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^ Kree Press; 

Keligious Liber y|?^|f^--^^ n d 



EqUe,! Bights to all men. 

Vol. L 



No, 26. 

3;h4 ^^mtmrm (S^mi^r, 

Thurtday Morning, 
BY G. U. BOmS, 

It flH 


TfBifa:^^.&0 p«r annniti. If paid HtifcU; 


Ejgbt C«qU per Ltoe for iJu Givt iiuertJOD, 

anVTwo Cent* per tint for each 

Enbtequent faaeftJoiL 

Bu^ioetf Clantfl of SeTeDUe& Lines «nd ov- ^ 
Tea LiDe*j per uifttim fJ^uO 

Busio^fii Chrda of T«d LincHWKl un- 
der, p«r anaum, %\ :00 

ag|^Th« DDinber ofliDCe to be rockooed b^ 
Ibc ipace occupied, mcaanre^ by a acbIq of 

fiolm brevier 

The fDllDWJQg rat^G ^rill be cbdrgcd 1« mtT-> 
tbanl^ and otberft who axivtrtiac by the year, 
r^ad in no etiMt Kill etaptitmi U viadf : 
One colmna fof TVelTe monthH ,..,., $J0 

" for M»T mDDlhB -. . . 30 

" fof Thr*e mflQihE ...... 20 

Half columafor IVelve moDth! _.... $30 

" for Six moQlbs 20 

" for Tbrec moQllis 12 

QurtUt Colomn for Twelve montbe,.., J20 
" for Six luonOie 12 

'' for Throe monlba ..,. 8 

(Wpinke j*i»ilcf« of Pc^r Ahentkxu during the feu.) 

AdvertJ^nienta without written iDfttmctlOQB 
vi-UI be io&crtcvl till foibiif, oud charged ac- 
All advf^rtieementa should rtncL the office 

on WcdneadAj, not lat<^r than 10 a-U, 
rrg^Tfae^ tcnoa in all ouck ^111 be etrktly 
adhered to. 



OJfft fffjarr/ron a tc 10, an. 

Kewmfltket, Dec. 24, 1897, t/-l 





Newnisrkcl, Dec. 31, 1667. J-lf 

Something all should Know. 

J. H. Philips & Co., 



and Ut^lodeons 

VAi;>6L, bde(^i Kc«mtrteL 

Pianot Qjid MtJodcont Tuned cfi R^aircd 

^ Utctinbcr, !8S7. tf-1 


Barriateri AttoriQey-at"lja;wi 


CONVEYANCER, &c., kt.\ 



A GOOD Afifiorlment of Fiiniituru alnajs 
OQ hand. 

4 DoHlnft fteady Hade ^ 


TriTii on itiiiioi:t ■ 

H ^ A- It H 1?] . 

/>(^. lftC7. If-J 




N E W Jl A R K E T , 

Saddles, Harness, 


And eui^ri/ othtr Arlid^ in the Trade Iccpt 


0/" T'//^ Itfi.ST QUALITY, 

fl^At liciMnablc Pnct-tf.lBa 


DcccjnUr, 18G7, *fO 






HOBKE KITOBIKQ, aod all kindri oIk^^ii- 
rrnl Koik In bi< line citi:caU:i\ wtib 


Old KxInliUbhcU Miirblo HUop, 



BEGK rc«iV'CtfnNy lo nntif, Ihu public, tJmt 
h« U amnly prvpnriirl fi m*niifa/:lufi; 



HEAD aronetf, 
Tbmi ir«i/e*, yizi/cfo, /Wi^, rfeti., 

0^ THI Etaj Ult^JiL, 

. tf^ At rrict« lo fcuit Iho TIcick.-©! 
A call tolklkd Iwforc yuu puftliaee tlt^j wbcrOn 
Al[ W^jflc Warraol<:d. i (f-I 


care la notkfjrJtijjf ibe public tW be baa 
Ite-oprntd Ibo Newmarket Urcwery ^utfrejy 
OD bSiown n^spoujiSblJU)', andbopcflbyfclrlct 
Attention to Iniiant'M, ami fuinfablnBin firtU 
cIm» artick lit modcfBb? pflci^i. to inerii a 
ib&ro of (bu public favor j 


Conitanlly^n band. W^^Tbu bJBbn»l prlcti 
I'Hld for fiiyttv and olhtr ufatnfl. 

NewDMrkcJ, Dec. !7^ 18(S7. Mf. 




One door Mutb of Hodgt's TSa Shop, Main 
Street, Kewmarket, where he wlli be pleaded 
to wait OQ all those vho Diay favour hioj 

with a call, 




',' Do not foT^et where joti will fiud a 
pleasant Watting Hooio, Coirt oss, Com* all. 

H, H. LCKDr, JrtitL 
Newmarket,' Jan. 2B, 1S68. . G-Gta 




Cipn-AL -------- $2,500,000. 

ASKUAL U-COME - - - 51,000,000, 


FEATURES 1 Bon usitB given every tbrcc 
yoflTfi if no Iobgob, The Company does 
not ^ vocals high proTniume. Losses prompt- 
ly paid witboQt rcftrcQcc to Home Office. 




larABLlSTRD Br cd a&Teit/'L 83&. 

FARM nraKs: 

IfltCLABa — 'Brick or stone, Sa .50 for ioauTftDcc 

of $1,000 for one year, 
2>,-D CLABs-^Wood, $3 forinanranco of $1,000 

for OQo year. '-'-■- 

President-JAB. Tavlob, Esq, SI, Catb^riacfi. 




HEAD OFFICE for Ontario, Wbittomoit 
BHildingp, Toronto Street, Toronto. — 
JoBH Garvjh, General Aj^tnt, 

R, L'ONNOR, ■ 

A^^nf/ar atoce Ci/'s, 
Post Op^jce AoDJiEaa ,, ., ,. Auroha. 

Kubruary J3, 18GB. ZAy 

G. M..BJ.NN.S,. 

di" rLAis AND r.^.vcv 

Note & Letter Paper 


T«i;ttbt:r uitli a lar;;c variety of GiznciEil 
Jilntivui;Ty iinJ Fantj CoodB, 

Df5l^\Vhen you want nn A II mm, or nnjtbmj^ 
Ibinfi cbie in (bitt linu, W kind tnoufib to 

Callat the Cow lc8 Mure mBcp, 



LL kinds of Stbool Bw>tifl, CJIEAIM 

AlUiit'tyricr OlTicc. 

I' ADIES' Ciillinf,' Cflrde, CHEAP! 

-J Attbc CGurieTOmcc. 

BLANK UOOKH,of.'illkfnflfl, CUEAPf 
At (Jiu OuuritT OtiK\^. 

UNRULED arjd Ruled PajK-r, CHEAP! 
At the Co»rifr omce. 


MAKE it your budncHe lo cnU at tbc Cout- 
ier Oftic^j and Etc jf we eannol 

we btliuvf, Iban nny olber bou^ifl In Ibt 
tTflrflfl, tbia hido tbe Capital of Onlarlo, 


MunjAL imm compaby. 

12,000 POrjCiEH I^ FOnCF!, 


WILL inniiro iBotated Farm Property for 
Ono Vf-t Ctnt. for Ibrco ytam, vUb- 
out Pftmlum Note, and not compel tbe as- 
*uri:dj aE do ftomtJ olbtr Comj-anlcH doliig 
biihine<« \n Ibis vicinity, to aubmlt to a re- 
diK^IIon of oni'-tbirdnf Ibtrlrloi^KonconttnlH. 
Hfinri! t\!i morels at rlflk th^n Hit? euni naujcii 
hi llift iM>ilL'y™tbc! CiNiuA Wmt l>ay1n(f thu 
lofB \\\ full up to (bo Bum Insured, 


Oolobrated Sowing Machines, 

Wljkh are tafiUy lonrniid to optrfil^' on. nnd 
nu\ eaully pnt out of order, are on Imrid nnd 
f<jf hab?, rn!^:rtdlnp; iJurtJia^trs iTuuld do 
wtlj lo rail and examine tlif-rn iK-furt; [nir- 
cbafllng clotrwbcre, oa Ibuy arc 

Unturp'tnul Itf tmy tithtr Machine I 
OWiriK iiuWm 4*H«faelIon wbircvtr UiH^d, 


KoTTtoarkti, Jan. 13^ IB'JH, LK 

Driftecl Apart. 

Time waa when, down lie Bticam of life, 

Oor barke failed od togetber. 
Through dfljB of elemental titrife^ 

In atorm or plf neant weather ; 
PaflC suoa; Ules, where Bommer Telgna 

Serenely throned and amilin^, 
With latigh, arid song, and raoalc'G EtraloG, 

Oyr pleasant way begruiUng, 

Jay.llt witbia «A£ifa youthful breast 

A Gpark of bUea uiidying : 
We Aav inhere on theitpeaoefol neat. 

The halcyon brood wet« lying. 
"P*^cel peace r (hefikitB kerned telling o'er 

This message to the rirer^ 
From >«1q to Isle, from shore to Bborc, 

Wc felt the echoce quiTcr. 

A sudden cloud I a bolt of wrath, 

Thflt rent our barks aeuDdcr! 
Tbea fell upoo our £tonn'beat path 

The liffhtening and the thundefj 
Aod erer od, througb storm and darhj 

More wide and widely flying^ 
Eacb in bis own disseveced bark 

To di&taut Bhores went htujng, 

Wbnt nuvtter if tbe Eun^blnc pisy, 

Or tlorrny grow the weaf ber 7 
For never^ tfinro that fatal d&T| 

Came tbese tvo barks together, 
liearl, look Op I tbere comt-B a lime 

Wlien souls lEitia widely parted 
Shall meet wilbin that heEtTenlv clim<^ 

The lored, the loyal-heAiUd. 

Wii and ^umoi;. 

How long doce a widow mourn for hor 
husband? Sbe mouTDa for a BCcond. 

The joiing lady whose f^^elings were 
all " worked up" Ims ordered a fiefib eupply. 

£@* On a eliLld being lotd tbnt he ntiiHt be 
£ro^?rt of a bml habit, be naively replied : 
"Prtpa, hadn't IbcUcr be rHnotrfr 

f®* ^0 doubt u lady may l>e cipcticd to 
make a great noise in the world when bcr 
drCEs is covered BlU over with bugles, 

Iffi* "PKtrick, doyouknoivthefiitc oflhe 
drundnrd?^' "Fatei Don^t I stand on the 
most beautiful pair you Imvc ever tci'n V 

'^Pa/' said nettle friend of ours, 
" whftt'fl the use of giving our little pigs so 
muchmilk? They make bogsofthijmtelves." 
Pa waited away. 

'-'Won'tyou take half Oiispoor apple?" 
said a pretty domaeL "No, I thank youj I 
would prefer n better half.' ERss bluslwd, 
and rcfcm^him to her papa. /" 

' ••• 

A xnarx inach a^dIcU>4 tosiiorW^ 
matted to hla bcdfblloff In '{fie TiioraTng,' 
'^thalhehadeleptlikea top." "l kiiow it," 

eajdthe other; "likeabumming-top." 

''He knows OQ which side his 
is buttered^' ifl now tendered^ "He is aware 
on what portion of (he staff of life the oleagi- 
noufl produce of (be daJry if dltjieiiBcd." 

|6y A credulous man said to a wng who 
Imd a wooden leg, '*Ho^ came you to haven 
wooden Itgl" ^^Why," anRwcrvd Ibe war, 
"my father bad one, and to bad my grand- 
father. . It runs in the blood," 

II®""Kow ami IbcnIrcBorl to ^ine *o 
fitimuLitc my wit^/' s^iid :\ young fipendlhrjft 
tonnold one.--'* Ah," replied Uie ve(*:nin, 
"that IB the wny I began ; but now 1 Ims-e, 
to reBf>rt to my wits ^ lYJut." . 

g©* A Yankee edilor^iipcnking ofn Inrgc 
and fat con tern porarj', rfinntkcd llial if all 
flush was gn\5R, he iiiust l>e a lo,id of Imy, 
" I expect J am," said tbe fiit mnn, " from the 
wny tho donkeys aro nibbling al me." 

E@r A Knnchmnn, havinj; ^ violent \.;^\j\ 
in riiastoHiarli, njiplitid (o a phyi^icmn (ivbo 
was an Mnglishtnnn) for Ttl[<'f. The doelor 
in-iuirrn;; wbr,re h\^ trouble lay ; Ibe Krenth- 
niLin in dolorous ar;ccn**i, l.iyiiig his bnnd on 
birt IirensI, wiiJ, "Vy, Mr, I bavc a vtr" Uid 
pain In my porlmanteau." 

fl^ '^ Tim," said n furmcr to bis mun, "did 
joij tbop up all (ho loofo wood nionnd Ihe 
Uirn, i\n I left ordere in (be morning?" 
'M'ruty near, jiirl I've ebo]*i>cd \\\\ nil (he 
hbnky sUilfi, and all ibc Iooko l)Oorde nf the 
floorj and now J'm aftber flnlshbig, jluf, the 
doorn and winder fifmheH." 

ge3"An EnglUh cfKrknry nt Ibo falls of 
Niiiyam, wlnjM aVkcd how he liked the Fnlh, 
replied :^"Tiicy're ^ajjsomc-^iiite tj\-^ hut 
(hey don't 'jiiJlo har>6er my ox]»ectalion»j 
behbleH. I got vcltcd, and lout mo 'a. I (iru- 

fct to look at 'cm In an Iiijigmvlngjri 'ol 
wcaUlcr, arid fn the 'ouec," 

j[®* A country carpent'^r having ne;:lecled 
to make n giidjtJtr w?iieh waa nrclejcd by ibo 
c^ceutlonur, on the ground that be hnd nut 
been paid for tho Inul ho bad ercetrd, g^vc 
so mueh olTeiieO, timl, UiO neit (imo Win 
Judge came to Die clrcut, he iras sunt for. 
"Fellow/* said the judgi! In a eiern lone, 
"bow tame you to neglect making lbe'Kil>- 
I>et Ibnt wafl ordered on my aeeount?' — ^* 1 
humbly l»c« your jwirdonj" wibl the carperjI^^H 
"iliulJ known Umt it hiulU:cn for your lord- 
ship, it sboulil have hecndono Iramcdlalely.'^ 

I Wonaer if Bh© Lovos Mo 7 

I wondrr Jf hIio loves ine ? ' 

I'd give Ibu world lo know i 
Por lbniJ«b her looku hUil ¥.Ii[j*ner Ycg 

HorllpsHinr ult-jrNoi 
Why hbotiid fihn bbt'h so wb'U wo mci'( 

If I'm iwil ni:jir lo hei hiJlrH 
ir^ir liiiy bsnd why tremble, ^beu 

We iinderlake lo jJirl? 

I wondijr If ftbo love* me ? 
Laiit Tii^iit sve wcire alune, 

And J Iboij^btlbtfo wabo wflJnehs 

UnufiUfllJn her tone J 
Vi't, lo>lng v^llb litir tiirls, I Plelu ■ 

Ohl ftiieb a kl^fii and thm^Hi; 
hJin looki'd luiMllerablo thingti, 

Hliedid not hid me go I 

I wouikr ffhbo lovefl rrje? 

To wii(;o her motlttr'fl (ifldo, 
I ftTgt)i:il (o love miollKr, ontei 

Bhe ru'Jlhcr wpoko iinr ei^uiid; 
T>inijgb flllll flbo RceiJiud itnotiunlibs 

I wal^lLid birdsrk eye well^ 
And I'm c^rlflln llinta tear drop 

Kroro Its fllikcn laabefl fell 

I womT:r If hbo loTca mo? 

I'm huro r can't decMe, ; 

For ^omellrnrs she's nil ^'Hdi^rncsfl, 

And i/imi^ttmea abt'sall piblc;^ 
In vsin I'pinfllloii of my bopfs^ 

My feartt utill weigh (bcm down, 
Since evn bur swetUht^sunnlcAt initle, 

iBfiiituicfl by n fiowrU 

1 - 

m\ ^to| Jt^Uq. 


TUe Light \Xi ttta "Window 

■ ■ ' ■ tf 


" ril keep the lights fte wiodoff;San- 
dy, till you com© booliijj^" 

"Never miad, molter/' Mild the boy, 
staodiDg at the dw^^Iu in' onoerijiiii 
Blonehing kind of yt^j^y^l^l pught be 
(ate." , =^ 


*'It'e dark aloDg the^hce/ said the 
mothon "aQd»bit9fJ(&p:j^KgbtWbald 
bo ill Epiircd, if yon.g^ & tumble bj it. 

I'll keep the candle btihiing" till ye come 
back/' '^ ' 

Sho was a hard-feattind Sootob woinftDj 
healthy and aotiif e^ Ihol^ no longer young, 
ftod, ^ bhe Uilked, Bhrrorkedon, irgntug 
tho linea ehe had wtiSJiM' any BtAjched 
nod beaping it, like a niftw drift, in agre«t 
basket bcfiidc her. F(^ other ohEdren 
woreiu tberooru^gitlae^bojBjtoojlung 
to do much for (heinflelmB, b^ Saii>^t?aa 
ei,^,hteeD, a tall, handflomo f^ow, with Kpe 
lips and cbeekB, and diKjiDg eres. *lf 
Sandy only ^i^u?</ havoKen a little Blea- 
dier," the mother often fiehfld; bat, to be 
"Bteady" wna not QM^b forte. Of, 
ever and always tO'the^ii?er ado, where 
other iouogiog boys- ^n^hea the boaU 
come in at ihe feny, dt 'picngcd Blonea 
iolo the water lor lb* Tillage pet, the 
great Newfoundlaiid, 'fWhifikera/' by 
name, to " feleh." Nobirm in Ujat, the 
mother thought, if (be fcya- had all been 
good; but evenings, ft' ~ 
were woreo; and thed. 
shivered a^ she liatened 
coming step, at nighta, 
Bhould copy Squire ] 
drink too muob, S^ 
wero her terror, thou 
60I1B of the richest inai\ 

hood. But now, aa Si__, ^ „ ,^ .^^ 

door, Bo tall, eo fair, aiid^ft^yj the mo- 
ther's heart grewHghu|f<HeM bo eoro 
to '6ctile down' and tjtp Jior with iho 
baime, some ^aj," dio i 

that; he wu^i but a bit^ 
ironed qnuntil her work 

Ent the candle in the i. 
Dy along tho lonul? Ian , ..^^^.^.^ 

ing. The cmdle Umtli^ AW>y and 
iflt into the Booket, aM-.thq Tejr wwk 

fte stere, they 
i ^aBherwomaa 
it''ftome day he 
r'-fi boys, aad 
F JPeeler'e boje 
uiey wero ibc 
t^e neighbour- 
ly' Btood in the 

No doobt of 
no^ and Bhe 
dime^ 013 d then 
i3ov to light the 
,t bia hom^oom- 

fiu _. ., ^ 

^onl-lowl ont'ieftvitSp^^ mS^'^t 

adro'ss'the thrtshold ofTiS InhnWrhSnTK- 
for that night Sandy ran away, ' 

Tho life at home was too hard for him, 
Tho restrainla of bis molher'p watchful 
eye irked him. To do his own will/to 
have his own way, Sandy left his home 
behind him, hut he had grace enough to 
remember, with a pang, Ihcae words: 

" ril keep the light burning till yo 
come back." 

