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56                STEVENSON'S POEMS
He, with uplifted arm, Shall to the skies proclaim
The gleeful fate of man, The noble road to fame !
THE wind blew shrill and smart, And the wind awoke my heart
Again to go a-sailing o'er the sea, To hear the cordage moan And the straining timbers groan,
And to see the flying pennon lie a-lee.
O sailor of the fleet,
It is time to stir the feet! It's time to man the dingy and to row !
It's lay your hand in mine
And it's empty down the wine, And it's drain a health to death before we go !
To death, my lads, we sail;
And it's death that blows the gale And death that holds the tiller as we ride.
For he's the king of all
In the tempest and the squall, And the ruler of the Ocean wild and wide !