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On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War 

With the White Race Targeted for Extermination 

by Ben Klassen, P.M. Founder, Church of the Creator 


Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race by a dire warning of coming events 
in the next decade, and an advance preparation for our own survival. 


The White Race is now in grave danger of extinction and only a miracle can save it. The White people of the 
world are now facing the most critical and precarious time they have ever been confronted with in their long, 
chaotic and tumultuous history. It took hundreds of thousands of years of evolution for the White people to 
emerge and reach the pinnacle of the outstanding development that distinguishes them from the other human or 
humanoid sub-species that now breed and proliferate the surface of Planet Earth. But it now seems that it may 
take only a generation, or two at the most, to completely destroy and demolish what Nature has laboriously and 
meticulously nurtured over the hundreds of millenniums. 

Nature, in its special bounty, has lavished on the White Race the greatest of all gifts -intelligence, creativity, 
productivity and endowed it with a host of other supreme and unique qualities that it has withheld from all the 
millions of other creatures that Inhabit this planet, at this time, as in the millions or even billions of years in the 
past. It is a unique honor and prestigious prize that the White people must treasure and guard at all costs. 

Unless we drastically change course and do it now, we, many of whom are living today, are about to witness the 
greatest, most abysmal tragedy that has ever befallen mankind. We are about to witness the most shameful 
decline, followed by a miserable and bloody slaughter of what will be left of Nature's Finest, and let us make no 
mistake about it. This is the fate that is now in store for the White people, not only in America, but throughout 
the world. The world's most vicious (and successful) parasite, the international Jewish network has been 
feverishly at work on achieving this goal for several thousand years, and it seems they will bring it to 
culmination within the next decade, or the next generation. A fate similar to that which occurred as a forerunner 
in San Domingo two hundred years ago will now unravel on a worldwide scale, and the White people will be 
exterminated in totality, with not a vestige left. 

At this point in history, we, the White peoples of the world, still 500 million strong, (but sorely confused and 
divided) can still reverse this tragedy. Only if we take the bull by the horns, inform, arouse and unite the White 
people under one language and one religion and erase the nationalistic insanity can we do the job. Only under 
the auspices of Creativity can we accomplish this. It is the first Racial Religion the White Race has ever had in 
the 6000 years of its civilized history. It is the Jew's racial religion, Judaism, that enabled them to conquer the 
world. It will take Creativity, the White Man's Racial Religion, to smash their vicious conspiracy and save 
Nature's Finest from utter destruction, humiliation and extinction. 

So let us waste no more time. Let us get our act together and smash the Jewish behemoth once and for all. Let 
us save this precious Planet Earth, not for the parasites and the mud races, but for Nature's Finest and our future 

The articles embodied in this book are a compilation of the last such I have written as lead articles in our 
flagship paper. Racial Loyalty, Issues 40 to 81. They are in tune with our creed and program as set forth in the 
twelve previous books and 39 issues of Racial Loyalty. They nevertheless add much significant material and 
additional facets to the religious development of our creed and program, a pursuit that is eternal and never 

May the younger generation now pursue our goal with a militancy, energy and dedication that will drive our 
congenital enemies into oblivion and enable our future generations to build a Whiter and Brighter World, a goal 
for which I have strived for so assiduously for the last 20 years of my life. 

Ben Klassen. 
Septembers, 1992 

Issue No. 40 - July 1988 

Author 's note: Although this article was written over Will William 's by-line, he did not write it. I had already 
written it from beginning to end when I hired him In June of 1988, and when I decided to make him the new 
Hasta Primus I wrote it in the third per son form and gave him credit in order to get him off to a good start. B.K. 

I Never Invented the Wheel 

But I have enough intelligence to utilize the idea for my own benefit. 

The wheel! How many times a day do billions of people all over the world utilize and benefit from this 
ingenious invention! Think of the multitude of vehicles, appliances, ships, motors, clocks and a series of other 
useful labor saving devices and machines that would be impossible were it not for the invention of the wheel. 
Yet, in the anthropological history of man, the wheel is a relatively recent invention. 

Even the Egyptians, who were highly intelligent, far advanced in their civilization, people who managed to 
build those huge pyramids, did not think of inventing the wheel. It was not until the Hyksos came along in their 
horse drawn chariots and defeated the Egyptians in the eighteenth century B.C. that this historic invention was 
thrust upon them and taught the Egyptians a lesson as to what wheels could do for them or to them. The 
ignorant American Indians had never thought of the wheel even as recently as 400 years ago, when the White 
Man brought it to them. Even then, the backward Indians were extremely slow to catch on and for centuries 
thereafter still used the travois laboriously scraping over the landscape. There are, of course, Indians in South 
America, niggers in Africa, and primitive tribes in many parts of the world today to whom the wheel is an 
unknown and unused idea. 

The question has often been raised - what is the greatest invention in history, the use of fire or the wheel? 
Actually, the question is academic, and not even relevant. Man did not invent fire. It was thrust upon him by 
Nature in thousands of demonstrations. Fires started by lightning burning down trees or forests, or prairie fires, 
or fires started by hot lava flows, were in evidence even before mankind climbed down from the trees. But not 
so with the wheel. Nowhere in its structural design of mammals, fishes, birds or insects is the wheel utilized as 
part of that design. The invention of the wheel is strictly a man-made invention. 

Who invented the wheel? I don't know and neither does anybody else. Nor do I particularly care. Now that I 
understand the idea, as does most of mankind, I am glad it was invented and I can reap the benefits of that 
marvelous idea. If we were to reverse history and scrap everything that involved wheels, we would be trashing 
just about everything we have built and now enjoy. We would be setting technology back approximately four 
thousand years. I am not so stupid as to say that because I didn't think of the wheel first I categorically refuse to 
use it or even recognize that it exists. 

There is another idea, of much more recent vintage, that is extremely important for survival of the White Race, 
the race that has not only developed the wheel to its present state of usefulness, but has been instrumental in 
most of the world's great inventions and technologies. That vital idea is the concept of a racial religion for the 
White Race, an idea that is less than twenty years old. It is called Creativity, and is fully expounded in a series 
of books written by Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator. He has written three basic books that lay 
down the fundamentals. They are Nature 's Eternal Religion, The White Man 's Bible and Salubrious Living. 
These have been (at this point) further expounded and supplemented by four more books. Expanding Creativity, 
Building a Whiter and Brighter World, Rahowa!, and The Klassen Letters, the total compilation representing a 
comprehensive and fully structured creed and program specifically designed for the survival, expansion and 
advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone. 

Now let us get one thing straight - Ben Klassen did not invent the idea of a racial religion, per se. That idea was 
so obvious the uninventive, parasitical Jews latched on to the racial religion idea even before the Hyksos 
demonstrated the superiority of the wheel to the Egyptians. The Jews have been monopolizing, nurturing their 
racial religion, clothing it with ritual and tradition ever since. Today the Jews, a parasitical minority that they 
represent, nevertheless are the masters of this world, the ruthless slave masters, if you will, but nevertheless 
fully in control of all the governments, the finances, the propaganda, news media, and even the White Man's 
religion. This is an incontrovertible fact, and these parasites owe it all to their religion, Judaism. At the heart of 
that religion is Racial Loyalty, a fanatic polarization and adherence to the basic tenets of their racial religion. 
Inherent in that religion are a few basic ground rules: what is good for the Jews is the highest virtue; what is bad 
for the Jews is the ultimate sin. It all goes back to the one bottom line in their religion fanatic loyalty to their 
own kind - their own race - in short. Racial Loyalty. 

So Ben Klassen does not claim that he invented the idea of a racial religion, far from it. He states again and 
again that he learned about the power of a racial religion from the Jews. He took a page out of their history and 
endeavored to utilize the power of that idea for the benefit of his own race - the White Race. Methodically 
analyzing what were the inherent factors for the astounding success of the Jews in their drive for world 
conquest, he came to the touchstone of the phenomenon - religion, and as such this sword had two edges: A 
fanatic racial religion the Jews adopted for themselves to polarize their racial loyalty, and secondly, a wimpish, 
self-destructive religion for their enemies (basically the White Race) to soften them up and make them easy 
prey. The former they accomplished with Judaism. The second objective they accomplished by giving the 
Romans first, and later the White Race as a whole, a submissive slave religion, namely Jewish Christianity. 

The events of history and their unraveling are so obvious that you would think the highly intelligent White Race 
would have quickly seen the total picture and reacted accordingly to thwart the wily Jew. 

Why they have not remains a mystery to me, just as does the fact that the intelligent Egyptians had not invented 
the wheel before the Hyksos brought it to them. But once you see the idea inherent in the wheel, never again 
can you turn back the clock. Never again can you forget the idea and turn back the pages of history. And so it is 
with Creativity. Once you grasp the idea of a racial religion to replace insipid Jewish Christianity, the idea is so 
powerful, so obvious, that never again can we forget it, or ignore it. Why not one individual among all the 
millions of intelligent White inventors, philosophers, historians, politicians, theologians, has come up with it 
before is to me one of the most astounding mysteries of civilization. But the fact is that until less than two 
decades ago no one did. 

But now we have it, and none too soon. For the last fifty years at least 20,000 diverse White groups have been 
floundering around on such random issues as Christianity, Identity, God and Country, the Flag and the 
Constitution, Democracy, the "Truth," Nationalism, and a host of others, either singularly or in admixture. They 
have all failed miserably to stop the Jewish juggernaut, and most of them temporarily flare up, put out a little 
literature, fold up their tents and go out of business. Why? Because they lack substance, because they neither 
have a creed nor a meaningful program. Their main forte is to endlessly rehash the problem, to rehash past 
history as to how we got into the mess we are in. Basically they do no more, no less than the 20,000 previous 
failures had already done before them merely a rerun of the "deplore and lamenf formula. They have singularly 
or jointly all failed to stop the Jewish juggernaut and we are not one inch closer to getting the Jewish parasite 
off our backs than we were fifty years ago, or a hundred years ago. On the contrary, we, as a racial entity, are 
now closer to total destruction than we were ever before, probably not more than a few generations away from 
complete extinction. 

If there is one thing history has taught us (or should have taught us) it is this: a polyglot conglomerate of diverse 
squabbling factions never accomplished anything, except their own self-destruction. History has also taught us 

that a powerful, polarized single movement can, and does, move the course of History. One such historic 
movement is the tenacious Mosaic racial religion of the Jews around the core of which they have rallied for all 
these thousands of years. Any Jew will admit that without their cohesive racial religion they would be nothing. 
Another example is the monolithic structure of the Catholic Church, the oldest corporate structure in the White 
Man's history. It has had a tremendous influence in directing that history. It has maintained itself for nearly 
2000 years. 

But the most significant lesson of all for our purpose of how to break the back of the Jewish behemoth was 
demonstrated by Hitler's Nazi Party. Soon after Germany's dismal defeat in 1918 a myriad of "Nationalisf 
parties sprang up in Germany, many of them half baked and badly disoriented. These groups, some 2000 in 
number, spent as much time wrangling amongst themselves, confused in purpose and program, as they did in 
fighting the enemy. It was not until Hitler built a German Racial Party that absorbed the confused, fragmented 
membership of the myriad of polyglot parties that the German people finally had the clout to take over the real 
power of government in their country. One other side lesson we should learn from this event is that Hitler never 
"merged" with the other parties, nor did he compromise his position, nor did he water down his creed or 
program. He just kept attracting members and built his organization until it encompassed most of the German 
racial militants and was the sole power in the Reich. 

If we are ever to win this battle for the survival of the White Race we must do the same - we must consolidate 
our forces into one powerful battering ram, instead of the fragmented, polyglot scattering of aimless groups now 
competing against each other for recognition. In this respect there are two questions I would like to ask every 
conscientious, responsible White Man and Woman, namely, (a) Of what importance is your hubris if the White 
Race goes down the drain, as it surely will unless we unite and get our act together? and, (b) Which would you 
rather do wet nurse your inconsequential little hubris, or fight a successful battle? I know where my loyalty lies. 
I have made my commitment for victory. 

There is one persistent argument I have heard from those who can't quite commit themselves to building a 
meaningful powerhouse in opposition to the Jews, and I find that these people completely miss the point. Their 
argument is that if we are fragmented into thousands of little polyglot groups we are better off because the 
enemy establishment will not be able to destroy us all at one fell swoop, whereas if we are united into one major 
powerful movement, they might. This argument is valid only as far as it goes, but it does not go to the ultimate 
conclusion of really overthrowing the Jewish tyrant and forcefully taking government power into the hands of 
the White Race. What these cop-out artists are saying is that they would rather prefer to keep on playing 
meaningless little games, as annoying gnats buzzing at the ears of the enemy, but have no plan or intention of 
really coming to grips of destroying the enemy in a showdown of power. 

The fact is that if we establish and organize thousands of C.O.T.C. centers all over the Unite States, and yes. 
South Africa, Australia, South America, England and the rest of Europe (we already have a number of groups 
and ministers in each of these areas) we will have the multiplex dispersion (See "Dispersion and Polarization" 
p. 22 o^ Building a Whiter and Brighter World) these polyglots hold so dear. Moreover, we will have a unity of 
purpose, a common creed and program, a polarized loyalty and a powerful movement that will not quit until we 
have won the world. Isn't that what we really want? Yes, it is. The bottom line is that we must build one united, 
polarized powerhouse on a worldwide basis, as Hitler did with the Nazi party In Germany, in order to oust and 
destroy the enemy. There is no other way, and there is no better way than to build it around a fanatically 
militant racial religion as embodied in Creativity. 

I did not come up with the idea of a racial religion for the White Race, and incredible as it may seem, neither 
did anyone else in all our recorded history until the Pontifex compiled a comprehensive omnibus less than 
twenty years ago. Now the White Race does have its own racial religion - Creativity. Even though I, Will 

Williams, didn't think of it, I recognize that it is an idea whose time has come - and none too soon. Our only 
chance for survival is to consolidate and polarize around this idea and to hell with all the diverse, fragmented 
side issues. Creativity not only addresses all the crucial issues that are of major importance to the White Race, 
but goes far beyond, formulating a creed and program that can serve the best interests of the White Race for the 
next million years. But our first order of business is to get the Jewish parasite off our backs, and only through a 
militant racial religion can we ever hope to achieve this major breakthrough. 

I have now committed myself to promote this one idea with a zeal, more passionately than that of millions of 
spook-chasing Christian ministers who are promoting their claptrap which, incidentally, none of them had a 
hand in formulating either. The treacherous Jews devised it, and these "useful idiots" just spread Yahweh's 
garbage around for them, much to the yids' glee and our own detriment. The point I am making is that history 
has demonstrated time and again the tremendous influence of religion on any people's destiny, especially in that 
of our own destruction, and in the success of the Jew's conquest of the world. A racial religion Is the key to our 
future existence, and since that is so, let us embrace one that will really "save" us, not one that seeks to equalize 
us into a tribe of nigrescent octoroons and baboons. If you really believe that our genetic treasure, our precious 
gene pool, is worth fighting for, then join with us, start a Church of the Creator in your area. It can be done, it 
must be done. 

We will politicize our movement from the pulpits (see C.C. Nos. 64 and 69 in the White Man 's Bible) just as the 
niggers do from theirs. We will do it just as legitimately, but even more effectively. Come join with us and 
through our combined forces let us build that mighty battering ram with which to smash the Jewish monster. 

So quit spinning your wheels and help distribute ten million White Man 's Bibles. Become a mini-distribution 
center for WM.B., as the Pontifex has implored you repeatedly to do. We can "Wheel" our way to victory and 
smash the Jews and their stranglehold on us to smithereens, once we inform, arouse, and organize the White 
Race. Once we have control of our own destiny we will make damn sure that neither the Jew, nor the mud races 
will ever again be a threat to our survival on this planet. 

Remember, for inspiration and enlightenment, read your White Man 's Bible everyday. 
There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. 

Issue No. 41 -August 1988 

This Planet is All Ours 

We cannot - we will not - settle for less. 

In the confused milieu of the present right-wing conservative - Identity - White racist movement a number of 
strange and contradictory ideas are being bandied about. Some of these ideas are not only downright counter- 
productive and destructive but extremely dangerous to the very survival of the White Race. Whereas the racial 
movement has any number of kooks and aberrants hovering around the fringes, we are not particularly 
concerned about them. Every movement has them. What we are grossly concerned about is some of the 
destructive ideas that are being pushed by some of our more prominent and responsible leaders in the racial 
movement, people who should know better. It is our objective to explore and clarify some of the more vital 
positions that are being advocated. 

1. Territorial Fragmentation into a polyglot checkerboard of ethnic groups. (This includes the concept of 
Regionalism, a closely related defeatist approach.) Both of these ideas, in my opinion, are some of the most 
bizarre and insane ideas that are seriously being discussed and advocated by several of our White Racial 
Comrades in their effort to compromise and appease our enemies - the mud races. Basically, the fragmentation 
idea consists of slicing the United States into "ethnic areas" whereby literally scores of ethnic groups would 
theoretically be moved and shunted into their "allotted" territories, each presumably "receiving" (who will do 
the giving?) a choice piece of the United States real estate in accordance with their proportionate numbers. The 
process would be similar to what we did to the Indians in the 1800's, except now we would slice the entire 
United States into thousands of reservations and herd not only Indians onto them, but White people, niggers, 
mulattoes, Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, Japanese, and everybody else, each into his or her reservation. Or 
another example would be the South Africa Apartheid system where each ethnic group would have their own 
compound, with government police enforcing the law that they stay in their compound or "homeland." This 
whole idea is basically so insane, it hardly warrants our consideration, were it not for the fact that many of our 
leading groups and promoters are advocating just such an idea. 

When we stop a moment and think about it, the whole idea becomes so bizarre and ridiculous that an endless 
number of unanswered questions begin to surface, questions which have not been answered and remain 
unanswerable. In the first place, there are an endless number of minority groups that have special interests and 
we could divide the population into not only dozens of groups but more like hundreds, or thousands, depending 
on which way we want to slice it, and who does the slicing. We could categorize by country of origin - 
Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Pakistani, Mexican, Hindu, Mongolian, Fiji Islanders, on down the 
line. There are about 126 countries in the world to whom the United States is gratuitously dispensing foreign 
aid. Everyone of them has "refugees," Immigrants, escapees who reside in the United States. They may number 
anywhere from tens of thousands (like the Haitians) to thirty millions (like the Mexicans). Surely, each and 
every one of them rates a slice of territory to call their own here in these United States? The Mexicans alone 
could reclaim all of the Southwest without a fight, territories our valiant forefathers fought and bled to win for 
the White Race. There are hundreds more that could also claim to be entitled to a chunk of territory on a 
nationality basis alone. Then we could subdivide all these hundreds of nations further according to their own 
ethnic groups. For instance, let us take Russia: There are the Ukrainians, Great Russians, the White Russians, 
the Poles, the Bulgarians, the Moldavians, the Letts, the Tatars, the Kazakhs, the Uzbeks, the Kirghezians, the 
Bashkers, the Kurds, the Kalmucks, etc., and on and on. In fact the Encyclopedia claims there are over 175 
distinct peoples living in Russia alone, speaking so many different languages that scientists have not yet been 
able to list them all. Undoubtedly there are any number of representatives of each of these people resident in the 
United States. Should each of them be "allotted" a territory? Then we go on to each of the other countries with 

all their multiplicity of ethnic groups, all of whom also have large numbers resident in the United States. 
Undoubtedly we are already into the thousands of ethnic groups, classified by nationality alone. But then we 
should (and must!) divide them further by religion - we wouldn't want to mix Catholic Irish and Protestant Irish 
in the same territory, now would we? or Moslems, Hindus and Sikhs from India? The list is endless, and for 
anyone to rationally try to cut the United States into little bits and pieces for each ethnic, religious, national and 
racial group would run into an endless nightmare, that could not be solved by the world's largest computer, nor 
the most intelligent grouping of brains, nor by any other means. 

But supposing by an impossible miracle somehow it was done. Would we have peace and quiet, an equitable 
solution to the world's turmoil in the United States? far from it. It would be the scenario for endless strife, 
turmoil, revolution, anarchy and mayhem, not to mention thousands of "independence" movements. This is not 
just theory. Let us take a real-life example. We could pick almost any country in the world, but let us take a 
good look at Burma, for instance, as a small scale prototype and microcosm. 

Burma has approximately 37 million people. It is divided into at least thirty important minorities, but basically 
it has approximately ten major ethnic minorities. Listing them alphabetically they are: the Arakan, the Kachin, 
the Karen, the Karenni, the Lahu, the Mon, the Pa-0, the Palaung, the Shan and the Wa. These have loosely 
banded together into a revolutionary group called the National Democratic Front, or the NDF. Then there are 
three more major groups: the Burman, the Chin and the Naga. Each of these thirteen groups are segregated into 
their own territories in a fashion similar to what some racial leaders here are advocating we do to the United 

Has Burma had peace and tranquility? Has it enjoyed prosperity? Hell, no. Ever since it was "given" 
independence some forty years ago and the British moved out, continuous and unrelenting revolution, warfare 
and anarchy has been the lot of this fractured and fragmented country. Once relatively prosperous in the trade of 
teak, jade and oil, it is now rated as one of the poorest and most chaotic countries in the world. Its main stock in 
trade now is opium and the drug trade, most of which is funneled into the United States. But Burma is not the 
exception. It is more realistically a prototype, a textbook example of a nation fragmented by minorities. There 
are dozens of other third world countries in the same fix, and any number of others that are not third world such 
as South Africa, or Ireland or Nicaragua. In short, fragmentation is not a solution by any means. It merely 
compounds the problem. For us to even think of such a process in the United States is insane, utterly mad, and 
would only hasten the demise of an already shrinking White Race. 

2. Nationalism. In this analysis, as always, we Creators are looking at all problems and solutions from the 
White Man's point of view. When we examine any idea, we ask the question - is it in the best Interests of the 
White Race? In this respect there Is another idea that is being bandied about that is divisive and destructive 
from the White Man's point of view, and that idea is encompassed by the word Nationalism. We find any 
number of groups that head their designation with the word National or Nationalist, the foremost of these, of 
course, was Hitler's National Socialist Party, the NSDAP. We Creators deplore the word Nationalist per se as 
being counter-productive, divisive and destructive. When we review the history of the White Race over the last 
several thousand years, (and especially Europe during the last several centuries) we find an endless series of 
wars and White people being killed by other White people. Practically all of these wars were fought in the name 
of nationalism, one nation against another, or one group of nations against another group of nations. The War of 
Roses, the Hundred Years War, the Seven Years War, the Thirty Years War, the Crimean War, the Boer War, 
World War I, World War II, and hundreds of smaller wars in between and after. In many of these wars religion 
entered into the picture, but even when it did, it was still by and large one nation, or group of nations against 
another. It was the Government of a Nation that instigated, plotted and waged the wars, and they resulted in 
millions of White men, women and children being brutally massacred. 

We Creators deplore and denounce nationalism as such. We espouse instead Racial Socialism (See Chapter 6 of 
Nature 's Eternal Religion). We espouse and promote White Racial Teamwork. (See page 20 oi Expanding 
Creativity.) If we must fight and wage war, let us make damn sure we unite and direct our forces not against 
each other, but against the mud races, and especially the parasitical Jews. Never again must we engage in war 
against ourselves. White men killing White men. This is the bottom line and a major segment of our creed and 

3. Polyglot Groups. The idea has been bandied about that if we have a myriad of quasi-racial groups "deploring 
and lamenting" about their own narrow specialty, that we are then better off than if we join into one major 
powerful movement. The argument is that "the enemy" presumably the United States government, or the Jewish 
network, or the C.F.R., or "the Communists," or the I.R.S., or whomever each group deems to be the enemy, 
(there is no agreement) will not be able to destroy all of a number of polyglot groups in one fell swoop, whereas 
if we had one big movement, they might. This argument sounds good as far as it goes, but unfortunately it stops 
in the middle of a no-win mentality. What it is saying is that with thousands of little fractured and fragmented 
groups as we have seen operating for the past forty years, we will always have a few gnats buzzing at the 
enemy's ears. Of course, we will never have a powerhouse with which to confront the enemy and destroy them, 
but we'll settle for being an ineffective annoyance. 

We Creators deplore this insipid no-win attitude. We say - either we go all out to build a meaningful, massive, 
all powerful movement into which all our energies and resources are organized and integrated, and confront and 
destroy the enemy, or we go fishing. We see the enemy as the worldwide Jewish network as the target, not 
communism, or the IRS or any other tentacle of that Jewish juggernaut. We are out to destroy Judaism in toto, 
on a worldwide basis, nothing less. Delenda est Judaica! In order to do so we must build one powerful united 
battering ram that has the power and determination to destroy this worldwide Jewish pestilence. 

Again, looking back into history, there is only one powerful movement that accomplished such a break-through 
in recent times, and that was Hitler's Nazi party in Germany during the 20's and 30's. As long as there were 
two thousand or more fragmented Nationalist parties, nothing was accomplished. When Hitler absorbed them 
all into his movement (we must remember he did not merge with any, he absorbed the members) then they had 
the clout to take over the government, and they did. 

We in America must do the same. We must not settle for having thousands of fragmented ineffective gadflies 
buzzing about annoying the enemy, but we must go all the way. We must build that one concentrated organized 
movement that can and will take over the government. 

4. The Turner Diaries and The Order. Some ten years ago or so Dr. William Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries 
under the pseudonym of Andrew MacDonald. It is the story of a group of dedicated White revolutionaries who 
wage an underground war of relentless destruction in order to undermine and destroy the "establishmenf and 
government in power. They blow up bridges, railroads, electrical power lines and generating plants, government 
buildings, and in general, wreak havoc and mayhem. It is written in the form of a diary by one of its fictional 
heroes, namely Earl Turner. 

The Turner Diaries have one fatal and inexcusable flaw, a flaw that leaves the whole plot less than useless. 
Supposedly, a few generations after all this mayhem, the White Race finally finds itself in control of the 
government and its own destiny. What the Turner Diaries fail to explain is that the most important step - 
namely, how they got from Point A to Point B, how they managed to turn anarchy and revolution into control of 
the government. Whereas the story does describe anarchy, destruction and mayhem in great detail, it then leaves 
a huge gap, an unexplained lapse. The reader is left hanging in a vacuum as to how all this mayhem is supposed 
to be rewarded with control of the country. 

Now Dr. Pierce is an honorable, highly intelligent and dedicated man whom I have met and talked to on a few 
occasions and for whom I have a great deal of respect. However, unfortunately the formula espoused in the 
Turner Diaries is not the answer to our present problem of getting the Jew off our back, and when I say this I 
look back to seventy years of observing history. I especially look back to the time and place I was born, namely 
the Ukraine in Southern Russia. When I was born in 1918, there was an abundance of anarchy, killing, 
destruction and warfare there in the Russian revolution, enough to last anyone a lifetime. Five million people 
died of starvation in the Ukraine alone. Did this wake up the people to the problem? Did it identify the enemy? 
Did it produce a righteous outrage to kill and destroy the enemy? Did it produce a meaningful creed and 
program to set the country back on the road to salvation? No, it did not. It did none of these things. People were 
killed by the millions (Twenty million White Russians were massacred.) Millions of people starved. People 
suffered. The countryside was devastated. When the dust finally settled the Jews were in firm control and, 
today, seventy years later they are still in control. Despite all the killing, suffering, bloodshed and devastation 
there were a number of essentials lacking for a White victory - (a) the White people did not know who the real 
enemy was; (b) they had no creed or program to unite them; (c) as a result they killed each other instead of 
focusing on the real enemies - the Jews. It is a situation that history is bound to repeat today in an America 
were we in our present uninformed state to resort to unlimited violence and destruction. 

Nevertheless, a group of brave young White warriors under the leadership of Robert Matthews took the formula 
seriously and decided to form an underground group called Brueder Schweigen (German for Silent 
Brotherhood) or, also known as The Order. They launched into a program of criminal activities such as armed 
robbery and even managed to assassinate a filthy Jewish talk-show host by the name of Alan Berg. The end 
result of all this was that these brave young racial fighters, some thirty-five of them, are now behind bars, their 
energetic activities neutralized and thwarted, probably for the rest of their lives. Bob Matthews is dead, having 
died heroically in a fiery shootout against the overwhelming odds of a massive swat team launched against him 
by the Jewish establishment. 

I believe this is an unduly heavy price to pay in terms of our young activists for the killing of one lousy Jew. If, 
instead they had each gone their own quiet separate ways, secretly planned and planned well a number of 
attacks on groups of Jews, they could, for the same price, have killed probably as many as twenty, or fifty or a 
hundred Jews each. The sum total price exacted for the thirty-five now behind bars could have been several 
hundred dead Jews, instead of one filthy talk-show host. The thing to remember is that we all have to go 
sometime anyway, but if we are ready to go, don't go alone, and don't go cheaply. Exact a heavy price from the 
enemy. Make it fifty to one, or a hundred to one, but not thirty-five good White warriors for one filthy Jew. 

Let us take a look at some of the strikes the Arabs, who generally are none too bright, have successfully 
executed. A classic example is the bombing of the U.S. Marine compound in Lebanon on October 23, 1983. 
There we find one lone truck driver (presumably an Arab) who willingly went to his death with a big smile on 
his face. But as he did so, he took with him 240 of his enemies (dead) as well as hundreds of wounded. Now if 
we compare that maneuver to the effectiveness of what The Order episode accomplished, we find that the lone 
Arab was approximately 35 x 240, or more than 8000 times as effective as were each of the 35 some members 
of The Order. Now that, my fellow White Racial Comrades, is one hell of a difference. Let's give this 
effectiveness a name. Let's call it the Enemy Toll Effectiveness Factor (E.T.E.F.). That is an E.T.E.F. 
difference of 8000 to 1, comparatively. Nor does the difference in effectiveness really end there. The quality of 
the enemy destroyed also enters in. We must remember those killed and wounded were U.S. Marines, fighting 
men in the prime of their manhood, a much more meaningful action than merely killing an equal number of 
random riff-raff. 

Or let us take a look at another successful execution by a (so far) unknown group or hit-squad who successfully 

executed 22 Jewish rabbis in one fell swoop. Two gunmen posing as photographers, on the morning of 
September 6, 1986 entered the prize new Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey. They opened fire with 
automatic pistols, set their victims on fire and blew themselves (and their victims) up with hand grenades. 
Going back to our Enemy Toll Effectiveness Factor, (E.T.E.F.), the score on this one is 11 to 1, but actually, 
because of the place and the rabbis, the ramifications are a thousand times greater. 

This surprise action frightened the hell out of world Jewry, as nothing else can. This major episode has been 
suppressed and played down in the world (Jewish) press. Undoubtedly the Jews feared, and rightfully so, that 
any amount of publicity would give the same idea to other groups throughout the world who would then be 
inspired to emulate similar actions. 

The Jews' fears are well founded. A few more actions like the one in Turkey and the paranoid Jews will be 
scared spitless (they already are) and will be taking Rabbi Meir Kahane's advice seriously - get out while you 
can - head for Israel before it is too late! Nothing would please us more. Once they are all congregated in Israel 
and the American people stop supporting, subsidizing and protecting them, I am sure the Arabs can and will 
make short shrift of them. 

Conversely, the Palestinians have not been doing so well recently in their rebellion against the Jewish tyrants in 
the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Since the escalation of that uprising December 8, 1987, 210 Palestinians 
have been killed in exchange for only four Jews, according to Jewish news reports as of June 21. (Actually, I'm 
sure many more Arabs have been killed.) That is an E.T.E.F. of 52.5 to 1 in favor of the Jews, a very lopsided 
score indeed, and it should teach us a lesson, namely that sticks and stones are no match for machine guns. Let 
that be a lesson for all time! Never give up your guns! 

There were several other ingredients missing in the agenda of The Order, as there were with The Turner 
Diaries. The most flagrant item missing was a positive creed and program for the future of the world. Both The 
Turner Diaries and The Order made it clear that they were against the Establishment and the present 
government of the United States, and they were determined to blow up the countryside and the physical plant in 
order to bring it down in flames and anarchy. The inference was that once the country (the U.S.A.) was in 
shambles and the "establishmenf thereby destroyed, that the problem was solved and victory was ours. This is 
a rather naive conclusion, and not really any answer to anything. 

What neither The Order nor The Turner Diaries made very clear was that the Jewish worldwide conspiracy was 
the real culprit and had to be destroyed. Nor did they spell out a format of what was to follow when it was 
destroyed. What kind of a world did they envision for our children and grandchildren? Were they for 
perpetuating the Jewish-Christian hoax? Evidently they were, since most of them were followers of Richard 
Butler's preaching that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, and Christ was our Savior. Obviously there is 
a schizophrenic and contradictory set of concepts in play here, a belief and attitude that is bound to produce 
nothing but disaster. On the one hand they are preaching Christian love and forgiveness, and on the other 
robbery, killing and criminality. Schizophrenic is the word indeed. 

Furthermore, what did they have in mind about the rest of the world - Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, 
or Europe? There was no program, no clear philosophy, no consensus. Only the negative drive - blow up the 
countryside, bring down "the establishment." What about using criminal means to fund their program? Was this 
any different than the train and bank hold-ups Stalin used to fund the Bolshevik program? In fact, many 
members of The Order were outright criminals before they ever joined the movement. Was criminality to be the 
basis of our future society? Were we going to replace one set of criminals in government with another set of 
criminals? Were we going to continue to hypocritically promote and espouse the Jewish-Christian blather? 

In conclusion, neither The Order nor The Turner Diaries had, or have, a meaningful, comprehensive answer to 
the dilemma that sorely befuddles the White Race of today. At best. The Order was a group of dedicated White 
militants, a group to be admired. We need more dedicated White militants, and cannot afford to have them 
wasted ineffectively. Their intentions were noble, but their thinking was extremely confused. They reacted 
bravely in a violent, half-baked, knee-jerk reaction to a complex worldwide conspiracy they did not completely 
understand, especially the treacherous role played by Jewish-Christianity in this life and death struggle. Because 
of this, they reaped disastrous consequences in an ongoing racial war, a war that is going to demand millions of 
further White casualties. What we must make sure of is that when we do sacrifice our gallant warriors in the 
battle, we extract a much, much higher E.T.E. Factor, and not sacrifice ours wantonly. 

However, we of the C.O.T.C. do not espouse violence, not at this time. Before we can launch open warfare or 
even covert warfare, we must first straighten out the confused thinking of our White Racial Comrades, and we 
must do it by the millions. Putting ten million White Man 's Bibles in the hands of our White Racial Comrades 
would put us well over the top. It would cost us less than it now costs us to subsidize the niggers and the mud 
races for as little as half an hour. It would be the best bargain we had ever bought for ourselves. We certainly 
have the resources to do so. By the time we did so, violence would probably not even be necessary. After all. 
Hitler and his Nazi party took over the German government without blowing up a single bridge or power plant, 
and with very little bloodshed. We can do the same. The C.O.T.C. has the creed and the program to do the job. 
One part of it is getting those first ten million White Man 's Bibles out. 

5. Political or Religious Movement? There are any number of people in the racist movement who claim that 
the solution is purely political, and we should leave religion out of the picture. This is a shallow, naive and 
incomplete analysis of both the problem and the solution. History over the ages has taught us that religion 
comes first. We may call it by other names - Weltanschauung (German word for "world-view") or philosophy, 
or ideology, or creed, or an idea to which we are dedicated. But religion is really the best all-encompassing 
word that embraces all. All major movements in history were motivated by their religious core, whether it was 
Marxism, or Catholicism or Protestantism, or Mohammedism or Judaism. These religions then found political, 
economic, cultural and nationalistic apparati with which to convey their goals and ideas. But remember, religion 
was, is, and remains the prime motivator that provides the force, inspiration, and direction to make those goals 
and motivations become a practical reality. 

We see glaring examples of this in the world today. Communism or Marxism, which directly dominates three- 
fourths of the world today and indirectly perhaps all of the world, is a prime example. It is based on an ideology 
called Marxism. Then there is Zionism. It is based on an idea spawned by Theodore Hertzl, as espoused in his 
book The Jewish State. It combines with, pervades and overrides Marxism. But back of it all is Judaism, the 
Tribe of Judah's original Mosaic religion. Marxism, Zionism, Christianity and thousands of lesser 
organizations, creeds, ideologies and movements have their seeds in Judaism. 

So, the problem is not purely political, nor is the solution. The root of it all lies in ideology or religion. The 
great White Race could have had the world, a beautiful world, all to itself a long, long time ago, had it only 
created for itself a racial religion to rally around, a religion that could and would unite it, give it concrete goals, 
direction and the inspiration to pursue those goals and directions for its own undivided benefit. 

6. In Creativity we now have such a racial religion. Only as recently as fifty years ago, before the devastating 
and suicidal event of World War II, the White Race was supreme and unchallenged throughout the world. The 
mud races in India, Africa and even China were either in the control of, or controlled by, the White nations of 
Europe. The only threat to the White nations, were other White nations (manipulated by Jews.) 

Today the White Man has been driven out of all these areas, not by force of arms, but through treachery of their 

own Jew-controlled governments. We can look at Britain, France, Belgium, the United States (especially the 
United States) and find that betrayal and treachery turned over most of the land areas of the world to the mud 
races. But the treachery did not end there. The White Man (especially in the United States) is now feeding and 
subsidizing most of the mud races of the world, and the mud races are exploding in numbers at a rate 
unprecedented in all history. Not only have the mud races exploded and taken over most of the land masses of 
this Planet Earth, but they are invading and colonizing the home territories of the White Man himself- England, 
France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the United States, (again, especially the United 
States) and the White Man is not lifting a finger to stop them. The United States is now becoming the dumping 
grounds for all the scum, criminals, free-loaders and mud races of the world. They are invading us by the 
millions - from Mexico, from Central America, from South America, from Indonesia, from Vietnam, from 
China, from Africa - you name it. "Our" government is not only not stopping this massive invasion, but rabidly 
encouraging it, providing the means and the wherewithal. It is all part of the Jewish program to mongrelize the 
White Race into extinction and replace it with a mongrelized mixture of brown zombies, dumb, subservient and 
thoroughly enslaved. 

7. Before we come to the solution of this abominable situation, there are a few more misdirected ideas that are 
being bandied about by our polyglot White racial groups. 

(a) The word Democracy, which appears in several nomenclatures. Let me remind these people that 
"democracy" is a Jewish invention, along with Christianity and communism. It is an extremely useful vehicle in 
manipulating their treacherous "divide and conquer" technique. Divide the White Race into two opposing 
groups - then with a small leverage, control the outcome. We Creators denounce the idea of Jewish 
"democracy," and strongly support and advocate the Leadership Principle, as did Adolf Hitler, and as has been 
successfully demonstrated by all viable organizations throughout history, whether it be the Catholic Church, or 
governments or financial organizations. (See The Leadership Principle m Nature 's Eternal Religion.) 

(b) The Christian Identity Idea. We have belabored this stupid claim that we, the White Race, are the real 
Israelites, on numerous occasions, and will not take the space here to review it again. It is so ridiculous and so 
contrary to any meaningful evidence in history that it hardly needs to be re-examined. (See Issue No. 32 of 
Racial Loyalty reviewed on Pages 124 to 138 of RAHOWA! on "British-Israel Identity.") 

(c) The Confederate Flag. This outdated relic from the Civil War is not an adequate symbol representing the 
hopes and aspirations of the White Race today. At best, it recalls a tragic blunder, instigated and manipulated by 
the Rothschild Jews of large armies of White Men killing other White Men in a stupid and disastrous war that 
never should have been fought. It was a shameful, cruel, tyrannical war presumably fought over the 
emancipation of niggers, but in reality it was a war between Eastern Jew power and money power to destroy the 
wealthy White Southern plantation owners. In either case, it is a war of which we are not proud, and the 
Confederate fiag represents the losers, just as the Christian cross with a Jew hanging on it represents a loser. All 
the Confederate Flag does is recall a shameful and tragic episode in our history, of White people of the north 
hating and killing White people in the south, a divisive, no-win "cause" that does absolutely nothing towards 
focusing on the real enemy - the International Jew. 

The Confederate flag also symbolizes the defense of black slavery, an idea we Creators deem highly repugnant. 
We do not want to enslave anybody, nor exploit the inferior races. What White Man or Woman today would 
favor the importation and exploitation of black slaves? In fact, we curse those greedy White exploiters who 
combined with the Jewish slave-trader and dragged the scum from black Africa onto our shores, only to now 
leave us with the consequences of an eve spreading black plague. 

How much better to replace the Confederate flag with the Creativity Logo - which says loud and clear - We, 

the White Race, are the crowning glory of Nature's Realm, and we cherish, honor and defend our racial good 
fortune as our most sacred treasure. This, far more clearly represents the goals and sentiment of the White Race 
on a global basis than does the Confederate flag. 

(d) The no-win "Deplore and Lament" approach of most racial groups. For the last forty years more than 
twenty thousand groups have come and gone deploring the effects of the Jewish onslaught but never coming to 
grips with the real cause - the Jewish master plan to mongrelize and destroy the White Race so that they can 
enslave the world without any threat from a (formerly) intelligent, vigorous, aggressive White Race. Few of 
these organizations ever really identified the enemy (the Jews), nor the means by which we were being 
destroyed (Christianity and Communism) nor did any of them ever come up with a comprehensive plan as to 
how to overcome this sinister menace. (See The Flat Tire Syndrome, Issue No. 1 oi Racial Loyalty of 
Expanding Creativity.) All we have heard from these groups is - deplore and lament! Deplore and lament! A 
rehash of past history (for the umpteenth time) of how we got into this mess! Having thoroughly depressed and 
discouraged our White Racial Comrades, these Jeremiahs then leave the reader hanging in his misery, never 
coming up with a viable solution. 

8. We Have a Solution! We not only have a solution - but in a powerful comprehensive racial religion, we 
have the only solution. Our program reads as follows: 

(a) Territory. We Creators are determined that the winner take all - that the White Race colonize, occupy and 
inhabit all - and we mean all - the beneficent territory of this Planet Earth. It is too late to play Santa Claus and 
diwy up territories to our enemies. It is a stupid idea today, and it was a suicidal idea in the past. We do not 
need the mud races to survive. We don't need the Jews to survive. Our unswerving attitude must be - to hell 
with the Jews! To hell with the niggers! To hell with the mud races! We will either take all, inhabit all, or we 
will drown in a sea of mud races. The world is becoming far too crowded to support both us and them. 

In so doing, we do not want to ever again make the mistakes of history. We do not want to exploit or enslave 
any of the mud races. Nor will we further subsidize, educate them nor support them in any way. We just want to 
get rid of them by boycotting them and letting them wither on the vine and reach their own demise. (See "A 
Planet Devoid of Mud Races," Page 65 ofRahowa! This Planet Is All Ours.) In this approach we are following 
the good American Way, the same program our illustrious ancestors pursued in building America and the 
Winning of the West. (See Creative Credo No. 32 of the White Man's Bible, "We shall be Masters of Our Own 
Destiny - Winning of the West - the Prototype for the Winning of the World".) Anyone who is proud of 
America, proud to be White, proud of our forefathers' building of America and conquering a continent, should 
have no problem with the program of Creativity. 

(b) We Creators are against a polyglot world of chaos, destruction and anarchy. We do not want to destroy, we 
want to build a Whiter and Brighter World, to unite the White Race under one powerful all-encompassing 
religion where the bottom line is the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone - its survival, 
expansion and advancement. 

(c) Placing ten million copies of the White Man 's Bible in the hands of our White Racial Comrades will be a 
major step in accomplishing this magnificent goal of world supremacy. 

9. Can the White Race Accomplish This Goal? You bet we can. We have the numbers (there are still 500 
million White Racial Comrades on this planet), we have the intelligence, we have the energy, and yes, we even 
have the financial means. Just one White multimillionaire like one of the Hunts, or a Ross Perot, could bankroll 
the whole Creativity movement all the way to victory. (See again "We are not helpless" page 148, and "How to 
Utilize your Wealth Effectively," of Expanding Creativity.) 

10. Let us now draw some far-reaching and comprehensive conclusions. We Creators will neither accept nor 
tolerate a program that would Burmaize or fragmentize our greatest of all White homelands, namely the United 
States of America. Nor will we condone or tolerate such a program of Apartheid for any other country on the 
face of this planet. 

We are determined to pursue a course of unrelenting expansion for the White Race until we have colonized 
and inhabited all the benign and benevolent lands and territories of this Planet Earth. For us it is either all or 
nothing. This planet is now too crowded for the White Race to survive in a sea of mud races, even If we wanted 
to, and we do not. We sure as hell will not be so cowardly as to condemn our future progeny to be relegated to a 
horde of stupid brown bastards. We are determined and committed to a program of not only survival, but to 
insuring that survival by expanding to the limit of our ability. We want it all, and by Jupiter, we will have it all. 

In order to do so we are determined to follow our unswerving program as previously stated and spelled out in 

1. First we must straighten out the confused, suicidal and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself 

2. This must be done by replacing the suicidal religion the Jew has foisted on the White Man's brain, namely 
Christianity, by a militant, yet logical religion, dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of our 
precious race. 

3. We must then arouse and unite all our White Racial Comrades on a worldwide basis, polarizing them into 
one mighty battering ram and first of all. Priority No. 1, smash the Jewish behemoth. 

4. From there on out, the rest is easy. We will then be able to control our own affairs, our own destiny, our own 
government, our own finances, our own education, and all the rest of the accoutrements that go to make up a 
brilliant, prosperous White society. 

The rest of the mud races will then be of no particular problem, though they outnumber us 20 to 1. All we will 
then have to do is have the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing these hungry freeloaders and they will 
wither on the vine and quietly shrink back into oblivion. 

We now have the means, we have the intelligence, we have the numbers. We now also have the religion, the 
program (see Page 401 of the White Man 's Bible, 'Our Unswerving Program") and the fighting words to do the 
job. We are determined to meet Fire with Fire. Rahowa! 

As far as the White Race is concerned, there is absolutely no future for us in collaborating with the mud races. 

Planet Earth is the only habitat the White Race needs or should ever want. 

We say mass distribution o/W.M.B. ' s will do a lot more good than blowing up bridges and power lines. 

Any White Man who would want to be a descendant of these fictionalJewish swine (who at best are moral 
reprobates) must be clear out of his cotton picking mind. 

We have no intention of being either overly modest nor being braggarts. We are determined to stay on target 
and hit the enemy straight between the eyes. 

Issue No. 42 - September 1988 

Survival, Expansion and Advancement 

First Part of a Series 

These three words are the key words we Creators have in mind in our program for the salvation, resurrection, 
and redemption of Nature's Finest, our precious White Race. The more you think about it, these ideas become 
so obvious, you are led to wonder why no one has spelled it out before. Yet nowhere else but in the program of 
the Church of the Creator have I ever before seen this combination set down in print. Because it is so simple, 
yet it's implications so comprehensive, it has also been largely misunderstood by some, and deliberately 
distorted and misrepresented by our enemies, or even those of our friends whose hubris might have been 
ruffled. In this article we want to answer some of those criticisms and try to explain our program so clearly that 
even the most misguided fool cannot have any alibi to misunderstand us or have any room to misrepresent us. 


In all our comprehensive struggles we are of course talking about the survival of our precious White Race, the 
very pinnacle of Nature's bountiful array of creatures and creations. We are not interested in the survival of all 
the various species of the so-called "human" race, a polyglot collection of mud races and miscreants that are 
breeding, polluting and proliferating this Planet Earth - expanding in an uncontrolled population explosion. Not 
only are we not interested in their survival, but we look upon the present scene with horror and revulsion as the 
mud races crowd us out of our limited living space, and look with fear and grim apprehension as to what the 
future might hold for our children and grandchildren. 

Charles Darwin, in studying the species of Nature, has perceptively observed that the greatest rivalry for food, 
water and living space on this planet is not so much between different species, but between the more closely 
related sub-species of the same genus, wherever they try to share the same habitat. 

Certainly this is true in the history of the "human race, and never was that rivalry for survival more explosive 
and fierce than it is today. Again, looking at it from the viewpoint of the White Race (the one and only point of 
view we Creators take on all matters) never was our precious race in more danger of mongrelization and 
extinction than it is today. And who or what is it that most threatens our survival? Is it some species of lions, or 
elephants, or whales, or gorillas? No, it is none of these. It is our more closely related sub-species of "humans," 
the niggers, the Mexicans, the Haitians, the Cubans, the Orientals, and in general, the polyglot multitude of mud 
races that are now exploding all over this planet, invading our own territory by the millions and crowding us out 
of our rapidly shrinking living space. And even more dangerous to our survival is the chameleon-like parasite 
that slithers ominously through the nations of the world - the international Jew. It is he who leads the mud races 
into hating us, and misleads and confuses the White Race into subsidizing and paying for the invading hordes 
that are bent on destroying us. Three major tools or "ideas" the Jew so skillfully utilizes in carrying out the 
genocide of the White Race are Christianity, communism and democracy. 

It is passingly strange that the present "culture' is so frantically concerned about all the multiplicity of species 
that are now on the endangered list - snail darters, bald eagles, whales, condors, etc. Even among the "human" 
species, according to the Jewsmedia, our hearts bleed profusely for the starving niggers in Ethiopia, the Sudan 
and elsewhere in Africa and throughout the world. But never is the slightest iota of attention focused on the 
most flagrant and obvious tragedy in history that is unfolding before our eyes - the rapidly escalating genocide 
and extinction of 500 million of Nature's Finest - the White Race. 

We Creators are not only vitally concerned about the survival of the White Race, but we are deeply alarmed and 
damned mad, and we are going to move heaven and earth to make sure we do survive. We will again review our 
dynamic program at the end of this article. 

In the meantime, our number one priority is to survive. This comes first before we can expand, advance our 
gene pool, or do anything else. Nature gives each creature the basic urge to procreate and to fight for the 
survival of its own species, no holds barred. Nature also has given us that supreme right. We need no written 
laws, no constitution, no declaration from Washington. Nature says that we have not only the moral right, but 
the moral duty to do so. This is a basic tenet in our religion - Nature's Eternal Religion, and no man, no race, no 
government is going to change that or take it away from us. 


The second basic urge Nature has imbued us with is expansion of our own kind - expansion of our numbers, 
expansion of our territory. This, too, is a basic natural right and a basic duty. Every animal, bird, fish. Insect, 
plant or weed seeks to expand its numbers and its territory and Nature urges every species to do just that to the 
limit of its abilities - again, no holds barred. (Read again, "Colonization - a Basic Urge in Every Creature of 
Nature's Realm," C.C. No. 21, W.M.B.) There is no competition for living space on Planet Earth from the lions, 
elephants or whales as far as the White Race is concerned. There is fierce and deadly competition from the 
allied sub-species of the human race, namely the mud races, as we have mentioned before. There are now over 
five billion "humans" or humanoids on this planet, fiercely competing for food, water and living space. The 
mud races are rapidly expanding in both numbers and territory, all at the expense of the White Race. For this we 
can thank the Jewish-Christian creed and program of subsidization, the major burden of which is being carried 
on the back of the world's foremost patsy, the working White American taxpayer. (See "Operation Rip-off," 
page 172 of Rahowal) 

This must not only be stopped, but it must be reversed as quickly as possible, before the White Race is shrunk 
to the point where it can be physically overwhelmed and massacred - the long cherished goal of the Jews and 
mud races. This, too, the Church of he Creator is determined to overcome and we will again spell out our 
unswerving program at the conclusion of this article. 

It is at this juncture that the opposition brings charges of genocide, race war, and mass slaughter against us, and 
we intend to make our position clear. 

1. Yes, we want to reverse the trend of a dying White Race and an exploding horde of mud races as quickly and 
conclusively as possible. As soon as we have driven the Jews from off our backs and regained control of our 
own destiny we will devote our total and considerable energies to doing just that. This is our unswerving goal 
and we have every moral right to do so. This we are told by the highest authority in the Universe - Mother 
Nature herself We make no apologies and we will not retreat from this position. 

2. Yes, we then are determined to expand our habitat until the White Race inhabits all the benign and 
benevolent lands of this Planet Earth. Again, we make no apologies and our position is irreversible. 

3. Having said this, we categorically deny that this would necessitate an all out racial war of extermination. On 
the contrary, our policy of uniting the White Race for its own survival and regaining control of its own destiny 
is undoubtedly the most rational and sagacious course of action we can possibly take to prevent impending 
anarchy and a wild, uncontrolled war of mass slaughter between the races. 

Let me again remind our misguided critics that we, the Church of the Creator did not invent the racial issue, nor 

did we instigate the racial war to exterminate the White Race. The Jews instigated it, planned it, and have 
promoted it viciously and vehemently for centuries. The White Race is now in imminent danger of total 
mongrelization and extermination. Unless it soon gets its act together, becomes justifiably aroused and highly 
organized it will soon, and I mean in the next few generations, be an extinct species. It has every legal, moral 
and biological right to prevent such a major catastrophe from happening. 

This is an undeniable fact, and the question Is not whether or not we should allow ourselves to be exterminated, 
but rather how can we best defend ourselves and survive. A secondary question perhaps is how can we do so 
with the least amount of bloodshed to ourselves and the existing mud races that threaten to overwhelm us and, 
in the end, destroy us in an orgy of mass slaughter. 

It is this issue which we will now address. 

That the White Race must regain control of its own destiny before it can solve this massive problem (as well as 
any other problems) of that, too, there is little doubt. Before it can do so, it must become aroused, aware, 
organized and powerful. Of this, too, there is little doubt. In Creativity we have the creed and the program to do 
so, as we have detailed many times before and we will again expound upon this further in the conclusion. 

Let us now assume that Creativity is triumphant, that the White Race has broken the power of the Jewish 
tyranny, that It now has control of its own government and its own destiny. How would we go about cleansing 
our own house, the United States, of the mud races, and eventually the world? There are two more questions. 
Can this be accomplished at all? And secondly, can it be done without a wild, uncontrolled slaughter? 

Our answer to the last two questions Is positive on both counts. Yes, it not only can be done, it must be done, 
and secondly, only if the White Race is first of all in control of its own destiny and government can it be done 
with the least amount of bloodshed and violence. 

After the Jews have been driven from power, there are several large blocks of mud races that we must expunge 
from our land and our racial body as we would expunge poisonous toxins from our human bodies if we are to 
remain alive and healthy. Among these the foremost are the African blacks, secondly, the Mexicans and other 
Hispanics, and thirdly, the Orientals (mainly the Japanese and Chinese). The other 57 varieties of mud races 
would pose little problems once we have taken care of these three major groups. 

Let us address the black African problem first. 

As far back as two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson already realized that White America had a festering 
racial problem when he said categorically, 'Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these 
people are to be free: nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." 
In 1777 Jefferson was chairman of a committee of the General Assembly of Virginia which reported favorably 
for the emancipation and colonization of the black slaves into a land of their own, preferably a colony on the 
coast of Africa. He pursued this goal to the end of his life. 

In 1817 the American Colonization Society was formed to pursue a program of repatriation of American blacks. 
This organization, which had a long life span, also had a distinguished membership over the years. It included 
some of the most prominent luminaries in American history. Besides its first president, Bushrod Washington, 
these included such notables as Francis Scott Key, John Randolf, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Charles 
Fenton Mercer, John Marshall, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln and a long line 
of other prominent men and women. Four of these were presidents of the United States, some of our finest, so 
you can discern that the idea of repatriating Africans back to Africa is one of long standing and not some hare- 

brained idea dreamed up by the Church of the Creator in recent years. Although we do not have space here to 
catalogue the work and accomplishments of this notable society over the decades, one of their most notable 
accomplishments was the establishment of the African colony of Liberia in 1821 as a home for repatriated 
American slaves and actively transferring thousands back to Africa. By the time of the Civil War, the Society 
had removed 12,000 such emigrants to Liberia. 

Abraham Lincoln, also a member of the Society, had a comprehensive and meaningful plan to lend impetus and 
culmination to the plan. Even while the Civil War was raging, Lincoln was busily engaged drawing up plans for 
removing the emancipated black slaves from out of the midst of White American to distant colonies or countries 
of their own. On August 14, 1862, Lincoln assembled a group of free niggers in the White House and delivered 
a long lecture to them, the contents of which have been recorded for posterity. In it he detailed his plans to 
resettle the freed blacks after the end of the war to countries In both Africa and Central America, and strongly 
impressed on his black gathering that it was incumbent upon those blacks with learning and leadership qualities 
to cast off their own personal interests and help provide the leadership and motivation for this gigantic 
undertaking. Had Lincoln lived, there is every reason to believe that this major exodus could have been 
accomplished and the racial problem in America solved once and for all. Unfortunately, as soon as the war was 
over, the same foul Jewish conspiracy which instigated the Civil War in the first place, had him struck down by 
an assassin's bullet, and instead resumed with increasing fervor its long standing design to rape, loot and 
mongrelize first the prostrate South, then the rest of White America. With the death of Lincoln the repatriation 
plan temporarily died with him and the vicious carpetbaggers from the North took over the brutalization and 
destruction of the ravaged South. 

There have been several other notable attempts to remove the niggers from out of America and transport them 
back to Africa. One of the most remarkable of these was the "Back to Africa" movement headed by Marcus 
Garvey, a black of good education born on August 17, 1887, in Jamaica. After migrating to the United States in 
1916 he organized a Universal Negro Improvement Association, which stressed the importance of economic 
progress, blood integrity, and race nationality. This organization became international and during the course of 
its activities, Garvey developed into the most powerful and effective advocate of race nationality ever seen in 
the United States. He organized avast army of dedicated workers devoted to his program of repatriation. 
Rallying his followers to the slogan of "Africa for Africans," he built an empire of their own in their ancestral 
home of Africa. He even attempted the establishment of the Black Star Line of steamships to carry the black 
emigrants back to Africa. As his remarkable movement gained momentum, the Jewish establishment, who 
controlled the United States government (and just about everything else) became alarmed. In 1925 they had him 
convicted on trumped up charges of fraud. In this matter, that homosexual Jewish stooge, J. Edgar Hoover, 
played an important part. After spending more than two years in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Garvey was 
deported back to his native Jamaica, where he continued in political activity. 

Despite his removal from the American scene, his movement did not die. He proved conclusively that the 
American blacks have a racial yearning to return to Africa and live in a country of their own. Had the 
government and the media supported Garvey and his movement instead of fiercely opposing it and then 
maliciously smashing it, the mass exodus of American niggers would have been successfully and totally 
accomplished more than sixty years ago, and that without bloodshed or the ravages of a racial war. Garvey died 
in London in 1940. 

Before the beginning of World War 11a prominent American patriot and staunch fighter for White racial 
purity, took up the battle for moving the increasing black hordes from out of the heartland of America. He was 
Theodore G. Bilbo of Mississippi. This remarkable man, who in his outstanding career was at one time a 
businessman. State Senator, Lt. Governor, twice Governor and served three terms as United States Senator from 
the State of Mississippi, also wrote a powerful book (1946). It is entitled Take your choice - Separation or 

Mongrelization. In it he analyzed the subject of race relations over the last 30,000 years and then reviewed the 
long standing battle to repatriate the niggers of America back to their native Africa. In the preface he stated, 
inter alia: "Personally the writer of this book would rather see his race and civilization blotted out with an 
atomic bomb than see it slowly but surely destroyed in a maelstrom of miscegenation, interbreeding, 
intermarriage and mongrelization. The destruction in either case would be inevitable - one in a flash and the 
other in a slow but certain process of sin, degradation and mongrelization." 

On April 24, 1939, Senator Theodore G. Bilbo introduced a bill in the United States Senate called the Greater 
Liberia Bill. Three-fourths of the Senate Gallery was occupied by black delegates whose several organizations 
had produced a giant Negro Petition asking Federal aid for niggers who desired to migrate to Liberia and settle 
upon lands held in trust by that country for American Negro colonists. 

The names in support of the petition were listed 50 to a single sheet of paper and the giant petition totalled 
approximately two and one half million names. Senator Bilbo, with this massive petition of 50,000 pages in 
front of him, in a memorable speech of more than two hours duration ably set forth the efforts of Jefferson, 
Lincoln and other eminent Americans to achieve the colonization of the blacks in America back to their native 
Africa. This he did to the cheers and effusive support of the massive black gallery who hung on his every word. 
However, again the Jew power In the United States Senate opposed him and the vast black army that supported 
the movement. With war clouds gathering in Europe, the measure was suppressed, as the Jews directed. But 
again, it conclusively proved that with government and media encouragement, that for such a movement it 
would not be at all difficult to win the wholehearted support of the majority of the niggers themselves. 

There is one more episode in recent American history that I believe demonstrates that the American nigger is 
ready, willing and receptive to being repatriated back to Africa, if only our government and the Jewish 
establishment would not repeatedly torpedo such efforts. That episode is the phenomenal rise and charismatic 
appeal of Malcolm Little in the black population a little more than two decades ago. This mulatto is better 
known in history as Malcolm X. 

He was bom May 29, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, the fourth child of Earl and Louisa Little. Earl Little was an 
itinerant black preacher, but whether or not he fathered Malcolm is a moot question, since Malcolm had freckles 
and fuzzy red hair. Be that as it may, while Malcolm was still a small child, the Reverend was killed when a 
streetcar ran over him and Louisa and her brood were left to shift for themselves. By the time Malcolm was 
twelve his mother was sent to a mental hospital in Kalamazoo, and Malcolm, who had always been a rebellious 
juvenile delinquent, was placed in a detention home. He was an energetic hustler and brighter than the average 
nigger. He managed to finish the eighth grade. He gambled, drank, smoked and sold reefers, and in general, 
moved on into criminal circles in Harlem. He soon became a thief and professional criminal. By the time he was 
20 he was convicted and sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. 

He served seven years, during which he spent much of the time educating himself He also joined the Black 
Muslims, or Nation of Islam. When he was released in 1952 he made this his full time career and obsession. He 
soon distinguished himself as a fiery orator and outstanding leader. After six years of intensive hustling and 
promoting the Nation of Islam he became its most outstanding spokesman. By this time he was looked upon as 
the most likely successor to the aging Elijah Muhammed. 

After extensive travels to Mecca, the Middle East and Africa, Malcolm began to formulate ideas of his own, and 
a split began to develop between him and the Black Muslims. He left the Nation of Islam and formed the 
Organization of Afro- American Unity, which was dedicated to uniting the niggers of America (and the world) 
and moving them to form a nation or nations of their own in Africa - the same idea Marcus Garvey had 
promoted some forty years earlier. So appealing was this idea and so successful was he in attracting millions of 

his black cohorts that both the Jews and the Muslims became highly alarmed. He was consequently assassinated 
by a trio while delivering a speech in New York on February 21, 1965. Two of the assassins were Black 
Muslims. The third was possibly a member of the Jewish Mossad, since the Jews usually do not like to leave 
such important assassinations to chance of failure. 

Although dead at 39, the idea of Malcolm X lived on, nevertheless, and he is still regarded as a folk-hero among 
his people. Had he lived, he would probably have united and organized the black population of America to 
indeed migrate to Africa, and fulfill the dream of Marcus Garvey. 

Today Louis T. Farrakhan is carrying on the same idea with great success, but with this one major difference: 
he wants to build a black independent nation right here in the heart of America, an event we must make damn 
sure never happens. Farrakhan has one redeeming feature, however. He hates the Jews even more vehemently 
than he hates the White devils. 

I have briefly cited more than two hundred years of history regarding the problem of black aborigines and 
mulattos in the midst of a formerly White American society, starting with the efforts of Thomas Jefferson in 
1777. What can we learn from this review? There are two clear and cogent conclusions we can and should draw 
from this study, and they are these: 

(a) Intelligent and responsible White statesmen such as Jefferson, Lincoln, Bilbo and many others have realized 
from the beginning of the Republic that the black African in our midst was a festering cancer that was bound to 
destroy the White Race unless we took decisive and conclusive measures to expunge them from our social 
body; and 

(b) That there is an instinctive and inherent urge and yearning In the majority of the niggers living in a White 
society to separate themselves and form an independent nation or nations of their own; that with support and 
encouragement from the government and the media, the majority would cooperate willingly in a Back to Africa' 

The road block, the opposition to accomplishing this paramount historic achievement, does not come from the 
niggers per se, but from the insidious Jewish power establishment. It is the Jews who want the nigger to stay, to 
breed and multiply, to interbreed and mongrelize the White Race into oblivion. It is not that the Jew cares a whit 
for the welfare of the niggers, or their much professed love for "democracy," or their civil rights. They couldn't 
care less. On the contrary, the Jews' age-old program is to mongrelize the White Race, to degrade it, to destroy 
it forever. Their motivation is purely fueled by hate for the White Race, and by hate alone. Once they have 
destroyed the White Race and have a world of dumb brown zombies to contend with, they feel assured that their 
own future survival is secured and they will have no problem enslaving, ruling, and exploiting their brown 
mongrels forever and a day. 

So our first and major objective is crystal clear: we must get the Jews off our backs, drive them from power, and 
take control of our own destiny and our government. Can this be done? And if so, how do we go about 
accomplishing this major historic break-through? 

Our Rebuttal to NDF Reply 

(Background: Gary Gallo at that time was the head of a small P.O. Box organization called the National 
Democratic Front, located in Maryland on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. He has since moved to Tennessee. 

The idea he advocated was to split the United States up into seven countries and move each ethnic group into 
their allotted territory, an idea that we deem as utterly insane.) 

July 15, 1988 

Dear Gary: 

1. When we protest against slicing the White Man's precious living space Into bits and pieces and "giving" It 
gratis and voluntarily to a polyglot collection of mud races, we are hardly engaged in a "straw man" issue. 

2. The Burma mess is not at all different from what you propose to inflict on the United States, except that it is 
already in a more advanced stage. Each of those thirty or so minorities, too, want to be "completely 
independenf nations cut loose from the Burma government, and have been struggling to do so for 40 years. 
Actually, their case should be much easier, since, unlike the United States, their minorities are already 
territorially separated. 

3. Your unrealistic plan would call for the forceful uprooting and movement of probably as many as 150 million 
Americans in the style of moving the Cherokees and other Indian tribes during the nineteenth and previous 
centuries, in their "trail of tears." This, however, would now also involve forcefully moving probably as many 
as 100 million White people. Do you believe in your wildest dreams that this vast operation would be voluntary 
and bloodless? If, for Instance in your magnanimous generosity you gave Arizona to the Mexicans, would the 
White homeowners in the city of Phoenix (which is still predominantly White) voluntarily give up their 
businesses and beautiful homes to the Mexicans and be shunted elsewhere? I think not. 

4. Since we have shown that a polyglot United States has hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnic, racial, religious, 
linguistic and ideological mixtures scattered all over its wide domain, I challenge you to specifically name the 
"seven" categories into which you would arbitrarily and capriciously lump these hundreds, or thousands of 
mixtures. Secondly, draw a territorial map revealing your intentions as to just where each of the arbitrary seven 
would be herded. I can't wait. 

5. Your argument that your plan would be "voluntary" and "bloodless" and our plan of expanding the White 
Race is one of genocide, I believe has the situation completely backwards. To uproot and move tens of millions 
of White Americans would cause a more bloody conflict between White and White than the suicidal Civil War 
ever evoked. It would certainly not unify the White Race, nor win any popular White support from the outset, a 
prerequisite before you would wrest governmental control from the Jewish establishment. On the contrary, the 
whole idea is so ghastly, so crazy, it is still-born at its very inception. 

6. We Creators do not propose a "war of extermination" against the mud races of the world. We have said time 
and again we must first straighten out the confused and convoluted thinking of the White Race, unite It to 
pursue its own best interests, and stop subsidizing and feeding the mud races. They will then "wither on the 
vine" of their own incompetence to sustain themselves, as they did before "our" Jewish government undertook 
to rob the White Man of his productivity and substance in order to feed and expand the non-achieving mud 
hordes of the world. 

7. The NDF does not address the crucial issue of Jewish Christianity - the most pervasive and suicidal mind 
scrambler of all time. 

8. Since you advocate pursuing the "truth,' as you say in your masthead every month, why don't you stop being 
a hypocrite and publicly state whether or not you believe Christianity to be a lying hoax, as you do in private? 