Some vague hope of being rich, and 
doing great things for thoac at homo, was 
in his mind, or he bclic7od so, but a 
sclfifih desire to escape ihe drudgery and 
ihe rcelraiut, gave. the Actual impuleo to 
his steps. He shipped as a sailor thcncit 
day, and began, m eamcet, a wild and 
reckless eatlor'a life. " ^ 

It suited him. Now and then, when 
the Btonn Wiw at ilg height, and Tar in the 
diislancc the lamps of some tall Jfght-houae 
shone like n great red cje, tho liny fheker 
of Ihat TrindoW'sh cite red candlo wou!d 
dawn upon his memory, and he would hear 
hia mother's voice, saying: '*Vllkeopit 
burning until ye eonic hack^ Saody,*' 
Now and Ihen, ainidEt the yarns and 
Bongs of tlio forecastle merry-making, he 
heard tho crooning of tho tuncflflhc used 
lo Bing over her w(ffk— oJd Seotlieh bal- 
lads, or^ perhaps, somo hymn handed 
down from tho time when the old Oovc^ 
nantcrs woreJiipped God, and defied nmn, 
nmongflt iJio purple healhcr. ■ They never 
lured him home to help her, Ihough, 

The years rolled on, and even this' one 
Bting of conscience ccatcd jta paining In 
Ihoso daj's Ihoro waa uo auoh boingB as 
soW sailors, nor capUlna of tompcrfluco 

prinoiplca, Ilnrd drltitcrH wero most old 
salts, and most youn^ ones. Sundy drank^ 
wilh tho rest Ho ^Off broad ajid alout. 
His cheek wfls.hronrcj, his light hair 
ohoagcd ita tint, his voico grew deep and 
eoatso. Ho wob in no way a good man, 
but he xcui a good sailor. Ab tho years 
passed, he cnmo to be an officer— first mate 
of tho Agamemnon. Uia pockets \rero 
fuH enough for all his purposes- Tho sea 
was belter llmii Ihe Innd to liini, and when 
on ahoro bo led that kind of boisterous 
life (hat drivcfl tho Ihoupht ofmolhcr" 
from men's very eoulsr Ho had friends, 
at least he thought bo, men who know 
when his "pay" jineled in his pockotej 
women who did not blush to receive the 
lavlslj gifm from Ihe jovial wailor. Ho was 
not niggardly, nay once ho had ompticd 
hia Iftflt remaining dollars into a hcgj/ar's 
hand, It hflTjpencd lo bo a prellyifthhcH- 
g^-^rglrl, and ho had gone on a three year's 
cruise, shoole^, and during flhipi^rcclc, or 
when i\iQ Aga^Tiannon found a ei a Icr . ves- 
sel in distrc.ts, Sandy woh hravcsl of tho 
brnvoi but ho hnd never licen generous 
enough, nor bravo cnougli to go hack to 
(lie eastern seaport^ where h&^ mother had 

lel^ tho caodb hunting for hira in tho ffin- 
dow^ — never, novct, 

l^ivc years were gone, and ten and fif- 
teen and tvrcDtyr A min nearly forty 
years of ago stood In Bandy Caincren'e 
shoes— a man wb& 1«1 Iho wildeet llfo 
tipdor tho maon oslnic; a man lo whom 
fiery brandy was an water lo a child j ft 
man who remembered God only ia hU 
oatlm — when tho .^^ojjiannon eamo, after 
a long and slermy voyage, Juat witbtn 
si^lit of tho coaflt-— whhin siuht of its 
Ughlhouso^ at Icaflt, for in the darkoosi of 
a stormy nfght nolliiDg ebo wo^i vibiblc, 

I' ■ 


Battered with atorms already, bruised by 
the waves, wounded by roets, still the 
AgaiTiemr\on fought hor way homeward ; 
by tho monow ovo soojid eaxtb would be 
ben&atb the feet of tho wave-weary mari' 
nera— for onco at least all longed for il, 
even wild Sandy CflmeroD* He was glad. 
He watched the towering lamps with joy, 
and swore that they were pteaoant sighte. 
Before be ^cpt he stood a long while Tean-> 
iag over the traffrail, smoking, and think- 
ing, if he ever thcDghl. It was an eril 
lingering foe tbo jljomcmnon. A spark 
from tho eigar held in b[H unsteady hand, 
r^arded by eyes Jiot brigbl«r for recent 
diaoghts of brandy, made its way somo- 
how, windborae or demon-borne, into the 

Ca where the cargo of Che vessel had 
. stored away, and at the dead of night 
they of the mid-watch saw stealing through 
the planks beneath them red and yellow 
tongues of flame. The vessel was en Ere, 

"Pirol fire! fire!" the word racgitfl 
way to Heaven, Hboal^ by every tongue 

on board. 

The scene that followed b^ara des- 
eription. None who lived to rcmeinber, 
ever could fot^et it. There was no hope 
from tho first, none save En the boats. — 
They were filled at once. Who could for- 
getitl Oh, ffhoeouldfo^etitl Thoold 
man pointing lo the lights on shore and 

*'I wanted to Ece Ihe children once be- 
fore Id ied> 

Tbo captain, deathly pale, showing that 
strange brayery whioh Bailors only posscsa 
at such a time, 

GhangiDgfrom a dictatorial harddrioker 
to a very hero \ eUngiuE in romantic fond- 
ness to his ship ;' and while be did his best 
for every olber soul on board, forgetting 
himself, and vowing to sink with her 

Tbc young passeogcr and his bride — 
she elinging to him j the mother with her 
babe bound to her breast — praying on her 
knees amid the tumult The orphan child 
going home to ita grand-parents, wonder- 
stricken, and yet scarcely eonscioos of ita 
danger. ^Tho sailors changed, like the 
eaptaio, into heroes. Who could forget 
sJl tbifl? Amidst (hem oil, ^'gintio in 
biB 'etrenglh, sobered at last by the awful 
scjne aioand him, toiled Samiy Comeron. 
I^ey teinembcred him well whoso live« 
ho saved. The hrouEed man wilb light 
hair and tho grip of Hereolcs. 8o tho 
boata and rafts— %)me tp live, some to 
4io — w^re all a^wt, AU gone int9 the 
^[u^i^^iBB^^^^ ^d van - 

Tahed fromlbeTKvra, aud ^Honel^^etEer, 
tbo flames approschiog Ihem Uko danciDg 
demon^ stood old Captain Oaks and bis 
first-matc, Sandy Cameron. 

"Captain,^' said Sandy, "It's most 
oven" *- 

"Aye, aye, lad," said tho eaplain. 
*' Give ua your fist. We've sailed toge- 
ther a good while, now. We seem bound 
for tho long voyage, nfw. Lord help us, 

"There's a chance yet, muybc,'* said 
the first mate. '' Try lor it, Captain." 

" No,*' said tho ^lilor ; " I go with her. 
No wife waits for mc, no -child. She's my 
wifo and children, ail in ouc. Try, you. 
I go doxm with her." 

That was the last that Sandy Comeron 

saw or heard of Ihc ciiplain. A rush and 

roar from below, where spirits were stored, 

ended the words. Then came blindness 

and silence, and time paused forlijm. 
* * * * ;|i * 

At last there was sound again. Tho 
eouod of walors. Si^ht, the red lamps of 
tho lighthouse. Feeling, that of the wet 
sand against his faeo, Somo slraogo pro- 
vidcnco had eaved Sandy Cameron's life. 
Bruised end weak, ho lay motioulcss for a 
long while, UruiBCd nnd weak, aliU ho 
staggered to his feel at last. 

Above him — his sailor eye used lo rc- 
mcmhcr such Ihings— towered well known 
rockp, kissed 'by a alrug^ling inooulightH 
Tho sen had flung him into tho nrms of 
his native sca-portj and up above, a man 
wandoring along ibo shore, watching Ihe 
lighlliouse signals, perhaps, was stKgitig n 
bynin, amctWdiethyratu 

"There's a llybt in the wludois for Ibcc, 

ThuTu'fl a li|^bt in the window for thee ;" 

and then tho tears rolled down tho sailor's 
ohcckSj and his sonooed hc^irt yearned for 
Iho motlicr who bad said, "I'll keep a 
light till yo cemc back, 'Sandy," 

Twenty years ago, and she was nearly 
fifty Ihcn. Probably eho was dead ; "but 
somo ono might l>o lu tho old homo yet, 
who could toll him of hor. And Bo','in the 
midnight darknose,' tho sailor staggered 
up Iho river palh— through tho changed 
Btrcota—and, led by tho conipafis of his 
hcartj to Uiolanewhcto hia boyhood home 
had been so long before. 

Tiio lane was no more— a street of 
bouBca now — but, at [Isoiid, orhodroemt, 
HandyHawooandlcglcam. Hodrowncar- 
ai. No Fanoy miittod hlmr Yea, between 
tho our tain, stood a candle, in \cTy truth; 
and in Uio window of my own old homo. 
Ho slflf^gcrcd onj his heart beating wildly, 
Hesltuoktlio door wilh bis hnnd, Jl6 
waited trembling; nnd tho door opCQtd; 
at it stood an old, old vroinan, with ^Ito 
hair — hhi mother- Ho know her awm, 
strong features and her blue eyes still. ' 

^' Wha'H this,'' sho said, in her Bcottiah 
accent; and ho anBWered; 

'^ApoorsaiJor, shipwrecked and need- 
ing shelter." 

" Como in,'* aho aald, " como in and 
warm yo. It's a billcr nlgbt. Tho can- 
dle led yo hero, na dou'l.' It's burnt 
theeo twenty ycarti. Yo wondor at that 1 
I'd a l>oy onco. IIo left mo. Tho can- 
dle bums for hitu. I'vo a l^noy it ^tI|| 
wile him bnok yet; and I've gone without 
bread, many a iimo, to keep it hundn*, 
Tbo nihers are nil dead; but III nothe- 
liove ho's gene; and I eaiid 'I'll keep a' 

Ught till ye oomc backj Sandy— and I 

And then, as he flung himself upon his 
knoee before her, she tocw that Sandy 
had come hack, indeed. 

He never again forsook her. A bettor 
son and a better man than Saedy came to 
be, thoao of the seaport say they may 
□ever see again. And if you go thither 
will point you out tho little cottage-win- 
dow at which, strong in her faith for hie 
return, Captain Camaron'a mother kept a 
l ight burning for hia for all the bighta of 
twentj 'year©— that, and (ho maDBion 
where, with her son, now married and cap- 
lain of an osean steamer, sho let Uvea to 
bless him. 

Popping the Question. 

Tbo Bobjeet is loo intcrestiog to be in- 
troduced by any sage remarks. And-yci- 
it is important. Sometimes, many limes, 
a man's happbcaa has depended on hia 
manner of *' poppiog the question." Many 
a time the girl has said "Nof" because 
Ihe fiueation was so worded that the affir- 
mative did noteome from the month na- 
turally j and two lives that gravitates! to 
each other wilh all their inward force, 
have been thrown suddenly apart, because 
the electric keys were not carefully touched. 

Another writer corroborates this state- 
inent. '' Oftentimes," saya ho, "a girf 
says 'no* loan offer, when it is as plain 
as the nose on her faca she meana ^yca.* 
Tho beat way to judge whether she la in 
earnest or cot, is to look straight into her 
eyes, and never mind her noes." 

There are some people that never '* pop 
the question" but once- . They are cau- 
tious; they love with their wholo hearts 
before they ask that all-important ques- 
tion, and they never love a^in, Othere 
go through life, " popping'* to every giri 
Ihey are fortunate enough lobo introdocod 
to, and to he treated civilly by: '= Will 
you marry me ?" has no muae in his soul, 
or is a widowfir courliug a bouse or farm. 

"Popping Iho question," in Peru, is 
very romantic. The suitor appears on the 
appointed evening, with a gaily-drc&scd 
troubadour, under tho balcony of his be- 
loved. The singer stopf* hefbrc the flower- 
bedeoked window, aud rio^ her beantiea 
in the name of her lover. He compares 
her size to that of a palm tree/ her lips to 
two blushing rose buds, and her womanly 
fojTu to that of Lbs dove. With assurndd 
h a rahu aa a, i h t^ Udy ifeaho Joyar; «* Who 
are you, and what do you ttant?" He 
answers, wilh ardent conEdeneo, " The 
dovo I do adore I Tho stars live in the 
harmony of love, and why should we oot^ 
loo, love each other V" Then the proud 
beauty givea herself away ; she takes lior 
flower- wrcath^from her hair, aod throwa it 
down to her lover, promising to be his 
for ever, J 

Some peopio consider these matters 
philofiophieally. Aflovc-smiltcn professor 
in one of our cc11<h;cs, after conversing 
awhile with his Dulcioca on the interest- 
ing topic of malrimoDy, eoncludcd at hat 
wilh a dccloration, nnd put Ihe omphalic 
<|ucslion of *'Will you havo me'/" "I 
am sorry lo dis:ippoitit you," replied the 
ludy, " and hope my refusal will not give 
pain, but inu^t ansncr *no."* "Well, 
well, that will do, madam," said the philo- 
sophic lover, *' and now suppose we chauge 

A gentleman known by tho name of 
Dodd, who is a matlcr-offact business 
man, who always gcis his goods at tho 
lowest cash price, began to. get rather ad- 
vanced in years. Jlo called on a lady 
friend, and imjuired of her what Bhe 
thought about the advisohility of hia gelr 
ting married. /* Oh, Mr, IJood, that is 
an affair in which i am not greatly inlcF- 
cated, nnd I prefer lo leave it lo yourself." 
" Itul," says Dodd, '^ vou are interested ; 
and, my dear tiri, will you nmrry'mc?" 
Tho young lady bbiBbed, hesitated, and 
finally, as Dodd was very well to do in Ihe 
world, she accepted hiTD. Whereupon tho 
maltcr-of-faot Dodd oolly responded :— 
**WcIl, well, I'll look about; and if I 
don't find anybody that suits mo ^boiler 
Ihan you, Pll coino back." 

Dut oHcn conversations in reference to 
these matters partake nmro of acerbity, 
A very diniinulivo Rpocimen of a man 
lately solicited the liaud of a fine luxum 
pirh '* Oh, no," said the fair but insult- 
ing lady j "I can't think of it for a mo- 
menl. Tho faol is, John, you oro a lilllc 
too big for a cradle, and a liUlo too siuqU 
to^o to church with," 

Ho is another instance of " unrequited 
lo4'o," and is pooliwlly related, loo : 

.1 prcnacd my bfatlnR hiart^ 

I flrnoolhed my ruflbd brvlr, 
J fttpppcd l]it« Iho room— 
1 fuund LorliuU Ihore. 

1 dtUctl bcr lily bftnil, * 

f Bfjnccicd 11 o'er nnd o'er 
I bont my wnlMnrnL^il Iijih, 

I knull nj>on Ibo fteor. 

I told lay tale of woo 

J wblsimrrd of my fears \ 
Then, wbAtdVothlnk she didf 

^yby, coolly boxed my'caral 

The ladiea aro sometimes prbfioioot in 
urging men to ask the flucations ffhioh by 
etiquette Ihoy aro not allowed toDsktboin- 
aclvcs, A lover, vainly trying to oiplslu 
somo scientific theory to his feir inamorata, 
said, "Tbo question is difBonIt, and I 
don't see vhat I can deto make it clear." 
'' SuppoBo you pop it," ■^rfhispcrcd tlio 
hlnsbing damsel. 

*'MiM Brown," said nvoung follow to 
n brisk brunette, ''I havo been lo learn to 
toll fortouoa. Just let mo havo your 
hand, if you please," ^'Lal Mr.Wliito, 
bow sudden you aro I Woll, go and ask 

Tliftt reminds ua of a story of Profcs-wr 
AVilsoib A young man who hud gniticd 

the affections of his daiightor, waited upon 
" papa" and stated his c4so, of which tho 
Professor bad a previous inklbg. Tho 
young gentleman was directed to deaifo 
the lady to come to her father, nod, doubt- 
less, ber obedience was prompt. Profes- 
sor Wilson had b^orc hira, in review 
some work, on thefiydeafof which was 
duly inscribed, ^* Wilh the author's com- 
pliments." He tore this oot, pinned it 
to his daughter's dress, aolcjunly led her 
to her young lover, and went hack to his 

■— — *^*- 

Thoughte in a Churchyard; 

How beautiful and how sad the Bcena f" 
Here, beneath the cold damp sod and 
marblo monument, the lasi memenlo of 
loving friends, rest in Ihc silence of ftai 
sleep that knows no woking within tho 
bonra of time, those who, once like ne, 
were buoyant wilb iife and vigour. They 
trod the same earth that we tread now, 
and gazed upon the same sun that smilea 
on us. 

Hero lies the old man whoae three-score 

tears and ton had passed away while still' 
c lingered here, and whose silvery locks 
and tottoring gait ahowed him hut await- " 
ing the pale boatman to bear him to the 
other shore. Already had he caught the 
gleam of the snowy sail, and ere hia eye 
was dimmed by death be knew that ho 
was going home. Perhaps the forms of 
those ho loved, but who preceded him to 
the land of TC3t, then hovered near him, 
and wilh joy he yielded up hiii gpirit !« 
be borne to their embrace. 

Here lies tho youth whose sun went 
down at noon ; who£c high hopes and am- 
bitioua projects were all blighted by tho 
approach of the dark-robed angel of death. 
In the spring-time of life, when liope> 
bright dream was but unrolling to his 
vision, he paaeed away. 

How manyalaleof anguifih and sor- 
row lies bidden in this silcBt scene I The. 
trcmhlJDg wife, watching at the bedaide of" 
a dying hueband \ the fond mother, lisleu- 
ing for some sipi lo assure her that an 
idoliEcd child will yet hve; her grief, aj - 
she beholds tho seal of death set upon tho 
fair one's brow \ the mournful proccsaieny 
wending its way to the lonely churchjard, 
to pay (he !a&t sad tribute ftf affcclicm it} 
those they shall meel iyinqi«on catlh, 
but whom they trust tjCmeet Mo day in 

heaven. T{i(K,o ju-e^grjpftiid .Gnagca ia- 
-decdj-and were thero noncimt -4h<»* ha^ - 
lonely would he tho prospect. But a 
brighter prospect than.thisiidcs from tho 
scene. Tho gravcyprd is, as it were, a 
connecting link between corth and liio 
etornal world, Wc stand here apart from 
earth and its busy scenes, and as if from 
a standpoint far above it wc gare into the 
unknown realms of ctcmily, nnd picture 
to our^lves the csperienco of Ihosc who 
havo crossed the dark, narrow river, and 
arc cipcriencing its realities. 

Tbo mother who follows her loved ono 
to Uie grave, altliough she mourns the loss, 
antris bowed down with grief, yet a brigiit 
pro&pcct bears her up, Although the 
company of the lost is missed in Ihe fam- 
ily circle, and the chord is wauling in tho 
music Ihat was filled by tho voice now 
hushed in death, yet another link has been 
added to that golden chain which loo-^us 
her affections for earth, and centres tlicm 
on Ihat spirit world to which sho is has- 
tening j and knowing that the loved ono 
is happier fur on high'than we who linget 
hero, hero tears are dried, aud she bowSiu 
chcerfulncffi to the mandate of hor Crea- 
tor, and.calmly saya, " Thy will be done/ 

An Old Soldier's Opinion of i 

Previous to tho routine hubincsa of tho' 
Boird of the Hull Guardians, on Wednes- 
day so'nnight, a venerable looting eld rafto, 
ngcd ninety-seven, named Macdonnld, wilb 
ono arm leaning on fijr. Wing, tho reliev- 
ing officer, and bearing himself up with a 
stout staff in the other band, made tha 

fallowing [slalcmcnt : — IIo Mid IhaL ho' 
was a pensioner, living at D^rlford, Ho 
lodged with a woman much younger Ihaa 
him.self. She took him out of the house" 
on Saturday, statiug it was her intention' 
to give him n s^\\ on tho Thames. Tho 
woman look him ou board tho steamer 
bound to Hull) paid his tore, and he found 
hiinseir on laftdiug without a farlhiog, anJ 
houco ho found liis way into tho work-' 
haufto. Ho was in tbo reocint of ten sbil-- 
lings per week pension, whion tho woman ' 
drew, lie wished to bo Rcnl homo by tbo 
Hoard. Tho OovcmorBaid tho law would 
not allow of Ihem givin;^ him money lo 
send him away, Tho {governor asked if 
ho had over been in battle. The old vet- 
eran immediately replied: "Yea; and if 
I was young I would, if need ho, fight for 
my country again>'' Mr. Synions asked! 
what engagements ho had been in,, Thcr 
old bcro replicfl,_ " KIcven," and, fiimWing' 
in his inner waislceal, produced & silver 
modal with eleven claspa, showing that htf 
had gone thronph thu Peninsular War up 

to the bnttlo of Waterloo.' Hoffliidhodld 
not take part in Waterloo, for' just pre- 
vieuB to that crcat figlil, ono of his eye* 
had been i>okcd out by one" of the entray's 
bftjonct*, and, tailing his aham^ groy 
hair, whrbited two sword woa^S'^nn hta 
forehead. Mr, fiymons nggcsted thai 
they should ecod him away out of their 
own pockets. The Governor, however, 
said that ho woulil see lo hia being safely 
sent borne again, wbercnpon tho old gen- 
tleman oipreaswl his thanks. When bcJn^i 
led out of tho Hoard room, ho held up hia 
hands rtnd cielaim^I, **0I gcnllcmcn^ ho 
that truslclh tea women trusts tea hrekou 






CoTmty COTmeiL 

Wednesday, Jmw 10.--Tbifl Coooci] 
/e^amcd badaesft ai 10, ajn., to-dav. . 

