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62                STEVENSON'S POEMS
Such then be mine, my love to give, Anil such be yours to take :
A faith to hold, a life to live, For lovingkindness' sake:
Should you be sad, should you be gay, Or should you prove unkind,
A love to hold the growing way And keep the helping mind :
A love to turn the laugh on care When wrinkled care appears,
And, with an equal will, to share Your kisses and your tears.
KNOW you the river near to Grez,
A river deep and clear ? Among the lilies all the way, That ancient river runs to-day
From snowy weir to weir.
Old as the Rhine of great renown,
She hurries clear and fast, She runs amain by field and town From south to north, from up to down*
To present on from past.