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FRAGMENTS                      127
And I remember the white rime, the loud Lamplitten city, shops, and the changing crowd  And I remember home and the old time, The winding river, the white moving rhyme, The autumn robin by the river-side That pipes in the grey eve.
The old lady (so they say), but I Admire your young vitality. Still brisk of foot, still busy and keen In and about and up and down.
I hear you pass with bustling feet The long verandahs round, and beat Your bell, and " Lotu ! Lotu I" cry ; Thus calling our queer company, In morning or in evening dim, To prayers and the oft mangled hymn.
All day you watch across the sky The silent, shining cloudlands ply, That, huge as countries, swift as birds, Beshade the isles by halves and thirds, Till each with battlemented crest Stands anchored in the ensanguined west,