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Originally aired March 24, 1995 


Nebraska's Nazi 

Reported by Nancy Finken, Nebraska Public Radio 

r\ An Update: Gary Lauck is in prison in Germany. In March, 1995, police in Europe 
Jparrested Lauck and extradited him to Germany. On August 22, 1996, he was 
convicted of inciting racial hatred and disseminating illegal propaganda. Lauck was 
sentenced to four years in jail. After the sentence was imposed, Lauck spoke to the 
media for the first time, shouting, "Neither the Communists nor the Nazis would ever 
have dared kidnap an American citizen. The fight will go on." Lauck maintained that he 
was prosecuted for acts that are protected by the U.S. Constitution's free speech 

Lauck may also have more trouble publishing his hate literature. Local printers have 
been less willing to print his magazines since his conviction. 

.Here's what German police found -- books pamphlets, 
posters, videos, all praising Adolf Hitler. The material 
|ridiculed Jews, blacks, gypsies, and a host of other 
^groups. They also found weapons, instructions to 
imake bombs and computer message boards to 
Ispread the world on-line. For Gary Lauck, it's familiar 

[Gary Lauck:] "It's your typical everyday, you 
know, Nazi propaganda -- international Nazi 
propaganda machine that's driving the West German government nuts. All of us in that 
position are probably almost all the same." 

The ink dries in many languages -- English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, 
Hungarian -- but the message remains constant. Nazi Party boastings about the 
superiority of the white race and hatred toward Blacks and Jews and anyone else not in 
agreement with their small band. A post office in south central Lincoln serves as the 
mailing address for the expanding publishing and mail order empire funneling what is 
likely thousands of dollars worth of subscriptions and orders through a sjncjle^ppst office 
box. The man with the key is Gary Lauck. 

[Lauck:] "If you write from the United States you'll, 
normally get some issue of the new order or English 
language newspaper. This is the most recent one. 
This is very — like Racism 101 type of thing, college 
initial course. Here with an order form." 
[Nancy:] "This is that sticker..." 

[Lauck:] "This is one of them, yeah. This is one 

[Nancy, reading sticker:] "Fight crime, deport 

[Lauck:] "Yeah, that's very popular, yeah, especially in the big cities where there's a 
crime problem." 

Lauck sells Nazi memorabilia and racist propaganda to loyalists around the world. He 
sells everything from swastika stickpins to flags and stickers with racist slogans and 

[Lauck:] "Videos are profitable. The flags and pins are profitable. The books have a 
modest -- basically comparable to the industry maybe 30, 40% margin. Our objective 
isn't try to make money on the literature. We're trying to get the word out so if we can 
get a lot more out at a loss, we will." 

Nazi propaganda published by Gerhard Lauck 

|[Lauck in promotional video:] "Your money is basically 
llike the oil for the Panzer divisions of our propaganda 

One of Lauck's promotional videos claims that his Nazi 
Iparty has international cells established in several 
'European countries. He refuses to say how many 
supporters he has, how much money his business 
makes, or where additional money comes from to 
finance his operations. While revealing little detail about 
Ithe business of being a Nazi, he talks endlessly about 
his philosophy. In an interview for Nebraska Nightly on public radio, Lauck claims the 
Holocaust never occurred. He believes Hitler was too humane. And if the Nazis didn't kill 
six million Jews, Lauck believes they should have. 

[Lauck:] "The fact is after World War II, the Jews punished the German people and the 
national sources in particular for crimes that were not committed. We've already paid for 
it and now we have a right to cash in. Frankly, I don't really want to gas -- I mean, 
sometimes it depends on how much you're drinking or what mood you're in at the time. 
But our objective is to protect the white race and therefore to break the power of anti- 
white elements..." 

Although Lauck has been active in the Nazi party for 20 years, never has he enjoyed so 
much attention from the international news media or from the German government. 

[Lauck:] "And we're actually getting stronger because of this. They basically recognize 
-- the enemy has publicly recognized the NSDAP/AO as the dominant organizational force 
in the non-violent National Socialist Underground. We get a lot more support from our 
people. It's one thing if I do a mailing to our subscribers and say, I'm doing a good job, 
send me more money. Well, anyone can do that. What our main enemies say, the 
NSDAP/AO and Gerhard Lauck are out raising hell and havoc and we are using all the 
resources of the most powerful government in central Europe and are still unable to stop 

it, tha t makes us look damn good/] 

Gary Lauck was born in Milwaukee. When he was 11, his 
family moved to Lincoln where his father taught engineering- 
at the University of Nebraska. When he became politically 
active, Gary changed his name to Gerhard. And at the age 
of 19, he established the NSDAP/AO named after Hitler's 
Nazi party. 

