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Full text of "New Poems And Variant Readings"

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THE PIPER                         67
And he (O may we fancy so !),
He, feeling time forever flow
And flowing bear him forth and far away
From that dear ingle where his life began
And all his treasure lay—
He, waxing into man.
And ever farther, ever closer wound
In this obstreperous world's ignoble round,
From that poor prospect turned his face away.
GAIN I hear you piping, for I know the tune so well,— You rouse the heart to wander and be free, ho' where you learned your music, not the God  of
song can tell,
For you pipe the open highway and the sea. piper, lightly footing, lightly piping on your way, Tho' your music thrills and pierces far and near, tell you you had better pipe to someone else to-day, For you cannot pipe my fancy from my dear.
ou sound the note of   travel  through the hamlet
and the town ;
You would lure the holy angels from on high; nd not  a man can  hear you, but  he  throws  the
hammer down And is off to see the countries ere he die.