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AIR OF DIABELLI'S               131
Snow has filled the drifted forest; Ice has bound the . . . stream. Frost has bound our flowing river; Snow has whitened all our island brake.
Berried brake and reedy island, Heaven below and only heaven above
Through the sky's inverted image 'Safely swam the boat that bore our love.
Dear were your eyes as the day,
Bright ran the stream, bright hung the sky above, Days of April, airs of Eden. How the glory died through golden hours, And the shining moon arising, How the boat drew homeward filled with flowers.
Bright were your eyes in the night:
We have lived, my love;
O, we have loved, my love. Now the . . . days are over, Age and winter close us slowly round.
Vainly time departs, and vainly
Age and winter come and close us round.
Hark the river's long continuous sound. Hear the river ripples in the reeds.
Lo, in dreams they see their shallop Run the lilies down and drown the weeds