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FIXED IS THE DOOM               9*
With answerable throbbings.    On the stream, Deep, swift, and clear, the lilies floated; fish Through the shadows ran.    There, thou and I Read Kindness in our eyes and closed the match.
FI^CED is the doom ; and to the last of years Teacher and taught, friend, lover, parent, child, Each walks, though near, yet separate ; each beholds His dear ones shine beyond him like the stars. We also, love, forever dwell apart; With cries approach, with cries behold the gulph, The Unvaulted;  as two great eagles that do wheel
in air
Above a mountain, and with screams confer, Far heard athwart the cedars.
Yet the years
Shall bring us ever nearer ; day by day Endearing, week by week, till death at last Dissolve that long divorce.    By faith we love, Not knowledge; and by faith, though far removed, Dwell as in perfect nearness, heart to heart.
We but excuse
Those things we merely are ; and to our souls A brave deception cherish. So from unhappy war a man returns