9. The word "democracy" may have been coined by the Greeks, but nevertheless it is the Jews who have 
treacherously manipulated it into their "divide and conquer" technique (along with Christianity and 
Communism) as a tool with which to mongrelize the White Race. 

10. The vast majority of the White population would undoubtedly prefer to live in a White nation, and we plan 
to make this possible, but they would definitely and overwhelmingly refuse to give up their homes and 
businesses where they now live and turn them over to the mud races, which they would have to do under the 
NDF program. 

11. Creativity is not at all separate from political action as you falsely seem to imply. We are strongly political 
and are determined to take over our government and control our own destiny. Only by properly orienting and 
uniting the White Race can this ever be done. The fact is, we cover the whole comprehensive spectrum - race, 
religion, politics, culture, education, language, environment, eugenics, individual health (Salubrious Living), 
economics, geopolitics, and much more: read our Basic Books. 

12. Instead of wasting our dwindling resources joining a "front," usually used as a concealment for its real 
motives, or substitute for a meaningless muddle, I would suggest that it would be much more constructive and 
productive if all men of your native talents were to forget their own little hubris and instead join in the 
comprehensive, creative, profound and meaningful program of the Church of the Creator. 

Creatively yours, 
B. Klassen, P.M. 

Although we may be much maligned for it, in our uncompromising intolerance of lies, stupidity and hypocrisy 
also resides one of our greatest sources of strength. 

Issue No. 43 - October 1988 

Survival, Expansion and Advancement 

Part II Expansion (continued) 

In the foregoing scrutiny of history we have reviewed a number of historical events that would strongly lead us 
to the following conclusions: 

(a) The separation of the White Race from that of the mud races, and especially the niggers, is a monumental 
issue that has plagued the American Republic from its very beginning, in fact ever since these black animals 
were first imported from Africa to infect and infest the White American gene pool. 

(b) The racial problem has been pointed to with alarm by some of the most eminent of White leaders in 
American history, such as President Thomas Jefferson, President Lincoln, Senator Theodore Bilbo and a host of 

(c) The conclusion unanimously arrived at is that the races must either be geographically separated, or 
miscegenation and mongrelization will in the end totally destroy the White Race (as well as the integrity of the 
black race). 

(d) This has also been the conclusion of any number of black leaders, such as Marcus Garvey, Booker T. 
Washington, Malcolm X, Louis T. Farrakhan and others. 

(e) The black leaders and the black race itself has shown a willingness to found a nation or nations of their own 
in Africa, if such efforts were not continually stymied and repeatedly torpedoed by the power establishment that 
rules America, namely, the Jewish network, the Jewish press, the Jewish money power, and the Jew dominated 
government of the United States Itself 

So we now come to the crux of the problem that vitally affects not only the expansion of the White Race, but 
also its future genetic advancement, and most of all, its very survival in this, the latter part of the Twentieth 
Century. Therefore, before we can solve the nigger problem and get them out of our territory and prevent them 
from further contaminating our gene pool, we must first get the Jews out of our territory, out of our culture, and 
off our back. This is so obvious, so important, so vital, it is a matter of life and death for the White Race. To 
accomplish this clean-up, no price is too high, no effort too great, no sacrifice is too dear. Delenda est Judaica! 

The question is - can we do it? The answer is: we can. We have, overwhelmingly, the resources to do so, in 
fact, we have sufficient resources for an overkill. (See "Self Imposed Handicap," p. 89, and "We are not 
Helpless," p. 148 oi Expanding Creativity.) 

The biggest problem is not the power of the Jew, formidable though it now seems, but the pathetic and 
vacillating effort of the White Race itself in waging that battle. Up until now the White Race has never had a 
clear picture presented to It of the deadly situation it is in. It has never had a specific creed or program to follow 
In its fight for survival. It has never really focused on the Jewish problem. Now, with the advent of Creativity, it 
has It all together. We have drawn in clear and stark terms the deadly situation that Is facing the White Race. 
That ominous danger Is genocide by mongrelization and, in the end, total massacre of any White remnants and 
pockets that may escape mongrelization. We have also clearly stated the solution - getting rid of Jewish 
Christianity, Jewish democracy and the Jews themselves. We, the Church of the Creator, advocate that we now 

rally around a racial religion of our own, unite and build a worldwide power structure of our own and militantly 
claim this Planet Earth as our one and only home, a home exclusively for ourselves and our future generations. 

Can we do it? The answer is yes, we can do it, and we goddamn well are determined to do it, come hell or high 
water. We must do it - we have no other choice. For years, we have tried to reason with our enemies, to try to 
persuade them that separation is the best course. We have tried every reasonable argument, we have tried to 
compromise with them, we have tried to placate them. We have bent over backwards to be fair and generous 
with our enemies. It hasn't worked. The Jews don't have the slightest desire to negotiate, to compromise or to 
settle halfway. They are hellbent for leather to take all, to destroy the White Race at any cost, at any risk. 

So be it. To hell with compromise! To hell with being fair and reasonable. When reason fails, force 
prevails. This is now an all out war for survival and we will treat it as such. As I remember the rules of war as 
fought in World War II, (and every other war) anything goes - murder, treachery, lying, deceit, mass killing, 
whatever it takes to win. We will now adopt the same rules. I repeat, this is all out war. This is a matter of life 
and death. This is a matter of survival. 

I again ask the question - can we win? I repeat the answer - yes, we can, and we are damn well determined to 
win at any cost. If you are too timid and weak-kneed to believe me, then listen to what some of our enemies 
have to say. Perhaps they will be more effective In convincing you than I am. Let's listen to what the Jews 
themselves have to say, and listen carefully. 

One of the most militant and outspoken leaders of the Jewish race, both here in America and in Israel, has been 
Rabbi Meir Kahane. He is fiercely pro- Jewish in his every word, deed and thought, much more so than the 
average Jew. We can therefore reasonably assume that what Kahane has written and said represents a 
thoroughly Jewish assessment of the worldwide Jewish situation, its dilemma, its fears and its future 

What Meir Kahane is shouting to the world is startling. It is also highly encouraging from the White Man's 
point of view. What he is saying in essence is that the "holocausf Is coming, not only in America, but 
throughout the world. What every Jew should now do is get out while he can and scurry to the haven of Israel 
before it Is too late, and that time Is running out. We couldn't agree more with the rabbi and it is our objective 
to add fuel to the fire to scare the hell out of the rest of the Jews who may still be vacillating so that they may 
take Meir Kahane' s warnings seriously to speed up the "Exodus," or "Aliya," return to Israel, as they call it. 

The Jews are basically and pathologically an insecure, cowardly, jittery and paranoid people. They have good 
reason to feel jittery. Over the centuries, they have been run out of just about every country they have infested, 
except the United States. In the worldwide situation today they are sitting on a powder keg that is soon going to 
explode, as we have pointed out any number of times before. Combining their inherently paranoid nature with 
the deadly serious threat to their physical survival makes for a situation that will convince every Jew that he or 
she had better run for cover, and soon. We, the White Race, must give them every reason to exacerbate that 
paranoidal fear and give them plenty of reason to swell the present movement to Israel into a veritable 
stampede. I wonder what a dozen or so incidents similar to the one that happened to the Neve Shalom 
synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey, would do to their paranoia if they occurred in the United States in rapid 

Meir Kahane founded the highly militant Jewish Defense League in 1969. The JDL openly advocates bashing 
heads, breaking bones and killing people, if they are deemed enemies of the Jewish people. They not only 
advocate outright violence, murder, dynamiting of buildings, cars and the property of their enemies, but have 
repeatedly implemented such violence to further Jewish ends. If anybody is a threat to the Jewish cause, such 

illegal tactics are openly condoned by the JDL. They are aggressively justified as necessary for the survival of 
their people, therefore anything goes. In this respect, we Creators have no quarrel with them for their 
philosophy. They are right they are justified in their fight for survival. So are we, the White Race, justified in 
adopting the same tactics, and we had better understand the ground rules: This is a deadly war for the survival 
of races - of Natures species, and Nature has said loud and clear - in the fight for survival on Planet Earth the 
end justifies the means - any means. 

So let us get the ground rules straight. We are in a racial war for the survival of our precious White Race and we 
had better wage that war just as fiercely, fanatically and aggressively as does Meir Kahane and his Jewish band 
of parasites and cutthroats. 

Rabbi Meir Kahane has written several books. Among them. Never Again; Time to Go Home; Our Challenge; 
and The Story of the Jewish Defense League, the latter published in 1975. In the story of the JDL the recurrent 
theme is: 

(a) The whole world hates the Jews; they have no friends. 

(b) The only people that can save the Jews are the Jews themselves. 

(c) Events are rushing to a climax: there is going to be another "holocausf in America, and worldwide, and 
Jews are going to be massacred on a wholesale scale. 

(d) The other Jewish organizations in the United States such as the American Jewish Congress, the B'nai B'rith, 
the ADL, the American Zionist Federation, the World Zionist Congress, the Rabbis and the synagogues, all are 
a bunch of wimps and pansies, and are not facing reality. 

(e) It is much later than the average Jew would like to believe and the only solution to save themselves and the 
Jewish race is "aliya" - going home - that is, returning to Israel. 

(f) He has set up an organization called Habayta (Return) to promote an intensive drive to convince every Jew 
in every community "of the gravity and reality of the situation, and persuade them to take immediate, urgent 
steps to return to Israel." 

(g) Not only does Habayta promote such immediate return, but it works with the Israeli government to plan 
cities, villages and settlements "in the liberated areas," meaning, obviously, the lands they have already 
captured and stolen from the Arabs, and the further stealing and expansion of such lands in the future. 

(h) Kahane himself returned to Israel in the mid 70' s where he was elected as a member of the Israeli Knesset. 
For years he carried dual citizenship, slipping back and forth Into the United States and whipping up Israeli 
fervor. I understand that at present (1988) he is being forced to give up his U.S. citizenship. 

(i) He is as militant and vehement in Israel as he was (and is) in the United States, and has made it plain that all 
the Arabs in "Israeli territory" (stolen, occupied, or whatever) must get the hell out, and now. At present they 
have a "choice," they can get out now and be "compensated" for their property, or be driven out later and get 

Here are some quotes from his book. "If an American Nazi leader poses a clear and present danger to 
American Jews, then not to assassinate such a person would be the most immoral courses I could imagine. " 

"We created a special group of fighters - the 'Chaya Squad.' The word 'chaya' in Hebrew means 'beast.' We 
want to put out Jewish 'beasts' who would frighten the anti-Semite to the roots of his soul." 

To this latter threat we say - very well, Rabbi Kahane, two can play that game. We, too, can raise an army of 
Storm Troopers as did Adolf Hitler and outnumber yours ten to one, or fifty to one. This is in fact, what we, the 
White Race, must do, are determined to do, and will do, and soon. 

The Rabbi says further: "Three million Jews In the Soviet Union are being ripped from us now. And It Is our 
obligation to break any and every law now to save them. " Presumably, to "return" them to Israel. We are all for 
that. Aliya! and Rahowa! Let's support the rabbi In getting a Jewish stampede going of every Jew heading for a 
"return" to Israel. The White Russian people, too, would be real happy to get them off their backs and out of 
their midst. Let us make damn sure, however, that these parasites don't change course In Vienna and head for 
the United States. 

There are many things I admire about the rabbi. He is fanatically loyal to the Jewish race and militantly active 
in promoting the survival and Jewishness of his race. What if we had a thousand such militant White warriors 
fighting for the survival, expansion and advancement of our race? The Church of the Creator has the creed and 
program to develop such leaders and bring this about, and we must carry on the fight just as fanatically and 
militantly as does the JDL, only more so. 

There are many other issues on which I agree with the rabbi, the foremost of which is to bring home to every 
Jew that they should head for Israel now and that time is running out for them. On Page 230 of his book Kahane 
says: "We see it all, and we hear it all, and we watch a growing economic crisis develop which could be the 
spark to ignite the powder keg and we choose to ignore it. Like little children, we dislike unpleasant truths. We 
prefer to cut off the unpleasant for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow - until., the next tomorrow is too 
late. " 

There is a cogent message in the above for the Jews. Rabbi Kahane is telling them loud and clear something that 
most Jews already realize but would prefer to ignore - they are sitting on a powder keg and the fuse is lit. There 
is also an ominous message there that applies equally to the White Race - and that is this: that powder keg can 
blow us up as well, if we continue to sit on our hands too long and fail to take not only adequate, but drastic, 
militant measures to Insure our own survival. Let me hasten to add that the White Race can and will survive 
only if It gets the Jew off its back, and pronto. 

I admire not only the militancy of Rabbi Kahane in the interest of his people, but the frankness and outspoken 
honesty with which he proclaims it. We can learn much from the rabbi and emulate his militant stand in the best 
interests of our own race. 

There are, however, several puzzles and a few pieces missing In the rabbi's story. There are a few segments that 
are less than honest. 

1. He repeatedly refers to the dreadful "holocausf that presumably occurred during Hitler's Nazi regime. The 
fact is it never occurred. "Six million" Jews were never incinerated. On the contrary, millions of White people 
today fault Hitler for not having killed those "six million" Jews when he had a chance, rather than for having 
done so. Kahane, of all people, being highly informed, knows that the whole "holocausf story is a damnable 
lie. Along with the rest of the Jews, however, he is milking the hoax to the hilt to arouse sympathy for the Jews 
from the outside world, and to stir up fear and fervor among the Jews themselves. 

2. Nowhere in his whole book have I seen him mention that dreadful criminal gang of international murderers 

and assassins known as the MOSSAD, the Jewish secret police. Whereas Kahane pretends that other than his 
JDL, the rest of the Jewish organizations, including the Israeli government itself, are a collection of wimps and 
oppose his group, this story just doesn't wash. I am convinced that Kahane and the JDL work hand in glove 
with the master criminal band, the MOSSAD, which is headquartered in Israel, but whose agents and tentacles 
spread crime and terror throughout every country of the world. I am convinced. In fact, that the MOSSAD 
spawned the JDL in the first place as a semi-visible front for terror and intimidation to perform the minor 
criminal strong-arm tactics, while the MOSSAD supplies the hard core organization, the money and the 
direction to carry out worldwide revolutions, assassinations and civil wars, all incognito and behind the scenes. 

3. Whereas Kahane and millions of other Jews realize that they are sitting on a powder keg that can any minute 
blow up in their face, I am not sure that either Kahane or the Jewish world establishment really wants all the 
Jews to hightail it to Israel. The fiaw in the Jewish "aliya" is obvious even to a non-Jew - if the Jews all 
congregated in Israel It would permanently and totally break their power and infiuence in the rest of the world, 
especially the United States. Without the support and subsidization of these Gentile countries they now 
manipulate, especially the United States, Israel would quickly die in its own stench. Without the yearly billions 
it now receives from the United States, it would be incapable of feeding itself or financially supporting itself 
Even with the $10,000 subsidy each Israeli family receives, at the expense of the American taxpayers each 
year, (how stupid can we get?) Israel still runs up huge deficits and has one of the highest infiation rates in the 
world. Without America's slave-like support, not only would Israel quickly wither on the vine, but its death 
knell would be rapidly accelerated as the masses of hostile Arabs would converge and massacre these parasites 
down to the last man, woman and child. Such is its well-earned hatred from its neighbors. Delenda Est 
Judaica! and to which we add: good riddance! 

So either way, the Jews are in a dilemma. They are sitting on a powder keg and they know it. We know it, too, 
and we must move heaven and earth to hasten the day when it blows up and blows them to smithereens. 

That the fear and the paranoia of the Jews is very real is further illustrated by an incident that happened some 
twelve years ago, an item that was not publicized in the Jewsmedia. 

Back in 1976, a close administrative aide to the late New York Senator Jacob Javits gave an interview that 
revealed much about the aims, the arrogance and the paranoia of the Jews. It is my belief that Sen. Javits was an 
insider and a big wheel in the Jewish Kehilla, and would be privy to most of the secret information and 
manipulations of the Jewish conspiracy. Undoubtedly, his close aide would also become aware of many of those 
secrets. In the interview given by that aide, perhaps he revealed more than the Jewish establishment would have 
liked, for he was one of four who were killed in an alleged sky -jacking attempt on an Israeli airliner in Istanbul, 
Turkey, but unlike the others, he was not killed by a stray bullet. Evidently the aide, whose name was Harold 
Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, talked too freely. Although we do not have the space here to give the full details of 
that interview, here is the gist of what Mr. Rosenthal freely volunteered. 

No one in the last three decades has achieved political power without Jewish approval. Roosevelt was their 
man. "We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse." "The blood of the masses will fiow as 
we wait for our day of world victory," Mr. Rosenthal said coldly. "Most Jews throughout the world - I'd say 90 
percent, know what is really happening to our people. We have communication unequalled anywhere." In 
Russia, there are two distinct governments - one visible and the other Invisible - the invisible is composed of 
all Jews... "the powerful secret police takes Its orders from the invisible government." "The United Nations Is 
nothing but a trapdoor to the Red World's immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N." "It 
(Israel) will eventually be the base for World Government headquarters." 

Mr. Rosenthal arrogantly goes on for hours, and at great length, denouncing the stupidity and the gullibility of 

the goy, and how the superiority of the super-Intelligent Jews has the world of goys locked up in its grasp. 
However, and for whatever reasons, Mr. R. confesses that the Jews are less than invulnerable, and that their 
whole program is based on lies. There's great fear among the Jews that the people, especially in America, are 
now waking up. "Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the 
moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it." Great Balls of fire! Let's get 
those 10 million White Man 's Bibles out! Let's turn up the heat and get the ball rolling! 

Mr. Rosenthal continues his confession. "We are presently making plans for a rapid exodus. We know that 
when the light begins to dawn, there will be no stopping it. All efforts on our part will only intensify that light 
and draw focus upon it." We agree. Turn up the lights! Let us get those 10 million copies out! 

"History confirms the fact that the passions of an aroused minority, no matter how small a group, has exerted 
enough power to topple the greatest empire." Mr. Rosenthal must have had visions of the coming of the Church 
of the Creator. He says, further, "History has been written In blood, not with ink." We Creators agree. Let us 
now translate our passions into action. A few more Istanbul's, (see p. 11 and 12 oi Racial Loyalty No. 41) and 
the Jews, I predict, will panic into a stampede for Israel. 

Here is our program for survival: 

1. It Is Imperative that we, the White Race, take charge of our own destiny and take charge of the world. Any 
other course would spell the death of Nature's Finest and culminate In a world of anarchy and chaos. It would 
soon degenerate into a sleazy world of poverty, filth, starvation and misery as now exemplified in dozens of 
"third world" mud countries such as Haiti, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burma, Pakistan and scores of others. 

2. In order to survive, we, the White Race, must take a hard, militant and ruthless stand in defense of our own 
best interests. We must throw overboard the hypocrisy and mealy-mouthed professions of a Jewish Christianity 
which has led us to the brink of suicide. We must again face the realities of the world and adopt the unbending 
Laws of Nature in the fight for our survival. 

3. In the creed and program of the Church of the Creator we have a clear-cut battle plan. First we build a 
powerful worldwide movement in the order and procession as spelled out in the eight articles of Creative Credo 
No. 64 of the White Man 's Bible, which will and must culminate in the White Man wresting control of his own 
destiny and taking charge of the governments of the United States and other White countries. 

4. Once we have done so, we will inaugurate an aggressive and ruthless program of cleaning up and cleaning 
out the mud races from our own territories. This we will do by: (a) First, we drive the Jews out of our land and 
stampede them in the "aliya" back to Israel as previously described. We are capable of doing this all right. We 
have the means, the power and the program to do so. Our problem in the past has been our abysmal lack of 
confidence, our lack of a clear cut program, and our vacillating and pusillanimous attitude towards our own 
power and potential, (b) Persuading by blandishments and inducements that the niggers emigrate back to their 
natural homeland of Africa. This, too, is neither unreasonable nor too difficult of an accomplishment, as we 
have already examined. Most of them can be persuaded to go willingly, but we will not hesitate to use force 
with those who do not. (c) Next we must clean up the Mexicans, the Cubans and the Orientals and send them 
back to their homelands by persuasion if possible, by force if necessary. In any case, we must and we will clean 
up and clean out the mud races from each and every White country of this Planet Earth, however long it may 
take and whatever the cost. Once this program gains momentum, and the mud races see the handwriting on the 
wall that we mean business, I predict that it will take a lot less time than it may now seem. 

5. Once we have cleaned up our own territories and living space we will then proceed to the next progressive 

stage of colonization and expansion, a program that the White Race has been aggressively following during the 
last four centuries and has stupidly halted and reversed only during the last four decades. However, under the 
creed and program of Creativity there will be this major difference: Instead of conquering the mud races, 
governing them and exploiting them (as the British did in India, the Spaniards in Mexico and South America, 
etc.,) we will conquer limited targeted territories one step at a time. As we do so, we will clean out the mud 
peoples and colonize such territories with White families only. This we will do slowly and systematically, 
planned and deliberately, thoroughly digesting each conquered territory before we take the next step. One of the 
first objectives could be the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean off our southeastern shores. The 
next objective could be the northern segment of Mexico. In each case we would draw a specific line, settle and 
colonize the targeted territory, then set the next objective and draw a new line and move on, step by step. While 
we are expanding our territories in the American hemisphere, the White countries of Europe could similarly be 
expanding in Africa, in Asia, and elsewhere. South Africa could regain and clean up Rhodesia, and keep on 
expanding northward into Angola, the Congo, and on upward and onward. Why not? We have successfully 
conquered and colonized the world for the last four hundred years, even though we lacked a coordinated plan 
and program. Only this time we will do it different. We will not race-mix, nor exploit the mud races, nor have 
them in our geographic midst. We will move them out - out - out! 

6. One immediate major change we must make in our worldwide policy (as soon as we have driven the Jews 
from power in the U.S.) is to stop subsidizing the mud races, once and for all, either here or abroad. For the last 
four decades this has been a major insanity that has drained the working White people of their means and 
subsistence and artificially caused an unnatural explosion of the shiftless and incompetent mud races. It has 
been a catastrophic disaster for the White Race, treacherously imposed upon us by the perfidious Jewish 
tyranny. Once we stop feeding and subsidizing the damned mud races, 80 percent of them will automatically 
starve to death, relieving this overcrowded and over polluted planet of approximately 3-1/2 billion useless 
parasites. Where would Japan be today if we had not shipped massive quantities of food and raw materials to 
her? What if we had boycotted her and refused to buy her unneeded products? We would be a thousand times 
better off Where would India be if we had not sent her massive quantities of food and aid? Where would Israel 
be? Egypt? Burma? Pakistan? The nigger republics of Africa? Closer to home, where would the goddamn 
Indians and niggers in the United States be if we stopped subsidizing and feeding these parasites? The answer is 
they would shrink and shrivel on the vine, and no longer pose the massive threat to our survival that they do 
today. I repeat, we do not owe the mud races a thing, and we have been stupid beyond belief to have subsidized 
Israel and 125 other countries for the last 40 years, much to our own detriment. 

7. While we are colonizing the world and expanding our living space, we must also expand our own numbers. 
This is no major problem for a healthy and fecund White Race. This we must do by encouraging and making it 
possible for White couples to have earlier marriages and to have larger families. This, too, is no major 
difficulty, once the White Race is in charge of its own destiny. I can point with pride at the rapid numerical 
increase of my own ancestral Mennonites in Russia, a healthy and wholesome people who were family oriented, 
or we can look back on many of the White pioneering families of America, who, with plenty of living space and 
unfettered by a heavy-handed government and crushing taxes, often had families of eight or twelve children. 

8. In any case, we must, and are determined that we inhabit this one and only Planet Earth, and make it all ours. 
It is the only course we can follow if we are to survive and we owe it to ourselves and our future progeny to do 
just that. Nature tells us to do so and gives us a clear and unbridled right to expand our numbers and territory to 
the full extent of our unlimited abilities, which are tremendous. We can do no less. We would be criminally 
derelict in our obligations to our illustrious ancestors, to ourselves, and especially to our future progeny not to 
fulfill our manifest destiny. 

Let 'sfire up RAHOWA! and put more steam into Aliya! 

The Story of Burundi 

The coming era of the savage: Anarchy, Horror and Endless Massacres 

For those bleeding hearts who cannot lavish enough sympathy and loving kindness on the savages of the so- 
called "emerging" Third World mud races, (emerging from what? Poking their heads out of the bush?) there is a 
strident lesson to be learned from the news that is coming out from many parts of the world. That lesson is this: 
If the stampede from the expansion of the mud races is not soon checked, the time will soon come when their 
hearts will not only be bleeding from misplaced sympathy, but will be gushing real blood from the slashes of 
machetes wielded in the hands of the very savages they are stupidly promoting. 

Events of brutal savagery and horror are occurring in hundreds of areas of the so-called Third World. We do not 
have space here to recapitulate the long laundry list of such horrors. Let us just focus in on one such story that is 
in the news today - the massacres that are going on in the small state of Burundi located in the middle of Africa. 

For centuries before World War II the White Man had been expanding his influence and territory on the limited 
land space of this Planet Earth. The British Empire was a prime example, at its zenith covering approximately 
one-fourth of the land area of the globe. But other European countries too, were in the race for colonies, such as 
France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and even the United States, each of these countries bringing not only law and 
order to the backward mud races of the world, but also civilization and learning to a range of semi-savages to 
outright head hunters and cannibals. 

One of the most advanced countries of Europe that was late in entering the scramble for overseas colonies was 
Germany. Whereas countries such as Portugal had begun to found colonies as early as four hundred years ago, 
Germany strangely enough, only began to enter the race as late as the latter part of the nineteenth century. 

Before World War I the area now known as Burundi was part of German East Africa, and was vigorously being 
settled and developed. When Germany lost that war, she was stripped of all her colonies by the "Allies," and the 
area known as Ruanda-Urundi was first turned over (by the victors) as a mandate to the League of Nations, then 
awarded to Belgium in 1924. Before World War ii practically every territory in the continent of Africa was 
either governed by, or under the jurisdiction of a White civilized country. (See "The Black Tide and the Mud 
Flood Is Upon Us," p. 256 o^ Building a Whiter and Brighter World.) Not only did this enable the European 
countries to develop the rich natural resources of the African continent, but it actually improved the living 
conditions and standards of the backward natives as well. 

The Jewish press, of course, disputed the latter claim, and after WW II a hue and cry was raised, not so much by 
the natives affected, but by the Jewish establishment, that colonization must go - that each savage tribe was 
entitled to freedom, independence and a country of their own. Soon, by treachery, through betrayal by their own 
European governments, and by means of massive propaganda campaigns of the Jewish press, the stampede for 
"independence" was in full swing and the White Man in Africa (and elsewhere) was soon shamefully in full 

Belgian Ruandi-Urundi was split into two nigger republics, namely Burundi to the south, and Rwanda to the 
north. Burundi, whose present situation we are examining in this article, was proclaimed a "republic on January 
28, 1961. 

All right, so now all these savage, backward niggers in Africa have "freedom," "independence," and full 
sovereignty of their own republics, something they never had had before and didn't have the brains to 

understand in the first place. They had it not because they wanted it, but because the Jew forced it on them, for 
the sole reason of driving the White Man out of Africa and shrinking the White Man's territory and influence. 
So everything is peaceful, prosperous and hunky-dory in niggerdom, right? Wrong! 

Anarchy, poverty, mass starvation, massacres and mass murders are the order of the day, not only in Burundi, 
but in just about any and every nigger republic you might want to pick anywhere in the world - Ethiopia, 
Sudan, Angola, Pakistan, Burma, Haiti, etc. But let us focus In on the present day situation in Burundi, as we 
started to in the beginning of this article. 

Burundi is relatively small, having an area of approximately 10,747 square miles, about the size of the State of 
Maryland. It has a relatively crowded population of five million, which consists basically of two tribes, the 
Hutis and the Tutsis, which have lived in a state of extreme hostility towards each other for at least four 
hundred years. Of the two, the Hutis (the short ones) outnumber the Tutsis (the tall ones) approximately six to 
one. However, despite their smaller numbers, the Tutsis are in control of the government and have the guns, and 
the Hutis are the oppressed and exploited, having only spears and machetes with which to defend themselves. 

Somehow, some of the Hutis were getting some semblance of education, which worried the Tutsis. In 1972, the 
Tutsis decided to reduce the number of the Hutis and systematically proceeded to exterminate 100,000 
"educated" members of the tribe. This was no big deal to the outside world, and no big hue and cry was raised. 
Compare this to the screaming outrage of the Jewish press in America when one coked-up nigger was 
accidentally killed as he ran into the path of an oncoming car when chased by some White boys in Howard 
Beach, NY. Anyway, back in Burundi, the tribal hatreds and feuds kept on simmering, the Hutis thirsting for 
their day of revenge for the 1972 massacre. A few weeks ago the Hutis in northern Burundi decided to do 
something about it, and with spear and machete in hand, they started a vicious attack on some of the ruling 
Tutsis families. They surrounded some of the compounds, set them on fire, and hacked to pieces some of its 
fleeing inhabitants, killing about two or three thousand. (An accurate count is hard to come by. Who can 
count?) The Tutsis, armed with guns, soon retaliated, and according to last (August 23, 1988) reports, about 
5,000 have been killed, but this is not necessarily the end of it. 

So now these nigger republics have their "freedom" (Ahuru!) and "independence' so greatly cherished by the 
Jewish media. So how are they doing? The answer is, terrible. They are unable to govern themselves, unable to 
feed themselves, unable to maintain law and order. Is Burundi an exception? Far from it. It is far more typical 
than the exception. We can see similar events happening in India, Pakistan, Angola, Sudan, Burma, any one of a 
dozen nigger republics in Africa. Of course, as soon as there Is some catastrophe (there are always dozens of 
catastrophes going on in the backward mud countries of the world) good old Uncle Sap, the Red Cross and 
other bleeding hearts from the White world rush in to supply food, medicines and other aid. Crazee! 

Why don't we just leave these savages to their own devices, now that they have their much vaunted freedom 
and independence? Let them kill themselves to their hearts content. We Creators couldn't care less. The more 
they decimate themselves the less crowded and polluted this planet will be, and open up the way for the White 
Man's revived expansion. In any case, let us stop feeding and subsidizing them. We don't owe the world a 
living, least of all our natural enemies. I say, let the bastards starve, and good riddance. 

The real danger that is closing in on us is (a) the rapidly increasing influx of these jungle bunnies into the 
confmes of our own country, and (b) the high birth rate and expansion of the mud races already in this country, 
all of which is turning most of our major cities into "Third World" Jungles right here in the United States. 
Unless we, the White Race, get organized and get our act together, it is only a matter of time and we ourselves 
will be overwhelmed and overrun by these mindless, cruel and brutal savages, and many of these damned 
"bleeding hearts" that are now only bleeding with sympathy can soon expect to be bleeding real blood from 

multiple cuts of a machete. 

Issue No. 44 - November 1988 
Survival, Expansion and Advancement 

Third and Final Segment of a Series 


Cacogenesis (Greek, caco(s) bad, and eugenics) Degeneration of race, esp. as caused by the breeding of 
members having inferior hereditary qualities. 

Eugenics (Greek, eu-, well, and gen, bear, produce) The science of improving the qualities of the human 
species; the science of bringing about an improved type of offspring of the human species. 

The above two definitions are from New Webster's Dictionary, 1981, and these two key words are the essence 
of what this chapter is all about. But let us begin at the beginning. 

We will now explore the limitless and exciting possibilities open to us as we reach that much desired third 
plateau in our program of survival, expansion and advancement. We have not only survived, but we have now 
arrived at the stage where we have successfully expunged the Jew from the body of our White society on a 
worldwide basis and this scurvy parasite is no longer a threat or problem to us. We have achieved what the 
Church of the Creator set out to do in the first place - to wrest control of our own destiny into our own firm 
hands. We have driven the mud races from out of the United States and other basically White territories. 
Creativity is now firmly established not only as the White Man's universal religion, but is also being avidly 
pursued as the creed and program of all the good creative White peoples of this Planet Earth. A New Era has 
dawned in the history of Natures Finest - the White Race is now free to develop its own great and dazzling 
potential - a potential that a bountiful Mother Nature herself has benevolently endowed and bestowed on her 
most favored species. 

We now have a multitude of prodigious but exciting tasks to fulfill. The world is before our feet, but much, 
much remains to be done. The mud peoples, although no longer polluting the original White Man's territories, 
still occupy more than half of the land surface of this planet. It is our task to keep crowding them as we did the 
Indians in the North American continent and make more and more territory available for our own people, a 
program similar to that pursued by the White Race during the last four centuries, but with a difference. We will 
conquer these territories piecemeal, in a planned and deliberate progression. As we do so we will settle such 
conquered territories exclusively with our own kind - there will be neither geographic mixing nor racial mixing 
of any kind. We have already discussed this program in the previous chapter on expansion, and will not 
expound on it further in this dissertation, other than to remind our readers that this will be an ongoing mission 
until Nature's Finest inhabits exclusively all the benign and benevolent territory of this lovely Planet Earth. 
Like our illustrious pioneering forefathers who in their zealous drive for the Winning of the West were imbued 
in their Manifest Destiny of conquering this continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so, too, will our 
dedicated and capable progeny be imbued with the resolute spirit of conquest and expansion until they own it 
all. And nobody in Natures Realm is more deserving of this supreme reward than the creative, productive and 
intelligent White Race. 

But the conquest of this planet is not the main subject of this chapter on advancement. What we want to explore 

in more detail is how we, now that we have conquered the world, can advance the quality of our life, how we 
can upgrade the quality of our gene pool and produce a finer, healthier and more beautiful species with each 
passing generation. We want to chart as much as possible the goals and objectives, the programs and procedures 
necessary in order to obtain these lofty rewards that are now within our reach. 

The multitude of problems that beset the present infused and insane world might seem insoluble and hopeless. 
Mankind seems bent on turning this planet into a hopelessly crowded and intolerably polluted pigsty, and in the 
process committing wholesale suicide on itself It is, in fact, at this point in time doing just that. But once we 
have gotten rid of the destructive Jewish parasite and the White Man is in control of his own destiny, we have 
an altogether different situation, a completely new ball game. There will be no problems the White Man can't 
solve and solve them he will, resolutely and in totality. For purposes of clarity, we will divide the problems 
raised and their solutions into three broad sections. 

A. Cleaning up the Environment 

One of the first major problems we will have to tackle will be to clean up this pristine planet from the ever 
increasing pollution of billions of tons of ordinary garbage and debris, and then the billions of tons of more 
dangerous substances classified as hazardous wastes, which consist of poisonous chemicals and radioactive 
wastes. All are a rapidly mounting problem that is not being addressed at present and the problem is 
compounding itself by geometric proportions as each year goes by. Nor will it be solved as long as the blood- 
sucking Jew is in control of our world affairs. Year by year these poisonous wastes are increasingly piling up 
with no place to go. Our land is polluted; our air is polluted; our ground water is polluted; our rivers, lakes and 
streams are polluted; and even our bountiful oceans, which occupy three-fourths of the surface of this planet and 
were once deemed as limitless in their capacity, are now also becoming dangerously polluted, especially along 
our beaches and shorelines, if this process continues much longer, this lovely planet will no longer be fit to live 
on, in fact, will not be able to sustain human life. Our environment is rapidly becoming a shambles, and as I 
have stated before, as long as the Jew is in control, it will become increasingly worse. 

After we have eliminated the Jewish parasite from harm, what can we do to turn back the clock on pollution? 
Can we ever again have a safe and clean environment? Yes, we can. There is much that can be done and must 
be done. One of the major problems (but by no means the only problem) is overpopulation. No matter how you 
look at it, there is a limit to the number of people this planet can feed and the amount of waste it can dispose of 
in a safe and stable manner. There are now some five billion people on this overcrowded planet, and that 
population is projected to double in the next century. This runaway population explosion is wild and insane, 
completely out of control. It is a disaster of the first magnitude for all of mankind, especially for the White 
Race. We Creators believe in a bountiful and qualitative life style, every man a king, every family being 
prosperous and living in abundance. We have no desire to live in a filthy, diseased, poverty-stricken and 
overcrowded world as now do most of the mud peoples of the world, such as India, Haiti, Mexico and dozens of 
others. This planet just simply cannot support five or ten billion people living in the quality of life that we 
envision, and in any case, it will not do so. The answer is to reverse the population explosion and bring the 
figure back down again to a reasonable and stable level. I am not sure what that figure might be in the future but 
I would speculate that somewhere around one billion is a sane and comfortable limit. Since that number has to 
be kept stable and since there is only a fixed amount of land and space available on this planet, we want to make 
damn sure that this limited space is utilized exclusively by our own kind - Nature's Finest - people who are 
productive and intelligent, capable of providing for themselves a life style of which we can be proud. 

So the first major step in bringing the environment back into good order is to reduce the population level of this 
overcrowded planet by about 80 percent, and to make sure that the future one billion that this planet can 
comfortably support is productive, responsible, and is capable of feeding and supporting itself But besides 

cleaning up the racial pollution there is much more we must then do in properly managing the housekeeping 
affairs of this chaotic, but unique and most extraordinary Planet Earth. 

1. We must stop poisoning our farmlands with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals 
not only poison our soil and our food, but wash down into our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans and poison them 
as well. Every one of these poisonous chemicals is toxic to plant and animal life. We must drastically change 
our methods of farming and food production and revert to Organic Farming as I have outlined in Creative Credo 
No. 13 and 14 of the White Man 's Bible. This will produce three major constructive benefits for us: (a) it will 
revitalize and save our precious topsoil, (b) it will increase the nutritious qualities of our foods, and (c) it will 
greatly decrease pollution of our environment. 

2. Concomitant with the above approach, we must for our own benefit and well-being also modify our dietary 
habits. Instead of producing feed and grains for fowl, cattle, hogs and other animals, we must gradually shift 
towards eating a larger proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts in their raw state, and gradually eliminate meat 
products altogether. Not only will this greatly reduce the waste of converting produce into meat, but it will be 
much more salubrious for our own health and well-being. 

3. Along with the Salubrious Living and Organic Farming program also goes a massive program of planting 
more trees, especially fruit trees. Trees are the most beneficial plant in Nature's domain. They act as the lungs 
of our atmosphere, they produce nutritious fruits and nuts for our dietary needs and they are an excellent 
insurance against the now ongoing desertification of our planet. (See Creative Credo No. 15, "On a Worldwide 
Scale: the Encroaching Desert" in W.M.B.) The massive and wanton destruction of our great rainforests that is 
now going on in the Amazon basin is not only an unmitigated disaster, but also a crime against humanity and 

4. We must improve the treatment of sewage by improving the systems, and make sure that no raw sewage is 
being dumped into our lakes, rivers or oceans. We now have the technology to treat sewage so that It is almost 
harmless to the environment. However, in many cities the plants are overloaded and outdated. There are also a 
number of breakdowns. As a result, much raw sewage is dumped into our lakes, rivers and especially our 
oceans. In fact, until recently a number of seashore cities regarded the oceans as unlimited sewage disposal 
receptacles, and if they only ran their outfall lines a mile or two offshore, what difference would it make? Well, 
the oceans are not unlimited garbage cans. I remember while I lived in South Florida on the lower Eastern coast, 
some of the filthy garbage kept floating back to the beaches. We can have no more of such shoddy practices. 

The most flagrant violators of polluting the oceans and the beaches on a worldwide basis are those Third World 
Countries inhabited by the mud races. Being highly irresponsible in the first place, secondly lacking finances 
(perpetually) they are in an endless dither about keeping their garbage disposal under control. Add to this their 
burgeoning population explosion, their situation is one of those mounting crises with no solution. How does this 
affect us? It affects us significantly, since we have to live on the same planet, share the same oceans and breathe 
the same air. Mexico is just one prime example of a country of mud races whose population increase is out of 
control. Not only is their untreated sewage washing up on the coasts of San Diego and lower California, but the 
population, too, is overflowing and spilling into, and all over the United States. 

5. One constructive action we could employ with much of our ordinary garbage is the process of recycling that 
which can be salvaged. This includes a major portion of our ordinary garbage, such as aluminum cans, tin cans, 
glass bottles, newspapers, and a variety of paper products as a whole. Not only would this greatly reduce the 
size of our garbage dumps, but would save the cutting down of trees (for pulp) and a variety of other dwindling 

6. Making any and all throw away products biodegradable. About 15 or 20 years ago non-degradable detergents 
were being manufactured and sold by the millions of tons. Since they did not decompose, they lingered for 
years in our environment and were becoming evident as foam on the surface of many of our lakes and rivers. 
When a law was passed making it mandatory for manufacturers to make only biodegradable detergents, the 
problem soon abated. Today billions of non-degradable plastic containers of all shapes and sizes clutter our 
roadsides, or lakes, rivers and beaches, and our garbage dumps. This and many other similar problems will also 
need to be addressed. 

B. Upgrading our Gene Pool. 

i have put a lot of stress on cleaning up the already existing toxic, radioactive pollution and mountains of other 
garbage that are now overwhelming and choking this planet. It is a must, and as soon as we regain control of 
our own destiny we had better get busy, because no matter how we tackle it, the accumulated mess will take 
years, perhaps generations to clean up. In the meantime, and simultaneously, we must also begin to inaugurate 
such planned and deliberate programs as will set us on a course of improving our badly eroded White gene pool. 
In short, we must begin practicing Eugenics. There is nothing more important in the creed and program of the 
Church of the Creator than improving the genetic qualities of our unique and prestigious race. 

Contrary to what the Jews and the liberal press have led us to believe, there is nothing very complex or ominous 
about this idea. Basically, it means that families endowed with superior physical, mental and moral 
characteristics should strive to have larger families. Those who are sickly, mentally inferior, and have inherent 
genetic defects should have smaller families, or if these defects are serious enough, should have no offspring at 
all. The White Race has known the basic principles of eugenics for more than a hundred years and has been 
practicing these principles in the breeding of better horses, cattle, dogs and cats for generations. 

Right at this point the goddamn scurvy Jew will rise up on his knobby hind legs and scream bloody murder. 
Racist! Shades of Hitler! Human beings are not animals! To which we Creators answer loud and clear: to hell 
with you, you miserable blood-sucking parasite. We have been listening to your suicidal advice for too long. 
Now that we have finally managed to get you off our backs and out of our society, we mean to practice eugenics 
and upgrade our own kind to where it will be a marvel to behold, and thereby attain that lofty goal of mankind 
that Nature in her superior wisdom deliberately implanted in the Divine Seed of the White Race, and the White 
Race alone. 

The idea of embarking on a constructive program of upgrading the future generations of our race is one of the 
most sensible, the most productive, and most obvious courses we could pursue. What is more delightful than to 
see a beautiful, healthy family of bright and intelligent children? What is more tragic than to see a defective 
child, a child who is crippled or mentally retarded, or physically deformed? Are these contrasts completely a 
matter of chance, or is there something meaningful we can deliberately do to see to it that the percentage of 
beautiful, healthy, bright and Intelligent children is significantly increased, and that the percentage of physically 
deformed, idiots and morons is decreased to where it becomes close to zero? Is it completely a matter of 
indifference to today's White parents as to whether future generations of our progeny degenerate into a stupid 
mass of starving, clawing mud races as exemplified by such countries as Haiti, Burundi, or India, to name just a 

From the reactions of some of today's confused and Jew-programmed White parents it would seem that there 
are too many parents who are completely indifferent about the abysmal fate into which they are willing to cast 
their future progeny. Be that as it may, we Creators sure as hell are neither indifferent, nor are we so criminally 
irresponsible as to ignore this most important matter. What future legacy we leave our children and their future 
progeny is not a matter of indifference but one of vital concern for the health of their genetic gene pool, and also 

the viability of a clean and healthy environment on this unique, this one and only Planet Earth. 

As I have said before, there is nothing very complicated about improving the health and happiness of our future 
generations. We have known all about eugenics, but have stupidly ignored this vital subject for the last hundred 
years. For this we can thank the assiduous brain pollution dumped upon us by the perfidious Jew whose goal it 
has been for many centuries to mongrelize the White Race, to destroy the White Race and enslave the brown 
mongrelized product forever and a day. We can also thank Jewish Christianity, which has lain like a cancer on 
the White Man's brain for nearly two thousand years. Jew concocted Christianity also heavily promotes 
cacogenesis. This it does when it blatantly emphasizes such suicidal advice as blessed are the meek, the halt, the 
lame, the morons and the idiots on the one hand, and viciously denounces the rich (the capable and the 
competent) on the other. 

Well, we Creators have had enough of this Jewish and Christian treachery. If the White Race is to ever save 
Itself and its future progeny from the hell of mongrelization, degeneration and slavery, that time has come. It is 
now or never. 

At the beginning of this chapter I have emphasized two special words as defined by Webster's dictionary, both 
of which are derived from the Greek. It is interesting that the Greeks 2500 years ago were already aware of 
racial improvement or its opposite, racial degeneration. In fact, the Spartans assiduously practiced eugenics and 
by any standard the Greeks, both in Athens and in Sparta, were far superior to any group of people that have 
evolved since, in either physical or mental excellence. Unfortunately, eugenics was not part of their religion, 
and mongrelization crept in as the centuries passed. When I last visited Greece in 1973 I found the present 
indigenous population had sadly degenerated from their zenith of 2500 years ago to the extent that it could now 
barely be included among Nature's Finest. The fact is that the whole White Race has been on a downhill path of 
genetic degeneration for several centuries, and with the Jews promoting a force-fed program of mongrelization 
and race-mixing, this has especially been accelerated in the last 40 years. So we have our choice, either 
cacogenesis or eugenics. Either improvement of our genetic fabric, or degeneration. We Creators are firmly 
committed to a positive program of eugenics. Once we are in control of our own destiny we intend to promote a 
planned and deliberate program of eugenics, as spelled out in Creative Credo No. 28 of the White Man 's Bible. 
This basically consists of (a) a Genetic Grading system, as described in the White Man's Bible, and (b) through 
religious indoctrination, encouraging those parents endowed with superior genetic qualities to have larger 
families, and those of inferior endowment to have fewer children or none, and (c) the sterilization of the 
incurable misfits, idiots and genetically diseased. 

Again, we will have the Jews, the bleeding hearts and the liberals screaming to high heaven. What? Enforce 
birth control? Have the government meddle in family planning? The answer is yes, to both questions. We are 
not "meddling' when we encourage and take meaningful measures in improving the quality of our future 
generations. We are taking a much needed positive step towards improving the future welfare of humanity, and 
eliminating one of the most serious causes of misery. The difference between the welfare of the United States 
and Haiti, for example, is not a matter of natural resources (200 years ago San Domingo was more prosperous 
than all the Thirteen Colonies combined) nor Is it a matter of their respective forms of government, contrary to 
what the liberals would have us believe. The difference between their sick, miserable and unhappy state of 
affairs and ours is due to the difference in the quality of two respective peoples, namely the competent White 
Race who built this country, and their degenerate mob of mongrels. However, let us not be too complacent. The 
way the United States is (a) being force-fed race-mixing, and (b) allowing itself to be fiooded and overrun by all 
the scum and mud races of the world, it will only be a matter of time before we too will be as sick, degenerate 
and miserable as is Haiti today. (See Creative Credo No. 30 of the White Man 's Bible, "The Grisly Lesson of 
San Domingo - a Forerunner for White America.") 

We now examine the moral question - does society have a right to prevent children from being bom to parents 
- any parents? Our answer is an overwhelming and resounding Yes! The right to breed irresponsibly and 
indiscriminately is not an absolute right by any means. For irresponsible married or unmarried parents to push 
babies into the world whom they can neither support nor intend to support, as many of the nigger women are 
now doing, and foist them on the productive taxpayers for future support, that, my friend, is a heinous crime in 
our book. For the idiots and morons to thoughtlessly breed and let society take the consequences of their 
moronic reproductions, that, too, is a crime of heinous proportions. To throw such defectives into our gene pool 
to have disastrous consequences for centuries to come is a hellish crime that we Creators will not tolerate. To 
infuse the black blood of Africa into our White gene pool, that, too, is a crime of monstrous proportions which 
we will not tolerate either. 

The greatest blessing we can bestow upon future mankind is to up-breed our race to where we approach the 
Superman - healthy, beautiful, intelligent White people, competent in not only responsibly providing for 
themselves and their families, but each family capable of living a high quality of life such as history has never 
before enjoyed. Surely, if a government can "legally" conscript young sons in the prime of their life and 
forcefully put them into a uniform and send them over to the jungles of Vietnam to be maimed and killed, then 
surely it is more reasonable and morally justified to prevent misfits, morons and mongrels from being 
indiscriminately pushed into this world by delinquent parents, only to have society take the rap and reap the 
disastrous consequences for their depravity and irresponsible crime. 

There is one more compelling reason why society must finally come to grips with the world population 
explosion and take a positive stand on birth control. Eventually, even after we, the White Race, have colonized 
all the good lands of this Planet Earth, and the mud races are only a distant mad memory, the time will come 
when we will reach an optimum population that this planet can comfortably support. We speculate that such 
level will have been reached at the figure of approximately one billion. It will not take very long for the White 
population to reach that level, probably not more than two or three generations. Should we then go on 
indefinitely expanding that number wantonly and recklessly? The answer is a resounding No! What would be 
the point? It is much better to stabilize it at a comfortable one billion than overcrowd this planet with starving, 
clawing five billion, or ten billion, as we are in the process of now doing. Even if all the people on this planet 
were White, such numbers would hopelessly overcrowd, overstrain and overpollute this limited planet, and 
cause nothing but poverty and misery. So why do it? Whether we like it or not, positive birth control is the only 
answer. Since birth control is an absolute necessity, isn't it also logical that we would have a controlled 
favoritism for the genetically superior, and discourage the reproduction of the inferior? It absolutely is, and this 
idea is firmly and permanently ingrained in our creed and program. 

C. Improving Our Society and Quality of Life. 

We now come to the third stage. We assume that we have now replaced the mud races and our program of 
eugenics is progressing nicely. Having accomplished that much, we Creators are also keenly interested in 
upgrading the quality of our society and our lifestyle. We want every family, every man, woman and child to be 
able to lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life. We want them to have a feeling of belonging in their society, 
of being a proud member of their race, a feeling of accomplishment and that their life is very much worthwhile. 

Much of this we will already have accomplished by (a) the genetic upbreeding of each individual, the culling 
out of the misfits and the genetically diseased, and by (b) bringing the population figure down to a comfortable 
level where there is plenty of room and living space for all. 

But we want to further upgrade the health, happiness and well-being of our future generations by improving the 
societal structure as well. This we can do through Creativity whereby we give our White Racial Comrades a 

sense of fellowship and camaraderie centered around their church. We want to see each community have a 
Creativity Center which will consist of not only a church, but which will be a major social center as well, one 
that will be family-oriented. It will encompass many social and recreational activities. Among them will be 
sports (baseball fields, bowling alleys, tennis courts, swimming pools, gymnasiums, etc.); cultural activities 
(theaters, libraries, public meeting halls for lectures, etc.); artists groups, musical activities and festivals, picnic 
grounds, etc. We also plan to have financial agencies that help finance and advise budding new business 
enterprises. We hope to have such Creativity Centers for the enjoyment of every small community in the United 
States and, in fact, throughout the White world. In the larger cities such as Los Angeles, there should be perhaps 
as many as three or four hundred such centers to service the White communities. 

Our schools and colleges will be revised to refiect more interest in racial pride and racial integrity, and be 
focused more towards training our young people in the practical realities of planning for vocation, business, 
marriage and family life. Let me add one more feature to the list, and that is a computerized dating and mating 
system in order to help young people find the best mates for their future family formation. Not that we want to 
abolish the traditional casual meetings that have culminated in mating and marriage in the past - by no means. 
But it would be an additional augmentation to help matched family formations. Right now, if we Creators had 
such a system It would be a real boon for our young people to find proper mates of like mind - a situation that is 
not easily come by at this time in history. 

I just want to add one footnote, namely that we Creators are much more interested in making real progress in 
our program of eugenics than we are in advancing our scientific technology. The fact is that with atomic bombs, 
hydrogen bombs, radar, laser beams, rocketry, computers and all the rest of an ever accelerating scientific 
explosion, we are reaching a point of no return, a point where technology has become our master, where 
scientific technology has far outstripped our social apparatus to control that dangerous and runaway monster. 
We are now in the precarious position where a few madmen can blow this world to smithereens and kill all 
human life with their lethal chemical, atomic and other insane weapons. Nor am I convinced that the human 
population for all its astounding advancement in scientific technology is any happier, or better off today than 
they were a hundred years ago, nor than were my Mennonite ancestors in their amenable and friendly social 
structure before the advent of the telephone and television, the automobile and electricity. We, the White Race, 
can amply feed, clothe and house ourselves and produce all the amenities for an affluent life with the 
technology we already have at hand. It is time we turn our attention to more important things - our own 
advancement. Don't get me wrong. I have no desire to roll back technology to the horse and buggy days, and it 
cannot be done even if we wanted to. In fact, I have been keenly interested in the sciences, all sciences, most of 
my life, and when I was a young man I studied electric and electronic engineering at two different universities 
in Canada. What I am now saying, though, is that we should drastically shift our emphasis. We don't need 
anymore complex and sophisticated machinery or gadgets than we already have. What we, the White Race, 
need to do is concentrate on a program of racial cleansing and advancement and a restructuring of our society 
and our social life. It will pay us much greater dividends in health and happiness than our obsession with 
runaway scientific advancement. 

A few years ago I visited the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Last week I visited the Space 
Center at Huntsville, Alabama. The length and expense to which our scientists and technicians have gone in 
order to produce huge sophisticated rockets, rocket engines, extremely complex electronic guidance systems, 
electronic computers, electronic communication systems and a thousand other extremely complex, complicated, 
sophisticated (and tremendously expensive) paraphernalia Is just simply mind boggling. In each case, the 
thought kept recurring to me - what in the hell do we need all this mess of tremendously complicated and 
outrageously expensive hardware for? There is nothing out there for us in space. If instead we would only have 
spent the same hundreds of billions of dollars in shipping the niggers back to Africa, and expended the same 
amount of zeal and ingenuity in improving our societal structure and upgrading our White gene pool. 

undoubtedly the benefits accming to us would have been a thousand-fold greater in terms of our own best 

The hard choice Ues before the White Race: either colonize all of Planet Earth with its own, or become an 
extinct species. 

Issue No. 45 - December 1988 
Bashing the Rich 

Fangs of Bolshevism 

The basic plank of Karl Marx's communist creed is that the rich are the incarnation of all the world's evil, and 
must be exterminated from the face of the earth. Once these nasty rich, these "Capitalists" have been destroyed, 
the "proletariat," supposedly the working class, will take over, and there will be no more exploitation of the 
workers. Ipso facto, all problems, which are basically a matter of economics anyway (so the theory goes) will 
have been solved. If we will only get rid of those damn "Capitalists," we could have a beautiful new world 
order. Class distinctions will fade away, even government itself will dissolve into a sweet nothingness, and 
presto, and lo and behold! a new era for mankind! A veritable heaven on earth, a Worker's Paradise will appear 
as if by magic. Just kill those damn Capitalists! 

These bait-and-switch ideas encompassed in this con game are as Jewish as Henry Kissinger's hooked nose and 
have a long Jewish history. In Protocol No. 1 of the Protocols of the Elders ofZion, they say that by shouting 
the words "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" they have brought into the Jewish ranks whole legions of the 
goyim, who carried their (Jewish) banners with enthusiasm, while their own Jewish agents did the advance 
work in surreptitiously spreading these ideas. These same words were canker worms at work, boring Into the 
well-being of the goyim society, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying the 
foundations of the goyim states. 

Going back even further Into the murky channels of Jewish propaganda, we find that a mythical Christ was 
preempting Marx and expounding the same destructive ideas. It is all set forth in the New Testament, written by 
Jews for the destruction of the goyim. Those nasty damn rich! Oh, how we hate them! It will be easier for a 
camel to wander through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to ever get to heaven. Christians and Yids 
prefer such worthless derelicts of society as Lazarus, who was lazy, shiftless, penniless, and so sloven and sick 
that the dogs licked his open sores. Those are the kind of scum Christians like to see in heaven, but those damn 
rich will burn in hell forever and ever and ever, because oh! how the Lord hates them! 

Marx's brutal successors, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, ruthlessly pursued this evil communist dogma, and 
successfully conspired to engineer one of the most violent and destructive revolutions in history. Backed by the 
Jewish bankers of the world, especially the Federal Reserve bankers of the United States, they overthrew the 
three hundred year old Romanov dynasty of Russia, brutally murdered the Czar and his family (Nicholas H, his 
wife Alexandra and their five children), and the Bolsheviks' Soviet of Workers Deputies took over Russia, the 
largest and richest (in natural resources) country in the world. Whereas, the front men in this revolution were 
Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, the real string-pullers behind the scenes were the Jewish Kehilla, the Jewish 
bankers and the Jewish network as a whole, the latter having worked toward this goal for many centuries. Jacob 
Schiff, of the Jewish brokerage house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company in New York bankrolled Trotsky's band of 
cutthroats to the tune of 20 million dollars during World War I and had them trained as killers and hatchetmen 
in Eastside New York for the takeover of the Russian Duma (parliament), and take over they did. 

This Bolshevik revolution inaugurated the most evil and destructive era in the history of mankind. It is rivaled 
only by the destructive advent of Jewish Christianity that inaugurated the Dark Ages some fifteen hundred years 
earlier, and the similarity does not end there. (See "Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins," page 363 of 
Nature 's Eternal Religion.) Not only did Trotsky's Jewish hatchetmen kill the members of the Duma, but in the 
bloody era of revolution, anarchy and famine that followed, the Jews had their Purim: they killed between 20 

and 30 million White Russians as well. As in the French Revolution they killed off the leadership, Russia's 
finest in keeping with the Jewish maxim: Kill the best of the goyim first. Among those killed were several of 
my Mennonite kinsmen. We ourselves lost our beautiful farm and household and everything we had, and fled 
the country in 1924. 

So, in destroying the rich (actually only the White leaders) did the poor reap the millennium? Did they get a 
Worker's Paradise? Hell, no! The Jewish dictatorship killed their goyim enemies, took over with a vengeance, 
and then clamped a brutal dictatorship on 'the masses," a dictatorship they have maintained by sheer force and 
terrorism ever since. This they have done with the covert collaboration of the United States and its tremendous 
wealth and resources. (See "Russia, Israel and the United States," C.C. No. 38 of the White Man's Bible.) With 
the United States ready to bail out the Bolshevik regime of Russia at every turn, the Jews have not only 
maintained their ironclad grip on the poor Russian victims, but have been able to expand their evil empire over 
most of the world. The result has been poverty, misery and heavy-handed tyranny over more than three-quarters 
of the population of the world. The unrest, chaos and destitution in Poland today is a current example, but only 
one of many. 

So much for the communist revolution, much of which is already well known to most of our readers. What 
alarms us Creators is that a strange line of bolshevist propaganda is creeping in to the White racial movement 
today. Some of the "leaders" in some of the half-baked, ill-advised White movements are beginning to 
prominently spout the same sinister Bolshevik line. Instead of pointing the finger at the Jewish network (which 
certainly encompasses the superrich, the real money power) they are blaming and bashing the White "rich." 
Strangely, people like Gary Gallo, Tom Metzger and Wyatt Clay Kaldenberg are saying that the Jews aren't 
really the bad guys. It is our own White people, our wealthy members, who are the real culprits. When I last 
visited Tom Metzger, he treated me to a replay of his Aryan Nations speech on his wide screen video player. 
Within two minutes of watching this speech, I told him frankly: "You sound like a communist." I also noted his 
repeated admiration of Lenin, of how his tactics "got things done." Yes, indeed he did with the backing and 
financing of a vast Jewish network, inside and outside Russia, which paved the way, supplied the financing, the 
blueprint and the manpower, every step of the way. More important and to the point, what about Lenin's 
ideology? Tom had no comment on that, but I noticed that his library contained most of Lenin's works. 

When I confronted Gary Gallo face to face with this question: Do you or do you not believe the Jews are our 
prime enemies? He replied flatly, "No, the White rich are our main enemies." 

Let us halt the program right here and examine this "rich versus the workers" issue once and for all. Let us ask a 
few cogent questions. 

1. Are the rich any more crooked, dishonest, mean, morally depraved and otherwise villainous than, say, the 
poor or blue-collar class? 

Answer: My observation after seventy years of dealing with every type of people imaginable, is, no they are 
not. Although White people are the finest and most honorable people in the world, you have good guys and bad 
guys in all classes, and there are just as many crooks, liars and petty thieves among the poor as there are among 
the rich, if not more so. In general, the rich are probably more responsible and trustworthy because they have 
more valuables to protect, including their reputation. 

2. Are the rich mostly parasites on our society or do they contribute their share to the general welfare? 

Answer: It is my opinion that the average man of means has contributed far more to society than the average 
poor. Let us take a few examples from history - Cyrus H. McCormick, who invented the first horse-drawn 

reaper, became wealthy because of his ingenious invention. As a resuh of this one invention, the then tens of 
thousands of farmers were able to produce three times as much grain and produce as they were able to do 
previously by using the hand operated sickle. Can you imagine what this means? One man's invention was now 
equivalent to the work of all the farmers three times over. Certainly any rewards that McCormack reaped were a 
small pittance compared to the increased benefits he contributed to society in exchange. 

The same can be said of Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin and thereby laid the foundation to a huge and 
thriving cotton economy in the South. The same conclusions can be drawn for such illustrious inventors as 
James Watt, who invented the steam engine; Robert Fulton who built the first successful steam driven boat; 
Samuel F. B. Morse who invented the first telegraph; or Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first working 
telephone; or for that matter tens of thousands of others, who like Henry Ford did not invent anything new that 
was patentable, but built a successful business that put the nation on wheels, or like Bessemer who invented a 
new steel manufacturing process, thereby enabling engineers to build skyscrapers that were not possible 

At this point some rich basher will jump up and say, O.K., O.K., you have only been talking about inventors, 
and they are all right and fully deserve whatever their rewards, but most wealthy people were not Inventors. 

All right, let's look at some other entrepreneurs. Let's look at the field of transportation. Some have formed 
companies that spanned the country with railroads from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Some built steamship lines. 
Some built stagecoach lines. Some built bus lines. Some, like Howard Hughes, Eddie Rickenbacker and dozens 
of others, built airlines. Certainly they created tens of thousands of jobs and contributed tremendously to the 
advancement of travel and transportation. 

You want more? All right, let us look into the automotive business, which probably more than any other 
industry has created millions of jobs and tremendously expanded man's ability to get around much faster and 
more comfortably than he could with a horse and wagon. We have already mentioned Henry Ford, but there 
were tens of thousands more such as Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in Germany, or in America such 
enterprising pioneers as Charles Duryea, Ransom E. Olds, Elwood Haymes, Alexander Winton, Charles B. 
King, John D. Maxwell, Francis Edgar Stanley (the Stanley Steamer), Walter White and hundreds of others. In 
fact, there have been as many as 2000 automobile manufacturing companies, most of which are now either 
defunct or have merged with more successful competitors. Many of these lost their initial savings and went 
broke, some made a modest fortune and some like Ford made tremendous fortunes. But they produced and they 
contributed tremendously to the advance of technology and changed the face of America and the world. 

Shall we continue and go farther afield? Why not? The field is unlimited. We can go into the food 
manufacturing industry and cite entrepreneurs like Post who started with cornflakes; or real estate developers 
like Del Webb who built whole cities, well planned and well built; or architects like Frank Lloyd Wright; or 
newspaper moguls like William Randolph Hearst; or movie makers like D. W. Griffith, and cartoonists, movie 
makers and theme park builders like Walt Disney. As I said, the field is unlimited, and I could go on endlessly. 

All, or most of these men, made millions of dollars and huge fortunes. But I say that, by and large, they earned 
every penny and they deserved what they made because they contributed mightily to the advance of our 
economy, our technology, our welfare and our civilization as a whole. 

But even though I could cite endless success stories that would fill volumes, rich-bashing malcontents like Tom 
Metzger and Gary Gallo would still not be satisfied, mostly because of envy that they themselves failed to make 
millions. What about all the idle rich who inherited their money? Well, even many of those are not necessarily 
drones, nor are they lazy and unproductive. We can cite geniuses like Howard Hughes, who inherited a tidy sum 

of half a million dollars back in 1924 at the age of nineteen. But he did not sit on it and let it mst. He built up a 
motion picture industry, an airplane manufacturing industry, an airlines company, an electronics plant and had 
interests in a dozen other enterprises, catapulting his original inheritance of half a million into a multi -billion 
dollar fortune. Certainly the man produced jobs, he built companies and he produced a myriad of products. 
What more could a man do? 

Besides Howard Hughes there are countless more who took a small inheritance and built huge empires. The one 
common denominator we will find among these men is that by and large they were highly energetic, they were 
men of imagination and on the average they were more intelligent than the average yokels. Certainly most of 
them were neither drones nor parasites, which, let's face it, we cannot say about many drifters and freeloaders 
who are penniless and on welfare. 

Over my seventy years of sojourn on this planet I have lived in four different countries and half a dozen 
different states of our good old U.S.A. My parents were poor and I, myself, grew up on a wheat farm in 
Saskatchewan. I have known all kinds of people - farmers, truck drivers, miners, ditch-diggers and millionaires, 
politicians, governors, senators, artists, writers, inventors, Nazis, Jews, niggers, scoundrels and con-men. On the 
issue of dividing the rich and the poor, I would have to come to the inevitable conclusion that men of means are, 
by and large, more intelligent, more interesting, more imaginative and easier people to deal with than are those 
who have never been able to put their act together and accumulate at least a comfortable nest egg to provide for 
themselves and their families. I say this without rancor and without prejudice. In summation, I would conclude 
that these people who have amounted to something financially are usually the movers and the doers and are, by 
and large, the pillars of our society that have advanced the White Race forward. 

We now come to the last refuge of the rich-bashers who will strike their last nasty blow and accuse the rich of 
not having done enough to help promote the cause of us White racists in our fight against the foul Jewish 
conspiracy that is now threatening to destroy Natures' Finest - the White Race. In this charge I can totally 
concur. The tens of thousands of wealthy White men and women In this country, many of whom are the owners 
of huge fortunes, have done damn little to aid our cause, a cause which most certainly should also be theirs. But 
again, in fairness to all the rich, to all the middle class and to the poor, none of these have greatly bestirred 
themselves to fight back against this monster that is now devouring us, and certainly the average blue-collar 
worker, who Is content watching the boob tube while guzzling his beer, is as criminally negligent as are those 
well-do-do individuals that Metzger and Gallo like to label as "fat-cats" and would just as soon see hung. Just as 
there are any number of exceptions among the blue-collar workers, so are there among the affluent. Certainly, 
Henry Ford, one of the wealthiest billionaires of our century, bestirred himself about the Jewish menace some 
sixty-five years ago and put out a series of exposes in his Dearborn Independent extirpating the Jewish network. 
Also, after years of research on "the Jewish problem" he put out a four-volume set of books on The 
International Jew. 

Andrew Carnegie, born a Scotsman, but destined to become one of America's foremost steel magnates, 
contributed 350 million of his fortune to charity. Of this, a huge sum went to building public libraries in every 
major city across America, so that boys would not be handicapped in obtaining books to read, a privilege that he 
himself was denied as a youth. He also instituted a number of other charitable institutions for the advancement 
of learning, and authored a number of outstanding books. 

So much for the benefits bestowed upon society by the rich and affluent, the kind of people that Metzger and 
Gallo and many other envious people would like to hang. Having said all these nice things about wealthy 
Whites, let me make it clear that I like the blue-collar working man just as well, as long as he is White. I myself 
have done plenty of hard manual labor in my younger years. Being brought up on the farm, as a kid I milked 
cows, herded cows, picked rocks off the fields all day. By the time I was ten I was stocking sheaves in the 

wheat fields, or hauling grain to the elevator. By the time I was 15 1 manned a team and rack as a full-fledged 
member of a threshing crew, an arduous labor of 12 hours, in the field from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M., with one hour out 
for lunch. This I did for several years during harvest, even as I was working my way through college. During 
some of these summer sessions I also worked in the nickel mines of Sudbury, Ontario, down in a stope 
sometimes as far as 5000 feet underground. This was hot, humid and suffocating work, shoveling heavy nickel 
ore eight hours a day. So let me assure you, I am no stranger to manual labor. 

