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O NEPOS, twice my neigh(b)our (since at home We're door by door, by Flora's temple dome ; And in the country, still conjoined by fate, Behold our villas standing gate by gate), Thou hast a daughter, dearer far than life— Thy image and the image of thy wife. Thy image and thy wife's, and be it so !
TD  .    v    r    ,      (neglect the flowing } But why for her,-!    °                      & lean
IO Nepos, leave the J
And lose the prime of thy Falernian ? Hoard casks of money, if to hoard be thine; But let thy daughter drink a younger wine! Let her go rich and wise, in silk and fur;
f bin that shall)           ,,    . ,  ,
.Lay down a<   .                  J-grow old with her;
I vintage to     J b
But thou, meantime, the while the batch is sound, With pleased companions pass the bowl around ; Nor let the childless only taste delights, For Fathers also may enjoy their nights.