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AIR OF DIABELLI'S                129
Serried brake and reedy island,
Mirrored flower and shallop gliding by.
AH the earth and all the sky were ours,
Silent sat the wafted lovers,
Bound with grain and watched by all the sky,
Hand to hand and eye to . , , eye.
Days of April, airs of Eden,
^ Call to mind how b: ight the vanished angel hours, Golden hours of evening,
When our boat drew homeward filled with flowers. O darling, call them to mind; love the past, my love, Days of April, airs of Eden. How the glory died through golden hours, And the shining moon arising; How the boat drew homeward filled with flowers. Age and winter close us slowly in.
Level river, cloudless heaven,
Islanded reed mazes, silver weirs ;
How the silent boat with silver
Threads the inverted forest as she goes,
Broke the trembling green of mirrored trees*
O, remember, and remember
How the berries hung in garlands.
Still in the river see the shallop floats. Hark I    Chimes the falling oar.