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Full text of "New Poems And Variant Readings"

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TO CHARLES BAXTER              51
Single an' straucht, he went his way. He kept the faith an' played the play. Whusky an' he were man an' may
Whate'er betided. Bonny in life—in death—this twae
Were no' divided.
An' wow ! but John was unco sport, Whiles he wad smile about the Court Malvoho-like—whiles snore an' snort
Was heard afar. The idle winter lads' resort
Was aye John's bar.
What's merely humorous or bonny The WorF regairds wF cauld astony. Drunk men tak' aye mair place than ony ;
An' sae, ye see, The gate was aye, ower thrang for Johnie—
Or you an' me.
John micht hae jingled cap an' bells, Been a braw fule in silks an' pells, In ane o' the auld worFs canty hells
Paris or Sodom. I wadnae had him naething else
But Johnie Adam.