 


1st 300 via mail on RED VINYL! 

B042. 45 ♦ song CD. 

This vicious CD of blazing caustic hardcore 

rage is finally available !!! Contains all the 

tracks from the 'Indignation' LP, fetus 7 ", 

split 7 s w/ Capitalist Casualties & 

Failure Face (45 studio/vinyl tracks), 

PLUS a bonus live show !!! 

SPLIT LP IS OUT OF PRINT I Don't order it I 


Thug/Greenmachine 7" 

Tomsk 7/Boris 7" 

Enemy Soil/Agoraphobic Nosebleed 7" 


Ice Nine/Charles Bronson 7" 

Enemy Soil/Desperate Corruption 7" 

Fork- 3 song 7" e.p. 

Spazz/Brutal Truth 7" 

ETO/Taste of Fear 7 

Agoraphobic Nosebleed- 30 song 7" e.p 

Grief/Suppression 7" 

Thug/Apartment 213 7" 

LOUD & UGLY Vol.2 comp 7" 

CAN/MEX World/Air 











Hem 4th U.S. 

1st 7" $4.00 

Addti. 7"s $3ca. 
Any* 7-s $14 
LP'S $7 

CD's $10 

U.S. cash or MO (to Scan Wipfli) ONLY 


Poster, Stickers & Complete Catalog 

FREE w/ order; 2 stamps for catalog. 

BOVINE FAX: (608) 278 - 9492 

For Wholesale on all Bovine Titles, 

Stores & Distributors contact 

RHETORIC: FAX (608) 259 - 0803. 

PHONE (608) 259 - 0403. 






5£K6 0KM»R,$ f »: 
fyM+AtiSM ***** 


Destroying Human's 

Split 7".#B039 


Split 7". #B043 

Split T. #B044 

Three New T"s That Will 
Really Make You 




Three dimensional multi-color Ape designs in 
, matching sets. 



c| ! 

I i 

13/4" vinyl to vinyl double 
stitch polished edges 
with Ape* buckle design 

Complete belt and Ape buckle design with 
matching western tie. 


Western tie 
with Ape 


With each set or- 
dered receive an 
authentic Ptenet of 
the Apes glossy 


This ad is from 1974. If you're a dolt and send us money, we're keeping it 


























1C » W"< 

L/cn -^w 

„.. _._ ■ . -, --l* 

Super Urine Monkey PO Box I 141 / Cupertino CA 9SOI5-I 141 / USA 
Admiral Andrew PO Box 790166 / Middle Village NY I I 379 / USA 





. • ■,-" 








( ' : 

:• & 


t* :.. 



^ *. 





Bte&- ••••