The vital point in this whole discussion is: We need all of our White Racial Comrades to build a powerful 
affluent and well structured White society. We need the rich, the poor, the middle class, the entrepreneurs, the 
managers, the planners, the promoters, the builders, the businessmen, the storekeepers and the farmers; 
especially the farmers, and I might add there are some very wealthy farmers, or were, until recently. 

The real culprits that are destroying our country, our White society, our environment, and the White Race in 
particular, is the Jewish cabal, that eternal parasite which has destroyed peoples and civilizations for thousands 
of years. It is Jewish money and Jewish power that has been and is subversive and destructive to the White 
Man's society, and is enslaving the world. At the core of this bestial monster is the Federal Reserve Board and 
the network of Jewish bankers that own and control the parasitic monetary systems throughout the world. They 
not only control the monetary systems, but because of the tremendous power they thereby wield, and because of 
racial loyalty practiced by the Jewish race, they also control the governments, the newsmedia and every other 
nerve center of power. Backing up the Jewish bankers is the whole Jewish network, forming a sinister 
conspiracy to not only enslave the workers and producers of the world, but to mongrelize and destroy the White 
Race, the rich and the poor, the middle class in particular. 

There is the real culprit - the whole Jewish network, as such, with the financiers manipulating the strings and 
planning the strategy. 

It is at this point that we, the Church of the Creator, part company with Gary Gallo and Tom Metzger. Whatever 
their reasons for going off on this kind of destructive tangent, we will not sit idly by. To concentrate on bashing 
the White rich is not only highly confusing, but it is an outright deception. It is not even a racial issue, but overt 
class division among our White Racial Comrades, a communist plank and Bolshevik tactic of the first order. 
Nothing could be more destructive and confusing to the rank and file of the White racial movement, nor could 
anything be more comforting to our mortal enemy, the parasitic Jew, than blaming the White rich. 

Gary Gallo has a strange and dubious background for one who contends that he is fighting for the White racial 
cause. I am told by one of his former close aids that his grandfather, whom Gary much admired, was a hot pink 
commie. How much of it transferred to the grandson we cannot tell, but evidently many of the grandfather's 
communist ideas took root in the grandson, as Gary's ostensible program, what little there is, seems to indicate. 
Gary's National Democratic Front (NDF) advocates (a) the progressive income tax (b) confiscation of property 
(c) no inheritance to the children of a family (d) state owned production facilities (e) hang the rich! 

All of the above are outright planks of Marx's Communist Manifesto, as any student of the conspiracy will 
easily recognize. Whereas Gary readily latched on to the allure of the Communist Manifesto, with or without his 
grandfather's tutelage. It took him three years (by his own admission) to accept that the Jewish holocaust was a 
gigantic hoax, even after the facts were plainly laid out before him. 

But that isn't all. Whether it is part of the Communist Manifesto or not, Gary has come up with another plank 
that is even more devastating, and that is - to slice up our American homeland and divvy it up among the 
different ethnic groups - niggers, Cubans, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Haitians, Vietnamese, and of 
course, the Whites would be allotted a slice somewhere, too. We Creators say loud and clear - to hell with that 

noise! Our pioneering forefathers fought and bled to conquer this land. They took it by force and conquest. I 
repeat - conquest - from the mud races and built a mighty White nation. For any White traitor now to come 
along and advocate that we are willing to give It to all the scum and mud races of the world, free and gratis, on a 
silver platter - that, my friend, is unspeakable lunacy and foul treason to the White Race. Whose side is this 
fellow on? Whatever, we want no part of the NDF. 

We now come to Tom and John Metzger who are a different case, but also indulge in bashing the rich and the 
"fat-cats," and also agree on slicing up America and handing vast areas over to the mud races. 

Tom is an aggressive promoter and is doing a yeoman job of getting publicity for the White racial cause, all of 
which is to his credit. However, publicity isn't everything, unless it is espousing sound principles. Bruce 
Springsteen and Michael Jackson are each getting a thousand times more publicity than Tom and John put 
together, but neither is necessarily aiding the White racial cause. 

What is even more deleterious is that Metzger also espouses a polyglot program of "working with" everybody. 
Well, almost everybody, except those he does not like. He will "work with" Christians and Identity racists, 
although he blandly professes he does not believe the stuff He will embrace the Odinists, although he does not 
believe that claptrap either. He will gladly collaborate with such Trotskyites as Wyatt Clay Kaldenberg, who 
happens to be a racist. Incidentally, as well as a Trotskyite. This is perfectly acceptable and does not bother 
Tom at all. Tom even likes to play footsie with such niggers as Louis Farrakhan, since he, too, is a racist, even 
though a nigger racist who hates Jews and Whitey with equal venom. Tom has even made unsuccessful 
overtures to such international celebrities as Mummar Kaddafi, who also hates the Jews, as well as the United 
States and the White Race. 

So what does Tom and WAR stand for? It is hard to tell, since his specific platform, if any, is transparently thin, 
shallow and skimpy at best, other than that he agrees with Gary about bashing the rich Whites and slicing up 
American territory In order to turn it over to 57 varieties of mud races. Somehow, Tom's philosophy reminds 
me of a big city prostitute, who not having any firm principles of her own, finds it easy to crawl into bed with 
just about anybody. There are, however, a few exceptions. Whereas Tom deplores the strict and 
uncompromising code, creed and program of the Church of the Creator, he himself feels free to disagree and 
denounce anyone he chooses, but heaven forbid that we Creators should do likewise. 

Well, we Creators damn well feel free to criticize the Jews, the communists, the niggers, or any member of the 
White Race, for that matter, if we feel that such people are leading the White Race down a dead end street to a 
major catastrophe. Why can't these fellows learn the obvious lessons of history that are plainly staring them in 
the face? 

All this is painfully reminiscent of the George Wallace experience of some twenty years ago. I remember back 
in 1962 seeing those dramatic TV pictures of George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door defying U.S. 
Attorney Nicholas Katzenbach and his U.S. marshals in enforcing integration of our public schools. At that time 
I was still somewhat apolitical, and had not even joined the John Birch Society. But it excited my racial 
instincts. A few years later I became politically involved. I joined the George Wallace campaign and by 1968 I 
was the Florida Chairman of the American Independent Party, promoting George Wallace for president. But 
soon I began to see strange things happening in the Wallace camp. He had a number of Jews in his entourage. 
He began waffling with double talk. He began to brag about the fact that he was not "anti-Semitic," in fact, look 
at the Jews in his staff He began to veer and veer and veer. Soon he was no longer a racist, and in the end he 
bragged he had more niggers in the Alabama state bureaucracy than any other governor before him. 

I denounced him and left him in 1969, realizing that he had been set up from the beginning to be a chabez-goi 

stooge, designed to neutralize the racial instincts of millions of our best White militants. 

We now return to Tom Metzger and Gary Gallo and their ill-advised philosophies. 

The first obvious lesson we want to remind them of is that the Marxist planks are Jewish in origin and are 
highly destructive to a White people and society. Russia has been under the Marxist heel for 70 years. I was 
bom in the Russian Ukraine. Before World War I the Ukraine was the most productive bread basket in the 
world and could feed all of Europe. Today, under the Marxist regime, not only is the whole Russian economic 
program in shambles, but land-rich Russia can't even feed her own people, and has to beg and import millions 
of tons of wheat and foodstuffs from the United States and other countries. If the Russian economy had not been 
propped up on numerous critical occasions over the last 70 years by the Jew-loving United States, it would have 
collapsed long ago. (See "Russia, Israel and the United States" in the White Man 's Bible.) 

The same thing is happening in Communist Poland. The economy is on the verge of collapse. The people are 
destitute and starving. They are in a perpetual state of rebellion. With the slightest real encouragement from the 
United States, the Polish people would overthrow and demolish that tyrannical Jewish regime, once and for all. 
The same thing can be said of Hungary, Rumania and all of eastern Europe now under the Marxist heel. Anyone 
with even half a brain can readily perceive that the Marxist doctrine destroys private initiative and private 
enterprise. The result is stagnation, poverty, misery and total breakdown. You can only bash "the rich" once, 
you can only rob them once, but after the initiative is gone, productivity too, is gone, and there is no one else 
left to strip and rob. Look fellows, damn it, it just doesn't work. Marxism is just a Jewish swindle, plain and 
simple. It doesn't work. 

The second lesson Gary, Tom and Co. should learn is that you can't overthrow the Jewish powerhouse with a 
polyglot assortment of divided little "movements," if such they can be called, even though you might have 
10,000 of them, or 20,000 of them, as we have witnessed over the last fifty years. What we are witnessing in the 
so-called White racial movement today is what we call the P.C.I.C, namely a Polyglot Conglomerate of 
Irreconcilable Contradictions. This leaves us wide open to the Jewish powerhouse for their "Divide and 
Conquer" technique, because, like the big city whore we mentioned, we can't seem to polarize around any firm 
principles of our own. Like Harold Covington says in his book. The March Up Country, most White racial 
movements not only have no idea as to how to get there, they don't even know where they want to go. That 
pretty well sums up the whole mess of the Polyglot Conglomerate of Irreconcilable Contradictions, if you 
don't know where you are going, you sure as hell won't know how to get there. The fact is, we are no closer to 
destroying the real enemy today than we were 30, or 40, or 50 years ago. And the real enemy, let me point out 
again, is not the rich White, but the goddamn sinister worldwide Jewish network. There is not a rich White, nor 
a White politician, for that matter, in the United States today that wields any real power, and this includes even 
such highly visible families as the Rockefellers or the Kennedys. 

We Creators do have a real, meaningful creed, program and doctrine. It is embodied in a comprehensive 
doctrine that takes in politics, economics, race, eugenics, religion, the environment. Salubrious Living and just 
about every other facet of human endeavor that is vital to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White 
Race on a worldwide scale. Why do people like Tom, Gary and others in the movement choose to Ignore It and 
espouse the sordid Marxist principles of bashing the rich (Whites, that is), promoting the progressive income 
tax, confiscation of private property and other Jewish claptrap? Not only do these fellows choose to ignore 
Creativity which has real answers for the White Race but they are openly hostile to it and vociferously attack it. 

Why do they choose such an insane course when history has proven that not until the Germans united around 
one polarized creed (under Hitler) did they finally have the clout to destroy the Jewish monster? 

I'll tell you why. The answer is hubris, hubris. They are jealous. Creativity shows up the poverty of their own 
half-baked, ill-conceived "programs," if such they can be called. As stated m Racial Loyalty No. 32, "Hubris, 
Hubris," if they don't have it, if they didn't think of it first, they would rather torpedo Creativity than embrace 
it, even if the White Race goes down along with the torpedoed ship. 

So be it. To hell with them. With friends like that, who needs enemies? If they value their own little hubris more 
than the White Race and want to wet nurse it rather than save the White Race, so be it. Sooner or later they will 
die or go out of business and their precious little hubris will die along with them. But Creativity will go on 
regardless. We will ignore their petty jealousies, their goddamn P.C.I.C. and instead keep attracting more and 
more members and build and build until we have one mighty tidal wave that will overwhelm and crush the foul 
Jewish network. We sure as hell don't need cooperation from useless ballast that wants to slice up our precious 
territory and give it to the mud races, nor do we need the intrusion of Marxist doctrine to confuse and louse up 
our creed and program. There is one thing that is a lot worse than a capitalist, and that is a capitulator. To hell 
with the defeatists and the traitors. We don't need them. We would rather have them as enemies outside our 
ranks than inside the fort and burrowing from within. Who needs capitulators? We Creators will never agree to 
give up one inch of our territory - territory won by the blood of our pioneering forefathers. We regard that as 
treason. Who needs defeatists? Instead, join with the C.O.T.C; support the C.O.T.C. and build a movement 
with strength and purpose. Our unswerving and uncompromising goal is the Planet Earth - all of it - and we 
will never rest until all of it is settled by a regenerated and rejuvenated White Race - Nature's Finest. 

Destroying the White rich has never benefitted the poor, but invariably transfers their properties into fewer and 
fewer hands of the super-rich Jewish bankers and money-manipulators. 

How many times do some people have to be hit over the head with a telephone pole before they learn the 
obvious lesson of history - that Marxist programs were designed by Jews for the destruction of the White Race? 

Our forefathers fought, bled and died to conquer this precious territory now known as America. For any White 
Man to now suggest that we voluntarily turn it over to the mud races on a silver platter is unmitigated racial 
treason at its worst 

Issue No. 46 - January 1989 

Who Killed John Kennedy 

No big mystery to those who understand the murderous MOSSAD, the nature of the sinister Jewish power 
estabUshment behind it, and to those few of us who have the guts to tell it as it is. Plainly, it was the Jewish 
MOSSAD who murdered John F. Kennedy. 

Last November 22, my wife and I celebrated our forty-second wedding anniversary, and we did so in the 
company of our children and grandchildren on a special vacation at Disney World. On that same day the world 
widely acclaimed and publicized the anniversary of the criminal assassination of the then young and glamorous 
President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, shot down in cold blood in the streets of Dallas twenty-five 
years earlier. Numerous feature articles appeared in newspapers, tabloids and on television screens 
commemorating that fateful day. But after 25 years, the mystery of who shot Kennedy on November 22, 1963, 
seemingly still remains unsolved and beclouded. Numerous theories, mostly bizarre and off the mark, still swirl 
around that historic and dastardly deed. 

I remember that day well, as undoubtedly do millions of others who were then old enough to realize the shock 
and impact of that foul crime. When my 12-year-old daughter came home from school that day, the first thing 
she said was "Boy! those Republicans don't fool around, do they?" True, her assessment may have been 
premature and somewhat naive, but perhaps no more so than the numerous theories and conclusions floating 
around in the minds of the vast majority of the American public today, and certainly it was no more wild than 
the official conclusion put out by the Warren Commission that was quickly set up to whitewash and confuse the 
whole criminal affair. After months of "investigation" the commission managed to so contrive the "evidence" 
that it would support the conclusion they wanted to project even before they started the expensive and long 
drawn out probe - namely, that it was nothing more than one lone, erratic nut - Lee Harvey Oswald - who did 
the job, all by his impulsive little lonesome. 

Despite the massive propaganda barrage that the Jews have slopped on us for the last 25 years, the American 
public and the world at large still won't buy that ridiculous explanation. In fact, at the time of the 25th 
anniversary in 1988 there was not only widespread coverage recalling the event, but there were also a number 
of public opinion polls taken as to what the public believed or did not believe about the Warren Commission's 
official verdict. The Orlando Sentinel ran one such poll in their program called "Sound Off" Of the 2039 callers 
who answered their key question - Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in assassinating President John F. 
Kennedy? - 1890 callers (93 percent) said they did not believe it. This was 25 years later, and after the 
prestigious Warren Commission who had spent months of endless "investigation" saying that a lone nut was 
responsible and that was all - there was no conspiracy! When this did not wash with the American public, the 
Rockefeller Commission was set up later to again investigate and whitewash the same affair, to try to shore up 
the public confidence in the Warren lie. When this still did not do the job, years later the House Select 
Committee on Assassination was set up, headed by a capable lawyer named Richard Sprague. When it seemed 
he might be coming too close to the facts, the CIA and FBI decided to have him sacked. The CIA took over and 
the cover-up of the crime proceeded to grind out the same impossible and ridiculously stupid conclusion as the 
Warren Commission. That the public still didn't believe it was shown by numerous polls conducted at that time 
and the ensuing years. Today, after numerous books and thousands of articles and "documentaries" by the 
Jewish press, the public at large and the world as a whole overwhelmingly rejects the ridiculous conclusion that 
"there was no conspiracy," as Is shown by the Orlando Sentinel poll (93 percent rejection) and numerous other 

Although the American public is extremely gullible and will swallow most of the lies slopped upon it by the 
Jewish propaganda machine (such as the Holohoax) evidently the "official" Warren Commission lie is just too, 
too much even for the gullible American public to accept. And there is good and sufficient reason why such an 
outright and blatant lie cannot and will not wash, as we shall see. But whereas the American public will not 
buy the lone nut, no conspiracy story, it still remains hopelessly confused as to who did do it, and as to 
why Kennedy was assassinated. 

Before we go into the who and the why, let us briefly review the known and accepted events of that fateful 
episode that in a few brief moments changed the course of American and world history. 

On November 22, 1963 John Kennedy, in the company of his glamorous wife Jacqueline, was riding in an open 
motorcade through the streets of Dallas, ostensibly to shore up his sagging political Image. As he was riding by 
the Dealey Plaza and past the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 PM, shots suddenly rang out. 
Governor John Connally, who was riding in the same car In a seat in front of Kennedy was severely wounded. 
John Kennedy, whose brains were blown out by one of the shots, was pronounced dead on arrival at the 
Parkland Hospital, to which the car was rushed. 

Lee Harvey Oswald, a drifter and nonentity without means, had evidently been carefully coached and set up by 
the conspirators to play the part of the fall guy. He was seen running out of the Texas School Book Depository 
Building, and a Dallas policeman by the name of J.D. Tippit, who tried to arrest Oswald shortly thereafter, was 
shot and killed in the act. Presumably he was killed by Oswald, but even this conclusion is questionable. Shortly 
thereafter Oswald was captured and taken into custody. 

He was promptly questioned by seven FBI agents for 12 hours. Forty-seven hours after Kennedy was shot, 
while in the custody of Federal agents and being transferred in a passageway beneath the Dallas police building, 
Oswald himself was gunned down by a Jewish night club operator named Jack Ruby, (real name - Jacob 
Rubenstein). This was done in broad daylight in full view of the television cameras, and thereby instantly was 
destroyed a highly visible but unstable key witness who could have shed considerable light on the conspiracy. 
He was, however, only one of 29 people who were connected with the conspiracy who were to die prematurely 
and violently under mysterious circumstances, as we shall see. 

Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice-President under Kennedy, was quickly sworn in as President during the flight back 
from Dallas to Washington. Contrary to all legal procedures and to the laws of Texas, Kennedy's body was also 
flown to Washington and taken out of the jurisdiction of the Texas authorities. So too was the investigation of 
this foul crime. The now president Lyndon Johnson quickly curtailed the investigation and bypassed 
independent Texas authorities who had prime legal jurisdiction by appointing the Warren Commission as the 
sole authority to do the job. Seemingly this was done because the crime was of such magnitude that the usual 
authorities who should have had legal jurisdiction (the Dallas police, the State of Texas) were too minor to be 
entrusted with such a major crime. Actually, the real reason, as we shall see, was so that the cover-up could be 
contained and controlled in one highly selective package, a package carefully stacked so that it could be trusted 
to do just what it did do - not to investigate the crime at all, but on the contrary, cover it up. 

The Warren Commission, headed by Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, took over all aspects of the 
investigation and barred all other authorities who had prior and legal right to do so. In this it was backed up by 
the controlled Jewish press, by the FBI, and by the CIA. In fact, it became a willing tool of these latter two 
federal agencies and did as it was told. 

The story of the cover-up was long and odious, and unfortunately, we cannot cover all the details of its many 
dubious procedures, nor can we fully review its preconceived conclusion that it contrived to report in thousands 

of pages. Let me repeat that after all the massive propaganda support it received, despite volumes of lies sworn 
to by the FBI and the CIA, the fact remains - that after 25 years, even a highly gullible American public does 
not believe the commission's ridiculous and impossible fairy tale. 

Basically, the conclusions the Warren Commission reported were these: 

(a) There was no conspiracy. 

(b) Lee Harvey Oswald, a lone nut, did it all by himself He fired all the shots that killed Kennedy and wounded 
Governor Connally from a sixth story window of the Texas School Book Depository building. 

(c) This consisted of only three shots fired from a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle made in Italy. 

There is more, much more, thousands of pages of garbage, that is the story put out by the Warren Commission. 
It was the conclusion they were determined to foist on the public before they ever even started gathering "facts" 
and "information," and they stuck with it to the bitter end, either ignoring or twisting any evidence that did not 
fit their preconceived "conclusion." The story is so wild that it could easily fit into our series of "The Wildest 
Stories Ever Told." No wonder. The authors have a common mentor - the Jewish power establishment. Also, no 
wonder that after 25 years and massive doses of lies and propaganda the overwhelming majority of the 
American public still won't buy it. 

Here are some of the strange and bizarre antics and episodes that occurred during this blatant crime and 
fraudulent cover-up. 

• Although the alleged key culprit, Lee Harvey Oswald, was questioned by seven FBI operatives for 12 hours, 
the transcripts of the interrogations were burned and destroyed forever. 

• Oswald was murdered within 47 hours of the assassination by Jack Ruby, a sleazy pimp and himself a paid 
operative of the FBI. This he was ostensibly able (allowed) to do while Oswald was in the custody and 
"protection" of Federal agents. 

• In order to make sure that Jack Ruby would not at some later date recant and spill the beans, he conveniently 
"died of cancer" while in prison awaiting trial. 

• None of Oswald's fingerprints were found on the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with which he was accused of 
shooting the president. Since he rushed out of the Depository building Immediately after the president was shot, 
he would hardly have had the time to clean it up. 

• Although Oswald was known to be a poor marksman with a rifle (several months earlier, April 6, 1963, to be 
exact, he had taken a shot at right-wing Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker and missed) the Warren Commission credited 
him with the miraculous feat of inflicting eight different wounds on President Kennedy and Governor John 
Connally within six seconds from a distance of more than 200 feet and at an angle that would have taxed the 
professional skills of even the world's most expert marksman. 

• One of these bullets was credited by the Warren Commission as having followed this most amazing route: It 
supposedly went through President Kennedy's back and came out of his neck, then went through Gov. 
Connally' s back and out of his chest, into the Governor's wrist and out of his wrist into his leg. Now, man, that 
is some shooting! Strangely, this same alleged bullet was then accidentally found lying on the floor of the 
Parkland Hospital where the victims were taken. When "discovered," this magic bullet was found to be clean as 

a whistle, unscarred and unmashed, even though It supposedly had traversed and shattered ribs, wrists and other 
bones in its most remarkable trajectory. Would you believe? 

• The Warren report blandly stated that "no credible evidence suggests that the shots were fired from any 
other place than the Texas School Depository Building." This despite the fact that the commission knew the 
names of at least 266 witnesses present at the scene of the crime. Of these two hundred and fifty nine were able 
to testify before the Dallas police, the Dallas Sheriffs Dept., the FBI or the Secret Service. In the case of 68 
persons interviewed or called as witnesses, the law enforcement interrogators "forgof to ask where they 
thought the shots came from. Of the 90 who were asked this important question 58 said that the shots came 
from the grassy knoll (in front of the motorcade) and not from the Texas Book Depository Building (behind the 
motorcade). Strangely most of the 32 who disagreed about the shots coming from the grassy knoll were 
government officials, their wives, or aides. Nevertheless, even ignoring coercion or bribery of such officials two 
thirds of the witnesses affirmed they believed the shots came from the grassy knoll in front of the motorcade, a 
very important piece of evidentiary information the Commission chose to completely ignore. We will have 
more to say about this later. 

• There was one individual spectator, a man by the name of Zapruder who happened to film the motorcade at 
the time of the shooting, using an 8mm movie camera. Since this was hard evidence that could refute the 
conclusions desired by the conspirators, the CIA moved quickly to appropriate the film. 

• LIFE magazine in Its October 2, 1964 Issue ran an article by then Rep. Gerald R. Ford (R-Michigan) who was 
a member of the Warren Commission. In this article, it ran eight pictures of the critical frames from the 
Zapruder film. In one issue frame No. 6 showed blood and brains spurting upward from the head of Kennedy. 
Evidently LIFE had committed an unforgivable error that could have run counter to the establishment's 
directive. The presses were stopped in mid-run and a new No. 6 picture was substituted, which merely showed 
the president slumped over. Someone from higher up evidently gave the order. When a keen reporter (who had 
a copy of both issues) years later tried to obtain an explanation from LIFE, the management blandly denied that 
there had been a switch or that there had been two versions. 

• Nitrate tests exonerated Lee Harvey Oswald from having fired a rifle on November 22, but this evidence was 

• Oswald vehemently denied that he had shot anybody, but because he evidently had much more he could tell, 
he was quickly murdered and removed from the picture. 

• Oswald was questioned by a federal agent back in August 1963, but the notes were later burned. 

• X-ray and autopsy pictures of the dead president have been concealed from the public to this day. 

• The Warren Commission claims that only three shots were fired and all came from Oswald's Mannlicher- 
Carcano rifie. Two of these shots were fired within 1.2 seconds (according to the Commission as evidenced by 
the Zapruder film). Officials of the Mannlicher Steyr factory in Italy found this most flattering, but stated that 
the time lapse between shots from their rifle had never been less than 2.3 seconds. 

• When a newspaper in Spain {La Voz de Espana) printed that story and it was brought to the attention of the 
Senate Press Gallery, one of the pressmen (an agent of the CIA) asked if he could have the copy to photocopy 
it. It was "accidentally" destroyed. 

• When the same individual who had dug up this issue tried to get another copy from the Spanish newspaper, he 

was told that they happened to have ample copies of every issue except that one particular issue. It had 

• During the Kennedy autopsy, his brain (what was left of it) was removed and placed in a stainless steel 
container with formalin. This chemical "sets" the brain tissue so it can be sliced and examined. It was placed in 
the National Archives, under lock and key. 

Some years later, the neutron activation tests were perfected. These remarkable tests could accurately tell, for 
instance, by taking one hair from Napoleon's head how much arsenic had been given to him to cause his death. 
They could also tell whether Kennedy had been shot from the front or the back. When forensic pathologists 
went to the National Archives to try to conduct just such tests and settle once and for all the question of from 
which direction had he been shot, the JFK brain had disappeared from the archives. To this day, nobody knows 
where it is (officially). 

That the conspirators were determined to suppress the real information at all costs was evidenced by the fact 
that it was apparently dangerous to know too much about the crime, should such people not be subject to control 
in cooperating in the cover-up. I have already mentioned that two people, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, 
met violent and untimely deaths. Both of them were part of the conspiracy, and neither apparently could be 
trusted not to blow the whistle. But they were only two out of a string of at least 29 people who had some 
knowledge of the conspiracy and who, over a period of years, died under mysterious and violent circumstances. 
These murders, too had to be covered up in an ever-widening circle of complications. That the conspirators, 
whoever they were, or are, have been able to successfully do so over the last 25 years proves more than 
anything else that the conspiracy is not only determined and pervasive, BUT ALSO TREMENDOUSLY 
POWERFUL. Here are a few of those that met with an untimely death because they knew too much. 

• Dorothy Kilgallen, a nationally known syndicated columnist and television personality interviewed Jack Ruby 
during the latter' s trial for killing Oswald. She then made the mistake of telling her make-up man that she was 
going to "break the Kennedy assassination wide open within five days." Three days later, November 8, 1965, 
she was found dead in her apartment. 

• Gary Underbill, a CIA agent, told friends he knew who killed Kennedy, and that he was sure that they would 
soon get him (Underbill) also. On May 8, 1964, Underbill was shot to death in Washington. 

• William Pitzer, a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy had photographed the military-performed autopsy of JFK's body. 
He told friends he had been ordered to keep quiet about what he saw and did so for years. Nevertheless, he was 
found dead with a bullet in his head on October 29, 1966. 

• Carlos Prio Socarras, formerly a sometime president of Cuba and at one time a business associate of Jack 
Ruby, died on April 15, 1977, of what was declared "a self-infiicted' gunshot wound to the chest. 

• Joseph A. Milteer, who was identified by Miami Police as a "right-wing extremist," was secretly taped by the 
Florida lawmen in which he accurately described how Kennedy would be assassinated. This he did 13 days 
before the event. On February 9, 1974 a Coleman stove blew up in his bathroom. He died two weeks later, but 
the mortician who saw the body said the burns were not sufficient to cause his death. 

• David Ferrie was a CIA contract pilot who flew secret missions into Cuba. New Orleans D.A., Jim Garrison, 
in a trial, questioned the flier, implying that Ferrie had flown the real killers out of Dallas and into Cuba 
immediately after the assassination. On February 21, 1967, a month after the questioning, David Ferrie was 
found dead in his apartment, shot in the heart. 

There are more detailed stories easily available of people who knew too much and consequently died an 
untimely, violent death under mysterious circumstances. However, we do not have the space here to further 
pursue each case. I believe, however, that I have cited sufficient examples to show that the conspirators, 
whoever they might be, are powerful, are ruthless killers, and will leave no stone unturned in suppressing any 
evidence which they suspect might surface to blow their conspiracy. 

We now come to the heart of the story. Who might these conspirators be? We have clearly established that 
there was a widespread conspiracy, planned long before its execution on November 22, 1963. More 
importantly, the evidence further strongly indicates that there was a vast cover-up, and It, too, was meticulously 
planned long before the Warren Commission was set up to whitewash the real conspirators and blame the "lone 
nut," Oswald, as the culprit of the foul deed. That Oswald was a naive patsy, and a small cog in the operation, 
of that there is no doubt, but he was neither the main instigator of the huge plot, nor is it likely that he even so 
much as fired a shot. Then who did? Moreover, who was powerful enough to successfully carry out a pervasive 
cover-up that spread not only throughout the nerve centers of power in this country but even to the press and 
power centers of foreign countries as well? 

There are any number of individuals or groups who would have had motives to kill Kennedy, and perhaps 
would also have had the means to do so. After all, any man, no matter how well protected, is vulnerable to the 
assassin's bullet, as has been proved more recently in that President Reagan was shot at and hit, as also was 
Pope John Paul II and a number of other highly protected individuals. From time to time, a considerable number 
have been mentioned as possible suspects of killing Kennedy, people and parties who had both the means and 
the motive: 

• Fidel Castro, because there was information out that the U.S. was going to liquidate him. 

• The anti-Castro groups, because Kennedy betrayed them at the Bay of Pigs fiasco. 

• The Kremlin and the KGB because of the missile crisis and other frictions, had both motive and the means. 

• The list that has been brought up at one time or another is almost endless. For one reason or another the 
following have also been mentioned: the CIA, the FBI, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, H.L. Hunt, E. Howard 
Hunt, Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis, David Rockefeller, and even Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Each one of these, it has been argued, could have conceivably had some motive to see him dead. There is one 
major test, however, that none of these could possibly meet, and that is the all-pervasive power in the press, in 
the political field, in the judicial field (and several other major areas) to plan and stage a successful cover-up, 
something the conspirators have more or less succeeded in doing for the last 25 years. 

Who could possibly have the power to do this? Who could stop the presses of LIFE magazine in mid-run and 
change pictures? Who could yank the Supreme Court Justice out of his routine and put him at the head of a 
whitewash committee? Who could command the whole newsmedia to consistently support a blatant and 
transparent lie claiming that there was no conspiracy? Who could tell the Mannlicher-Carcano Corporation and 
its employees, even in Italy, to keep their mouths shut? Who could possibly murder at least 29 other people who 
knew too much and get away with it? 

Jhe Spotlight, in a series of articles it compiled over a period of years and put together in a book called J.F.K. 

the Mystery Unraveled, asks similar questions, but then at the very end it gets cold feet and cops out by leaving 
the question unanswered, and thereby does not quite unravel the mystery. DeWest Hooker, who is credited with 
being the first to enlighten George Lincoln Rockwell about the evil ways of the Jew (see dedication of G.L.R.'s 
book. This Time the World) was also an early cohort of Willis Carto in their Nazi days, told me that Carto had 
told him that The Spotlight can use such terms as "dual loyalists," "Zionists," "Israelis," but had been forbidden 
to use the word "Jew" in reference to any culpability in any endeavor whatsoever. Who would have the power 
to tell Willis Carto and The Spotlight that they cannot ever under any circumstances accuse the Jews directly of 

Why, who else but the Jewish establishment and the Jewish powerhouse itself? It is they who have the power to 
not only suppress any information they deem deleterious or harmful to their cause, but they can also spread 
wholesale all over the world any lie or set of lies they deem beneficial to their cause, and this they blatantly 
have done for centuries. The cover-up of the Kennedy assassination is one major example, but by no means the 
only one. The Six Million lie, the holohoax, is an even bigger lie they have successfully promoted, and 
Communism and Christianity are two more gigantic Jewish lies. 

The whole stance and position of The Spotlight is in itself a strange case in point. Whereas it proudly proclaims 
to print news that other papers (meaning the Jewish establishment papers) do not dare to print, it does in fact 
present a wealth of news on the many shady shenanigans the government and the Jewish establishment would 
just as soon the public did not hear. Many of these news items are directly aimed at our cozy relationship with 
Israel and how Israel is manipulating the United States and ripping off the American taxpayer. It has even run a 
powerful expose on the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S. S. Liberty, and referred to it repeatedly, something the 
establishment press does not dare to touch. 

But here is the strange paradox in The Spotlight's position. It will go so far in pointing to the Jewish 
stranglehold in America and the world, but then it will pull back. It will never say explicitly, loud and clear, 
the Jews are behind it. Dual loyalists, Zionists, Israelis, yes, but not Jews, per se. The Jews, on the other hand, 
blatantly accuse The Spotlight of being violently anti-Semitic, and The Spotlight will vigorously deny it, and so 
they play the game. The fact is, there are a number of Jews on The Spotlight staff Their star lawyer, Mark Lane, 
is a Jew. So are Charles M. Fischbein, the Collier brothers, Alfred Lilienthal and others. 

Mark Lane's and The Spotlight's treatment of the Kennedy assassination is a case in point. Mark Lane has 
written a major hoo\iRiish to Judgment on this heinous crime, and written several subsequent follow-up articles, 
as have others on the staff Mark Lane makes it very clear that the Warren Commission lied to the American 
public, that there was undoubtedly a vast conspiracy behind it, and that the whitewash and cover-up were of 
unprecedented magnitude. Anyone with an ounce of reasoning would be led to the same conclusion as we have 
come to - but strangely, he does not. He concludes that it was the CIA, which as we all know is American, 
don't we? So the Jews, Israel, and the MOSSAD had nothing to do with it, right? But then, you wouldn't expect 
a Jew to blow the whistle on the Jews, now would you? 

This is a last minute diversion that is typical of most of The Spotlight's reporting - point in that direction then 
cop out in the finale. All of which raises the question is The Spotlight controlled by the Jews, or isn't it? We 
believe it is. We believe it fits neatly into the class III journal category, the Trap Classification, which is 
described in Protocol No. 1 1 oithe Protocols of the Learned Elders ofZion. Whereas The Spotlight is evidently 
(for obvious reasons) not willing to put the finger on the Jewish network for the assassination and cover-up of 
the Kennedy crime, we of the Church of the Creator come up with the obvious and only answer: The Jews 
planned the foul job and their murderous band of bloodthirsty killers, the MOSSAD pulled the trigger or 
triggers that killed Kennedy. 

Who or what is the MOSSAD? Most Americans have never even heard of it, and few even know it exists. It is 
therefore cogent that we expand here briefly on the nature of the Jewish MOSSAD. 

The MOSSAD is, in a way, the Israeli equivalent of our CIA, but it is much more. It is the Jewish intelligence- 
gathering arm, whose headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel, but their vast armies are spread into every country of 
the world. Like the CIA, they not only gather information relentlessly from every corner, nook and cranny of 
the world, but they also ruthlessly murder people they deem a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. They foment 
revolutions, hatch political plots, overthrow governments, assassinate key figures, stage commando raids where 
necessary, or organize revolutionary movements, all in the cause of the Jewish race. The CIA, or the Russian 
KGB do all these things also, but with this difference. Since the Jews control practically all the nerve centers of 
power throughout the United States and the world, so do the intelligence agencies of the United States 
collaborate with the MOSSAD. In short, the CIA and the KGB are adjuncts of the MOSSAD, with the 
MOSSAD firmly in control of all. The CIA feeds all important Information it gathers not only into its own 
computers in Washington, but also into the huge bank of computers in Tel Aviv. So does the KGB, so does the 
British Intelligence, the German and the French. The MOSSAD gathers all, but it does not give any back. It is a 
one-way street. 

In fact, the CIA and FBI are heavily infiltrated by, and staffed with MOSSAD agents. The MOSSAD also 
makes sure that their own agents are in every agency of the government, in the staff of every congressman and 
senator, and, in fact, every important nerve center of power. 

In short, the MOSSAD is purely Jewish - loyal only to Israel and the Jewish race and the worldwide Jewish 
conspiracy. It is the world's most powerful, most efficient gang of killers. Although, historically speaking, the 
name of MOSSAD is of recent vintage, under other names the roots of these murderous brigades go far back in 
history. When the Jews describe the killing of 75,000 of their enemies in the Book of Esther, they were 
describing a typical MOSSAD operation, and they have been celebrating their PURIM every year ever since. 
Killing their enemies is what they mean by "having a good day." These killers run rampant throughout every 
country in the world, including, and especially, the United States. Our congressmen are acutely aware, and also 
deathly afraid of them, and for good reason, as are most personnel in the government's employ. 

It is my unswerving conclusion that when the Jews planned to assassinate John Kennedy, it was the MOSSAD 
which did the job. They had their professional triggermen carry out the execution and do it right. They had their 
sharpshooters set up behind a stone wall on the grassy knoll in front of the motorcade and when Kennedy was 
in close range they let him have it from front and back and blew his brains out. That is why the Warren 
Commission repeatedly ignored eyewitness reports about the shots from the activities on the grassy knoll. At 
the same time they placed Oswald in the School Book Depository Building to play the part of the fall guy, but 
you can be sure they did not leave the real killing job to a third rate bungler like Lee Harvey Oswald. 

We now come to the question of motive. Why would the Jews want to kill Kennedy? 

When it comes to motives, I confess I do not claim to be a mind reader. We can only speculate, look at the 
ensuing events of history and come up with cogent reasons as to why they did what they did. With that as a 
basis I can think of several important reasons why they would want to see John Kennedy dead, and I will list 
them in what I believe to be their order of importance. 

1. According to the Canadian Intelligence Service of September, 1988, Kennedy committed the most deadly of 
all crimes in the eyes of the Jewish bankers. He bypassed the Jewish Federal Reserve and issued government 
notes. He committed the same unforgivable sin as did President Abraham Lincoln a hundred years earlier and 
for which he, too, paid the ultimate price. In the complex cover-up of the Kennedy murder, history repeated 
itself and a strangely similar modus operandi was used as in the cover-up of the Lincoln crime some 98 years 

On June 30, 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110, and further amended E.O. No. 10289 of 
September 19, 1951, thereby giving the President authority to issue the currency. He thereupon ordered the 
issue of $4,292,893,815.00. This was almost ten times as much as the $450,000,000.00 printed by Lincoln 
during the Civil War. He evidently forced then Secretary of the Treasury, C. Douglas Dillon, another name 
changing Jew (Lapowski?), to sign the United States Notes. Shortly thereafter, on November 22, 1963, Kennedy 
paid the ultimate price and was shot, as was Lincoln. 

The first thing President Johnson did when he flew back to Washington was to reverse this order. For good 
reasons this operation of printing U.S. notes (as mandated by the Constitution) has been shrouded in secrecy by 
the Jewish bankers, since, if it became general knowledge, would blow the cover on the whole Federal Reserve 
scam. Even among racial and 'conservative' circles there is much confusion and a general ignorance of this bold 
and monumental action. When I discussed this issue with Tom Metzger about a year ago, he vehemently 
assured me that he had thoroughly investigated this matter of Kennedy printing the notes, and that there was 
nothing to it. 

However, we have the Executive Order number, the date, and the amount of the issuance, all stated In the 
above. Even more convincing, I have seen and personally held in my hand one of those U.S. notes - a five 
dollar bill. 

2. The second serious infraction that Kennedy made in opposition to the Jewish conspiracy was his decision to 
end U.S. participation in the Vietnam fiasco before it had hardly begun, a move that angered the Jews, since 
they had planned an increasingly heavy, long term involvement in that stupid venture. Present on Air Force One 
with Kennedy on his fateful trip to Texas was Rep. Henry Gonzales of Texas. On March 21, 1988, Rep. 
Gonzales revealed a bit of significant history in a speech before the House. Gonzalez told that on said trip, 
Kennedy, as he rose to leave the (airplane) compartment, turned and said to him (paraphrased), "By the way, I 
have issued orders to pull all our military and their equipment from Vietnam, beginning this December." The 
Jews had different plans as we all know only too well. They planned to bleed the American treasury dry, to kill 
thousands of young American boys in the jungles of Vietnam and destroy American prestige and honor, what 
was then left of it. All this they did with a vengeance. Kennedy was killed within hours after he talked to 
Gonzalez, and Lyndon Johnson, as soon as he became president, reversed that order, and used the Tonkin Gulf 
"incidenf to vastly expand the ill-fated American presence in Vietnam. This insane war helped to put billions 
of profits into the hands of the Jewish war profiteers, at the expense of the world's foremost patsy, the White 
American taxpayer. (See Operation Rip-off, our Booklet No. 103.) 

3. The third reason the Jews had for seeing Kennedy dead was inherent in the whole Kennedy clan. They had all 
the characteristics necessary to build a powerful goy dynasty, and this the Jews feared from the time old Joe 
Kennedy began building his powerful empire. The Kennedys were extremely wealthy, they were numerous, 
they were clannish, and they were politically ambitious and aggressive. Joe Kennedy already had ambitions in 
the thirties of grooming his oldest son Joe, Jr., to become a future president of the United States, and Joe, Jr. 
was shaping up to become an ideal candidate, being considerably more articulate and charismatic than was his 
younger brother John. Unfortunately, Joe was killed while on a bombing mission during W.W. II. Routine 
casualty of war, or did the Jew plan it that way? We will never know, but Joe Jr. was out of the way. 

accidentally or deliberately. Joe Sr. still had three more sons, and he next groomed son John, who, as we all 
know, by hook or by crook did become president in 1960. We also know that Bobby became Attorney General, 
and later Senator. Teddy as we all know also became Senator, and is still in the Senate today. The third 
generation of Kennedys are also entering the political domain, despite three violent deaths in the Kennedy clan. 

There was one other thing that the Jews feared about the Kennedys. Although we have been told about their 
extreme liberal orientation in the Democratic Party, essentially old Joe and his four boys were extremely well 
versed in the existence of the worldwide Jewish network and their string pulling. Although John feigned to go 
along with Israel and the Jews, it was not sincere, paying only lip service for political gain. The Jews, being 
well trained in detecting the innermost sentiments of their enemies since before the days of Esther, did not trust 
John Kennedy and feared the rise of a Kennedy dynasty that might turn on them at the earliest opportunity. In 
his decisions on Vietnam, on issuing U.S. notes without the benefit of the Federal Reserve and in his lukewarm 
support of Israel, John Kennedy was already beginning to display his rebellion against the Jewish powerhouse. 
Consequently he had to go, as five years later in 1968, did his brother Bobby, and Teddy, being of even more 
dubious moral fibre, is now thoroughly locked in their embrace. 

4. Shortly before he was assassinated Kennedy made a speech to a group of Cuban patriots in Miami. In this 
speech he revealed that he had been betrayed and double-crossed during the Bay of Pigs invasion, that whereas 
he had ordered air cover, someone in the chain of command reversed the order at the last moment and left the 
Cuban freedom fighters to the mercy of Castro's militia. "We will have our revenge!" he is quoted as saying. 
The Jews, who put Castro in power in the first place, saw it otherwise, and were determined that Cuba remain in 
the Communist camp. 

5. Back in 1963, before he was shot, John himself did not have the public image of being the great "hero" that 
the glitz and hoopla of Jewish propaganda has now, 25 years later, built him up to be. In fact, he was thoroughly 
hated and despised by many. After his Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba, he was regarded as a wimp by many. After 
he used 20,000 army troops in strong-arm tactics to force one miserable nigger into the university at Oxford, 
Mississippi, he enraged most of the White electorate and many people began to ask "Whose side is this damn 
fellow on, anyway?" His many extramarital affairs with prostitutes and other sleazy characters earned him 
nothing but disgust. Nor did his associations with the Frank Sinatra "rat pack" and Mafia characters win him 
any popularity ratings. The fact is while he was alive, he was becoming the laughing stock of the American 
electorate. A phonograph record put out by nightclub comic Vaughn Meader parodying the Kennedy family was 
rapidly becoming a runaway best seller, and the nightclub comedians, too, in general, were having a field day in 
which the Kennedys were the butt of their jokes. 

What did all this have to do with the Jews? Well, a great deal. It was at this time, in the early sixties, that the 
Jews were getting their major onslaught into high gear to ram their plethora of "civil rights" legislation through 
congress, but with the unpopular image with which the Kennedy administration was now saddled, they were 
getting nowhere. All this changed overnight after he was shot. He now suddenly became a legendary hero, and 
the American nation not only was in shock, but somehow felt terribly guilty about his death. President Johnson 
(actually the Jews) wasted no time capitalizing on this ridiculous guilt feeling, and "in the name of our martyred 
President," he and congress rushed through one civil rights bill after another, all designed to mongrelize and 
pump the black blood of Africa into the unwilling veins of White America. 

6. There was one other extra dividend the Jews reaped from this murderous affair. Whereas old Joe Kennedy 
(and the family) had a major grip on the liquor industry, especially the importation of Scotch whiskey, this now 
rapidly slipped out of their hands and to the benefit of the rival (Jewish) Bronfman family. Although it was not 
really a significant factor in causing Kennedy's execution, nevertheless, the Jews never miss a bet in cashing in 

So John Kennedy was murdered by a brigade of professional killers, the Jewish MOSSAD. Both the execution 
and the cover-up were planned months in advance by the only force in the world that had the pervasive power to 
draw on all its resources in the newsmedia, the government and the judicial agencies, namely the worldwide 
Jewish network. Nobody else could have done it and made it stick, and that, my White Racial Comrades, is an 
obvious fact. 

Such is the nature of our treacherous enemy. Unless we smash this rapacious beast it will certainly devour us 
all. The only way we can stop the Jews from destroying the White Race is to smash this sinister behemoth to 
smithereens, once and for all, and the only way it can be done is with a superior and more powerful force than 
theirs. Let us remember that the Jews built their power network solely through the aegis of their racial religion. 
With 500 million White people on this planet we certainly still have the wherewithal to destroy this plague upon 
mankind, and with Creativity as the rallying point we have the vehicle and the means with which to do the job. 
Do your part in building that power structure. Become a militant partisan, an activist Creator in the fight for 
survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Become involved, heavily involved! Time is of the 

Extract from Protocol 11 

(From Page 223 oi Nature 's Eternal Religion) 

The future despotic Jewish State will have three classes of journals that they will control. In the front rank will 
stand organs of an official character. These journals will always stand guard over the Jewish interests and they 
admit that, therefore, their infiuence will be comparatively small. In the second rank will be semi-official organs 
whose part it will be to attract the tepid and indifferent Goyim. In the third rank they will set up their own 
papers, but to all appearances they will be In opposition to their regime. This will (a) trap their real opponents to 
accept this simulated position as their own. (b) They can lead the opposition opinion into the very channels to 
which they then desire, and thereby neutralize them. 

In this regard, Racial Loyalty stands nearly alone in category No. 4 - a journal which the Jew can 't control, 
and truly loathes and fears. 

Issue No. 47 - February 1989 

The Rothschilds, the Civil War and the Lincoln Assassination 

Sequel to the Kennedy Assassination 

1. ''If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James, and one for you, Lionel... " 
Benjamin Disraeli, (Son of Isaac D'Israeli and, secondly, British Prime Minister) toasting and bragging to 
Nathan Rothschild's boys at the wedding of their sister, Lenora, to their cousin Alfonso in 1857. 

2. "We shall force the Christians into wars by exploiting their pride and stupidity. They shall massacre each 
other and clear the ground for us. " From the funeral oration of Rabbi Reichhom (Page 59 of the Rothschild 
Money Trust). 

Let us take up the specific subjects in the title In the reverse of their chronological order and start with the 
assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States. 

Who Killed "Honest" Abe 

In a series of events that strangely parallel the assassination of President John Kennedy some 98 years later, 
Abraham Lincoln was murdered on April 14, 1865 while he was attending a play at the Ford Theater, It was a 
time when he was at the height of his career, flushed with victory as the Civil War was winding up to a 
successful conclusion for the Union forces and a catastrophic end for the Confederate South. At this propitious 
moment at 10:15 PM, that fateful night, he was hit behind his left ear by a half inch lead slug fired from a 
derringer in the hand of John Wilkes Booth, of the Jewish family of Botha. 

In a split second, as in the Kennedy assassination, this act dramatically changed the course of history. As also in 
the Kennedy assassination, that course of history boded ill for the White Race and greatly accrued to the benefit 
of the Jewish money powers. Let us briefly summarize how the White Race lost and how the Jews gained 
tremendous advantages in that spilt second when the lead ball penetrated Lincoln's skull. 

As historians are well aware, Abraham Lincoln dared to thwart and challenge the Jewish banking establishment 
by printing 450 million dollars in U.S. government "greenbacks," as they were called, and thereby bypassed the 
Jewish bankers. This was, and continues to be, an unforgivable crime in the eyes of the Jews. The fact that 
Lincoln had a clear constitutional right to do so, made not the slightest iota of difference to the hard-nosed Jews. 
They have usurped this powerful weapon - the issuance of money - into their own grubby hands, and will 
fiercely defend it by all the devious and sinister means at their disposal. Not only did Lincoln have the 
constitutional right to do so, but as every president before and after him, he had a sworn constitutional duty to 
do so. (See C.C. No. 40 of The White Man 's Bible "The Federal Reserve.") Lincoln took this major step during 
the middle of the war to somewhat belatedly help pay the mounting debts and the terrible price the war between 
the states was exacting from the nation. Whether Lincoln fully realized the extent and the power of the forces he 
was bucking is a matter of some conjecture. That he paid the full price with his life, as later did John Kennedy, 
of that history leaves no doubt. 

The second reason the Jews wanted Lincoln dead as soon as the war was over was purely racial. Now that he 
had done them the stupendous favor of successfully waging a disastrous, so-called "civil war" between two 

groups of burgeoning White peoples, he was no longer needed. In fact, he was now an obstacle and a liability to 
their future plans. As I have pointed out repeatedly In many of my previous writings, it has been the ultimate 
dream of the Jewish cabal to decimate the White Race, to mongrelize the White Race and to finally destroy it 
utterly and have this Planet Earth populated by only two classes of people - the Jews as masters, and a polyglot 
brown mixture of dumb mongrels as their slaves. Their motto is and has been for centuries every Jew a king, 
every goy a slave. 

In the preceding article on the Kennedy Assassination we mentioned that the bloody gang of Jewish killers 
known as the MOSSAD as being of recent vintage, approximately the 1930's. Whereas the name is recent, and 
like the Russian KVD and KGB, changes names from time to time, the Jews have always had a well organized, 
tightly knit intelligence network. The MOSSAD is replete with super spies and professional killers ready to 
execute those they deem inimical to their cause. This they have had long before the emergence of the modern 
MOSSAD, going as far back as the days of Moses and Joshua. Evidently, this gang of spies and killers was also 
well established in America before and during the Civil War. 

During the progress of the long, cruel war, Lincoln's prestige and position were both extremely precarious, 
depending solely on the turn of events. Every battle was a crucial barometer of whether he had been right or 
wrong. A defeat castigated him as a villain. Every victory glorified him as a hero. When the tide of events in 
April of 1865 successfully wound up that gruesome war with the Union forces victorious and the Confederate 
forces shattered, Lincoln emerged as a national hero of historical proportions (in the eyes of the victorious 
North). As president in the aftermath, his power and prestige would largely have dictated the course of events as 
Lincoln wished them to be. 

Just what did Lincoln have in mind for the Union he now had "saved?" They were largely constructive and 
beneficial for the White people of the now "United" States. 

He had a far-reaching program in mind for moving the niggers out of the territory of the United States and 
resettling them (a) in the tropical territories of Central America, at that time largely vacant, or (b) In Africa, in 
which the colony of Liberia, founded in 1821 for that purpose, was the embryo, but by no means the only 

That such was Lincoln's plan and intention was no secret at that time in history, although the Jewish 
propaganda machine has subsequently and largely obliterated that fact from our present history books. For those 
interested in further pursuing Lincoln's plans and program, the details are capably set out by Earnest Sevier Cox 
(1880-1966) in his booklet Lincoln 's Negro Policy, available from Liberty Bell Publications, Box 21, Reedy, 

WV 25270. 

Had Lincoln lived, his influence and prestige would undoubtedly have set in motion a most urgent and far- 
reaching solution to the cancerous racial problem, a problem that is now rapidly coming to a climax and 
threatens to destroy the last bastion of the White Race, the United States of America. When John Wilkes Booth 
fired that derringer on that fateful night of April 14, 1865, the whole plan of racial "emancipation" died with 
Lincoln. Although the urgency of that program has increased with each passing generation, no president, no 
political party since has had the guts to carry it forward and implement it. This overwhelming issue now 
ominously staring us in the face, more than anything else, is the reason for the existence of the Church of the 
Creator. It is now or never, and we cannot afford to fail. We must not fail! Your support to achieve what 
Lincoln had in mind a century and a quarter ago is now a matter of life and death for our precious Race. 

Lincoln had a constructive and forgiving policy towards the now defeated and shattered states of the 
Confederacy. In contrast, the Northern stooges and radicals, goaded and led by the Jewish forces, thirsted for 

revenge. They not only wanted to destroy the property of the White Southerners but they wanted to destroy their 
traditions, their life-style, and everything the South stood for. Most of all, they wanted to destroy and 
mongrelize the White Southern gene pool - they were determined to pump the black blood of the former 
African slaves into the veins of White Americans. This was the most heinous of all their crimes, and, led by 
their Jewish overlords manipulating the whole operation and pulling the strings, these White traitors went about 
it with a vengeance. As always, whereas the Jews remained in the background, in the forefront appeared such 
radical reprobates as Thurlow Weed, New York newspaper publisher and political boss; Benjamin F. Wade, 
Senator from Ohio and Chairman of the Committee on the conduct of the War; Brothers Jay Cook and Henry 
Cook, the former being a Philadelphia financier and Lincoln's Civil War fund raiser, and the latter a 
Washington, D.C. banker; Thaddeus Stevens, Congressman from Pennsylvania and Chairman of the House 
Ways and Means Committee; Zacharias Chandler, Senator from Michigan and Chairman of the Committee on 
Commerce; Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, some-time congressman from Massachusetts, and the brutal military 
governor of New Orleans during part of 1862, a stint that earned him the name of "Beast Butler." 

This by no means completes the list of radicals which were determined to smash and destroy the South and all 
the White people who dwelt therein. What they had in mind was to make the White Southerners the slaves of 
their former black slaves. 

Further, Lincoln was in favor of reimbursing the former Southern slave owners for the slaves that they would 
now no longer hold; of giving the niggers only a limited vote, i.e., those who were at least somewhat educated 
and literate. He was in favor of taking the Confederate States back into the Union as full partners, with only 
partial and limited restrictions. 

All of this was anathema to the Northern radicals, who not only wanted vindictive revenge but also wanted to 
physically and financially break the South. This would enable the carpetbaggers from the North (especially 
Jews like the Seligmans and Lehmans) to march in and buy up the formerly valuable properties and estates for 
two cents on the dollar. This they now did with a vengeance, as the Jews were to do again later In war-torn 
Germany after World Wars I and II. 

All this was accomplished in the fiash of a derringer when Lincoln was assassinated on that fateful night of 
April 14, 1865. The radicals got their revenge. The properties of the Confederate States were burned and looted. 
What remained was stolen and confiscated into the hands of the Northern carpetbaggers. The Southern States 
were occupied and treated to a Carthaginian truce as vicious as had ever been imposed on any foreign enemy. 
The niggers were allowed to run rampant and rape the Southern women at will, and these filthy, ignorant 
savages now became the token "governors" of their former White masters, with the Jews pulling all the strings 
in the background. All this massive change was accomplished by that one fatal shot from a derringer. 

As in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we now come to the main question in this whole gruesome episode: 
Was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln merely an accidental quirk of history, the act of a lone nut, John 
Wilkes Booth, or was it the culmination of a massive, carefully planned conspiracy by powerful forces behind 
the scenes? 

Again, as in the Kennedy murder, the stakes were tremendously high in that it would it would change the future 
course of the nation's history. Also, if we raise the question - who benefited, and who lost the most, we come 
up with the same conclusion in both of the two historical events, although they might be 98 years apart in time: 
the Jews were the overwhelming benefactors and gained their desired objectives; the White Race lost a 
tremendous amount of ground in both cases. An accidental quirk of history? Hardly. 

There are many more strange parallels in these two historic assassinations. Since in the previous article about 

the Kennedy murder I have already made a cursory review of the many absurdities, lies and impossible 
conclusions put forth by the Warren Commission and the several concomitant whitewash efforts succeeding it, 
there is no need to repeat them again. What is strange is that in the Lincoln assassination and its aftermath we 
find a very similar question, suppressed evidence and a massive cover-up. 

Here are some unanswered questions: 

1. Why did several invited guests, including Gen. U.S. Grant, refuse to accept Lincoln's invitation to 
accompany him and Mrs. Lincoln to Ford's Theater on the night of April 14? 

2. Why did the President only have one single bodyguard that night, and how did it happen that even he was 
absent from his post at the time of the murder? How did it also happen that he was never punished for his 
dereliction, nor even questioned? 

3. Why, despite countless threats and known plots did the War Department fail to provide Lincoln with 
adequate protection? 

4. Did Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln's power-obsessed Secretary of War, play a role in the assassination? 

5. Why were all the escape routes out of Washington closed that fateful night, except the one that Booth used? 

6. Who, for hours after the murder, blacked out all the commercial telegraph lines from out of Washington? 

7. Why was the existence of Booth's diary hidden until long after the famous 1865 conspiracy trial, and when 
revealed 18 pages had been cut out? 

8. Who removed those 18 pages, when and why? 

9. Were the convicted and hanged Booth coconspirators scapegoats for higher figures in a massive cover-up? 
(cf Oswald set up as the patsy in the Kennedy murder.) 

10. Was the man shot at Garrett's farm and identified as Booth, the real Booth, or a substitute? 

11. Did the real Booth escape to freedom and die an old man 40 years later, as has been alleged? (Probably so. 
We must remember that he performed an inestimable favor for the Jews, and that Booth was himself of Jewish 

It is my inescapable conclusion that once the war was over and the South lay in ruins, it was of tremendous 
importance to the Jewish cause that Lincoln be put out of the way. They foresaw this long before the war was 
over, and they meticulously planned both his assassination and the massive cover-up that followed. 

It is my further conclusion that having successfully accomplished the Lincoln assassination and cover-up, they 
utilized this experience to follow a similar modus operandi in the murder and cover-up of John F. Kennedy. 
Also, the reasons for doing so were strikingly similar (the issuance of "greenbacks"; proceeding with their 
avowed program of mongrelizing the White Race.) in both cases, the sole benefactor was the worldwide Jewish 

About the Civil War 

There are some further observations I want to make about the so-called Civil War, which was not a civil war at 
all, but more correctly a war between one group of American states (the North, or the Union) and another group 
of American states (the South, or Confederate States) In a war of secession (the latter from the former). In so 
doing, I may not have any new information to offer, except for one important point that historians have chosen 
to ignore, and that is this: viewing that war from the point of view that the real power behind it was the Jewish 
money power - the whole worldwide Jewish network. To ignore such (because of "fear of the Jews") throws an 
altogether different light on world events and is, in fact, an aberration and a gigantic distortion of history. 

As I have stated on numerous occasions previously, the only wars that America has fought that were of any 
benefit to the White Race were of two categories. The first was the war against Mexico between 1846 and 1848. 
The second category consists of the numerous battles, wars and skirmishes against the savage Indians which 
flared up, off and on, for approximately three centuries. In the first case, the Mexican War, which was ably 
planned and successfully carried through by our outstanding eleventh President, James Knox Polk, we gained a 
major third of our land area for the benefit of the White Race. True, it was a racial war, in which the White 
Anglo-Saxon Race was pitted against the more numerous mongrelized Mexicans. The White Man won that war 
hands down, much to the glory and benefit of our brave and competent forefathers. Although spread out over a 
much wider period of time and circumstances, the results of the numerous Indian skirmishes was the same. We 
conquered a continent and a massive new territory and held it by force. We settled it, developed that territory 
and built a great nation. Of this we can be tremendously proud. 

We cannot say the same about any of the other wars into which the United States has been treacherously 
inveigled. We derived no benefit from the Vietnam War, not from World I or II, nor even from the American 
Revolution, which, had it not been for the Bank of England and Jewish money power, need never have been 
fought at all. But of all the bloody and costly wars Into which the White people of the United States have been 
snookered, none was as stupid, as bloody, as destructive and as unnecessary as was the massacre between the 
States In the era of 1861-1865. 

As most of the destructive wars into which the White Man has been ensnared and swindled, the so-called Civil 
War was a Jewish operation from beginning to end. For more than forty years the Jews used the slavery issue as 
an emotional and "moral" issue to stir up intensive hatred and dissention. By cleverly manipulating their 
propaganda machinery (in which Uncle Tom 's Cabin was a major tool) the stage was thoroughly set by the time 
Lincoln became president. The results, as all the world now knows, were devastating, especially for the South. 
In terms of slaughtering the prime manhood of the North, and again, especially of the South, in terms of men 
maimed and crippled, in terms of property wantonly burned and destroyed, no other war in our history can equal 
the punishment infiicted on the then young and emerging nation. Nor was that legacy of hate and destruction to 
the White Race ever absolved or redeemed. We are today reaping the whirlwind of that horrible blunder made 
by our forefathers when they allowed the Jews to inveigle them into that catastrophic and fratricidal war. As 
never before, because of it, we, the White Race, are now faced with total mongrelization, and, for all practical 
purposes, are facing a fate worse than genocide, worse than death. 

It was all planned that way, and the Jewish money power, the Rothschild dynasty in particular, not only planned 
it, but bragged about it years before the event. 

There is one further Intriguing question that arises from this whole gruesome and tragic catastrophe. Since the 
Jews planned the whole operation, the war, its outcome, the Lincoln murder and its subsequent cover-up, the 
vicious raping and destruction of the South, the question is - what was Lincoln's conscious role in this whole 
affair? Since he was the central figure in this fratricidal war, was he a willing collaborator in conspiracy with 
the Jews, or was he a dumb patsy used by the Jews, or was he partly both? 

Lincoln was not the great man that subsequent history has made him out to be, just as Kennedy was not the 
heroic idol he is now being portrayed. There is a saying that some men are born to greatness, some achieve 
greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Lincoln definitely falls into the latter category. Lincoln 
was an enigma in his time, and remains as such even today. He was a shrewd politician, somewhat of a not-too- 
intelligent backwoods lawyer and country bumpkin, but sharp enough to be able to manipulate people and use 
his homespun homilies and anecdotes in order to make his points. This he did effectively, as a good politician 
should. Also, he had a big ego and a fierce determination to win. He did not create the furor about the slavery 
issue. The Jews had been working on that for some forty years, and when his opportunity came, Lincoln was 
shrewd enough to capitalize on it as a crafty politician should. He probably did feel that it was an important 
moral issue that he would like to rectify, if he could. I do not believe that he knowingly collaborated with the 
Jews when he became president but rather the Jews saw in him a useful tool for furthering their cause and 
consequently used and promoted him. In American Jewry and the Civil War, the Jewish author Bertram W. 
Kom says, "One of the most enigmatic intimates of President Lincoln during the war was Isachar Zacharie, an 
obscure British-born physician and chiropodist, who, according to the New York World, enjoyed Mr. Lincoln's 
confidence perhaps more than any other private individual - (and was) perhaps the most favored family visitor 
in the White House." Undoubtedly, the Jews used Zacharie as a conduit to manipulate Lincoln to do their 
bidding whenever necessary, but Lincoln was committed and obsessed to wage and win the war, and did not 
need too much prompting. Although I do not profess to be a mind reader, I believe that Lincoln entered the 
presidency more or less ignorant and unaware of the Jewish money power. However, once president, 
somewhere along the line he did become aware of it, and it frightened him. He is quoted as saying something to 
the effect that he saw dark and sinister forces gathering 

on the horizon and he feared for his country. If the United States were ever destroyed it would be destroyed not 
by an outside enemy, but from within. Without a doubt, confronted with grim reality, he had become aware of 
the "hidden hand" of Jewish money power. 

Rothschild Money Power 

We now come full circle as to who and what caused the Civil War and culminated in the assassination of 
Abraham Lincoln. In this whole treacherous and catastrophic series of events, let me assure you, that freeing of 
the slaves was never the real and underlying issue. The issue was two fold - money and race. Both of these 
issues are the primary domain of the Jewish cabal and have been for at least three thousand years. 

The Jewish focus on money and power therefore did not start with the Rothschild family dynasty, but it did 
reach new heights with their dominance. Mayer Amschel, the founder of the dynasty, was born in 1743 in 
Frankfurt-am-Main. He was a dealer in junk, antiques and old coins. He was a shrewd operator and soon 
became the financial agent to the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel during the French Revolutionary wars. He had a 
large family of 20 children. Of these, ten survived to adulthood, five of which were sons. 

The Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel was the same fellow that engaged in renting out his subjects (young soldiers) to 
America in the Revolutionary War and was making a fortune in supplying Hessian mercenaries to fight on the 
American side. All this money also went through Mayer Amshel's slimy hands and he was quick to divert it to 
his own coffers and multiply it prodigiously. He went into banking. He had discovered that magic swindle now 
called fractional reserve, that process whereby you lend money out at Interest on script, against gold you do 
not have, on the premise that only a fraction of your customers will come to call on the gold. (See C.C. 40 in 
The White Man 's Bible "The Federal Reserve.") Anyway, crafty Jew Amschel prospered by leaps and bounds. 
His basic working motto was "Give me the power to issue the Nation's money and I care not who makes its 
laws." He soon set up his five sons as central bankers in the five main financial capitals of Europe, namely 
London, England; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; Naples, Italy; and the aforementioned Frankfurt to cover 


During the Napoleonic Wars the five boys were extremely busy lending money not only to both sides, but to all 
sides. They pulled off their biggest coup after the Battle of Waterloo, where they had couriers and/or carrier 
pigeons to speedily relay the results of that fateful battle back to England, and, through this crafty device were 
the first in England to know the outcome of that history making battle. However, being privy to this kind of 
"insider information," they quickly started stock buying sprees which worked to their favor. The word spread 
like wildfire that Napoleon had won and panic hit the British stock exchange. The Rothschilds had made a 
fantastic killing, once again using the Jewish ruse of lies, deception, and insider information. Like trained seals, 
the British merchants took it lying down, and let these scurvy thieves get away with it. 

There are many other fast deals that the Rothschilds manipulated on a national scale, such as the Suez Canal 
stock shares, and a host of others. Most of our readers are also aware of the double-dealing, latter day 
Rothschild cohorts, the Warburgs. During World War I while Paul Warburg was advising our president Wilson 
how to starve Germany into surrender, his brother Max was in Germany advising Kaiser Wilhelm on how to 
decimate the U.S., but let us focus back on the Civil War. 

The Rothschilds and the Jews saw the new nation of the United States of America as a huge potential gold mine 
and they lost no time establishing themselves and getting their financial tentacles firmly entrenched in the new 
land of milk and honey. In the first place, the Jews were the foremost promoters and traders in black gold - 
trading in black slaves imported from Africa. They had a twofold purpose in the slave trade: first, to make huge 
fortunes from the slave trade itself Secondly, polluting this new land with the dirty genes of these black African 
savages. They could utilize this tactic later to ruin the U.S. as they did Egypt 3000 years ago and have done to 
several other countries since then. They had gathered a wealth of experience in the trading of slaves and in the 
poisoning of the gene pools of White nations. 

Having shipped vast numbers of black slaves into America at a huge profit, they simultaneously began to lay 
the guilt complex on the White Americans at large. This Achilles' heel of the White Race they exploited and 
fomented with a vengeance. When they then found a Lincoln to act as their front piece and to lead the new 
nation in a divisive, fratricidal war, the Rothschild network was more than ready - ready to again finance both 
sides of a war they themselves had been instrumental in instigating. 