Oo moiiooof Mr, ^Vlicder, ecoonded b^ 
Mr, Mu:klenij Mr. McGinn waa " 
%o nddrcea tbe Council 

AIW cui ftddiese from Uiat gcntieman^ 

Id vtilch ho entered ioto detailed ei^uba- 
liona regarding the modo of cbad^oU^ 

the deaf and dofflb iastitution, a moUoa 

br Mr. Pattcr^^n and acoondod -bj Hr. 
WtcdeTj cxpKteins tbe CcBOcU's gratifi- 
catiots al hcaiio^ iho ^at&sTaj^ltfi; explacS'' 
lions of Mr. MoQano, Koording their tcd- 
limony of tbal.gfAtleiuan's-^^eTtidiiGOD 
behalf of tie do^aod dmnb, and instmct- 
ing 4bo Ireasnrerto payhuB 4180 for ^c 
half-year ending 1st October next, was 


A By-law, ptiniuanl to notice, was 
brought in by HnO. Doan, ft^ ther^- 

latioo of hawtcrt and pedlars, tmd bji?ing, 
by- leaTc, been reail d aocond time, t£ji 
Councli went ialo cowmilUo and. passed 
the'by-W with wmo amendajicct 

The roUowitwpe.UUoaBvrcrcpicsenlcd: 

By Mr. M^^em, from Ibc oorporation 
of WhilcbUreb, >ri^ rcfcrcoce to the line 
between that toffnfhip and Markliain, 

By Mr.:Arnpld, fion^ <bc keeper of toU 
f^ate No. 5, Yongeetroct^ praying n relief 
JVom arrcara of rent. 

By Mr. Chcfitc^jfrQin Alfii- Ross, t<>bc 
relieveil froi&jpayment oftoUadac on Mo> 

3 toll gate, Kingflton Road. ' '-" " 

By Wr. JatieSj frpm H. Noble, praying 
for a. redoetiof^ m.1^0, p;;reh|^ .pioaoy of 
(he Late Shore Roadgale. "^' "' 

A commapicaypp from ibtliV^sr^CH-cf 
Peel, in rcf^rcPf^o jo j cJaun^pE. a siiaro of 
the jkf^c^^cjii maje^ b^. tAC cot^nti^-of 
Xori an^Peel, wa^ laid (ui'^e tabic, 

A motioa % Mr, Cbgstar/sccoadc^, by 
Mr. Wii^l^j Ih^t tbe il^i^ie^ ,frpm Ui 
couql^ orP«( Be beofd,.^ f^iw-' 

A^cr b^ams D^- ]t^^OiWj( -oh l^cbalf 

of the delegaiefl, a nwti^ by.Jtrh.So^j 
Kconded by Mr» Draper, that the WaidCR 
and Messrs. Tyrrell, Vattereonj (SlVO ^d 
ihe mover be a eoruoiUlec to correspond 
witJj the deJegates wjUi rc^^t to tJa^ii 
I'lajmj WQS^carried. 

On teotion.of Mr. Bnt^o, Hjc CoTmcI] 
went plo qpmmittee m order to ^nsyier 
respectiDg tbe gmiing.of farther aid 'for 
tbccrecliouordnjl ^cd^ m Ibcc^uoly* 
The commtUec reported progress and, ad- 
jo umed until to-morrow- 

A motion by Mr. Button, inslruetjag 
the tre^urer to pay $62.95 to tbo treas- 
urer of Uarkham, was Cjurried. 

A report of the Eaperlnlendent of York 
RoadEupon 1h^ present condition Tins 

A fen notices of motion followed, and 
tbe Council adjouined until! 10^ a.m., 

P<e1, for oop^iog memorials, etc Aj tbo 
eabJejQt liadrbeai'fbr mhm time one of 
liti^^uffj ^^ ^*^ inquired into the 
menta at thewe, uii conferred wiUi the 


and'fDtor^ aiaonnting to 
An additiotial mm of t262 

claimed 1^ !mn fo^ dificoonts on noUe, ii^ 
tere^t and travelUnfic expeo£e& the? did 

ToimGDAY, June ll.-^Tbe Council 
met at 10,'., lo-diy. 

Mr, Draper moved, seconded by Mr, 
Wheeler tbat the elerk be instructed to 

prepare and daiuio to be prloted in pam- 
phlet form two hundred copies of all tbo 
,ciUliog by-laws of Ihia Couocll, and tb&t 
one copy Ujereofbo tr^nsn^itted by mall 
to each of the Rccvea and Deputy Reeves 
'^f (hsscfcrxil Djunicipalitiea, and aUo to 
cub Magistral^ within tbe county, 

i The CoflfflSlbt into Committee of 
tbe Whole^ tlie ^Kutof tbe Eqoaltatu 

tion Oomoail^ vbian-ivas t^~ and 

adoptc^T"^ ■ 

ftlr. J» DoapCL seoonded by Mr, Draper^ 
moved that &«tiomi;^ittfe coa^ating of 
Messrs. Tyrrell, Stoltea, Wheeler, Riddell, 
DultoD, Arnold and the mover be appoint' 
ed to take into conBidcration tbe £ulvisa- 
Lllitr^ of dividing the 8drplus funds arising 
from the Yfnk Roads with the< differeot 

IMovcd by Mr» JtoaJhouBe, seconded by 
Mr. Jesse Doan, that tbe treasurer be and 
13 hereby instructed to grant Hr. Henry 
Moles, of the townabip of Whitchufch, a 
ooe-boiBC license to peddle in thia county 
free of charge for one year. — Carried, 

The Warden, on motioD, was requested 
to lay before tbe Cwincil any corrcspou' 
dcneo that may bavo taken place between 
llie Warden or County UommUsionerfl, 

and Government and military authorities 
relating to the sale or renlingof tbe Ooanty 
Gaol for military purposcsiu 18G5and'60, 

^be Council went Into Oommltteo to 
eoneidtr as to the grant for drill ehcda, re- 
ported progrcffl, and aaked leave to sit 

move Ibe Conooil into Conumttco on tho 
pronncty of gtantu^ tbo «um of ^'O to 
ogtBLTO^teer eompany at prescal osac- 

^^im^i^^^^^P^ *^^ Markb&m^3w>^ 
e^^%S^^' for the pnrftMJ ^ 
orwM 4h eliedd, Boid grants to og^]^ 

■bfeSn^Qi^impIetiw of tbe sheds^^ff on 
to^^^a Government militafy 'i^- 

^Tb^t^unoU then adjourned Ull 8,^a.m'> 


The Seloct Committee appoiQlcJ to con- 
fer with the deputation of the County of 
Feel wftb reference to financial matters at 

the timcof Uie separation of the twocoun- 
lica, reported that upon careful ciamma- 
tiou tbcy found the amoanl of BRj^ts over 
liabilities, and locludiog City of Toronto 
dehcnlures, on theSlist December, 1806, 

i9amountto21],24G.7f>. ThccommittCD 
believing the County of Peel to bo ju>)liy 
entitled to one-tbird of thut amount, re- 
tommcnd that tJie treasurer bo instructed 
to piy to tbo order of tbo mur»idpid cor- 
poration of Uial county the aum of 83,- 
.740.75. «3,500 of wbf^b to bo paid in^ 
Oily of Toronto debentures, 

&lr. WJiceler, seconded by Mf. Mack- 
leio, inovod that the report be anjeodod by 
htrikiug Out the sum of (3,050 and io5crt^ 
ing81,(J00 instead. 

A K'*ed deal of diBOOEsion ensued, in 
which the report was nevcrely oriticificd, 
Several mcml>erfl t-iprcfiftod tJicmselvea in 
favour of tlio amendment, bat Ibd majority 
held that (f the elaim wa£ just it ouuht to 
be f^aiJ in full. Tho report was adopted 
incrjmmittco and after war da iu Council 
on the following vote : ' 
. Yf.AB— Meters, Arnold, Bull, 0. Doan, 
(Aurora,) J. Doan, Cancing, Cano, Harl^ 
luan, Lnno, Jockes, Pattcrfion, Thompijon, 
Tyrrell, IliJdcl, 8evcm and PUyjer. 

NAYa-McAfiTB. Butt/^jn, Maehcll Stokcfl, 
Draper, Jtobitieon, Wheeler, Macklcm, 
Chester end Stcvcii«)Q. - 

On motionof Mr, PUytor lb c Council 
went into Committee to consider the con- 
dttioDs of tho lease of tbo gatd No. 1 
Kingnton Road, acd as to tho rcijioval of 
No. i gate Voogc blrt*;t. 

^ /Fl^e oomnuttoe had determined during 
tb^ifreMnh sommcr to bave tbo^Thorabiil 
and Aurora brjdgea renewed ; and also to 
bavoapo'rUoir'orffie Laio'Sfioio Koia 
planked. T^ Bup^utcndent had ao? 
cepted an offer to faroisb tbe [dank for tbi 
Lake Shore Road at $9.50 per thonaand, 
to be laid down' afth&'^i^lwfty 'eroding, 
Qu tho lotdo^tT tbo toU g*to, -; Tbeyibad 
received an offer to fomiS* lum^ber for the 
TbonhillbTidtge, whi«Jb wnaEocitravigant 
Uwt tbey would not^acc^tit. Tbe oom^ 
mittee had gone over -the fieveral Fork 
roadSf^d fontid that: tbo amount node^~ 
sary^to r^air tho^ijcqnLting repairs would 
WOUntio $JO,«M)<ojf $16,000. Sovcral 
tolL-house^on tbcrr^ads also rcqaUedim-s 
mediate reaewal/aa .tj«ey were in.aTeiy 
bad cond^topo .:Tb^ comwittoowaa-deBii^ 
ouflof'[ire$em^fbnv4rdtba6oinptctioo of 

9igbl^d CrecKrod.«tro'Mrirt^c4.^^ 
fxippblatha;d'itoibeeiimadeaobiier^ AAnr 
^vingtiad tho: opinion of'iJ^eaars. iHar* 
rifloo & PatterEoa. with reference .t<i the 
duty of the Conncil in mantainiog the 
bridges 8cros3"Th'e ^lim^^ at Wet-ton, 
they ha4r,dJrccto4't^^'-"^JwHp(etfdcnt of 
the York Roada to have the necessary rc- 
paimmadotolho bridge atioboe-J-'^ ""H; 

r Tho.Gommissioners had IfikeolBteps'lp- 
wardaitbe erection'Ofa new toU-hoa^o 
TholCounty Solipiter blid^eiamlDed'tbe 
titloand found it satisfaetory^; T^eyba^' 
alao^had'a plan for tho .said t^Jbgato^pre' 
paredj -which tbeybad approved^ ■ ■ - 

The Committeo had had several repairs 
mode on' tho Conit Hoofie^ rind preseofed 
the Bocount, qmonnting to 88lS;76,'fOn^ 
neoted.vnth them, which tbey had er- 
amined/Q^^ found correct. Tbey 'had 
therefore recommended them to'be paid:: 

The Commissioners had enquired into 
tho complaint of B. L. Dennison, li^sq^, 
with rcfercneo to his having to pass Noff. 
1 and 2 toll-gates to reach his farm by 
YoD^estrcet, but as they had found others 
Eimilarly sitnated, tbey rcconfmcnded np 
relief, but referred him to Yic, ^p. 28, 
Conaolidatcd SUtutcs of Caiiada, . 

Tbe Standing Committee on Finance 
and A^esament reported recommending 
tho payment of cicrtain accounts'. They 
reported a by-law to aes&a for conn^ pur- 
poses; tbo payment of echool teachers, and 
SoperintcndeQla. , It was read a first time, 
audi on a rule being suspcit'dcd^ it was 
read a seoond time and tbe Connoil vrent 
into Committeeof the Whole, Mr. Cane in 
tho chair. The Oommittee rose and ro- 
]>orted, and the By-kw waa read a third 
time and passed. 

jQne borse pedlar's licenses were granted 
to William Ilill and Hogh MeKcniiD, free 
of charge. 

Tbe Warden laid'on tbe table the fol^ 
lowing commnnlcalion from tbe Pread^t 
of tho Toronto onj NipiDraig''itiiihw»i3 

ToEoyro, June 12, 1608. 
To Ihc Warden of the County of York ^ ' 

Bitt,— -Tbe imJvrBifincd were appointed a 
coDmiilttic by the. Dfrtctora of (be Toronto 
and Kipiefiing Bail R-ay Compnnyj to negotiate 
vi'iih your boBourable IJuVncil for the E:aoI 
property, ksa the gaol and tbe amouut of 
land rCqiiiriitc for ^aol |iurpofit:s; also, tbe 
wulcj ffonta^o fonoing part of Ibe ^aol pro- 
pertyifor tho uw and ben4jfit of the Toronto 
anJ KJfjJeaJiig JUilway Company. 

It it) rvE|K^tfu]ty siibmitttd Uiatit ia ira- 
p06fiili[e for tbo T. and B. R. Company to 
cunKtrmjt thtir rail\vay to tbe proposed tcr- 
mrnuB at or near tbe fair grei;n, without 
crojwfng Ihc County property. Ncithtr do 
ihcy bL-l]4:vc tbat there Ja room for the con- 
filniction of docba, lumber and cordvrood 
yards, at thu pioi>Oi>f:d tf rminue, without ob- 
t-tining llic i^rt-alcr part of tht gaol properly 
for &>inc of Ibt-AEs purpo^H. 

The cojnmillco rtepcclfully Euhmil, for 
tUc coneidcraMon of your bonouraMu Cofin- 
ci), timt gr<!at bt^nclit will oniiiic lo ihc pcO' 
plu of Ibc county of Yoth, Hiici to (lie tity oS 
Toroofo i iu tbo piofijKJttof ubich tJie county 
haw £0 gftat nnd direct nn inttrtrbl, by thu 
con^TUctlon of tbe proposed Toronto anil 
NJpJffiifiK Jiailroad. This Ihulway, when 
b^ilt, wJJl liavL-rfit porlio^n of tbreo totvn- 
fildpa III tltu county of York ^ whih iU cuTi- 
atruttluo JDto tbe m^wniitl uiieettk-d country 
wilt probably, ntiRibtud by other ciroum- 
BlnnctE, invrcaiio the papulation of the city 
of Toronto to 80,000 or lOO.OOO InJiabitaul^. 
IbuB fojitc-ring and VrealiuH an uiitqimlleLl 
market, ifio fnj- ajj Ibis' Tfovinci! U conuemtd, 
for tbo prodncta of thin county, anil nt the 
fiame lime opt-ninga wijj bo crtiit*jd for tl[e 
fiettleoitnt' of the riping gcniinition of the 
agdcultural commiinUy, wbkh wHl 
this country thu faUy Lu It of our own pcot^lc, 
rvfl wtll aaallrfltt luito i>ortEon of that Dwel- 
ling tldo^ftmlKEAtfonubich i^iiowdirtcUd 
to a rival Lounlry, by cjity atccsft to frjtilo, 
If distant territory. Therefore, on patri**llc, 
nu wtll UK on the >^iji^'jhI grounds of a pru- 
dent foKfilght, Ihltf toramiiteo humbly Eug- 
ge«t to your honourable Couui::!! the pro- 
priety of donating,' to tlic enU\ Kallway Corii- 
jiany a " free dted" of tho >vator lot nnd nil 
of tho jjftol property not rtqulnltu ot preacnt 

. Jj^CS^A^, Jnpj).13.— 5tc .C^Wca^. 
pumitl thelr'fiiitiiig thia tnomin;^ at oignt 
o'clock — tho '^aidoa^i^ th^ojiatr, .^ ,{■ 

The Co'mnuttea ou''Roa*fe and'^idgei 
P««u&e4, a jepoct. .^ The ^following wo- 

ga^m UW-XorXSMdi, asking,to4Hi-ii>- 
Uev^'froin tbfirigdcbtcinesfljOrjtohe rpp 
imhbrsed forJosace/Trhicli they^clMincd'to 
have BoMainedm^lcwir^gtbe'satoa/''' "',' 
: ^ A communiiSitIon'frWJ<5hnHcflte(ler, 
M.D.V" aod' 93- others, asklpg (6'IiaVe''h 
Vnd^ -built and' a CQV'made on Yonge 
elroet oa tbo north side of the ViUa^c of 

Thtohai. '■ /-•■ -'■ ' '■ ■'. 

■ Aiidmmuoieation'fVom 8h James, Esq',, 
Sriperiotenderit'of tb'eVo^Jt'Boad^ oflktog 
fbyap'iDcreaflq pf salary^ and.ono'from. 
biio'iii refer^t^ to unproyiag a ropd lead-' 
liig'to' Markbim,' fto' aJJ to' in^feaHe' ^'e' 

tWTBlon tbe Kingston roi^. ' ; 'r ■•' ' 

-The Cpbion* qr'thc-Couoly S61?cIt<DrV 

deoUring the titife' gf = tE^ M* "n'eS ^brk'^ 

^ -\ 

' :^^^n^H bailwat. 

i"^T« ,j^, 10^5 ui,s 9.10 P.W. 

"*'**^;'""'*"M — • t.oOAJi.i 3.10PJI. 

V^rantlfcfcteBWk Stiefet BUllon ten 

. OSAino, TBIWK WE8T. 

Arrive ., e.30 a iii(t jui-; Oo.oo a 12A5 pjt 

wA^ rz- '^^T^ 

Depart,, 5.3T*,itE I3.07< 4.0T * f.OTpji. 

^' ^'^ bRBiT'^WBSTEBK. 

aepart„-7^0Aj(,-ii^^jLja.36 46,sbp.«i 

Arrive.. O-SSij^j n,00p.M.i4.55 4 9.45p.>r. 

•,• Tfalfta r^to Onion ^ii^loa ive" ^putea 

to w patiafaiitarf. 
T^Wli-reffete&Se to ^tbc 'petitioilflijf 'the 
Be7Cha''psrti^ 'desiring to" b^;\eiraved of 
ihoir uidrtle^tfes^ tbecommtf.^eo'didnot 
B6&'a ft^Scient reaeoii for grab ting their 
petitions huttheyi^ould reooramoud that 
ar^aaonablo time'bb'a\to^cd tbemih which 
to pay their balances. 

'.Jhe .compiitce fonnd that tbo bridge 
referred, (q. by John Hoatetter.'M.D., Q^d 
otbexp, vfo^ W^der tbo coo^dorEdion of the 
County CommiftgionerB and tbe'Supcrin- 
UntieD:t of the York floada; and' they 
copld aee no.sii&cient reoeon for granting 
tb? other paxtof.the petition. 

The Coinmitteo had considered tbc potii 
tions of tbo.^Clquncit of tbg ;towoehip of 
WbJtcliurcb, and the ratepayera of tbo. 
townships of Yojk-aud Yapgluui, u^A bfld 
come to the eoncludon, £rorn e^uminlng 
tbe Etatutes relating thereto, that it wea 
the duty of tho Council to grant their 
petition i they would therefore rccomuicnd 
the appointment of Comini&sionciB to bave 
the roada opened ,up with aa Jittle, delay 
as posfiible, tho expenses- to ' bo boroq 
equoliy by tlie adjoining tOwnflbips. . 

Tbe Committee would a Ido recommend 
that, the Coiamiesionera of Comity Pro- 
perty and the Superiotendeot of York 
Koads examine into tbo complaint of Mra. 
Ann Clayton, and have tbo neceasary re- 
pairs made, so aa t^ prevent further annoy- 
ancc tobcr. 

