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Full text of "New Poems And Variant Readings"

iia             STEVENSON'S POEMS
Before the growing canvas, and anon Once more approach and put the climax on: So she awhile withdrew, her piece she viewed—For half a moment half supposed it good-Spied her mistake, nor sooner spied than ran To remedy; and with the greater fan, In gracious better thought, equipped the guest.
From ill to well, from better on to best, Arts move; the homely, like the plastic kind ; And high ideals fired that infant mind. Once more she backed, once more a space apart .Considered and reviewed her work of art: Doubtful at first, and gravely yet awhile ; Till all her features blossomed in a smile. And the child, waking at th'e call of bliss, To each she ran, and took and gave a kiss.
Now bare to the beholder's eye Your late denuded bindings lie, Subsiding slowly where they fell, A disinvested citadel j The obdurate^ corset, Cupid's foe^ The Dutchman's breeches frilled below. Those that the lover notes to note, And white and crackling petticoat.