On the Union side they had August Belmont (real name - Schoenberg), a racial cohort, as their agent to supply 
the North with money (at interest, of course). On the Confederate side they had Judah P. Benjamin to supply the 
South with printed Confederate notes, the value of which rapidly dwindled into the nothingness from whence it 
came when the South lost the war. But the Rothschild dynasty made out like the bandits they were and cleaned 
up beautifully on both sides. Furthermore, their tentacles did not relax after the war was over. In fact, so deep in 
debt were both sides after the war that these slimy Jewish parasites have been making a killing from that 
debacle (and several ensuing debacles) ever since. 

To illustrate how deeply involved the Jewish House of Rothschild was in plotting and instigating the Civil War, 
and how arrogantly sure they were of their scam, I refer the reader back to page one and the opening, boastful 
toast of Rothschild crony, Benjamin Disraeli. Could the picture be more lucid as to who and what caused the 
Civil War? 

The Jews found Abraham Lincoln a useful patsy in a war that they, the Jews, had carefully planned and 
fomented for decades in advance. When Lincoln had served his time and their purpose, they just as 
meticulously planned his murder and the ensuing cover-up. We, the White Race, are still paying an 
outrageously high price for this perfidy, and unless we soon get ourselves organized and expunge these deadly 

parasites from our midst, our future progeny will be totally mongrelized, totally enslaved. Twenty years hence, 
your children will ask: Dad, Mother, where were you when the Jews and the niggers took over this country? 

How will you answer them? 

"/ have the grey army in front of me, the international bankers at my back. " - Abe Lincoln, just a few weeks 
before he was murdered. 

Issue No. 48 -March 1989 

Operation Judah USA 

Stupidly, for more than forty years, Uncle Sap has magnanimously been playing Santa Claus to all our worst 
enemies, to the Jews, to the mud people, and to all the scum and freeloaders of the world. All this, of course at 
the expense of the long suffering White American taxpayer, who is being robbed blind. 

The United States of America today has a unique position in the world that has not been equalled by any other 
country, or empire for that matter, in the history of the world. The productive and creative abilities of the White 
American worker and taxpayer, combined with the technical advancement and the vast physical resources of its 
land areas from the Atlantic to the Pacific, are awesome indeed. Never, in all history, has any people had the 
wonderful opportunity to be healthy and wealthy, happy and prosperous, as did America in the latter half of the 
twentieth century. Indeed, immediately following its victorious conclusion of World War II in 1945, America 
stood on top of the world, supreme and unchallenged, the envy and hope of all the world. 

Unfortunately, whereas nearly the entire outside world realized this, our most enviable position in history, the 
average White American did not. Nor did many White Americans realize that the same Jewish parasite which 
had euchred America into this disastrous worldwide slaughter of W.W. II in the first place was in control of the 
destiny of America, and, in fact, of the world, as it has been for centuries. Nor did White America realize that 
this vicious Jewish parasite would soon turn its destructive invective on the productive and creative White 
American who had just saved the neck of this treacherous plague from being wiped off the face of the earth. 
Because White America was not aware of either its racial identity, nor its great fortune, it stood naked and 
defenseless against the conspiratorial Jewish network, which was soon determined to take away from America 
both its racial identity and its great good fortune. Because the average White American was asleep at the switch, 
because of his own naivete and his own stupidity, because he allowed himself to be snookered into a worldwide 
conflict against his own best interests, in which he killed his own White Racial Comrades, the White Man is 
today paying dearly for that insane dereliction. Because of it, he has now lost all. He has lost his liberty, his 
unique opportunity of enjoying both wealth and abundance, and soon he will be stripped of his racial integrity 
as well. Even before the disastrous and insane world conflict of 1939-45 was over, the treacherous and 
conniving Jew was already laying worldwide plans of how he was going to rob White America of its wealth and 
turn it over to the incompetent mud races of the world; how he would rob America of its honor and identity; and 
how he would pull down the affluent White American worker until he was reduced to the rank of a miserable 
coolie, carrying all the scum, the parasites, and freeloaders of the world on his back. Not only did the diabolical 
Jew plan to do all this to the productive White American, but he also planned to rob and destroy the White gene 
pool, contaminate it on a worldwide basis to that of a filthy slop pall, and eagerly looked forward to the day 
when no more White babies would be born. 

How did the otherwise Intelligent, creative and productive White American get into such a predicament? How 
could such a monstrosity go on for more than fifty years without the victims becoming aware of it? How does it 
happen that the average White American even today doesn't realize he has been robbed, swindled, bamboozled 
and led to the slaughterhouse? 

It is a fascinating, yes, frightening question and we will try to unravel it, step by step. Whereas the Jewish plan 
to destroy the White Race has been an ongoing conspiracy for the last several thousand years. It really picked 
up a major boost and tremendous momentum in the last fifty years. We must remember that it was carefully 
planned, and each major step was accomplished by perpetrating a monstrous hoax upon the White Man, which 
the latter either embraced, or at least passively accepted, thereby endorsing it through acquiescence. 

step 1. World War II 

We start with the year 1939 when the Jews managed to inveigle all the White Races of the world into a major 
bloodletting contest in which one group of White men killed another group of White men, when they should all 
have been on the same team killing Jews, instead of each other. This the Jew accomplished by means of (a) a 
relentless and vicious program of propaganda against Hitler and the Germans, persuading America and the 
world that Hitler was a demon, a madman, a dictator who wanted to conquer the world, and (b) having their (the 
Jew' s) stooges in the nerve centers of government, such traitors as Roosevelt, Churchill and others, in 
practically every "democratic" country in the world, ready to pull the levers of power and declare war. 

Through World War II the Jews managed to kill at least fifty million people for no other reason than to advance 
their own interests. At least 90 percent of those fifty million victims were White, and most of those were the 
manhood of the White nations in the prime of their lives. 

By means of this wholesale, bloody, worldwide slaughter, the Jews achieved the biggest breakthrough in their 
history and set the stage for subsequent perfidious programs on a worldwide basis. But let us here concentrate 
on America. 

Step 2. Subsidize the World 

Many realistic military men, such as General Patton and other White leaders of foresight, declared that we were 
in an excellent position to destroy Communism. We could have finished that job in 1945 and went straight on to 
Moscow and cleaned out that foul nest of vipers. However, the Jews were firmly in the saddle, and would have 
none of that. They surreptitiously killed such men as Patton, and silenced others into oblivion. The propaganda 
machine went into full swing and spread the idea that it was now America's beholden duty to rebuild a torn and 
impoverished world, a world we had helped smash into rubble in the first place. One of the key arguments of 
the time, as I remember back some forty years ago was America cannot survive as an island of prosperity in 
a worldwide sea of poverty. It was a stupid argument if there ever was one, but evidently the American people 
accepted it, or at least made no great effort to oppose it or expose it. 

This laid the groundwork for the next major hoax that was perpetrated on the American people, namely that 
Communism was now the major threat to America, since it was making gigantic strides and taking over eastern 
Europe, China and elsewhere in the world. Of course, we were told, we could not stop it by means of military 
action as we did in the case of Hitler and the Nazis. Instead, we were told, we had to subsidize all those 
countries threatened: Greece, Italy, France, Mexico, a multitude of countries in South America, and many more. 
The Marshall Plan was instituted, and in a few years Uncle Sap became the Santa Claus of the world, 
dispensing aid and largesse to all the freeloaders of the world; all at the expense of the unlucky taxpayers of the 
United States. Once started, this program kept on mushrooming until today we are giving aid and substance to 
143 countries throughout the world. 

Let us back up a moment here and re-examine the fallacious premises on which this endless giveaway program 
is based: (a) We cannot survive as an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty. Wrong. America built itself up 
into a great and wealthy nation by its own sweat and hard labor, not by giving it all away to the freeloaders and 
the scum of the world. We never owed the world a living, do not owe it today, and never will. Our best 
protection was and is to build up our own strength and prosperity. We sure as hell have not bettered our position 
any by subsidizing all the scum of the world, expanding their numbers to a world population of five billion, and 
squandering, proliferating and draining our own resources, (b) The Communist Expansion. I have fully 
answered this in an article I wrote more than ten years ago, entitled "Russia, Israel and the United States." It is 

part of the White Man 's Bible, being C.C. No. 38. In it I lay out explicitly how the United States, under the 
domination of the worldwide Jewish network, has been instrumental in helping the Jews in Russia depose the 
Romanov dynasty and set up a Communist dictatorship; how the United States has helped to save that tottering 
dictatorship time after time when it was on the verge of collapsing; that it is doing so today; that they saved its 
neck during W.W. II when Hitler had the means and the determination to wipe the Communist plague from the 
face of the earth; that Communism is a Jewish plague from its inception; and that America's apparent 
opposition to Jewish Communism is a hoax and a fraud. Instead, Russia and the United States are, and have 
been for several decades, working hand in glove, promoting Communism throughout the world as part of the 
Jewish program to take over and enslave the world under the brutal dictatorship of the Jew. (Read again C.C. 
No. 38 in the White Man 's Bible.) 

But let us proceed to the next several fraudulent maneuvers. 

Step 3. The Civil Rights Movement 

Whereas since its inception with the successful conclusion of the American Revolution in 1781, America had 
always regarded itself a White Man's domain, after World War II the Jews put into high gear their ago-old 
program of how to destroy the White gene pool and mongrelize it into oblivion. Although the Civil War was 
supposedly fought to "free" the black African slaves on our soil, the White Man never did regard the nigger as 
his equal. At best, they were regarded as a low form of humanity which had been dragged into our midst and 
now we were stuck with them. Several farsighted Americans such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, 
Marcus Garvey (a mulatto). Senator Theodore Bilbo and others realized the problem and tried to take far- 
reaching measures to expunge them from out society (Seei?.Z. No. 42, "Survival, Expansion and 
Advancement.") The treacherous, wily Jew, however, who controlled our destiny and pulled the strings from 
behind the scenes, knew exactly what he was doing and thwarted any and all such constructive plans and 
programs, and was patiently biding his time. 

His time came in the 1950's and 1960's when the Jew plunged the United States into hysteria with his Civil 
Rights program. Suddenly it seemed, the incompetent, savage African could do nothing wrong, and the White 
Man was the villain and the culprit, and everything he did was wrong and had been for centuries. The Jew, with 
almost unchallenged control of the news media and other propaganda machinery, continued to pour it on, and 
laid a heavy guilt complex on the White Man, not only in America, but anywhere and everywhere in the world. 
Whereas the heavy or villain in the movies of the past had been a Mexican, a mulatto or an Asian, now the 
nigger is always portrayed as the wrongfully accused hero, and the White Man the villain. 

In fact, suddenly it seemed that the White Man, who had been unchallenged as the builder of civilization, of 
culture and learning, now was responsible for all the ills of the world. Not only responsible, but owed 
compensation to all the world, especially the backward mud races, who were now portrayed as the "emerging" 
third world. The way the Jew told it, everybody was now equal (hadn't the Christians been spouting this 
garbage for nearly 2000 years?) and the only reason why the Hottentots and the Australian aborigines weren't 
as advanced as we were was because the White Man had oppressed them and kept them down. 

This, the Jew kept screaming, applied especially to niggers here in our midst, and it was our Christian and civil 
duty to rapidly raise them to our level, financially, culturally, politically and in the field of education. It was our 
beholden duty to institute a crash program and make them equal as quickly as possible. If it didn't happen soon 
by just giving them an equal opportunity to become equal then the government should (must!) institute 
programs such as Affirmative Action, "minority" quotas, special educational programs, special subsidization 
programs, etc., etc., whatever it took, to force feed the programs and subsidize these backward savages until 
they would become equal. 

One of the first demonstrations of brutal, strong-arm force came in 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the 
breakthrough in forced school integration. Eisenhower, one of the sorriest of the Jewish stooges to become 
president, deployed massive military force in and around the school to help a few carefully chosen niggers get 
into an all White high school. All this was in violent opposition to the wishes and opinions of the White people 
who had helped elect him, and who also paid the bill for this abortive outrage. But with the Jewish propaganda 
machine backing him up, this despicable race traitor, long in the employ of the Jews, made it stick. The White 
population was confused, disorganized and leaderless. 

This blatant outrage against the White Race was relentlessly pursued by the next administration, the Kennedy 
boys, when another strong arm military action was instituted in Oxford, Mississippi, when "our" (read: J.O.G., 
the Jewish Occupational Government) used 20,000 military troops at tremendous taxpayers' expense, to get one 
filthy nigger, James Meredith, enrolled in the formerly all White University of Mississippi. But it was a time 
when the Jews wanted more. They wanted to make it a crime for the White Race to not mix with the savage 
niggers in all walks of life, and a sinister set of so-called Civil Rights laws were introduced by "our" Jew- 
catering congressmen. When the public began to become conscious of what was going on and vigorously 
opposed not only congress but also began to fiagrantly ridicule the Kennedy administration, it seemed the Jews 
were stymied, and the laws did not pass. What to do? The Jews had the answer. Assassinate Kennedy and make 
him a martyr and a hero. The ruse worked, although it has kept the conspiracy madly scrambling to this day 
covering their tracks. (See R.L. No. 46 "Who Killed Kennedy?") 

The White American public suddenly felt a heavy guilt complex laid upon them, and when the next Jewish 
stooge, Lyndon Johnson succeeded Kennedy as president, he played his hand to the full. He and congress now 
rushed through one complex set of "civil rights" laws after another, with very little opposition from the White 
point of view. Soon the nigger was supreme, and the former masters became slaves of their one-time slaves. 
The White Man's most precious possession, his children were now loaded into yellow buses and transported a 
dozen miles across town into the nigger jungles, and the little jungle bunnies, on the other hand, were 
transported into the White schools and neighborhoods. 

Race-mixing now became the official religion of the governmental administration and its concomitant and all- 
pervasive propaganda network, all of which were manipulated by Jews. This extended into all fields and 
embraced not only the schools and education but also into housing and racially mixed neighborhoods, into 
government, jobs, business contracts and every other field of endeavor. Where jobs and business contracts were 
formerly decided on a merit basis, such criteria were now thrown overboard and a gimmick called Affirmative 
Action was put in its place. This meant a government department, or a business employer, or a school, 
university or whatever, had to give preference to the stupid and incompetent jungle bunnies (or other 
"minorities" such as "Hispanics") to come up with a certain percentage of warm bodies whether such bodies 
were competent or not. This type of reverse discrimination was supposedly instituted to make up for "past 
wrongs," whether the employer (or whoever) had any part in such past wrongs, or whether such wrongs had 
actually even occurred. 

The idea was, favor the goddamn niggers, at whatever the cost, and pull down Whitey. We were all to be, oh, so 
equal, but the niggers and the Jews were to be more equal than anybody. This goes right back to the fraudulent 
posture Incorporated in the Jewish-Christian bible, that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord except the Jews, 
who are far more equal than anybody. 

And so the niggers were pushed forward and the Whites pushed back. Big business and its advertisers 
collaborated one hundred percent. Every ad that was now shown on television, or elsewhere, always promoted 
happy race-mixing. Each ad showed at least one "equal" nigger in the middle of the picture, with the oh, so 

happy Whites surrounding the jungle bunny. 

Step 4. Wide Open Borders 

Not only were the native-born niggers and Hispanics amply encouraged by an overly generous welfare system 
to freeload and breed while the White taxpayer footed the bill, but the official line of our Jewish Occupational 
Government (JOG) now was that we must take care of all the "refugees" In the world, and give "sanctuary" to 
those who were fleeing their tyrannical governments, wherever in the world they may be. Since most 
governments in the world, (thanks to Jewish manipulation) are not only tyrannical but also hopelessly corrupt, 
just about anybody could claim they were fleeing political oppression. In fact, our own JOG outfit also very 
much falls into the category of being hopelessly corrupt and tyrannical, but thanks to the productive and 
constructive White people who built this country and still inhabit it, undoubtedly it is still the favorite magnet of 
just about 95 percent of all the mud people of the world. 

In their diabolical program of genocide for the White Race, the Jew determined that after World War II no 
country should remain White for long. On various pretexts the mud races were now rapidly injected into every 
White country in the world. Moluccans into Holland; Turks into Germany; Algerians into France; Hindus, 
Pakistanians and all breeds of niggers into Britain (once Great Britain, but no longer) and so on down the line. 
But we are here dealing with the United States, and the means the Jews utilized to bring down and destroy this 
once most affluent and prosperous country in history. Whom could the Jews inject into the United States? 

The list is almost endless. On our 1900-mile-long southern border are unlimited hordes of poverty ridden 
Mexicans breeding like rabbits, all eager to come into the United States. And coming they are, by the millions 
and more millions. Whereas our government officials are sworn to defend our Constitution and the United 
States, they are doing neither. At best the Constitution is now used as a gimmick to dole favoritism to the mud 
races, aliens and other enemies. It is also used as a double-edged sword with which to rob and suppress the best 
and most productive elements of this country - the White people who built it all and produce the abundance that 
feeds much of the world. 

Not only are our borders now wide open to the Mexicans, but to all the other scum and riffraff of the world. The 
Vietnamese are here in huge numbers, some have taken over whole cities; the Pakis are here; the Haitians are 
here; the Jamaicans are here and expanding; the Chinese are here and coming in increasing numbers; the Japs 
have taken over Hawaii, and are building large automobile factories and buying up choice commercial real 
estate; the Cubans have taken over South Florida. 

Ah yes, the Cubans. Thereby hangs another vast story of perfidy of how our JOG outfit has manipulated, 
infiltrated and destroyed just about every country in the world. The modus operandi goes something like this: 

(a) First of all we offer a country foreign aid, which is sent to the head of its government, presumably for 
distribution to the needy and poverty ridden, or to build up its resources, (b) Most of such money, however, is 
funneled away into the private bank accounts of its dictators, who become tremendously wealthy, arrogant and 
obnoxious, creating hatred and opposition from their rebellious people. Examples of such are too numerous to 
list, but to mention a few: the Shah of Iran; "Papa Doc" Duvalier and his son in Haiti; the Diem brothers in 
Vietnam; Ferdinand E. Marcos and his expensive wife of the Philippines; Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, 
Fulgencio Batista of Cuba. There are dozens more that could be listed. To help stir up revolution and unrest, our 
JOG establishment sends in the CIA to organize revolution and civil war against these arrogant and spendthrift 
tyrants. Financed with American taxpayers' money, these revolutionary outfits soon have arms, uniforms and 
organization, surreptitiously led and directed by our own CIA. The situation in Nicaragua is a perfect example. 
First we supported and financed Somoza. Then the CIA helped organize the Sandinistas to drive out Somoza. 
Then things got even worse, much worse. 

The CIA then abmptly switched horses and organized the Contras to drive out the Sandinista government, and 
soon the Reagan administration was giving aid and bankrolling the Contras to the tune of hundreds of millions. 
How stupid can you get? The same M.O. was followed in Jamaica, in Cuba, in the Philippines, in Panama, in 
South Korea and in dozens of other countries around the world. Nothing but revolution, anarchy and mayhem; 
all instigated, organized and bankrolled by our Jewish government; all at the expense of the White American 
taxpayer whose future they are thereby undermining and destroying. 

Step 5. Export our industries into the slave labor and coolie areas of the world 

Whereas the United States had an overwhelming monopoly on technology, manufacturing and production 
facilities after World War II, it has now given it all away gratis, and the same Jews who own (and owned) our 
manufacturing enterprises then and now have, in fact, moved them away into the cheap labor areas of the world 
mud countries like Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan, especially Japan. We have shown and taught them the 
technology, initially financed and set up their factories, and then put them in competition with our own workers 
at coolie wages. There is a two way benefit in this for the Jews. Being internationalists and not giving a tinker's 
damn about America, they reap the added profits, and at the same time pull down the White American economy 
by (a) throwing millions of American workers into the unemployment lines and on the welfare rolls, and (b) 
piling up huge trade deficits because of the goods we import from these mud countries, goods we could and 
should be making ourselves. Thus, through Jewish treachery and manipulation we end up deeper in debt, our 
productive facilities jeopardized and the White American worker unemployed and/or impoverished. 

Sundry Additional Programs Pursued by JOG to Destroy White America 

So far I have detailed five basic steps and programs by which the Jews have reduced our once powerful and 
affluent White American society into one of weakness, confusion, dependency and servile slavery to the Jewish 
monster. But the foregoing list is far from complete, and this complex conspiracy cannot be encompassed in this 
short analysis. However, to further clarify the picture, we must briefiy list some of the other key tools and 
weapons the Jews have used, and are continuing to use to destroy us. 

(a) Undoubtedly, the Federal Reserve System, that gigantic Jewish counterfeiting ring, must rank at the top of 
the list. Although already inaugurated shortly before World War I (1913) and fraudulently being represented as 
an official U.S. governmental agency, it set America up as a patsy for both world wars. Since I have already 
gone into some detail on this gigantic Jewish scam in C.C. 40 of the White Man 's Bible, I will not repeat it here. 

(b) The World Bank. Although supposedly international, it is predominantly funded by American taxpayer 
money. It is an open account and a blank check for the Yids to squander our goods, money and substance to all 
the freeloading mud countries of the world, without having to account for its expenditures in the governmental 

(c) American banks extending huge unsecured loans to mud countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, to 
name a few, but the list is endless. These loans run into not only millions, but hundreds of billions (Mexico's 
debt alone is over one hundred billion) and there is no hope or expectation that the principal will ever be repaid. 
In fact, in order to induce some of these countries to pay even so much as the interest, these financial idiots 
extend new loans. How stupid can you get? Or is this simply a matter of stupidity? Hardly. Whereas these same 
bankers are hard-nosed as flint when it come to foreclosing on American farmers and homeowners, they act as 
if they were inadvertently caught napping with their pants down when it comes to such huge loans to foreign 
mud countries. Actually it was all planned and a deliberate Jewish policy, having conspired in advance that the 
White American taxpayers are going to pay the tab (as usual) and bail out the banks, much as President Bush is 

now pushing to bail out the scams of the Savings and Loan outfits by means of the taxpayers' money. 

(d) And last but not least, there is that god-damned parasite of Israel on our back, killing Arabs, bashing their 
heads and breaking bones to the tune of more than three and a half billion in financial support from Uncle Sap, 
alienating the whole Moslem world and making us look like the stupid Jewish stooges we are, in the eyes of the 


There is more, much more, but the foregoing presents a fairly rounded picture of the mess we are in and who 
did it to us. The next cogent question is: what do we do about it and how do we get out of this miserable mess? 

The solution is not easy, but the answer is fairly simple, when we ask a few basic questions. 

1. How did this small, miserable, parasitic minority get such a powerful stranglehold on the world in general 
and America in particular? The answer is they did it through their racial religion, Judaism. They practiced 
Racial Loyalty, and feverishly organized powerful networks and tentacles around this religious core, until now 
they have the world in their grip. 

2. Can the White Race, which outnumbers the Jews 30 to 1, and has a virtual monopoly on intelligence, fighting 
ability and creativity, not employ the same powerful weapons, racial loyalty and a racial religion? 

Yes, we can, and we must. The Church of the Creator has organized and structured a powerful, comprehensive 
and full-fledged racial religion designed for the redemption and resurrection of the White Race and the White 
Race alone, in it lies a complete and detailed creed and program with which to smash the Jewish monster once 
and for all. At the heart and core of this religion is the same ingredient that fueled Judaism - Racial Loyalty, 
the name of the paper you are now holding in your hands. 

It is time we stop bickering about fragmentary, makeshift and half-baked issues, such as should we slice up the 
United States into dozens of small bits and keep a fragment of it on the west coast, or in the northwest, or the 
southeast. To give up any land for which our forefathers fought and bled, for which they sacrificed blood, sweat 
and tears, would be sheer madness, not to mention cowardly treason. We say to hell with all that nonsense. We 
Creators will not give up one inch of our territory. On the contrary, we must rally our forces and our resources 
on a worldwide basis and win the world. We will not compromise. It will most definitely be all or nothing for 
the White Race, I can assure you. And it must happen right here, in the last powerful bastion of the White Race 
- in the United States of America. 

Join with us in Creativity - your only hope for a Whiter and Brighter World. Commit yourself Dedicate your 
mind, your heart and your future to the greatest and most important cause in our history. 

The Federal Reserve Board was and is a bigger disaster than a hundred Pearl Harbors. 

The IRS is the strong-arm enforcement division of the Jewish goon squad. 

Anatomy of a Hypocrite 

Although I never considered him of any consequence either then or now, for years I have nevertheless been 
extending the hand of friendship to Harold Covington. Since I assumed that he had a semblance of intelligence, 
I felt that it should not be wasted In pursuing lost causes, or worse still, pursuits destructive to our White Race. I 
felt that if his screwed up thinking could be straightened out and pointed in the right direction, he could perhaps 
be of some value to the White racial movement. 

My first contact with him was back in 1973 when I wrote to Mall Koehl's NSWPP in Arlington, Virginia, as to 
what their position was on Jewish Christianity. Since the Christianity issue made Matt extremely uncomfortable 
and evidently he didn't want to state their position on it, he had Harold compose a non-answer. The reply was 
something to the effect that they had no stance, and it was irrelevant, unimportant, of no account; that the Nazi 
party was purely political, and religion had no place in it, or so said Harold. 

My answer to that pusillanimous letter is reprinted, in full, on Page 122 of the Klassen Letters, Volume One. 
My answer evidently smoked out Matt Koehl, for he then came forth with his own version, which was as 
waffling and contradictory as was Harold's. My answer to that letter can be read in full on Pages 123 to 125 of 
the same Klassen Letters. It is interesting to note that Matt Koehl has come 1 80 degrees since then, forming a 
National Socialist religion with Hitler as the deity or spook or whatever. 

The next time I heard about Harold, he had joined a Nazi outfit in Chicago under the leadership of that half- Jew 
queer, Frank Collin, who was later hauled into court on child molesting charges. 

Now, Harold comes from the Serta mattress family, and suddenly he had the good fortune to have a $90,000 
inheritance dropped in his lap. So enamored was Harold with the remnants of this FBI agent infested group that 
he threw most of his windfall into buying Rockwell Hall for what was left of this phoney group to gather in to 
do their thing. A fool and his money are soon parted. 

The next time I heard about Harold he and a fellow who went by the name of Eric Campbell (I don't know his 
real name) had holed up in George Dietz's office where they drank volumes of beer, leaving the many empty 
cans stacked on the floor. 

But this boy Harold doesn't stay put for long. Soon we hear of him running for Attorney General of North 
Carolina. It was also some of his Nazis, along with some Christian klansmen under the leadership of none other 
than Virgil Griffin, who were led into an ambush by a federal agent in Greesboro, NC, back in 1979. 
Fortunately, these men managed to turn the tables on the Communist Jews and niggers, killing five, but Harold 
was conspicuous in his absence and admits to knowing the true identity of the federal agent provocateur at that 
time. There was much speculation as to Harold's true colors after this debacle. Even The Spotlight got into the 
debate with one of their Jew writers, a Mr. Hertzberg, calling Harold a federal agent in a series of articles. The 
heat was a little more than this Johnny Reb could take, so the next few years were spent in a couple of failed 
marriages and a succession of foreign countries; first being Rhodesia, then South Africa, then Ireland. Whether 
he was there as a CIA agent or was kept on the move because his life was threatened, as he claims, is anyone's 
guess. There was no real reason why the U.S. government should want to kill him, since every venture he 
entered into fell flat on its face, including Rhodesia and Frank Collin. 

In the early 80' s I was making plans to build a permanent center for the Church of the Creator in North Carolina 
and I was looking for a good man to help head up the project. At the time, Harold was putting out some dismal 
little newsletter, one of which happened to reach me. Knowing him to be a man of many contacts, I wrote him 

at the given address and asked him if he knew of some man of the caliber I had in mind (I did not have Harold 
in mind, only asked for a contact to help promote our movement). His reply surprised me. Acting as if I had him 
in mind, he made a big issue of turning down an offer that I had never made. He went further. He strongly 
admonished me not to locate in North Carolina, that it was absolutely the worst state I could possibly choose. It 
was full of those fanatic Bible Belt Baptists, a sorry lot, and furthermore, the Klan, and every other White racial 
group in North Carolina were a bunch of traitors, phonies and government agents. You could not trust any of 
them, Harold said, and emphasized - Stay out! Stay out! 

What's with this paranoiac jerk, I wondered. Disregarding his gratuitous advice, as we all know, we went right 
ahead with our plans and built the headquarters for the Church of the Creator, (on land I had purchased in 1970, 
by the way) and also an educational building that we hope to utilize as a school for gifted boys in which to train 
our future leaders. 

That brings us up to more recent events. After much hardship and hostile opposition, we are pressing forward in 
constructively building our worldwide movement. In spite of all the enmity, (which would have occurred in any 
state) we have, over the last five and a half years, put out 48 issues oi Racial Loyalty, ordained scores of 
ministers in several countries of the world, and published eight major books, all consistent with our 
comprehensive and well structured White Racial movement. We now have the foundation for a genuine racial 
religion on which the White Race can build and finally pull itself out of the swamp in which Jewish 
Christianity, in conjunction with Talmudic Jewry, has mired the White Race. I must confess that most of the 
visible opposition to our movement, much to our surprise, has come from the Christians and even other White 
racial groups, most of whose leaders don't believe in that Jewish claptrap themselves. 

Comes now our boy Harold, who has been playing musical chairs from one organization to another. He, who 
with great alarm admonished us to stay out of North Carolina, is now here himself, filling the void left by his 
former Nazi protege, Glenn Miller, by stirring those tired ol' gray embers of the Confederacy. He is pretending 
to build a "Confederate Congress," an aimless, half-baked group of a few confused souls who seem to have 
latched on to his idea of reviving the Confederacy; a stupid issue at best, and one that has been long dead for 
more than a hundred years. 

In his recent mint-book, written before launching this abortive "movement," Harold stated categorically that 
most White racial movements of today seem to have no clear idea of what they want, never mind how they are 
going to achieve it (p. 22). With this analysis we Creators thoroughly agree, and it seems to me, that is about the 
only worthwhile statement Harold makes in the entire book. 

But, lo and behold, immediately after getting the book published, Harold sets about trying to put together just 
such a group; the 20,000th of that type that has temporarily floated its mirage across the American scene. Not 
only that, but Harold, who has jumped around more vigorously than Mark Twain's Jumping Frog of Calaveras 
County, specifically picked the State of North Carolina, that terrible state he so despised, as his base. As his old 
buddy, Eric Campbell, has said, Harold will say one thing, then do just the opposite. Ah! Shades of politic and 
expedient, Jew-loving Ronnie Reagan! 

So what does the "Confederate National Congress" stand for? Well, after all the jumping around he has done, he 
has finally realized his "inner sentiments" are really with the good old Confederate cause. Evidently he would 
like to reinstate the plantation system with a myriad of niggers picking cotton and singing Old Black Joe. But 
here comes the hooker - it is to be an all White "refuge" area, where the White Man can claim at least a small 
piece of the good old U.S.A. as his very own. He will move all the niggers out. Where to? Evidently give them 
the rest of the United States, gratis, on a silver platter. What about the White people living in California, 
Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and elsewhere? Well, that's their problem. We will just cut them adrift. We just 

want to have a cozy little comer in the southeast. 

Stupid? Yes, stupid as hell. But that isn't all, the same fellow who condemned Christianity a few years back and 
even now jokingly talks about Christ as "the dead Jew on a stick," and has openly admitted any number of times 
that he himself doesn't believe in all that Christian claptrap, now makes the official statement that his 
"movemenf is a Christian Movement and no member is to distribute any "violently anti-Christian" (read 
C.O.T.C.) literature. How about a race-mixing Jehovah's Witness tract, Harold? He, himself, is now even 
strongly considering becoming ordained as a Christian Identity minister. Would you believe? Not only is the 
Christian foxtrot the ultimate in two-faced hypocrisy, but there is more. He is not nearly as interested in 
building a Confederate revival (in which he himself does not believe) as he is in using it as a diversionary tactic 
to oppose the Creativity movement and the Church of the Creator, at the same time admitting that if we get big 
enough he might later join with us. How crazy can you get? 

Last Sunday, February 12, was the last straw. He called a group of White activists from several states to try and 
put together a "Ban the Church of the Creator" movement. Why is Harold so afraid of Creativity? For the same 
reason as are many of our enemies. Because in Creativity we have a comprehensive, fully-structured creed, 
program and movement, the first real racial religion fully dedicated to the White Race. It makes his own so- 
called "program," by comparison, look puny, frivolous and shallow, which it is, merely based on a fraudulent 
scam and a passel of lies (Christianity) in which he himself does not believe. As in everything else Harold has 
tried, he again fell flat on his face at that meeting. In spite of the fact that the members of his "commission" 
were all either Christian klansmen. Identity Christians or his own men (except one, who's with Gallo's NDF). 
But I'm glad the ultimate hypocrite finally showed his true colors. Now he says that he doesn't "want us to feel 
that we were in any way railroaded or denied a hearing" last weekend, and he would now like to meet with us, 
as long as we don't discuss religion, and we say, to hell with you! Get lost, Harold. We have no confidence in 
what he might do next, and I wouldn't be surprised if he would soon join Judaism along with Sammy Davis, Jr 
and other ilk of his stripe. We suggest that he do so and become a good Rabbi - he already looks the part. With 
his squat, stocky stature and heavy black beard, he'd look right at home in a yarmulke. We know of his 
admiration for Meir Kahane, and that he has corresponded with, and even sent him money. 

Is Harold a CIA agent? We can't prove it and the CIA will deny it. As William Casey himself said, "The CIA 
will lie about anything, anytime, anywhere." However, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a 
duck,... etc. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet: "Beware of entrance to a quarrel, but, being in. Bear 't that the 
opposed be aware of thee. " In other words, kick the living beejeebers out of the shiftless polecat. Goodbye, 
Harold. We never want to hear from you again. 

Issue No. 51 - June 1989 

Part One of a Series of Two 

Remember the Alamo! 

But let us make damn sure we Avenge Dresden! 

The mission fortress of the Alamo at the little town of San Antonio de Bejar had been under siege for twelve 
days. The 6000 man army led by that flamboyant and cruel dictator of Mexico, General Antonio Lopez de Santa 
Anna, had taken a heavy toll at the hands of the gallant 182 Texans Inside the fort, whereas miraculously the 
Texans had, at this point, not lost a single man. On the thirteenth day, on the early morning of March 9, 1836, 
Santa Anna decided to storm the walls. With his buglers playing the famed Moorish March, the "Deguello," the 
defenders knew their hour had come and that no prisoners would be taken alive. It was now a matter of fight to 
the last man and die. 

These 182 Texans fought gallantly and exacted a heavy toll from the enemy. During the thirteen days of defense 
they took between 1500 and 1600 Mexicans along with them to their death. Their Enemy Toll Effectiveness 
Factor (E.T.E.F.) was highly commendable. 

But the heroic Texans did not die in vain. Their death shocked all of Texas. It also did something more. It united 
the squabbling Texans and set off a deep and burning rage that cried out for revenge, and furthermore, 
unconditional independence from the blood-thirsty Mexicans. 

Less than two and a half months later the White Texans had their revenge. On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston 
with a force of only 600 rag-tag volunteer White Americans trapped Santa Anna's army of 4000 at San Jacinto. 
With the rallying cry of "Remember the Alamo!" the Texans rushed Santa Anna's camp and with a fury that 
nothing could abate, they annihilated the Mexicans, and captured Santa Anna himself The battle, which lasted 
only eighteen minutes, was one of the most important in American history, and one of only a few that has been 
fought in the best interests of the White Race. The Texans now had their revenge, and more. It led to the 
Mexican War ten years later that finally quashed the Mexicans and won for the White Man extensive areas, 
including California and all of the land in between. The White Man now had won a vast domain from the 
Atlantic to the Pacific, for himself and his future progeny. 

We now come to a gruesome episode in the history of the White Race that is a thousand times more tragic, of 
immensely greater dimensions, and more brutal than the slaughter of the 182 men at the Alamo. Shamefully and 
grievously at this point in history, it has not yet been avenged. It still remains a top priority on our list of 
unavenged outrages, as set forth in Part I oi Nature 's Eternal Religion. We are talking about the heinous 
firebombing of Dresden towards the final days of World War II. 

A long-time member of our Church, an American Air Force officer who took part in that murderous bombing 
related to me the briefing they had received the night before the multiple raids. They were sworn to secrecy and 
were told that the Germans had developed some terrible secret weapons that could turn the tide of the war, and 
that these weapons were secreted in the city of Dresden. It was therefore their patriotic duty to bomb the city 
into rubble, to burn it to the ground and incinerate every living man, woman, and child in it. Does this sound 
like a familiar refrain from the pages of the Jewish Old Testament? It does indeed, and the same perfidious liars 
who wrote that vicious diatribe also instigated and orchestrated the bombing of Dresden. Tearfully and 

regretfully, this former American officer, now old and dying of cancer, told me how they had been deceived by 
this treacherous Jewish ruse and American and British bomber crews, of which he was part, had been 
instrumental in carrying out this horrible murder of hundreds of thousands of his own race - Nature's Finest. He 
found out later that it was all a treacherous lie, a part of the long standing Jewish creed of "kill the best first." It 
was an agony that preyed on his conscience to his dying days. 

Before World War II the city of Dresden was one of the most beautiful in the world. In fact the word Dresden 
was synonymous with culture, beauty and art. Like so many other cities in Germany, this city in particular was 
rich in German culture and the heritage of its people. The Castle, the Opera, the Hofkirche, the Frauen Kirche, 
to name a few amongst thousands of other buildings, were beautiful and outstanding examples of German (and 
White) culture. Many of these beautiful buildings dated back a thousand years or more. 

The normal population of Dresden was about 600,000. In February of 1945, as the refugees from the Eastern 
countries were fleeing before the Red Army, and seeking safety in the west, a large number of them fled to the 
apparent safety of Dresden and swelled the population of that city to over 1,200,000 people. These were people 
who had fought the Communists and were strongly anti-Communist. We must remember that at this period of 
history World War II was practically over and Dresden was by no stretch of the imagination a military 
objective. In judging what follows we must also keep in mind that Dresden represented the finest examples of 
German art and culture, that it was not a military objective, and that it was swollen at this time with refugees 
fleeing before the Red Army, the barbarians of the East. 

On the night of February 13, 1945 at 10:13 P.M., British bombers started dropping hundreds of thousands of 
fire bombs on the poor, helpless refugees and citizens of Dresden who were only trying to escape the butchery 
of the Red Army. These raids were carefully planned by these heinous and diabolical Jews to reap the 
maximum in death and destruction. The timing was such that it would hit the citizens of Dresden at a time when 
they were out on the streets celebrating a Christian religious holiday. Thousands were burned alive. 

When the first raid was over and the survivors came out of their shelters to begin rescue operations and when 
thousands of fire fighters arrived from other cities to help in the rescue, the treacherous Jews struck again. At 
1 :30 A.M., February 14th, only three hours after the first attack, a second and larger force of British bombers 
rained down more death and destruction on the helpless White men, women and children below. So many fire 
bombs had been concentrated on this once beautiful old city of Dresden that a fire storm of hurricane 
proportions engulfed the whole city. The heat was so intense that once live people were shriveled into corpses 
reduced to half their size. Thousands of people hiding in air raid shelters were melted into one pool of liquid. A 
mother with her baby in her arms was found melted into the pavement forming a small tar statue. In a furious, 
fiendish effort to incinerate this beautiful city of Dresden, the city of art and culture, more than 650,000 fire 
bombs were dropped on it during the raids. 

As if this were not enough, the next day, which was Ash Wednesday, while Dresden was still burning furiously 
from the two attacks of the night before, a huge force of American B-17's started pounding on what was left of 
the magnificent city. 

The great shame and tragedy of it all was that the pilots who were dropping these bombs were White Gentiles 
killing their own brothers in a battle that the Germans had been fighting for the preservation of the White Race. 
What these White pilots, with their mentality deranged by Jewish brain pollution, did not know, but their Jewish 
bosses did, was the fact that 26,260 allied prisoners of war were in the same area! Just another example of 
Jewish evilness and treachery. Even though the American and British soldiers were fighting to save these 
Jewish parasites from their just dues, the Jews themselves didn't mind at all having the White prisoners killed as 

But this was still not the end of Jewish fiendishness and barbarity. A final touch of Jewish treachery was added 
when after the B-17's had left, 37 B-Si American fighters were ordered to fly low over the city and kill anything 
that moved! This they did by shooting and machine-gunning people who were trying to save themselves along 
the banks of the river Elbe. These B-51 fighters flew low along the banks of the river and killed everything in 

Does this sound familiar? Remember the vicious ideology of the Jews as laid out in Deuteronomy 20, v. 16 
"thou shalt save alive nothing that breathe th? " 

Let us remember that this is the vicious Jewish religion, a religion that they have been practicing for thousands 
of years; a religion that they have swindled the White Man into as making it part of his own, in order to 
worship, idolize, and protect the Jew. 

After the war, the world was lied to and told that only 35,000 people were killed during the raids, but as the 
years passed they finally admitted to 135,000 deaths. This still was a big lie. The actual number of people killed 
between February 13th and 14th was 350,000 and 400,000! 

To add a further insult to treachery, when the war was over the Jews invented a huge hoax accusing the 
Germans of killing and incinerating six million Jews in order to heap hatred on the Germans and create 
sympathy for the treacherous Jews who had started the war in the first place. In order to try to "substantiate" 
this colossal hoax, the Jews showed photograph after photograph of heaps of burned corpses. But the corpses 
they were showing were not Jews at all, but Germans that had been burned in the once beautiful city of 

We White Brothers and Sisters have a tremendously powerful lesson to learn from this horrible event. The 
overwhelming lesson is that the Jews regard all White people as their enemies and that it is only a matter of 
time when they will try to incinerate the cities and people of America just as they did Dresden, provided we will 
let them do it. The second lesson that we can learn is that it took the willing cooperation of White pilots, the 
British Air Force and the American Air Force to do this treacherous deed - the killing of their own White 
Brothers. This illustrates again and again how powerful is propaganda! 

The third lesson that we must learn is that there is no compromising, no negotiating, no co-existence with the 
treacherous and diabolical Jew. Their religion and their inbred parasitic nature drives them on to destroy all that 
is good in this world. There is no peace, no co-existence with this vicious evil. It is either them, or it is us. Being 
members of Nature's Finest, the great White Race, let us make damn sure that It is we who survive and that 
mankind's most sinister parasite will be wiped from the face of the earth. Delenda est Judaica! 

We of the Church of the Creator put this monstrous murder of the beautiful city of Dresden at the top of our 
priority list when The Day (Der Tag) comes to settle the score with the Jews. 

There are more atrocities, thousands more, which we are determined to avenge as part of the unavenged 
outrage. In next month's issue we will further describe some of the atrocities heaped upon the brave and 
creative people of Germany after this horrendous war had already ended. 

The name Dresden was synonymous with culture, beauty, art and the heritage of the German people. 

The weakness of any conspiracy is that it is extremely precarious, for when too many victims begin to realize 
and understand the conspiracy, it blows up in the conspirator 'sface. 

It's Time for a Closer Look at E.T.E.F. 

Everyday now as we read the papers and look at the news, the crime, anarchy and number of killings seem to 
escalate. Hardly a day passes but we read "Israelis kill two Arabs, wound 18," or rape and murder in Central 
Park, or revolution and bloodshed in just about any part of the world. Lets face it, the Jews have stirred up 
turmoil and warfare in just about any and every part of the world, and the White Race in the United States is 
their main target for destruction. 

Last week (May 6) the Iranian Parliamentary speaker Hashemi Rafsanjani had had enough of this Jewish 
terrorism and openly called for a worldwide campaign of terror against Americans and Westerners (he meant 
Jews). Leaning on an AK-47 assault rifle, he announced that the only way to stop Israeli terrorism was to kill 
five of the enemy for every Palestinian killed. Mr. Rafsanjani, acting commander in chief of the Iranian armed 
forces, was interrupted by thousands of Shiite worshipers who chanted "Death to Israel!" The Shiite and other 
Moslems are pursuing a holy war against Israel and the Jews, a war they call the JIHAD. In fact, the Jews have 
committed so many atrocities over the centuries, the whole world now hates the Jews, and the time is rapidly 
approaching when the Jews will pay in blood - their blood. 

Although the Iranians are no friend of ours, we Creators, in fact the whole White Race, has the same common 
enemy, namely the bandit state of Israel, and the whole conspiratorial Jewish tyranny on a worldwide basis. We, 
too, have our holy war against them, and we call it RAHOWA! RAcial HOly WAr to the bitter finish! 

The United States is now plagued with the largest concentration of Jews in the world - officially six million, but 
probably many more. Israel ranks second with only four million. Russia, once the world's No. 1, now ranks a 
poor third with only 2.6 million. 

So there we have it. This is the Jews' oyster and the center of their powerhouse. They have monopolized and 
harnessed the tremendous productivity of the White American worker to enslave the world and destroy the 
White Race. Knowing that America is the key to their sinister program, they are tightening the screws daily, 
imprisoning good productive, (but independent) Americans like Rudy Stanko, torturing them on a daily basis in 
order to break their spirit. His and our civil, religious and constitutional rights are being violated repeatedly and 
justice as such for the White Man in America is a daily sham. It has taken us months and repeated efforts to so 
much as get our White Man 's Bible into Rudy ' s hands, and this only after a Federal Judge issued a court order. 

We Creators are law abiding citizens. Nine years ago I wrote Creative Credo No. 64 - "Law and Order vs. 
Violence, Terrorism and Self-Preservation." In it I stated clearly that we will and are determined to abide by 
legal methods and obey the law of the land. However, there comes a time when the government itself becomes 
the foremost criminal, the crudest of tyrants and the No. 1 enemy of our precious White Race. When that time 
comes, and it seems to be approaching rapidly, we will declare that we have now exhausted Articles 1 through 
6, and we now have no other choice but to invoke Articles 7 and 8, Nature's Law of Survival of the Species. 

When such time comes we should be well prepared. We should now be thinking of what are the most effective 
ways of carrying out and implementing Articles 7 and 8. We do not want to blunder into such a war recklessly 
and suffer a 35 to one loss as did the Order when they (presumably) killed one lousy Jew. We want to make 
sure we proceed with the highest E.T.E.F., that is. Enemy Toll Effectiveness Factor. What is a satisfactory 
E.T.E.F.? Five of the enemy for one of ours? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? Whatever the factor, we want to make damn 
sure we inflict the highest losses possible on the enemy, and suffer the least on our side. To do so, we must 
think, plan ahead, and coordinate our resources. I suggest you start thinking about such scenario now, as to what 
you can do, and what you will do when we are forced to invoke Articles 7 and 8. 

We would like to hear your suggestions and will publish and pass on some of the better ones to our readers and 
members. Your suggestions will be published anonymously or with your name attached, as you choose, 
Remember, survival of our species, the precious White Race, is the highest law of Nature and no price is too 
high, nor Is any sacrifice too great. Whether we like it or not, the enemy is forcing our hand and we are engaged 
in a Racial Holy War! RAHOWA! 

A Rose by any Other Name 

Shakespeare noted that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and with this I agree. Conversely, some 
odious creature by any other name would still be what it is. 

As recently as even fifty years ago, the niggers in America were called niggers and there was little fiass raised 
about that issue. It derived generically fi'om the Latin "niger," meaning black. The fact is these dark-skinned 
throwbacks are not only different from the White Race in the color of their skin, but also in a myriad of other 
characteristics (one anthropologist has written a comprehensive book on the subject and lists at least 200 
differences other than color.) The most obvious and serious difference is their intellectual capacity and their 
lower LQ., a fact of Nature that the Jewish propaganda media has spent billions of dollars over the years trying 
to confuse and convince the White Man does not exist. Not only is this lower mentality an obvious fact, but the 
whole cultural and spiritual deficiencies of this African subspecies is demonstrated in the headlines and the 
news media everyday of the week to those of us who can read between the lines. 

Being inferior in most areas, the niggers have tried to upgrade their nomenclature from one designation to 
another, to another. When the term nigger became rather odious in our language, they clamored to be called 
colored, rather than nigger and, in fact, when they formed their first major organization to promote and 
aggrandize themselves, they called themselves colored - the National Association for the Advancement of 
Colored People. When that term became somewhat jaundiced, they insisted on being called negroes. As that 
term, too, became a designation of inferiority, they went to the next stage, and for the last 25 years insisted they 
be called blacks. Now that too has become somewhat tainted and the most recent demand is that such be 
dropped, and changed to African-Americans, thereby latching on to any prestige the name "American" might 
still have (not much, really). Soon that too will become to represent inferiority, and the Jew will dream up a new 
nomenclature for them. 

As Shakespeare said - a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and, conversely, we say that a nigger by 
any other name would still smell. 

Issue No. 52 - July 1989 

Part Two and Conclusion 

Remember the Alamo! But Let Us Make Damn Sure We Avenge Dresden! 

In evaluating the horrible slaughter of White people that history has labeled as World War li, we must carefully 
keep in mind that this murderous and insane tragedy was basically a Jewish war, Instigated by world Jewry, 
planned by them long in advance, orchestrated by the Kehilla from beginning to the end, and there was only one 
winner - the Jews. It was not just a war against Germany, but another major step in euchring the White Race to 
turn on itself and destroy its precious and unique Gene Pool. Indeed, it was for the sole benefit and bloodlust of 
the pernicious parasite that has fastened itself onto all the Important nerve centers of power throughout the 
world. We must also keep in mind that World War II, seemingly targeted on the Germans, was a cunning, but 
another major step in the Jews' centuries old program of destroying the best first. It was neither the first such 
step, nor by any means their last, in their long historic program of warfare and genocide against the White Race. 

Germany, lying in the heart of Europe, and being revived and unified under the brilliant leadership of Adolf 
Hitler in the 1930's, was a major prize, whatever its destiny. It was the most energetic, most advanced and most 
progressive nation in the world at that time, leading in science, culture and genetic advancement, and under the 
dynamic leadership of Hitler, could have, and would have, rid the world of its most pervasive and sinister 
parasite - International Jewry. With it also would have been forever eradicated the Jews' long standing parasitic 
debt-based monetary system which now holds the whole world in its clutches. 

Germany indeed was a major prize for the White Race, and a prize that had to be smashed if world Jewry was to 
survive and continue to carry on its long-established plan of undermining the White gene pool, step by step, 
until ultimately the Jews were in a position of destroying the White Race altogether in one final thunderclap. 
Let us make no mistake about it - the Jews have worked on their master plan a long time and the destruction of 
Germany was by no means the first outburst of diabolical hate and destruction against the White Race. If we 
look down the long corridors of history we find that the Jews were already highly active and organized 3500 
years ago in mongrelizing and destroying White Egypt. It was, in fact, Egypt which was the incubation ground 
of the Jewish racial religion and its ongoing conspiracy. The Jews were instrumental in pulling down the 
beautiful and creative civilization of Ancient Greece, the finest specimen of humanity in all history. The Jews 
deliberately set about destroying their unique and irreplaceable gene pool by mongrelization and the Jews 
brazenly brag about it in their Protocols of 1489. The Jews were the degenerative solvent that disintegrated the 
virile and robust Roman race and its powerful empire. The Jews held a special hatred for the Romans for being 
everything the Jews were not, a pathological hatred that was matched only by the Jews' hatred for the Germans 
in more modem history. They destroyed the great and admirable Roman gene pool with two major devices - by 
their lucrative slave trade and by infecting the minds of the Romans with the virulent bacillus of Christianity. 
Rome, too, came down in ruins, and all of Europe (the White Race) fell into 1300 years of the Dark Ages. 

There is one other major maneuver in more recent times in which the outburst of Jewish destruction and hatred 
for the White Race manifested itself that I want to mention before we get back to Germany. That painful and 
tragic outrage of wanton destruction. White Men killing White Men, occurred right here in the heart of America 
some 125 years ago. History has dubbed it as America's Civil War. It was, in fact, a brutal, insane mass 
slaughter of Nature's Finest, inflamed, instigated and directed by Nature's most virulent parasite - the 
despicable and repugnant Jew. In this senseless and horrible war White people killed other White people in a 
mass orgy on a scale that was unparalleled since the Thirty Years War of 1618-48 in the heart of Europe. 

Many of the bmtal and vicious tactics used on Germany during and after the war were already inflicted on the 
White people of the South nearly a century earlier in America. The wanton destruction of Sherman's march 
through the South, burning Atlanta to the ground, cutting a 60 mile swath eastward to the Atlantic and 
destroying farms, homes, plantations and cities, and every other basic resource in their path, then turning 
northward and on into South Carolina, this, too, was an explicit example of Jewish hatred and vengeance 
against the White Race. In fact, many of the vicious tactics and programs employed against the Germans during 
and after the war had already been tried and tested against the White Southerners during and after the Civil War. 
It was indeed a typical demonstration of a long standing Jewish goal - the murder, mutilation and 
mongrelization of the best of the White Race, whenever they could seize the opportunity. 

In the second part of this article I want to focus on the multitude of measures the victorious "Allies" (read White 
stooges manipulated by Jews) took to ensure the slow strangulation of the German people after the war was 
over. But before I do so, I want to review the ghastly and wanton destruction of the German cities other than 
Dresden, and particularly, the massive and unrelenting terror inflicted upon the great German seaport and city of 

At this juncture It is necessary to clarify the civilian bombing of cities during this horrendous war. On May 10, 
1940, as soon as Churchill (the drunken Jewish stooge) was ushered in as Prime Minister, he announced that the 
bombing of Germany's civilian population would commence. At this time Hitler stood at the threshold of 
victory over the French and British armies, a brilliant victory that six weeks later culminated in the occupation 
of France and the debacle of the British forces at Dunkirk. Hitler had no designs of vengeance on the British, 
nor the British Empire and her colonies. In fact, he repeatedly expressed his admiration for both as a measure of 
respect for the constructive achievements in the realm of colonization and civilization for which the best of the 
White Race can point with pride. He extended the hand of friendship to Britain and offered a peaceful 
settlement. But the Jews behind that drunken lout of a Churchill wanted killing - more White people killing 
White people, and the British R.A.F. commenced the random and wanton bombing of German cities to inflict a 
maximum of death and destruction among the civilian population. This sadistic and unnecessary pursuit was 
promulgated and carried out for no other reason than sheer bloodlust - the Jews wanted the White people to kill 
and destroy as many of Nature's Finest as they possibly could, for as long as they could, until Europe lay in 
ruins and utter exhaustion. This decision on the part of Churchill was to cost Britain dearly. The smoldering, 
blackened ruins of London, Liverpool, Coventry and many other British cities bore silent testimony to this 
stupid mistake. Let history record, however, that Hitler did not want any extension of this insane slaughter, and 
he resisted retaliation on British cities for three months after Churchill launched his bombing raids on German 

Be that as it may, with the massive production facilities of the American factories and the military might of the 
United States joining into the fray of White people killing each other, it was Germany who paid the most 
horrible price in people killed and cities smashed into rubble. As the war escalated, the hate the Jews managed 
to inflame increased accordingly, and when the war ended in 1945, for every Briton killed by German bombs, 
nine Germans were killed by "Allied" bombs - a scenario that the Jews had long planned and their goyim 
stooges carried out with bloodthirsty efficiency. 

It is not my purpose here to review the multitude of needless slaughters and massacres of that insane war on 
behalf of International Jewry. I do, however want to describe, if possible, the horrors of this terrible Jewish 
Purim as inflicted on the second largest city in Germany, a fate shared not only by Dresden, but practically 
every city in Germany. 

Hamburg was a beautiful Hanseatic city of two million souls. The city straddled the romantic Alster River 
immortalized by the "Moonlight on the Alster" waltz. Its long, 1000-year history was reduced to a rubble of 

cinder and ashes as the Jews manipulated the "Alhed" forces to implement their long planned "Operation 
Gomorrah." Does this sound familiar? It should. The Jews lifted it directly out of their fiendish Old Testament. 
This magnificent old German city, one of the major seaports of Europe, was targeted to die a fiery rain of death 
and destruction from the skies. 

In ten terrible days, from July 24 to August 3, 1943, concentrated and persistent "Allied" bombing reduced to 
rubble more than 6000 acres of this great city. This consists of an area almost equivalent to ten square miles of 
densely populated housing. During those ten horrendous days an estimated 100,000 people were murdered to 
satisfy the Jewish bloodlust. Many more were crippled, maimed and disfigured. 

The method devised by these fiendish murderers was relatively simple and extremely effective. The first wave 
of bombers would release thousands of high-explosive bombs on the city. This would keep the population, 
especially the fire-fighting service, in their shelters. The next wave of bombers coming in rained down a 
multitude of magnesium bombs setting fire to the city, a large part of which consisted of medieval, half- 
timbered Elizabethan style houses that had formerly attracted tourists from all over the world. These type of 
buildings, the destroyers had correctly calculated, would bum readily and offer the most potential victims per 
square mile. 

During those ten days, it has been conservatively estimated that Hamburg was struck by 1200 landmines, 
30,000 high explosive bombs, and 3,000,000 stick incendiary bombs. The phosphorous bomb, perhaps the most 
macabre weapon designed in this category, was dropped especially on the civilian areas of the city. Of these, 80 
thousand 100 pound phosphorous bombs were dropped, plus 500 phosphorous canisters and 500 phosphorous 

The ensuing firestorm that enveloped the city is impossible to describe as are the scenes of horror in which tens 
of thousands of people were burned to death. Still the bombers kept coming. The shrieking wind kept feeding 
the engulfing inferno, a firestorm wind so powerful that huge balks of timber, debris of all kinds, walls of 
destroyed buildings, trucks and cars, all were hurled by screaming winds along the flaming streets. Burning 
men, women and children were caught up as helplessly as leaves in a swirling inferno. 

Underground in the shelters, groups of people, especially families, clung together in semi-darkness. Families 
embraced. Mothers held their children tightly, trying to murmur comforting words. Thus they died, trapped in 
the increasing heat of the deadly shelters. None of the flames that raged high above them In the streets ever 
touched them, but the heat Inside continued to rise until it melted glass, kitchen utensils, and even the brick 
walls glowed red inside these ovens of intense heat. Mixed in with this molten glass and metal were mounds of 
molten half-human remains. 

It will be a long time before these shelters will be opened again, and when they are, men will look upon sights 
that mankind has never before witnessed, and hopefully will never again. 

Martin Caldin, one of the world's leading authorities on military science subjects, described the bombing of 
Hamburg as "Standing out as the worst of the disasters visited upon civilization during the insanity of the 
Second World War." 

High on our list of priorities, along with Dresden, that must be avenged, is the brutal murder of the great city of 
Hamburg. RAHOWA! 

By April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler was dead and a week later Germany surrendered. The war in Europe was over, 
but the war against the German people continued with unabated fury and hatred. Now that the German people 

were leaderless and defeated, their cities smashed to rubble, the cream of their manhood dead on the battlefields 
stretching from Africa to the far-flung steppes of Russia, the Jews were in an unfettered position to wreak 
further death and destruction on what was left of a destitute German nation. In what follows we must remember 
that whereas originally all of the invective and hatred had seemingly been focused on Hitler, the real aim of the 
Jews was the destruction, pollution and diminution of the German gene pool, to reduce it to the rubble they had 
wreaked on the German cities and the total German landscape. 

With their goyim stooges completely in their tow and ready to front for them, the Jews now had a free hand in 
slicing up the German nation and heaping torture, humiliation and misery on the defeated German people. They 
made the most of it and had a field day. They imposed upon the Germans what even Time Magazine (Jew 
controlled) called "history's most terrifying peace" ever inflicted on a defeated nation. Actually, even today, 
1989, forty-four years later, whereas we signed a peace treaty with Japan a long time ago, still no peace treaty 
as such has been signed with the German people. What is left of Germany today is occupied territory. With 
360,000 American troops (many of them niggers) still on German soil, Germany is still a slave state. Whereas 
these American troops supposedly are there as a NATO force to act as a deterrent against Russian Invasion, the 
real reason for their presence there is to protect the Jews, who now again are in control of Germany, from the 
German people. The fact is the Jewish war against the German people has never ceased and is being waged with 
a full fury to this very day. 

Treaty or no treaty, let us review the Draconian 'peace" imposed on the German people following their defeat in 

The ability of any nation to sustain the life of its people is supported by these main pillars: (a) land, which 
includes all its natural resources, (b) labor, which encompasses both brawn and brains, and (c) capital, which 
means not only fmances and credits but also plants and equipment. We shall see how the Jews set about in a 
diabolically planned strategy to destroy all three of these underpinnings to make certain the German people 
would be left a crippled shadow of their former self The Jews did to the German people what they had done to 
the defeated Confederate South some eighty years earlier. They were masters of destruction and had learned 
their lessons well. Germany was another major step in their fiendish program of destroying the White gene 
pool, of "destroying the best first." They had done it to the leadership of the French people (the best) during the 
French Revolution 150 years earlier. They had done it to the White people of the American South eighty years 
earlier. And now, in 1945, they were setting the stage for doing their diabolical number on the German people 
for the second time. Although they had inflicted tremendous damage on the German people during and after 
World War I, nevertheless when Hitler came to power their program backfired on them. This time they wanted 
to make sure the dynamic German gene pool was crippled and mongrelized forever. Their plans called for 
several basic strategies. 

Extermination by Overcrowding 

Whereas at Yalta the Big Three Jewish Stooges, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, had piously announced to the 
world that they reaffirmed their "faith in the principles of the Atlantic Charter" they were lying through their 
filthy teeth. The Atlantic Charter had hypocritically promised "No aggrandizement of territory;" "no territorial 
changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned;" "the right of the people 
to choose the form of government under which they live." It was all nothing more than sucker bait. When 
Roosevelt and Churchill mouthed the Jewish script at their first meeting, they lied flagrantly and deliberately, as 
they did again with their Communist cohort, Joseph Stalin, at Yalta. When it came to divvying up the spoils of 
war, a gruesome harvest was unveiled to the German people. The meeting at Potsdam decided their fate. The 
German Reich was soon severely amputated. What was left of its former virile body was now a mere basket 

Germany had historically suffered from overcrowding - too many people for too little "Lebensraum" - living 
space. After World War I their homeland was reduced from 208,830 square miles (the State of Texas has 
267,339 square miles) to 181,699 square miles. After W.W. II this was further slashed to 133,000 square miles 
(half the size of Texas). This included what is now Communist East Germany. West Germany itself is further 
reduced to a mere 95,976 square miles. Into this small space are crowded some 61 million people. 

The Potsdam conference gave tacit permission for driving Germans off of land that had formerly been their 
homelands for hundreds of years. It said specifically "the transfer to Germany of German populations, or 
elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken." The 
countries such as Poland, etc., needed no encouragement in driving the Germans out and possessing their farms 
and homes. In fact, some 15 million Germans were driven out under the most brutal conditions - half a million 
from Hungary, nearly three million from Czechoslovakia, and the rest from Poland and Russia. Of these, over 
3,000,000 Germans perished of hunger, brutality and other atrocities. About 4,000,000 were deported to Eastern 
Europe and Russia as slaves. Hungry, desolate, with only the clothes on their backs, those who escaped death or 
slavery crowded into an already desperate and overcrowded Germany. 

All this was no accident. While mouthing pious shibboleths at Yalta, the Big Three with Jewish manipulation 
had planned just such a scenario for "killing the best." 

Destroying the Pillar of Labor 

There were three main fronts on which the Jews proceeded in pulling down what was left of German manpower 
after the devastating ravages of the war itself Basically, these were (a) enslavement, (b) denazification, and (c) 
physical incapacitation through undernourishment (starvation). Although at Potsdam it was again piously 
reiterated that "It is not the intention of the Allies to enslave the German people," nevertheless when Breslau 
and Berlin surrendered (in Russian occupation territory) long columns of German prisoners marched eastward 
towards huge depots near Leningrad, Moscow, Minsk, Stalingrad, Kiev, Kharkov and Sevastopol. All fit men 
marched 22 miles a day. Those partially handicapped went in handcarts, or carts pulled by spare beasts. Most of 
these handicapped prisoners died on the way. Those that made it joined the slave labor camps of the Russians, a 
vast army of some 10 to 20 millions, mainly political prisoners, or designated as "political unreliables." Few of 
these Germans have ever returned to German soil again. 

But Russia was not the only one utilizing German prisoners for slave labor. According to the Red Cross, France 
had 680,000 former German soldiers slaving for her in August, 1946. Of these 475,000 had been captured by 
the United States and turned over to France. These performed slave labor under the most abominable 
conditions. In a camp in the Sarthe district for 20,000 prisoners, inmates received only 900 calories a day - 
plainly a starvation level. Twelve died in the hospital every day. Similar conditions existed in camps in the 
Charentes district, in the Orleans camp, and elsewhere. 

Great Britain, who claims to be the motherlode of democracy, had, according to the Red Cross, some 460,000 
German prisoners slaving for her, and as in the case of France, were bringing in a handsome profit for the War 
Office. The British government netted over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves, and the government frankly 
called itself the "owner" of these enslaved prisoners. Is slavery dead? By no means. So much for the cradle of 


Meanwhile the German homeland itself was in shambles, the cities were piles of rubble, the former factories. 

machinery, electric power plants smashed and the farms neglected and run down. Whereas her manpower, as 
we have seen from the foregoing, was severely depleted, the Germans are a very resilient and competent people. 
There was a massive rebuilding job of their country that had to be done and the Germans were desperately 
trying to get started - clean up the rubble, get some housing, get the farms back into producing food. It was a 
matter of life and death - a grim matter of survival. 

But the Occupation Forces, controlled by Jew power, threw a monkey wrench into that vital and urgent program 
also. They had to de-nazify the German population first - a purely political and ideological maneuver to satisfy 
the ego and the sadistic hatred harbored by the Jews. The Nazi party was now outlawed by decree and all 
former Nazis were declared as criminals per se. Since Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had been the most 
popular form of government the Germans had ever enjoyed, and since the overwhelming majority of Germans 
had been enthusiastically loyal to the Nazi leadership, just about any and every competent and loyal German 
had either been a member or a supporter of the Nazi party, especially those of leadership quality. These very 
people, who were now so necessary in getting the nation back on their feet, were now branded as criminals and 
were either incarcerated in prison, or were relegated to such menial labor as digging ditches. Only former 
traitors, incompetents, aliens and Jews were now allowed to hold positions of authority, and it is easy to see 
what a debacle such policy, dictated by the "Allied" high command, would cause. It would, of course, cause 
chaos in any undertaking, but it was especially deadly in a nation that was desperately struggling to survive. 

Meanwhile, the German people were starving, homeless, disorganized and being constantly harassed by their 
Jewish tormentors. They were being taught Democracy with a vengeance. They could choose any kind of 
government except the kind they most needed and wanted. They were free to choose their leaders except those 
most competent to do the job. The fact is they were not free to do anything. They were utter slaves being ground 
into the dirt by their Jewish slave masters. Although today the German people have rebuilt their country despite 
all the handicaps imposed upon them, they are still slaves in the hands of their Jewish conquerors. 

There is one lesson we Creators can learn from this episode of de-nazification. If it is morally acceptable to de- 
nazify the German Nation, then it is equally moral for us to de-Judaize the Jews. Whereas the Jews deemed the 
Nazi philosophy as harmful to their parasitic way of life, history has proven that Judaism is a thousand times 
more deadly to our own survival. Let us keep that in mind when we, the White Race, regain control of our own 
destiny. Delenda est Judaica! 

The Looting and Sacking of Germany 

Having cut up the geographic entity of Germany like a carcass of beef hanging from a hook, the 'Allies" 
Immediately proceeded to loot the individual Germans. Since the High Command had branded all Nazis as 
criminals, and since all Germans were deemed as Nazis anyway, every man, woman and child was considered 
fair game, lower than an animal, to be looted, stripped and sacked by any American G.I., nigger, or Russian 
soldier at will. 

The serious looting by the Russians was conducted officially, systematically and thoroughly. Every house and 
apartment was entered, searched and stripped of everything at once valuable and movable - wrist watches, 
jewelry, silverware, works of art, clothing, household appliances, and money. Stores, shops and houses were 
ransacked. Farms were denuded of farm animals, machinery, seed reserves, wine and food stocks. (All this is 
reminiscent of what happened to my family in Russia during the Communist Revolution, especially during the 
years between 1918 and 1922.) Telephones were removed from residences and telephone lines and equipment 
were dismantled. Automobiles, trucks, even fire engines were seized. Everything not nailed down was hauled 
away. The German standard of living deliberately had to be lowered to where it was worse than that of the 
poorest peasants in Communist Russia. 

