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Nine Thous; Lies for One Hundred Dollars 

The summer following- graduation from ! i^h school four 
friends, namely; learner Sewell, Robert Stein, William Richards, 
d and I, decided we would take one hundred dollars 
ch, pool it and go to California or at least see how far we 
could ret and how lon^ we could Pt^ 'or a rrsnd total o r ^ive 
hundred c o liars. 

Bueky S ; ad a 1937 Ply outh sedaj hich we could 
use for transportation and to the re?r c Ls we added a small 
one wheeled trailer for our luggage. We loade : trailer down 

Lth two tents, a minimum amount of clothes for five hoys con- 
sisting of 3 heavy sweater, jacket, heavy pants, two summer slacks 
and a snort coat, one pair of mocossins drerrs shoes, four 
shirts and underclothes ^or each. A camp stove, ax, five cots, 
blankets and cooking utensils completed our outfit and re 
ready to start. 

According to our plans we were roing to buy food and cook 
our eve Lng tieal at i . Ltes and r + ry In our tents thereby ■ ■■: ■ 
costs of ging. The first night . ■ ■ to this plan, we 

Lched our tents started the stove and had £ reeular time of ca - 
ing out. It only took us, inexperienced as we -.ere, fifteen min- 
utes to set up c ■. Phe second night we decided we were too tired 
t.o put up the tents so we just rented a cabin, we used our own bed- 
ding t ke it cheaper then bought our evening meal. All this i 
; ■" ■• -■ cause since it was so much easier + l an putting up tents 
never used them except in the pa Lted. 

As in most trips of any lenrth of time, there were ti 
when we didn't do much of interest, therefore, I shall only include 

only the hi/flights. 

One night in Wyoming we a^ain decider to use the tents 
spend, an eveninr in the open of the " jst." Everything 
went nc until about + hrec Ln orninr when the wind 
began to sv/eep across the prairies and blew our tents from over 
our heads. We had to pel in the freezing- cold (riddle o^ July) 
end rescue our ecu in. ent and start on our i r arain. 

We visited ,,t -o11'f T! alf Acre 1 ' and finally entered Yellow- 
Stone Park in Montana just six days after we had started, "ere • 
had our first car trouble. The battery went dea( ad to P"e+ 
8 new uric. According to our per dr.-';; ex enses we were now in the red 
so we stayed in yellowstone four en,'- i Bys living economically 
to bring up our everrc-e. "ere we -"ished, looked over the scenic 
wonders sucn as Old Faithful, the Lone Star 'leyser, the hears, the 
abundant wild life and the falls. Before we left we mounter 
hure pair of antlers on the front of + he car and purchased ten gal- 
lon hi ts. 

Our next lengthy stop war- Sea+tle, Washington but before 
we arrived in Seattle we saw that '-eat est o r mans works the '"3pand 
Coulee Dam' in construction. In Sea 'tie we had to lay over to have 
our clothes laundered. m o pasp the time away we took an excursion 
Steamer 1 bout the many water ways of Seattle, and then to 

:e sure t e didn't miss anything we flew all over the city 
by plane, thanks +o the cousin of Buzz Sewell. 

After leavinr Seattle we stopped for a night Ln Portland, 
Greron at the home of Buzssis relatives before dr-ivinr* all niprht 
to San Francisco. Because o^ t v : e heavy trailer our speed was lim- 
ited to seventy miles per hour maximum in spite of perfectly straight 
four l3ne highways. The chief interest at. San Francisco was the 

Pair. Lie not as pretensive as the New v ork World's Fair, it 
was even more beautiful* 

Yosemi+e Park was our next stop. We put our tents 
oeside the stream of ice cold water wl c 'lows thr "osemite 
Valley., Our stay was made more pleasant l ^ere by a multitude of 
people our own age from the high schools and colleger of Los Anr- 
eles and S?n Francisco. attended dances, saw Mirror Lake, El 
Capitan the thirty-seven hundred foot cliff from which they push 
red hot coals every night a + nine . Tie flaming embers make 8 
fiery falls when viewed from below. 

Before we left we analyzer our financial standing, -found 
it reasonably adequate, our tires inadequate and our generator ab- 
solutely defunct. We nursed the csr to Los Angeles where we fot 
a new generator ; id two new tires. 

ade our Los Anreles quarters in an orange prove 
belonging to en uncle of Buzz. This very adequately took care of 
breakfast worries. In our five day stay in the land of sunshine 
and movie stars we branched out to Catalina Island, Tijuana, Mexico 
and San Diego. Tie ooot trip to Catalina wag very enjoyable We 
saw the porpoises and flying fish that are so famous in those waters. 
Unless you have a lot of money, bathing is Catalina 's biggest 

After makinp* sure that we had seen everything in Los 
Angeles including Hollywood, a movie premier, Malibu Beach, Beverly 
Hills and Mount Wilson, we left for the East with a lot behinp- us 
including our money. 

On the way back our course went through the painted des- 
ert, Irand Canyon and Denver, Colorado. Eighty miles west o^ St. 

Louis our lonely trailer tire e-ave up which was not at all bad 
for it had to travel twice as far since it was only half as larre. 
The only plac such tires could be obtained was St. Louis so the 
better part of a day was used in roinr to and from that city, 
loadinr and unloadinr the trailer and put+inr the new tire on. 

Five weeks after we had started we pulled back into our 
home town of Cumberland very proud that we didn't have to write 
for more money. Our friends couldn't believe we had been rone 
so long or had rone so far. 

E. J; :. or Scott