As tbe Committee fonnd that tbo 8u< 
pequtendcntof York Roada had been pcry. 
fsithful iu thediBohargc of biB d^ttc^, au4 
aa bis tiu^e was, at pro&ent, nearly all 


Notice of ReiDova!—MlEa' Poole, 
b ugCTj fw ;^^_ W, T; e Q t- 
To the LajfiteZj. iTacketi: 

diiiLTH BCHOOL Ijiirmm.-'A meeting of 
Congregational Chujcb, "Kowi^arket;' com* 
mencln^,on"Xue«tayi tho ifllS InM^ Ai>d oon- 
ti^K^wi^^p^ jT^Mklv Joirpnlng.^'fc/.H. 
Altoaal^ro^jfloa tiij'cbiir; ahdMr. B.S. 
^th jna ^pointed acfuWiy. /jL Q.- Par- 
d«i MAiof HewJwk,wiJitten Inbodn^ed, 
'WhoV'fthfl r" d<?UTerlDg. a 'thdrpngbly pnetli^l 
addre», dedrcd to bcax reports from tha^ va- 
rious .Sabbath Scboolfl repretented; "''(We 
have notapan lu th« preBenlluua for extend 

ed ^rtlcuTar, bnt~ may refer to tbe.t^bject 
on another occaalon,) Tbe meetings were, 
very well attended both "days, ond great la- 
Unit macifeated. The nnmber of Schools 
ropreBcntedontholflthjWere U, by ri'deU- 
ga^a; m>dM Cbo )?tl), 34, bl' ^Odelegatea, 
During tfiD OTcnlDgof each dayj pntilicmeet' 
Inga.were fc«ld luBt, Fanl'a Cbnrcb, Trbtch 
were addrcsBcd by Mr.Faldce, nnd aoveral 
other clcTgymea; tf farge audienccSj the 
epeaking bobg'interepcre^ ivttb ciccUcnt 
rQudo. I 


TnoBBJut, Jnre lara, lB6a. 




w t w 

Mff,;tnoirAs"ATKtS6oi,!of Hc» market, J* 
a\\thpdBc4 to,i«^Fe Bntj&criptiona foj (b« 


-1(0. 27 will owomeoco the new half, 
yearly volume. We are eitccmcly thflnk-: 
fuj for the ?ery,Ufleral puppoit the.paper 
his received tdnco its oommeneemdnt, and 
tope our frieu^ i^l use their eudciivourfl 
^ get ^ np a goodly list to commence the 
ntiff Volume.; ^ eich anbsoriber will take 
tbotroublelofihOw^tbo CooBiEBlo bis 
peighbour'and oi him to Bubeerihe, we 
\hinW ho will do ap, aud thus very easily 
doable our pre&eoi handaome list. Ju£l 
try tiocxperitncnfif you pleaee. 



his charge nnd tt^tcncd to open fire if 
taken up, imd bis lal^ura would & h^j-t^ese interests werp not respected. Tb!e 

Tbo Council adjou^iJd uotil 
a.m., tO'day. 

»' clock, 

. Friday, June 12.— The Coonqll met 
ngab to-day, tbo "Warden, Mr. Walbioo, 
in tboebnlr. J . ' 

The committeoon county property pro- 
Eeulcd their report, which waa adopted, 

The report «lited that tb» flrrt';mtttor 
of Smportance with which tbey had fjt deal 
wfla to determine tbo mott adTlBaUo couiao 
lo pursue lb reference to the claim of I>.i\ 
Campbell, E^^,, rogUtru of tho coioty of 

Of likely to be ri*iulrt-l for gftol pur|KiFi:ii, 

In conclufiSon, ft ia resptcffully iinbnittled, 
that, In the event of the iaunldi>alltiefl a;{ree- 
ing to the propr>DUIons mad<; to tbum, tbo 
Toronto and Kl|dfihirjg Jlallwny Companj- 
tonttm]jlrtt^ tho proftecutTun of active ojHjra- 
tturuf In the conatructlrpn of tho raltvay En n 
few monthB, In view of which it \n dedrnhle 
to innko hucb atmn^enivnte ah will ennhlo 
tlic Coin|*ariy to obtajn pofiim fusion, whin 
ntct&hATy, vi tbe property In quefitlon, on tl\ij 
terjjiii of your honoiimhle Counclh^ 

Tho (Jommiltte htg leave to aubKrllX) 
thgifl>ielvtfl, Kir, 

Vour oticJicnt wrvftnta, 


0. LAim^AW. 

Tho Warden aIbo laid on thetablotho 

opinion of tho County Bolicilor rcepcoting 

tho transfer of tavern licensea, whicli ia as 

followa: - 

• I am of opinion Uio Provincial Treaaurcr 
Jl not cntHli'd to ^fi or any f^'Oi on the tranf* 
fcr of A licence. Tho statute, COPp 5 of tha 
31 Vie., P. O, rcjulri^a a duly of f 13, $10 or 
^5, according to tliu locality, on i;acb Ilccnu 
luued ljy a munlclpiillti'. i^t as provldon ll 

madoiortba traojifcroftboHconw. ^.. 

Itlb June, 1809. 

Mr. StovenKin gave notioe'lhitho would 
move tbe Council into Commlttofl of tho 
Whole on tbe grant proyloualy reoom- 
mendod by the Committee on Fioanoe and 
Aeac&timent for tbo pnrpoao of crccMog 
drill abcda and armoriC3 in tho county* 

Mr Button gave notice that ho would 

creased now, on account of the number of 
bridges to bo'«rccted or repaired, they 
would Tccommend ati addition of 8200 to 
l>e made to ^b sda^".;^-' . 
~ Tboreport waa rf^^^ad. < ^ 

Wr. B/Bad;CbQirmaa of tbo Commit- 
tee on EdncJition, pfcficnted their report, 
in which they recommended that the in- 
cidcntal expensesof the County fioord of 
Public Inatraotibn for the baU ycarped- 
ingSOthJonOjlSea; amounting "10 651.74, 
be paid. Tbey bad received a coiumn- 

nteation from J. B. ^McGann with an 
account for board and tuition of three 
deaf and dumb pupils from the county of 
York. Tho account bad been ordered to 
bo paid and all further HUmd for that pur- 
pose were to 1)0 paid in bdvanoe. The 
Committee recommended that the sum of 
$60 bo placed to the order of tbe Commis- 
sioncra of the county in addition to that 
granted in February for.the education of 
indigent deaf and dumb pupils in the 

The report waa adopted. 

A report wa,^ prcacr^lcd from tho Com- 
mitteo on the surplus funds of tho York 
roajsj recommending that when tho in- 
terest on tho unpaid principal and working 
ezpeDsea was paid, tbo balanoe be divided 
between the raunicipalitiea in proporiion 
to tbo number of mtepaycra in each, 
Tho motion, however, was lost. 

A memorial to tbc Legislative AEflcmhly 
of the Province of Ontario was drafted by 
a committee appointed for that purpose, 
EClting forth that Iboy wero deeply im- 
pressed with the necessity for tbo construo- 
tion of a Bhip canal to connect lakea Huron 
and Ont^^rio, so as to admit of tbe passage 
of Bca-going vcsficU, They wero convinc- 
ed, that iiotenly would great benefit accrue 
to tbe rfoviiiGO from tbo expenditure of 
tbo vast sum of money nccca.wry for tbo 
work, but it would nlso conduco U) tho 
development of tbe resourcca of tho Prov- 
ince, and have a ^ood influcneo for tbe 
bcneQt of Canadian and Ilrltiah interests 
generally, They wcroof of^nion that tho 
canal would lend to the conBoUdation of 
tho Icderal union betvrccn tbo flcveral 
provinces, and that it would exercise nn 
loflaenco in promtin^' the settlement of 
that ,[>nrt of tho oountry bordering on 

Gcorgtao Bay, and in opening up the 
mineral rcgiun on Ijake flnporior. It 
would abio bo a vflluablo feeder to the 
Intercolonial lUilwav. They would, thero- 
foro, BBk for a liberal grant of pubi 1 lands 
BO that tbo groat worlf, whlob coald not 
otbcrwUo bo cffeotod, might bo proceeded 

On motion of Mr- PattcrBon, tho War- 
den wfts authorJicd to h6,vo tlic petition cn- 
RrosBod and forwarded to the lion, John 
MoMunich, with a rc^jucflt that be would 
present It to the Lc^lslatlvo Aascmbl/ at 
its naxt BCe^iou. 

Mr, Cbaricfl Doan moved, acoondcd by 
Mr. li, Cano, that tho Warden bo author- 
ised to mako y>plioalion to tho GoTcm- 
niont of tho Doniblon (or Ibo proper 
aotliorlty), forapatoot for tho property 

kn&wn ts tbo "old gaol property."-^ 
Carried. . t, ^i. r- j 

A reaolation wasmov od by Mr- A. Rldly, 
Hooondod by Mr* H. Draper to Infilruofc tho 
Oommlsdenora of-oounty property to ooo- 
for with tbo Diroclon of the LakoNipV 
slog and Toronto Railway Company,- rela- 
tive to tbo lease or wJe'of a portion ofthe 
gaol ground, and to report at the next 
mceling of tho Oounoll— Cwrledi - 

Tho Council then ndjournod ii'tta itio. 

'Very recently Sntiah gnoboala were 
called to protect Affierioan interests in the 
West ludies, aakeQ for by the American 
Con^nl of that place, bis government not 
haying competent oival forco there. The 
Admiral took tbe An^erican interests under 

was generous. M^. Chandler made ia- 

qniry, in the HooBo of Representatives, 

why a eompetcjit n^yol.forco was not main- 
tained in tbofio wafcis, and tendered tbe 

thanks of tbe He nee to tho British Ad- 
miral for the protection ho had ettcndcd 
to Ameriwn citiicns. . The American 
Government, nevt^thelesfl, io violation of 
their' own CoiiBlitu'tion, allow Feniana to 
arm, drillj and prepare to invade a Britbb 
colony, oausjog bCagnation of ifrado in 
many border tOWns,' and putting the coun- 
try to endless expcn£e and trooblo. Thia 
may bo gcacrous, o|flo, but very few Cana- 
dians will ho able to sec it ' 

CmCKir.— Tbo junior clubs, of Holland 
landing and Fewmarkft had a friendly gome 
on the Ntwmkfket ground; QD Baturday latt, 
which rcjiultcd in an PBBy victory for the 
latter. Tbo roIlowiDg la tho oeore r 

□oL^iffD LAirona — Eiasr-ixKn^oS' 

Oogh, b L. Ebinehflit 

Tforhan, b Ronen c Milcahy I 

Murphy, bMilcaby.^-, 2 

Moore, b L."Bbinehart. n 

Crecbon, b Hanrshan ., 7 

Bell, b Milcaby jq 

F. PheTps, b L. Rbineliart ; 

Bheppard, b Houen 

West, b Hanrahan , .... 5 

W. Phdpa,b Jlllenby 

Playtcr, not out _ , „,, & 

■ r ' 

'*' ^^^^^ 

* Ut*li ^*«d ^ m t ^ ' ^ tJt+hF *4^ifr_ -■««*» JI 

4 aKoxn ixNitfoa. 

Ough, runonb ,;.;■.,• 3 

Forhao, 1 b w,,,' ; 

Moore, b Hantaban Hoskett 7 

BreekoD^ runont...: .'.-.:,' 5 

Bell, b Rhine bart 

P. TbelpE, rnn out ,•.,. 3 

Sheppard, run out 

Weet, blloucn-. 1 

W. Pbeipe, h L, Bbinch?rt c Gralton 8 

Playtt^r, bMtlcahy 9 

UurpV, not oat 2 

Byea 6, Wides I,. ; e 

Total , •..•-,.., 44 

Total l6t Innings ,,....'.. 4L 

Gmod Total ;.../ 85 

rffcWHAftKiT— ^ssr iNSTsca. 

Uilcnby, b Forham I 

L, Rhlnehflrt, b Moore c Planter 68 

Hanmhnn, rub out 29 

HolToiaOj B Forhau fil 

WelhcreJl, b Ougb '0 

Basket, run out< ,......,.., ,,,. 

Kpuen, run out ,,,.......,. „, . 2 

Blair, b Moore.,,, , ,,,, 4 

Smitbj b OugL e Breeken 3 

G ml Ion, not out .....,,,..,...,,,.,,,, 

H, Rbinehart, b Moore 

Byes 4, Leg Byea 3, WiUea 2 9 

Total ,..-. n? 


London, June ll.-^Tbe following':^' 
^culani of tbe at^M»M>tioD. of ■ Prince 
Miohael of SerriV-Whieh occprcd at BeJ- 
grade yeaterday, have be^ reoeivod by 
tel^pb from that 4iy to-day. 3^o 
,PriiKO, while walkiog.'feistirely" thn^iigt 
one of the public puka, at alwut 'five 
o'clock Iwt evening, was suddenly attacked 
by three aBsassiuB, who weio armed with 
revolvera. He wu accompanied in bis 
rmnblinga by bis oottrinaad^fi'daugbterof 
the latter, together with bie utnal attend- 
ants, Tho a^sftMiGe directed their 6re 
promiacoufily at tho royal party. At the 
first Bbot, tbo Prinoe feli and eipired im- 
mediately. The ooufiiii of tbe Prince 
waa olfo bit, and died in a few jninutoa 
afterwards. The daughter received a 
eevero fleab wound, but is not dan^roudy 
iojuredn. Qne or two of the valetA were 
also slightly wonodcd. Tho assaesinfl 
were recognized "aa three brothera; ooeof 
tbem waa promptly taken while hurrying 
from tbe scene of the tragedy, and it ia 
thought ibflt the others will not be able lo 
escape tbe vigoroua meaaorea taken by tbe 
authorities for their capture. The aasofr 
smation bus produced the most profoond 
excitement and sorrow tbronghout the 
country. ... . ,- 

LoNBOKi JVDC 14,— It ifl now generally 

understood that the Miniatry will make on 

app«l io tha,Ci)^ntry on <jijtef™a>t issue 

bctwech'themMidtboHonaeof Cbmmoiis. 
Parliament ia to' be dissolved in October; 

the eleotioo will. tflke place durinc Novem- 
ber, and on tho 9tb a meeting of the new 
■patliamcut will toko placo» 

It ie announced that Governor Eyro, of 
Jamaica, will contest' tho aeat of Jobn 
Stuart Mill, Membpr of Parliament for 
Westminister; London, in tho coming 
election. , , , 

LoNroK, June 15.— Tcli^mB from 
New York eunonnciog tbe nomination and 
confinnafionorihe Hon. Jleverdy Johnson 
aa JJitiifiler to Engknd, vice Mr. Adame, 
resigned, wero duly received iu Ibis city. 
The Dttitt/ /^cu>s to-day baa an editor!^ 
article on tho subjeot, stating that the long 
cxpericnco, training and high cbajaotcr of 
Mr, Johnson are a guarantee that he will 
Tcpreaent tbe United States as a whole, 
aud'not Ecctionally, Tbo " ?V'jnca*' closes 
a lengthy article wiib the following 
wordaj — '*No .Envoy could' be Bent here 
who would be hailed with more confidence 
na the honoured apokeaman of a great 
nation. The unanimous ratification of his 
nomination by tho Seoafe is an unexam^ 
pled testimonial, Hia intellect ia admir- 
ably trained to diseuss the peodmg or 
probable issues with prcci?ion,impartialUy, 
dignity of character, breadth of learning 
and charm of manner." 

London, June. 16,— ^Tbe Home Secre- 
tary, Mr. Gathomc Hardy, threatens lo 
proEccuto George Pranets Train for an 
objeelionnblc Bpecch made by bim to an 
Irish audience in Mauchcfiter, 

The Mi of Mftgdala and the &t« ot 

r" _ 




3c pi JMms. 


DnottfltD,— A littloboy, eonof Mr. Btephcn 
Ami'lage, of Hchomlcrg, was drowned, on 
Llio IDlh irrst., hf falling into a eUtern. 

12*h YOHK BAtTiUO?*.— Tljla Bntialion, 
compdEing nine CarniuinicB, met:t In Uile 
placo for drljt commeneEug Wednt'silny, the 
nth [n^t. 

^0>is or TiHrKQ.4hci FioinEB.-Tho lUvcnshoo 
Division Honfl of TenijH;rflrico will hold a 
Holrco in Mr.d, llolf>orji'» grovo, on the 2*lth 
instantn Oornl munlc nnd goorl Apccehcn, to- 
t'ethdr with other ^ood things^ may bo ox- 
pcgted. .Scerotilers." 

' Tajicno.v KrfOJHEs.— A Traction JCnglno, 
whicti recently anlvcd In thhi conntry from 
Kogland, T/a8exh[lilt4:d on tho streets in To- 
ronto thti oilier i^t^y^ Mr, Taylor puriioeuo, 
In a fe>r daj-B, torunJt through tho ptinoliml 
aUooia in full Korhbig order, dmwtng a train 
of VfftgK^nB, Tho ongino wna imi>oitcd in 
£GVpral imTls, ond-iiut togotlier at the work-- 
flhopBof theNoithi^rnKAtlw&y. 'A cominitent 
cnglnecrlu dully expected from England for 
Ihu purpoM) of fully Di[)hilnlngtho nature of 
Ita m^ch^nery and enjiabilltka, 

T^rn Kra ot Icuit week caya ho m^tdotn 
alliidc^A to commLijLl^tlciia over fietltlouii 
elijncitiirCB; Wo woiihl afik whvlh^r tho toi- 
TCBfiondcncc fiom Vinn OrcLard, !□ the same 
paper, Is not over A flctJtlonq elgjiaturea? 
if not, ■'rhilhtuA'' muat be his rc^l narno. 
With regard to tbo correspondent '*rinu 
Orchard" "dragging a roBpaotahla young 
lady's namo bcforo tho puhlio," vc ho^ to 
CAy nn lady's name was mrntJonctI In tho 
correi^wndenco. Tho Jira muat t^avu bad 
Eomo design in tho Ti^ia&rkdibovi; alluded to. 

■• — 

MiUDfaay, Mamtlm asd J-'"M Miuno.— > 
MJus Toole aonoupc«4 In another column 
thill jibo b 04 removed hor hualncbB to more 
oxtetifllvoiireiniaea; For IhopMtfewmonlha 
the promiM* iliqls lc*vlng l^aa l>oon alto* 
gulhcr too jinwU for iho incrcwlne toAnufac- 
tutbg bujlheM of Ibla eiuUlihraenl. ilor 
picMQl Bhow Room will b« very ■pacloat, 
and amhnulpff all th« ttyl^ and beAullcB of 
ilio fMhlonaof tho ftcaKin In eyory lino of 
btufnow: A call Jl reipectfnUy aollelt^d at 
her nftw prerali^t, a« abe foeU confident It 
will be greatly to the adtanUga of tho Udloi 
of Kewraarket nni ylclnlly to lo do.— See 

We ehall be gUd to receive iteina of 
nevva, from different parts of tho County, Kuch 
as public mee tings, fefitiya Is, Coimeil'a te- 
portu, etc. . ^1 

AH Commmtlcatlona to be addreAEcd to 

G. H. B}<f3B, puLIEBhcr and propTlctor, and 
must be accompan[|id uilh the name of tbe 

author, not, hovover, /or publieallon, (if 
desired otherwise,) but aa a giiuianty of ^ood 

We do not bold oufeelvcs rcRponsihlc for tbc 
opinions here usprcsBcd. 