Outside of the fact that the Russian occupation forces were equal in size to the combined occupation forces of 
the Western powers, nevertheless the American sectors were equally criminal and flagrant in the business of 
looting as were the Russians. Although the average G.I. did not suffer from poverty as did the Russians, they 
somehow made up for it in their arrogant and wanton vandalism with which they destroyed that which they did 
not steal. Millions of dollars worth of rare items varying from intricate Zeiss lenses to butter and cheese and 
costly automobiles were destroyed through sheer vandalism. "They seemed to ruin everything, including the 
simplest personal belongings of the people in whose houses they were billeted," wrote one correspondent of the 
Chicago Daily News. 

Such was the wholesale looting, practiced by the average soldier, and the higher authorities not only took no 
steps to curb it, but silently condoned it. However, the official Allied Control Council promulgated a number of 
decrees that would deliberately make certain German recovery never would exceed the average living standards 
of other European Countries (which, under Hitler, Germany far outdistanced). Anything they deemed as 
"excess" (we are talking about an entire nation that was in rubble and starving to death) shall be taken as 
plunder or destroyed. In short, the prostrate German economy must be quartered and its flesh fed to other 
economies, a project that has aptly been called "economic cannibalism." 

But this was not the end of the looting by the victorious conquerors. The Jews resorted to their oldest and most 
effective scam of all, one that they have used countless times in history and by means of which they continue to 
loot all nations throughout the world. The "Allies' all in their respective occupation zones printed huge amounts 
of bogus paper, which they called military currency, which the Germans were forced to accept as "paymenf for 
whatever the victors chose to "buy." It was worthless, of course, merely worthless bogus paper. It is 
conservatively estimated that altogether between 15 billion and 20 billion occupation marks were printed. This 
means that the four powers further stole between two and four billion dollars worth of German property for the 
mere cost of printing worthless money, issued in payment. 

Meanwhile, the Russians, who occupied 45 percent of what was formerly Germany, dismantled every factory, 
machine and plant that had escaped the ravages of war and shipped them eastward into Russia. Not only did 
they ransack their own zone, but the other three powers gratuitously agreed to give them 25 percent of anything 
and everything they could loot out of their zones as well. 

Nothing was spared, patents, inventions, scientific laboratories and even the scientists themselves were 
appropriated by the victors, with the Russians making off with the lion's share. 

In the previous paragraphs we have already reviewed the horrors of war suffered by the German people; the 
terrible fire bombing of Dresden; the massive, concentrated bombing and burning of the great city of Hamburg, 
and in fact, every other major city in Germany. Yet, remarkable as it may seem, food reserves were still ample 
when the war ended, thanks to the discipline, hard work and efficient planning of the German government and 
its people. Once the war was over, however, this was quickly and drastically changed to one of famine, chaos 
and the ultimate in death and misery. Under "Allied" policy, bent on vengeance and the decimation of the 
German people, these food stores were deliberately destroyed, and in the Russian zones devoured by the 
Russian troops or loaded up and shipped to Russia. 

None of this just happened. When the "Big Three," Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin (sadistic sons of bitches that 
they were) met at Yalta, they deliberately planned to starve the German people to death, not because food was 
not available, but because in an orgy of hatred and vengeance they wanted to torture the German people, and, 
moreover, cripple and decimate the German gene pool into insignificance and oblivion. We all remember the 
"Morgenthau Plan" to reduce the great German nation into an insignificant goat pasture, devoid of people. 

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury at the end of the war, and this scurvy Jew was not 
only privy to the inner circles of the Jewish Kehilla, but also one of Roosevelt's closest advisers (if not his 
boss). Be that as it may, on this issue the Jews of the world were in unison: heap a maximum of misery on the 
German people! Starve them to death! Kill the best first! 

When I visited Germany in 1955, 1 had the pleasure and honor to be the guest of a German businessman for 
more than a week. This fine gentleman by the name of Fred Bieger, who had suffered the pangs of cold, and 
battle wounds on the very edge of the Russian front, told me that whereas the war years were horrible, the 
"peace" that followed, during the first year at least, was a thousand times worse. 

The average American diet is about 3000 calories a day. A working lumberjack needs as much as 7600 calories 
to maintain his weight and health. Studies by the University of Minnesota showed that when intake (by 
volunteers) was reduced to about 1650 calories over a period of several months, the volunteers lost a fourth of 
their weight, experienced fainting spells, dizziness and a feeling of always being cold. They lost three-fourths of 
their energy and working ability, and their only interest in life seemed to be the next meal. 

In their deliberate campaign to starve the German people, the caloric intake allowed in the American zone 
ranged from a high of 1550 calories to a low of 11 80 per person per day. This was, in fact, a program 
deliberately pursued with the objective of starving the German people to death, and starve them they did. The 
British, French and Russian zones were even worse. The result was mass starvation. Infant mortality reached a 
horrifying 90 percent. It was 16 times as high as it had been in 1943. Ed Johnson, correspondent for P.M. 
Magazine wrote at this time: "Most children under ten and people over 60 cannot survive the coming winter." 

Senator Homer E. Capehart of Indiana in an address before the U.S. Senate, February 5, 1946, said in part 
"...the fact that it has been and continues to be the deliberate policy of a confidential conspiratorial clique within 
the policy making circles... to draw and quarter a nation now reduced to abject misery... this clique, like a pack 
of hyenas struggling over the bloody entrails of a corpse and inspired by a sadistic and fanatical hatred, are 
determined to destroy the German nation and the German people, no matter what the consequences." Senator 
Capehart, unfortunately, did not identify the nature of the clique. We can do so without fear of contradiction and 
point the finger directly at the malevolent, cunning and diabolical hatred of the Jewish Kehilla and International 
Jewry itself, the same criminals that instigated and orchestrated the internecine and suicidal war against the 
White Race in the first place. 

The result was - as intended - millions of Germans starved to death while ample food supplies from Denmark, 
Sweden and the United States were deliberately withheld by the vengeance-prone "Allied" victors. 

Also decided by the "Big Three" at Yalta was the ultimate horror, degradation and damage to be heaped upon 
the German nation. From the record it is obvious that the criminals who met at Yalta deliberately formulated a 
diabolical program of bastardizing and contaminating the superior racial strains of the Prussians and the 
Teutons with the inferior genes of the American niggers, and French Moroccans and Senegalese, and from the 
east, the Bolshevized Mongolian and Slavic hordes. 

When the Russian armies overran Danzig they promptly and systematically set about raping all the women - 
from small girls and children to elderly women as much as 83 years of age. A 50 year old teacher related that 
her niece, 15 years of age was raped seven times the day after the Russians arrived, while her other niece, 22, 
was raped 15 times the same day. When women of the city pleaded for protection, a Russian officer told them to 
seek shelter in the Catholic Cathedral. Once securely inside, these treacherous Russian barbarians had 
themselves an all night orgy, raping every woman inside the Cathedral, some more than 30 times. A Catholic 
priest states: They even violated eight-year-old girls and shot young boys who tried to shield their mothers." 

It was the same in all the regions overrun by the Communist armies. When Berlin fell, the Commander told his 
Russian soldiers - the women of the city were all theirs and to go to it. This they did with a vengeance and the 
only escape the women had was to commit suicide. This thousands of women did, and even before the arrival of 
the oncoming Russian hordes many of the most beautiful and desirable, anticipating a fate worse than death, 
committed suicide. 

In the American occupation zone, the High Command saw fit to bring in 42,000 black nigger troops, a move 
that was no accident. These black savages, the lowest type of animals, had a higher crime rate, a venereal 
disease rate several times that of the White soldier, and in general, a propensity for rape and criminal activity. 
They were deliberately set loose upon the German women, and even a scoundrel such as General Eisenhower 
loosely dismissed the wholesale raping of the German women by the American G.I.'s as "The boys were just 
having a little fun." Some fun! Where brute force was not employed in the wholesale rampage, later, as 
starvation set in (as described in the previous chapter) the American G.I.'s traded food, bars of soap, chocolate 
bars, for cheap and easy sex to the hungry and hopeless German women who were desperately trying to survive. 

Without going into detail, the same flagrant program of rape and violence against the women prevailed in the 
French and British zones. Without a doubt, the policy had been handed down from on high: rape and desecrate 
every German female to be found. A whole book could be, and should be, written about this shameful and 
horrendous episode of atrocities committed by the Allied" conquerors, but we do not have the space here to do 

Suffice It to say, it is one of the blackest and most shameful blots on the history of civilization, and the White 
Race as a whole. But let us remember - back of it all was the planned and deliberate hate of the Jewish Kehilla 
- to destroy that which is best, the German gene pool. 


As we enter the last decade of the Twentieth Century, White Americans are not interested in the story of what 
happened to the Germans after they were defeated and disarmed. Very few know the real story, a gruesome 
story that was completely hushed up, and few Americans want to hear about it today. But we had better learn 
from history and realize that what happened to the disarmed Germans then, is in store for the White people of 
America and the White people of the world. What the Jews did to the Germans was only one further, albeit 
major, step In their long-standing program of mongrelization and destruction of the White Race. No sooner had 
the Jews vanquished the Germans when they immediately turned their attention to doing the same to the very 
"Allies" who In their ignorance and stupidity had helped them do the dirty deed. Targeted for mongrelization 
and destruction now were all the White countries of the world - especially the United States. This they did by 
shipping in the mud races of all stripes and colors, into Britain, France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian 
countries, and again, especially the United States. They further exacerbated the program by massively 
subsidizing the mud peoples of the world, by means of the Marshall Plan and foreign aid abroad, and by means 
of huge welfare programs to the niggers in America herself, all at the expense of the White American taxpayer. 
The result over the past 45 years has been a massive population explosion, not of the White Race, but 
exclusively of the mud races, and the United States (as are Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.) is being 
flooded and overrun with the mud scum of the world. The objective is to disarm the White people, and when the 
time is ripe, to utilize the overwhelming hordes of mud peoples to rape, kill and mongrelize the decimated 
remnants of the White Race in a pattern very similar to what happened to the vanquished and disarmed people 
of Germany. 

Therefore let us take heed and learn our lesson well. Destroy the enemy before it destroys us! Destroy Judaism, 

the scourge of the world, before it destroys us! If It is morally acceptable to de-Nazify all the Germans, 80 
million of them, then it is imperative that we are justified in de-Judaizing the 20 million Jews of the world - our 
No. 1 mortal enemy. Delenda est Judaica! Let us make sure we avenge Dresden, Hamburg and all the rest of the 
atrocities the Jews heaped on the great and fine people of Germany. By so doing we will ensure that a similar 
fate is not perpetrated on us and our own future progeny. 

To do so we must become informed, aroused and organized. Had the American people in the 1930's done just 
that, they would never have gone to war against Germany. Instead they would have joined with the Germans 
and turned their wrath on the mortal enemies inside our own borders - the sinister and treacherous Jew. Let's 
not lose any more time. Join the Church of the Creator. Help get those first ten million White Man 's Bibles out 
and into the hands of our White Racial Comrades. Do it now! 

Set-up in China 

The Chinese are Coming! 

It seems the deceit and cunning of the Jew knows no bounds. To most of the befuddled world, recent events in 
China, it would seem, just happened. The Chinese communist government, like their Russian counterpart, so 
our Jew orchestrated papers would have us believe, became more lax, and the Chinese students, like the rest of 
the Chinese people, just spontaneously assembled in Tianamen Square by the millions to express their hunger 
for "democracy" and freedom. Doesn't everybody? 

Practically everybody In the United States and the world who has followed the events of the recent Chinese 
uprising believes this scenario. However, there are some serious flaws in this projected set-up. For one thing, 
you don't whip a million students into a state of agitation where they all assemble spontaneously in China's 
main square without previous long-scale planning and trained leadership. No, this revolt did not happen 
overnight nor without a great deal of financing behind it. Secondly, there isn't one chinaman in ten thousand 
who knows the meaning of the word "democracy" (nor an American either for that matter) and really gives a 
damn for the concept of democracy. Earlier this year Chinese students didn't demonstrate "democratic" 
principles when they bashed the nigger exchange students who had eyes for their Chinese women. In fact, most 
chinamen who might have heard the word "democracy" and are asked its meaning would probably say that it 
was some alien concept repugnant to the Chinese and their culture. 

So how did it happen that a million Chinese students assembled in the heart of Beijing and started shouting 
"Western" (English only for American TV cameras?) slogans? How did it happen that the Communist hierarchy 
was seemingly indifferent to such a heretical uprising for a number of weeks and then suddenly let loose the 
armed troops and started mowing down the unarmed students with real machine guns? Wasn't that a nasty thing 
to do? Didn't that enrage the "democratic" peoples of the world? Surprise! Surprise! 

To those of us who have studied the Jewish modus operandi (M.O.) for the last several decades and have 
followed the upheavals in any number of other countries Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Vietnam and a score of 
others, it is no surprise at all. 

Let us keep our eye on the ball. What is it that the Jews are trying to accomplish? What is it that they are not 
only trying, but actually achieving, with amazing success? The answer, as any Creator could tell you, is: the Jew 
is fanatically bent on destroying the White Race, by any and every means possible. Kill the best first! We have 
already described in great detail how the tribe of Judah managed to bomb, massacre, starve, deport and 
bastardize a major segment of the German people in the "Avenge Dresden!" series of articles. We have already 
spelled out any number of times how, after the defeat of Germany they immediately moved to perpetrate a 
similar fate on the rest of the White nations of the world, especially America. How can they bring down 
America? Again, the deceit and cunning of the Jew knows no limits, and they will, and are, using every means 
at their disposal to bring about the total collapse of White civilization. One means is to promote race-mixing. 
This they have promoted with a vengeance, not only by propaganda, but also by subsidizing the niggers already 
in this country so that they will breed to their hearts' content at the expense of the overburdened and hard 
working White American taxpayer. The Jew controlled government has augmented this further by "legally" 
enforcing such "civil rights" laws as "open housing," "affirmative action," unlimited welfare, and in general, 
enforced integration in every segment of our lives. 

What has all this to do with what is happening in China today? A great deal, and we are now coming to our 
main point. Communism Is a Jewish invention from beginning to end. Jewish Communism took over China in 

1949, forty years ago. In order to do so, Mao Tse-tung, whom the Jews used as their stooge in China, ruthlessly 
killed off, it is estimated, between 40 and 60 million of his enemies. Mao is now dead and as elsewhere. 
Communism has been, and is, a dismal failure. But let us remember that in the enslavement of the peoples of 
the world, the Jews' main target and prime obstacle still is the White Race, and that last great bastion of the 
White Race, the United States of America. 

As we mentioned, one of the many destructive programs utilized by the Jews to destroy the White Race is to 
mongrelize the White Race into a massive sea of brown zombies, and the flooding of the United States with 
mud peoples is one powerful method of accelerating such a program. 

So what better way to allow all these mud peoples to flood into the United States than to play on the stupid 
"Christian compassion" of the White people? Make them feel sorry for the "refugees" from all these tyrannical 
regimes that the Jews themselves instigated! This the Jews have successfully done in dozens of countries. In 
fact the United States is the No. 1 sucker haven for all the destitute mud races of the world. 

Now where is there a more massive reservoir of mud peoples than the sub-continent of China? There are more 
than one billion, that's a thousand million, son, there in that miserable country of China, and 99 percent of them 
would love to scramble to the United States. Millions of them already have done so. But they need a "moral" 
issue, they used to be "refugees" from a tyrannical government to really open wide the flood gates into our fair 
country. What has happened in China in the last month provides the perfect scenario, almost as if it was scripted 
in Jew Hollywood itself We will see many more scenes of killings, shootings, brutality on our TV screens, and 
I predict our Jew controlled government will indeed open wide the floodgates to endless hordes of stinking, 
yellow Chinese. What better and quicker way of drowning what is left of White America in a flood of mud? It 
will happen just as planned, and as this issue oi Racial Loyalty goes to press developments are rapidly unfolding 
to insure sanctuary in the U.S. for all Chinese students (over 40,000) now "studying" here. If our readers will 
remember, about a year ago we told you of the million Chinese agricultural workers who were brought to this 
country (by JOG) last year ostensibly to pick produce (which the White Man has decided he is too good to pick 
himself). It now appears that JOG may have been just softening us up a little and testing the waters as to how 
much more the "melting pof was prepared to take. As "Operation Chinese" falls into place, remember what 
Racial Loyalty has been telling you all along about it. 

Issue No. 55 - October 1989 
Help! A Plea for Support 

The Establishment is Trying to Use "Legal' Strong Arm Tactics to Destroy Our Church 

The Church of the Creator is a well-founded, well-established, non-profit religious organization. Its North 
Carolina corporate charter clearly defines it as such, and when we built our headquarters here In North Carolina 
in 1983, the Macon County Tax Assessor recognized it as such, and in line with our First Amendment rights 
granted us tax exemption, the same as they had granted to all the one hundred or so other churches in the 
county. The Tax Assessor that then succeeded the former assessor also concurred and left our tax-exempt status 

Along now comes the third tax assessor, one Richard Lightner, who either hates our defense of the White Race, 
or perhaps the White Race itself Arbitrarily and capriciously, on his own volition he decided to revoke our tax 
exemption. Whether he has been paid by the ADL or is a Jew himself, we have not yet determined, but it could 
be either, or both. We mean to find out. Evidently the Jewish establishment is beginning to run scared, feeling 
that our increasing growth could soon mushroom into a major awakening of the White people and is a dire 
threat to their all-embracing tyranny. Earlier in the game they tried to scare us out of existence by using a 
number of sneaky physical assaults during the middle of the night, such as a shotgun blast at our eight foot logo 
on the face of the church (the holes are still there for anybody to see), throwing phosphorous fire bombs at our 
building and various other malicious attacks. When we refused to be frightened or intimidated, they evidently 
decided to change tactics and are now trying "legal" harassment and assault. We have the news for you 
goddamned Jewish stooges: It won't work either. We are staying! 

Last February we received our initial letter from Jewish-stooge Richard Lightner, said tax assessor. The reason 
(or pretext) they said was that they had been snooping around the fringes of our property (without so much as 
coming in and talking to us) and that they had determined we were "not active enough," whatever that means. 
We replied to the County Commission in writing that we had never been more active in our existence, and also 
restated such at a formal meeting with the Commissioners. We told them that we were performing marriages, 
had published eight major books, eleven policy booklets, published 54 issues oi Racial Loyalty, had ordained 
dozens of Ministers in half a dozen countries of the world, started a Leadership School for Gifted Boys, and 
actually held a two week session at the school. In the face of all this evidence, they still turned us down, but 
they now changed their tactics. Their new pretext was that our by-laws were not complete, whatever in the hell 
that meant. We pointed out that the by-laws were written by the same attorney, Richard Jones, who was now, 
and had been for years, the legal counsel for their own County Commission, and just what was it that was 
deficient? Furthermore, completeness or incompleteness of by-laws, or no by-laws at all, had absolutely nothing 
to do with our credentials as a church or our tax-exemption as a religious organization. 

My wife, our loyal and hard working Rev. A.W. Reynolds and myself were served subpoenas to appear in 
Raleigh, NC, the state capital, at 9:00 a.m. September 21, 1989. With it came aDuces Tecum, an order to bring 
with us all our records, lists of members, lists of ministers, our corporate books, our by-laws, minutes of our 
meetings, records of expenditures, everything but the kitchen sink, in fact, 13 separate Items. To make sure we 
would be ambushed and unable to comply with the Subpoena and Duces Tecum, we were served only on 
September 19th, two days prior to the 21st, although it was deceitfully dated September 8th. 

Nothing convinced us more that this was a Jewish setup for harassment than the fact that in the face of all this 
evidence and common sense the local officials still decided to rule against us and force us to go to the North 

Carolina Tax Commission hundreds of miles away and go through a formal hearing in order to retain our rights 
that had already been acknowledged earlier, several times and several years. This now also meant we had to hire 
a lawyer licensed by the state, since a corporation must have a licensed lawyer to represent it before a state 

This is where the squeeze comes in. Practically every lawyer in the state Is pro- Jewish, pro-nigger, anti-White 
and gung-ho for race-mixing, everything we are against. Furthermore, they are extremely reluctant to even take 
on our case, since they are scared spitless it will tarnish their pro- Jewish image before the powerful, all- 
dominant Jewish control of the courts and the Bar Association (and everything else, we might add). 

After several attorneys turned us down and some backed out and left us in the lurch at the last moment, we 
finally found a paralegal from Oklahoma, who with a legal attorney from Wyoming were willing to go to battle 
for our case, both of whom were well versed in the First Amendment rights of churches and Constitutional law. 
However, we still had to also hire a licensed North Carolina lawyer as well, a man from Raleigh, NC, who had 
been selected by our paralegal. The total bill for all this came to $6000 (so far), a sum we can ill afford. On top 
of that we had travel expenses, motel bills, etc., to cover. 

We finally had a meeting and confrontation with the North Carolina Tax Commission in Raleigh, NC on 
September 21st. It lasted all day. No decision was arrived at, and we still have to submit briefs and await their 
deliberations. At the hearing we have successfully asserted the privacy of our subscriber/membership/minister 
lists and other sensitive documents, but our religious beliefs were bandied about without any First Amendment 
considerations, whereas when the tax assessor on cross-examination was so much as asked what was his 
religious faith, immediately had his attorney shout Objection!' which was quickly "sustained!" by the chairman. 
That is what is called double standards. 

In conclusion, I want to make three cogent points: 

The First Point is that our credentials as a church and as a religion are impeccable. They are as good as, if not 
in fact much better than, any religion on the face of the earth, past or present. Our religious beliefs are not based 
on silly and untenable myths or fairy tales that have no basis in fact, nor are such myths even logical. Our 
beliefs are well founded and well grounded in the Eternal Laws of Nature. Does anybody care to argue 
about the truth and validity of the Laws of Nature? Only a fool would. Furthermore, our beliefs are based on 
the experience of history. What history? All history - Egyptian history, Greek history, Roman history, and 
especially more recent history, such as World Wars I and II, and what has happened here in crime and nigger 
infested America and what is happening in Palestine, to quote a few examples. We have set our views and 
beliefs down in writing in eight comprehensive books that anyone is free to read and study. Our creed and 
program takes in history, religion, politics, bodily health (Salubrious Living), eugenics and the uplifting of our 
race, as well as the preservation of a viable environment; in other words, we aim to achieve a SOUND MIND in 
a SOUND BODY in a SOUND SOCIETY in a SOUND ENVIRONMENT. Our creed and program also 
considers many other facets of our life, such as anthropology, archeology, astronomy and every other scientific 
study. Compare this with the concepts of the Old and New Testaments written by primitive, ignorant and 
superstitious Middle Eastern desert tribesmen. 

The Second Point I want to make is that our goals are real and compelling: the survival of the White Race - 
Nature 's Finest I ask any responsible White Man or Woman, what is more important? Saving the gorillas? or 
niggers? or some species of endangered clams? Can you and your family survive in a drug and crime infested 
America with wall-to-wall niggers? 

The Third Point is: we need financial help - much help] Saving the White Race is taking an increasing amount 

of our dwindling resources, the largest portion of which to date I have been supplying personally. But these 
resources are now coming to an end and will have to be borne by the living members of the White Race, too 
few of whom seem to realize the tremendous issues that are at stake. So confused is the average White Man 
now by Jewish propaganda that only a small percentage can see through the blather of Jewish garbage slopped 
on them daily to understand that their very life, their property, their culture and their civilization are at stake. 
Moreover, and what is more important, the future of their children and grandchildren is non-existent if we don't 
win this fight NOW - IN THE NEXT DECADE. 

Despite all the challenges, difficulties and enemy attacks, our commitment to the sacred cause of Creativity and 
our belief in its final victory is undiminished. But we need better grassroots organization through the COTC 
Primary Groups and increased support from the field activists to the Church Headquarters in the form of 
renewed subscriptions, membership fees, donations and volunteer services at the Church Headquarters. 

We would especially appreciate volunteer services of Creators with secretarial, typing and editing skills. Also, 
please send us office supplies, books, and don't forget to remember us in your will. 

Let each one of us Creators examine our skills and resources and contribute regularly and generously to the 
Sacred Cause of the One and Only White Racial Religion - Creativity. Remember, If Creativity does not win, 
the White Race will be exterminated by the rising tide of the mud races, and then all your resources and all your 
skills will be worth nothing. Please use them for the best interests of the White Race while it is still not too late. 
Let us make hay while the sun shines. 

So ante up! It is now or never! We need all the help we can get. You need all the help we can give you. Act 
now! Send us all you can spare and a little extra. The time has come for the showdown! Act now! 

Issue No. 56 - December 1989 

Cleansing the Territory 

The Spirit of the Early Texas Rangers 

ItLives Again in theRanksoftheC.O.T.C. 

We, of the Church of the Creator, are proud of the yeoman service rendered by the early Texas Rangers in the 
expansion and advancement of the White Race in America. They were a camaraderie of brave and heroic men 
at a time when the White Race in America was building the world's finest empire - an empire that was soon to 
reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

They were lawmen and they were pioneers. They were gunmen and they were Indian fighters and they were 
racists. They were the protectors of the pioneering White settlers from the marauding Indians and also the 
encroaching Mexicans. Their motto in the mid-nineteenth century was: "The only good Indian is a dead 
Indian!", a policy which, if it had been continued by the Federal government, would have saved today's 
overburdened White taxpayers from having hordes of these pathetic and useless semi-savages on the public 
welfare rolls. 

But the early Texas Rangers were not only protecting the fiedgling White settlers from the Indians. They did 
much more. It was their avowed goal to drive every Mexican and Indian from out of the then Republic of Texas. 
And drive them out they did, with a zeal that we would do well to emulate today. 

It was Stephen F. Austin who pioneered the colonization of Texas by the White Man. His father, Moses Austin, 
had visions of bringing White settlers into the then Mexican held territory of Texas, and started the initial 
negotiations with the Mexican government in 1820. His early death the next year left the unfulfilled plans and 
obligations squarely on the shoulders of his son, Stephen Fuller Austin, who at that time was 28. 

By 1824 Austin had almost fulfilled his contractual obligations with the Mexican government of bringing in a 
total of 300 settlers, each of which received a grant of 4605 acres, and who in turn had certain contractual 
obligations to Austin and to the colony. 

One of the problems the struggling new colony had to provide for was that of maintaining law and order in a 
wild and wide open territory of considerable dimensions. Though the settlers themselves were mostly good 
solid citizens (their character references had been carefully checked before acceptance), there was still the 
problem of outlaws, desperados and marauding bands of Indians. 

When Stephen Austin put forth the call for volunteers, the men quickly replied to the need, and formed local 
defense groups that Austin organized to repel Indian attacks. These militia companies soon switched from 
stationary defense to wide-ranging horse patrols, and concluded that the best defense was to go on the offensive. 
Thus these patrols came to be known as "ranging companies" and became the forerunners of the legendary (and 
notorious) Texas Rangers. 

Initially, the chief targets were the Indian tribes that Infested their territory and settlements, and any Indian was 
fair game. Attacks on Indians were not only a practical necessity for the survival of the settlers, but a 

contractual duty that Austin owed to the Mexican government, who at that time still had sovereignty over the 
territory, and in some instances such Indian raids were carried out with the collaboration of, and on direct orders 
from, the Mexican military. 

By the year 1836 when the fledgling colony had expanded its numbers of White Americans, the Indians were 
not the only menace. The Mexican government itself became a thorn in the side of the White settlers. As it 
watched the Incoming Americans increase, the Mexican government became apprehensive of their growing 
numbers and became more hostile and oppressive to the settlers over which it nevertheless still considered itself 
as the sovereign lord and master. The White settlers, on the other hand, were chafing under the taxes, the 
customs and the Catholic regimen of what they now considered as a culture and a government alien to their 

The massacre of the 176 brave men at the Alamo in February of 1836 both panicked and also galvanized the 
spirit and determination of the freewheeling White American settlers. 

On March 16, the Texans promulgated their own Declaration of Independence and elected David Burnet as 
provisional President of their newly formed Republic. When Sam Houston and his rag-tag band of 800 
volunteers trapped and then annihilated Santa Anna's army of 4000 at San Jacinto on April 21 of the same year, 
they sealed their independence in blood. 

Houston's heroic battle at San Jacinto was one of the more important victories In American history. Although 
small in comparison, it was the battle that decided that Texas was to become the White Man's domain and not 
that of the mongrelized mestizo Mexicans. The decisive San Jacinto victory rightfully earned Sam Houston a 
glorious place as an outstanding hero not only in Texas and American history, but also in the history of the 
entire White Race. We of the C.O.T.C. recognize him as such and are hanging an oil portrait of him in our 
gallery of "White Men of Whom we are Proud" in our World Headquarters. 

Sam Houston became the first elected president of the fiedgling Republic of Texas in October of 1836, his first 
term of office being limited to two years by the Texas constitution. When he came into the presidency the newly 
created Republic was in shambles. The land area claimed by Texas after the revolution was 242,594,560 acres, 
stretching from the Sabine and Red Rivers on the east, to the Rio Grande on the West. There were now 30,000 
Texans who had settled 62,594,560 acres, but nearly half of this had been ravaged and devastated by Santa 
Anna's marauding forces. The economy of Texas was in ruins, food was scarce and prices were sky high. Flour 
was selhng at an unprecedented price of $18 per barrel, corn at $1.50 per bushel. The Republic was saddled 
with a public debt of $1,250,000 incurred during the revolution. 

Furthermore, a seething and resentful Mexico refused to recognize the boundaries established by the newly 
formed Republic of Texas, and an invasion of 25,000 Mexican troops was feared by the spring of 1837. Not 
only did the Republic have the threat of the Mexican invasion hanging over their heads, but Indian 
depredations, too, were taking their toll. The Republic was bankrupt and could not afford to finance a standing 

At Houston's urging, the Texas congress turned its attention to the Texas Rangers. Veterans of San Jacinto and 
young brawlers from all over Texas came to join in answer to Houston's call. Such outstanding and notorious 
fighters as Deaf Smith, Ben McCulloch, Edward Burleson, Noah Smithwick, W. A.A. "Bigfoof Wallace, Jack 
C. Hayes, Samuel H. Walker and George Thomas Howard were all destined to become enshrined in the hearts 
of Texans, and, might I say, in the present era of the White Man's struggle for survival, in the hearts of all 
Creators. Houston quickly organized 600 men into three divisions as a border patrol to guard against either 
Mexican or Indian attack. 

For ten years the Republic of Texas walked a lonely road, constantly under threat of the more powerful 
Mexican Republic to the south, and the ever marauding Indian tribes in its own territory and on its extended 
borders. When Houston's two year term as president was up, he was succeeded by his former vice-president, 
Mirabeau Bounaparte Lamar, a one-time Georgia newspaper publisher and poet. Lamar stated the racial conflict 
succinctly: "The White Man and the red man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it/" He saw 
the conflict clearly, as a three-cornered racial war between the mestizo Mexicans, the Indians, and the White 
Man, It was such in 1840, it remains as such today. 

During Its ten year tenure as an independent republic, the Texas government and its strong-arm Texas Rangers 
were well on their way to cleaning up the Texas territory for the White Man. Upon annexation of Texas as a 
state into the Union In 1845, the Federal government took control of Indian affairs. Much to the consternation 
of the Texans, the Washington government now took a paternal attitude towards the savage Indians. Whereas 
the Texans had from their very inception as an independent Republic sought out, pursued and destroyed the 
Indian villages and encampments within their territory, the Federal government now reversed this policy and set 
up Indian reservations on Texas soil. It made a number of meaningless treaties with these lawless savages and 
actually protected and fed them. Instead of solving the Indian problem, it now aggravated and promoted it, 
much to the chagrin of the Texans. The White Texans wondered just whose side the Federal government was 

Finally in 1859, the Texans had had enough and took matters Into their own hands. They abolished every 
reservation, and drove every Indian out of Texas territory. It was a superb task, ably carried out by the Texas 
Rangers. Any Indian found on Texas soil after that was there at his own risk. 

We now want to highlight a few of the colorful characters of this noble and heroic band of racial warriors. 
There is a rich lore and there are a considerable number to whom we could refer, but we will pick only a few at 

Captain Jack Coffee Hayes. It was Capt. Hayes who revolutionized mounted warfare in the 1840's by 
adopting Samuel Colt's newfangled handgun as a primary cavalry weapon. Invented in 1836, the early Colt 
five-shot revolver was fragile and prone to misfire. The U.S. Army had rejected the weapon as a mere novelty. 
But Hays thought differently. The Comanche Indians he was fighting could shoot a dozen arrows in the time it 
took his men to dismount, muzzle load their cumbersome rifles and fire a round. Captain Hays dispatched 
Ranger Samuel H. Walker to help Colt modify the revolver, and the result was a durable, quick firing, easy to 
load six-shooter, known as the Walker Colt. 

During the Mexican War when it was the Texas Rangers who were usually at the forefront leading the U.S. 
Army Into Mexico, the Walker Colt proved its mettle. The revolver wielding Texans proved so effective that 
this weapon was finally adopted as the official sidearm for all U.S. cavalry men. 

Ranger Captain Ben McCulloch led 40 men through Texas lines to find a route from Matamoros west to 
Monterey for the Invading U.S. Army. In ten days, he and his men traversed 250 miles and raided several 
villages and rancheros without being once sighted by the Mexicans. 

So fierce and elusive were the Rangers that the Mexicans called them Los Tejanos Diablos - the Texas Devils. 
After the capture of Mexico City, with much credit due the Rangers, the Texans earned another name: Los 
Tejanos Sanguinarios - the Bloodthirsty Texans. Quick-triggered at best, the Rangers were enraged when one 

of their men was murdered in a villainous part of the City, and went on a shooting spree that left 80 dead 
Mexicans lying in the streets. 

Captain John S. (Rip) Ford. The Comanches came to regard the Texas Rangers with ever greater fear and 
terror. In the 1850's, the seek-and-destroy missions staged in the 1820's were refined to a bloody art by the 
latter-day Rangers. In 1858 Ranger Captain Ford was given command of all Texas state forces - militia as well 
as Rangers, and ordered to use whatever means necessary to end Comanche pillaging in northern Texas. Ford 
gathered a force of 215 men, mostly Rangers, and tracked a band of Comanches all the way to the Canadian 
River in Oklahoma. The trail led to a large Comanche village, defended by 300 warriors. They were, however, 
no match for the well armed Texans, who lost only two killed and two wounded. In the encounter they killed 76 
Indians, including the chief, took 18 prisoners, captured 300 horses and destroyed the village's food stores. 

In the years to come, the Rangers used their effective mobile assault forces to drive the Comanches and the 
Cherokees out of Texas. After the Civil War, the U.S. Cavalry adopted the Ranger's tactics to crush Indian 
resistance in the West. 

Today the White Race faces a very similar racial dilemma which is crowding in on us and threatening to destroy 
our White civilization, our race and our gene pool, as did the early Texans from the depredations of the Indians 
and the Mexicans. 

In the latter part of the twentieth century the White Race is besieged not only by a scattering of Indians, but by 
millions of Mexicans, millions of niggers, millions of Asiatics, and in fact all the scum and freeloaders of the 
world, not the least of which is the tribe of Judah. The racial war may be much more complex today than it was 
in the early days of Texas, but the issue is basically the same. It boils down to one eternal law of history and of 
Nature, that was enunciated by President Mirabeau Lamar in 1840. That law still stands today: "The White 
Race and the mud races cannot live in the same territory. Nature forbids it/" We will either cleanse our 
territory of the mud races as did the Texas Rangers a century and a half ago, or we - the White Race - will be 
utterly destroyed. If we, the White Race, do not take a firm hand in changing the course of racial fiooding of the 
mud races that are being dumped upon once White America, we will In the course of the next generation be 
deluged into extinction. 

White people awake! In our creed and program we have stated again and again what the grim lessons of 
history have repeatedly taught us - namely, that a polyglot nation or a polyglot society can neither be governed 
nor can it endure. By sheer breeding alone the mud races will crowd us out of our own territory and off the face 
of the earth. As I have pointed out in any number of chapters and articles, a fate similar to that which befell San 
Domingo awaits us here in America. (See the White Man 's Bible, "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo - A 
Forerunner for White America.") 

Whether we like it or not, grim and appalling disaster is staring us in the face. Nature's Finest - the White Race 
- is doomed to rapid extinction unless we take determined and, yes, ruthless action, as did the Texas Rangers in 
the early history of that state. We must again realize our racial values and guard and protect them with our very 
lives, as did the valiant heroes at the Alamo, and as did Sam Houston and his rag-tag army at San Jacinto in 
1836, as did the heroic Texas Rangers. We must drive the alien scum from out of our midst as did the Texas 
Rangers in the middle of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, we must make it clear that we are determined to 
hang those racial traitors who are now selling us out to the enemy, as did Gen. Winfleld Scott to the San 
Patricio traitors in 1848 at the end of the War with Mexico. 

"The White Man and the red man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it! " 
Mirabeau Bounaparte Lamar, the Second President of the Repubhc of Texas. 

"Know you 're right and keep on acoming! " 
Motto of the early Texas Rangers 

"The only good Indian is a dead Indian! " 
The battle cry of the early Texas Rangers 

Klassen's Letter to Metzger 

(Written and Mailed on January 25, 1985) 

Dear Tom: 

I have been meaning to write you ever since I returned from my trip to So. California and thank you for your 
hospitality and the taping of the show. So allow me to now say - many thanks! 

After meeting you I am convinced of your sincerity to the cause that I believe you and I both hold in common - 
and that is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race - a goal that we of the Church of the 
Creator spell out repeatedly. 

But time is rapidly running out on us and whether we will achieve this in our lifetime depends on how fast we, 
the White Race, can get our act together. Let me add that if we don't do it in our lifetime (and I believe we have 
at best only another five to ten years to do so) It will not be done in our children's lifetime either. In another 
decade or less all hell will break loose and a worldwide racial war will ensue, the objective of which will be to 
completely destroy the White Race, and mongrelize what dilapidated remnants survive. There will be no 
comeback, no second chance. The other alternative is to smash the monster that is bent on destroying us. 

I have been preaching repeatedly that the only way the White Race can beat the monster and survive is by sheer 
power - to build a powerhouse larger and stronger than the Jewish powerhouse and smash the hell out of it. 
Secondly, I have been preaching that the only way that can be done is the same way as the miserable parasitic 
Jews have built theirs - by polarization and dispersion - around a dynamic powerful racial religion. See again 
"Dispersion and Polarization" in Racial Loyalty No. 14. 

In Creativity we have it all - the whole ball of wax to build that powerhouse. Also the White Race has the 
manpower, wealth, resources, intelligence and numbers to do the job. The biggest roadblock, in my opinion, is 
the hubris of the tens of thousands of little groups in wanting to be so goddamned independent and 
individualistic that they would rather see the White Race go down the drain than admit that their own little 
satrap might not be equal to the task. 

My objective in writing you this letter is to convince you - implore you - to join with us in the Creativity 
movement and form a Church of the Creator in your area. That would be a big step in the direction of 
polarization, and since you are a leader, a man with a considerable following, this would shake up the whole 
White Racial movement to take a second look and bring them to their senses - In the realization that we have to 
polarize into one huge powerful battering ram. Fragmented and divided we are sitting ducks. The last 50 years 
of history has proved that overwhelmingly. In contrast. In Germany Hitler proved the power of the polarization 
approach, the Catholic Church proved it over the centuries, and the Jews have amply demonstrated it for 
thousands of years. 

For those who argue that we must be dispersed or the Jews might smash us in one fell swoop the beauty of 
Creativity is that we can do both: polarize around one loyalty - one creed - one program, and at the same time 
be dispersed into thousands of different church groups, just like the Jews have done for millenniums. 

What I am saying, Tom, is this. What is to stop you from forming a Church of the Creator group in Fallbrook, 
or anywhere in So. California, and still be your own boss? You can put out your own newspaper, or you can put 
out ours, or you can put out both, if you like. Your can run candidates for political offices or whatever activities 
you see fit and constructive. You can be ordained as a minister of our church, or we could even create a higher 

title (equivalent to a bishop, cardinal, etc., in the Catholic Church, except we would come up with some Latin 
name for it) all of which would provide prestige and some legal protection. 

All of this would create a significant beginning toward crystallizing and polarizing the whole White Racial 
movement toward really building a meaningful, lasting power structure. It would also buy us all a lot more 
security as a movement. For instance, if we (here in North Carolina) were wiped off the map (which could 
happen) there would be thousands of other church groups who could and would carry on, pick up the leadership 
and in fact through our martyrdom be fanned into cold blazing fury of determination and retribution. 

Anyway, this is the only way to go. History has proven that a formless fragmentation of little groups going in 
hundreds of different directions are no match for a united, polarized army that has a specific goal, purpose and 

I could go on, but I believe you have read enough of my literature, including "The Pole Star" in issue No. 20 to 
know what I am talking about. 

Why don't you sit down, lock yourself in your office as you did about the Christianity Issue, and think this thing 
through. You could be a key figure in amalgamating and galvanizing the White Racial movement, and I invite 
you to join with us in achieving this overwhelmingly crucial goal. 

May the Creative Force stay with you! 

For a Whiter and Brighter World, 

Creatively yours, 

Ben Klassen, P.M. 

ED. NOTE: This letter was written and mailed to Tom Metzger almost five years ago, yet all of the invitations, 
offers and pleas for W.A.R. to join with the C.O.T.C. are still valid and are hereby renewed. We wholeheartedly 
agree with White Racial Comrade Rev. S. D. Kenly and other Skinheads/White Warriors that WA.R. and tiie 
C.O.T.C. should join forces and become one huge battering ram capable of smashing the chains of Jewish 
tyranny and winning the worldwide White Racial Holy War. I bear no personal animosity or grudge against 
Tom. On the contrary, I consider him a courageous energetic fighter for White survival In fact, his son John is 
already an ordained minister of the C.O.T.C, and has been for years. Personalities are secondary. We must get 
our priorities straight and remember there is nothing more important than winning the life and death battle 
against the Jews. In order to do so we should also remember Benjamin Franklin 's advice: Either we hang 
together, or we will hang separately. ALL WHITES, UNITE AND FIGHT! 

Issue No. 57 - February 1990 

We Won! 

The Establishment 's Tax Assessor did not win this round 

We might not chalk up too many victories against the Jewish power establishment, but the recent decision of the 
North Carolina Tax Commission in our favor is a welcome exception. 

Terrorist Tactics Against Us in the Past 

As everyone who has been reading Racial Loyalty for the past several years knows only too well, the Jewish 
ADL in collaboration with the Christian churches has been hounding and harassing us from the time we poured 
the foundation for our church building back in 1982. In June of 1983 we were shot at (our logo on the front of 
the building still shows a number of bullet holes from a double-0 pellets shotgun blast). In the same sneak 
attack in early hours (2:30 a.m.) of the morning of June 15, 1983, our church was also firebombed and only the 
timely arrival of the local fire department saved it from destruction. 

Since we did not run and fold up shop, a number of scare and harassment tactics were continued to be aimed 
against us. For example, in June of 1986 Hasta Primus Rev. Carl Messick heard voices on the grounds near our 
church, laughing and loudly proclaiming that they were going to shoot out our yard lights, bum down the 
church and shoot the "dude" (Rev. Messick) when he came running out. In anticipation of impending trouble, 
we immediately called the Sheriffs department to inform them of the threats. In the meantime, while the 
Sheriffs department dragged their feet in arriving, sure enough, a car drove up our road (at about 3:30 a.m.) up 
to my house, turned around and stopped in front of the church. I jumped into my car (rifie in hand) to pursue. 
As they fled out of our domain. Rev. Messick was waiting for them at the end of our private road trying to stop 
the attackers. When they would not stop and in fact tried to run him down, he unleashed a fusillade of a dozen 
or more rounds from his M-1, aiming low. It riddled the car with a number of bullet holes, flattened their tires, 
but nevertheless they escaped. This dramatic incident evidently scared the hell out of any further vandals, and 
we have not had any such assaults since, although you never know when some fool may try again. 

"Legal" Strong-arm Tactics Now Being Employed Against Us 

In the last year the ADL and the power establishment switched their tactics from physical terrorism and 
intimidation to using "legal" strong-arm tactics instead in their attempt to break us. After having applied for real 
estate tax exemption, the same as any other church, and having such granted for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 
and 1988, a new tax assessor, one Richard Lightner, evidently volunteered to front as the tool of the Jewish 
Anti -Defamation League (ADL) to do the dirty job. 

On February 14, 1989 we received a first notice that arbitrarily and capriciously the tax assessor was summarily 
revoking our tax-exempt status. This started a whole chain of hearings, appeals and legal maneuvering that cost 
us (so far) at least $7000 in legal and other expenses, not to mention the time, aggravation and energy expended. 
It probably cost the county (meaning the taxpayers) another $30,000 in legal fees and other expenses. All this 
for a $800 a year tax revenue, something that cannot be justified by the county other than it is the vindictive and 
malicious strong-arm abuse of the power to tax in order to destroy someone whose beliefs they hate with a 
vengeance. And what is that belief that the Jewish power establishment hates so vehemently? It is the right of 
the White Race to assert its Constitutional rights for its own survival, expansion and advancement. 

On our part we would be better off financially to throw in the towel and pay the taxes. But only temporarily. It 

would only be the opening gun of further legal maneuvering to close us down. They know it and we know it. As 
Gen. MacArthur said "there is no substitute for victory," and we have just won the first round. 

All this maneuvering ended in the state capital, namely Raleigh, North Carolina, when a hearing on our appeal 
was held on September 21, 1989 before the North Carolina Property Tax Commission. On December 22, 1989 
the Commission came out with their eleven page Report and Decision. It was decidedly in our favor. Without 
quoting the Report in its entirety, this is what the Decision states: 

Conclusions of Law 

Based on our review of the applicable law, the evidence, and our findings of fact, the North Carolina Property 
Tax Commission makes the following conclusions of law: 

1. The County 's motion to dismiss is denied. In the Commission 's view, the Appellant made a timely appeal 
from an adverse decision of the local board. The Commission has subject matter jurisdiction over such appeals, 
and the Taxpayer 's notice of appeal stated a claim upon which the Commission could give relief, namely, that 
the Appellant protested the removal of a previously granted exemption from ad valorem taxation. 

2. The Commission does not address the 

Taxpayer 's motions to quash certain subpoenas issued in connection with the appeal. In view of the 
Commission 's disposition of this appeal, these motions are now moot. 

3. The Commission denies the County 's motion for sanctions against the Appellant, The Commission has no 
lawful authority to impose such sanctions. 

4. The Commission concludesasa matter of law that the Macon Count)/ Assessor did not employ a lawful 
procedure in removing, for the tax year 1989, the exemption previously granted. 

5. The Commission concludes as a matter of law that the Macon County Board of Equalization and Review for 
1989 had no authority to remove the previously granted exemption from the subject property for the tax year 
1989 under the circumstances presented in this appeal But for the Assessor 's letter of February 14, 1989, the 
Appellant would not have appealed to the local board. 

6. The Commission concludes that the Macon County Assessor, in his letter dated February 14, 1989, exceeded 
the authority granted to county assessors under the law. 

Wherefore, it is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the decision of the Macon County Board of Equalization 
and Review for 1989, removing the exemption from ad valorem taxation of the subject property for the tax year 
1989, is REVERSED. 12/22/89. 

The ADL Continues Its Attacks Against Us 

The matter should end there, but it will not. The ADL is apparently goading the Macon County Commissioners 
to pursue this matter viciously and maliciously no matter what the cost, no matter what the financial 
consequences. (The County undoubtedly has already spent more in legal fees than they would collect in taxes 
from us in the next forty years!) At a special meeting on January 8, 1990, in a split vote they decided to appeal, 
and drag this matter on indefinitely. 

We on our part are determined to defend our rights of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and defend the 
rights of the White Race to the limits of our ability for the next hundred years if necessary. We are damn well 
determined that if the Jewish synagogues, the Black Muslims and thousands of other religious cult groups and 
institutions are allowed tax exemption, then we will demand, yes, demand, equal rights. Furthermore, we intend 
to sue the County summarily, and each individual member of the County Commission, for punitive damages 
running into the upper six figures for their arbitrary, capricious, deliberate and malicious abuse of tyrannical 
power to violate our civil and religious rights. Before we are through, we hope to teach these Jew- 
manipulated tyrants and race traitors that they cannot willy-nilly play fast and loose with the 
constitutional rights of the White Race. It will be a lesson they won't soon forget! 

Oooooo!... If you utter that "N-word," you've had it! 

About Nigger Nomenclature 

At the beginning of the year 1990 Mayor Bruce Bannister of East Point, a suburb of Atlanta, was having a 
private telephone conversation with Councilman Cecil Kennedy. In the conversation, Mr. Kennedy referred to 
City Manager Joseph Johnson as "that nigger," and the Mayor laughed. Either by accident or by design, the 
secretary had left the tape recorder on, unbeknownst to the two engaged in conversation, and somehow, soon 
thereafter, a copy of the tape got Into the hands of the Jew-dominated Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

All hell broke loose. A City councilman had used the word "nigger," and - heavens to Betsy - the mayor 
compounded the felony by uttering a laugh! This is a major crime of the first magnitude! This calls for 
immediate impeachment, - the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cried with big front-page headlines, - of both the 
Councilman who said the unutterable "N-word" and also of the Mayor who had the audacity to utter a laugh! 

At the instigation of the flap generated by the Jew-run Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the eight-member City 
Council immediately called a meeting to consider impeachment proceedings. Two members of that Council are 
niggers, namely Joseph Heckstall and Ann Douglas. The meeting was attended by 500 residents, most of whom 
were niggers. About two dozen of the latter repeatedly called for the resignation of the Mayor and Councilman 
Kennedy. "This is probably one of the most degrading things that could have happened in East Point!" lamented 
nigger Councilman Heckstall. When it came to a vote and a showdown, it went straight down the racial line. 
The six White council members voted against, while the two niggers voted for impeachment. 

Why is it such a crime? 

Let us stop and consider how far the White Man has been pushed down the road of intimidation. Since the 
founding of this once great Republic, the word "nigger" was an ordinary straight generic term, as was say the 
word "house," "mouse" or "louse." It stemmed from the Latin word "niger," meaning "black." But now comes 
the Jew-orchestrated "Civil Rights" revolution of the '60's, and - horrors! - to use that word is the most 
unspeakable of all crimes, and spells sudden death for any politician that dares to utter it, or even (as the Mayor 
found out) so much as laugh when hearing it. 

Why is it such a crime? I repeat, it was and still is, a basic generic word of the English language, used for 
centuries to describe a certain type of people, as say the word Frenchman, or German, or Chinese. How does it 
happen that none of these other ethnic groups feel offended or that a "racial slur" has been cast upon them by 
using the centuries old nomenclature? Why is it only the nigger that has to change it every so often like a pair of 
dirty socks? Why is it only the word nigger bears this tremendous stigma? 

Inferior and Repugnant Outcasts 

I have already described the reason why in detail in "A Rose by any Other Name," the article I published in one 
of the previous issues oi Racial Loyalty. The reason is the nigger was and remains inferior and repugnant, 
no matter what nomenclature he goes under, and therefore soon that nomenclature itself becomes 
repugnant. They didn't like the word "nigger," so they shifted to "colored." Soon that too became odious, and 
soon they insisted on being called "negroes." When that word, too, became smelly (like a typical savage nigger 
animal always is!), they shifted to the word "black." Soon that, too, was disreputable, and now they have a new 
designation "African Americans or Afro- Americans." No doubt, very soon that too will become distasteful and 
Christ only knows what they will come up with next. 

The savage, repugnant, stupid, stinking nigger animals want instant "dignity" heaped upon them, which the 
Jewish media is doing its damnedest to artificially fabricate and lavishly slop all over these stone-age 
aborigines, stagnated and useless outcasts of evolution. However, it doesn't work that way. Dignity, like 
respect, is something you have to earn, and the shiftless niggers are simply unable to cut it: short of 
earning respect, they are unable to earn a living! They exist as parasites on the backs of the hard-working 
White taxpayers. Like intelligence, dignity is a commodity on which niggers come up damn short, and for 
a good reason: they are an inferior species. No amount of artificial "uplifting' will ever change this basic 
fact of Nature. 

As I said in the previous article, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (to quote Shakespeare) and a 
nigger by any other name would still smell. 

Issue No. 58 -April 1990 

First of a Two Part Series 

If not Creativity, what else is there? If not now, when? 

Dramatic changes in Europe 

With the dramatic and far-reaching changes that seem to be sweeping Europe, there seems to be a euphoria of 
hope that we Americans are winning the battle against communism and that a better and more peaceful world is 
in our future. Communism is a dead horse, our newsmedia exult, and democracy, American style, is the wave of 
the future. 

One mudhead from the U.S. State Department's "think-tank" went even so far as to suggest that the world has 
reached "the end of the history of ideas," because, according to him, from now on "liberal democracy will be 
the universal, dominant, unchallengeable and irreplaceable ideology all over the world for all eternity..." 
(Obviously, the think-tank mudhead has not heard yet about Creativity - the new racial ideology -philosophy- 
religion of the White Race - which completely and categorically rejects all Jewish ideas, including the Jew- 
concocted "liberal democracy," and thereby challenges "the end of the history of ideas.") 

Democracy! Democracy! Every country in the world must have democracy, the Jew-controlled U.S. 
government shouts, whether it be Europe, or Nicaragua, or Panama, or South Africa, or be it the mud countries 
of the African continent such as Ethiopia or Swaziland. One man, one vote, that is the solution to the world's 
problems - it's the only way to go - a free society and equality for everyone... 

Breakdown of the "Evil Empire" 

Recent events would seem to indicate that the breakdown in the former "Evil Empire" of Communism is indeed 
moving towards democracy, American style. The Communist empire with its headquarters in Moscow is visibly 
disintegrating before our eyes. East Germany has "voted ouf the Communist dictatorship and is rapidly moving 
towards a reunion with the West German Federal Republic. Hungary has shucked off the Communist 
monopoly, as has Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and a host of others. Romania did it the 
hard way, after thousands were murdered and finally the Communist dictator Ceausescu and his wife were 
summarily executed by the rebels. The Ukrainians are chafing at the bit and seething for autonomy, as are the 
Moldavians, Azerbaijanians, Armenians, Tadjiks and a host of other ethnic groups. As a most dramatic 
development, on March 11, 1990 Lithuania has declared its complete independence from the Soviet Union and 
is currently engaged in a war of nerves with Moscow. 

There is no doubt about it, the Soviet Communist empire is falling apart at the seams, and neither Gorbachev 
nor anybody else is going to be able to hold it together or restore the former status quo. 

The Death of Communism 

Communism is a dead horse. It is, or was, a form of Jewish tyranny imposed upon Russia in 1917 by a well 
organized band of Jewish Bolsheviks and aimed to become a vehicle for establishing an ironclad Jewish 
dictatorship throughout the world. By now its deceit and defects are so obvious that it is dying of its own dead 
weight. So, good riddance! Democracy is the coming thing and the answer to the world's ills, we are told. What 
is our response to this claim? 

No doubt, the death of communism is a welcome phenomenon and some of the changes in Europe are for the 
better and irreversible. The reunification of West and East Germans, ending a diabolical heavy-handed partition 
imposed upon the Germans by the victorious Jews after World War II, is one of the constructive changes, 
looking at it from the White Man's point of view. The breakdown and discrediting of Jewish communism, per 
se, is another favorable and historic turn of events. Shaking off the tyrannical iron grip from Moscow is also a 
step in the right direction for many of the ethnic groups of the polyglot Soviet empire. 

However, we Creators are not at all convinced that we are moving toward a Whiter and Brighter World. Nor do 
we buy the garbage that democracy, American style, is the answer to the multiplicity of problems in this world 
overcrowded with mud people. On the contrary. As the French saying goes, the more things change the more 
they are the same. 

Yes, the system of tyrannical Jewish Marxism, whereby all property is "collectively" owned by the state with 
the resultant waste, mismanagement and non productivity, has now been conclusively discredited for all time. 
Marx, son of a rabbi, is finally dead - physically, ideologically and philosophically. But, we must remember 
that Marx was a nonentity and that the cruel imposition of Marxism was accomplished only by the 
powerful direction and manipulation of Judaism, and Judaism and the Kehilla are still very much alive 
and in control of the world today. In fact, it is they that are now promoting democracy with a vengeance, 
and - 1 have no doubt - are willfully and deliberately throwing Communism overboard. Evidently, it has 
served its purpose, and it is now time to scuttle it and change tactics in their unswerving plan and program to 
enslave all the peoples of the world as set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

Analysis from the White Man's point of view 

Now in reaching the conclusions I will be coming to, I want to make It clear that I am using the criteria as set 
forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man 's Bible. We Creators look at everything from the White 
Man's point of view. Not from "America's" point of view, not from the Jews' point of view, nor that of world 
"humanity," nor are we looking at it from the niggers' point of view, nor "through the snake's eyes." The 
bottom line is - what do all these dramatic changes occurring in today's world bode for the future of the White 

The answer is - more dangers and accelerated race-mixing! We must remember that Democracy, like 
Christianity and Communism, is a Jewish invention, a tool used to divide and conquer, the main target being 
the White Race. The very fact that the Jewish press is huckstering "democracy" with a vengeance, should raise 
a red flag by itself Also, the fact that Communism seems to be dismantling itself relatively peaceably, without a 
major cataclysm such as the Bolshevik revolution, or World War I or II, is in itself very strange, especially so 
when we consider the fact that the world's No. 1 Communist leader, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, seems to be 
spearheading and masterminding these great events. He didn't get into the No. 1 catbird position without the 
massive help and approval of the Jews themselves, that is certain. The fact that he has been so highly touted, has 
received such glowing approval from the American Jewish press in every move he takes and every utterance he 
makes, should further convince us that he is their fair-haired boy. 

"Democracy" - another Jewish tool 

So, what are the Jews up to, what do they have in mind? Well, I am neither a mind reader, nor do I have a 
crystal ball. All I can do is to look at the facts and put two and two together, using the principles of logic and 
common sense. 

Let us first look at the Jewish concept of democracy, that great, great sacred word that is always at the forefi'ont 
of every utterance made by Jimmy Carter, or Ronald Reagan, or George Bush, or any other political prostitute 
in the service of the Jewish Occupational Government. We have "democracy" in the world's "greatesf and 
"most affluenf' society today. How is the White Race faring here and who rules the United States, this, 
supposedly, the world's greatest "democracy"? 

The answer is - the White Race is not faring very well. The Jews own and control their own private Federal 
Reserve (the world's largest counterfeiting ring); the Jews own and control most of America's newsmedia; the 
Jews own and control most of the nation's major businesses; the Jews control our cultural and educational 
facilities and are using them to brain-pollute, race-mix and degenerate our society, especially our youth. 
Furthermore, the Jews are in complete control of all branches of our government in Washington, and in every 
state, county and city as well. 

So how is the White Race faring under democracy? Not very well! It is targeted for extinction by "our" Jewish 
government. Practically every major city now has a stupid nigger mayor who is, of course, manipulated by his 
Jewish masters who put him there in the first place. The White productive worker and his family are having a 
hard time making ends meet while they are being taxed to death in order that "our" Jewish government can 
subsidize an ever increasing horde of freeloading niggers and other mud races (Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, 
Haitians, etc.). While the White taxpayers work and slave and hold back on raising a family of their own, the 
niggers and the mud races feed and breed, subsidized by the largesse of the exploited White taxpayers. At the 
same time "our" Jewish government not only leaves our borders wide open for all the free-loading scum of the 
world to enter into our domain, but actually encourages these hordes to come here and pollute our once pristine 
domain. That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is democracy in America, the model for all the world. 

Meanwhile, productive White entrepreneurs, like Rev. Rudy Stanko, sit in jail, robbed of their business and 
reputation, on trumped up charges contrived by a vicious Jewish conspiracy. He is not alone. Thousands of 
other White loyalists are also behind bars for no other reason than that they are for the White Race and therefore 
a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. You are, of course, free to enjoy the fruits of the great American Constitution, 
and the Bill of Rights, and you can say and think anything you like, except, of course, don't mention the Jewish 
behemoth. That, too, is an integral part of "democracy" in America. 

How is the White Race faring in once "Greaf Britain, that mother of all parliaments, democracy, and all those 
other shibboleths? Well, the Skinheads, who originated in Britain, pretty much summed it up in a few lines of 
their brave song: "Once we had an Empire, now we've got a slum." Niggers of all stripes from Africa, 
Pakistanis, Hindus and a plethora of other scum and mud races now infest British cities, and the Jew-controlled 
British government, as in the U.S.A., coddles sweetly to these parasites, but takes an extremely hard stand 
against any White Man who dares to take a pro-White position and defend White racial purity of his once great 
country. That is "democracy" in England. 

We now take a look at the German people, the most productive people in the very heart of Europe. Since 
democracy is supposed to exemplify rule by the majority of the people, undoubtedly, Germany under Hitler 
from 1933 to 1939 had the finest democracy of all time, since Hitler's regime enjoyed the popular endorsement 
of over 90% of its people. But, of course, it wasn't a Jewish democracy; in fact, it was hostile to these miserable 
scavengers. Therefore, to hell with the will of the people, it had to be smashed. 

Despite draconian partitions and extortions imposed by the Jewish victors on a defeated Germany, the German 
people by sheer strength of their talent, hard work and perseverance managed to rebuild their smashed and 
devastated cities, factories, transportation systems and farms. In the Western part of partitioned Germany, they 
had the American-style democracy imposed on them, whether they liked it or not. They could vote for any 

scoundrel they chose, but they could not vote for freedom from the tyranny of hostile occupation forces, nor 
could they vote for the kind of government they had enjoyed (National Socialism), nor could they vote for re- 
union with "Easf Germans, nor their kinsmen in Austria who were part of the German Reich in 1939. So they 
were free to do anything at all as long as it conformed with the wishes of their Jewish slave-masters. All of 
which, of course, didn't leave them much choice or much room to maneuver, but that was what was now called 
democracy. In the meantime the Jews saw to it that the "democratically" occupied Germany be polluted with 
Turks and other mud races to make sure their gene pool would be on its way to major pollution. 

Now that union of "Wesf Germany with "Easf Germany seem inevitable, all Germans will have a unified 
"democracy" - to be ruled, exploited and tyrannized by the worldwide Jewish powerhouse. That is what 
democracy has in store for a unified Germany. 

Inter-ethnic conflicts - the Jewish plan to divide and conquer 

Meanwhile, in the other countries breaking away from the Soviet communist monolith we already find a passel 
of major inter-ethnic conflicts. Poland is hostile and apprehensive that a united, strong Germany may try to 
reclaim its former territory carved out of eastern Germany and forcefully joined Into a Poland that had its own 
eastern territory "given" to Russia (very democratic, was it not), with the blessings of the Jew-controlled 
"democratic" United States, Britain and France. 

Inter-ethnic conflicts are the curse of Europe. I pick up the morning paper and I read that another incident of 
ethnic violence is stirred up in Yugoslavia where 417 ethnic Albanians were hospitalized due to poisoning, and 
about 4000 ethnic Albanians gathered in the streets of Podujevo and beat up some 15 Serbs and Montenegrins, 
accusing them of deliberately poisoning the Albanian students. Another article on the same page tells about 
thousands of anti -Hungarian demonstrators rallying for the fourth straight day in protesting the intended take- 
over of Transylvania by Hungarians. This clash between Romanians and Hungarians left seven dead and 300 
wounded. Meanwhile there are deadly ethnic clashes between Turks and Greeks on Cyprus, as well as border 
disputes between Greeks and Albanians. The list of examples of ethnic strife in Europe and elsewhere is 

Is Europe going to enjoy peace and prosperity once communism is dismantled? No, not hardly, if the Jews can 
help it. Already all the hundred-year-old grudges, feuds, animosities, ethnic hatreds are being fanned and 
revived in the same old Jewish game of divide and conquer. 

The fact is this ethnically splintered and fractured world is never going to enjoy either peace or prosperity as 
long as the Jews are in control, and at this juncture in history they are fully in control, as they have been to a 
lesser degree for the last two thousand years. 

What is the solution? 

Is there a solution to ever bringing peace and prosperity to this polyglot, fractured world? Can even a once 
White and civilized Europe achieve peace among its various nations? Can they settle all the age-old grudges, 
rivalries, border problems, former territorial acquisitions, the problems of ethnic groups within other ethnic 
groups? Can they solve the thousand and one other problems, such as languages, religions, etc., that have been 
and will be the cause of endless wars even after communism is eradicated? 

My answer is no, under the present system of values in the existing religious, economic and social system they 
will never be peacefully settled. Let us take, for instance, the problems of one single country, namely Germany, 
as a starter. The boundaries between Germany and Poland will be an eternal ulcer and can easily escalate into a 

military war again. Germany's borders with France, especially Alsace-Lorraine, are an ongoing grudge, and will 
remain so. Its borders with Czechoslovakia will heat up again, as well as the question of unification with 

Other examples: Belgium has problems of religion and language dividing it. Ireland has an ongoing civil war 
about religion that has been ulcerating for four hundred years. Britain and France fear that a reunited Germany 
will again become too powerful and will out-compete them in international trade. The laundry list goes on and 

I repeat, is there no solution to the endless problems of the White Race, even amongst themselves? And again, I 
come to the same conclusion: not under the present system of values. 

Without confronting the enormous problems of an exploding mud population that threatens to overwhelm the 
White Race, before the White peoples of the world can get their act together, there have to be some major 
fundamental changes in their thinking and in their attitude about themselves. There are thousands of minor 
divisive issues that have plagued the White Race over the centuries, but the major dividers have been these: 
nationality, religion and language. The Jews, who have developed the art of divide and conquer to a fine 
technique, have skillfully utilized and exacerbated these fundamental divisive factors and managed to keep the 
White nations of Europe (and the world!) in turmoil, at war, and in ever-increasing debt. 

Creativity is the answer 

Hasn't anyone in the highly intelligent White world ever come to a solution to the problems of divided 
nationality, religion and language? Yes, Creativity has come to a sensible, non-violent and logical solution 
based on the revolutionary idea of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity. 

We want to educate White people of all nationalities, religions and languages that their first and basic loyalty 
belongs not to any particular nationality, religion or language, but to the White Race. Based upon the idea of 
White Racial Loyalty, we want to promote global White Racial Solidarity and Unity as the only way for the 
White Race to survive in the world which is becoming increasing flooded with the mud races. 

One global White racial language 

Creativity has the answer to the divisive problem of the different languages. We Creators advocate one common 
language for all the White people of the world, and we suggest Latin as ''lingua franca" of the White Race. 
Latin - the classical language of the glorious White Roman Empire - is the most beautiful, melodic and logical 
of all Aryan languages, and in addition it is non-partisan. It has a great historical significance and tradition for 
the White Race: Latin was the official common language of all educated Europeans until the 16th century, when 
the Jew-instigated "Reformation" crushed Renaissance (the great European cultural and academic revival) and 
plunged Europe into fratricidal, religious and ethnic wars. Furthermore, classical Latin - even 2000 years after 
the Jew-instigated destruction of the White Roman Civilization - is still the best structured, organized and 
phonetic language in the history of our race. So let us polarize around our one and only great classical, 
traditional and historic language - Latin, the language of noble and magnificent White Romans. Let us White 
people of the world unite in the spirit of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity and finally understand each other 
by speaking the same language! 

One global White racial religion 

We next examine that explosive issue of the different religions In which the White peoples of Europe and the 

world are enmeshed. Without a doubt, Jewish Christianity is the overwhelming prevalent religion with which 
the White Race has been plagued for nearly two thousand years. But besides it being a deceitful Jewish 
invention which brought down the once great White Roman Empire, it now has the added disintegrating factor 
that it is fractured into thousands of major and minor factions all of which are jealous of each other, and overtly 
and covertly at war with each other. 