[Promotional video:] "Hello. I am Gerhard Lauck, head of 
the NSDAP/AO." 

According to corporate records on file with the Nebraska 
Secretary of State's office, in 1974 Lauck created the non- 
profit Socialist Workers Party using his German language 
name. The articles of incorporation state the group 

promotes the study of Germany by means of cooperation with other political 
organizations not created for propaganda purposes. State records on file reveal Lauck 
also controls a for-profit corporation, R.J.G. Engineering. Lauck is listed as a consultant. 
Both the non-profit Nazi party and the engineering firm share much in common. Both 
have Lauck, his mother, and a woman in Indiana listed as officers. Both list this home in 
south central Lincoln as their official business address. 

[Lauck:] "The state of Nebraska recognizes us as a non-profit corporation. The federal 
government does not officially recognize us as tax- exempt. But we have to fill out the 
forms and we do everything totally legal which is..." 

Lauck is extremely vague about the business or organizational links between his non- 
profit party and the engineering corporation. It's unclear just how he coordinates 
propaganda distribution with the small Nazi party cells spread throughout Europe. 

[Lauck:] "Frankly, I don't know most of the time either 'cause if I don't have to know, I 
don't ask questions. We do our job. We get to a certain point, they don't ask us how did 
you get from point A to point B? And if they take it from point B to point C, we don't ask 

Gerhard Lauck 

them well, how'd you do it, what's the names of the guys getting it? It's not necessary. 
It's a security risk." 

In this amateur video. neo-Nazi mercenaries Irum 
France were righting In Croatia a lew years a#o. 

In the four years since the Berlin Wall fell and 
Germany reunited, the neo-Nazi movement has 
become increasingly vocal. Germany, fearful of its 
recent history of fascism, bans the symbols of its 
Nazi past -- Swastikas and hate literature. Those 
who market such paraphernalia are not welcome 
here so Gary Lauck is banned from entering 
Germany even while his own newspapers brag of his 
secret visits. 

[Bob Wolfson:] "There's a picture of him -- he's not 
supposed to be able to be there." 

This newspaper is from the collection of Bob 
Wolfson of the Jewish-financed Anti-Defamation League. The A.D.L. maintains stacks and 
stacks of thick files full of information on Lauck. 

We watched one of Lauck's videos that Wolfson had never seen. It's interesting 

(because it includes footage from Croatia a few years ago. It 
Ishows military operations of an armed neo-Nazi mercenary 
|group from France. 

[Narration from the film:] "These are the men that are 
fighting inside the..." 

The struggle for power in the unstable eastern block 
Icountries has created a bonanza for Lauck and other neo- 
iNazis. It's the real concern shared by Wolfson and the 
* v . [Wolfson:] "If you look at the film that we had by 

''■''^■jj^international reporters in the last couple of years of the 
Hon woifeon, Antj-Dotamation Leayue. small bands of neo-Nazi skin heads, they may be 

dangerous but they're dangerous with baseball bats. And 
when these guys come out of this war, they're going to be dangerous with a heck of a lot 
more than a baseball bat." 

[Lauck:] "It's really exciting to see units out there openly National Socialist engaged in 
combat against the enemies of our race because you usually can't do that. Usually it's 
very frustrating. They're hitting us and we can't hit back. Maybe we can have an 
interview or passage in a newspaper, but it's not too often you sit there with a machine 
gun saying there's the enemy and you blow them away." 

Lauck lives undisturbed and almost unnoticed with his wife in Syracuse, a town that 
perhaps coincidentally boasts of its annual Octoberfest. He likes to be able to keep a low 
profile here so he does little to build a higher profile Nazi party in his home state. 
[Lauck:] "Nebraska is not a good agitation potential for two reasons. One is it's 
economically prosperous. I know that might sound almost callous but it is, compared to 
most parts of the country. Second it's too white. The people in Nebraska, they turn on TV 
and they see TV presenting black people as being just like you and me, but they happen 
to have dark skin. And the ones you meet in the Nebraska, outside of maybe Omaha or 
parts of Omaha, are basically decent middle-class people so they believe it. But that's the 
exception to the rule. You cannot agitate on these issues when people don't have 
anything going on. Basically you're not going to support a revolutionary struggle unless 
the situation is really bad, and it's just not bad here." 

Lauck knows the A.D.L. keeps a close watch. He also knows the United States 
government monitors his operations. The Justice Department watches for hate crime 
violations. Treasury watches for hints of tax trouble. Even postal inspectors for treaty 
violations with Germany. 

[Natural sound from the film:] "White power!" 
Lauck pledges to continue to run his Nazi propaganda machine from his hometown. His 

Nebraska neighbors and the first amendment of the constitution allow him to publish his 
hate literature within the law and without hassle. For STATEWIDE, I'm Nancy Finken. 

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