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130              STEVENSON'S POEMS
Still in the mind
Hark to the song of the past!
Dream, and they pass in their dreams.
Those that loved of yore, O those that loved of yore ! Hark through the stillness, O darling, hark! Through it- all the ear of the mind
Knows the boat of love.    Hark ! Chimes the falling oar.
O half in vain they grew old.
Now the halcyon days are over,
Age and winter close us slowly round,
And these sounds at fall of even
Dim the sight and muffle all the sound.
And at the married fireside, sleep of soul and sleep of
Joan and Darby.
Silence of the world without a sound; And beside the winter faggot
Joan and Darby sit and dose and dream and wakeŚ
Dream they hear the flowing, singing river,
See the berries in the island brake ;
Dream they hear the weir?
See the gliding shallop mar the stream.
Hark! in your dreams do you hear ?