There are the Catholics and the Protestants, there are the Eastern Orthodox, there are the Mormons, and the 
Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Unitarians, the Calvinists, the Anglicans, the Mennonites, ad infinitum. Even the 
Korean-originated Moonies claim they are Christian. The list goes on and on, and even among the main groups 
there are endless divisions (for instance, even the small sect of Mennonites has 32 different divisions or 

More blood has been spilled over this Judeo-Christian Idiotic spooks-in-the-sky swindle which the Jews have 
foisted on the White Race, than probably any other issues, of which the devastating Protestant vs. Catholic 
Thirty Years War (1618-1848) is only one example. 

We Creators reject all existing religions which are based on myths and detrimental to the best interests of the 
White Race. We Creators are determined to convert all White people of the world to the one and only true 
White Racial Religion - Creativity, which is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic, Common 
Sense, and is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

One global White racial nation 

Ethnic/regional/state nationalism is another strong divisive tool in the Jewish arsenal of weapons for 
manipulating and destroying the White Race. Who is it but a National government that has the power to declare 
war, to mobilize armies and to order attacks on another group of White people under the dominion of another 
national government. Nations go to war and, more often than not. White nations kill the people of other White 
nations. And in this category no other nations are as devastatingly efficient in raining death and destruction on 
their fellow kinsmen as the White nations themselves. 

We Creators want to unite all White nations of the world into one global White racial nation, and we will move 
heaven and earth to see to it that never again will White men go to war to kill other White men, women and 
children. If we are going to go to war and kill, lets make damn sure we kill our racial enemies, who are our real 
enemies, Jews, niggers and the mud races. 

Creativity - the New Renaissance of the White Race 

We have addressed the main categories (language, religion, nationality) of divisiveness that over the centuries 
have prevented the White peoples of the world from ever getting their act together for their own best interests, 
for their own survival, expansion and advancement. 

The main problem has been that, foolishly, they have never really thought of themselves as members of the 
White Race per se. They have considered themselves in terms of cultural, or religious, or regional bonds, such 
as French, or British, or German, or American, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Anglo-Saxon, but never considered 
that most significant of all the bonds we share - the biological bond which by its very crucial nature 
overrides any and all other bonds. Nor have they realized the overwhelming importance and privilege of 
being a member of Natures Finest - the White Race. 

With the White Racial Religion - Creativity, all that changes. We Creators consider our biological racial 

heritage and our White gene pool as the most significant and precious value on the face of the earth. It is 

this vital biological bond on which we focus our dedication, loyalty and inspiration. It is our centerpiece around 
which our religion is structured and polarized. We Creators consistently affirm on a daily basis: Our Race is 
Our Religion! 

By converting the White peoples of the world to the one and only White Racial Religion - Creativity, we have 
the total solution for overcoming, peacefully dissolving and eliminating the most vexing and pernicious 
problems - namely, differences in language, religion and nationality, - problems which have divided and 
plagued the White Race since time immemorial. 

If we all joined in one global White racial religion and embraced one global White racial loyalty, polarized 
around our biological bond and stressed our White racial heritage, then all national boundaries would become 
meaningless, and we could better use our talents and energies providing for a richer, healthier and fuller life - 
better housing, culture, happy families, healthy children, clean environment, etc., rather than continuing to 
devastate each other in endless wars of self-destruction. 

Also, we would benefit in a multitude of other ways as well. We could easily communicate In any other country 
of the White world through our universal Latin language. We would reap the benefits of a longer, healthier and 
happier life through Salubrious Living. Since the White Race by then would have come to its senses and have 
purged the Jewish-Christian brain-scrambler from out of its system, religious prejudices and hang-ups would no 
longer exist. 

And above all we would get the goddamn Jew off our back, once and for all, never to reappear again. Never 
again would this parasite invade, infest and destroy our pristine society. In other words, by implementing the 
Creed and Program of the White Racial Religion - Creativity, the White Race would achieve a New 
Renaissance of unparalleled prosperity and magnificence. 

No alternatives to Creativity 

Now whereas we are the only comprehensive, fully structured White Racial Religion in 6000 years of civilized 
history, we have no rivals, no worthwhile competition in that arena. However, there are a number of other 
White racist organizations of different stripes and moulds in America and to a lesser extent in other countries 
who claim to have plans to save the White Race. Let us view and review what the landscape looks like in 

One of the older ones is the still existing Klan. It had an opportunity to build meaningful political clout and free 
this country of Jews within the 1920's and early 1930s. At that time it had as many as four million members that 
included Supreme Court Justices, many governors, mayors, congressmen and other figures of prominence. 
What happened to it since then? Well, obviously it botched its job, and is now a small, fractured and fragmented 
group of confused yokels who don't know where they are going, nor how to get there. They are now one of the 
most maligned and ridiculed group of people in the United States, even by the majority of the White people 

Why have they failed? I can think of several basic reasons. In the first place, the "new Klan was organized by a 
group of Masons in about 1915. Since the Masons themselves are a Jew-spawned organization, designed to do 
the bidding of the international Kehilla, it makes sense that they were organized in order to attract those Whites 
with racial instincts, then lead them down a blind alley into oblivion. Secondly, they embrace Jewish 
Christianity, a creed designed for slaves, and again spawned by the Jews. Thirdly, they have a build-in 
contradiction that splits the White Race down the middle: whereas they are for Christianity, they are as hostile 

to Catholics as they are to Jews. Fourthly, parading in their pointed hoods and white robes, burning crosses at 
their ceremonies, makes them look pretty ridiculous to friend and foe alike. 

So what else is there on the landscape? Well, there is the Aryan Nations out of Idaho, led by septuagenarian 
Richard Butler, who has had triple by-pass heart surgery. It is obvious he won't last too much longer, and with 
his insane "true Israel" Identity creed, which says that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, he will leave 
absolutely nothing of value behind. He has come up with no basic new ideas, written no meaningful books. His 
only "accomplishmenf is that he has confused a number of already too-confused Christians in wanting to be 
"real" Jews. 

Then there is Tom Metzger's W.A.R. group. Tom himself has generated a considerable amount of publicity to 
his credit. He and his son John have appeared on a number of major Jewish talk shows. However, the message 
that he espouses vacillates from one contradiction to another, and his main theme seems to be to gather as many 
divergent and fragmented ideas as possible, throw them all into a melting pot and hope to come up with some 
kind of palatable chop-suey that will sell. He has been a Klansman, a Christian, and anti-Christian, has 
supported the "true Israel" Identity lunatics, then repudiated them. He was for the White Race retreating to a 
small segment of the United States and leaving the rest of the country to the niggers. But then recently has 
repudiated that position and agreed with the C.O.T.C. that "we want it all." Well, RAHOWA! He has even 
supported Creativity, but then also attacked it when his ego and hubris got the best of him. He has also tried to 
get together with that voluble nigger, Louis Farrakhan, and even Muamar Khaddafi. What Tom really thinks 
and believes remains shrouded in mystery, and he, too, has written no books or even spelled out his creed or 
program, content Instead to ride on the coattails of a multitude of diverse and contradictory assertions spelled 
out by others. 

There are also the Nazis, but they are history. Hitler was a great man, the greatest of all them, but after he lost 
the war against the Jews, his exclusively pro-German, nationalistic "Deutschland uber Alles!" approach is no 
longer applicable in a changed world where Whites can no longer afford fratricidal nationalistic rivalries. What 
the White Race in America and the world needs now is not divisive pro-German Nazi imitators, but 
inclusive pro-White racial loyalists. 

Of course, there are hundreds of other minor groups whose only merchandise is to deplore and lament, bitch and 
gripe, but they haven't the slightest idea of what to do about the sorry mess, nor how to come up with a 

If not Creativity, what else is there? 

So, outside of Creativity, what else is there? The answer is - nothing! If we fall to coalesce, polarize and unite 
around Creativity, there isn't a ghost of a chance for the White Race to survive more than another generation. 
Creativity has all the answers in solving the multitude of idiotic and pervasive problems of nationalism, religion 
and language, as well as a host of others, including our polluted environment and the polluted mud scourge that 
now infests Planet Earth. A polyglot, confused and contradictory program of half-truths and mixed goals will no 
longer suffice. Creativity has the whole bail of wax. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate 
Creed for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

If not now, when? 

We now come to the question of how much time do we have left to save the White Race? The answer is damn 
little. If we don't get busy now and make hay while the sun shines, it will soon be too late. I would say we have 
to make or break it before the end of this century, or it will be the end of Nature's Finest. So, White Racial 

Comrade, get with it today! Remember we are at war, and in this life and death struggle time is of the essence! 
If not now, when? White Man, make up your mind and join the White Racial Religion - Creativity now! 

We are not "White Supremacists," we are White Racial Loyalists-Creators 

{This letter has been published in the Franklin Press) 

In the Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1990, edition of The Franklin Press, there appeared the headline "White 
Supremacist Continues Tax Fight." Granting that the reporter, Elizabeth Gill could not possibly cover all the 
issues involved in this controversy in one article, on the whole, I would say that she did a commendable job in 
trying to be impartial on two subjects that are highly controversial, namely race and religion. However, there 
were a few major errors and omissions that need to be addressed. 

In the first place, calling the Church of the Creator a White Supremacist organization is erroneous and 
misleading. The phrase "White Supremacisf has been used loosely and indiscriminately by the liberal and 
Jewish press as a buzz word to put down any and every White person who exhibits any pride or loyalty to his 
own race. Without ever defining the phrase, it immediately implies a bad image. It is a "slur" word, similar to 
the word "nigger" when applied to blacks. 

What is a White Supremacist? We of the C.O.T.C. define it as a term used to describe White people who seek to 
rule over the non-white people, to dominate them, to exploit them and to abuse them. To their discredit, this the 
White Race has done in many phases of its checkered history. There are any number of cases we can cite, such 
as the British ruling and exploiting India over a period of two hundred years; the White plantation owners of the 
South exploiting black African slaves; the French plantation owners of San Domingo (present-day Haiti and the 
Dominican Republic) two hundred years ago exploiting imported black Africans in huge numbers and utilizing 
them as slaves; the Spaniards exploiting the Indians in Mexico and South America; the list is endless. In each 
case the exploiters thought they were getting a real bargain in cheap labor, but eventually the slaves out-bred 
and interbred with their White masters, and in the end the slaves mongrelized and destroyed the future progeny 
of their exploiters who had dragged them into their midst in the first place. 

We of the Church of the Creator want none of this. We don't want to rule over anyone, we don't want to 
enslave or exploit anyone - black, yellow or purple. Nor do we want to intermarry with them, or intermix with 
them, or socialize with them. Nor do we want any part of the insane course our government has been pursuing 
for the past 45 years of subsidizing all the "mud races" of the "Third World," or the "emerging countries," or 
subsidizing the parasitic little state of Israel to the tune of three billion (or more) dollars a year, or subsidizing 
any other foreign country. Where in our Constitution does it say that we, the productive White people of 
America, owe all parasites of the world a living? We Creators say: let us stop this insanity that is causing a 
disastrous population explosion the likes of which the world has never seen, and is crowding the White Race 
from the face of Planet Earth. How stupid can we get - feeding and subsidizing all the scum of the world - who 
return our largesse with hatred and hostility. 

It is not the goal of the Church of the Creator to "eliminate the mud races, including Jews, Indians and blacks," 
as the article in the "Press" contends. Our position is that like every other creature in Nature, let us take care 
of our own and let those that are alien to us fend for themselves. It is not our obligation, nor Is It in our 

Interest to feed a billion Hindus in India, or the millions of inhabitants of Sudan, or the Arab-killing Zionists of 
Israel, or billions of other mud races, most of which hate us White people with a passion in return for 
generosity. We say - they are NOT our kind, they are NOT our brothers, and they are NOT our concern. 

Let them fend for themselves or wither on the vine. I repeat, they are not our obligation, nor are they our 
concern. In any case, the more we feed them, the more they breed until the world is becoming (has become!) an 
over-polluted cesspool of clawing, hostile and starving people, and we have created it by our idiotic program of 
subsidizing 126 countries that are alien to us. 

We Creators want none of this. We want only to take care of our own and strive for the survival of our own 
precious race - the White Race, which we regard with pride as Nature's Finest. 

This is the basis of our religion. If you are Interested in learning more about Creativity, read our three basic 
books: Nature 's Eternal Religion, The White Man 's Bible, and Salubrious Living. 

Issue No. 59 -May 1990 

Conclusion of Two Part Series on 
If not Creativity, what else is there? 
If not now, when? 

Unification of the White Race 

In the last month's analysis of the present world scene we came to the inescapable conclusion that the break-up 
of worldwide communism and the huckstering of "democracy" would not solve any of the ills that now beset 
our sorry planet. The Jews will still control the world - its finances, Its propaganda, its multitude of bickering 
governments and nations, in fact the whole ball of wax, the same as they have been doing in the past, only more 
so. The Jewish mania to destroy the White Race will proceed unabated and with increased fury. The various 
divisive problems that have plagued the White Race for centuries will not only remain, but will in fact be 
exacerbated and fanned Into new virulence. 

Unless the White Race can unite on a common ground, unless it can be aroused, organized and mobilized into 
one powerful battering ram, as the Jews have done for themselves, the White Race is doomed. As I have pointed 
out, the Jews have been great masters at the "Divide and Conquer" technique in manipulating the multiple 
factions of the White Race, in fanning their multitude of differences, in waging war against each other and 
thereby destroying themselves. The Jews have euchred the White nations into killing each other by the millions, 
and no other force on earth can kill White people more efficiently than the White people themselves. 

The three most pernicious and persistent divisive forces amongst the White people of the world, as we pointed 
out in the previous article, were nationalism, religion and language. In this article we want to explore these 
three destructive and divisive factors in greater detail and show that whereas in the past each faction of the 
White Race has zealously and jealously guarded and nurtured each of these elements with pride and bigotry, 
nevertheless they are the key elements in our coming destruction. They must be dissolved into oblivion and only 
a total unification of the White Race, polarized around the bond of our common biological base, can now save 
us from the onslaught of the Jewish juggernaut. Only by total unification and total mobilization of its resources 
can the White Race save itself from drowning in an overwhelming sea of mud races that is now flooding the 
world. No longer can we indulge in the continuous bickering between ourselves over our multitude of self- 
imposed differences. Either we unite, or we are finished. 

Let us examine In greater depth each of these major dividers that have plagued the White peoples of the world 
from time immemorial, especially in the continent of Europe, the seed bed of the modern White Race. 

Language and Nationalism 

The longest (relative) period of peace and prosperity that the civilized world has known in Its turbulent history 
was the two hundred year era known as PAX ROMANA (ROMAN PEACE). It was a period during which the 
genius of Roman civilization, organization and government held sway over most of the White people of Europe. 
The great Roman language, Latin, was the universal language that bound the Empire together and was avidly 
being learned by the conquered peoples of the great Roman civilization. Latin remained the universal and 
dominant language of Europe for more than fifteen hundred years and during the Renaissance it was the basic 
language of all scholars and intellectuals. Practically all major books, theses and scientific works were written 
in Latin. It was the finest and best organized language ever invented by the genius of the White Race and it 
remains so to this day. 

The one thing the Romans did not have to hold their great Empire together for all time was a racial religion. 
They did not realize that their inherent greatness lay in their genes, in their gene pool, and since they were 
unaware of this vital factor, they foolishly left it unguarded and untended. Their basic loyalty was to the Roman 
Empire, when it should have been to their racial heritage and their unique and superior gene pool. Because they 
failed to realize this one vital factor, their 'Empire" was soon inundated by hordes of polyglot peoples from 
Africa, Asia and Europe, diluting the White Roman racial stock and making the Roman Empire an easy prey for 
Jewish Christianity. As the tentacles of this new cancer spread across Europe, the empire fell apart into many 
feuding "nations," and the Dark Ages enveloped all of Europe for over a thousand years. Learning and 
civilization not only stopped, they retrogressed into a dismal quagmire. Europe disintegrated into a Babylon of 
multiple languages and a polyglot of political confusion. It remains as such today. 

People identify themselves as "nations mostly by the language they speak, and the language they speak is 
basically that which they were taught by their parents. If they speak German, they think of themselves as 
Germans. If they speak French, they think of themselves as Frenchmen. If they speak Hungarian, they consider 
themselves Hungarians, and so on ad infinitum. Around their language such people also build an "ethnic 
culture," of which language is the base. This ethnic culture is then guarded with a great deal of fanaticism and 
zeal and becomes a divisive rallying point of "us against them," In short a highly divisive factor among the 
White peoples of the world. It has especially been the bane of the White peoples of Europe. Countless strife, 
wars and dissention have been caused by these "ethnic" differences, of which language has been the base. Little 
do these people realize that language is not an inherent ingredient of their genes, but merely an artificial 
attribute that has been acquired. A German could just as easily have learned Romanian or Italian or Russian as 
he could learn German, had he been taught such as an infant. And, I might add, any and all of these people 
could just as easily have learned the great Latin language, had it been properly promoted, and thereby saved 
themselves a great deal of hassle, confusion and controversy. 

But, no. Strangely and stupidly they take tremendous pride and tenaciously cling to their "mother tongue' I pick 
up the morning paper and read a headline spread across the top of a page. It is entitled "Fighting words 
resurface as old English-French feud splits Canadians." Most of Canada speaks English, and it is the official 
language of nine of its ten provinces. But Quebec was settled by the French, starting back in the early 1600's, or 
even earlier. In 1763, the Seven Year War between the French and the English was concluded with the Treaty 
of Paris. England won Canada by sheer conquest of arms. Ever since, although their huge neighbor to the south 
spoke English, and the settlers in the rest of Canada also spoke or assimilated English, the French of Quebec, 
however, have never forgotten that in 1759 British General James Wolfe defeated the French under general 
Marquis de Montcalm, and they have clung fanatically to their French language. (As a side note to history, both 
generals died a hero's death in that battle, Wolfe dying just at the moment of victory.) So the animosity has 
festered on and on for more than 230 years. Not only has the language difference never abated in all those years 
but in recent years it has resurfaced with a new virulence. 

I lived in Montreal for more than two years during W.W. II working as an engineer for Northern Electric. At 
that time English was universally spoken in most stores, businesses, and used in official government circles. 
However, in the countryside, Quebec City and other smaller cities, French prevailed, and even in the more 
sophisticated and "international" city of Montreal (Canada's largest) there was an ongoing animosity between 
the French and the dominant English. 

Since then, especially in recent decades, the French in Quebec have gone all out to become "nationalistic." The 
Quebec government has not only gone stridently French province wide, but now tyrannically persecutes any use 
of the English language in any shape, way or form. Quebec's Bill 178 mandates French as not only being the 
official governmental language for everyone in Quebec, but all store signs must exclusively be in French, as 

well as all other signs, proclamations, or whatever. In the article I referred to earlier, the president of Ralph's, a 
shopping mall clothing store, put a sign in his store "Sale: Ties" in English. He was notified by the French 
language police to cease and desist using English in said sign. He then advertised raincoats, also in English. He 
received a registered letter that he was violating Quebec's Bill 178, and that he was subject to severe fines if he 
did not change his sign into French. And so the language war goes on, as it has for more than 230 years. Quebec 
is ready to secede from Canada and cut it alone, and is feverishly working towards that end. All this, despite the 
fact that the French and the English are both White and have a common genetic and biological bond, their major 
difference being the artificial barrier of language. 

Quebec is only one instance in a microcosm of a conflict that is raging all over Europe and other parts of the 
world. For example, the Dutch Boers and the English have been at it in South Africa for more than a hundred 
years. Their language-based enmity has kept the White Race in South Africa divided when they should have 
united against the Jews and the niggers. As a result, they are most likely to soon lose all to the Jews and the 
niggers, and their laboriously built civilization is going to crumble back into the hands of the black cannibals. 
But it is Europe that has been most fractured, splintered and divided, and the Jews have had a real ball playing 
their game of "Divide and Conquer." Europe is plagued with an endless hassle of old wars, boundary disputes, 
ethnic islands within larger ethnic groups, ethnic groups speaking different languages in the same country, and 
nationalistic groups speaking different languages in different countries. So we have endless animosities and 
conflicts ensuing from this mess of a Babylon of polyglot languages. Every 'nationality" is "againsf and wants 
to break away from their neighboring White nationality. For example, the Ukrainians against the Russians. (In 
fact, Russia alone has a passel of 230 different ethnic groups with even more languages and dialects, although 
not all of those groups could be comfortably embraced by the White Race.) The Hungarians against the 
Romanians. The Serbs against the Albanians. The Germans, the most progressive people in the heart of Europe, 
are beset by endless border conflicts with the French on one side, the Poles on another side, not to mention the 
Czechs, the Slovaks, the Italians, and a number of other ethnic groups which contain "Islands" of German- 
speaking ethnic groups. 

So we see that whereas language differences constitute the basis of a nationality, the latter in turn forms the 
basis of a politically independent country. Were there not a language difference, there would be much less 
likelihood of this divisive hubris of nationalities and ethnic groups, a term that has been expressed as the 
"Balkanization" of Europe. What is inherent in the term is a splintering of biologically similar White people 
into a plethora of hostile ethnic groups, of which the Balkans are the most hostile of all and most typical of the 
fractured and divided mess in Europe. 

A typical example is Czechoslovakia, which during the last winter has ousted the Communist party that has 
dominated and tyrannized the country for the last 45 years. Having done so, the parliament has argued for the 
last several months as to what name they should now adopt for their "liberated" country, which consists mostly 
of Czechs and Slovaks. The parliament agreed that they should drop the word "Socialisf from their 
nomenclature. But should they now call it Czechoslovakia or should they hyphenate it as Czecho-Slovakia? The 
Slovaks argued fiercely that the hyphenated form would emphasize to the world that the Slovaks, who make up 
a third of the country's population, were not the same as the Czechs, and they were determined not to lose their 
identity. The issue was not resolved to the satisfaction of the Slovaks, and chances are, this and other disputes 
will never be resolved as long as they speak two different languages in that country. 

Another example of the regrettable European fragmentation is demonstrated by the three Baltic republics of 
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Although the peoples of these three countries are biologically very similar, yet 
they have three distinct languages, three distinct political entities and governments, and they are determined to 
keep it that way. Their "ethnic" hubris would have it no other way. Yet all three countries put together 
constitute a land area slightly smaller than the state of Missouri, and a population less than the state of 

Michigan. Does this make sense? Not really, unless you prefer to aid and abet the Jews' game of divide and 
conquer. It is obvious to any thinking person that small and divided no country will be able to cut it alone and 
shuck off the tyrannical stranglehold the Jews have on every country of the world. 

The moral is: United we can prevail, divided we will be (already have been!) enslaved. Only Creativity has the 
total answer: One universal language, namely Latin, for all tiie White people of tiie world, one racial religion 
for one people. 


We go back to the title of this article: If not Creativity, what else is there? Let us now examine in more detail 
what the present White Man's religion, Christianity, and all its thousands of splintered factions have done to the 
White peoples of the world, and compare it to what the religion of Creativity, when universally adopted and 
replacing Christianity, can do for us. 

Christianity proclaims that it, too, is interested in solving the racial problem, and that such a problem exists. Just 
how does it intend to solve this problem? To get some answers I look at the religious page of the Atlanta 
Constitution. There in big black headlines is an article entitled INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES URGED and a 
subtitle beneath proclaims "Key to peace, says church leader." The article refers to Rev. James A. Boughman, 
president of the Unification Church of America. He is on a tour lecturing to students at Clark Atlanta 
University, Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, Kennesaw College and Emory University. He 
is telling these young people that interracial and international marriages are the way to world peace. A former 
Roman Catholic, he himself was married to a Korean woman in a mass marriage of 2074 couples a few years 
ago. The mass marriage ceremony was officiated by the head of the pro-mud church. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 
and the couples were paired at random, although making sure that most of them were racially mixed, mostly 
Whites with Asiatics or some other mud. The Unification Church plans another such mass marriage event, even 
larger, in 1991, to take place in Korea. Peace! Peace! they scream, all the while mongrelizing and destroying the 
White Race with a vengeance. 

Now, the "Moonies" are not yet considered as quite being in the religious mainstream of America, However, 
they are getting there, and they are Christian. But let us see what the "mainstream" is doing. On the same page 
as the Moonie article and adjoining it, is another big black headline proclaiming METHODIST CHURCHES 
TO GET PASTORS OF DIFFERENT RACE. In the article it explains how the United Methodist Churches of 
South Carolina are planning to place ministers of a different race in their churches as an ongoing goal, in other 
words, put White ministers in black congregations and nigger ministers at the head of White congregations. 
How do you like that for a potpourri of interracial chop suey? The South Carolina United Methodist Annual 
Conference has about 250,000 members, of which 50,000 are black. 

Are the Moonies and the Methodists exceptions in the Christian drive for race-mixing? By no means. They are 
right in the "mainstream" of Christianity, not only in America, but now all over the world. Practically every 
Christian denomination and every cult is now screaming for race mixing from the pulpit and through the T. V. 
boob tube. Not only are the Christian churches pushing race mixing with a vengeance, but at the same time they 
are telling you to love your Jew neighbor, that the Jews are God's chosen and to send more money to Israel. The 
Mormons are doing it, the Catholics are pushing it, the Presbyterians, the Baptists and every other big or little 
tin-horn Christian group is pushing race mixing and love thy Jew. At the top of the heap, the National Council 
of Churches and the World Council of Churches is leading the way for the rest of the Jew-dominated churches 
to follow - race-mixing with a vengeance. The average church member doesn't like it, but from the top the 
Christian hierarchy is promoting the hell out of these two ideas (race mix and love thy Jew), and the average 
brainwashed churchgoer is following them like a puppet manipulated on strings - which he is. Meanwhile, the 

Jews in the background are pulling the strings. 

What kind of a world will a mongrelized planet be like? Well, there is no need to speculate. We have large 
enclaves of mongrelized mud areas in most parts of the world now. Take a good look at Haiti for example. 
Peace? I have another recent (March 24, 1990) article in my files that says "ANOTHER NIGHT OF TERROR 
JN HAITI LEAVES 17 DEAD." Peace through mongrelization? Read again C.C. No. 30 in the White Man 's 
Bible entitled "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo - a Forerunner for White America." Also read the article on 
Burma in Racial Loyalty No. 4 1 and the article on Burundi in Racial Loyalty No. 43 . If you want more 
examples, look at what is happening in Ethiopia, in Sudan, in Pakistan, in India, and in fact, in every nigger or 
mud country in the world. Every one of them has the stench of death, famine, disease, filth and crime. But we 
need not go abroad. We have any number of nigger and/or mud enclaves right here in the United States. Nigger 
Inundated Washington, D.C. and Atlanta are vying for the title of crime capital of the U.S.A. But close on their 
heels are Detroit, Los Angeles and all other major cities now infested and overrun with black savages. 

The Christian churches' cry "Christ is the answer!" is no answer at all. It is, in fact, the original problem that is 
destroying the White Race. There is only one way we can now save the White Race, and that is for all the 
White nations and peoples of the world to unite under he banner of Creativity: one religion, one 
language, one people! Total White racial unification is the answer. If we don't do that and do it soon, we 
will be hopelessly swamped in a sea of mud races which are now expanding like a horde of rats, thirsting for a 
White bloodbath. 

The main battleground for winning the war against the Jews and the mud races of the world will have to be 
fought right here in America. In fact, the war is on, and getting hotter every day. Only the White people are 
asleep at the switch and won't face it. If we don't get our act together here, all is lost. Just as a multi-racial, 
polyglot nation is impossible to govern, so too is a polyglot mess of "racialisf parties, groups, movements, a 
useless and ineffective mob against a highly organized enemy. The Jews are united, they are organized to the 
hilt, and they have a definite detailed war plan for the destruction of the White Race. It is all embodied in the 
Judaic religion, and has remained resolute and steadfast for thousands of years. What does the White Race have 
in comparison? Well, it has Christianity, but as we have already observed, it is no answer at all, it is, in fact, a 
deadly tool designed by the Jews for our destruction. Only a powerful racial religion can now persuade our 
people to unite around the White racial banner. If a bad religion such as Jewish ChristianitiJ can mislead Uie 
White Race into the suicidal nonsense it now pursues, surely a good religion can also lead them to common 
sense, racial unity and racial survival. The only organized, comprehensive, fully-structured counterpart the 
White Race has to Judaism is Creativity. What we must do is to unify under its banner. We must, or the 
White Race will die. 

Just as Germany during the '20' s had a polyglot mess of 2000 "nationalistic" parties, they were completely 
impotent until those members of the polyglots joined and united under the Nazi party. It was then that the 
Germans finally had the power and the clout to take their government away from the Jews and into their own 
hands. Unification was the answer! So, too, must we now unify all the White peoples of the world under the 
one and only Racial Religion the White Race has ever had. The time is past when we can indulge in the luxury 
of playing the polyglot game. To just bitch and gripe, deplore and lament will no longer do. We must have our 
own creed and program, our own battle plan, and Creativity has it all. We must unite under Creativity, and we 
will do it because we must. Other than Creativity, there is nothing else on the horizon. The future of "humanity" 
rides with the rise or fall of the White Race, and the survival of the White Race now rides with Creativity. 

White Man, what is your answer to the vital questions: 

If not Creativit]/, what else is there? 
If not now, when? 

We Don't Need Any Mugwumps in Our Camp 

White Man, make up your mind! 

The mugwump is a dirty bird which sits on the fence with its mug on one side and its wump on the other. It can 
never make up its mind which side of the fence it is on. In fact, it can never make up its mind, period. It prefers 
to straddle the fence forever and a day. 

There are a lot of good people in the racial movement who act as pusillanimous as does the mugwump. They 
are the kind that can't quite make up their mind what racial organization they should join and support, and as a 
compromise they contribute a drib here and a drab there. I know of some people who proudly point to the fact 
that they "belong" to a dozen different "racialisf organizations. 

We Creators abhor such a polyglot, blunderbuss, scattered and fragmented approach in trying to build a 
powerful force with which to smash a unified, fanatic, well-entrenched Jewish conspiracy. No mugwump or 
collection of mugwumps has ever achieved anything, no matter how numerous they might be. Only a unified, 
well organized and highly dedicated army of militants can effectively counter and destroy the powerful and 
sinister Jewish Tyranny that now holds the world in its thrall. Although there are other lesser examples, we 
point with pride to the formation of Hitler's Nazi party during the 1920's and 1930's. 

After World War I, approximately 2000 Nationalist parties sprang up in war-devastated Germany during the 
next decade. As a conglomerate they were totally ineffective in ousting the decadent, Jew-controlled postwar 
government and in stemming the Jewish-Communist tide. It was not until the members of these bickering and 
polyglot organizations dropped their petty parties and joined with Adolf Hitler that the German people finally 
had the clout to take over their government and take back their own country. 

We believe that the same principle applies to the dilemma in America today, if we are ever to wipe Judaism off 
the face of the earth. What is different today is that it must now become a global battle in which the total White 
Race, informed, aroused and organized, takes on the perfidious foe and exterminates it once and for all. In 
order to do so we must mobilize all our resources. We must utilize every weapon the White Race can possibly 
assemble - religious, economic, political, moral, educational and every other means available to us and then 
concentrate our fire. We are further convinced that only the COT. C. with its comprehensive, all embracing 
creed of the global White Racial Religion - Creativity - is geared to do that awesome job. In the one and only, 
true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity, we have the total program, the final solution, the 
ultimate creed for the salvation and redemption of the White Race. 

We urge every good White Man and Woman to stop being mugwumps, to make up their minds as to which 
organization they believe is best fitted to do the job that urgently needs to be done, and then concentrate on that 
one organization and give it your all. We don't want mugwumps. We want angry, militant tigers. RAHOWA! 

Issue No. 60 - June 1990 

Let Them Wither on the Vine 

They are not our kind, 
they are not our brothers, 
and they are not our concern! 

It has been my experience when being interviewed by reporters, talk-show hosts and race mixing liberals in 
general, the prime question they will usually zero in on is this: - Since you want to get rid of the mud races, just 
what are you going to do with them? Do you want to kill them all? 

This is a tricky question, and a loaded question. It implies that we Creators are haters, killers, and bent on 
genocide. It Is Important that this question need be answered directly and in the correct context of our creed. 

Our answer to the question is this: 

- No, we don't want to kill anybody. Nowhere in our books or our literature do we say we plan on killing 
anybody. If you have taken the time to read our Bibles, you will find that instead of being prone to violence, as 
our enemies would like to portray us, our creed and program is fully committed to law and order, to the 
constitution and to obeying the law. We want to point out that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say that 
we, the White working people of America, who pay most of the taxes, have any obligation to subsidize, feed 
and carry on our backs all the freeloaders, the shiftless parasites and the scum of the world, both at home and 
abroad. We demand that our government stop sending foreign aid to all and every of the some 126 countries of 
the world, most of whom are our enemies, are hostile to us, and hate us with a passion. None of them show any 
gratitude. We see no reason why we should, for instance, send some four billion dollars of aid a year to the 
parasitic state of Israel, who has done nothing for us, but has permanently poisoned the friendly relationship we 
once had with the Arab nations of the world. We see no reason why we should subsidize Egypt to the tune of 
several billions a year just so it will remain friendly towards Israel. (We deem this as sheer blackmail.) We see 
no reason why we should ship millions of tons of food each year to India, which does nothing but expand Its 
wretched population and proliferate the unending misery that exists in that country, as it does in Pakistan, in 
Ethiopia, in Sudan, and dozens of other mud countries. We are not responsible for their problems, nor is there 
anything we can do about their inherently wretched social and genetic deficiencies. Nature has made them the 
way they are, and so be it. 

As a result of our governments idiotic policies of robbing the White productive American taxpayer in order to 
subsidize and feed all the parasites and all the scum of the world, we are witnessing an explosion of the mud 
population, the likes of which the world has witnessed never before. This "our" Jew-controlled government has 
done deliberately in their sinister program in order to overwhelm, crush and exterminate the White Race, not 
only in America, but throughout the world. (Read again "Proliferating the Misery" in R.L. No. 22.) 

The program of the Church of the Creator is reasonable, nonviolent and legal. We demand that we, the 
White Race, worldwide stop subsidizing tfic mud races, wherever they are. Since they are incapable of 
competing with the White Race in culture, technology and productivity, and incapable of feeding themselves, 
we will just let Nature take care of them, as it has in the past for thousands of years. Their populations will 
tiien revert back to their natural levels before the United States adopted its insane policy of subsidizing all the 
scum of the world some forty years ago. 

In short, our non-violent policy is to take care of our own, and let the mud peoples shift for themselves, both at 
home and abroad. Our deliberate and unflagging policy is to stop subsidizing the mud peoples of the world, and 
let them wither on the vine. We should never have disrupted Nature's plan in the first place. In the future, let 
Nature take care of the mud races on their own merits, and Nature will properly reduce their numbers to where 
they will never again pose a threat to the survival of Nature's Finest. (Read again our Booklet No. 103 
"Operation Rip-off- the World's Ultimate Patsy - the White American Taxpayer is the prime target for all the 
scum, freeloaders, pirates and thieves of this hungry and overcrowded world.") 

Issue No. 61 -July 1990 

The War with Mexico is Unfinished 

The heroic spirit of the early Texas Rangers must be revived to save the White Race 

Exploding Birthrate 

The birthrate of Mexicans today (and their Latino neighbors to the south) is the highest in the world, even 
exceeding that of the well-fed and subsidized niggers in the United States. They, the niggers and other mud 
races of the world, are a bigger threat to us than the hydrogen bomb. If we don't soon face the wild and 
unchecked invasion of mud races into the White Man's territory, we will soon be swamped into a cesspool of 

Unchecked Invasion Becoming a Stampede 

it is hard to tell at this point in history whether the niggers, or the Mexicans, or the Cubans, or the Haitians are 
the biggest threat to the White Race in America, but let's not waste time haggling about that question. The point 
is they all are, as are the tremendous influx of Chinese, Jamaicans, Vietnamese and millions of other mud races 
who are starving in their own countries and want to get on the backs of the White Man's generous subsidy. 
They bring with them nothing but bad news - disease, poverty and mongrelization. 

800 Million Mexicans in 50 Years 

Of them all the Mexican invasion is the most rapidly accelerating threat. This is partly due to our 2000 mile 
long common border. The population of Mexico is doubling every twenty years. In 50 years, the North 
American continent will be infested with 800 million Mexican-Hispanic mongrels. Fifty years is not a long 
time. Need we go further? For centuries Mexico hasn't been able to feed her people. As a result they swarm 
across the border into the United States by the millions each year to get on welfare, to feed and to breed. In the 
last decade or so they have made alarming inroads in the population of California, Arizona, New Mexico and 
other southwestern states. With the one-sided help of the Jewish anti -White Federal government, they have also 
gained tremendous political power. The Mexicans make no bones about their racial hatred and their social and 
political goals. On the school boards, on the municipal level, they openly brag that they will outbreed and drive 
the gringo out of these territories that once belonged to Mexico. At this point neither the White Man, nor the 
United States government is lifting a finger to stop this outrage. On the contrary collaboration and betrayal are 
the order of the day. 

Thinking Gone Berserk 

Let us remember therefore that the Mexicans are succeeding only because the White Man is letting them, and 

the White Man is stupidly letting them because his racial creed is all fouled up by Jewish-Christian propaganda, 
coupled with Jewish betrayal. It is up to the Church of the Creator to correct this horrible tragedy and clear the 
White Man's brain. 

At the heading of this article we called the Mexican War An Unfinished War. We couldn't be more serious. 
We have a war of major proportions on our hands, a war in which the present government (as usual) is 
betraying the White Race and is on the side of our enemies. Whether we know it or not, it is a war we are losing 
(at present) but can easily reverse if we get our bearings straight. So let us clear away the mental cobwebs that 

shackle our thinking and adopt an aggressive, meaningful program. We have no time to lose. 
What We Must Do 

1 . The first thing we must do is seal our borders from any further invasion of the Mexican hordes. After 
all, they are violating our immigration laws and therefore are criminal invaders. Since they are swarming in by 
the millions, what is the difference if they are doing so as a military army or as civilian invaders? The results are 
the same - they are taking over our land and living space. Therefore, I propose we get tough and enforce the 
laws we now have. Set up machine guns and mow them down mercilessly as they try to invade us. This 
will definitely put a stop to this outrage. 

2. Change the immigration laws so that the immigration quota from Mexico is an absolute zero. 

3. The next step is to aggressively comb the Mexican population for illegal aliens in our midst. Their very 
presence, too, is an outrage against our sovereign territory and all we need to do is strictly enforce the law as it 
now stands. Every illegal Mexican then must be booted back into Mexico and told in no uncertain terms that if 
they ever again cross the border or are found on U.S. soil they will be shot on sight. 

4. Once we have accomplished that much, the next step is to forcibly ship back to Mexico all Mexicans of 

that racial origin, whether they are citizens or not, whether they were bom here or not. Severe? Remember 
what Mexicans under Santa Anna did to the Texans when they had the power. 

5. The next step Is to adopt the same program as our great President Polk and courageous forefathers did in 
1836 and again in 1846-48, and that is push the White Man's boundaries farther southward. 

We Now Have a Racial Policy 

There will be one difference at this stage of history. Whereas the White Man's instincts in 1846 were basically 
sound, he did not have a clearly formulated racial creed or policy. Now we do. When we now expand our 
territory, we must do it in planned steps, and every step we take must be cleansed of the mud races and settled 
and assimilated by the White Race before the next step is taken. These steps we must take in rapid succession 
until we again reach and regain the Panama Canal that the Jews in collaboration with White traitors have 
gratuitously turned over to the enemy. 

If some of these steps may seem harsh to some of our still befuddled White Racial Comrades, let us look at it 
this way: 

1. We have no choice. In the relentless struggle for survival that Nature has imposed on all her creatures the 
conclusion is obvious: either the Mexicans will take over, (with our help) and eventually massacre a 
diminishing White population as did Santa Anna in Texas, or we push the Mexicans ever southward into 

2. This is not a new program, but a program Initiated by our courageous forefathers who built America. It is in 
fact 350 years old and is the bedrock on which America was built. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators call it 
the "American Way." Do you want to argue against It and repudiate 350 years of American history? 

3. Let us look at it from the moral point of view of the Christian Bible. This book tells us that God is perfect and 
we poor dumb sinners are supposed to try to become more Godlike. Alright, let's pursue that approach. What 
did God do when he didn't like the people he created? He killed them all, he drowned them like a bunch of 

miserable rats in the "Great Flood," except for Noah' s family. Then we can cite dozens of passages of the Old 
Testament where the Jewish God goaded the Jews on to take over the lands of the Canaanites, Philistines, 
etc., and encouraged them to "kill everything that breathes." Then also we can cite today's "Chosen People" 
driving the Arabs out of Palestine to the cheers of the rest of the "civilized" world. Shall I go on? So if that's the 
Godlike approach, the moral and Christian way of dealing with a whole mass of people, why should we be 
condemned for taking a similar, but much milder approach to the mud races invading our territory and 
threatening our very survival? 

4. Now let us look at it from the point of view of the Eternal Laws of Nature, the position that the Church of the 
Creator takes on all issues. The overriding Law of Nature is the survival of the species at all costs. Nature does 
not ask any questions as to what your methods are or what (temporary) moral code you espouse, or anything 
else. It plainly commands each creature to care for their own and harshly punishes those that are too lax, or too 
laggard, or too stupid, with the ultimate punishment - extinction. This is the bottom line as far as we are 
concerned. Our religious creed is founded on the Eternal Laws of Nature, and our basic goal is the resultant 
conclusion of such laws: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. 

Since the Winning of the West was the finest and greatest achievement in the history of the White Race, we 
want to weave this theme into our religious program. To our White Racial Comrades (many of whom are still 
mistakenly stuck on glorifying stone-age mythical "Heroes of True Israel," or dark-age fratricidal "Viking 
Heroes," or many other inappropriate foreign imports) we want to remind and reemphasize the spirit of work, 
hardship, fighting and colonization of the 19th century that produced the greatness of America. We want to 
remind our people that conquest and colonization is the American Way, and to have some insipid bleeding 
hearts roadblock every action the White Race takes for its own survival will not only be condemned as being 
un-American, but will also be considered as treason against the White Race itself We again want to remind any 
traitors of how General Scott handled the traitors at Churubusco. 

The Western Heritage - Our Trademark 

Therefore, instead of adopting say the Nazi style of military dress and format (which we also admire), we prefer 
the Western style of dress, in the manner of the cowboy, or the U.S. cavalry, or the Texas Rangers. We also will 
stress cowboy and country music, folk music, square dancing and other customs that reflect our early White 
American heritage. We will also encourage a revival of the architecture of the western frontier towns for our 
religious buildings. Why not? That is our real heritage and we want to emphasize that the foundations of the 
Church of the Creator are not only grounded in the history and heritage of the White Race itself but those 
foundations are also rooted in early America. They are not a foreign import (like the "Deutschland Uber Alles" 
Neo-Nazism), but thoroughly American in every way. Our proud slogan must be: The Winning of the West is 
the Blueprint for the Winning of the World. 

Texas Rangers - True Heroes of the White Race 

In the war against the Mexicans, there is one group of heroic men in the epic of the Southwest that deserves our 
particular mention. Because of their tenacity, their bravery and especially their dedication to the survival and 
expansion of the White Race, we White Racial Loyalists - Creators point with pride to that gallant cadre of 
White Men, the Texas Rangers. They were tough, relentless and untiring in waging war, pushing back and 
tracking down the Mexican and Indian marauders that tried to kill and drive out the early Texas settlers. 

Tough Spearhead 

Whereas we do not have the space here to give even the cursory history of this elite band of lawmen, I want to 

give them their just due in making it possible for the White Men and their families to first of all settle, and 
secondly, maintain their tenuous toehold on the precious soil they had won. When the Mexican War of 1846-48 
finally came to put the mongrelized Mexicans in their place, it was the hard core of former Texas Rangers that 
were the shock troops. In practically every major battle and every heroic victory, all the way from Matamoros to 
the Halls of Montezuma, the relatively small forces of six companies of Texas Rangers made a huge difference. 

Strictly No Nonsense 

When the war was over, the frontiers of Texas still remained under savage assault from the recalcitrant Mexican 
mongrels and their ancestral kinsmen, the savage Indians. Singly and in collaboration with each other, both the 
Mexicans and the Plains Indians continued their murderous raids on the Texas settlers for decades after the 
Mexican War was over. Especially tenacious among the Indian tribes were the fierce Comanches and the 
Cherokees. It was the job of the Texas Rangers to drive these enemies of the White Race out of Texas and make 
sure they stayed out. With such unstinting dedication and relentless energy did the Rangers do their jobs that 
both the Mexicans and the Indians soon learned their lesson the hard way - to come up against the Texas 
Rangers was to pay in blood - to leave their dead carcasses on the plains of Texas. 

Texas Devils 

So formidable a reputation did the Rangers earn for themselves that when General Winfield Scott's troops 
entered Mexico City in triumph in 1847, it was the Texas Rangers that the Mexicans feared the most. 

Mexicans referred to the Texas Rangers as 'Los Diables Tejanos" - the Texas Devils. It was a reputation that 
stayed with them long after the Mexican War and a name both Mexicans and the Indians learned to hate and to 
fear throughout the Winning of the West. 

Federal Government Aggravated the Indian Problem 

There is one other footnote in the history of Texas that is highly noteworthy to our struggle against the mud 
races. When Texas joined the union during the last days of 1845, the Federal government in Washington 
preempted the final solution to the Indian problem. Whereas the Texans and the Rangers had taken a hard stand 
of expulsion towards the Indian predators, the Federal government reversed this policy and set up Indian 
reservations on Texas soil, made a number of meaningless treaties with them, and actually protected, fed them, 
and in various ways subsidized these unwanted savages. Confusion and frustration ensued. The Indian problem 
was not solved, but on the contrary, aggravated, to the chagrin of the Texans. 

Final Solution by Texans 

The White people of Texas began to wonder just whose side the Federal government was on. For 14 years they 
tolerated this stupid nonsense. Finally in 1859 they took matters into their own hands - abolished every 
reservation, and drove the Indians out of their territory, a task ably performed by the Rangers. After that any 
Indian found in Texas was there at his own risk. 

Credit and Discredit 

It is to the eternal credit of the Rangers and the early Texas settlers that the Indian problem was liquidated once 
and for all, and no reservations or wet-nursing compounds for inferior redskins remained in Texas. Not to the 
credit of their offspring is the toleration and proliferation of the vast and growing Mexican element, which is 
now smothering the White Race in Texas and the Southwestern states, and, in fact, the Mexican disease Is 
spreading to the rest of America. 

Our Goals Those of Texas Rangers 

In today's continuing War against the Mexicans it is our intention to revive the spirit and the goals of 
nineteenth century Texas Rangers. Their goal was - as is ours today - to drive every Mexican and every 
Indian from the territory of the White Man. What neither the Mexicans, nor the Indians could win in the 19th 
century by force of arms, our treacherous Jewish Occupational Government has aided them to achieve in the 
20th century through sheer treachery: by means of immigration; by means of welfare; by means of 
subsidization; by allowing illegal Mexican aliens to invade our borders by the millions. We now have an 
intolerable situation where the mongrelized Mexican Indians are taking over not only the Southwestern states 
that the White Man won in the War of 1846-48, but are disseminating all over the United States into cities like 
Chicago and many others. By invasion and sheer breeding (the "Hispanic" muds are even more prolific than the 
niggers) they are crowding the White Man in his own territory, surreptitiously swindling the White Man out of 
coming to grips by means of any war of confrontation. 

The War Continues 

We White Racial Loyalists - Creators therefore want to urge and inspire every red blooded White Man to action 
- to take up again the war on the hostile mongrels where our heroic forefathers of the Mexican War left off We 
again call the White Man to arms to revive the spirit of the Texas Rangers whose motto was 'THE ONLY 
GOOD INDIAN IS A DEAD INDIAN' and who vowed to drive the mongrelized Mexicans and Indians 
forever from the soil and territory of Texas. Like the Texans of the Alamo we White Racial Loyalists 
Creators declare war on the mongrels. Like the Texas Rangers, our goals must be to cleanse our land of the 
savages and the mongrels. The early Texans realized that in their vast territory there was an irreconcilable 
conflict of three races - the Mexicans, the Indians and the White Race. They could never live together in peace 
and the White Man could only survive by either driving out or destroying the other two. As Texas President M. 
Bounaparte Lamar (1838-40) succinctly stated "The White man and the red man cannot live in harmony 
together. Nature forbids it." He realized that the United States policy of moderation and forbearance towards 
the Indians had been a total failure and the proper policy was one of total expulsion. 

We White Racial Loyalists - Creators agree with the policy of total expulsion, not only towards Indians, 
but also towards their racial kinsmen the Mexicans, as all other mud races. It is not our policy to make the world 
safe for "democracy," a Jewish idea and swindle at best, but on the contrary to make the world safe for the 
White Race, not only in our time, but for our children and their future progeny, eternally and forever. 

(For more information about the Mexican War, read CC 32-33 In the White Man 's Bible.) 

Lessons of the Mexican War 

1. The most obvious and important lesson we must learn is that America, as every other country, empire, or 
civilization, was built by conquest. It was by force of battle, by spilling blood, by conquering the enemy that 
the White Man forcibly took the land from the Indians, or the Mexicans, and even their independence from the 

2. The Jewish writers, always working against the best interests of the White Race, have downgraded President 
James Polk (the greatest president of them all!) and the Mexican War (the best war of them all!) as an 

"insignificanf part of our history. Instead, the Jews keep rehashing the Civil War, the "nostalgia" of it all, the 
"colorful" generals, and so on, ad nauseum. The fact that the Mexican War, under the supreme leadership of 
President James Polk, was a most constructive and productive war, and the Civil War a terrible ghastly blunder, 
perpetrated by the Jews themselves, is never pointed out. 

3. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators - regard the wars against Indians and the Mexicans as of far 
greater significance than the war of the American Revolution against England. After all, Canada has prospered 
equally well, although it never formally broke away from England. Its smaller population is solely due to the 
fact that only its southern fringes lie in a hospitable climate. 

4. If the Mexican War of pushing back the mud races and settling it with White people was so productive in the 
past and was the "American Way," why scrap a winning formula? Why not apply the same successful program 
to the rest of the land areas of the world, not just for the U.S., but for the White Race as a whole? We White 
Racial Loyalists - Creators propose that this is exactly what we not only can do, but must do, if we are to 
survive. We have the intelligence, we have the power, and Nature has given us the natural right to do so. In its 
credo the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity also furnishes us not only 
with the moral right to do so, but also the moral obligation to do so. 

5. For those insipid bleeding hearts (whose minds have been polluted and perverted by Jewish propaganda) we 
throw down this challenge: If you really believe that the White Man was wrong in conquering America, if you 
don't believe in the American way, who don't you set an example of demonstrating your convictions by deeds? 
Give your property back to a Mexican or an Indian, renounce your American citizenship and crawl into a hole 
and die. That's the bottom line of your idiotic conclusions, whether you know it or not. 

6. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators take the contrary position. We take a position that both Nature and 
history have taught from time immemorial, and that is: Land and Race are Everything. Land is essential to the 
life and the preservation of our race. The survival, expansion and advancement of race is the most vital goal in 
our existence. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators believe not only in expanding American territory, as did 
our glorious ancestors of 1846-48, but of following the same great "American way" of expanding the living area 
of the White Race all over the world, until the White Race inhabits every hospitable square mile on the face of 
the earth. 

7. The Mexican war also provides a lesson and a warning to all race traitors of today. Under orders of General 
Winfield Scott, 65 American deserters, who joined the enemy forces, were tried by court martial and sentenced 
to hang. Let that be a warning to all traitors. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators taken an even tougher stand: 
as part of our religious creed we believe that racial loyalty is the greatest honor, and racial treason is the worst 
crime. We content that being a traitor to your race is even a more heinous crime than treason to country or 
army. We, too, shall have a day of reckoning with all those traitors who today believe they can betray the White 
Race with impunity. We, too, shall render good old-fashion frontier justice to race traitors. We shall never 

forgive or forget. 

White People Awake! 
Save the White Race! 

Issue No. 62 -August 1990 

Racial Hygiene 


Mongrelization and Degeneration 

What do we mean by Eugenics? Basically it means racial health. All species of Nature practice it Instinctively. 
All species, whether it is a herd of buffalo, or deer, or caribou, or a flock of ducks, do basically two things to 
keep the genetics of the herd or the flock healthy: (a) there is a continuous culling out of the misfits in order to 
improve the genetic quality of the herd or fiock (survival of the fittest), and, (b) they do not interbreed with 
another similar species, no matter how closely related that species may be. 

There are a number of outrages and humiliations that are worse than death, and there are a number of causes 
than an honorable person would consider dying for. In Nature's Eternal Religion I have titled the first part of the 
book 'The Unavenged Outrage." In this dissertation we want to examine in more detail one of such outrages the 
Jew is perpetrating on Nature's Finest, an outrage that is so heinous that it supersedes all others, and one 
that can only be avenged and paid for in blood. It is an outrage that is being perpetrated before our eyes, 
every day of the year, and has been going on for centuries. What the Jew is doing to the White Race is 
surreptitiously poisoning our White gene pool, pulling the White Race down slowly but surely, until we will be a 
miserable and shameful mass of idiotic brown zombies, docile, stupid and ready to be the willing slaves of the 
treacherous Jew. 

Does that sound fantastic? Look around you, my dear White racial kinsman. You need not be a genius nor be 
clairvoyant to see the White Race slowly but surely being drawn into the maelstrom of mongrelization. Every 
scene on the Jewish boob-tube clearly tells you so. Every ad in the Jewish newspapers, magazines and other 
media glorifies the stupid mongrelized mulatto as the role model for the coming "new age." 

Every day of the week The Atlanta Constitution (at the church we call it The Atlanta Prostitution) features 
niggers, niggers, niggers, in large pictures on the front page and elsewhere. Even that 'prestigious' weekly Time 
magazine, the No. 1 fiagship of Jewish periodicals, openly flaunts the prediction that in the next century the 
White Race will be a small minority in America, and that the mud races will overwhelm and prevail. In 

the April 9, 1990 issue, they smirked with the suggestion that instead of the American fiag being red, white and 
blue, their front cover portrayed in bold caricature a fiag that consisted of brown, black and yellow stripes. In 
the article itself the Jews openly gloated that America was being mongrelized and that the process was 
unstoppable and irreversible. 

We Creators say to you perfidious, slimy Jews - the hell it is! We Creators, in collaboration with all 500 
million White Racial comrades, not only are determined to reverse this process in America, but on the 
entire face of this Planet Earth. We are determined to drive the Jews from power, to again wrest control of our 
own destiny into our own hands and to colonize all the habitable and congenial lands of this planet with our 
own kind. This we are determined to do, and this is a cause that is of such transcendental magnitude that it is 
well worth dying for indeed. 

Let us now look at the picture from two sides, namely what the White Race could and should be doing to not 
only protect its precious gene pool, but also vastly improve it, as the COTC advocates in Its Eugenics program. 
Then let us look at the other side and see how the Jew is doing just the opposite - forcefully pumping the black 

blood of Africa into the veins of White America. 

Recently, one of our supporters from California, the Rev. John Brooks, sent me a book called Racial Hygiene - 
Medicine Under the Nazis. I found the book not only extremely interesting and inspirational, but also highly 
informative as to what we can and must do to first of all save, then upgrade our rapidly degenerating White 
gene pool. Its author, Robert N. Proctor, ostensibly takes the position that what the Nazis did was awful, of 
course, a position most writers today are forced to take if they want to get their books published. However, what 
he does say is highly Informative and speaks for itself We can learn much from what not only the Germans did 
in the research of genetics, but what the worldwide fraternity of scientists and doctors did long before Hitler's 
Nazi government began to put much of the known scientific knowledge and conclusions into practice. 

In his first chapter. The Origins of Racial Hygiene, the author points out that the idea of racial differences has 
been around for some time, several hundred years, in fact. As early as 1727 the Earl of Boulainvilliers argued 
that the noblemen of France were descendants of an original and superior race of long-headed Franks in contrast 
to the lower estates of French society which were descended from the Celtic Gauls. However, it was not until 
the second half of the nineteenth century that the problem of race received the detailed attention of scientific 
scholars. In 1853-55 Arthur Comte de Gobineau published his pioneering Essay on the Inequality of Races. He 
claimed for the first time that race was the primary moving force of history. Equally important was his 
contention that his racist history was a science. It was the beginning of the entrance of science into the field of 
race and genetics. 

Enter into this genetic and scientific mix the publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species in 1859. 
Darwin's theories for the first time seriously challenged the Judeo-Christian concept of the unity of man, 
based on the single creation of Adam and Eve. Darwin's theory (known as evolution through natural 
selection and survival of the fittest) suggested that humans had evolved over hundreds of thousands, even 
millions of years, and that the races of men had diverged while adapting to the particularities of local 
conditions. Its impact on scientific scholarship was enormous. 

Even before Gobineau arid Darwin, the race issue was uppermost not in Europe but in America. This was 
probably due to the fact that in no other major advanced White country was there such a large element of black 
Africans to threaten the mongrelization and miscegenation of its dominant population. To those bleeding-heart 
liberals who would like to portray the Founding Fathers as one of theirs who proclaimed "all men are created 
equal, " we must point out that the American Constitution recognized the legitimacy/ of slavery and extended 
tiiefull "rights of man" only/ to propertied White males. Whereas enlightened European philosophers 
championed liberty, yet they made it contingent upon the practice of "reason," a faculty they did not concede 
was shared equally among humans. Englishman David Hume, for instance, compared the intelligence of a 
nigger with that of a parrot, and argued that a man of this race could never achieve the status equal to that of a 
European. Jean Jacques Rousseau of France claimed women were inferior to men in the sphere of reason, and 
therefore did not deserve the same rights as men. This position was evidently shared by the framers of the 
American Constitution, since it was not until 1920 that women were given the right to vote. In Britain this right 
was achieved in 1918 for women aged 30 or over and extended to the age of 21 in 1928. 

German genetic scientists were somewhat behind those in America, England and France. The German eugenics, 
or racial hygiene, movement emerged late in the nineteenth century. The German social Darwinists feared the 
degeneration of their race was becoming a threat for two reasons: first, medical care of "the weak" had begun to 
destroy the natural struggle for existence; and secondly, the poor and the misfits of the world were beginning to 
multiply faster than the fit and the competent. 

In 1895, Alfred Ploetz wrote a treatise that was to become the founding document of what was to become 
known as Racial Hygiene (Rassenhygiene). Ploetz warned against the various kinds of social "counter- 
selection" (such as internecine wars, revolutions, welfare for the sick and the inferior). These forces must be 
avoided. War and revolution must be avoided, and support for the poor should only be given to those past child- 
bearing age. The population should be protected from such agents as alcohol, venereal disease, or anything else 
that might damage the human germ plasm. But most of all, Ploetz warned against medical care for "the weak," 
for this allows those inferior Individuals to survive and reproduce, who in the natural order would not. 
Traditional medical care, he argued, thus helps those certain individuals but endangers the race. (These theories 
are parallel to those we espouse in The White Man's Bible, namely that civilization as such, without a conscious 
racial creed, has the disastrous effect of downgrading the species.) 

In 1904 Ploetz founded the Archivfur Rassen und Gesellschaftsbiologie (Journal for Racial and Social Biology) 
to investigate "the principles of optimal conditions for the maintenance and development of the race." In 1905 
Ploetz, together with psychiatrist Ernst Rudin, anthropologist Richard Thumwald, and lawyer Anastasius 
Nordenholz, founded the Society for Racial Hygiene to further the cause of human racial improvement. Soon 
the society became International, and in 1910 Sweden's Sallskap for Rashygien became its first foreign affiliate. 

Beginning only with a handful of members after World War I, the Society expanded rapidly, both in Germany 
and abroad. By 1930 it had 1,300 members in Germany alone, with sixteen local branches. Early in its 
formation, Ploetz stressed the superiority of the "Nordic stock" and, whereas he did not originally exclude the 
Jews from the goals of racial science, he did point out that Jews were radically different in thought and 
character from the Nordic stock and that in times of war it was the Nordics that are "more willing to fight for 
their ideas" and suffer the most in depletion of its best racial stock. The Jews, he noted, suffer least from war, 
since they enlist only half as often and of these are killed only half as often, consequently suffer only one- 
quarter as much as non-Jews. 

Interest in racial hygiene increased immensely among scientists and the medical profession during the 1920's in 
Germany, and a number of outstanding names appear. Although we are not in a position in this limited treatise 
to cover the now rapidly expanding development, we should mention such names as Julius Friedrich Lehman, 
who soon became Germany's most important publisher of works in racial hygiene; Eugen Fischer, who was 
appointed director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics when that 
organization opened its doors in 1927; Theobald Lang, who declared in the National Socialist Monthly that 
National Socialism was simply applied biology. The ranks of notable scientists and doctors espousing racial 
hygiene grew rapidly with the rise of the Nazi party. In fact, the percentage of enlistment of doctors of medicine 
across the board into the Nazi party significantly exceeded that of any other profession. 

It soon became evident to the medical profession that theory was one thing, but to put into actual practice their 
ideas of eugenics it needed to be wedded to political power. It was thus that the racial ideas of the Nazi party 
rested on the research and promotion of the medical profession, and that in turn the medical profession realized 
they needed the political clout of the Nazi party in order to implement their ideas of racial improvement. It was 
a natural and mutual partnership: each needed the other. It is significant to note that the number of journals of 
racial hygiene and related fields had proliferated and expanded into major proportions before Hitler came into 
power in 1933. (There were some 200 German medical journals in existence in 1933.) It is also noteworthy to 
point out that racial hygiene was not "Imposed" on the German medical community; physicians eagerly 
embraced the racial ideal and the racial state. This they did because it was obvious to them that such a course 
was the only course to pursue for the future racial, political, economic and physical health of the German 

people, or any other people, for that matter. 

With the assumption of political power in 1933, the Nazi party and the medical profession lost no time in 
implementing those racial ideas that the medical profession had been advocating for the last several decades. 
Within the first few months, the medical profession was Gleichgeschaltet, that is, coordinated or unified into a 
single hierarchical structure, responsible to a vertical chain of command culminating in the National Socialist 
Physicians' League, which was in turn subordinated to the National Socialist party. 

The Gleichschaltung of the medical press in Germany marked the beginning of a campaign to eliminate Jews, 
and all that might be identified as Jewish, from German medical science. In the summer of 1933 the journal 
Deutches Arzteblatt (German Doctors' Journal) announced that the German medical press would begin to 
"purge itself of non-German infiuences" in order to return the profession to "German feeling" and "German 

Educational reform was an important part of Nazi medical policy. In 1933 Propaganda Minister Joseph 
Goebbels asked that all German organizations be educated in "the eugenic way of thinking." German 
universities support for racial hygiene increased rapidly. In 1933 Fritz Lenz was the only full professor for 
racial hygiene in Germany, a position he had held for the previous ten years. By 1936 professorships in racial 
hygiene were established at Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Glessen, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Jena, Konigsberg, Munich 
and Warzburg. Soon the curriculum required that all medical students devote three hours of course-work per 
week in their ninth semester to "human genetics as the foundation of racial hygiene." 

As in the professions of law, banking and finance, education, publishing and other fields, the medical profession 
up to 1933 had been heavily dominated by Jews. This was especially so in Berlin and the major cities, less so in 
the rural areas and the smaller cities. Jews constituted less than 1% of the German population, but 13% of all 
physicians were Jewish. In Berlin, the nation's capital, that figure was a whopping 60% and with it, of course, 
went control of all the key nerve centers in the medical profession throughout Germany. It was a stranglehold 
that was not easy to root out. 

However, despite their heavy entrenchment, the German doctors and the Nazi party set about to do just that. In 
the summer of 1933 one of the rallying cries of the new journal German Public Health from Blood and Earth 
was to "put an end to the pernicious influence of Jews in medicine." The journal carried a bi-weekly cartoon 
caricaturing the "Life and Deeds of Mr. Isidor Farben," a physician with exaggerated Jewish features. Kurt 
Holz, editor oiDer Sturmer, argued in the new journal that, bad as it was that Jewish lawyers, journalists and 
politicians had for decades injected their poisons Into the German people, a thousand times worse was the fact 
that that Jews had come to dominate German medicine. 

Routing and rooting the heavily entrenched Jews out of the medical profession was no overnight project, nor did 
it come easily. Home to more than half of Germany's Jewish physicians, Berlin was to bear the brunt of the 
anti-Jewish legislation. One official count in October of 1933 showed a total of 3,481 Berlin physicians 
practicing medicine within the state-supported insurance programs. Of these, only 1,404 were of German origin 
(40%)), 1,888 were of foreign (Jewish) origin (54%)) and 189 were of "ambiguous" origins, meaning they were 
probably partly Jewish or had a Jewish husband or wife. By 1934 1,144 physicians had been forced out of 
Berlin's social insurance programs, mostly Jews, but 10%) also because of communist affiliations. Nevertheless, 
even by 1937 the proportion of Jewish physicians in Berlin was still as high as 23%). 

By no means was Germany the only country to realize the Jewish menace in the medical profession. By 1939 

countries as diverse as Bulgaria, France, Italy, Norway, Poland and Romania had passed laws restricting the 
proportion of Jews allowed to practice medicine in their countries. In 1937 the Polish Medical Association 
voted 120 to 104 to exclude Jewish members from that organization. In 1938 the Hungarian Medical Chamber 
ruled that the number of Jewish physicians in the Chamber could not exceed 20%. As Jewish physicians fled 
Germany during the 1930's, neighboring countries took measures to keep them out. Holland denied working 
permits to Jews fleeing Germany. Bulgaria closed its borders to Jews in 1939. In Belgium, in 1939, as the influx 
of Jews reached 1,250 per month, the Flemish Nazi leader Braun announced a campaign to exclude the "white 
niggers" (weisse neger) from further immigration. At the German University of Prague and the technical 
colleges at Brno many Jewish professors were relieved of their posts months prior to the German invasion of 
March, 1939. 


Having more or less cleaned house (but never completely) of the Jewish problem in their own bailiwick, the 
German medical profession in collaboration with the German government set about instituting reforms to 
improve the German genetic health in all other ailing categories and set programs for the future cleansing and 
upgrading of the German gene pool. 

The idea of the destruction of "lives not worth living" had been discussed in legal and medical literature long 
before the Nazi rise to power. In the late nineteenth century, British scholars writing for the Westminster Review 
had debated the merits of destroying the terminally insane in order to relieve society of "this terrible burden." In 
1912, at a meeting of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association, Dr. Namenyi recommended that "useless idiots" 
be done away with in accordance with the principles oi euthanasia. The word has different meanings to 
different people. To some it means the right to die deliberately at a time of their choosing without pain or 
prolonged suffering. To others it means that certain groups or individuals be destroyed forcefully as lives 
useless and/or harmful and burdensome to the community - lives not worth living. One is voluntary and the 
other is compulsory, and the two have been invariably confused, a confusion that can hardly be attributed to the 
Nazi doctors. 

In 1920, Alfred Hoche, a professor of medicine, and Rudolph Binding, a professor of law, published their book 
Release and Destruction of Lives Not Worth Living, in which they argued that the principle of "allowable 
killing" should be extended to the incurably sick, and they also defended the right to suicide. The right to live, 
they asserted, must be earned and justified, not dogmatically assumed. Those who are not capable of 
human feeling - those "ballast lives" and "empty human husks" that fill our psychiatric institutions and insane 
asylums - can have no sense of the value of life. Theirs is not a life worth living; hence their destruction is not 
only tolerable, but humane. 

The ideas of euthanasia were not restricted to Germany. In 1935 a number of British physicians formed the 
Voluntary Euthanasia Legalization Society, headed by Lord Moynihan, president of the Royal College of 
Surgeons. In 1936 the Euthanasia Society submitted a bill before the House of Commons to allow voluntary 
euthanasia. A not uncommon view in Britain was that euthanasia should be considered an option for the 
mentally retarded, though they might be otherwise healthy. 

