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xii                       CONTENTS
TO  MESDAMES ZASSETSKV AND GARSCUINE                                      37
TO  MADAME  GARSCHINE                                                                          39
MUSIC AT THE VILLA  MARINA                                                              39 FEAR  NOT,   DEAR  FRIEND,  BUT  FREELY  LIVE   YOUR  DAYS           40
LET LOVE  GO,   IF  GO SHE WILL                                                          41
I DO  NOT FEAR TO  OWN  ME  KIN                                                         4 2
I  AM  LIKE ONE THAT  FOR  LONG DAYS  HAD  SATE                         44
VOLUNTARY                                                                                                45
ON  NOW,   ALTHOUGH  THE  YEAR  BE   DONE                                         47
IN  THE  GREEN   AND   GALLANT   SPRING                                               47
DEATH,   TO  THE  DEAD  FOR  EVERMORE                                              48
TO  CHARLES BAXTER                                                                               49
I WHO ALL THE WINTER THROUGH                                                     52
LOVE,  WHAT IS  LOVE ?                                                                           53
SOON  OUR FRIENDS  PERISH                                                                   53
AS  ONE WHO  HAVING WANDERED  ALL  NIGHT   LONG                     53
STRANGE ARE THE WAYS  OF MEN                                                       55
THE WIND BLEW SHRILL AND  SMART                                                56
MAN  SAILS  THE  DEEP  AWHILE                                                             57
THE  COCK'S  CLEAR  VOICE  INTO  THE  CLEARER  AIR                      58
NOW WHEN THE  NUMBER  OF  MY YEARS                                          59
WHAT  MAN   MAY   LEARN,   WHAT  MAN   MAY   DO                                     f)O
SMALL IS THE TRUST  WHEN  LOVE   IS  GREEN                                   6l
KNOW  YOU  THE  RIVER   NEAR  TO   GREZ                                                   C>2
IT'S  FORTH   ACROSS  THE   ROARING  FOAM                                               63
AN  ENGLISH   BREEZE                                                                               65
AS  IN  THEIR  FLIGHT  THE  BIRDS  OF SONG                                       66
THE  PIPER                                                                                                  67
TO   MRS.   MACMARLAND                                                                            (B
TO  MISS CORNISH                                                  "                                          (jg
TALES OF ARABIA                                                                                     yi
BEHOLD,   AS  GOBLINS  DARK  OF  MIEN                                                 72
STILL I  LOVE TO  RHYME                                                                        73
LONG TIME  I  LAY  IN ^LITTLE  EASE                                                     74
FLOWER  GOD,   GOD   OF  THE  SPRING                                                     75
COME,  MY BELOVED,   HEAR  FROM   ME                                                 76
SINCE YEARS AGO FOR EVERMORE                                             77
ENVOY FOR "A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSKS "                          78
FOR RICHMOND'S GARDEN WALL                                                #0