To tho Edilef cflho KewTHirliel Cooncr. 
fiiit,— I have carefully wndi-d through tbo 
lengthy epistle of your coi respondent ^' Mnc- 
mon," of last \reck. I cannot csrictly nfrum 
thatlknoweitbcr '> Unemon" or "rhilJatUB," 
neitlier do I think Vicy hnow mc ; nt k-BBl, 
if they do, thuy would liorUlyopply the char- 
nettr of *' a dislutbEr of the peace" to no 
((uiot and Snoffenelvc an hidhl Junl as myself. 
They probably tlniiHy make n.^jiiess at my 
IdL^nllty, nnd Itien UunehCLt their aeciiUku- 
hitcd spleen at my dcfenccle&a bead. Now, 
I al&o will make bold to guirss at tho real 
nuthoiB of these dtloetoble comi>OBitIon3, the 
btyle of whose iwUlUal tvvMldle Is fciriklugly 
BimlTar to that of a nursery govcrncsg ad- 
dressing her more i;dvanci:d pupild; though 
why they sliouhi encuiaber your |>aper with 
their i>o]itIcM doiiultntlonit at the tail of a 

letter like this, it IsdMcult todlvlno; ci]t> 
tlO'flah-lLko, I tjuppohe, to concent their ruh- 
hUh 'ncAlh the blaze of Ihulr^ loyal and 
thoughtful wmiin-reni;ttioiid, or, i>erchf>nce, 
to hIlow foilh thi3 redtelivcsehoUrshlp abld* 
Jng in tho cautp of the I'ldltelin^is trtily; or, 
jiioru likely sHII, to convey ihiou^b your 
eolumnfl an Inuccnnito idea of tho loyally of 
(ho " KtneiiLon-PJillIqtng^ lot, tho whUh fu 
shrewdly bclloyrd to btnr n veiy donUful 
afiiicet. With Ihle. however, 1 liavo nothing 
to do I hut it Ifl what tho /Jra catTs n " rich 
treat," to btar the&o precious youn^^ t^vntlc' 
men diluting an to 1' dint^jrheis of the peaoe,'' 
and (ho tlko^ \^hleh It h notorious that the 
writers, with bundry^ of Ihoir, ilKbehaT<:d 
allies, have, more than oaco, licen gudty of 
conduct ht publto vrblch would hnvu provoked 
a breaeii of tho peace had not thulr langiinf;u 
and action l-ecn simply treated with contempt. 
Tho natural i>oAUlon of these people should 
bo oneof aoino little Infhioncu, whleh they 
would have heldjl^ad not their ovll njicoklnK 
nnd biul conduL^t brought down uL>on them 
tjio conteiQUt and aversion of every lover of 
fnlf pTriy. 

I sue your iTrafrtcind a1sohn8a flln^atmo, 
l^rtlculnrly, I Imngino, 60 tlint It nmy In- 
ebido onu at you^ aji ho sayn It la uriwnimnt- 
nhlrj \\i iiltheryou ormu todmg urLApt-OtjtljEo 
young Indy'fl nnmo thus before tin; puhilo. 
Now, why Hhonid the Kra descend to Ui\bC' 
hocHlllhu tills to injure tlthur yon or Jiic— I 
never either mentioned or hlnltd r-^t tho 
namo of any young lady In tho couimUnlca- 
tlon to which ho rtfura. 

Vouts very reapcclfully, 

Juno 10, IBSflp 

A H1MX1K4ILI B(um|y prtij^rtlon la nmtn- 
tatncd In Knglnnd nnd Wnl^B between (he 
number of ma lea and fenmlew born cayh year. 
Tliftt propoTllon, wllbout any varlftHon In a 
long perlotl of ycara, Ih IQt malea to 100 fe- 

Tbthoyenr isaa the numliOT Of poiBonA 
collected oR tho itrcetft of Kdlnbnrgb on Bun- 

iUya, in u stAto of druuWencu, wav 730 \ !k«I 

year tho number hrul dwindled Haytn to IGl, 
ovlnfs; to tho Dpeiatlen Of tha Korhca Moo- 
kenilo Act. 

TfLioHAHa from Calcut(A to thp fl3rd it«t« 
that a eolllBlon bdd t«Lkon place on tho 
Hooghly between tho Kthol, bound for Liver- 
pool, and tho Ag«mcD^non, for Duuihie. 
Eolh vcBJiolfl wfiie sunk, and four lives b»t, 
Tho caTgoci woie raluccl *t Xlork(OOe. 

' Supposed Murder, 

The Ihiiy Olole of tbo I3tb instant 
ooRtaincd a paragraph to the ofTeet that a 
fear was entertained In Bclaworo of the 
murder of a yooog girl, daughter of Mr. 
Henry Jonca, by her uncle, Thos. Jones. 
It appears tbo rfrl lefl her home on Thurs- 
day Jost, atwui 2 o'clock, to go to hot 
nncle'e to get wrao flour ; but not rctnrn- 
ing, her parents became uneasy, and every 
endeavour Wfia'mado to find her, but with- 
out cffeet. Thounelo aud three member^ 
of tbe family had been arrested, aod' there 
was great reaeon for suppieion. Tho two 
families have been on h;id terms for some 
lime past, and the missinggirl gave infor- 
mation ngninst her unelc a ehorl time a^. 
With r<^urd to tbc above the Okie of tbo 
IGtb contains tbe followii^ : 

" Delaware, Ont,, Juuo 15, a.m.— 
The report vrhioh waa circulated hare on 
Friday last, that a young girl 12 yeara of 
age, daughter of Ilonry Jones, living on 
tho 2nd conccEsion of Dclaw^irc, ^aa mis- 
sing' atid Bupposed to have been murdered, 
unfortunately turns out to bo too true. 
After tivo days' fienrohitig by a Inrgo parly 
of men and women, her mangled remalna 
were at laet dificovered about 5 o'clock 
yesterday (Sunday) evening, in a hole -by 
thofiide of n treo which had recently fallen, 
covered up with leavea and ruhbfsb, and a 
log placed on tbo top of her. On examin- 
ing tho body the injuries Eceui to he con- 
fined to tho head, wbioh prcataita n ahocV- 
ing Bpcetaclo. A eluh or eomo heavy 
weapon had evidently been used, From 
facta wbtob bave come to lidit there seema 
no doubt but her unolcp Tbonms Jonca, 
and bia thugbtor, n girl Id years of ago, 
are tho perpetratora of the dreadful orimo, 
On tho finding of tho body thu mo&i in- 
tcoBo oxcitoment provnile<l, and the feolin" 
of tbo whole neighbourhood was so high 
that tbo t^^cateat precautions hnd (o be 
taken to icep tJio prisoncre from being 
lynohodp Tho body has been removed lo 
the town ball, nboro it awaits a corouor'a 
inr^uQGt, wbloh h to bo held at 10 o'olook 
thia day, 

Second DEsPATcn.-Juno Ifi, 1 1 ;"- 
Tho town hall being ao dem^cly crowded 
wbibt the oxnmloation of tbo prieoncra 
was poing on, caused tho flwr of tbo hall 
to give in, and tho whole of tho jury and 
about Boventy-fivo olbor pcraona wero pro- 
oipltated into the haaoment bulow> about 
ten foot deep. Several porabna ^ro badly 
bruteodj but iLib bopod none very noriously 
injurcil. Tboybavenow reaumed thoex- 
amfnallon lit the drill shej, 

Tumi* Debp ATOM .—Juno 15.— Tbo 
jury, after ciominin^ man^ important 
witncBses, rolumcd ft verdict 'of wilftil 
niurdor oKf^inst Thomna Jonca and.hfa 
dnu^btor, KJiwbolli Jonc^. Tbo ovidenoo 
in very dear ngaiuBt tbo prluonora. ilia 
fion, a child tenycara'old,aaw thorn alrlko 
tho fntal blow, aud another h'ou, aovenloon 
yonra old, acJtnowlodgoa that hia i^lhor 
told bim Ihey bad oommittod tho deed, 
and burloii the body under a log, Tho 
prboiLora will bo removed to l^oudon gaol 
to-morrow to await their (rial at tho Fall 
Aflsi*ca. . "^ " 


^^■'Ms^dala aa a fortress ia no mohs, 
Thtodoma, the terror of Abyeflinia, baa 
pf^cd by hifi own hand. ^ The ca^tiree, 
oaeaiid all, are aafe^ Wbilowewnte, the 
^tlab arm? ijs on itfl wav home, and Sir 
Kbbert Napier, having lelt a tmkall ram- 
Bon behind him at Zoiilla, on tbe Reo Sea, 
is perhaps already at Bombay. Nine or . 
ten montba a^j. ai}^^pQdi}iQ&jLa Ahva- 
fitnia wu prononnoea rodiouloos. Six 
months. Bgoit wa# pnnovD^da.bopelets 
unddrtaklngn In 'apltel however',' of false 
propbeU, the inaec^slblB bcig^Uof Mag- 
dalawero carried, the captiTea^iiterated, 
Theodoma killed, tbe-fortresa reduced to 
a calcined heap^ tbe objeet^ In eboft, of 
tbe expedition accompUabedj^ and qot a 
dngle ^Sriliab soldier loet in aetn&I con- 
flict, since (he (^b^fe^^.peri^ji'nhen 
bandfula of men ^conntered and over- 
came tbe most fearful odda,' nothing like 
tbiB Abyadi3i&n^>aflkir has happened in tbe 
hiatory of the world.. 

No event which has taken place in mo- 
dem times haa supplied ao mnoh food for 
thought aa this aame expedition. It eng- 
gest^ many and deeply Important quee- 
tiouB. It ia not oar Intention tn conmdcc 
alt theae qoeationa or even many of them 
at present. We desire simply to look at 
tbe whole a^r from the jslipd-point of 

Britieb Hympatbj wd lo note spme.of tbe 
advantage* Tfhicn^hava flowed &mi it to 
ns Bfl a pcopfa. ginco tbe close of tbe 
Crimean war it haa been tbe jf^eluon with 
eortain European, jcumallatf (o.jpeak of 
tbo BritJab peoploae if they had degener- 
ate into a nation of mere abopkeepera, a 
people who had ceflBcd to have any_ inter- 
eats eave tbos» of the most aelfiah hind, 
and amongst^ wbom the love of military 
glory no longer caisled. Tbia vlev?of tbe. 
IJritiBh cliaracter found favour not only 
all over Europe, bat waa ioudJv .eeboed by 
certain jeumalB on thia side of the Atlan- 
tic It is not difficult to underatand how 
such opinionaabonld have become popular, 
Snccfta had begotten en^j of Great Bri- 
tain aa well in Europe aa among certain 
Ketiontof the population in the United 
Gtates. British atatesmen dld^ through 
tbe Crimean war, learn how fooliah it waa 
to allow the codutry to be dragged into 
every Contincnlal squabble, tbc more espe^ 
eially OS the expenae of the squabble baa 
always to be bomo by tbemselvea. It 
woa absurdj however, to imagine that be- 
cause the country had grown aick c»f Cou- 
tincotal interference, the martial spirit of 
(he people had died oat. The brilliant 
nnd dabbing manner in which the Sepoy 
rebellion was crushed out lyaa one of the 
best answers which could be given to thia 
rediculouH but prevalent ECotiment. The 
memory of tbe Sepoy rebellion, hoivevcr, 
died away, tbe old cry wbb revived, and 
tJLo name of Qrcat Britarn being identified 
with Iho policy of " peace at any price." 
The rulers of iiorope— Napoleon, Biam or k 
and his master, the Ceqt of llusiia, and 

the rest of tbem — alt know how foolish ia 
thia opinion. The jouroalistHj however, 

did not knew,, or rather did not care to 
know, and the rulers did not care to com- 
pel tbem to knew.^nd the reaalt was that 
everywhere, and chiefly through the in- 
flucncc of tlic Press, the opinion had comt; 
to be entertained tbut- Great Britain had 
ecoaed to be one of the groat military na- 
tions of modern nationa. Mr Dif^raeSI, 
some time ago, more cleverly than wisely 
endorsed the tentinicnt by saying that 
Great Britain had become less on Eurf*- 
pean nnd more a n Asiatic- -Power, The 
time, in fact, bad come irhen Fomclbing 
rcrjuired lo bo done to convince the world 
that the poeple who luid won Ejlory at 
Cro£3yj at Agincourt^ at Mu]plat|uet, aud 
on a thousand otberbattlc6clth in allparta 
of the world, had in no sense degcncrit ted, 
but wero in every respect worthy of their 
ancient renown. 

Thiit something li:ia been done by the 
Abyj^iuiau expedition. Sir Robert Na- 
pier and hb brave followers have proved 
not oalv that they are worthy auceessors 
of tbe neat representatives of tbe British 
army in ilabestdays, but that tbe military 
spint of tbo people, thouf^h less demeu- 
atrative than it oueo was, is as vigorous, 
OB irrcsUtiblo, oa trreprcesible as ever. 
Onco at least, to cjuoto (he slong laogusgO 
of Macaulay, '* Great Britain defied the 
worid innrnis;" and we have no reason to 
doubt that, if oscasien called for it, and 
her cause, were just, abo would and could 
do BO again. T{io lover of pence is not 
necesaarlljr a coward or incompetent. 
Great Britain loves peace, hut cowardice 
aho knows not, and incompeteacy has 
never been laid to her obfirge. What aho 
attempts sho gonemlly' doca, and what sbg 
docs e)io generally docs well. The fall of 
Magdola and tho fate of Theodorus fur- 
nish tho hbt^ proof of what she can do on 
the field of battle. It will not be wonder- 
ful if history in after times attributea tho 
continued iott^rily of tho British Empire 
and tho continued peace of Europe in tho 
ycara that followed 18G^G8 lo tbo success 
of Britiah arms in Abyssinii. Wo )Lavo 
po dcairo lo aoo tho peace of Europe dii* 
turbed, but wo nie not without oauBO of 
(^ratitudo for this Ahyaainion expedition. — 
ScoditJi AmerU<iti tUtumal, 

Tng valuo uf tho whvnt IiniH>rtud Into 
rrnnco dujbiK tbu llrpt tn-o nionlho of the 

l>rtBti»tyiari¥a«X3,ail>,000, hE*inslX'J^0&l,. 
000 In tho t'orri'BpondhiR lv.o nionlha of ImL 
janr. About t)n<Nfuu»Mi of tho rnUro qnanllty 
appears to havD butn from Kf;ypl. 

EimiT i^JtQOiiq commuted huliddu in I.on< 
don la«tw(jtk, Ihnjedlid of ditiiiumirfi'itnt^ 
(biee worn burned to dtath, thtco ^vcio rnn 
over and killed In Iho ^ticcl^nnd Mie lUril 
fiemihoer stanallon. 


TxQia Montreal. - 

■ ' ■ 
^ June 11. — riacoa wero'foMnd heroin - 
about two tours for Bcrveml girb brought 
out by MissKye, 

On Tuesday, tbo body of an unknown 
man was found floating oppHisiteYarennca. 

Margucritte Kenaud, widow of the lato 
Julian Marlindau, was fouod dead iuhor.. 
house from heart disease, 

Dttcolivo CullcQ IB fllill thought to bo 
Improving. , ' - '*- 

oelin, nn Italian muaieian, waa foa>d fioat-^ 
in;'in the river yesterday, - 

In tho village. of ^ Huntingdon, on tho 
night of tho 0th, an attempt was mado *i 
burn down the build in lmu wbwh the di- 
ailvin. Qlcfjntr Is publlBhcd. 

Guards iVom Iho Grand Tnink Brigade, " 

well armo<l^ have been pl*;ed at ea^ «ed 
of yiotoria Cridgb, 

A oeiiure of l^lcm una nt St. Albana 

jeatordayby tho Uollod SUlM Govern^ ^ 

mont la rcportod, 

Juueie.— Tholroopthip"/A"tw/tijw" 
waatoloavo Quebec today for England 
witii ihd 301b Regiment and part cJ tho 

^ Eoalern tcwnabtp papera rcprcficnt tbo" 
mgns of Kcrlanlani wi tbo Amcrioah aide 
in that direction na very fni^Jgnifloanf. 

Hugh Po^iqUlTori nmln Goniinn. orrcilcS ■' 

■ - ■ . 




^ f 


T-' ^"'- 

-- -■ i-r 

^v:^«Vv^'jV''-:-i^ - 

- ^■ 

j^ -. 

t t 


^^ i-fcV- -^-r^xl— T *Lt*,.-Jlh.-^ r^ 


Corpuij DO evidea 
from partie£ In UiO 

JmcE i6.-TAr'Mt^£iroi9C^EnwtlliBm 

^Tn More of ucociQiyA 


t*re t>f "Bof . W, Ja^^lMo, of Bombay, to 
bod/ utd hare cone to the <^c]itdoa thAt 

Detective CuUen is, Bald to b« oat of 


QuaxteT Sessions i 

L - 


SArtraDAY, Jqi». 13-:— Tbe Court, 
opeced it tec o*dbct. 


The pciaoner waa phco4in Pt^.dock <» 

MoMichael defended the priarwier. 

The Kuae evidence for the pK^e^f£m 
wM f^fejt^in t^>?^e*3 ;IM.tIff vcn^fj*: 
Uidaj againat the prLsoner for attempt at 
bargl*ry'^rThe Bobflta^oe^-of whidb a|h 
peared in the CouRiia %hHi'ilie actTfta 

cipal of «hom, Mra. Brgli;Bh, f jilhi,Khqp 

oner was m ibed oatbe evddag nuntioDed 

ID ihe indiclmeiit about duiq o^olock, and 
h&viog ooeaaioa to ^^t|kfop^ ^ bed- 
room oa the foUowiQg momi^ a^ tiro 
oMock/ flfie El# hltii stiltSi' b^. iBleepSog, 

The jtfr^, after in atsfince.if^aa noar^ 
n;turaed wilt a verdut of gvUtj- The 
ca£e was tbc last OD the eriqunal tjocke^ 
Tor tiiia flefiaioo, A'ffeff civiTcaaeayetre;' 
main for disposd. 

On Taesdaj, t£e T61K mslanl,' Br. Mo- 
Michael—m the oonvictijrb' againrt the 
Dt^ro Uiwrecio^flsaaul^V^^ latent — 
moved Ar a g^C&ial ODsJt&^.^oimd, a 
he coDtefldcd, diat there reollv w^.do in- 
tention on the pfui of tbc priBOQ^ 
to coiamit a rape. Hb Hcffloor rinsed 
the applicatioD, aod ai^Dtenced the 
prisoner to threa years in the ProvincliLl 

ui^«rt haw Abo takfiLK photogiaph of 

Th. i>^i, %.|r,?^7aU^i;'|{o'^J^tJi'^f 
h« M*j^ th«^,Qi^ oa ,t^^.i;^^Dm or the 

^«4.^™.&C^'l«>d,^b> boW> series of pub- 
llo br«a3t&atsal Bnc^nghua Palace, and it 
4a imderrtood fLat-tho, fira^ l^f thc^ enter- 
tiiiinerila wUi be glTWJ by tto Etavere^' 
nponlheaidnlof hla Boyal Hlgboeas^e 
Diike-brailnbnrglL .:[ \/i' * 

■t^^ L ' - \ 

, Az American repeating ri^^Dud^WHr; 
Hcncy haa been sabnUtted to iho-Comnutlee 
at^oolirtch,- ^hicb conialna 15 chargeHj 
ftfft^^^wAtedln^i^ycoiid, 'jfte^i^w; 
^fln recharged in is ceconda, and again fired 
IS times in 13 seodnd^^^aklog In all^ 30 
atinta In 44 aecon^^ 

^ 071:145^41^5 b*p?i In ^flSjtlai^ iJtt^^ 
th^ quarter ending aiEt Uarci^ M^m were 
boysjahd U,0I2 glrl*,/belDgla the pro'por- 
tion'rfPlOsSjojB' for: cv^ 'IBO 'Bii&; .357* 

yrthawere regtalereddaripg. Jaflu^, 3U5 

laFebniary, and. 10,013 In Marcbj being at 
Ihertt^pf aoaj'trjliadaily during ^anoaiy, 
hs dally doAn^ ^efinimry', aiul 323 dally 
dortegUarch. . ' 


^iwn Jf?ms. 

Thk N- V. Triffuw Gaye Jtff, Davis' trial is 
i^i^aia delcrmtl until iieit October 

Tut first wbcat CTOwn In Panola Cuupty, 
Miss., was aotd inJ St. Louie, Jnna I&tj al $7 

Mevotti Oi^ipALpr, ,JIhj ^^Uttt HCp of -the 
hrif> of CfL^ireia, ii) al pregent on 4 v^t^to 
Ufa^eow. ) r-. jj ; _ ^^,, - '--^ ■■ ■■ - 

Tbese Are now nineteen mills in Stockport 
(itiitr entirely clOEedj |V^ VofVing onlw-Jhrce 
or ftjUE Jays a iveut, i-5 J lu 

Ths Common touncii of London propose 
lo i-itct i± hLilufi of Mr. realxwJy niar the 
n-iiil EaebaEJc. :;-. ^j; ' .- ' 

The Biitisii tio™romcut h^ i*banduue<l 
rhiir bill fill tOLorpo rating the fele^jrapbs of 
Ihir eouolry nith Ibo Poat OlScc. 