American discussion of euthanasia peaked in the period 1936 to 1941. As in Britain, most advocates claimed 
that people should have the right to choose when or how to die, and help guarantee the rights of those 
individuals who today would call for death with dignity. Many argued it would be a good way to save on 
medical costs. Dr. W. A. Gould in the Journal for the American Institute of Homeopathy defended euthanasia as 
one way of resolving economic difficulties. He reminded his readers that euthanasia was not a recent idea, and 
some of the best and healthiest societies in the ancient world had practiced it, as witnessed by the "elimination 

of the unfit" in ancient Sparta, a society that already practiced partial eugenics, and undoubtedly 
produced the finest specimens of the human race both mentally and physically in all history. (What 
doomed the Greek civilization was two fold: (a) their internecine wars - Sparta vs. Athens, and (b) the pollution 
of their gene pool by the import of inferior foreign slaves. What the Greeks needed most desperately, but did 
not have, was a well structured racial religion which not only could have saved their exemplary gene pool but 
propelled it to unimaginable heights.) 

Also in America, W.G. Lennox in a 1938 speech to Harvard's Phi Beta Kappa chapter claimed that saving 
marginal lives "adds a load on to the back of society." (He should see America today!) He wanted physicians to 
recognize "the privilege of death for the congenitally mindless and the incurable sick who wish to die: the boon 
of not being born for the unfit." Lennox was astute enough to perceive that "the principle of limiting certain 
races through limitation of offspring might be applied internationally as well as intranationally. Germany, in 
time, might have solved her Jewish problem in this way." 

Opposing all such views were the Christian churches and the liberal bleeding-hearts, the latter being 
vociferously promoted by the Jewish press. Germany, meanwhile, although psychologically and politically 
prepared to act on the problem of the insane and the misfits, nevertheless proceeded cautiously and slowly. 
Partly this was due, undoubtedly, to the fact that she was under heavy attack by the Jewish press in their 
worldwide campaign. For the same reason support for euthanasia dwindled in the early 1940's in America and 
other Jew-occupied "democracies." As the Jews managed to incite more hate and fanaticism against the 
Germans and to plunge the world into a fratricidal war in 1939, the dire exigencies of war and the need for 
conserving their resources and strength finally brought about some limited action by the Germans in ridding 
their population of the burden imposed by caring for the mindless, the insane and congenitally unfit. 

As early as 1935, at the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, plans were discussed for the destruction of all of 
Germany's "lives not worth living." In a speech before that congress Gerhard Wagner, head of the N.S. 
Physicians' League, assailed liberalism and Marxism for having denied "the inherently different values of the 
lives of different individuals." The doctrine of equality (Gleichheitslehre), he said, was even worse in its effects 
(biologically speaking) than the Bolshevik revolution, insofar as it led one 'to value the sick, the dying, and the 
unfit on a par with the strong and the healthy." He pointed out that the average family size of the "inferiors" was 
nearly twice that of healthy families. Thus the number of mentally ill had grown by 450% over the last seventy 
years, while the population as a whole had increased by only 50%. Inferiors thus lived at the expense of the 
healthy, and were growing at a rate nine times as fast as the normal and the healthy. Again, projecting this into 
the future, it assured the deterioration and breakdown of society, he pointed out. 

Hitler realized all this, but although he was determined to cleanse the German nation of the human refuse that 
threatened to destroy it, he was reluctant to proceed in the face of bleeding-heart propaganda. It was not until 
the nation was fully enmeshed in war when it became a matter of having to choose between saving useless 
idiots and saving the lives of fighting soldiers that the plans set up earlier were put into action. The Nazis 
argued that if the healthy should sacrifice their lives in time of war, then why should the sick, incompetent and 
useless not do the same? 

Beginning after the war against Poland had been completed, after some hesitation the records indicate that 
between January of 1940 and September of 1941, a total of 70,273 individuals were mercifully put to death by 
means of anesthetic injections, gas and other painless means. In a population of more than 80 million, this 
constituted less than one tenth of one percent, and did not really make a major dent in the numbers of insane and 
incurably ill. But it did indicate that the German people meant business in trying to cleanse their race of 
defectives and, over a longer period of time, would undoubtedly have succeeded. Rome wasn't built in a day, 
and you cannot expect all the accumulated ills and racial sins of centuries to be cured in the short period of six 

years that the Nazis had in peace time. 


Racial policy was not long in coming after Hitler came to power on January 30, 1933. On July 14 of the same 
year the Nazi government passed the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring, according to 
which an individual could be sterilized if in the opinion of a genetic health court he or she suffered from any 
one of several genetic illnesses, including feeblemindedness, schizophrenia, manic-depressive insanity, genetic 
epilepsy, Huntington's chorea, genetic blindness or deafness, or severe alcoholism. 

Racial hygienists and much of the orthodox medical press had long advocated sterilization as a means of 
improving the quality of the race. As early as 1892 psychiatrist August Forel had tried to justify sterilization of 
the insane as a national sacrifice similar to that of a soldier in war. 

The Nuremberg Laws 

In the fall of 1935 Hitler signed into law a series of three measures, generally referred to as the Nuremberg 
Laws, to further cleanse the German population from unwanted elements. 

(a) The Reich Citizenship Law of September 15, 1935 distinguishing between citizens and residents. Citizens, 
the more exclusive category, included only those "of German or related blood" and "able to faithfully serve the 
German people and nation." Jews in particular were considered as excluded from citizenship, but could be 
classified as residents, not entitled to many privileges of citizenship. Strangely enough, single women were also 
classified as residents, the motivation evidently being that German women should get married and bear 

(b) Also on September 15, the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, or the Blood 
Protection Law, was announced. If forbade both marriage and sexual relations between non-Jews and Jews, and 
later this law was extended to all "non- Aryans." It classified Jews as "full Jews" if all four of their grandparents 
were Jews; half-breeds, first degree if two were Jewish, and second degree if one grandparent was Jewish. 
Based on these classifications, the law was quite specific which categories could be married. The law further 
stipulated that Jews were forbidden to employ German servants under the age of forty -five. 

(c) On October 18, the government passed a third and final measure in this series. The Law for the Protection 
of the Genetic Health of the German People, or the Marital Health Law, required couples to submit to 
medical examination before marriage In order to prevent racial damage from occurring. The law forbade 
marriage between individuals suffering from venereal disease, feeblemindedness, epilepsy, or any other 
infirmities specified in the 1933 Sterilization Law. Those considered "genetically ill" were permitted to marry 
others in the same category, but only after they had been sterilized to insure that they would not leave any 

Walter Gmelin, head of the Health Office of Schwabisch-Hall, wrote an article in 1933 urging doctors to help 
construct racial legislation, which embodied both negative and positive measures. The negative measures 
included the Sterilization Law, marital sanctions, certain forms of birth control and other sanctions. The more 
important positive measures included support for "valuable genetic lines" and incentives for families of good 
stock to have many children. He further suggested that considering the large numbers of Jews that had 
converted to Christianity for the sake of convenience, religion alone was no longer a reliable measure of race. 
Gmelin therefore suggested that the government launch a massive effort to construct a comprehensive genetic 
registry of the German people in order to determine the scale of the problems German health authorities would 

have to deal with In order to upgrade the genetic heahh of the nation. As early as 1930 Kurt Thomalla had 
proposed that all Germans carry a health pass which would include vital information on one's genetic and 
racial health. 


As we can see from the above, the German nation during the 1930's was well on its way in Implementing a 
powerful, constructive policy in cleaning up the racial quagmire into which the Jews had dragged them after 
their defeat in World War I. The Jews feared a healthy and resurgent German nation, and rightfully so, because 
their exemplary success would soon have been emulated by all the other White nations, not only in Europe but 
also in America and throughout the world. The Jews, therefore, through their worldwide propaganda apparatus 
and financial manipulations treacherously euchred the other White nations into a global Second War to smash 
what Germany had built. We must never let such a catastrophe of White people killing White people ever 
happen again. After they had smashed the German government, her cities and infrastructure, they viciously set 
about to rape and defile the German women with hordes of goddamned black animals. 

We Creators strongly support the spirit of the German cleansing operation and their racial laws, but do not 
necessarily condone or intend to emulate them per se. Nor are we going to sort them out and make a laundry list 
of those we approve or disapprove. We have already clearly set forth our racial and eugenic philosophy in 
various chapters of the White Man's Bible, such as "Creativity and Eugenics;" "Life, Death and Immortality," 
and a number of others, as well as "Eugenics and Survival of the White Race" in Salubrious Living, and we see 
no reason to change any of them now. Nor do we see any reason to spell out any of our laws or creed in greater 
detail at this time. I believe we have done so clearly and in sufficient detail for the time being. However, there is 
much we can learn from the German experience and it behooves us to study their history. 

The main difference between our philosophy and that of the Nazi philosophy of the 1930's is that whereas the 
Nazis put the major emphasis on Germanic racial characteristics, we say that there are a tremendous number 
of valuable racial qualities in all the nations of the White Race, and also a number of undesirable 
characteristics that must be culled out if we are to survive and advance as a species. Whereas the Nazis 
differentiated between German and non-German, we address and embrace all the White peoples of this 
Planet Earth and draw the line between the White Race and the mud races. We need all of our White Racial 
Comrades in order to survive, and we believe that our aggressive program of eugenics, once we get it into 
operation, can and will effectively upgrade our race to the era of the Superman and beyond. 

There are two other points I want to make. One is that we are now racially in a much greater and alarming 
catastrophic mess than were the Germans in the 1920's, and we are now going to hell in a handbasket at an 
accelerated clip unless we change direction violently and vigorously, and we do it now. The other point is that 
nothing will stop the mongrelization and niggerization of the White Race unless we get the Jews off our back, 
as did the Germans in the 1930's, and take control of our own destiny and our governments, worldwide. 

Only Creativity has the creed and the program to unite the White peoples on a global basis and drive the Jew 
from power. 

Creativity is the Winning Formula for White survival! 
White Man, join the winning team, today! 
Mobilize the White Race! 

Issue No. 63 - September 1990 

War in the Middle East 

American Boys Sent to Die for Israel 

At the bottom of this whole Middle Eastern furor is Israel The JOG has decided to pull the awesome might of 
the U.S. military power over to the hot sands of Saudi Arabia and smash the potential threat to Israel by Iraq or 
any other Arab country. White Man, instead of joining the Jewish Occupational Governments pro-Jew army, 
join our pro-White movement for White racial survival, expansion and advancement! 

For years Israel has been trying to conjure up some scenario that would induce the mighty power of the 
United States to move its awesome forces into the hot sands of the Middle East and smash Israel's Arab 
neighbors. Now, seemingly they believe they found such a pretext. At least the inflammatory rhetoric that is 
spewing forth from President Bush's mouth would seem to try to convince the American people that they now 
have a moral issue, a holy cause with which to make such a colossal blunder. In any case, whether the confused 
American public is convinced or unconvinced. Bush is moving vast military forces of the United States to the 
deadly 120-degree sands of Saudi Arabia. The very fact that his insane rhetoric is so highly inflammatory 
strongly indicates his intent of igniting a shooting war. 

Let us examine both the issues and rhetoric. 

Bush says our "vital interests" are threatened by a "new Hitler," by a madman. Not true. Whether one Arab or 
another controls the oil of Kuwait makes little or no difference to the United States. Saddam Hussein had 
no intention of withholding the oil of Kuwait from the United States or anyone else. In fact, the Iraqis are most 
eager to sell all the oil they can since it is their financial life blood. Furthermore, the U.S. import of oil from 
Kuwait was only a meager 1.5 percent of its daily consumption. So what is the big deal? It makes very little 
difference to us whether some fat billionaire sheik or emir (Saddam says the emir is "retarded" that sat on the 
throne of Kuwait) sells us the oil, or gouges us, or whether we buy it from Iraq. Certainly, it makes no damn 
difference at all to the young American boys who are placed on the hot burning sands of Saudi Arabia to sweat 
and die. 

Second Point. We are there. Bush says, to defend Saudi Arabia from Iraq's Saddam, and we "believe" he 
"intends" to invade Saudi Arabia next. How idiotic can you get? If we are to go to war and defend every lousy 
mud country in the world from another whom we "suspect' of having aggressive intentions on their neighbors, 
we would be deploying our forces on at least fifty frontiers spread all over the globe. 

And since when did we usurp the right to be the policeman (or bully) of the world that we have a right to go in, 
invade and smash every foreign potentate against whom Bush has a personal vendetta, or more accurately - 
whom his Jewish overlords want us to destroy? 

Third Point. Bush sanctimoniously and deceitfully tries to make this a "matter of principle," a moral issue 
where we cannot allow big bully dictator to invade a smaller dictator. We cannot allow the rule of "might makes 
right," says the two-faced hypocrite that is "our" president, or more correctly, the political prostitute and upfront 
stooge for the JOG, who is really pulling the wires. What about his big bully invasion of Panama less than eight 
months ago? What about our invasion of Grenada several years earlier? Some years back. Bush as director of 
the CIA, had Noriega on his payroll and there is a cozy photo around of the two of them discussing some 
sinister shenanigans, probably how to make more money in the drug trade. 

Where were we when Israel wantonly invaded Egypt during the Six-day War? 

Or when Israel occupied the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, all of which it still holds and 
tyrannizes to this day? 

Furthermore, where was the United States ten years ago, when Saddam Hussein and Iraq invaded Iran? Why, 
we were supporting him and supplying him with arms against our then "bully of the year" the Ayatollah 
Khomeini. But now we switch sides, like the treacherous bully the United States itself has become, to seek the 
help of Iran to fight against Iraq. Shifting American policy for the last several decades has had only one 
consistent feature: to betray and destroy those who thought the United States was their friend. With "friends" 
like that, who needs enemies? 

Fourth Point. Bush calls Saddam a liar. It is the kind of rhetoric belligerents use when they want to make damn 
sure they will provoke a shooting war. Saddam returns the compliment the next day and calls Bush a liar, but 
who is the biggest liar, and I believe Bush wins this dubious prize hands down. At least when Saddam invaded 
Kuwait, he captured a rich prize for his country, and he is a celebrated hero to his own countrymen. When Bush 
went into Panama, he captured his former buddy, Noriega, no rich prize, who, by the way, still hasn't been tried 
after cooling his heels in the pen for the last eight months. By the looks of things he may never be tried, and if 
he ever is, it is extremely questionable whether he will be convicted. Furthermore, he could, and undoubtedly 
will, reveal some embarrassing facts about Bush's duplicity. After all, what right does big bully George Bush 
have to invade a sovereign country, smash its infrastructure to smithereens, then forcefully kidnap its head of 
state, bring him into the United States and try him for alleged crimes committed in a foreign country? If we 
were to consistently pursue such policy on a worldwide basis, we would be hauling in all the criminal heads of 
governments from some 140 countries, starting with the criminal thugs at the head of the parasitic state of 

Fifth Point. As in the case of the insane and tremendously costly Vietnam war in both lives and money, the 
President of the United States Is peremptorily and rashly rushing us into a stupid war without the Congress 
being consulted and making a formal Declaration of War. This is an obvious and fiagrant violation of the 
Constitution for which Bush should most certainly be impeached. Since imposing a blockade is an outright act 
of war, he is using such weasel words as interdiction of the vessels and ports of other countries, even such 
countries as Jordan, our supposed friend, against whom we have no quarrel. 

Which brings us to the final point, which is this: our boys are not being sent over to sweat and die on the hot 

sands of the Middle East either to protect our vital interests," nor our oil supply, nor of restoring the 
"legitimate" fat and retarded emir of Kuwait to the throne, nor to protect Saudi Arabia from invasion, nor as a 
matter of some fictitious but dubious "holy" principles such as imposing our brand of "democracy" on some 
unwilling recipient. Nor is George Bush or the United States really calling the shots. The Jews are calling the 
shots in their own sinister interest and those of Israel. At the bottom of this whole Middle Eastern furor is Israel. 
The JOG has decided to pull the awesome might of the U.S. military power over to the hot sands of Saudi 
Arabia and smash the potential threat to Israel by Iraq or any other Arab country. Meanwhile, Israel is keeping 
an unusually low profile, as if it were only an innocent bystander, and had nothing to do with It all. But they are 
not fooling any one, least of all the Arabs, and to a lesser extent the European toadies like England, France and 
Germany, who are unwillingly pressured into "supporting" the United States' unholy campaign. The most 
confused and baffled of the whole mess is the American public, who will pay the highest price of all for this 
wanton and dastardly treachery of the Jewish Occupational Government. 

With all due credit to the treacherous and insidious antics George Bush has pulled off, we must realize that he is 

not his own man. Like President Reagan before him, he is only a front man, a shabez-goy, a despicable stooge 
for the Jews, who behind the scenes control this country and the world. So as to whether Bush or Saddam is the 
biggest liar, or the most flagrant aggressor, it is a moot question, and really immaterial. 

What we must do to rid ourselves and the world of this perennial Jewish plague is to build a formidable power 
structure for ourselves, the White Race, on a worldwide basis, starting here in the United States. The Church of 
the Creator, with the creed and program of Creativity, has the one and only Winning Formula on which such a 
power structure can be built. White Man, instead of joining the Jewish Occupational Government's pro- 
Jew army, join our pro-White movement for White racial survival, expansion and advancement! Join 
with us and let's wipe this alien scourge from off the face of the earth, once and for all. Delenda est 

How to effectively break up a Civilized White Society and drive it to hell in a handbasket. 

The Much-Touted "Multicultural Society" Leads to Chaos and Decadence 

We repeat: 

Who needs niggers? 

There were two racial issues that received a tremendous amount of attention in the Jew-controlled press, 
including The Atlanta Constitution, during the months of July and August. (At the Church we call this Jew- 
orchestrated scandal sheet The Atlanta Prostitution, and rightfully so, since no other sinister vehicle has done so 
much to prostitute and niggerize the once proud city of Atlanta, Georgia.) 

One of the issues The Atlanta Prostitution has been pounding away at is one that hardly need concern Atlanta at 
all, since the event is not taking place In Atlanta, nor even within the state of Georgia. 

For years the PGA (the Professional Golfers' Association) has been holding its annual Championship 
Tournament at some of the finest country clubs in the nation. For 1990 it chose to stage this event at the city of 
Birmingham, Alabama, and specifically at the Shoals Creek Country Club, to be held August 9-12, 1990. 
Shoals Creek is one of the most prestigious country clubs in the nation, and it also had the honor of hosting the 
PGA Championship six years ago. Being a country club of some class and distinction and being a social club as 
much as a sporting club, it has throughout its long history avoided having any black members. It is, in fact, very 
careful as to whom it accepts into Its membership roll, even though they be White, and the initiation fee is a 
steep $35,000. The PGA was well aware of the fact that Shoals Creek had no black members when it chose to 
hold its tournament there in 1990, and also when it played there six years earlier. 

But this time the Jews decided that they would break down the social barriers and inject a nigger into this elite 
private White society, whether they liked it or not. Having made that decision and having control of the 
newsmedia of the country (and the world), soon all hell broke loose. As they unleashed their massive 
propaganda campaign all over the country, with The Atlanta Prostitution probably screaming the loudest, all the 
world was soon to know that horror of all horrors! There was no nigger in the Shoals Creek Country Club and 
therefore the PGA should ban the place. Soon the Jew-orchestrated NAACP also got into the act and threatened 
to picket the place and raise a ruckus. 

Neither the membership of the Shoals Creek Country Club, nor of the PGA was too keen about bowing to the 
demands of the Jewish cabal nor of the NAACP, no matter how loud they screamed. But then the Jews brought 
their second line of artillery into play. Such events as the PGA Championships are big media and TV events and 
the millions of dollars of advertising that goes with it. Soon Toyota, IBM, Delta Airlines and Honda/ Acura were 
induced to withdraw their advertising from the ESPN and the ABC television networks which were sponsoring 
the PGA Championship event. This really cut to the heart of the controversy. Since money rules all, and faced 
with the loss of two million dollars worth of advertising money, the Shoals Creek Country Club and the PGA 
soon came to terms with the enemy. Soon the search was on for some token nigger to be taken into the 
membership of their elite club. Soon thereafter they found one Louis Willie, a mulatto insurance executive in 
Birmingham, and Willie was taken in, willy nilly, without any fuss about a background investigation that 
usually precedes a new membership, and without the usual $35,000 initiation fee! Presto! Instant nigger 
membership! The Jews had broken the longstanding tradition of the Shoals Creek Country Club. They had 
humiliated and insulted not only its members, but also the PGA, and furthermore now threatened all White 
Country Clubs throughout the nation. They sent out the message that they had better scramble to put niggers in 
their midst, even though niggers are notoriously uninterested in golf and never produced any good players. Even 

Louis Willie, who is not really a golfer at all, said that he didn't really want to be a member, but somebody had 
to be first. Really? Who needs niggers in their ranks? 

The other unimportant item that seemed to preoccupy the editors, reporters and columnists of The Atlanta 
Prostitution for days and weeks on end was the National Black Arts Festival. To hear them gush, eulogize and 
extol this primitive collection of nigger junk that had been gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, you would be led to 
believe that this event overshadowed the Second Coming of Christ. Day after day the paper showed 
reproductions in color of primitive attempts at daubing paint on canvas that could easily have been done by an 
amateur six year old. 

Such extravagant captions as "Sounding a vibrant new note," "the Ascension of Thornton Dial," "He's black, 
proud" headlined an endless number of articles, extolling the virtues of nigger "art," most of which, had it been 
done by a White artist, would not have been given so much as passing glance. 

All of which brings up some crucial moral questions. Why is it alright to have a National Black Arts Festival 
from which Whites are obviously excluded, but a heinous moral crime for the White people to have an all 
White social country club that has no nigger membership? Would it have been alright to have a White Arts 
Festival from which nigger artists would be excluded? If such an event were held, the niggers and the Jews 
would be screaming louder than the wailing banshees. If we are going to espouse color blindness in one area, 
then we should also do so in all other categories. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Why is it 
great to have an organization like the NAACP that is extremely racist in promoting only the interests of 
niggers, but at the same time it is deemed to be an outrage if we have a racial religion such as Creativity 
promoting the best interests of the White people? 

Recently some of our activists distributed several hundred copies oi Racial Loyalty in a Tampa neighborhood, 
an activity that is practiced by millions of other people in distributing their particular literature such as shopping 
guides, flyers for political campaigns, by the Watch Tower people. Hare Krishna and thousands of others. But 
ours was White racist, that one category of no-no, and immediately a major storm erupted. Articles denouncing 
us were printed in The Tampa Tribune and the St Petersburg Times. The Jewish mayor of Tampa, a certain 
Sandy Freedman, was inspired to lead a parade in downtown Tampa on July 12, 1990. It was labeled as a 
Solidarity March against bigotry and prejudice and was designed to "stop all the hate." The affair was 
organized by a number of the most virulent of all hate groups, all of which proceeded to concentrate their hate 
exclusively against the White Race, and whose major goal was and is to wipe out the White Race in totality. 
When they talk about Solidarity, it is only solidarity directed against the White Race, never solidarity of the 
White Race. As usual, the Solidarity March was led by Jews, of which Jewish mayor Sandy Freedman was its 
major protagonist. 

One interesting offshoot of this blathering exhibition of "brotherly love" was a Hispanic hate flyer sent from 
Tampa to us here at our address in Otto. The flyer showed pictures of their heroes, namely bandits Pancho Villa 
and Emilano Zapata, as militant warriors against the gringos of the United States. It was all in Spanish, and a 
translation of a strident paragraph at the bottom of the fiyer proclaimed: 

"Death to the racist, imperialist, fascist and (filthy expletive) gringos, sons of bitches. We are determined to 
continue our defense, in front of you, amidst you and behind you. " 

Such brotherly love! However, Jew mayor Freedman didn't seem to notice, or care, or mind those kind of hate 
mongers right close to home and in her own back yard. After all, they weren't White. 

As every other organ of the Jewish propaganda in the U.S., every day of the week The Atlanta Prostitution 
proclaims in loud and glowing terms the joys and virtues of a multiracial society. It is, oh! so proud, of the 
polyglot races, languages, ethnic groups, and the renegades, derelicts and scum of the world that are gathering 
Into Atlanta. There are the Vietnamese, the Nicaraguans, the Cubans, the Hindus, the Mexicans, the Pakistanis, 
the Chinese and the Japanese, and not to mention the millions of niggers that swarm over the landscape. Best of 
all, the mayor is a mulatto nigger, as are the police commissioner, most of the city council and all the rest of the 
civil service cabal. How lucky can you get, says The Atlanta Prostitution, we are becoming such an 
international city. The fact that the Japanese are buying up many of the city's most prominent skyscrapers is 
such a blessing, it not only adds investment capital to our city, but it all adds up to such a richness of our 
cultural mix. We all want to live in a polyglot, multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiplex, multifarious, 
polymorphic, motley, discordant, heterogeneous, incongruous, divergent, mixed-up and screwed-up society, 
don't we? 

No, we don't! Not even the stupid niggers or Vietnamese want a polyglot society. Each of them wants to build 
and enlarge their enclave, to take over, to exterminate the other races and ethnic groups and rule the roost. 

In Creative Credo No. 17 of The White Man 's Bible we clearly state a law of Nature and the uncompromising 
lessons of history, namely: only a homogeneous society can be governed and can endure. 

The first paragraph of this chapter lays down the basic principles of this observation: 

Race Mixing Spells Death. History has proven over and over again that no multi-racial or polyglot society has 
survived for long. Just as in the previous chapter we have seen that a healthy body will not and cannot tolerate 
any alien organisms in itself, so also a society cannot survive admixture with alien elements. Let us learn this 
basic lesson for all time and heed it and heed it well! Let us state it another way: Any society whose elements 
are composed of two or more differentiated races will perpetually be at war within itself until it destroys itself. 
Usually the dregs of such a society will destroy the best elements and the former will survive to occupy the real 
estate in a more primitive social structure. Anarchy, poverty and misery will then become its normal life style. A 
prime example of this is the history of Haiti, which story we have related in a future chapter. But history 
abounds with any number of other examples. In our previous book. Nature's Eternal Religion, we have cited a 
few such as Egypt, India and others.'' 

Since the above chapter was written more than ten years ago, the evidence to support that conclusion ominously 
keeps piling up. As we look at the daily headlines and observe how the mud countries are faring on their own, 
we find the common denominator in every one of these "self-governing" mud countries is one of poverty, 
starvation, anarchy, revolution, crime and murder. I look at today's paper and find the following: 

• One article, dateline Eravor, Sri Lanka, proclaims: "Gunmen murder 119 Muslims in Sri Lanka; Tamils 

• Another article, same page, dateline Johannesburg, South Africa: "9 die in fight at hostel for black S. 

• Dateline Paynesville, Liberia: "Liberian government counterattack loosens rebel grip." In the article it 
mentions further that 18 civilians were killed in the counterattack, and bodies of refugees and pieces of clothing 
from their bundles were scattered in the streets. 

• Karachi, Pakistan: "5 Bhutto cohorts held in corruption charges." 

• Sidon, Lebanon: "Battle between Lebanese Shiites kills 16." 

• Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: "Trinidad coup leader threatens hostages." Further in the article it says: the black 
Muslim leader of the attempted coup threatened to kill the prime minister and other government hostages and 
already 22 people had died in the uprising. 

Meanwhile, closer to home in our "model" multicultural city of Atlanta, which has the honor of being the 
Murder Capital of America (second only to that black jungle which is our nation's capital), things are also 

More than ten years ago. In order to revive the nigger infested "core" of the city of Atlanta, a lot of money was 
poured into building a tourist, entertainment and nightclub attraction "Atlanta Underground" in a below street 
level section. Much of this money came from the taxpayers. Despite all the shops, restaurants, attractions, and 
other businesses that were opened, the operation failed, mostly because the White people were afraid to venture 
into this crime infested nigger area. A few years ago, mulatto mayor Andy Young again tried to revive 
Underground Atlanta, pouring vast sums of public money into the venture and beefing up the police protection 
to the point where there were sometimes more law enforcement officers than customers. The Atlanta 
Prostitution went ecstatic in boosting the project, and for a time it seemed that the venture might become 
financially viable. But no more. The chickens are coming home to roost, and niggers and crime being 
inseparable, last week signs of drugs and gang warfare broke out into the open in Underground Atlanta. It 
seems that the warfare between two rival nigger gangs from Los Angeles, the Crips gang and the Bloods gang, 
has moved in. Last week the shooting started at the Peachtree entrance of Underground Atlanta, and one person 
was killed and two wounded. I predict that this second go-around of Underground Atlanta is doomed. It will go 
belly-up as did the first version. Problem: niggers. 

Meanwhile in Balkanized Europe, our White Racial Comrades are having almost as many problems as the 
mixed-up mud countries. A headline across the page of a recent reporting of that area proclaims: "Balkan 
rivalries threaten to re-ignite Europe's tinderbox." Dateline Zagreb, Yugoslavia, the article reports "Rioting 
broke out at a recent soccer game in Zagreb. But it wasn 'tyour run-of-the-mill European soccer fan violence. It 
was a bloody battle between Croats and Serbs, Yugoslavia 's two largest ethnic groups, whose hatred for each 
other runs centuries deep. 138 people were injured, 12 critically... Many see the violence as a precursor of what 
is to come. " 

The Balkans are undoubtedly Europe's most volatile tinderbox. But they are by no means the only source of 
ethnic warfare and dissention. In Czechoslovakia there are unresolved tensions between the Czechs and 
Slovaks. No matter what treaties are signed by a reunited Germany about the permanency of the present 
borders, there were millions of ethnic Germans left behind in borders of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and 
Russia, in the insane redrawing of the map of Europe after W.W. II. They are going to want to reunite with 
Germany. There are the Hungarian and the Romanian "ethnic minorities," each of which want separation. There 
are the Slovenians and the Croats who are at each others throats. The ethnic Albanians want separation from 

Yugoslavia. The list goes on and on, and is not confined to the Balkans. 

What is the solution to all this mess that has not only all the mud countries of the worid in turmoil, but also the 
White European countries as well? Furthermore, the world's foremost and most affluent country, the United 
States (we are only ten trillion dollars in the hole) is also rapidly sinking into a Balkanized swampland that will 
soon reach the status of a mongrelized poverty and anarchy ridden third world country. What is the solution? 
When we ask people this question, they throw up their hands and roll their eyeballs. 

Well, we, the Church of the Creator, have a total, straightforward and meaningful solution, and, we believe, the 
only solution. We have the one and only winning formula, and we have spelled it out repeatedly before. But 
allow me to spell it out again, step by step. It is all polarized in the one word - RAHOWA! 

1. In the first place, the White Race must unite on a worldwide basis. It must unite under one language 
(Latin), and one religion (Creativity). 

2. Secondly, we must forget about trying to save all the scum, freeloaders and mud races of the world, and take 
whatever measures are necessary to save ourselves. 

3. Thirdly, in order to do this, we must get the goddamned Jews off our back and take charge of our own affairs 
and our own destiny. 

Until we do this nothing will be settled, and we, the White Race, will sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire, 
until mongrelization, slavery and extinction will be our final lot and dismal fate. If not Creativity, what else is 
there? If not now, when? 

White Man, Unite and Fight! There is no otiier way out! Either we unite, get the Jews off our back and take 
over the world, or else all is lost. Otherwise, there Is no future for you, or your family, or your children. The 
prize is dazzling, the alternative is horrible beyond comprehension. No sacrifice is too great, no price is too 

White Man, join with us! 

Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize! 

The Manifest Destiny of the White Race 

Like the American pioneers, we, the White Race, must now make it our Manifest Destiny to win tfie world, and 
populate all the good lands thereof. This planet is all ours! RAHOWA! 

The White Man is a tremendous builder. The few times in history when he has been unshackled and free to do 
as his inborn nature dictates, he constructs, he creates, he builds empires. Given free rein over a period of time, 
the creative works of the White Man become truly astounding. One such period was the building of America, 
and the Winning of the West. 

During the middle of the nineteenth century, the majority of Americans were imbued with the idea that it was 
their Manifest Destiny to conquer and populate America from the shores of the Atlantic to the shores of the 
Pacific. And conquer they did! 

Our doctored history books have given us so much trash about the importance of the Pilgrim Fathers, the 
Puritans, the Mayflower Compact, and, in general, the role of Christianity in the building of America. Our 
school children and the American population, by and large, as a result, have now become so indoctrinated that 
practically all of them will rehash this Jewish distortion that America was built by Christians, for Christians, 
and on Christian principles. A closer examination of history will show that American was built not by 
Christians, nor on Christian principles, but, on the contrary, was built despite the shackles of Christianity. 

Who were the real builders of America? They certainly were not the Pilgrims or the Puritans or the religious 
zealots, although there were some of these sprinkled throughout the early settlers. Basically the people who 
came over here in large numbers and were the root-stock of America were the best examples of what is good 
about the White Race. These were people imbued with the spirit of adventure who were looking for a 
better land and a better opportunity in which to raise their families and to make their fortunes. They 
were adventurous, aggressive, fearless, energetic, and above all, people with vision and people who 
wanted to build. They were the same kind of stock that has pushed forward the frontiers of the White 
Man all over the world in the far-flung continents over the last many thousands of years. 

Who were these people? They were the best of our White racial stock that we could be proud of They were the 
pioneers, they were the trappers, the hunters, the explorers, the farmers, the ranchers, the railroad builders, and 
above all, the Indian fighters. They came here from an overcrowded Europe that had been torn asunder and 
exploited by Jewish financial monopoly and enmeshed in a divisive strife-torn controversy over the Jewish 
imposed Christian religion. They were people who were looking for elbow room and for freedom to follow their 
natural inclinations and aspirations. In their veins and in their blood was the feeling of a Manifest Destiny to 
expand and populate the rich new land. 

Out of all this emerged the finest and greatest blossoming of White productivity that the world has ever seen. In 
the Winning of the West undoubtedly was demonstrated one of the widest and broadest accomplishments 
of the human race. In the heroic Winning of the West was written one of the most glorious and far- 
reaching chapters in the history of the White Race, or of any race, for that matter. By sheer dint of 
courage and labor was built the most productive, creative, powerful and affluent empire the world has ever seen. 

Today, America, although the White people in it constitute less than five percent of the people of the globe, 
produces as much wealth and substance as all the rest of the world put together. This, in spite of the fact that 
Americans have been loaded down with severe restrictions and handicaps, such as no nation has ever before 

known. White Americans have riding on their back 30 million (probably 70 million) black parasites, which are 
not only a heavy load to carry, but a serious further handicap in as much as throwing gravel into the gears of 
production. All this production comes from America in spite of the fact that the American people have been 
forced to subsidize their rivals and their enemies all over the world with foreign aid, technology, loans, 
products, monetary restrictions, and every other form of shackle that the Jew could possibly dream up. Added to 
this is the strangling effect of the Jews in our midst, reputedly six million, but probably a great many more. 

Without a doubt America today is the basic stronghold of the White Race. For this reason it is under heavy 
attack by the Jew to have the White American mongrelized and dragged down into the same snake-pit as was 
India thousands of years ago. South America a few centuries ago, and Haiti 150 years ago. America is the great 
stronghold of the White Race and it is here that the battle will have to be fought, it is here that the Jew will have 
to be conquered, it is here that a new world philosophy for the survival of the White Race will have to be 
formulated and take root. 

We owe much to our hearty forefathers who came to a bleak and hostile continent with nothing but their 
unbounded determination and their native inborn abilities to create and to build. Among these were the early fur 
traders and trappers, the hunters, and the explorers, restless, energetic and free-wheeling, looking for new 
adventures and ever wider horizons. With them also soon came the early settlers, the homesteaders, the farmers. 
And as they pushed westward the rancher and the cattle barons and their romantic cowboys helped to tame the 
vast spaces of an ever onward expanding America. These were in turn followed by city builders, railroad 
builders, and entrepreneurs, in the best American sense. As they built this empire, all of them, in one way or 
another, were Indian fighters. 

Since our history has been so badly distorted on the one hand, and since our heroic pioneering forefathers have 
been mischievously maligned for their policy against the Indians on the other hand, it is of utmost importance 
that we examine just what the policy of pioneering America was towards the inferior red native, namely the 

There is no question that the White Man was invading a land that was populated by Indians, a race vastly 
different from himself and decidedly inferior. Although the invasion was a trickle at the beginning, it did not 
take the Indian long to realize that he was being invaded and deprived of his land. As hostility soon developed, 
as it must, it did not take the White Man long to realize also that the Indian was his deadly enemy and a dire 
threat to his existence, to his property, and to the lives of his family. 

From this developed a bond between the White Race such as had never been experienced in Europe. The 
White Man realized that he had to stick together to survive, and one of the finest periods of racial loyalty 
among White People of all different European origins developed. It brought out the best of the White 
Man - racial loyalty, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and courage. Giving full play to these natural attributes, he 
pushed steadily onwards, drove the Indian westward and took over his land. Although the White Man was 
vastly outnumbered, this proved to be no handicap, for when the White Man is united and determined in 
purpose he can overcome all other forces and all other obstacles. The White Man clearly realized the Indian was 
his enemy and the motto, "the only good Indian is a dead Indian," became the unwritten law of tiie land. 

It is, therefore, so much garbage to expostulate that America was built on Christian principles. America was not 
built on Christian principles at all. If the early White American pioneer had followed the dictates of Christian 
ethics such as, "love your enemies," "turn the other cheek," "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor," "resist 
not evil," "judge not," etc., and all the other suicidal Christian nonsense, he would never have made it. He 
would have been overwhelmed and killed by the Indians before he ever so much as got a toe-hold on the 
American continent. No, indeed! A meiica was not built on Christian principles, nor by people that were 

particularly/ interested in Christianity. America was built by the best specimens of the White Race - the White 
Race exercising its inborn aggressiveness and giving full sway to Its superior abilities and competence. 

We hear so much nonsense in our modem-day history books, in the movies and in other Jewish propaganda, 
about how the White Man was perfidious, that he broke treaties with the Indians, how he tricked the Indians, 
and how he lied and betrayed them. This is, of course, as I have just said, Jewish propaganda in order to degrade 
and downgrade the heroic White Man. The White Man just plainly fought and overpowered the Indians, he did 
not have to trick them or have to promise them anything, he was out for conquest. He fought the Indian, he 
defeated the Indian, he killed and slaughtered the Indian and drove him before him as he took over his land. He 
plainly outfought the Indian and subdued him. It was just simply a matter of conquest, and to accuse the White 
Man of trickery and chicanery is plainly another lying Jewish trick. The White Man made no treaties with the 
Indians as such. He handed down edicts most of which were for containing the Indian in given reservations or 
areas after he had already been totally defeated in any case. You do not bargain nor make treaties with 
devastated enemies, you hand down terms, and this is the way the American Indian was managed. 

Let us be honest about it. The White European crossed the ocean, invaded the American continent peopled by 
an inferior red race, and drove westward; he conquered the red man; he took over his land, he killed off most of 
his opponents, and when he had unquestionably subdued them, he herded them into a shrunken area of then 
deemed useless land called reservations. No matter how you look at it, it was open, free-wheeling conquest, a 
free play of the forces of Nature, it was the White Man at his best If our forefathers had not done this, there 
would have been no America - there would, in fact, be no great, strong reservoir of the White Race today. In 
fact, it is doubtful whether the White Race would still have survived at all. 

Since the winning of the West and the building of America was one of the most creative and productive 
epochs in the history of the White Man, we should learn some serious lessons from our own history. If 

waging war against the colored races namely the Indians, was so productive a hundred or two hundred years 
ago in terms of the expansion and well-being of the White Race, and if out of such aggression was built a great 
wealthy empire, what is the matter with pursuing and adopting such a policy today on a global scale? Why do 
we pamper and promote the proliferation of the inferior black African in our midst when we have the 
overwhelming power to rid our beautiful country of that scourge and send him posthaste back to Africa? Why 
do we not help our pioneering White Brothers in South Africa and help them to drive the savage black man 
northward towards the Equator? 

Nature herself has endowed us with the inalienable right to survival, the inalienable right to propagate, advance 
and expand the White Race in the hostile face of all enemies. Let us not forget that the most deadly enemies the 
White Race has are the mud races. In fact, all mud races are enemies of the White Man. The best protection 
the White Man can provide for himself is to expand the territory and the numbers of the White Race on a 
global basis and shrink that of the mud races, all of which are hostile to us, until this threat exists no 

As long as the hostile red race had the preponderance of numbers and power, he was a threat and a menace to 
the White American pioneer. It was not until the White Race by sheer numbers overwhelmingly overpowered 
the Indians that the threat to life and property was destroyed. Similarly, on a global scale the mud races, all of 
which are hostile to the White Race, and becoming more so every day, are a deadly threat to the very existence 
of the White Race. If the racial policy of the White Race in America a hundred years ago was such a 
productive policy for our race, it stands to reason that it would also be an excellent policy on a global 

Impossible? Not at all. In fact it is not only possible, it is the only sensible policy the White Race can pursue. 

Make no mistake about it, the Jews in collaboration with the mud races have marked the White Race for 
extinction and are rapidly proceeding - and succeeding - in this program. 

It is the highest right, the foremost law in Nature, to fight for our survival at all costs! We must secure the 
existence of the White Race on the face of this planet for all time. And the White Man could easily do it if he 
united and achieved racial solidarity. Whereas in Roman times, one Roman legionnaire, using his contemporary 
weapons, such as sword, shield, spear, etc., could perhaps outfight six (or maybe ten) times his number of black 
savages, today, with the modem technology that is the product of the White Man and the White Man alone, a 
few trained pilots armed with jet planes and atomic bombs could wipe out any and all opposition from the 
hostile blacks of Africa, for instance, in no time at all. The fact that our weapons are now also in the hands of 
our enemy, who could never have conceived or produced them on his own, is a shameful reflection on the lack 
of loyalty and purpose on the part of the White Race. 

Nevertheless, bad as things are today, it is not too late, nor impossible. When the White Race achieves political 
unity and ideological cohesion, the mud races, due to inability to sustain themselves, will wither on the vine and 
no nuclear holocaust, with which the Jews are continually intimidating us, will be necessary. 

Yes, the handwriting on the wall is clear: White Man, unite or perish! Populate the world or become a 
mongrelized slave! 

Since the black race commits the overwhelming majority of all violent (and other) crimes, it is plain that if we 
shrink their numbers we will shrink crime. The same principle applies to ignorance and poverty. Therefore, if 
we want to reduce crime, poverty, filth, slums, and ignorance, the best and most effective program is to shrink 
the number of niggers in America. 

The racial program of the Church of the Creator therefore is clearly spelled out: expand the White Race, 
shrink the muds. 

This must be our program for all time, not only in America but on a global basis. 

Stupidly and foolishly, under the auspices of the Jew and Christian principles, we have been doing just the 
opposite. In America, as elsewhere in the world, every policy the White Man has foolishly been induced to 
pursue, whether it be foreign aid, welfare, fiscal policies, taxation, technological aid, medical aid, or one of a 
hundred other policies, has consistently worked to multiply the mud scum and shrink the base of the productive 
White Race. 

The mud races throughout he world hate us with a passion. Fanned by the worldwide Jewish press, the White 
Race, polarized in the White American image, is the prime hate target everywhere. Not only is the White Man 
hated throughout the world, but right here in America itself, the Mexicans, the niggers, the Indians and every 
other mud scum can hardly wait for the day when they can do us in. 

Why we should "turn the other cheek," and feed, subsidize and promote the proliferation of the mud 
scum who hate us, is beyond reason. It is suicide. It is insanity. We owe the mud races nothing. Any one of 

them will do us in as soon as they have the power. Collectively and organized by the Jew they will have the 
power in a generation or so, and they will do us in, unless we ourselves unite and organize. 

I repeat, united and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined. 

Throughout Nature each species endeavors to expand by colonizing Into new territory. For example, as soon as 

the rabbit set foot in the new continent of Australia, It multiplied prolifically until it covered the continent. 
When the starlings came to North America they rapidly spread across the continent. When the hyacinth came to 
Florida a century ago it rapidly spread into every canal and waterway that was suitable for its growth. When a 
weed takes root in a field of wheat, it immediately seeks to enlarge its territory, dispersing seeds to where, if 
possible, it can take over the whole field, the whole county, the whole country. 

This is Nature's program: colonize into new territory and expand to the limit of your abilities no holds 

For thousands of years the White Race has been colonizing territories and continents, sometimes with great 
success and also with certain setbacks. During the Roman era it was outstandingly successful. Had the White 
Race not been stricken with a suicidal, mind-crippling affliction, namely Christianity, it undoubtedly would 
have gone on and long ago colonized the world. Unfortunately, as history shows, the Romans did succumb to 
Christianity. The forward surge of the White Race crumbled, the White Race Itself went into decay and was 
almost overrun by the Mohammedan Moors. 

With Renaissance the White Race regained its senses, and in the sixteenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 
the White Race again moved forward in a healthy resurgence of colonization that embraced every continent of 
the world, and as we have just explored, was most vigorous of all in the North American continent. 

Now, in the twentieth century, the White Man Is again in rapid decline as poisonous, virulent, new Jewish 
philosophies, communism and liberalism, are spreading like the plague. Foolishly, the White Man is now 
retreating, running before inferior scum, shrinking his own and helping his enemies multiply. Instead of 
colonizing. White America is being colonized, not only by hordes of black niggers, but all the mud scum of the 

The real solution is for the White Man to adopt a sound, clear-cut racial policy: The White Race must expand 
until it inhabits all the good lands of this earth; it must consider all mud races its deadly enemies; it must 
stop giving them aid and assistance of any kind; it must crowd and shrink tiiem from tfic face of the earth, as 
it did the Indian in America, only more so. 

In order to survive at all, this must be our creed and our testament: it is either them, or us! It is the 

overwhelming objective of the Church of the Creator to make sure that the survival of the White Race upon the 
face of this earth will be secured for all time to come. 

We, the White Race, must therefore learn over again the great historic lesson from our illustrious American 
forefathers. We must project this great productive surge of the White Race into a worldwide basis. We must 
again, in a planned and deliberate program, resume the colonization of the world which the White Race has 
pursued for the last several centuries in a more or less haphazard, but vigorous manner. Like the American 
pioneers, we, the White Race, must now make it our Manifest Destiny to win the world, and populate all 
the good lands thereof. RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours! 

(For more about Manifest Destiny read N.E.R. 11-10.) 

Issue No. 64 - October 1990 

The Obvious Solution to a Crushing Problem 

Repudiate and Cancel the Federal Debt! 

There are two basic points I want to drive home in this article. The first point is that we, the White Race, are 
being totally enslaved by the JOG. Secondly, nobody can be enslaved unless they willingly cooperate with their 
slavemasters. Therefore the first step in our hberation is the straightening out of our thinking through a 
Revolution of Values. 

Right now, the Jews control the money creating machinery in the U.S. and all other White countries, and it is 
probably the most powerful and significant weapon of all in the arsenal of the worldwide Jewish Conspiratorial 
Network that is slowly but surely tightening the noose around the necks of the working White taxpayers of the 
United States and the world At the heart of this Jewish monster is the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, 
which has acquired for itself the powers to print unlimited quantities of money out of thin air and paper, 
and thereby control the finances of the world and all the accoutrements of power that go with it. (Read 
again "The Federal Reserve Board - The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World," C.C. No. 40 in the 
White Man 's Bible. ) 

Through this power of manufacturing its own money, then lending it out to the government and the people of 
the United States with interest, the Jew-controlled Federal Reserve System has been able to put the working 
people into a tighter and tighter noose, tightening the vise in which they have us clamped as the mountain of 
debt grows ominously larger daily. 

The Federal debt of the United States at the time of Calvin Coolidge was only three billion dollars, of which he 
managed to pay off two billion while in office. Today the Federal debt exceeds three trillion dollars, a figure so 
huge that the average person cannot grasp it, and I won't even try to explain it, except that is Is now one 
thousand times as large as it was during the time of Calvin Coolidge, and it is growing at a fantastic rate. But 
that is only part of the picture. Every state, city and municipality in the United States is also over its ears in 
debt. So is every large and small corporation. In fact, the total NATIONAL debt now stands at over 13 trillion 
dollars and increased by another 12 billion dollars while you are listening to the Jewsnews broadcast during the 
evening. Just the interest on the Federal debt alone is now the third largest item in our national budget, 
exceeded only by the welfare (tax Whitey, feed the nigger) programs and the military (make the world safer for 
the Jews) budget. 

What does all this mean? It means, we, the White working people, who built it all through sheer labor now owe 
more than all the combined real wealth (real estate, machinery, land, housing, etc.,) In the United States is 
worth. It means every baby that is now born is already saddled with a $52,000 debt the day it arrives. By the 
time that baby is an adult, that debt may be five, ten or twenty times as large. It means we are enslaved in a Jew- 
created mountain of debt that grows ominously larger by the minute. (Read again "Operation Rip Off," p. 172 
of RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours.) 

Now let us stop and think a minute. Debt has two parties: the debtor on the one side and the creditor on the 

other side. We hear incessantly of the astronomical amounts we, the people of the United States, owe. But 
strangely, never a peep as to whom we owe all these trillions, more than all the real combined property is worth. 
To whom do we owe such huge sums? When you ask the average person that vital question, they act dumb, 
confused, like gee, I never thought of that. The government never mentions it. The Jewsmedia will never inform 

you of this vital issue. Doesn't anybody know? Why the big mystery? 

Well, it might have been conspiratorially covered up by the Jewish power establishment but a mystery it is not. 
I can tell you in half a minute whom we owe it to, who is raking it in on the other side. The answer is the 
Federal Reserve Board, which is not at all a governmental agency as most people are led to believe, but a 
vile and vicious conspiracy of worldwide Jewish bankers. That is to whom we owe everything we own, and 
even more. 

How did they get us into such a stupid and servile position? The steps leading the Jews to the worldwide 
dominance are: racial loyalty, racial religion and a conspiratorial game plan, surreptitiously acquiring all the 
world's nerve centers of power, of which money is the key. That is how they managed to lock us in and enslave 

So, the bottom line is we owe everything we own, and more, to the treacherous and perfidious Jewish 
conspiracy who didn't earn any part of it, but through trickery and treachery have euchred and swindled us out 
of our property and substance. I repeat, the Jews stole our wealth through paper shuffling, through deceit, 
through trickery and chicanery. The Jew-controlled Federal Reserve swindle is not a legal body, nor have they 
acquired the right to create money. They are in violation of the Constitution of the United States, Section 8, 
Article 5 of which says, "Congress shall have the power: to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of 
foreign coin..." This does not mean Congress can give that right and obligation away to a gang of Jewish 
counterfeiters, which is what has happened. 

So, do we owe these sinister Jewish gangsters 13 trillion dollars? Not by a damsite! We don't owe it to 
them legally, we don't owe it to them morally, we don't owe it to them, period. What we owe them is a 
good neck-tie party to hang all these treacherous gangsters who have caused more wars, killings, poverty 
and misery than all other evil forces of the world combined. While we are at it, we should also hang all 
the traitorous chabez-goys who collaborated and cooperated with our mortal enemies. 

Back in 1927 when I was a youngster attending a one-room public school out on the prairies of Saskatchewan in 
Canada, we had a very hard-core patriotic teacher by the name of Mrs. Murphy. Although the moniker 
"Murphy" was Irish, it was hers only by marriage. She herself was very much Scotch-English and was a native 
of Nova Scotia. However, her patriotism was not focused on Canada. Her allegiance was 100% for Great 
Britain and the British Empire, who at that time could still proudly make the claim of being "Great." She 
considered Canada only as a part of that great empire, and so did most of the Canadians. I remember her telling 
us that we were not Canadian citizens but "British subjects," an important distinction. Victoria Day was 
celebrated on May 24, a big holiday, although Queen Victoria had never set foot on Canadian soil. May the 24th 
was a day of celebration, of great parades, of ringing speeches and rhetoric. I can still remember such speeches 
after more than sixty years about how great was the British Empire, which God had specially blest, it 
encompassed more than a quarter of the globe, and the sun never set on the British Empire, the speakers 
declared with fervor again and again. 

I also remember Mrs. Murphy teaching us a number of songs, one of which we sang with great gusto: 

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves. 
Britons never, never shall be slaves. 

Well, today, despite all the gusto, jingoism and flag waving, the sun has set on the British Empire. Thanks to the 

treachery and betrayal of such chabez-goy traitors as Winston Churchill (and Franklin Roosevelt on our side of 
the Atlantic) today Britons are very much the slaves they vowed they would never be. Today, Britain is a third 
rate power, stripped of her great Empire, and rapidly slipping into a 'Third World" country of mongrelized 
bastards. Not only do they have no control over their government, their finances, their education, or anything 
else, but they are rapidly becoming outcasts in their own country as the fiood of mud races keeps overwhelming 
their once pristine island. Whereas the native British pay the taxes, do the work and carry the mud races on their 
backs, they are shunned, exploited, discriminated against and abused by their "own" government. Not Britons, 
but Judah now rules once "Greaf Britain, and the native Britons are slaves to an alien parasite. The British 
Skinheads in one of their songs sum up the situation succinctly: 

Once we had an Empire, 
Now we 've got a slum. 

Although so far we have focused on Britain and her once glorious Empire, she is no exception from the rest of 
the world. Today the Tribe of Judah not only rules Britannia and the waves, but Judah rules the world, 
including, and especially, the United States of America. 

How do these slimy Jews do it? Well, its a long story starting back about four or five thousand years ago. But 
let us capsulize the important highlights: 

• First came Racial Loyalty, which, by the way, is the name of our flagship newspaper. 

• Secondly came their own Racial Religion, namely Judaism. 

• Thirdly, they formulated a conspiratorial Game Plan, namely to acquire for themselves all the gold, money 
and real estate of the world. 

• Fourthly, get control of all tiie nerve centers of power finances, government, newsmedia, education and 
other peoples ' religions. 

• Fifthly, destroy the best, namely the White Race, by shrinkage and mongrelization, and convert the leader less 
brown zombies into docile, servile slaves, willing to work for their Jewish slavemasters. 

This may sound like a tall order, an impossible accomplishment, but the stark brutal facts of life are these: the 
Jews are doing it, and the goal they have been striving for through millenniums is almost theirs, at least it is 
definitely In sight within a generation. 

Now, there are certain races that make docile slaves, and there are some who do not. Historically the niggers of 
Africa have made the most easily manageable slaves. The Arabs have not, the Indians of North America never 
did. Neither have the Japanese, nor the Chinese. The least conducive of all have been Nature's Finest -the 
White Race, who traditionally have been the world's greatest conquerors and warriors. 

Although the Jews are now on top of the world, the indomitable determination, resourcefulness and fighting 
qualities of the White Race pose a serious threat and roadblock to the Jews' fanatical drive to enslave and 
dominate all the goyim (read "cattle") of the world. True, the White Race suffers from a fatal Achilles heel. 
They want to be fair, they want to give the other fellow an even break, they even want to turn the other cheek 
and help their enemies. They seem to have no sense of racial cohesion, or racial loyalty. However, there is 
always a chance that they might wake up as they did in Germany sixty years ago, realize what is happening, 
organize and turn their wrath on their mortal enemies - the Jews. 

It is this nightmare that propels the Jews to work ever more feverishly to mongrelize the noble White Race out 
of existence. 

We, the White Race, are now at a critical point in the biological history of our species. The Jew is in a frenzy to 
mongrelize the White Race within this generation. It is now or never, and the Jews know it. The White Man is 
finally becoming acutely conscious of what the Jewish conspiracy is doing and that the Jew power is on a 
worldwide rampage against the White Race. We see stirrings of anti-Jewish resistance in Russia, where 
Pamyat is scaring the hell out of the Jews. We see it in Germany, we see it In France, we see it in South Africa, 
we see it in Sweden. Although we are not too well known yet. Creativity and its gospel of White Racial Loyalty 
is attracting more and more attention, because it has a comprehensive game plan for victory and the only true 
winning formula. 

We come back to square one. The White Race is not compatible with slavery, it cannot be permanently 
enslaved, but It can be permanently destroyed, which is what is now happening. 

Can we reverse the process and save the White Race? Yes, we cant The most direct step we can take is to 
repudiate the Federal debt and all otiier debts thathave been laid upon us through the chicanery of the 
Jewish bankers, then hang these criminals. If we can "forgive" Egypt a debt of seven billion and Israel an 
even bigger mountain of money, it makes more sense to "forgive" the American people's debt, a debt that was 
criminally imposed on them by a gang of Jewish financial manipulators. 

How can we do that? We must get back to basics and build the powerful massive steamroller of a White 
Racial movement through the same steps as did the Jews thousands of years earlier - through Racial Loyalty, 
through Racial Religion, through Creativity. Only through these logical steps can we regain control of our 
own destiny and make our supine congressmen nullify the Federal Reserve Act, cancel the ill-begotten 
mountains of debt and repudiate the Federal debt. Once we have done that, the Jewish game is over, once and 
for all. 

President Bush has been deliberating and having conferences at the White House with members of both Parties, 
trying to find a "solution" to the national deficit. For weeks, as they fiddled and fidgeted, this was the big news 
until the diversion of the "Gulf Crisis" took over the headlines. But they did not solve it and they never will, 
because it is these very same traitorous chabez-goys who have been (and are) collaborating with the Jews that 
brought about the financial mess we are in. We now need to adopt a more drastic approach. Like Alexander 
the Great, when presented with the Gordian knot which no one could untangle, he took his trusty sword and 
with one powerful blow cut through the whole tangled mess and the problem of the Gordian knot was solved. 
Let us do likewise. 

Only in Creativity do we have the winning formula to do the job. In order to win we need a complete 
revision of those values we hold dear. In Creativity we do just that. It is, in fact, a REVOLUTION OF 
VALUES, heaving overboard the insane and suicidal Jewish values, dumped on us by Christianity, and 
in their place establishing new RACIAL VALUES, based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic 
and Common Sense. 

Dear White Racial Comrades, join with us now and build the necessary powerhouse with which to destroy 
Judaism and its adjunct, Christianity. Let's kick the pernicious slimy Jew out of power and out of America. 
Let's do what Roman Senator Cato the Elder did when, at the end of every speech he made in the Roman 

Senate, he would shout "Delenda est Carthago! " (Carthage must be destroyed!) It became a battle cry of all 
Romans, and as a result, the threat of Carthage was totally destroyed, never to rise again. Let us likewise shout 
"Delenda est Judaica! " until we have destroyed these vicious parasites on the body of humanity, until they too 
have been expunged from the face of the world. 

Delenda estjudaical RAHOWAl 

Issue No. 65 - November 1990 


But, if the White Race is to survive, 

Germans and all other Whites must put Racial Loyalty above National Loyalty 

There is much rejoicing and great jubilation in Germany these days. In fact, there is an air of euphoria prevalent 
with all Germans all over the world. East and West Germany s are to be united! The Berlin Wall has been torn 
down! Communism Is collapsing! For the first time in 45 years eighty million Germans can pool their resources 
and face the world as one. It is indeed a great historical epoch for Germans. 

Looking further into the future, beyond the present day euphoria, let us try and visualize the course of future 
developments, not from the perspective of Germany and Germans, but from the viewpoint of the total 
White Race and its present domination and enslavement by the conspiratorial Jewish network of evil gangsters. 
Although I personally am proud of the German people, am proud of my German heritage, I basically 
consider myself a member of the White Race, and it is there that my first loyalty belongs. Racial Loyalty 
in our book by far overrides and supersedes National Loyalty. With this in mind let us see what we can expect 
to develop in both the short and the long term course of world affairs. 

Whereas the Germans are jubilant, their European neighbors are fearful and most apprehensive. Jew-loving 
stooge Margaret Thatcher is fearful that German, now with a population of 80 million energetic and industrious 
people, is going to dominate Europe and will out-produce and outtrade Britain and relegate Britain's already 
shabby economy into utter chaos. And, she has good grounds for those fears. The Poles, who have seemingly 
thrown off the communist yoke, and whose economy is in utter chaos, are fearful that the Germans, once they 
have again established themselves as a major world power, will want to reclaim vast areas of their former lands 
that were forcefully torn from the Germans after their defeat. They, too, have solid grounds for their fears. 
Weak and debilitated France, who has feared a resurgent and expanding Germany ever since the beating France 
took in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, is fearful of German revanche, that Germany will not only push 
France's tottering economy into further disintegration, but will eventually want to avenge herself for the 
atrocities heaped on Germany after both World Wars I and II, and might even want to reclaim Alsace-Lorraine. 
Russians, on the other hand, are now in such desperate straights, in such utter confusion and so preoccupied 
with their own mess, they have no particular fear of German as such, but only hope that a resurgent German 
economy will help bail out their hopeless predicament in Russia itself, a mess left them upon the collapse of 
their odious Jew-imposed communist legacy. 

Within Germany itself there is much optimism and a resurgent spirit of Nationalism. As multitudes of hundreds 
of thousands of Germans gather to jubilate at the Brandenburg Gate, we can hear them again singing 
"Deutschland! Deutschland, uberAlles! UberAlles in der Welti", their hallowed national anthem that 
preceded World War I It is their epitome of nationalism - Germany above everything in the world! 

However, they are far from being home safe, and their problems are prodigious. Seventeen million Germans in 
formerly East Germany are almost as destitute as their Soviet oppressors. Their housing, their factories, their 
roads and bridges, their whole city infra-structures (sewers, water systems, etc.,) are in a state of decay and 
neglect and that whole section of the country has to be rebuilt from the ground up. 

Even more of a problem is the whole mental disorientation of the 17 million East Germans, who have been 
subjected to 45 years, two generations, of Jewish communist propaganda and ideology. The result, not 

surprisingly, is that most East Germans have been inculcated with the slave mentality of having their lives 
planned and directed by the state. This, of course, has destroyed much of the natural initiative inherent in most 
Germans, and also the opportunity to develop the ability to spawn private enterprise, a deficiency that cannot be 
restored overnight. 

However, despite all these handicaps, I am confident that the Germans, being an intelligent, industrious 
and resourceful people, will not only overcome the 45 years of repression, but will in a few years rebound 
and become the most prosperous and economically powerful nation in the world, surpassing even the 
United States. Despite their new burdens, the Gross National Product of West Germany for this year is 
projected to Increase by 4.0%, ten times that of the United States, whose projected increase is only 0.4%. One 
big advantage the Germans have over the United States is that they will not only be a united people, but they 
will be a homogeneous people, the vast majority of which are industrious and competent, whereas no matter 
what the United States tries to undertake, it is saddled with vast hordes of niggers and other incompetent mud 
races, which threaten soon to become the majority in what was once a White Man's domain of enterprise and 
opportunity. As they say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. 

We now come to Germany's political situation, which is not nearly as bright, and in fact, contains a multitude of 
sour notes. For one thing, the Jews still run Germany, as they do the rest of the world. Also, there are still 
250,000 U.S. soldiers in West Germany. Since the Soviet Union is a bankrupt and broken down collection of 
polyglot factions and no longer a military threat (if it ever was), what are those 250,000 U.S. troops, on more 
than 100 military bases, doing in Germany? I'll tell you what they are there for. They are in Germany to protect 
the parasitic Jews from the Germans and to make sure that the Germans will never be able to install a 
government of their own kind and of their own choosing. Then there are still 350,000 Soviet troops in East 
Germany. That is a pretty heavy army of occupation for a small geographic area containing only 17 million 
people. What are they there for? They were originally there to impose Jewish communism on the Germans and 
hold them in the communist tyranny's slavery and bondage. Now that communism is crumbling in Russia itself, 
as well as most other Eastern European countries, they will probably move out at the insistence of a revitalized 
Germany, but I am sure not without extracting a heavy price, a heavy handed piece of blackmail, to make the 
Germans pay to help bail out the rotten Soviet economy. 

However, whether the 250,000 U.S. troops and/or the 350,000 Soviet troops will pull out at all. Is, in my 
opinion, still very questionable. It will depend very much on events in Russia, in Europe, in the Middle East, 
and, above all, in the home power base of the Jews, the United States itself We can be fairly certain the Jews 
are not going to release their stranglehold on the Germans, whom they fear more than any other people on the 
face of the earth. And for good reason. The atrocities the Jews have heaped on the Germans in the last one 
hundred years are so horrible that if the Germans ever get into a position to do so, and are inclined to 
wreak vengeance, the total price would be to wipe out the Jewish population in toto. (Read again "Avenge 
Dresden!" mR.L. 51 and 52.) 

However, even if Germany again should get its house in order and control of its own destiny, which is not 
likely, the problems of the present mess in Europe under existing ideology and accepted values, are Impossible 
of solution. The Jews have seen to that. 

Here is an excerpt from the newsletter of July /August, 1990, called Teutonic Unity, which is published by 
Manfred Roeder, a long-time German patriot who has spent several years in prison for his Germanic views. I 

"Yes, the Poles should live in secure borders, just like any other nation. I sincerely hope so. But this is just the 
reason why I can never accept the Oder-Neisse-Line as Germany 's border. Only a just border can be secure. 

Injustice can never guarantee security but rather the contrary: unrest for generations to come. And the Oder- 
Neisse is blatant injustice, it is a crime, dictated by StaUn and meant to perpetuate the hatred between Germans 
and Poles. 

I cannot accept the Oder-Neisse-Line because I do not want a new conflict or war about it. And no German 
Parliament or government can foresee how coming generations will think about this robbery of territory, and 
therefore nobody can guarantee anything for the future. Beyond the Oder-Neisse lies one fourth of undisputed 
German land that has been German for 750 years, as long as Berlin. 

Accepting this annexation means that Germany will be entitled In the future to retaliate likewise and if 
circumstances change (and they change all the time) - take not only all her lost territories back but in addition 
one fourth of original Polish land up to the gates of Warsaw. And we would have the 'right' to expel all the 
inhabitants of this territory and connive the death of a few million in the process. And we could do it with no 
bad conscience at all, for up till now no Pole has ever regretted this crime against the German people or 
apologized for it. On the contrary, inflamed and sanctioned by the Catholic Church, one propagates in the most 
shameless manner historic lies of the 'homecoming of ancient Polish lands '. And on top they demand 
reparations for damage during the war. Can we build a new Europe on such a foundation of lies and 
effrontery? Never! " 

Now Manfred Roeder is not a man of any great influence in Germany or anywhere else. But the bottom line is 
that what he is saying represents the gut feeling of the vast majority of Germans, and once they have the power, 
they will demand a return of their stolen territories, that I can guarantee. 

The present reality of the European situation is such that, communism or no communism, its nationalistic 
hatreds, grievances, boundary disputes, religious feuds and a hundred other problems are insoluble, if Germany 
again becomes the world power of which it is capable, promises or no promises, it will on nationalistic grounds 
demand a return of its lost territories. So will a number of other polyglot political divisions whose ethnic groups 
and convoluted boundaries are an insoluble nightmare. Europe will then be back to Square One, where it 
was in the 1930's and war will again ensue. I repeat, the linguistic, political, religious and ethnic mess in 
Europe under the present state of values and ideology is insoluble. Two of the most implacable villains in 
the piece are Nationalism and Christianity. 

Is there a solution? Yes, there is, and Creativity and only Creativity has the solution. The answer is a complete 
Revolution of Values through Religion. Unless we can persuade the White Race to think in terms of their most 
important value of all, their biological bond, instead of their national and linguistic differences, we will never 
solve any of the world's problems, and the Jew with his diabolical technique of "Divide and Conquer" will 
again set the world on fire and destroy us all. 

Think about it. White Man: Survival of the White Race, or going through the same old suicidal rat race of 
Whites killing Whites? 

Remember, Whites now constitute less than 10% of the total world population, and, if present demographic 
trends continue, in 80 years Whites will be less than 1% (one percent!) of the total world population. It is high 
time for all Whites to unite as a racial entity and fight for its own survival. United under the banner of 
Racial Loyalty we can build a Whiter and Brighter World, but divided under banners of National Loyalty we 
are doomed to extinction. 

White People Awakel 
Sa\e the White Race! 

Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize! 

Remember the Alamo, 
but Avenge Dresden! 

Israeli arrogance and American stupidity 

"Desert Shield" and the brutal Israeli massacre of Arabs on Islam's Holy Grounds 

We are all familiar with the expression of a case where the tail is wagging the dog, although we have never 
seen it happen to a dog. 

