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Established 1968 
Wilmington, Deleware 

Dear Neo-Tech Owner, 

Enclosed is your Neo-Tech/Neothink Release. The Neo-Tech/Neothink Release is much 
more than a report. For the Neo-Tech/Neothink Release captures the essence of a Neothink 

The ramifications of Neo-Tech and now Neothink are so great that an information-release by 
The Neo-Tech Center or I & O reveals a major discovery. A major Neo-Tech/Neothink 
discovery requires many years of man hours using the rare Neothink to uncover. The discovery 
that can be made only at The Neo-Tech Center then goes through several more months of 
recording and articulating for release to you. A Neo-Tech/ Neothink discovery means new, 
unseen realms of prosperity, wealth and power. The discovery may fill hundreds of pages 
detailing how to personally apply the discovery. Or the discovery may fill several hours of 
audio cassettes explaining how to use every unbeatable advantage. 

This Neo-Tech/Neothink Release, on the other hand, isolates and then captures the essence 
of a major discovery. The priceless essence of the Neo-Tech/Neothink System is brought to you 
through the 99% principle, a term you may have noticed in your Neo-Tech Information 
Package. I will explain: 

The values of a Neo-Tech/Neothink discovery are so beyond anything seen before, that 
Frank R. Wallace, author of your Neo-Tech Information Package, formulated an entire new 
marketing concept: Advertising throughout history has been geared to sell to the 1% who buy 
the product. Traditionally, advertising focused on converting that 1% of buyers. Hype, 
exaggerations, gimmicks, and overstatement became the way to stimulate attention and sales. 

The ramifications of Neo-Tech/Neothink are so great, on the other hand, that all I & O 
advertising literally understates the values of our discoveries. More importantly, the 
fundamentals of all advertising throughout history get diametrically reversed through Dr. 
Wallace's 99% principle: Instead of concentrating on the 1% who buy, I & O delivers 
tantamount values to the 99% of nonbuyers by providing the essence of the Neo-Tech/Neothink 
discovery. That essence, that profound new knowledge can be carried around inside a person, 
inside the 99 out of 100 people who do not buy, for a lifetime. 

For example, after you read this Neo-Tech/Neothink Release, you will see the quintessential 
value of discovering how to convert mega-doses of stagnation into mega-doses of money; the 
quintessential value of discovering how to smash the 70-year-old job-draining white-collar 
hoax; the quintessential value of discovering the wealth-generating alternative approach to your 
specialized job, income, and life; and the quintessential value of discovering how to drive that 
alternative into unlimited prosperity and wealth. Only I & O and Neo-Tech/Neothink could 
bring you this life-lifting value. The 99% nonbuyers will absorb that priceless new knowledge 
and benefit from it for the rest of their lives. 

As time passes, the new knowledge and its profound values cannot escape any nonbuyer's 
thinking as every passing day confirms what he read. Like pieces to a puzzle coming together, 
each day real-life situations confirm what he read from I & O Publishing Company. He sees 
more and more clearly the powerful ramifications of acquiring that Neo-Tech/Neothink 
discovery. Eventually, every last one of the 99% nonbuyers throughout their lives will see a 
large enough picture as the pieces keep coming together. They will all eventually come back to 
I & O to purchase the discovery. They will, after seeing the new-color knowledge in the Neo- 
Tech/Neothink Release, become more and more Neo-Tech aware with each passing day, on 
their own. From witnessing the hoax at work to hearing the decline of stocks and traditional 
values on the news, the nonbuyer will eventually know that the Neo-Tech/Neothink System is 
the only genuine ticket to tomorrow's prosperity. 

(continued on back) E - 1 L 

Neo-Tech Owner Page 2 


Neo-Tech/Neothink is literally the next evolution of man as clearly demonstrated throughout 
this Neo-Tech/Neothink Release. The demand for Neo-Tech literature grows through 
competitive forces. Competition drives more and more people to acquire the unbeatable 
advantages of Neo-Tech/Neothink not unlike 3000 years ago when competition drove the entire 
world population into man's first major evolution from the animal or bicameral man into the 
human or conscious man as we are today. 

