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Full text of "New Poems And Variant Readings"

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PRAYER                                                                                                           I
LO !  IN  THINE  HONEST  E\TS  I   RE \D                                                   2
THOUGH   I>KEP  INDIFFERENCE  SHOULD  DROWSE                                2
MY  HEART,   WHEN   FIRST  THE   HT.ACKlilUI)  SINGS                              3
I  BREAMED  OF  FOREST  ALLEYS   FAIR                                                  4
ST. MARTIN'S SUMMER                                                           G
DEDICATION                                                                                                  y
THE  OLD CHIMERAS,  OLI>  RECEIPTS                                                    8
PRELUDE                                                                                                      10
THE VANQUISHED  KNIGHT                                                                  II
TO THE  COMMISSIONERS  uF   NORTHERN   UOHTS                             XI
THE   RKLIC  TAKEN,  WHAT  AVAILS  THE  SHRINE?                           13
ABOUT THE  SHELTERED uARi'BX   GROUND                                        14
AFTER  READING   "ANTONY  AND   CLEOPATRA "                                 15
I   KNOW  NUT  HOW,   ItUT  AS   I  CuUNT                                                   15
SPRING SONG                                                                                               iG
THE  SUMMER  SUN  SHONE  ROUND   MB                                               l6
YOU  LOOKED  SO  TCMPTIXG   IN   THE  PEW                                          17
LOVE'S  VICISSITUDES                                                                           l8
UUDUINGSTONE                                                                                    l8
ęTOUT MARCHES LE\P TO CKUTAIN ENDS                              20
AWAY WITH M'NKHAL MUSIC                                                 20
TO SVIWEY                                                                          21
HAD I THE POWER THAT HAVE THE WILL                             2$
O DULL COLD NORTHERS' SKY                                               24
APOLOGETIC POSTSCRIPT OF A YEAR LATER                           25
TO MARCUS                                                                                                 2ft
TO OTTILIK                                                                          27
THIS GLOOMY NORTHERN 1>AY                                               28 THK WIND Ls WITHOUT THERE AND HuWLS IN THE TREKS     29
A VALENTINE'S SONG                                                            31
HAIL ! CHILDISH SLAVES OF SOCIAL RCLEh                            34
SWALLOWS TKAVKL TO AND FKO                                            36