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Full text of "New Poems And Variant Readings"

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128              STEVENSON'S POEMS
An Alp enchanted,    All the day You hear the exuberant wind at play, In vast, unbroken voice uplift, In roaring tree, round whistling clift.
CALL it to mind, O my love.
Dear were your eyes as the day,
Bright as the day and the sky;
Like the stream of gold and the sky above,
Dear were your eyes in the grey.
We have lived, my love, O, we have lived, my love!
Now along the silent river, azure
Through the sky's inverted image,
Softly swam the boat that bore our love,
Swiftly ran the shallow of our love
Through the heaven's inverted image,
In the reedy mazes round the river.
See along the silent river,
See of old the lover's shallop steer. Berried brake and reedy island, Heaven below "and only heaven above. Through the sky's inverted image Swiftly swam the boat that bore our love,