Os \VtdntFfJ:\y seven boys, pnpils of fbc 

It' v.Joitph FleUbcr, ofCbristcliur^YfJ^^P- 
i'liin-, «ttt diwftjwd wlritc LiilliiDg'ntar Qial 
pLicL', -. -V . - r '■" 

Tiiu PuDCD of- Wnleji aiij Ff fnco ATlhur 

wut lo SuoUniid in oidcr lo jiasd iLe 2ltL 
of May, Her Af<\jeGly^ii Lirtbday, M'ilh the 
'iii<:Lii at QaLmural, 

Ui\ Fiarvt^t has comm^ni:ed in Ibo ntigb- 
1'i.uitM.rtjd of iSliindford, UorRetsbiic. It was 
I if^L-tid tli^it ihu wLvat would be m car be- 

Tutfiapi in Hfsu«Ki]k^lj \VetiV TcnncJiscCj 
Aik;iQt,aprabdlht dtbtr'iegioQaof IhiiKo'ulb 
Wvil, aie of lltt mo3t encouraging nature; 
^-^T* (In: K, Y. ^riftu/i^. . - ■ 

PttOFEssoTT feli^tuE *!iat tbe deiiarti 
iDLiit of DJtural brttory 111 Ihe Critrch Mu- 
E'Ujii jcciived in tlie year IGCT, nu less than 
yl/J2ii jwlditioiml HictiuiLUS, 

'lutiisii mc now fotlr^ ci-Loril Ciiflnccllbrb 
lujoying |>tij6ions of jL'S.OrJO a jxar—LorJ 
Rl. LtonatdB, Lord CtaniiwuFlli, Lord Weiit- 
Lury^ and p>nl,L'htluitfflrdy i 

HEn MAJtSTF tas ECni jEJOO to bu dititril>- 
ultd amoiii-fit the woikmen engag<;d at the 
new St. Thomaji" IloJijiiUl, the foundiUion 
^^^Qe of iThrcli the laid IIjl: other day. 

A tEiDj)fo-BOOichaa.l>een. sLLrtod iu Afn- 
iviilt fortbejTfe'of thcTuerabeiaof tbcNorth- 
iimbtrlnni mKUfir, now o^tfor Irfllnmp, with 
daei>t6 fgr ivading, vrnling pnd B»lhnieljc, 

Accf>BDis*j to llie pteKtnt anangcmcnffi^ 

lb*: Qit^^n aud HoyaVf^hmnf wfll' retu^ to 

WinJtor on tbe 13th or'ieihDf June, and 

\rl\\ [trnain at lIic cattle until (he Qrst viCiiV. 
in July, * . ' 

KwEtDKH 16 prtiidring an cxpedilion lo the 
Kurtti Pole. Tiiu town of tJolhenbnrg nlono 
has KU»>BCril»td to liberally to iUfi underlak- 

1^ Jne,ilmtllie prepai^tionftwiU.betoTiipitttd 
tbU £ummcr. 

TtfBBydncy irtratd fitnUa that meetings 
have been held in all parta of the colony, ta 
trettao Alfred Memorial, "rowatda Ibla oh- 
jeet nearly i:i^'iOO was iiubEorii>ed at a prelim- 
inary meeting of the inh^tltaaU ol lU city, 

Fatil AcciDEKT AT BitunriitE,-iJupo 16. 
This afternoon aboutS o^lock asTOwe woik- 
men'Were engaged inf'tAking down llie rc- 
maiDB of* Lurnthtone wall on Front iStfcct^ 
it Buddenlygflvc way, falling on Bmaniiamcd 
Andrepr Jitewait, killing him Jnalantly— 

Ornwi, JuDc 15.— It it reportui here to- 
day, that the Oovi^mmontliaB received Infor- 
mation from the firithih Ambacaaderat Waah^ 
ingioD, thai the American CJovernmept f» 
"- determined to ttrevijut any breach of tbe neu- 
trality U*. by Uie KenUna. 

Bevaa, England, waa enabled \iy & mirage, 

teleaCope ibe wlodowa of Louo^i and Jnb^bJ* 
UnU could be clearly dieccrned, A raiJroad 
(rain wm watt^hed for aevcra! milea of iU 
Journey lowaidaCaWa. 

The Eev. M.ColHV t>f Qtofcafon, baa re- 
ceived a UneatenliLg letter from Eomo perB/.»n 
vhoBubacribea hlmaplf "a good Caibolk," 
to the effect thu he v^iu b« hbt^i If he does 
notcloae ibo Bible depot wllhln four days, 

H The rev, genllemaii haa informed tho pariah- 
loncjB ihiLt ho' i^, by B codicil to hiBwMI, 

- made provition f<jr having Ibc ikpol kept 
<>V*-f*in rate (he at^jiMln i^boidri fulfil lib^ 

A xxnu Jost received from Athena, tay»; 

'*TheOreek GoTemment ha« received Cre- 

laa depntiea, thnji vlrtqajly rec^^ti^^f^tc 

asApartof tba.Greek nation." The writer 

eaya, I'Tbia event la Alnuut cerialn to lend 

to war l>etwcen Tnrkey and Greece, to be 

followed by. a general En^ppean war,^witb 

France, A^afrift and Great BfitainoD theWc 
of Tnrkey,"^" ' -'- ^ 

A Stftiocfl Awrxa at Osb^wa^—A rather ec- 
Tions affair took pjace yesterday in Ur. Maii'a 
factory .Hhlch will probably reault in liwa of 
life .to a young jnau named Xylo, y/ho, i% ap- 
peaja, was teaeing another yotLog mAn work- 
ing in the flhopj ^ho E^ld, if he (Kyle'j would 
not qoU he would hurt bim. Eylc said somn^ 
thing and at once Ayles, ivliieh ia the other 
young mao^H name, reached for a weapon 
which unlacJdli; proved to be a large draw- 
ing knife, and borled Hat Ey le, his tormentor^ 
GtriEtng bim below the ril>9, inHictiog a fcar- 
fdl gaab In hU lungp, protmding from the 
wnnnd. Ho lies in a very precarious state. 
1410 doctor has given up hopcG of bia re* 
covery, — GioUJunelQ. 

. ■ ■ DIED, 

In Newmarket, on the 12th LDat.,lbe young- 
est daughter of A. ^ooteb, aged G oioutha. 

• ' '• 
. ' • ■ ' ^ , Jane 17, 1869. 

l^lour^ barrel $6 50 ^ $t 00 

Fall Wheats busIiL-l I 35 ^ 140 

Spring Wheat ^"huEhel : 1 25 ffb 1:30. 

Itarley^P'bnahul 00 ^ O'OO 

Oala ^ bnshel -- 00 ^ 50 

Fcaa^ bushel,- G QQ /Hi 00 

DrCKsed lioga ^ 1Q0 lbs O0:f5) 

Btief-^lOOlba 5 ,00 ^ 

Slieep,.e4J^h,.,, 3 00/®" 

Lambp, eaoh ., 1 "iSfB 

ilidcB, ^ lOOlha 00'^ 

Bbcep skin^ e^h 50 tSf 

PotatocB^'buEbcl Q i5 fid 

Good tirvfl Apples^huBhel. 70 fS 

Butter ^fb \ 00 rfB 

ChceBe^a,./, <t \2 /i& 

Eggs pcrdoEcn 00 ^ 

Wool ^ lb ' 22 I® 

G 50 
A 00 
2 50 
& 50 





KTo^i c E OF nwmot^s^t \ 

* --^■" ■ ■ H- i \--S:- -^ * V--- 

y^' \\ 


Bega to tntiioat^ ib^ the ha» remoTed bcr Biuinev td'HOi^ PicmlKi 


Where ehe ia prepared to ^ 

M I L L I N E R ir ! M ^ N" lb L B S I 


HeinnaTkct, June 17, 1808. , -i ,- ^ '- 26*1/ 




Bll R K & < HiAfi'R 1^ O IV , 







- '- -^^ 


And the rccipienta will call on yon when they require anything in four line. 

X - 

Advertise in the Courier. 

St '( 

tt 1 

-.^/ ' 







ji^- : P v-'r^ W?**'*^^'^*' "^ *" propucd and wfU offer 

,- ■'-■--.-■■ - -To tliou'bDjiDg from 'Ds. ■ 




■ " «3™p..:.,-- 

Enlarging tiwc FremiBes. 

We laow offer renftlndM <tf 

S TO "V E S ! 

^t Ooatj 



AT PHlCEa ■'" 

WMore 8atisfaotpry-«t 

Tban cftit be obtained elMvhero* 

The Whoh nuit Poiltivtiv ta ChArcd Out 
To oAvo erpense of looDnf . 


KewBurket, Jail 32^ IBOa. tf-5 

. ■ j: 


At tho sign gf tha Big T * ■ ' ' 

Nevmukel, May 9^ l^^, 

- ■■-■; 

:* i_ 

J- *■ n- ^ 

I i 

Mon^y to L^oan. 





Sasb^ SUndj Door, and 







ri \ 

Support your Local Paperj nnd- Bubfloril>e for the COUBIEB,^ jl,50 a year ■ 
if paid inndvance^ only 81,25. '- 

- ^ w 

June 16,.18Ga^v. 

Flonr ■S' barrul i-.,., $o' 00 rti 46 25 

t'all Wheats LnEhel, ■_. 1 A% m 1 60 

Spring Wheat 4? bliahcl 1 38 ^ 1-10 

Oals^buBhcI 40 rtS 50 

Harlty ^luBhi;! .., ,.. 00 /ffi 00 

Pc-aa ^ Ijifflhcl 00 rtS 75 

DfL-f^cd Hogs ^ 100 Jhs 00 J© Oi> 

Butter^ &i 13 /£& D 13 

Egye^doa, .,,;,.-,*; r------, 00 rt^ 00 

Wool ^ H. 00 /© 25 

' Bttggy for SflJe. 

UUUOV, Cheap for Caeb. - ; 

■ ' W. TltBKT/. ' 

At jSouUr J- TrepiV- 
Nvwuiarkctj June 10, 186B, 26-tf 


-" * 


If you waul any 11"^ "»B 'n ll'C 
■- "■ .' 

Stationery I Fancy Goofls ! 


»MALL WAttlS LI riE 1 

Or anything In the thapo of 


Den't torgcl that 

O. M, mt^fiBf AT Tnfi C0UR||!3 OVFH}R, 

Can funiUh anything In hU ]Jn<j of trade At 
(be very LowcbI Prices, 

Newnurkiit, Juno 10, 1803, 25 



I Cheap at 

maun' vAmv/vY sTonK, . 

^cwmarket, June 10, 1BG8. 2A 

r ^ 

\ ■ To Let 


A choice Assortment of 





&C.J Ac, Ac. 

Bear's Grease ! Hair Oils I 


. BcfltoraUvca, &c., for ihc Hair. 

Parisian Tooth PastOj Zozodant 


. .^ :- POH ^IB TBETh. 



Ad as^rtmcnt of fir^t-ola&a English, piadc 


IIiLijd Glas£CBj Perfumed Eescucss, 



The New English Ribhoh Dyes 

^aj4jit<l, il^u^vSt Ojialt Scarlet, ^c^, 
. To^hadatUio 

" > J. HAOKETT. 

1 I 

H. PIPER & Co., 

Q-f YONGE STREET, firtf door nbOTO 

Ol RidoDt&Bro,, (SAMFL»ajokUparAiaB.) 
Uanuiocinrcra of Ebsv 

CaTriages & Peran^nlators l 

ItefHgohitorB and -Ment Bafei'Filk-rfl and 

Wftkrr Coolcre, Celebrated ArcWmidean Ven- 
tilator and amobo Condnctoif Tin ware, kc 
Wholceale Dealers In Tuba fail*. Brooma" 
Brufihca, Ilopea, Woodeq Ware, 


Lamps, Chandcliete, Coal OII,.ifc. 



ToEODtc, June 3, 1668. 


3Sr. I*E3.A_RS03Sr, 


EVER grateful for put fftvoW latea this 
opportunity of'Jnformlog, jiti friends 
and the public in genera! tLat" he /e about 
opening an office In Nowiaarkct, ' ■ 

Fitted up with an eye to eonafort and con- 
venience, ThebcBinrnterialalirayBUfiedand 

- ,•/ All , WoTk Warritnitd. . ' 

OfQco Up fltaire, EQtranct>-^tbo hall door 
Bouth of Dr. Hackctt'B Drug Stoj^. 

May 20, lflC6, 22-tf 

For tlio future will boat his New Diug Store, 
pppp^itc Iho Davieon House, 

■(^Office houFB from B to 10, ft,m., 1 lo 3, 
p.m., and G to 8, p.m, 

Nei^'iFW^rlietj Juno 17, 18G&, 2Q-(f 





BZQ to infonn the public thai they have 
deposed of iheiT Drug tifock to Dr, 
llaokett, v*)io lu? rcpiovi^d tiip oamo to Ida 
New Htoro, TtlLcd np purjKjBcly for bint by N. 
FeATBon, flurg<;on LlLJitlulp Thtj- Drug titcrc 
Ifl exactly oppoalto Mre. Bond's and tho Davl- 
Gon Ho USD p 

+ T 

Obu Ui, (hat hand Ko mo Dwelling IIouho, 
. iUuAtcd on TccuDkEclh fitrti't, at prc- 
Mijt-occQplc'i by Mr, K. RM. Thi-io ie a 
Gftydcn, Hard AU'l B6ft Watrr, and every pri- 
vilege And rcquihllo for a comfortalilo real- 
de^te, Kor further p&rlleulflrfl apply to . 

J Ocn/rcti'/nir, yttemarktt. 

JoDi^ 10, 




Lamp MatSp Oaitlago Mats, 

■ niED CAGES,' '^ ' 



And numerous other vatletJee, couBlantly 
recehing, at 


NKnmrkct, Jime 10, I8E59, 25 


Also would Inform their friends nufl ctik- 

tomcrs thnt thty h^vvn mmlo a large ajdltlon 

to Ihulr fitock ol 




Wlilch tFjiiy aro prcpartii to sell 

Ncwmnrketj Hay 20, l8Ca, 22df 

^ ' ■ ^" ^■"^^^■-^^^■^^^^^^^^^^■""^^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^■^^^— ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ^r^-^-^^^m^.^^ 


For Sale or to Bont, 

AFAHH, near Kowmnrkct, l&O AerCB 
elfaicd. For further patllcutara apply 

Mareha*, 10^8, M-tf 


Jml Kcelvcd aVtbe " ' *' 

CouAiiA Ortict. 
Nowmaikel, JuDQ 10 18(^3. H 

What every P&rmer Needs ! 


- . - — - - '- ' 

TnESiibsciibor is manufectdrlng ^irnKn- 

Eeymilile DgGx* flaiTow I 

The best ever miulc for all kinds of work. 
U never fails to eovor all seed no maltcr 
how uneven the ground. 

The undcrsigiLed haa tbo eole right lor 
making them in this part of tlig country. 

They arc as cheap oa any other Hnrrowfl. 

N.B^ — All kinds of farming iinplcmtnta 00 
hand and made to order, 

•/ Call aitd tzumitts for Sfonrtef/ at the 
Brick Shap tfit Main Sirat. 


i Newmarket, March 18, 1868. 13-3ni 

--or- . 


Aulhorhtil by the Ccundl PuhUc tmttuc- 

tion (^ Onitirio. 

FjSBt rfonif, ViMh 31 iHuRtrat^onB^ elrongly 

IjonntHn llmpclolli.- Five cent«H 

FibhtRooji— SfKlPflrt^onilufitmlLonH^iitrone- 
ly boiiml In JJmp cloth. Ten a-ixia. 

SKO»t» BooHj 5G iliuHtraliona, etronglyhound 
Jti elotli Ixjaidd- Twenty cenla. 

TmnD ItooK, 41 JMufi(raUon&, slrongly bouml 
In tlotli boavda. TLirly etntsH 

Pouarrf l[onii,45 illiiBlrfttTon8,(>trCiiiEly bouiul 
in elotli Ijoanle, Forty conla, 

FrPTii ISoeir, EO illiintmtlr>:jfl, HlTOUyly bound 
Iti dotb boiirils. Fifty cenlfl, 

a. H. flJNNB, 

CourUr O^ct. 
Ncwraarkctj Ftb. 27, IflOfl- lO-tf 

A Oottago to Lot, 

SITUATED on Oorhnra Street, Apply to 
Mr. Cliarlea (Jorlmm. or (o Mr. I'htllip 

, ' J*I-3i' 

f.'ook, lUiigwowl P,0. 
Ne^rjnftrktl, April 7, lecB. 






T|y Souter, & Trent's 
Try Souter& Trent's 

' b_ + — -■- 1 " 

Try Souter & Trent's 

. 'H 

Try Souter & Trent's 

-» jH_ 

Try Souter & Trent's 

I-. ' ■ ' ' - 

A. SOUTEB, - ■ - - - 

NcvmiarkfltjUaye, 1S6B." ^v- - - 

J ' 

- - Tea. 

- Coffee. 

Ginger Wine. 

- Syrups. 

- Groceries. 



* Ih now in foil openttioD. 

A Qood aaeoftment of 

M. JT L D I N Q 8 

Alwaya 00 band. 

NJi. — QuUffa PlaniTtg done at any tivie. 

' SHOP,— Comer Mill & Baglan-ata., 

January 23, 1S67. - ' tf-5 

^RlTI^ro! WAREHOUSE ! ! 




^ I 

-Tk -J ^1 


SFBZIT& aoops 


, A 

^-' 1 
i t 

_ h 

M - - h '-_ 

L ^ 

WlMl^ :4 A. b; dRR 







DOESKINS, dc., dc, dc, d-c. 

— also: — 




MADE BXFnS£3LV fO OflPSli ; TOOEinER mT\l A ftHm flTODL OF 


^ Whii:h wo will Hell Cheap ron Ojan. 


■y * 

••■ Two reiiEors why W'u. A' A. H. Oiui erifi nnd wr7J bcII Ohcnixir than houi^a giving long 
credltH : — b'iifit, Wu buy for Cftflh In tho btut mj^Tkete, bccomi, Wu flull for Cain, and need 
no Inrgu piofitd to cover loascflH 

Wo now thank our friondd nnd cuRtomorH for tho very ItbernI pairotiftec ehowo us, and 
ivlU Btiivo duubly lo Biurlt It tlMs Bcnaon, 


\Vm. h A. B. ORB. 

Nuwmnrkot and Sutton, Mntcli 2fl, lacg. 



AJn> A JlOfiT OF 


Always to be had 

At B1HN&. 
Newmarket, June 10^ 1888, 2S 





C0MPEI8ING a Choice Collection of Oia< 
tions, Dialogues, and Poetry, Huitablo 
for School nnd College Becitallans, and Pub- 
lic and Socio] RcELdlnge, with Introductory 
Ucmarke on tho Piincipleaof Elocution.^' 
Edited and complied by 



G. M. B 

l^c^nnwhet, Feb, 21, IStta.! 

1 llO-li 

Mon ey to L erftf. 

MONEr TO LEND at Reduced Batce,nnd 
on terma made (ulvanlagcons to Iho 
Farming Community, 


Apply to 


December ao, leoi. 





At tho CotlBlBA OfFJCC'h 


: IH TAB WOflLn: 


SHOULD bo reBorted to In all casce of 
Bfoeb It U, Hoarse ncES, CalarTb^ Coughs ' 
Ooldfl. Asthma, BhortneM of Breathy and all 
diaordcr« of tbo Throat and Luagv, 

They aro recommended with confide a co lo 
UlnlstcE^, School (cacherfl, public SpeakiJrBj 
aingera, Auclioncere, &o, The Lcveia have 
been thoroughly tcf^tcd in practice, aad with- 
out a doubt, am better tbaa any similar mtdl* 
c\ii^ yet Introdaced to the public, . 


, Ha|lfnx,'N. S,, Npy. 16, IBGT, 

I havo given Dr. Jodiu'a French Cough 
Lovers a fidl trial, and havo liUle be«]ta1ica 
In eaylngtfmt for a lollef from hoarEenesa 
nnd Eoro throat, I much prcfcrtlicm tocllher 

■ ■ T. W. CABtfV, 

lecturer t<t tilt R. W.OM t/LO. t/Q,TempUT%. 

■ , 

Napance, November 2&, 1807. 