The competitive forces can be felt at I & O as we open more and more markets almost 
weekly. Currently the American nonbuyer may be financially satisfied. But in the future when 
he runs into tougher times as traditional values and careers begin to break down along with 
stocks and commodities, he will not be able to forget the genuine essence of Neo- 
Tech/Neothink. As his traditional world sinks deeper into stagnation and below, he will 
eventually come back to acquire the Neo-Tech/Neothink information that lifts man beyond the 
breakdown of traditional approaches — into Neothink. 

For example, the entire country of South Africa now struggles with the possibility of a 
collapse. The people in South Africa, white and black, know the severity of their situation. 
Through the 99% principle marketing in South Africa, people in South Africa are now buying 
Neo-Tech information in the streets at an amazing rate, many, times over Americans. For they 
need Neo-Tech/Neothink information in order to survive the coming collapse. 

Most astoundingly, the people of poverty-stricken third- world countries where the average 
annual income is not much more than the cost of a single I & O product, countries that 
traditional companies never consider a viable market, acquire Neo-Tech information at a greater 
pace than well-satisfied Americans. And by paying in their world what would amount to 
several hundreds or even thousands in your world, they really apply Neothink to lift them out of 
their devastated totalitarian world. 


Indeed, as Americans enter tougher times as the traditional approaches begin to break down 
as signaled by the stock market crash on October 19, 1987, the 99% of nonbuyers will 
remember the valid, integrated approach from I & O. They will realize that Neo-Tech/Neothink 
is the only way out. They will all come driving back for the Neo-Tech/Neothink information. 
Indeed, the 99% principle with Neo-Tech/Neothink will ignite the next evolution. People in 
132 countries in several languages have already begun driving ahead with the Neo- 
Tech/Neothink System. 

To get more information to millions of people, I & O adopted the 99% principle through this 
Neo-Tech/Neothink Release. For the more people who apply the Neo-Tech/Neothink System, 
the more rapidly I & O will collapse the neocheating traditional money /power structures and 
catapult the average man and woman to wealth and power. 

This Neo-Tech/Neothink Release from The Neo-Tech Center and I & O provides the 
knowledge to escalate your financial status and launch your standard of living. This Neo-Tech/ 
Neothink Release captures the essence of a major discovery by Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, 
and Eric Savage. This Neo-Tech/Neothink Release unveils the dark secret that stagnates most 
working-class men and women. Then your Neo-Tech/Neothink Release burns off the hoax as 
it demonstrates the Neo-Tech/Neothink System Discovery: the first time any average man or 
woman has had an alternative and a choice to squash tradition and its stagnating ways and 
metamorphose into a money /power giant 

The enclosed booklet, special information from The Neo-Tech Center to Neo-Tech owners, 
gives you the starting knowledge on how to break into that new alternative of life. 


Jeff Hanson 


Established 1968 
Wilmington, Delaware 


Mr. Michael Tobin 
2/9 Hudson Street 
North Caulfield, 3161 

April 6, 1988 

Dear Mr. Tobin: 

Thank you for your excellent letter of February 20th. 
Yes, we are seeking a daring, aggressive individual. While 
helpful, a medical or biogenetic background is not crucial. 
But attitude is crucial. We want an individual to organize 
and execute original, radical research that bypasses all 
mystical restraints and controls. ...Two bold, complimentary 
research projects are now available for pursuit: 

1. Super-rapid human cloning or nanotechnology body 

2. Indefinitely sustaining a healthy, conscious, 
human head with its terminally afflicted body being 
amputated. That value-producing conscious head would be 
every bit a functioning human being — no different in the 
living world from the paraplegic. But the conscious head 
would have the advantage of being free of a dying or useless 

The conscious, living head would be infinitely superior 
to a cryonically preserved nonconscious , nonliving head. 
Moreover, the conscious head would be living with only a 
temporary handicap, fully correctable as human cloning or 
nanotechnology becomes available. 

We would consider you for organizing and conducting 
such research on the basis of scientifically sound, well- 
written proposals for the above projects 1 or 2, or both. 
...On a commercially sound project, we are willing to fund 
up to $100,000US, in $10,000US increments. 

If you are keenly interested, please send me a compre- 
hensive proposal. That proposal should include what radical 
work and results could be expected within the above budget. 

Thank you . 


<^^i> 7 (jzJ&£^^ 


rr . John 

of RIBI 


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