X have uacd Qt. Jodla'B French Coogh 
Lovers with great catlufactlon and can confl- 
donUy say, after iesllng them for ^eeka Jo 
tpoelftt icrvlceSjthatlthiEik them better Ihau \ 
any other. . •. - 

JouK S, CIpAETF, ^fuUyan MinitUr. ' 

■ r- * 

Toronto, February 36, 1809, 

. 1 Imvo used Dr. JcdInV Preat;h Cougb ' 
Lo vera wllb great comfort before and Mfter 

THE fiEibsciibor continucn io JnaTiiifaolure 
bis f(ir-famcd Stetl Mould^joard and 
Ht^cl l4\udb[du 

x» L o V em » ! 

By the Ihou&simh Hi bold 03 l'i^ovo:iB last 
nuKK. For tho eonveniencD and Accommoda- 
tion fjf hlfi fdondd and cuntonierQ In tlie 
nclglibmirliWHl of Newjaarkct, wl.cro IiIa 
L'lougliB lire known to be superior toOiMoof 
othor makers, lie hnn cBlabllflhcd An' agency 
Hitii Ha, WAilHDEN who ^111 ha»e alwsjH 
on hnnd a largo eupply of Plouglia which bo 
v/lli dell at imuiufocturer'e price", mtrely ftd- 
dlnf^coHtof IranflporUtion, oltlior for Cash 
or on Credit. Hu Invites attention to hU 


Tho superiority of tbia Plough ov -rail olhot 
flnng I'louglia can l>o roUdlly «e«n, 'Hic bratl 
of the Plough Ij? quo JnohhJlhcrthipi otiiori, 
in less liable lo clog with nods, and U strong- 
ly braced. It ha« two ievora — one can tw 
rnlaed at a Lima, and tho Pioueh regulated to 
mill uneven ground or rldgea. TIio Isvotfl 
aro 00 eorulruetcd tlmt tbo Plough can be 
niatd ti\x inchca out of the ground/and lliui 
driven fjom one farm to ao&Uier without 
danger of breaking; ,! / *' ■: . /._ ■ 

^ ' " ' I.. HUTTKilFJELD. 

V-^! Jiia'l/^nl 



cuhtain jiAXJoe, j^nohh, &c, 

HI -A 

Another Lot of Cutlery & Plated Goods, 


' ' , ^ AND A mw Bgrs OF THE " 


spv&king. Somo of my friends tried them. 
, ,f laleOiandlberolvbutonooplnloD, vlt: they 
' IftrolnvalunblotosIngcrHondpubllcaiKakeTs, 
your Levers tbebestrenaedyJnlho 

-0 — 

April in, ms. 



1 Out^o I*n-toixt Itovorsilble IjooU©, 



_*^ ' WITH Tp» ABOVr., 
■ . iff' Ihj kind onouflh to cjiII nnd ftHccrtalii pricea bofi>ro putcluujing, "©« 

; : r , aVKKS & ELVIDOE/ 

Neirmarkei, March 11, ISfla. ' 12-1 

I consider 

^orM for boaroenusa nnd throat dlaordera. 

FlcnuiJ Bend mo ono box more. 

Teiovab MoMVBUY, 
Asfnt anti I^cturar ^ thi " C^naditkn Temper ' 

one* AUii^nei.'' : 

■ ■(• Tlieac r.orera oto probated with tho 
ureatoat care.aa to cIcanllncH, being entirely 
fioo fioni grlUy subelanccff, 

■ ■ ■ - 


Thoy ate Justly colebralcd for the oipul* 
ulon of worms from children, and coniala 
only vegclablo Ingredlenlfl. TJie moat won- 
derful curCB havo been ofTucted Ly them, and 
(hey oicci all ulliers at prcoent kuovni. 

My chlhlfffilteen montlia old, panAed 83 ' 
wnrma after taklijg' your worm candle a, all 
Iho larf;o bIeu fromsii to (htrlcen Inehec iouKi 

Uels. AxtfA Wasboii, Napante^ Out. • 

Hb.Ja"* nLA»w.Vi - 'i -' 

Dear Blr— 1 have tiled your Vcmdfugo 
Candida eevcml limes and found Ihim Iho 
bi:at ever madolo oxpelwormn: Ircddcs Ihcy ' 
arc so pleaoant to.lba laulo that tho mo«t * 
dullcato child win take them willingly. : 

' Biiojii Bxgoa^ Nopatue. '' 

•,' Uotficrs a<skt en* triaL 

For fale at HenlIey'*^Bouler.A ro,'ii, and ■ 
0, H, HimpAoira, Kowmaikcl. nnd all Prug-* 
Hhta throughout ll|o Pombifcn.' , 

Jlflich 11, IS6B. 

la-v'. .' 

I ^ 


L ^ 


* T 

-I - i 





* ^ 




f * 

'' ohjidnoAf! 

J ■ J * 



The nn^iry voUc of cLIldrioixJ, 
ltd J^/ooi intmoTftB IjJnftft— ■ 

Arfay ffQpi "« for ftycv™ - , ^ ^ i ' 
■ JlrMUt nB a euronicr (Iaj. 

'fliD gl"^, filj^l '^oicc orchJMljoodt 

UloiliofpiircBtjoy— ,. ./^ 

Of iLfiifiB thit flro brJRU iind gOwJ, 

Oil, tPO (liat H jlw* jiol borfoir 
TJ.MtiAns'-'ifroiatlilzioow/j, . y 

Thn VtHJ, fiC(r rokc of cl.|ldlkOU<li ' 

CLILI »ujtd(5ltd*;tuno IlirJll/ 

P/ ATigry look w (pM Jwrpli WoriV|^-; 

WiOi fcflNifii vJ.lchjMaal ftjo toon 
. May cnu^U Uvo l-utlJii^R floncMj 
Of <*oMrflhd«mtl, nhof.flcnilvlrtjoin 

. Olico fionc, no uiLro In thcfrfe^ "■'"■'' 

H ' 

r. , 

Chccw, »ro v-tll rorJTiy of coxirfdcratjoti ; 

choceo irilj tvcnt-fnlf/ rvpc'raolo Knglfeh- 

UrgC3tdc(Jorfl ll]crc, inroirnjjoj (bit iho 
fiT^rtgq pri^K.iJIr.'.S fur Amdriiflb obp&o 
during Uio jwflt K^-JniFrililglitrlhaoUiO 
avcr^goof Kn^f-Jf, TJi!a being tho'oaio 

injproTc, 'Aj:tJioy tdndoubUdiy '^riDJ vrf 

rljnll 60<m monopolixo Ihla Wnnoh oi tlio 

dfliryjijiyjnt^i. / KigJWj rArui^ra wHl^Jlild 

' '^ " and llipf 

I« liard forlLo;oS?ho((ri 

Dol u\cd 

■ -: 



' Don't fmnmoe itIicu ypy Imvo o^t/iincil 
ri jHisinnd/tliU jotir'nlttn(loii"WijCffiOilal 
nulncw ojiddopoilmcnt' nmy J/i rclaiod. 
>Ko^,Jq rcjJjty, w JIjo titrio for jou to ex- 
■ M^i(^ hjijitjiot iWft fliidoKc^llgnooiii tlio 
cjUiv/i^iDij' ti,f;riu? ndd(qi:*,|ai;d (h^'tc- 
floininf; clogaiJCO of jciifr p£i[)e.irnnco. If 

iLfO^luircd fiOinb litllo cora to To^Xcr iho 
n^mroljooofa Jovtr, Iiow nixicTi jii^roifl 

rc'jujwto'io kccp'y^urklf lovely in tfjn 
cycn of Iiiiii {/> wKo|u tlicro is no jtrlvaoy 
or ?\ip;;iiJ>iCT-rVOur liourly .tjomp^inipo? 
Andif jVwan auh to your lovtr (fml jou 
rliould nlHiivji' jirc'^nt to liiin, >vlio pio- 
jiOJKil (o ^;ij4 and .cticmh-yoUj a n^t flur] 
indylikb ospQCt. Jiow ipucl* iiioro ib 1i,o rn- 
tillcd to a biiDiJjirjjJnrkof rc^f/ccliTholiM 
kept 1)1.1 proraliiowidi Jionourfiblo fidelity, 
mid (hiked nil Me bows of future happh 
ncjii wilb ycuru? If jou can mnnflgo 
ihcsoTonWcn vUh npposrio^ to p(udj \htjQ 
HO iniidi Ibc IjcKcr. ' Soma buebnnda arc 
innia*i*^utorihoroii([nc of iho toilette, and 
' not tintcafionably to; Ihoy po;;^'^ nclivo 
nnd cnergclio fpiritfi, sorely ilihlurbcd bj 
niiyr >raHte of lime;. ' Homo wiv^i bnvc'dis- 
€OVtrcd nn ndmirflble' ffloiJily in dciiling 
with this difficaUyj nnd it jh n ficorct ^diioli, 
IiJiving been dicovcr^aj, by F/rnio, may be 
Lho^vn (o nllj i^nd is well worth (he Gliding 


'.: Appeoranco Aftor Doath. ■ 

■ - ■ — 

Wlien the coffiii cQnlairiin^ iho Wy of 
IJurns wajs ojwacd^ In 1815, (here Uy Ihc 
body of tbo j^rcBt jiott, to ftTjpcaronee, 
nearly cnliro, ond rctrJnin-^ varJOUH trawa 
of vitality J or ralbtrcjJjibiiing 4ho 1'cr.tufefl 
of one \iha bad butrcc<:ullyfcaiik into Ibc 
ulcep of dcafli ; lltQ lordly forcliend, arcbed 
nnd high, and Ibe leolb f crfcctly firm and 
lyhilo. Tbo Kcnc wosfio injpojjng ibat 
mo5t of tbQ, workmen fitood bore und un- 
covered;' ,C3 dl'ijDr, Gregory nt tbc ex- 
liuniatioh of tbc licroof JJannDckbum, 
^nd ai (ha E^mo time fdt their I'rAineJi 
i!iriMin|' with soma uijdcOnaUo emoliou, 
DJ! wiJflMlbQ world U^lf. Buttbocirect 
\Vi>>{ uiouteatry : for wbcn Ihcy proceeded 
lo Insert a flbcU or caJio below the coffin, 
the bead uep:irated from the trunk, fLod tlic 
whob Ijody with the execplion of the 
bonf) crumbled ' lo dust. Lord Nu;^cn(, 
ou opeiiin;^ the eoOin contatuini; tho body 
of John Hoiypdcn, found it perfect after 
Iho burial of two liundrc<f years ; ovcq hh 
features were preserved. When tho body 
of General ^33110, whidi bad been buried 
al Erie, Ponusylvania, in 1707, vma disin- 
terred furty yearH aftcrwarda^ lljo corpse 
bad undergone m very little change ai to 
in readily, rccogoi^ by (?ioso who were 
fauiJHar with the General in his lifctiwe. 
lis perfect preservation wa^ attributed to 
the charEcler of the toll, in which woa 
afgilhccous earth, Ftrongly imprt^ated 
Vfith aluminc. . - . ,■ . 

Aa Idlo Dream. 

For a man to think that he h i;oing to 
do tbc work of hia life without obstacles 
and ojiposition, is lo dream in (be lap of 
folJy Itself. Whal ehould we amount to 
Kcia wo not compelled to feel our way, to 
fdl down and gel up again, and Icara our 
nbc*>ric3 arc never according to Ibe laws 
of nature, but nothin;j more than the pro- 
jection of our own limited perception upon 
the UQtritd and unreal? Wc are, how- 
ever, not lo Ijc discourj^cd on Ibia ac- 
count j wc arc rather to be the morCEolis- 
tied of IIh bdog good and right for us j 
for in adveittitv and oppo^iitEon wc ore 
tricd^ and trials arc nothing toorj! than 
teats of nature. 

Up from IktIow do WO go above, Wc 
arc \i\^ the products of lower condilione. 
■Tho material cpf^mea to ita higbcftl ia thiw 
life, and gradually rcCncJ and gel rid of 
after uaturfil lawa. Our cipcrlcnco w 
liierely parsing throu-li thuic changeH, 
wbich would Le ;ust no experience at all 
if wceould manage to CECOpc aJioE^clhcr. 
Wc DUi^bl not to loakc complaint when 

wo SCO how all thingii work together for 
our good. 

mnjonly oY SiQlcrtci/fafnlcrB will ^flUlt 
|K^yB belter Ihan buUer, , Our conda- 
fliona arc based on thcco foctfl : whllo Arn- 
criour'ab<fefiyec!ULcitoV (li RrUUxUn 
KEgXhh chcKO, Amerb*ij -bultcr r*og*:rt 
ftom twtnty-Jivo l/> thirty per <xai'. below 
IrUbor-pontlynjQl butter i'itialheryfo^o 
dear tbht* u/ider thcio oon'dltiodBi it la (ho 
Intereat of Opnfidian farmcre to jjivcchec^O 

Iho prcff rcqoe^ 'i..,,.. .,,> t/-,p'> 

**yVo Mi*ih'our fricnda i6 dnd<iretand 
that wo u^ tho worJ American afl induj- 
Jng both Cpna^ian nnd United, fltalfi, al- 
though It ifl dflimcd tlial lljo' average of 
United 'Sfatca j^rbddcta aro Vaptlrior io 
.OanndiBp, yct/ofl^re ^lavfi nll| tho advnO' 
i<agta poiii&iod hy our ncigbbodrfl, ihcjcia 
no rca.-ion ^Yby tbia fcbouIJ continue; nor 
win it be the CA!;a when our mnkers are 
jnoro ao^juainted \Tith tho Wt procejii of 
nnilufactuV<?tnJ(cquiromcnfjof tho Kng- 
i^h market^ ' * '■ ■' '- 
, *' If arrangements could be mndoby Iho 
fflctoricflto ji;ftkoehc<*j thofilBV.-J juOptbft 

rod butter during tbobalnnMof IhoKcatoii, 
Limghlbcblill irctle;, for ll»Q cxc^-^'JVO 
btatpf'jhlQ/^Julj and AijgiL'i| lunk*^ it 
jlilTjcijlt'l^ y'r^iSixoo f^JC^hbOtlt-r; and looro' 
ilfiJiculf to jjioTo it, wbilht it Mould bo tho 
mostfavourablo tTmo for Ihc maiiufnctu|p 
of oEicfje, In (hia respect our Europeao 
friends havo tho advantage over ua, as In 
lilllc Icf3 than Iwenty-four Jiourb butU'^'ofin 
|)0 IraDffvrrcd from almost cny point in 
frelnnd or tliQ Continent to the ^jMors of 
the obnf igncb f n Livcj^ol or Jjonddn, per- 
fectly fresh and swcel, and in puro condi- 
tion, whilht from many pirla of Canada it 
requir^ ^n week or two to bring it to Mon- 
lreril;nftor which there is tho further rUk 
of n hca voyage, and itbns (hen to compete 
with (ho plentiful supplies of Hue condi- 
tioned ibatlef aa nliovo Htated. ChefjO, 
on tho other liand, lis not eo liablo to be 
dama^ l>V hea(, and the carly-ma^b lota 
aiyivc'hobio josl wbeu tlicy aro wanted, 
and therefore bring bigb prices, eo Ibal if 
our farrocra 0^ factories could turn lo but- 
ter-making during the latter- pari of tho 
(bo fcaa^son, it ity> could 1*0 nlaced on the 
mprkot ^t the irlght time, ano would bo far 
mere taloablo llian IoIji mado and packed 
in the hot weather^ wc might, indeed, 
fully hope that the quality and condition 
would bcBUcbn.stomQkciteomi>ete favor- 
ably wUh Iriabor Continental butler." 

1 F 


:. /■ 

"Beauty ofTroGs. 

If is difficult to rerJiiQ how ipcai a part 
of all Ibat iA cheerful and delightful in (be 
rtcoUcoUon?! of our own life is aasooiatcd 
\ri(h trceu. They aro allied with the 
bbngfl of morn, with the quiet of noonday, 
with b^iial galhcri^igB under tho evening 
f^ky, and with Jtll Iha beauty and attrac- 
tiveness of <iviiTy eeaEOn.j Nowhere docs 
nature look moio lovely, or tho Bounds 
from birds ami IdeccIb, and from ioani- 
raate things, affect uif more deeply, than 
in tiieir benevolent abade. Kever does 
tho blue aty appear more ECrenothon when 
lla Oapplcd atiurc gbmrncis through their 
green ircmhjiog leaves. Their lihades, 
which, in the early ages, were the tcmpJca 
of rchgion and philosophy, ore Etill the 
favourite resort of tho fetudiouSj the fcene 
of healthful sport for (he aotivo and ndven- 
turouR, and the very £anctuary of peaceful 
seclusion for the contemplative and eorrow- 
fuh In our early years wo are charmed 
wlUi the Bolltude of groves, with (be 
flowers I hat dwell in their reces-^a, with 
the liltle creatures that tport among Iheir 
hranehci, and with the birds that convey 
to us by their notes a portion of their own 
Indefinable happmb^jn At n later period 
of life the wood beeomeji a hallowed spot, 
whero we may review the events of the 
past. Nature baa made u&e of tre^ to 
wed our Tjfinda to the lovo of homely 
scenes, aud to laakc us satisQed with llfe- 
Uow many vis ion R of village merry-mak- 
ings, of rural nporta and paslimea, of (ho 
frolics of children, and of studious recrea- 
tion, haunt U3 when wo Kit down under 
tlio protection of iiomc old familiar (reo 
that Elands in the open field or by the 
wayside. — Atlantic Monthli/ for June 


linglifih GirPa Marrytng Age, 

The recorded stfltitilica for llirce yearrf 
of the ages at wiiieb jjcople marry in itrit- 
win and WjiIcs prcient bomc intcrefliing 
and curious fiubjecls for remaik. Mar- 
riagea are recofdcd.from 15 to SO yeareof 
age. Up (0 tho ago of 20 a much greater 

Eroportiou of women aro married than men ; 
ut niter that fige mora men ate married, 
ond a much greater proportion of old men 
belwecQ 50 foid 80 than of oM women. 
During tlaree years there wero 78 gJrla 
married at. Idyearaofagc, but no males; 
»ud while 17 youths of IC yearS^weddcd, 
(here were 037 girls of (bo Eamc age who 
look tbisfilcp. It is fact that wc ought 
to print in highly perfumed hik on satin 
paper that the average bridal ago is 20^ 
At 2& the number of hrideadiminiiibeflhy 
one-half j and (hie ia eurious^ bccau&eitis 
juhl tho ogc a woman tcver gets beyond, 
in eonfes-siou, till eho haa turned 3G. Per- 
hap3 (hey tell the (ru(b to tbc Itcgietrar- 
Uenernl who lets uu know that there were 
7B brides of 15 vtara of age, and 037 of 
IG; only 17 bridegrooms being rcgietored 
at the latter age, and nouo at (ho former. 

ThG "Widow Caboohard. 


It is well known that at the Tcre In 
Chaise Cemetery near Pan& there stands 
in a couHpieiouE po?^i(ion a splendid monu- 
ment (0 I'ierfC Caboehard, grcKier, with a 
pathetic inEcription which efoses thus; — 

" Hla Incoiibobblc wMow . 
dtdicattH this iTHjUamcut lo bin uttmory, 
and coiitinevi the i-amL biHLinn'F'ji n( Ibc 
oM tlanrl, 107, Hut Mouffclaid," 

Now a Parisian paper relates that a short 
time ago a ycntlemau, wlio had noticed 
(he above inscription, was led by eurioaity 
to call at the addrtiS indicated. Having 
esprej^sed his dcriire to aee the Widow Cab- 
oehard, he was immediately urrhercd into 
the presence of fashionably dre&icd and 
full bearded man, who aeked him what was 
tho object of bi* vi&it. " I came to .'sco 
(be Widow Caliocbard, sir." *' Wdl, sir, 
heje she Je/' ** I beg pardon but T with 
to tec the lady in person." *'Sir/aui 
tho Widow Oahochard." "I don't ei- 
flcdy uuderstond you. I allude to the 
relict of the late Picrrio Cab<jchard, whose 
monumtnt I eaw yesterday it tlio Pere la 
Cha-sse/' " I ecc, I Ece," waa the eriuiing 
rejoined. 'lAHow me to inform yiju that 
Pierre Caboehard \& a myth and therefore 
never had a wife. Tho topb you admired 
cost mo a good deal of mouoy, and, al- 
though no one is burled there,. it proves a 
Cril-ratc advertisement, nod I have had 
no eaufic to regret tho cifpenae. Now, sir. 
whatcan I Ecllyouin tho way of groceries? I* 

Be alwayflfrank and true; fipurneverj 
eor't of affeclalion and di^uifiC. Hive 
th(j courage to confess your ignoraneo and 
awkwardncfis, Conlldo jour faults and 

follies lo but few:: .. ■'/.. r-: J 

1 1'" T 

lo EC, vnd doll tfoik for (ho^e vho hec. 
' 'Piioi*ii.fthi> K*Mn why Iho nay of Iho 
^Jinf^rctMr U .bsifd J»| thai H l> 10 much 
Ifivollcti,^ .-^ V\-tf _C--T 

Fopsj'OVn^ women aio preparing for thi; 

»reo of Ibtw »t<t Kntllth aod ono ft fii'lti. 
... f.. \ \ ■ ^ ■ > ■ ■ ' - , 

Tfli Horraon prophet, Blrghnm Voung, is 

"£lJ3btl/nttldoticr,"flvo or hliTrUci having 

dJcd (kf pneum^nln durfn^ tho j> winter. 
Eolatlonfl^ left, 

'yinfcf-d/c-j of npoplcij' llii/olhlW^y^ 
'5^1iJJi|i;i Aajltho coijj}vci-\ }ttl(( r(n iJiiuebfj 
when tho foUon-Ing vcHict wrs icdirncd— 
"Dkd from a vlJillJ^lJon of one Uefsk^k, 
plifhVtoJd I>otili«*piind fritil i-^u-^gia." 

A ^30,000 Ymi-lOT.— A pifscugcr ^vho "Pfl 
badly' icnldcd by the burtlluK of Ibo l>dUf 
of (ho steamboat A"/. JoAi, ii\ ^1685^ tOcf/itly 
ObtftUcd A Verdict of jiOpOOO rgalnBt Ihe 
,oUnc:B, In (ho 6urroynte Couil in Kcw Voih. 

A DPrf^Kivin trc.^lcd bcr^irdf (o }\ri\f a 
doicn of oyakrs tho olher day. It »ai a 
goo<l Invcalmciit, for, in mvnllowJug Iht Irvit, 
itttu<!k In'heb'lhioAt. Jt wan rccovctd, rind 
found lo conj^jn n J^^ijilj ^9' >Thlch a Jeweller 
Ijuvu hcr'lm'mcdUtdy Ei^vculy-fivo fifiTJCB. 

Arn Bpeelril mccUotf of the Cuiinr:!! vf th:- 
(own of WooiIfltock,Uv>fiqdeddtd (ohupi>k' 
mint (ho i>ay of tuch niFinlcd raen rva mny 
volunl<cr, frym (ho to^n, in fifty ccnta per 
dfly. Th\ii^][hf:ih\[^!M uUh ^e^W^ 
rnvnt nllov.mce-plr.ecB n mriiricu TOliintccr 
III A fldf jKFtlllon. 

;iC'iicii:r,-^Te'Jjifinh'>im-cd llml tho ''All 
Kn;^lnitd Kkvcii" ftro rmilehcd to ptay inlcc 

In jff ^ York, Jwir:(! ip Khli^jiclnjiU njlifo^c^ 
i[^ licslon diirlir^ )T^' .]^i^tpnji fcoW | Tjic 
(fji(^i?H of rtbe'tflp nre'to'bc uoTnffbyfbo 
cilcketeri; of (Ijc^c t?jrce cUica, nnd are ee(l- 
Qintit} n( ITlOjOOO. The first mateb li to como 
off at Kcw York In Kcj-lembcr Or October. 

i It f* u^ldOretpod (hit thtTblrl^endi Itegl, 
mcnt will nol bo vJlhdrawn Uotn her Ma- 
JtjRly's noin^alonor (;&riMl^,f.j\7n^orIghrtll7 
iatcnded IiicoUpliftiicc i/Jlborikis from iU 
HOTJJ (iunide. rt Isnijjo filatod thatnpncof 
are to bo ivlthraivn, i\nJ thnt they ^rill be 
most likeiyurcngthcnEd by more r^oopz^ In 
view of n couiing Firnian invntlou tn uiir 
frontler:i,',\."r /. ••.., \ .:\/-' ■ i'' 

Ibc thrcQ f,cA cBptabijj who leixiici nearly 
fievcn bundif;d Americftnb from the witck of 
the ^n Franeiiro, on btr wny ficjm Kew 
Yortilodkilifofnlf^ln JinuaTy,Itrti,LTt jit/ont 
(0 net (he honoiafy iricdnU nWatdcd Ihtin by 
CongrcFd for thai ttr vice. Tho naijios of (he 
Caj,l,^riiflpj^ t'rdKhlon, of the TAnc Jittii, 
of Clftf;;ow; SloufTtr, gf the An(nr<{ic ; ami 
Lowe, of the Kiity. Jl la promjjfniitii thai 
Kivca vnlue !o all reward^of fho kind. 

Ti[E follo^^ing liddle wt^^ wjUl^n by Ardi- 

bifihop Wbfttcly, who offored in vain i:jr) it, 

any one who would gi;e£9 H.-y 

l\'htn fmm iJio Atk'fl capaelous round ' 
'■ Tht world came forth In i^Trs, 
Who was It thnt fir^l heard tlic tound 
Of hoot^ upon Ihe bUiin 7 

An ifnicnloua eorrofipondttit of a ceiilcin- 
porary non tolrc* the enl^'ma thi;i : 

To him who com the inattcr o'er 

A lilde thought reveals 
He beard Jt Gr^t, who wcnthofoic 

Two palffi of MjJs and 'tela. 

liEWfpAM;^ people aic proveibfnlly tom- 
peralo na well as virtuous. We btlitvc one 
of (bo craft did get " ilehtly alfghra fo^- 
daya ago, and (lie follo^^fng ia g tarajde of 
his paper nei( day — " Ycalerday momfng, at 
four o'clock, p.m. a em^U man named JontB, 
or Brown, or Smith, with a heel In the hole 
of hJB trouEC^e, committed arEenk by taking 
a dose of Euicfde. The verdict c^f the iiniue&t 
returned a jury (liat the dcceatcd came to the 
faclRfnoccordaute witbhisdtalh. lie kavoe 
a child and £ii iiaaJl wlvea (0 In^mont tbts 
end of hh untimely loss." 
■ A wottriiy palilarchTal old goalltman of 
Kohle, O^ vf^Fi readinjf hia ehurcb paper latt 
tiabbath. Having occasion to ]&y H tlown 
for a moment, '*afporling"eon-JndiiWEub5tI- 
tilted Sn Itfl 6ltfld thfl l^ew York Ctij.pcT. 
The old gcntltman aoorLflcked up the paper, 
and adju£tInghrsGpcctaclefl, rendfluintercfit- 
ingaccountofa Inle pHee fight. After read- 
ing IJjc article, belaid the paptrdowji, piped 
bifl tpcclflcica Ihougblfully, and remarked to 
hia v.ife ibal (be I'rtilnltTiin vvjis not the 
paper it ustd to he, nnd that he i70uld die- 
totilimjc taking it when the yeareipirtd. ' 

A TauTu wtLL srA-JEo.-^An cxelLangCi.iya: 
a neivipapcr ffl read by buadrtda who never 
£Gc the attractive bUla which are poalvd in 
taveniE and ttore rooms. Every £ub£cril,cr 
to a country paper icada fiUch a p^ptr care- 
fully ^ he kno^^B who U Eolilng out, and what 
ifi offered for mIo, Thcadveftffiemeniaarca 
lopfo of converts ti on ivhen friondemocl, and 
arrangemcnJa are inadt for attcndiiie ealea. 
The result fa n ktgc crowd, tpbitcd bidding, 
and fl realization of (en, twenty or fifty timca 
what It eoHt lo advcrtite. Ko money la 60 
frurc (o rc(uri» a large pfoitt as that apent oa 
prinlera ink, A dnglc luIditTonal bidder oa 
a ciiigJo nrtlelc wiH i-ayall LOtilatoadvertifo 
as-ileof pert'.jnal proptT(yin a ncwfipajwr. 

Or all (he ttranKC tights in Paris, none is 
more ciirloua than the tnaiUtllcr, lie trun- 
dles a largo and Kliallow handcart Ibrough 
|b<i Btrr.tts, covered with fuaila iiawliiig all 
over the aidci of the cart, with borna tt- 
knded, and houGo on backi A dozen can be 
purchased for the tmall turn of Iho toui ; yo^ 
can Etlcct Ihcm yourttlf, and carry them 
uway iR n paper Ug, Komc people eat them 
rawj like oytteipj othtre x^^M ( with 
tavoury iierba. The best mafls come from 
BtirgiindyiQ tbc aulmnn, and are fattened 
on the vine ieavea. ThofO now^ felling aro 
gathered in every dllch outpide the city, the 

tevgril cemcttiiea >ld4ing thc_ l^rg¥et_^up- 

A FBtoiiT^ct DiECflVfGv— A ghastly dia- 
covcry baa juit bccu made at Gull leland, 
ncarOreeh Hay, Newfoundland. 8ornoEaJl- 
or* went recently in tho boat of a passing 
veeeel toflhpoHjIrdaoQtlmt ieland, and there 
caiiio ujton thirlecndcad liodlea, frozen btfflly 
together uod«""/a piece Of ^ frozen Canvas. 
They flho found a Journal, f^om which It ap- 
pt-ars that iho brlgan lino Queen, lyilh eeven- 
teen pereona on board, wrecked on Oiill 
lebiud on the I2th of last December. Thir- 
teen look rcfugo on the ahorc, and four were 
carried off In (tie drifting vcaael, and dicap. 
pcaicd, Tho captain and n Ur. Dowfilcy 
Uep( n Journal on the a4lh of that monlhi 
anltclp.^lins ntithlagbut tu!fetinsftD.d death. 

■^Ww »-■ 


r _ 1 






1 -^ 



_ i 

^j 4 


3 i^ra 

m r 

•^^w^ I 


-.\r/. I a:u.v 






\ A 

'I . 




I L 

.: /- 



1 . Y\ 

\\'A'\:'.\:\ i'^\ i 

1 ^ 

l';i:! .) I. 

4 H . 

; il\ iH I t:^ U '. '. .VJ i 1... '..' L'.* 1^' '* 


;,;;Mijf,';) ;i:iij( V-VJ-^ 


i'.-^ AT/TIIB— M/^ r; 



'- _- . ..I -■_ -.. 


;V\:.: Waii - HT^^Ti NEWMARKET, OHT./V/ .\."'. ''.^'['Z] 

HAYR rccclTtdnl^'rEc'nod varftd addition to tbclr forriitr rtock/aod >ro DCrpreri^tltil 
toibOttyARMElUi, HKCIlAHICa, BUILDEBB, fuid th* gcncrsl pObMO,'! ' '■ ' 

./Trrj^. MBT, cnfiAi>KflT,.AND^osT VABiir» sTboa'OP/; ! 

''!-! '-' Evtroffcrt'lJniroVlh York. Amoai Ibo atock wIH ti%"nf ' ;..■■,.!. 

I F J 

t + 

^ ' 



, -_h. 

.'. n 



J ' 

J y. 


I '1 J :isi 

r . / 







h 4 

ji:^ xe, Ji w M^ JE xe.. 

- 1 



X^ntiioy <Gro.o<lpj, @>n.£Lll ^"Vix^erj, 

io,, fiC-t Ac., &c. 





LcI^trSj Jour^vjUf d: Day Booh* ^allihti. 
JShnh Jioolt, fichool Books, 

Note JhoJcs, Copif Books, ExcTciie, 
and Looh-I^f^pin^ Books; 

FooWjip — Plain ttntl U\ilKil ; 
LetUr Pttpcr — Large, MulUtriXf d:^m'jlii 

Ptrforatfjl Cart?ioa/J'— U7a7c and 
OoloiiTid; BooTciiiorfiS ; 
^ Atlwrttof Pliin, Fancif^ ttwd 
Coloured Pajiir, Cards, 
Pattchoord, da:.- BhlUng Papt^^ 

\BUlP<xpt^,lakr Files r 

Pait—Fiiie Points & Broad Po\nit ; 
PaidU, PenhoUhrt ; 

Wa/cftj ^'cfiiing Wnxif Mucihge, 
' Ms— IM,BUe, find Bind-.! 

In hi t'j n d^ — jSVt; t ra7 kinds / 
Pody.t BookSj Puriix; 

Fl'jitic Bujtdt^PencU E/iucrs; 
P\i\nt BvAtSjUanv^V t Ilair Pe^dU} 
AV/iims \n Great I'ondy; 
Bmds — AU Siz^^i di Ciil'AtTs; 
Bon^, Woodland ^kd KnUiing^ CroUhtt, 
ana ^ioing A'cKdki ; 
Tatting Sfkv/t}is; 
Pocket, Dreaing, and Fint Comhs 
in variitr/; 

Button Ftittcn'^j; 
Laditi Port/olios; 

Work BcTAfz in varxtly ; 
Motllfz*-Gliss, Stor^t and China ; 
Tops; Dolls; Toyij 
Fish-hooks, LxJi^s, and Floats; 
Bdt Biiddtt, die. 

Tiifi FOLLOwn:a a^d all otheu 

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OBOOISS .A^l^lO BOCi^GK^S^^Xl^Ii]©: 




' HARPER'S, \ 




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Nails, G^ti and l\:(t^ '' ; 'loi.t's or.d Ti^M J^hl B-^iU, -. 

■ ' BronandMir.cralKnobt,' " Oi'ff. ,. f.. ^^H^'^\^X'^^ "*' 

i^trhit and /Mr m^dki,- ■■';:'/: dc.dc.,d-c.,dii, 

t'TJ'V/c »7ouM call (be tMlkntftr Mellon of ■Balldi^i U car'e'^V cilToi'^e^i^in. 
roiogijTrhlthUvaylwgo (Hid well «Uck4^ -. .-,./. u ..^w. b-. vj 


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■rtr/.'.-i ./ x^t* r. 

OUtlCry, ' o:y2 Discjt Kniih and Fo'riay'-:- ;' - i Vv I =■" f 
ri.iil rtvx/ - ' Caning and Bi!(ch>y Atn'r^r, -'SdrJ^rt andPaz'/zU " 


Alw, ^ gi 


. C^SlOffoffllUlnrl?, Htcntehtonj, PhtcdETiiEr^MLlftio^t, Hitr^dW^Uw^ I'j-i 

and BrEi-_jnuttfl,—^-*-A enteral Jit.oi|faL^3t,^f.. i,, , ., [^ ,.i I'/r,' 

Circular, CiOiB-cutj Baefc, Kc/-bok, MJlf, Jlfiiad; CctfnpiM, JtUirii ioA J^d> fli^f 'H^', ' 


■ - jROJiK, BRACES AKD BITTB, A^KS, UAHMERJJ, £CH>iW TLA^im:' '' ' :-'^ 
-, — ^ ^ ...■'..-., '1 ;. -'■■/J,;: .'j .■ 


CoOPEfiA' Toor^ '.-^Adj^fj, Bro^d Arts ; JMh^ing, Uiadhtg. Slate-^p. CraEipinq 
t\- - ■ • arj Uoop ^hoidi ; Latfs / IfoktU,dt! , /' • \ 

m^ "m 

COOKIKG, rARLOUfi,(jAi^l^,OTIISiii^:,'ir ,. 

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-- ..- .V 


^■513 m w-i 

f>f rhcJf f>v;n ftnfl Ib'j U^l imktrfl in the iJftTnfnf^r). 'f^tj i^Uo jit^nufActTarc ttu^^ keen coHf. 
tfinlly for rilt Jilovc Furnllufo of (Kt ^^^1 nnd JMtsl jTibltfiii j. Tin^ BLccMroa attd Copper 


teair^ Engines ar\d Boilers, Gearing 

Of every dvricriplJon for Mille; Eeiap-.rj?, Caji-tut^rrt" tnd CaMnct llaktrb' Phncp^ tx. 
YoM j^ill/ind U gr^nihj t'> y'Air<idi:<fn'.'ig^ h atU and tci thii tfock'tfftt'repvrfKatin'gt 

EAkl'jiT. hi liri- ...... .p.p.. CJ].I£LE3 TLVIC-Ql. 

h"tvHiJir^rl:ol^ DiiccmUr 20, Ip^r. ^ ' ' IM' 

Straw Hats Cleanedj Dyed and Altered. 


Trimmed Bonnets, 

Trimmed Hats. 
FcnUiers. Ilihlx>na. 

Mantlo and Dress 


Embroidery SilkB» 
Embroidery Cottons. 
Berlia Ji^l Wools. 
Braids. Beads. 

lX^**Ladies' and Children's Underclothing. 




vi; A T g © rj , 


Dec. Wil. 


r^' iEi?4r Mc^xs-isiErr 

^^E'WM-r^ltliET, ONT< 


L S @ EV! O © £^ ii=a A rJ3 , 


WooUer\ Cloths of Every Description 



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.cU, ^ all. HODIDGIS 

Public E.r.^ tonvincLii Itat ib-^-y kutp thii Rt^t ojid CLcapttt 


w<9 O- ^W ^ ® I 

In Ibis Etciion of the coanlry. SilctUny ai tl:ty fict eII Ih^ Fir,.l-Clt;aSlovc* from the bctt 
EounUrfthlutlit provluct', tlity are fatitii^d IhcJi ttlGvii aic not cquiUcd bj anyolhcf 
KouoOritra in tLo dominion cl Cinii'Ja. E':ar In minJ ihtio h no old Iron oitd In tho 

m^nufuctiJro of th-^z^ Btovia, Tbclr 



\y\Ai Covers, JdIr HoubJs. Pboi^htd DouUt 
DIockTin Burl Bril.-iunm Mvt-il IVaonJ Coffvc 
Pof?, En^HcJ], Pri-.d, OflJyaiiiicJ, and 
Tinned Irun Ws^li Rowie, GiKa.bli'^d FaUs 
and DJpK'^t ^^"P i-'^dl^rc, Spooc?, Sprine 
Balariccf, KksviL-rf, &c. 

Cwli, Dticd, Cati\ Tin and Sugar lJoit=^ Tin 
nnd C'&JTtc Cantster^, Ci^ndlcBtictE, Ac. 

BraiiQoJ Eiiimelkd Porcelain PrciCrs^ng 

KtltUs, Enimtllvd Porcftlfitn, Tinned, sni 
UTntk l*on Saucepans, Wrought InjnTlnntd 
and Untinntd Frying Fang, Bad or Bmoolh- 
Inw Iron", 6--.d IfC^ and Coffeo Fot BUndf," 
Wit^ Ekvi?F, Bcrccn, and FIj yi\itiy Cow 
nnd Sbeep Bell*, tbeetZlnCjOralQlleuurc*, 
Ki^td^, Ca?t Iron Fumpa, Ltad Plpci 
Blfict Ltud nnd Bbck Lead Brtihei, C*tit 
Iron H^-ax Boilerf, Agricultaral ffiuniictaj 
Tm Kcltlce, Si^ftT Ketlka, EInH ^P FjoI/ 
ic, kc, kc, , ■ ■ .f . ■. 

■- 1 

■t t^ REMEirBER TFTE PLACK:ni:S"" ' 


pcccmtcr 20, ISGT. . . Ivi 

\ : 

Lubncating €l ©oal ©iiSjr Lamps^LnnteniO'^^ 

BUENEEB, GBIMNEYS, WlCk'8, ^i., ^c, 

,UUf^Tl.khihtj^IllEoUa*Ch<^ap fts anyfccdy cLa. Tbtj are prcp^d lo fit li? ITo»„ . 
Air KurniceR on llic most Inip:orcd PUna, ,. - , i^- , ' 

Mve Ti'ovjjliimj done in a BuperioY Manner.. 

f-^' Particular flll^nllon pMd to Jobblnj:. Farmers' Produce, Shficp Btina, llagJ, Old 
Copiir, Bn.M. Ut^ and pQ«(*r, Utcn In eICbans^^ Ca^b pJd iorlnts. 


VOu't tOaClT TJIt PLkCZ'-—' 


Msiti Sfr^ett Ntii-ntrfift, Onl^rh- . 

Ducrah'^tjl, l?ar. -■" 

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