However, it would be difficult to find a more exemplary situation to which this epigram can be applied than 
were we to take a good look at the now impending war that is about to explode on the hot sands of the Arabian 
desert. If there was e\er a case of a tail-like appendage wagging tfic much larger body/ of the dog, a prime 
example is being demonstrated by what is happening in the Middle East, where the louse-infested Israeli tail 
is wagging the larger American dog. 

Never in the history of the world has such a miserably small parasitic state as Israel manipulated, exploited and 
controlled so completely the world's most powerful economic and military nation, namely the United States of 
America. The situation is so stupid and so bizarre the average hoodwinked and gullible American doesn 't seem 
to be able to believe and comprehend the obvious facts unraveling before his or her very eyes. They seem to 
remain blindfolded even after the facts are clearly and meticulously laid out to them. 

In this article it is our objective to review recent events, to review the facts and lay them out in logical order 
with the hope that we can educate the best elements of the White Race, bring them to their senses and arouse 
them to lead the entire White Race to active struggle against the Jewish Conspiracy. 

Jewish Massacre of Arabs 

George Bush, our chabez-goy president, had been, oh, so careful In putting together what would seem like an 
international coalition against that bogeyman of the hour, Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Much treachery, deceit and 
bribery had gone into this operation. Egypt and her Jewish lackey, Hosni Mubarak, had been bribed with a 
seven billion dollar "Forgiveness' of her debts to the United States, at the expense of the White American 
taxpayers, of course. Syrian President Hafez al -Assad had been bribed with a monumental sum of eight hundred 
million dollars, to go to him personally. For this huge amount Assad could pretend to love a lot of Jews and 
betray the masses of his own people. Half of this amount would come from the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, and the 
other half from, guess who?, that perpetual patsy - the White American taxpayer. The way this last 400 million 
is to be paid is in itself a masterpiece in camouflage. Half of it will be funneled through the CIA and the other 
half through Israel, and the American taxpayer will never know the difference. The other non-Arab 
collaborators, such as France, Britain and others, have their own chabez-goy traitors, such as Margaret 
Thatcher, and the Jews can turn them on and off at will. 

There is one other little dirty trick Shabby George had up his sleeve. Just before the Iraqi invasion on August 2, 
1990, he had our state department and their mouthpieces make it clear to Saddam Hussein that the United States 
would look the other way and not interfere, should he decide to take over Kuwait. In fact, only two days before 
the August 2 invasion White House spokeswoman Margaret Tutwiler openly declared at a news conference that 
the U.S. had no commitment to defend Kuwait from invasion. 

Shabby George had put together a real slick deal (such a deal!) and had good reason to gloat in his craftiness. 
Why, he had Bush-whacked Saddam into invading Kuwait, giving the U.S. JOG a pretext to move a massive 
aggregation of American troops into the Middle East to defend Israel. In addition, now the whole world was 
against Saddam, even the Arabs, he crowed. 

Through coercion, through bribery, by means of dirty tricks and treachery George Bush-whacker had put 
together an extremely precarious coalition, which perhaps could stay together for a short time, provided no one 
rocked the boat, and provided the attack against Iraq is launched before the shaky allies might take a second 
look at what they had gotten into. Also, providing Israel stood aside and was not implicated in the phoney war 
that Bush was conniving at the instigation of Israel. 

But on Monday, October 8, 1990, Israel pulled a major snafu that put her right In the middle of this carefully 
staged but precarious exercise in hypocrisy and deceit. On that day, while some 3,000 Jews pretended to be 
"wailing" at the Wailing Wall, all hell broke loose. This Wailing Wall is actually the wall of a Moslem shrine 
that encloses some 35 acres of Holy ground which the Arabs call Haram al-Sharif, their term for Noble 
Enclosure. In it is the gold topped Dome of the Rock Mosque, and also the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third most 
holy shrine, after Mecca and Medina. The Arabs have owned this ground for more than a thousand years. The 
Jews in the last two decades have tried to steal this "holy ground" from the Arabs, and claim this is the site of 
their biblical Second Temple. They vow to pull down and demolish the Moslem Temples and rebuild their 
Jewish Temple on this same ground, which they call The Temple Mount. 

In fact, on this same Jewish Holy Day, a rabbi-led Jewish mob tried to sneak the first cornerstone of their to be 
rebuilt temple on to the site. This set off a riot, with the Arabs throwing rocks at the Jewish mob, the only 
weapons the Arabs had. The Jewish police, heavily armed with American-financed Uzi automatic machine guns 
responded with premeditated brutality firing live ammunition at the unarmed Arabs, on the holy ground 
legitimately belonging to the Arabs. In a matter of minutes 21 Arabs lay dead, and more than 150 wounded, a 
massacre of major proportions by any standards. 

Now Shabby George's precarious and artificial coalition against Iraq is rapidly unraveling due to Israel's 
"indiscretions," but George the Jew-lover Bush is reluctant to criticize Israel and her hot-head Prime Minister 
Shitsack Shamir. After all, the only true purpose of that "coalition and the entire "Desert Shield" operation is to 
protect Israel against Arabs in general, and Iraq in particular. 

"Desert Shield" for Israel 

As a Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) in most deceptive Jewish campaigns (and all Jewish campaigns are 
deceptive) the focus or target of their campaign is usually ad hominem, that is, concentrated on a person. Select 
a given person as the target and then go all out to vilify, denounce, slander, lie, attack and finally destroy that 
person. In World War I, it was the Kaiser, in World War II, it was Adolf Hitler. Since that tragic Jewish 
debacle, we have had any number of lesser targets of Jewish hate. At one time it was Ayatolla Khomeini, 
another time it was Muamar Khaddafi, at another time it was Daniel Ortega, and at another - Manuel Noriega. 
Today all guns of Jewish propaganda are firing at Saddam Hussein, although only two years ago he was the 
American buddy and we were supporting him in the cruel and destructive war against our then enemy Iran. 

Let us again review the meaningless twaddle and idiotic charges that the Jew-manipulated George Bush is 
hurling at Saddam Hussein as pretexts to drag our young manhood halfway around the world to suffer, sweat 
and die on the hot 120 degree sands of Saudi Arabia. All this at tremendous expense to our chaotic and 
floundering economy. All this to fight a war that Israel wants and manipulates, but is completely useless and 
meaningless to the White American taxpayers and our boys sent to Saudi Arabian deserts to die for Israel. 

CHARGE NO. 1: Saddam Hussein is a big bully, an aggressor pouncing on a weaker neighbor. Well, George, 
old boy, this is the pot calling the kettle black. If you will jog your memory a bit and recall as recently as last 
December, you, the biggest bully in the world, pounced on your once partner in drugs, and beat the hell out of 

Panama. The inequality of the big bully and the little victim was much greater than between Iraq and Kuwait. 
What sayest thou about that? And then, George, if you will recall, in the not too distant past there was Grenada. 

CHARGE NO. 2: We, the U.S., cannot tolerate aggression anywhere in the world. What a goddamn laugh! The 
United States of America has hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in dozens of foreign countries where 
they are hated and unwanted, especially the nigger troops. The largest number of bases and contingents of 
troops are in Germany supposedly to defend the German people, another big belly laugh. 

So, we will not tolerate aggression anywhere in the world? Well, how come we tolerated the Soviet aggression 
against the Baltic States and other Eastern European countries? How come we not only tolerate but actively 
support and bankroll the continued Israeli aggression against the Arabs? 

CHARGE NO. 3: We, the U.S., are determined to restore the legitimate government of Kuwait. Having deposed 
and imposed any number of legitimate and illegitimate governments all over the world (e.g., Vietnam, 
Nicaragua, Palestine, Panama, Philippines, Germany, etc.,) who in the hell are we to say whose governments 
are legal or illegal? The American people couldn't care less whether some pompous fat billionaire "emir" 
governs Kuwait, or whether it becomes a province of Iraq. Certainly they are not willing to spend 20 billion a 
year and have their sons sweat, suffer and be killed on the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia just to put some 
greasy "emir" and his coterie back on the throne. 

CHARGE NO. 4: We must protect our vital interests in this oil rich territory. What vital interests? What 
possible "vital" difference does it make to us whether one Arab or another sells us the oil from Kuwait? If we 
had not dragged our vast military forces halfway around the world into the land of the Arabs, Saddam Hussein 
would still be selling us and other countries oil as usual, and it would still be around $20 a barrel, instead of 
$40. There never was any threat that Kuwait oil would cease flowing, and furthermore, only a minor 1.5% of 
our oil supply formerly came from Kuwait. Why does George Bush keep lying to us? Now that we have thrown 
a blockade around both Iraq and Kuwait, we have cut off our nose to spite our face, and cut off the oil supply to 
the world of not only one country but two. 

CHARGE NO. 5: Saddam Hussein was surely going to invade Saudi Arabia next. The fact is we have no 
evidence of what Saddam Hussein's intentions were or are at present, unless we claim to be mind readers, 
which we are not. His statements and actions after the occupation of Kuwait Indicate that he had no aggressive 
plans against Saudi Arabia. 

Our Jewish propaganda machinery, otherwise known as "mass communication media," is just plain lying to us 
as it did 25 years earlier about Vietnam and the domino effect and all that nonsense for which 57,000 young 
American lives were sacrificed in the jungles of Vietnam. 

And even if Iraq were to invade Saudi Arabia, we again come to the basic question, what damn difference does 
it make to the average American whether we buy our oil from one Arab or another? 

In studying all the above highly touted charges against Iraq, we can come to only one conclusion: they are all a 
passel of lies and phoney as hell. There is only one basic and meaningful reason why the Bush administration 
has dragged hundreds of thousands of our boys halfway around the world to suffer and sweat and die on the hot 
sands of Arabia, and that is - Israel. It Is Israel and the domestic Jewish network in America that has given the 
orders and is calling the shots. They want us to go to war to smash the military potential of Iraq and other 
Arab countries which might pose a threat to Israel. 

All Arab countries are Intently hostile towards Israel and for good reason. The Jewish intrusion into Palestine 
and what it has done to the native Arab population was a brutal act of aggression that raised havoc not only with 
the Palestinians, but because of the mighty backing of the world's foremost power, the United States, has 
created chaos and hostility in all of the Middle East. It has wrecked once prosperous Lebanon, it has set the 
United States against Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and many other countries. Since the Jews control world 
affairs and especially the United States, they have managed to either bribe these countries, such as Egypt, or 
destroy them by military force, such as Lebanon, all at the expense of the White American taxpayers. Evidently 
today Israel considers Iraq as its most serious threat and has managed to manipulate the stooges that head the 
American government to use our vast military resources to smash Iraq. 

But evidently the Jewish Kehilla is thinking beyond Iraq. George "Read-My-Lips" Bush keeps talking about 
THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and about the LONG-TERM commitment of the U.S. forces to the Desert Shield 
Operation. It seems to me I have read about the New Order somewhere in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 
how the word will go out from Jerusalem and from Zion, and how the Jews will rule the world. 

Evidently the U.S. military forces are to remain In the Arabian desert permanently In order to protect Israel not 
only from Iraq, but also from all other Arab countries. Just as we have had anywhere from 250,000 to 350,000 
American troops in Germany for the last 45 years to protect the Jews from the Germans, so now we are 
evidently settling in permanently in the Middle East to protect the Jews in Israel from the Arabs. 

Holy War against Jewish Tyranny 

However, I am confident that the Jewish tyranny throughout the world might soon be coming to an end. What 
the U.S. JOG is doing in Saudi Arabia today is the beginning of the end. The American presence in the Arab 
Holy Land, home of Mecca and Medina, is stirring up a hornet's nest that cannot and will not be contained. 

The so-called "alliances" Bush is trying to put together are extremely precarious and none of them, including 
the non-Arab allies, have any stomach to do the dirty work for the Jews. They all hate Israel with a passion, and 
America, the chief bankroller of Israel, is included as the principal accomplice in Israel's crimes. It is only 
through vast amounts of bribery and/or threats that we have these so-called "allies" consenting to rendering 
token aid. The fact is our blatant, biased and slavish defense of Israel is stirring up a Jihad, an Islamic Holy War 
that is uniting 150 million Arabs in the area to vent their wrath against both Israel and the United States. 

At the same time, this transparent pro- Jewish treachery, deceit and hypocrisy of the U.S. JOG is stirring the 
White people in America and the world to join us in the RAcial HOly WAr (RAHOWA) against the Jewish 

Israel and the Jews have over-reached themselves and they will soon find themselves between a rock and a hard 
place, between the wrath of a holy war waged by the Islamic forces and a Racial Holy War waged by the most 
powerful force on the face of the earth - a united White Race. It is our sacred duty to see to it that this comes 
about, and soon. 

Already the fires of rebellion and opposition against this stupid war are springing up in the streets in many parts 
of the United States, and in foreign countries as well. The familiar Vietnam slogans of yesterday are now being 
revised to read: 

Hell no, we won 't go! 

We won 't fight for Texaco! 

Perhaps it doesn't rhyme, but it would be more on the mark to proclaim: 

Hell no, we won 't go! 
We won 't fight for Israel! 

All of the known White Racialist publications have strongly condemned the Jew-orchestrated U.S. military 
moves in the Middle East. Some of the pro-White activists, such as Matt Hale in Chicago, have publicly burned 
the Israeli flag and organized demonstrations against the Jewish conspiracy to fight Israeli wars with American 
soldiers. It seems that the anti-Israeli protest is not limited only to the White Racialists. According to the 
October 21st Sunday edition of The Atlanta Journal, thousands of protesters against "the pro-war hysteria" took 
to the streets in various U.S. cities, as well as a number of foreign countries, including Australia, England, 
France, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Spain and even Panama. Let us hope this is the beginning of a broad rebellion to 
break the tyrannical stranglehold of the Jewish serpent. 

The duty to rebel against tyrants and traitors 

That greatest of all leaders, Adolf Hitler, admonished us with these words of wisdom in Mein Kampf 

"If, by the instrument of governmental authority, a people Is being driven to its destruction, then rebellion is not 
only the right but the duty of every member of that people. " 

The government of the United States, led by such racial traitors as President Bush, flanked by mulatto nigger 
Chief of Staff Powell, and Jewish Secretary of Defense Cheney, is indeed leading the White people of the 
United States and the world to disaster and destruction. 

The traitors and tyrants have the (Jewish) law, but we have the right! It is our right and duty to mobilize 
Nature's Finest, the White Race, the most powerful force on the face of the earth, and wage a White Racial 
Holy War, and do it now. 

Only Creativity has the religious zeal, the creed and program to do a complete and final job. In 
Creativity we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION and the ULTIMATE CREED for 
White racial survival, expansion and advancement. Join with us in our sacred cause and do your part in 
building a powerful steamroller to smash the Jewish tyranny and get the Jewish parasites off our back, once and 
for all. 

Delenda est Judaica! RAHOWA! 

Issue No. 66 - December 1990 

JOG Treachery: There 's more than meets the eye 

The Impending Pro-Jewish War in the Middle East 

Iraq, Bush-whacked and Boohy-trapped, is only a pretext for the treacherous JOG to move U.S. armed forces 
into the Middle East for protection of Israel 

The overwhelming majority of Americans have been grossly misled and misinformed about the war that Is now 
Impending in the Middle East. The Jew-dominated media has seen to that, along with some massive help from 
our Bush-whacker president. To hear the Jewsmedia tell it, everything was going just fine out there in the 
Arabian desert, Iraq and Saddam Hussein were the best of our buddies, until suddenly Saddam had this strange 
Impulse to invade Kuwait. Then in a matter of minutes the whole situation turned topsy-turvy and the dictator 
of Iraq Instantly became the world's most sinister and dangerous villain. Suddenly our "vital Interests" were at 
stake, our way of life was threatened, Saddam was a dangerous threat to all of mankind, and not only must he be 
destroyed but also the total Iraqi military machine along with him. Surprise! Surprise! 

There is much deception in this posture, as we shall see, and it is the American public who is most deceived, 
snookered and bamboozled, of all the parties involved. Like in a Hollywood movie script, through conspiracy, 
deceit and deliberately planned machinations, our JOG, in collaboration with the Jews in Israel, has set in 
motion a military operation to fight Israel's wars with American soldiers. Let us try to put the Individual pieces 

Piece No. 1 

Planning the Destruction of Iraq 

In the first place. Bush-whacker George, manipulated by his Jewish mentors, was not surprised at all, but was 
treacherously laying plans for the event to happen at least 18 months before the August 2, 1990, invasion of 
Kuwait. In an article dated October 25, 1990, in The Atlanta Constitution, there is a detailed story about how the 
strategy was hatched with the objective of destroying Iraq. I quote: "Starting in March 1989, Army Lt. General 
John Yeosock and his 500 war-garners, fuel-estimators and other planners sat at a Georgia military base and 
thought about how they could move 200, 000 troops to Saudi Arabia. " 

The story goes on. "The top-secret work in Building 363 of Atlanta 's Fort McPherson spelled out the Army 's 
part of the enterprise. By July 1990, the cigar smoking General Yeosock and his three-star and four-star 
counterparts in the Navy, Marines and Air Force were ready for the test run. " 

Test run indeed. It is more than a coincidence that by July the military was ready to roll, and by August they did 

Piece No. 2 

Enter Dr. Gerald V. Bull 

For some 25 years Dr. Bull, a Canadian bom space and ballistics genius who has been compared to Dr. Werner 
von Braun, has been designing super artillery, cannons/rockets. His Canadian-American High Altitude Research 
Program (HARP) has broken all records for long-range artillery. For 15 years the Pentagon has turned down Dr. 
Bull's offers and strenuous efforts to equip U.S. armed forces with the advanced 155 mm and other long ranged 

projectiles. That was ten years ago. In the meantime, Dr. Bull's Space Research Corp., rebuffed by the United 
States, turned its attention and its production of long range artillery to Iraq, who snapped up the opportunity 
with gusto. Iraq now has the capability of delivering poison gas and biological warfare missiles into the camps 
of our boys, who are set up like sitting ducks in the Arabian desert. What with using rocket boosters equipped 
with homing devices, Saddam Hussein can also deliver such projectiles directly into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 
hence the extensive distribution of gas masks in Israel. 

Why did the United States turn down Dr. Bull and allow him to turn his efforts and genius to the benefit of Iraq 
instead? Since this didn't happen overnight but over a period of decades, it must have been a planned and 
deliberate action on the part of our military establishment. It is a strange puzzle, but this piece, too, fits into the 
overall picture. Evidently JOG wanted Iraq and Saddam Hussein to have enough destructive military power to 
make him seem a credible threat to world peace, and also probably to be able to kill a significant number of 
American boys. The situation is not unlike Pearl Harbor in 1941 when Roosevelt and the Jews acted dumb and 
silent and allowed the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor, destroy our Pacific fleet, kill more than 3,000 of our men in 
one day. All the while the traitors in the White House and the Pentagon knew months in advance that the attack 
was coming. In fact, they were shadowing the Japanese fleet and knew the day and the hour when the Japs 
would strike. The Dr. Bull episode suspiciously appears to be a similar case. 

There is one difference. When the imminent danger to Israel became all too real, on March 22 of this year. Dr. 
Gerald V. Bull was assassinated by the Mossad at his Space Research Center in Brussels, Belgium. 

Piece No. 3 

Creating a Pretext 

We now come to the recent train of events, July, 1990. By this time the planners in Atlanta were ready and now 
needed a dramatic pretext to send all those troops and heavy machinery over there into that hot, godforsaken 
Arabian desert. How convenient then that on August 2, 1990, Saddam invaded postage-stamp sized Kuwait. 
Was this most propitious timing accidental? Did it just happen? Hardly. 

Just days before the Invasion, Jewish stooge Bushwhacker George took Saddam by the hand, led him by the 
nose and told him to go ahead and realize his long-standing ambition of grabbing that most cherished prize - oil 
rich Kuwait. The American spoon-fed encouragement could hardly have been more explicit, as shown by the 
train of events that immediately preceded the August 2 invasion. On July 25, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April 
Glaspie, met with Saddam. A transcript of that meeting shows that ambassador Gillespie told Saddam that "We 
have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts like your border dispute with Kuwait. " This, obviously, with the 
blessing of President Bush and Secretary of State James Baker. In fact. Bush followed this up further with a 
personal message underlining ambassador Gillespie's message, with only a gentle hint that it was not 'nice" to 
use force against a neighbor. This position was further waffled by the White House spokeswoman Margaret 
Tutwiler, a few days later, stating during a press conference that the U.S. had no commitment to defend Kuwait 
from invasion. 

Piece No. 4 
Premeditated Reaction 

No sooner had Saddam taken the bait when all hell broke loose. "Kinder, gentler" chabez-goy George Bush 
now Immediately became a roaring lion, and he immediately began screaming war and moving troops. Now 
there was no waffling. The Jews had written the script for his speeches a long time ago, and the movement of 
the troops had been meticulously planned for the last 18 months, as previously described. It all went according 
to the script. 

It was a monumental decision to launch a major war in the midst of the Arab nations, the consequences and 
ramifications of which were far-reaching and unpredictable. The American economy was already tottering and 
on the brink of disaster, but Bush-whacker George seemed completely indifferent about the tremendous cost 
such a war would inflict upon the American people in terms of money and American lives. And where was 
Congress all this time? Quiet as a mouse. That, too, was all in the prearranged script. It seemed that Jewish 
stooge Bush alone was now the grand commander-in-chief, making the decisions and calling all the shots, while 
Congress, which alone by the Constitution is empowered to declare war, stood supinely by, presumably 
supporting a bellicose president whose rhetoric was now screaming for an all out war. 

Piece No. 5 

Huge New Oil Reserves Discovered in Saudi Arabia 

There is one more element that has been tacitly ignored by the Jewsmedia. According to the October 29 Issue of 
Spotlight, a gigantic new and untapped oil field has recently been discovered in a remote area of the Saudi 
desert. It is claimed to be the largest accumulation of oil anywhere on the face of the earth discovered in the last 
20 years, and enough to keep the Saudis pumping oil well into the 22nd century. Although its discovery has 
been known for some time, its existence has been discreetly kept quiet so as not to raise undue suspicions about 
the coming war in the Middle East. 

The question is: who will control the future of this huge, strategic asset - the Jews or the Arabs? With the 
massive military might of the United States firmly in the hands of the Jews, only the unraveling of history will 
tell the tale. 

Piece No. 6 

The Winners and the Losers 

Despite the tremendous stakes of who will control the oil of the Middle East, the real and paramount issue of 
the impending war in the Arabian desert is the protection of Israel and maintaining the Jewish control of the 
world. If this now becomes a shooting war, the destruction on both sides will be catastrophic. As in the 
American Civil War, as In Worlds I and II, and most other wars, the numbers of people killed, wounded and 
maimed are always much larger and the wars last much longer than the trigger happy instigators initially led us 
to believe. Tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of American boys will be killed. But the Jews 
couldn't care less. 

The Jews would like to see the neighboring Arab countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and even Egypt 
destroyed, pulverized and pounded to a pulp, as has already happened to neighboring Lebanon, once a 
prosperous and peaceful Christian country. 

The Jews plan to have American forces in the Middle East and on Arab soil permanently to protect them from 
150 million hostile Arabs. The cost to the White Americans will be crushing and overwhelming, it will further 
escalate the ruination of a rapidly disintegrating America, but it will tighten the Jewish grip on America and the 
rest of the world. 

Saudi Arabia will lose control of its oil and its sovereignty as well, as will Kuwait, Iraq, the Emirates and the 
rest of the Arabs. It will all fall into Jewish hands, at least that is the aim of the Jewish vampire. 


There is only one way out of this bloody mess and only the White Race can mobilize the powerhouse to 
expunge and destroy the Jewish plague. We must take the bull by the horns and confront the goddamned Jewish 
menace head-on. In order to do so, we must organize and mobilize the total resources of the 500 million White 
Minority that still remains on this planet. We must polarize into one mighty movement, one battering ram. We 
must smash Judaism and its auxiliary tentacle, Christianity, and replace it with a vital, meaningful, no holds 
barred White Racial Religion - Creativity. Only Creativity has the answer, the creed and program to do that job. 
Join with us. White Racial Comrades, and help build a Whiter and Brighter World for yourself, your family and 
your future progeny. Delenda Est Judaica! RAHOWA! 

The introduction to a new (soon to be published) book by Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen - 

A Revolution of Values Through Religion 

What the Creativity Revolution is All About 

Throughout history different civilizations and cultures have established for themselves a set of values that they 
hold in high esteem. Although some of these may seem frivolous, even stupid, to other rival cultures, 
nevertheless they were and are the fundamental yardsticks of each of those particular cultures, nations 
and/or civilizations - values they hold dear. 

How were these primary values established? Again, going back into history we find such values were derived 
and molded through their particular religious beliefs. Whereas to White Europeans a cow is just a cow, a 
useful animal that is not too bright, yet to Hindus a cow is a sacred object, a holy animal, due untold respect and 
veneration. Why is a cow holy to Hindus? Because their religion tells them so, and theirs is not to question why. 
To Moslems, Mecca and Medina are holy shrines because their religion tells them that's the way it is. To Jews, 
Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and a whole passel of other Jewish scoundrels are their national and religious 
heroes. The Christians have their Jesus Christ, a mythical Jewish figure at best, with no meaningful historical 
evidence that such a figure ever even existed. 

I have listed a few focal highlights that are venerated as fundamental values of high esteem in a selective few 
of many scattered religions. But with each of these goes a whole plethora of subsidiary values and beliefs that 
are tied In with their central core, and whereas such a resume or listing would be endless, we are here primarily 
concerned with those fundamental values that are held sacred by our own race, the White Race. It is these 
values we want to examine, to analyze, and to keep and treasure, or, if found wanting, to discard on the scrap 
heap of history and replace with a more deserving set of values. 

In the chapters following we first of all carefully examine twelve major religions, what they stand for, along 
with a short resume of their origins and their history. We also want to know how they relate to the White Race, 
and in particular how they compare to our own religion. Creativity, when we put their various concepts to the 
acid test as to whether they are either beneficial or detrimental to the White Race. 

Having laid the broad groundwork of the characteristics for some twelve major religions and their influence 
throughout the ages, we now focus our attention on that particular religion which inadvertently concerns us 
most, namely Christianity. We do this for the overwhelming reason that over the last nineteen centuries 
Christianity has subversively encroached on the minds of the White Race and managed to become its 
predominant religion. Originating from a passel of Jewish writers, "prophets" and murderous criminals, 
it has, as Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jew, arrogantly boasts, conquered us Gentiles more thoroughly than any 
conquering army in history has ever conquered its miserable victims. 

We now ask the simple, basic question: Has Christianity been beneficial to the White Race or has it been 
injurious to our survival and welfare? In order that we may answer this question logically and persuasively, let 
us first examine some of the fundamental values Christianity espouses. 

These values are mostly scattered about in an obscure and confused manner in the New Testament, although the 
Old Testament, which is all about the Jews, takes up more than two-thirds of the Christian bible, a strange piece 
of chicanery in Itself However, without scanning the entire New Testament we can focus on those values that 
Christ himself (supposedly) spelled out in the Sermon on the Mount. He says: 

1. Love your enemies. 

2. Turn the other cheek. 

3 . Judge not. 

4. Sell all thou hast, give it to the niggers, and become a bum. 

5. Resist not evil. 

6. Don't plan for the future. 

7. Don't store up treasures on earth, store up treasures in heaven, wherever that is. 

8. The Jews are God's chosen people, the Old Testament tells us over and over, a thousand times. 

There is more in the same vein, but I believe we have succinctly set out the inherent tenets of Christianity. In 
essence, the whole creed and program is based on some dubious other world, a nebulous supernatural world, 
one that is undefined, having no known location and no known verification as to its existence. In short, it is all 
based on wild claims, on speculation, and hopefully, on the gullibility of its intended victims. It is entirely based 
on a wild "spooks in the sky" theory, spooks no one in their sane state of mind has ever seen, heard, felt or 

We Creators reject these nonsensical, nebulous out-of-this-world claims in their entirety and get down to reality. 
The real world, not some hypothetical spook world, has enough unsolved problems to contend with, and these 
are our main concern. Of these mountains of problems facing the real world today, not the least of our concerns 
is the survival, expansion and advancement of our own precious race, the White Race. To us Creators our 
White gene pool is our most precious treasure of all, a treasure that is irreplaceable, and must be guarded 
from depletion and contamination at all costs. And herein lies the fundamental departure of our values from 
those artificial and hypothetical values espoused by Christianity. Whereas Christianity worships some mythical 
Jewish bastard whom they have dubbed Jesus Christ and who supposedly teaches them to love their enemies 
and hate and destroy their own kind, we Creators say just the opposite. We Sflj/ to hell witfi our enemies, to hell 
with the Jews and the niggers. Instead let us revere, respect and defend our own kind - Nature's Finest, 
and base our beliefs and knowledge on the Eternal Laws of Nature, the source and bedrock of all 
knowledge and wisdom. In our book, a race traitor is the most despicable and repugnant of all vermin, a 
mutant cretin in Nature's realm, to be despised and expunged from our society. 

As can be clearly seen, the gulf between our values and those traditionally held by Christians is as wide as the 
Grand Canyon, and these differences remain forever irreconcilable. 

The racial confiagration is heating up daily all over the world, and nowhere more rapidly than right here in the 
United States Either the White Race will shortly mobilize and rally its immense, but dwindling resources for 
its own best interests, or it will suffer the dismal fate as did the White colonizers of San Domingo some 200 
years earlier. Mayhem, mass murder, and finally, total extinction will be the price paid for not guarding our 
precious gene pool. 

In answer to the question asked earlier, has Christianity been beneficial or detrimental to the White Race, we 
furthermore come to the studied and unequivocal conclusion that Christianity has been, and still Is, an 
unmitigated disaster of unparalleled magnitude. 

Therein lies our true REVOLUTION OF VALUES. Our race is our religion and we look to the Eternal 
Laws of Nature, not some mythical spooks, for our guidance. We furthermore state that unless we destroy 
and replace Jewish Christianity with a sane, realistic set of values, such as we espouse in Creativity, the White 
Race is doomed to extinction and mankind as such will revert and sink back to its lowest levels of savagery 
such as can be viewed in the untamed jungles of Africa and New Guinea. We Creators are determined that such 

must never happen. Instead we intend to go forward triumphantly on the chariots of a creative and constructive 
religion to build a Whiter and Brighter World for the future children of Nature's Finest. RAHOWA! 

To White Victory through 
tiie Revolution of Values! 

Every Creator a Reverend 

The advantages of becoming an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Creator 

Now that we have the blueprint drawn, the foundations laid and the framework for the White Racial Religion 
of the future under construction, it behooves us to put muscle on the bones as quickly as possible. This we are 
attempting to do and the means to do it with are people more good, aggressive, White activist people. We need 
to utilize our resources to the utmost and take advantage of every means at our disposal. 

As I have pointed out any number of times, religion is undoubtedly the most powerful motivator and 
energizer to ever influence the human elements throughout history. Combine this with a racial fervor, as the 
Jews and Moslems have done, and you have a combination that is intensely powerful. In Creativity we finally 
have such a combination for the White Race. 

Religion, like fire, is a powerful force, but, like fire, it can be either constructive or destructive depending 
on how it is used, by whom, and on whom. As I have also pointed out innumerable times, the Jews concocted 
Christianity for us, slopped it on us, and used it as a powerful tool against us and for our own self-destruction. 
However, now that Creativity has come along, we can take a long historical view of all this religious anarchy 
which the White Race has suffered and profit from the lessons it has taught us. We can and should learn from 
experience. We can and must especially learn from the disastrous experience such as the nightmare of 
mongrelization the White Race is being subjected to right now. We can learn the same methods, techniques 
and procedures our enemies use and put them to work for our own best interests. Now that we Creators 
are no longer interested in saving (the scum of) humanity, but Instead look at every issue from the basis of our 
own Golden Rule (What is best for the White Race?), we too, can do many powerful things with religion, our 
own religion. 

This short treatise is designed to emphasize only one limited phase of that all-encompassing program, and that 
is to fully utilize the extraordinary prestige and influence religious titles exercise in our culture and society. The 
Jews have bragged time and again that practically every new issue (such as integration and 
mongrelization) that they want to slop on the White Race they promote first through the ministers (the 
White Man's) and the churches as a moral issue. Why? Because there is an inherent "reverence' for the 
Reverend." They not only use this ploy with the White "Reverends," but also and especially by means of black 
"Reverends" who, though they are just recently emerged from the jungles, are now almost instantly converted 
into a near deity by turning their collar around and draping them with the religious mantle of "Reverend." 

When they picked an alleged Communist, panderer and car thief by the name of Martin Luther Koon to head up 
the "civil rights" movement of the sixties, they first of all made sure that he had the title of "Reverend.' They 
did the same with his successor, the Reverend Abemathy, although anyone looking closely into that dark and 
sinister face can visibly see in it more malignant criminal hatred for the White Race than any so-called Christian 
love and charity. The same goes for the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, and a host of other black "Reverends' whose 
jungle English can hardly be comprehended. 

Well, two can play that game. We now have a religion of our own, a White Man's religion, established for 
the survival of the White Race, for the White Man's benefit. It is called Creativity. Since religion is like 
fire, let us make sure we utilize ours to burn down the treacherous facade that is being used against us, 
and to fuel our own engines to steamroller the Jews and other mud races out of our culture. 

In Creativity we have a legitimate, powerful religion that has every right, privilege and protection as spelled out 

under civil and religious guarantees of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We Creators do not ask 
the Jewish establishment whether we, too, can exercise those rights the same as any Jew or nigger. We do not 
stand there, hat in hand, begging. We demand that we have those rights unquestionably, and woe betide 
any Jew, nigger or race traitor who would stand in our way and fain deny us our legal rights and equal 
protection under the law of the land. 

So let us proceed and exercise our muscle and our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Let us too have ordained 
Ministers and Reverends to spearhead our noble and sacred Cause. 

This is nothing new in our movement. We have been ordaining Ministers of the Church of the Creator for over 
ten years, and presenting qualified members with Ministerial Certificates. The Mormons throughout their 
history have instituted the practice of obligating every member to become a lay missionary. What we now want 
to do is to step up our campaign and have every valid member of the Church of the Creator apply for and, if 
qualified, receive a Ministerial Certificate, and become an Ordained Minister. 

What are the advantages of doing so? Well, there are many and I want to briefiy recapitulate them here: 

1 . The prestige and recognition that automatically go with the title are a most valuable asset that has long been 
recognized by the Christians, Jews and niggers. We, too, can capitalize on it. 

2. The legal protection under the First Amendment is much more pervasive for a religious group, front, 
organization, or whatever, than say a political group (like the Nazis) or a fraternal organization, a "charitable 
organization" (always suspect of fraud) or a civic organization, or any other. Whereas the media or any political 
hack will eagerly kick a Nazi around like some dog, they will differentially treat with kid gloves any 
"Reverend" who heads up a religious organization. Why? Because to attack him possibly opens up the same 
charges against all other "religious" organizations and could bring the wrath of the religious "establishmenf 
down on their heads. 

3. It lays the basis for the legitimate claim of exemption from the tyrannical and voracious Jewish tax 

collectors. It is no guarantee, but it is a strong claim that we can and must defend. If the Jewish synagogues get 
tax exemptions, why shouldn't we? If the nigger's "religious" establishments get tax exemptions, why shouldn't 
we? If the Catholic Church, which is headquartered in a foreign country, gets tax exemptions, why shouldn't 
we? The answer is: there is no reason in the world why we shouldn't and we must demand and defend our 
religious and civil rights guaranteed under the First Amendment (also, the Fourteenth - "Equal Protection under 
the Law" clause). 

4. Since most religious groups in this country (and around the world) are based on a most transparent hoax (the 
spooks-in-the-sky swindle), but nevertheless wield a lot of political and moral clout, the Jewish establishment 
(i.e., the government) is most skittish about arguing the issue in the courts, since it can and will bring out so 
many obvious fiaws, swindles, hoaxes and contradictions that it might bring down the whole odious house of 
cards. We Creators must realize this, and that is our trump card - we are probably the only legitimate religion 
on the world scene whose beliefs, creed and philosophy is based on truth and reality. All others, be they 
Christianity, Judaic, Mormon or Moslem, are totally based on a collection of hocus-pocus. Their basis is built 
on the flotsam of far-out superstitions, on myths, hearsay and lies that won't stand the light of day. They cannot 
either substantiate or justify their super-natural claims and swindles. Ours is based on fact, on the Eternal Laws 
of Nature, on Reality, on the truth. You can't beat that - but nevertheless, we are forced to, and we must defend 
it at all costs. 

All right, we now realize the advantages of a religious movement, especially ours. We realize the advantages of 

being an Ordained Minister of the Church and having the title of Reverend. So, why not utilize this advantage 
for every good, upstanding member of the Church of the Creator? 

Why not, indeed? Why don't you become an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Creator? Why not 
utilize your best talents for the promotion of our sacred goal - the survival, expansion and advancement 
of the White Race. 

So how do you go about becoming an Ordained Minister of our Church? Here are the steps: 

1. First, become a member of our Church. If you are not now a member, you can become one by applying by 
letter and donating $25.00 to the Church. In return you will receive: 

(a) A Membership Certificate and a wallet-sized Membership Card. 

(b) A 12 month's subscription to our periodical. Racial Loyalty. 

2. Next, after having thoroughly studied our creed and program as set forth in our Three Sacred Books of 
Creativity, write us for an application form to become ordained. 

3. Upon submission of your application along with a passport-sized photograph of yourself, your credentials 
will then be reviewed. 

4. If you are deemed to be a legitimate White Man or Woman over the age of 16, and have convinced us that 
you are dedicated to the noble cause of the White Race, you will be awarded a Certificate of Minister, with all 
the ensuing credentials for becoming an inspirational leader in your area. This will have the further advantage of 
giving you the prestige and credentials to form a Church group of your own as set in our guidelines. Why not 
avail yourself of these advantages? Act now! 

Creativity is the one and only, true and revolutionary Racial Religion of the White People. 

Issue No. 67 - January 1991 


If we are to survive in a world gone stark, raving mad, we must sort out our priorities and put them in proper 

The word triage is of French origin and derives from the word "trier," meaning to sift, to sort out. It came 
into prominence during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 when battle casualties were tremendous and the 
French army medics were hard put in their limited efforts and resources to try to save what they could of the 
overwhelming number of wounded and dying on the battlefield. Since it was completely impossible to save all 
the wounded, rather than pursue an ineffective response of flailing out in a chaotic manner of confused 
desperation, they had to make some hard decisions. For one thing, they had to decide on whom they could 
still save, and whom it would be an exercise in futility and a waste of their precious time and resources to try to 
save. The hopeless and impossible cases were left to die. 

It was not a novel situation. Although the word triage is probably not generally known, the same situation has 
occurred in a countless number of occasions throughout history. Anyone who has read Gone With the Wind or 
seen the movie, will undoubtedly remember the terrible scenes that resulted from the Battle of Atlanta during 
the Civil War. One such scene depicts thousands of wounded and dying soldiers lying at random on the railroad 
yards and tracks of the Atlanta station. An exhausted medical physician by the name of Dr. Meade and a few 
assistants were up to their elbows in blood and stench trying to save those whom they could, and leaving large 
numbers of others, who were more or less hopeless, to their fate. They, too, had to make decisions - whom 
could they perhaps save, who were beyond help, and, in short, how could they best utilize their limited 
resources to save those they could. These doctors, too, were following the principles of triage. They, too, were 
forced to make hard and ruthless decisions of sorting out the possible from the pointless and do the best they 
could with what they had. They had to make up their minds as to what their priorities were. 

Let me illustrate one more example. When the then super ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg in the North 
Atlantic on April 14, 1912, its sinking caused the loss of 1,517 lives, according to a Funk & Wagnalls 
Encyclopedia. Because of indiscretion and unpreparedness, when the disaster was upon them, the crew (and 
some of the passengers), too, had to make some hard and ruthless decisions, and they had to make these 
decisions in a matter of less than two hours and 40 minutes before the ship sank. They knew there were not 
enough lifeboats to save all the people aboard. So the decision that had to be made in rapid order was: whom 
should they allow into the lifeboats, and whom should they leave to drown with the sinking ship? They had to 
make some quick decisions of principle and then on the basis of these principles sort out the people they would 
save and those they would not save. It seems the consensus of those decisions, whoever made them, was to 
"save the women and children first." They, too, had to establish their priorities, and they did - a priority that set 
a precedent at sea for decades to come. Whether or not this was the only criteria, or even the best criteria for 
sorting out those who should live and those who were left to drown, can be debated endlessly. The fact of 
history is that 1,517 were left to drown. Of this number there were 832 passengers, mostly men, and 685 of the 
crew, also mostly men. But 706 were saved, mostly women and children. 

There were many instances of heroics, of self-sacrifice and bravery. There were also a number of instances of 
cowardliness, selfishness and meanness, but they were in small minority. The fact that the captain went down 
with the ship and 685 members of the crew along with him speaks for itself. Also their courage to make hard 
and ruthless decisions to establish their priorities speaks for itself. Had they dallied for more than two hours 
and 40 minutes and taken no action, undoubtedly all of the passengers, men, women and children, captain and 
crew, all would have gone down with the Titanic. 

Websters Third New International (1961) Dictionary defines triage as "tfic sorting out and first-aid treatment 
of battle casualties in collecting stations at the front before their evacuation to hospitals in the rear." 
Evidently its consideration is mainly concerned with battle casualties, but the same principle applies to any 
major or minor disaster, whether connected with open warfare or not, and that principle is this: In case of 
disaster, if you cannot save them all, priorities have to be established and hard decisions made as to who can 
be saved that is worth saving. 

Using the above principles as our guideline, let us now take a hard and ruthless look at a major disaster that is 
shaping up in the world today, a disaster of such magnitude that it would eclipse a million Titanics. In so doing 
let us make one important distinction between the word ruthless and the word "cruel." 

Nature may be ruthless in culling out tfic weak, the meek, tfic misfits and the degenerate. This does not mean 
tiiat Nature is cruel. On the contrary, in making sure tiiat the strongest, the healthiest, the most competent 
and the best survive to procreate and bring in the next generation of a species. Nature is carrying on its 
benevolent program of building a better species and a more orderly world. Were Nature to promulgate the 
reverse principle, i.e., "the meek shall inherit the earth," as per the Jewish bible, the world would soon be 
populated by a sick, crippled, degenerate horde of miserable misfits and panhandlers, be they birds, animals or 

In short. Nature has established priorities and is ruthless in carrying out its program of culling out the 
misfits. This may be ruthless, but it is not cruel. In its final analysis, it is a highly beneficent, creative and 
constructive program, a program which Nature in its infinite wisdom has pursued from time immemorial. 

Having established our concept of triage, let us now take a look at our Planet Earth as it now exists in the light 
of the emerging 21st century, and especially as it portends to the future of our own species, the White Race. 
While we are taking a cold, hard look at this crucial phenomenon, let us also keep in mind that we have now 
been forced into a situation where it is imperative that we establish our top priorities, whom we want to 
save and whom we can save. 

When we look at the world today in the last decade of the 20th century, we find it to be one horrible mess, a 
basket case, a total disaster of a magnitude that never before has faced mankind. Whereas for hundreds of 
thousands of years mankind has been slowly advancing along a bumpy road, it has, nevertheless, spasmodically 
advanced to ever higher levels of intelligence and creativity - groping ever upwards in a spiral of a constructive 
civilization. The main and only significant species in this miraculous advancement has been Nature's 
Finest creation, the White Race. 

This upward and forward momentum was seriously jolted, in fact reversed, when the Jews introduced a virulent 
disease of the brain - Christianity - on the mentality of the then great Roman civilization of 2,000 years ago. 
After a slow and painful recovery the White Civilization was further torpedoed and set back by World War I 
when the Jewish conspiracy inveigled the nations of the White Race in a suicidal and fratricidal war of global 
dimensions, with White Men viciously and cruelly decimating millions of their own White brothers for the most 
asinine of reasons and pretexts. The White Race had hardly recovered from this catastrophic disaster when 
Jewish money power inveigled the White Race into the Second World War, even more devastating and 
destructive than the first. Speaking of cruelty, no incident in history has been more unjustified, stupid, asinine 

and cmel than was Jew-instigated World War II. In an insane rampage White Men were killing White Men on 
an unprecedented scale, by using the most effective of modern technological weapons invented by the White 
Man himself. 

When the Jewish-led coalition of White nations defeated Nazi Germany in 1945, it was the greatest victory the 
Jewish conspiracy had ever won, and one which they lost no time in capitalizing upon. It was a disaster of 
infinite magnitude for all of the White Race, including the so-called victor nations. However, it was by no 
means final, and we Creators want to make sure that Jewish atrocity will be avenged and reversed. 

Since 1945 the White Race has ignominiously and repeatedly retreated before the Jewish-led conspiracy of 
expanding the mud races and shrinking the White Race. If we take an honest look at the world in this last 
decade of the 20th century, it is appalling. It is, in fact, a world that has gone stark, raving mad, the White 
nations included along with the mud and nigger 'republics." If we look at the news any given week, we find the 
following catastrophes in process: 

• Item: SAUDI ARABIA. The United States has 240,000 troops in place on the dry, hot sands of the Saudi 
Arabian desert and chabez-goy Bush is sending in 200,000 more. Hauled over onto the same desert sands are 
thousands of motor vehicles, tanks, mortars, military planes of all kinds, electronic equipment and thousands of 
other costly items, all at real expense to the White American taxpayer. The American troops wonder what the 
hell they are over there for in that hot godforsaken hellhole. The American people back home have the same 
question, a question that has never been satisfactorily answered by our Jew-manipulated president. However, 
the answer is not too difficult to unravel, if we read between the lines. Our boys are over there to defend and 
die for Israel, our most treacherous enemy. Three months after the initial troop movement, our chabez-goy 
president ordered another 200,000 troops to suffer on the hot miserable sands of the Saudi desert. 

• Item: NEW DELHI. India has a population of 882 million miserable, hungry people. Of this number 12% 
are Muslim, and 82% are Hindu. Both factions are extremely hostile to each other and are involved in frequent 
bloody clashes. Early in November riots exploded around a rundown little mosque in Ayodhya. The issue 
revolves around the efforts of Hindu fundamentalists to build a temple at the place where they believe the god 
Rama was bom, but it so happens that the Muslim mosque already sits on this spot. In the riots that ensued more 
than 305 people were killed, countless injured. 

• Item: ISLAMABAD. In 1947 Pakistan broke away from India so that it could be "free" to have its own 
Muslim state. Pakistan now has a population of 1 10 million miserable, poverty-ridden people. After 43 years of 
"independence" its religious factions are still divided and battling over the issue as to whether Pakistan should 
be governed by religious Muslim law or should be governed as a "secular democracy." In the meantime, coups, 
assassinations, riots, chaos and poverty are rampant and the order of the day. 

• Item: RUSSIA. After 73 years of communism, the long suffering people in the Union of Soviet Republics 
find that the Jewish idea of communism has brought them nothing but poverty, slavery and empty promises. 
The Soviet Union is breaking up, the people are desperate, but after all these years of servitude, the people do 
not know what to do about their dilemma. Hopelessness, confusion, hunger and poverty abound, and political, 
economic and social chaos runs rampant. Each Soviet republic and province wants independence from the 
central government, proclaiming local nationalism. But the sorry state of affairs is that even when and if they 
achieve "independence," they have no idea as to how to put their economy together and feed themselves. 

• Item: TBILISI, USSR. In Soviet Georgia, the Jews are fieeing out of this republic in droves, although it was 

one of their more peaceful habitats in Russia. In most of Russia, the Jews are now being targeted as being the 
culprits that brought the long-lasting devastation of communism to the people of this huge conglomerate of 
diverse nationalities, peoples and cultures. Now they are fleeing, afraid that the day of reckoning nears. Where 
are the Jews going? First to Israel perhaps, but then to the United States, or to the United States directly. 

The list of problems and conflicts goes on. 

• Item: PARIS. U.N. conferees finalize plan to end Cambodian War. Fat chance. 

• Item: JERUSALEM. Gunman crosses Israeli border, kills four Jews, injures 23. Chalk up one for our side. 

• Item: DHARAN. Iraqi official reported shot by Kuwaitis. 

• Item: AMRITSAR, INDIA. Sikh gunmen kill 20 in India, police say. 

• Item: JERUSALEM, two die as Arab youth attacks Israeli bus. 

• Item: N'DJAMENA, CHAD. Rebel leader enters the capital of Chad. 

• Item: MAJOR CITIES, USA. Nigger criminals are terrorizing the streets with random attacks, robberies and 

• Item: HOUSTON. Fake papers help illegal aliens resume surge Into the U.S. The mud flood is upon us, 

Further perusing the newspapers, the list is endless. Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, South America, Central 
America, everywhere there is a revolution going on, there is a breakdown of law and order, a breakdown of 
civilization. There is starvation, there is violence, there is chaos. It is indeed a world gone stark, raving mad. 
Yet, because of the subsidization and feeding of the mud people by the White Race, mostly the United 
States, the mud people are multiplying like cockroaches, while the White people of the world are 
shrinking, fleeing and retreating. There will soon be ten billion clawing, starving people on this planet, of 
which the White Race now is a small, shrinking minority. We, the White Race, through our misdirected Jew- 
orchestrated charity, are drowning in a sea of hostile, aggressive mud races. This suicidal insanity cannot 

We have reached a crisis that we must now face squarely and solve without any further delay or nonsense. We 
have reached a point of no return. This Planet Earth cannot feed, house and accommodate such huge masses of 
people. It cannot feed such impossible numbers, nor can it dispose of the wastes that pile up from such an 
overload. Hunger, starvation, mass pollution and ensuing chaos are now rampant on the face of this planet, and 
unless a drastic change is made now, the White Race will be the foremost casualty. Then the remaining 
conglomerates of mud races will fight it out. Due to starvation, disease and pollution, as Nature takes its course, 
she will reduce these numbers down to a small fraction of what it is now. Mankind will sink down to the lowest 
level of the African savages, but civilization and the White Race will be gone. Natures Finest will be no more. 

Can we allow the oncoming catastrophe to continue? No, we cannot! We, the White Race, cannot save all 
these increasing hordes of mud races from starvation and chaos. There is nothing we can do for them, and 
frankly, we have no desire to subsidize and feed them any longer. We must separate ourselves from them, cut 

them adrift, and let them wither on the vine. The world at large, like the Titanic, is a sinking ship with a limited 
number of lifeboats. The best we, the White Race, can now do is to save ourselves, and to hell with the mud 
races. We have now reached the stage of emergency and disaster where only the principles of TRIAGE 
can save us, the White Race, from extinction. We must now sort out our priorities and ruthlessly put 
them into practice. 

What are our priorities? We, the Church of the Creator, spell them out in order of importance, although, after 
the first few, all subsequent priorities are of major importance also, and not necessarily of lesser status as we go 
down the list. 

Priorities of the White Race 

1. Our first priority is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. To achieve this goal no 
price is too high, no sacrifice is too great, and we will and we must utilize any and all means necessary to 
achieve this paramount goal. 

2. To enable us to achieve our own survival, we must first and foremost get the parasitic Jew off the back of 
our people, not only in America, but throughout the world. For too many thousands of years they have been 
the scourge of mankind. DELENDA EST JUDAICA! 

3. In order that we can organize ourselves and muster the power to smash the Jewish stranglehold, we must 
first destroy and replace Jewish Christianity, their most powerful and insidious weapon, with a healthy racial 
religion of our own. 

4. The basic philosophy of such a religion must be: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what 
is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. Racial Loyalty and White Racial Teamwork must be the 
foundation of our program. 

5. Never again must the White Race be euchred into fratricidal wars of White Men killing White Men. If 

we must go to war, let us make damn sure we direct such war against our real enemies - Jews, niggers and the 
mud races. 

6. As Nature takes its course and the mud races wither away of their own incompetence and inability to feed 
themselves, we must expand our own kind and colonize all the good lands of this Planet Earth. 

7. We believe that Planet Earth has a definite limit as to the number of people it can comfortably feed, house 
and accommodate. We believe that number is in the vicinity of one billion people. Once we are in charge of our 
own destiny, we can stabilize the world population at that number, and through the practice of eugenics 
constantly upgrade the health, intelligence and genetic quality of our people, thereby building a healthier, 
happier and more prosperous life for Nature's Finest for all time to come. 

Issue No. 68 - February 1991 

Impeach Bushwhacker Bush! 

George Bushwhacker Bush is a stooge in the clutches of the Jews. He is fronting for them and playing their 
game. He is not only a traitor to the White Race, he is also a traitor to the country of which he holds the highest 
office in the land. He is in collusion with our most deadly enemies, the Jews and their parasitic bandit state of 
Israel This is high treason against his own country, whose very interests and laws he has sworn to uphold and 

A bushwhacker can be described as a criminal thug lying in ambush waiting to pounce on his intended victim 
in a sneak attack at the opportune moment. Two thousand years ago the Romans in their superlative Latin had a 
phrase for such a creature: anguis in herba. Translated into simple English it means the same today as it did 
then - a snake in the grass. Another common and modern day example that is all too common is a gang of 
criminal niggers ambushing their prey in some dark alley of our decaying cities. 

Having categorized a bushwhacker, let us now once more define the word chabez-goy for the umpteenth time, 
in case some of our readers have forgotten. Chabez-goy is a Jewish term of contempt for those goyim who are 
lackeys and sycophants for their Jewish overlords, praising, defending and doing the Jew's dirty work. A White 
Man, who is a traitor to his own race and does the bidding of the Jews, falls into this category. 

With the above definitions as a frame of reference, let us now recapitulate the recent events leading up to the 
stupid and insane American involvement in the Gulf War. Predictably, it has become a growing catastrophe of 
monumental dimensions and will escalate into more major horrors as the war drags on. 

In R.L. No. 66, we made it abundantly clear that Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait came as no surprise to chabez-goy 
George Bush. The facts are overwhelmingly clear that the Bush administration, steered and guided by its Jewish 
mentors, badly wanted a pretext to drag the awesome might of the U.S. military forces onto the sands of Saudi 
Arabia and smash the military capabilities of Iraq. We have related how as early as March of 1989, eighteen 
months before the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, the Bush administration (controlled by the Israeli and Jewish cabal) 
was already hard at work planning just such a major war against Iraq. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John Yeosock had a 
force of 500 war-gamers, fuel estimators, and other experts in Building 363 at Fort McPherson, Georgia, 
working day and night planning the details of just such a massive onslaught for the destruction of Iraq. At that 
time (March, 1989), we must remember. Bush still pretended to be a friend and ally of Saddam Hussein and of 
Iraq, all the while planning how to strike like a rattle snake at the opportune time. 

What they needed was a pretext. What that might be was irrelevant at that time, but no matter - they would 
concoct some pretext when the time came. By July of 1990 the plans were completed and the U.S. military 
machine was ready to strike. When Iraq and Kuwait got into a local squabble about the delineation of a common 
oil pool on their borders, the Jews and the Bush coterie rubbed their hands in glee. Far from trying to ameliorate 
the squabble between two Arab nations, they goaded Saddam on and gave him the green light to invade. On 
July 24, 1990, U.S. State Department spokesperson Margaret Tutwiler blandly stated at a public news 
conference that the U.S. did not have any special defense treaties with Kuwait, nor did it have any special 
defense or security commitments to Kuwait. The next day, U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie, in a meeting with 
Saddam, stated categorically: "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement 
with Kuwait. " All this, just a week before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, an invasion the United States was well 

aware of in advance, just as some 49 years earlier chabez-goy president Roosevelt had been well aware of the 
impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In both cases, the treacherous U.S. presidents were hoping and 
praying for the other side to make the first overt move so that the U.S. could be sucked into a major war for the 
benefit of the sinister Jewish conspiracy. 

With much to gain and with ostensible encouragement of the world's No. 1 superpower, Saddam Hussein made 
the move. No sooner had he done so, when the U.S. worm turned, and suddenly Bushwhacker Bush became the 
world's most vocal and vociferous warmonger. Saddam had been booby trapped and there was now no turning 
back. The Jews and their chabez-goy in the White House now had the pretext for the war they wanted, and all 
they had to do was fan the fiames of war every day, and fan them they did. Without the consent of the Congress, 
and without even consulting the Congress, the Bushwhacker immediately sent 200,000 American troops to be 
deployed on the hot, hellish sands of Saudi Arabia with the aim of destroying Iraq as a potential military threat 
to Israel. 

Chabez-goy George Bushwhacker Bush now had to come up with a good-sounding reason as to why he made 
such a drastic and far-reaching commitment, one that would sell to the American public. Try as he might, and 
although coached and goaded by his Jewish wordsmiths, he never could find one that would ostensibly fiy. 

At first, it was to "defend Saudi Arabia from invasion." Not too bright, but it was a start. Since Iraq had not 
threatened to invade Saudi Arabia, what was the big deal about sending 200,000 troops out there on those hot 
sands? And in any case, were we to rush out to everyone of dozens of crises throughout the world for no other 
reason than that some idiot conjectured a possible attack? If so, we would soon have our troops proliferated all 
over the world. And how many years would our troops be suffering and sweating on the hot desert sands while 
they waited? 

Next, "naked aggression will not stand," said the Bushwhacker. Really? What about his own invasion of 
Panama just last year? What about the Israeli invasion of the West Bank and of the Gaza strip? They had been 
there since 1967, almost a quarter of a century. Why no outrage? What about the Soviet invasion of Lithuania, 
Latvia and Estonia? The Soviets have been in the Baltic states by means of "naked aggression" for nearly 50 
years, and as recently as last week they killed a number of Lithuanians and Latvians by means of brutal force 
when these beleaguered countries sought to rightfully restore their own independence. 

Next, "Saddam would control the major portion of all the oil in the world." This, too, was a baseless claim 
of the JOG propaganda. If the United States had kept its nose out of the Gulf squabble, oil would be still selling 
for less than $20 a barrel, and it makes damn little difference to us as to whether we buy it from one Arab, or 
one Emir, or one Sheik, or the other. Saddam never threatened to cut off the oil supply, and is only too anxious 
to sell what is the main source of Income for Iraq. 

Then came the ploy that "Saddam was another Hitler" and wanted to conquer the world, and if left 
unchallenged would threaten our very way of life. This stupid argument to me is reminiscent of the Vietnam 
War when I remember the then Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, standing in front of a blackboard and 
pointing to all kinds of maps and charts and lecturing us about "the domino effecf of North Vietnam 
conquering all of East Asia unless we sent our boys in there and smashed the hell out of the North Vietnamese. 
This is the same stupid bungler who, when president of the Ford Motor Company, came out with the Edsel, the 
most colossal fiop in automotive history. 

Every week the Bushwhacker has come up with a new pretext as to why we should smash Iraq, and specifically 

take out Saddam Hussein. Senator Ernest Hollings (D - S.C.) in the Senate debate during the second week on 
January made a clear case against Bush's spurious pretext for going to war. To quote part of his well-articulated 

"...Naked aggression? Pick up the morning paper. My colleagues will see as recently as yesterday (January 11, 
1991) naked aggression against Lithuania, a free people with a free parliament, not an emir. Are we going to 
intervene to rescue Lithuania? Not a chance. Lithuania does not have oil. 

Chad? The beginning of December. Rwanda? A few weeks ago. We can go down the list. Afghanistan, 
Cambodia, the Pakistani-India border - naked aggression. Syria against Lebanon. They massacred 750 
Christians. " 

Senator Hollings went on, and made an excellent case about all the aggressions throughout the world we did not 
seem to be interested in stopping. However, conspicuously and deliberately neither he nor anyone else in the 
House or Senate dared to mention the crux of the case, namely Israel and its 23 -year-old invasion of Palestine 
and its killings, brutality and suppression of human rights in that area. 

We now come to the key issue In this whole miserable mess. Senator Hollings did mention oil, but it is not the 
main issue. As I have said, Saddam was not about to cut off our oil supply, and if in fact only a meager 1.9% of 
our oil came from Kuwait. There is no shortage of oil. On the contrary, there is an oil glut on the world markets. 

AND THE JEWS. The whole Arab world of some 150 million people hate the Jews, and for good reasons. 
Iraq, after eight years of war with Iran (a Moslem, but non-Arab country), emerged with the most powerful 
military force in the Middle East. It was, and is, a real threat to Israel. The Arabs know it. Israel knows it, and 
the Bushwhacker knows it. Since the Jews control the U.S. government, the time had come for them to 
push the United States into a major war to smash their potential enemy, just as they goaded the U.S. into 
World War II to smash Germany when that country became a threat to Jewish control of the world. Again, the 
Jews are telling us to go in there and fight their war, and while we bleed and die, they will graciously hold our 
coats for us. 

To further demonstrate what a treacherous "ally" we have shacked up with, consider the following. We are now 
out there, defending Israel with blood, guts and money. The U.S. has sent very expensive (one shot = one 
million dollars) "Patriof antimissile batteries and American soldiers to protect Israel. In a typically Jewish 
gesture of "gratitude," Israel started demanding 13 billion dollars of additional "aid" from the U.S. as a 
compensation for Israel's "losses and restraint." From the Jewish viewpoint, the fact that American soldiers are 
shedding their blood for the protection of Israel doesn't amount to anything of any consequence. After all, in 
accordance to the Jewish Talmud, goy's blood is simply water. The Jews want not only American blood but 
also tons of cold cash. 

Let' s come right out and say it. 

George Bushwhacker is a stooge in the clutches of the Jews. He is fronting for them and playing their 
game. He is not only a traitor to the White Race, he is also a traitor to the country of which he holds the 
highest office in the land. He is in collusion with our most deadly enemies, the Jews and their parasitic 
bandit state of Israel. This is high treason against his own country, whose very interests and laws he has sworn 
to uphold and defend. The Founding Fathers in drawing up the Constitution of the United States some 200 years 

ago took a dim view of treason. Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution states: "Treason against the United 
States shall consist only in levying war against them, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and 
comfort. " George Bush has done exactly this. The penalty for treason has traditionally been death by hanging. 

What should we do about this miserable situation? If we let Bush and his Jewish overlords have their way, tens 
of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of people will be wantonly killed, or more properly stated, 
murdered. Tens of thousands of these will be American citizens. The Spotlight reports that within the first 24 
hours of this gruesome war Iraq suffered 15,000 to 20,000 casualties, most of which were women and children. 
This our Jewsmedia has not reported. But with as many as 2,000 sorties dropping bombs every day, what can 
we expect? Why are we doing this monstrous criminal act? Iraq, 10,000 miles away, did not invade the United 
States, and is not now, or ever, a threat to our security or our true vital interests. 

What should we do? The most compelling thing we can do is have the Congress impeach the key player in this 
treacherous and abortive misadventure, namely George Bushwhacker Bush. 

Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D. - Texas), Chairman of the House Banking Committee, has already introduced such a 
resolution of impeachment, containing four articles, citing four specific charges. They are: 

Article I contents that Bush "has prepared, planned and conspired to engage in a massive war against Iraq, 
employing methods of mass destruction that will result in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians, many of 
whom will be children. This planning Includes the placement and potential use of nuclear weapons, and the use 
of such indiscriminate weapons and massive killings by serial bombardment, or otherwise, of civilians violates 
the Hague Conventions of 1897 and 1923, the Geneva Convention of 1949 and Protocol I thereto, the 
Nuremberg Charter, the Genocide Convention and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. " 

In Article II, Gonzalez charges that Bush "has planned, prepared, and conspired to commit crimes against the 
peace by leading the United States into aggressive war against Iraq in violation of Article 2(4) of the UN 
Charter, the Nuremberg Charter, other international Instruments and treaties and the Constitution of the 
United States. " 

Article III accuses Bush of having "violated the U.S. Constitution, federal law and the UN Charter by bribing, 
intimidating and threatening others, including the members of the UN Security Council, to support belligerent 
acts against Iraq. " 

And, finally, in Article IV Gonzalez points out that despite congressional ratification of the UN Security 
Council Resolution of November 29, 1990, "the president has not received a declaration of war by Congress, 
and in contravention of the written word, the spirit and the intent of the U.S. Constitution, has declared that he 
will go to war regardless of the views of Congress and the American people. " 

We could add to this list the other charges we have already reported. But we will let Congress take the lead and 
give them our support. Write Rep. Gonzalez and write your own congressmen in support of the impeachment 

Meanwhile, across the nation and throughout the world the common people are rising up in protest against this 
Insane war. Huge demonstrations with "NO WAR" signs and placards are appearing, some spontaneously and 

some well-organized. In Washington on the week-end of January 26th, a huge crowd marched down 
Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House displaying signs and chanting slogans, such as "Support the troops! 
Bring them home!", "Hell no, we won't go! We support the PLO!" The police said there were 75,000 
marchers, but the organizers claim the figure was 250,000. The Bushwhacker, in an effort to escape the protests 
to his insane war, fled to Camp David for the weekend. 

In Bonn, Germany, at least 150,000 people, some beating drums or waving banners, gathered in a rally to 
protest the war. One of their slogans was "To hell with Bush and Saddam. The people want peace!" 

In Camden, New Jersey, as in hundreds of other cities throughout the United States and the world, protest 
crowds vented their anger against the insane war in the Persian Gulf Susan Pry or, a schoolteacher from 
Camden, carried a sign that expressed their sentiment explicitly: "Let's kick a little ass out of the White 
House!" Good Idea. 

Here is an outline of some steps you can take to stop Bush's pro- Jewish war in the Gulf 

1. Write your Congressmen and Senators to support Rep. Gonzalez resolution to impeach President Bush. 

2. Make contact with the protest groups in your area and cultivate relationships with their leaders. Distribute 
copies oi Racial Loyalty to the membership, especially during meetings and parades. By and large, these people 
are already partially in our camp. Give them the rest of the information as to who is behind this war and bring 
them into our movement. 

3. Support and help build the COTC and the Creativity movement until we have the members, the power and 
the muscle to destroy the Jewish tyranny in toto and take charge of our own destiny. This is the real and only 
answer to the world's problems. 


About Liberty, Chaos and Organized Society 

Only in a well-organized White Society, structured for the protection and advancement of the best interests of 
the White Race, can we hope to survive and prosper. 

In their Protocols of the Elders ofZion, the Jews congratulate themselves that they have entrapped and enslaved 
more unsuspecting goyim with their catchwords of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity than any other concept. 
They further smirk unto themselves that each one of these words contradicts the others, and that none of these 
concepts are workable in the real world, yet by throwing them out to the mobs, the Jews brag that they have 
caused more turmoil, revolution and chaos than they have with any other deceptions in their multifarious 
bag of tricks. If this is so, and history amply confirms that It Is, let us take a close look and analyze these booby 
traps more closely. 

The word "liberty" has had great appeal to the masses for ages. People want to be free and the words liberty and 
freedom are synonymous. How free is free? The word itself is an absolutism. To be free means you have no 
restrictions on your activities. As soon as there are restrictions on your activities and someone else can 
tell you what you can and cannot do, you are no longer "free," right? Yes, I would say that is a 
reasonable conclusion a logical person would arrive at. It also then follows that being free, such person 
has no obligations, no responsibilities, no duties, no rules, no guidelines, no laws they are bound to follow 
or obey. It sounds great, from the Libertarian point of view. 

Now let us get back to the real world. At what stage of life do we arrive at such an ideal state of milieu? As a 
three year old toddler? As a ten year old? A teenager? At 21? As a 30 year old parent? As a grandparent? When 
you are dead and laid to rest? 

The fact is, at none of these. The toddler has any number of duties and obligations with which he must learn to 
cope. (For the sake of brevity, I use the word "he " throughout as also an alternative for the word "she, " and 
the word "man " applies equally for the word "woman. ") The toddler must by now be "potty trained," must 
learn a comprehensive vocabulary of new words, must learn table manners, must learn to keep himself and his 
clothes relatively clean, must learn obedience to his parents. The list is endless. 

Many of these obligations and a passel of new ones extend on to the ten year old and the teenager. As an adult 
of 21 more duties and obligations are added to the list, such as having completed or continuing higher 
education, earning a living, planning on marriage, and a number of others. Parenthood involves even more. 
Parents must not only be able to establish and maintain a household, but must also have provided for a decent 
income, be a role model for their children, provide for their education, and a host of other very real obligations 
and responsibilities, many of which extend on into becoming grandparents. 

Added on to all these are any number of civic duties, such as paying taxes, trying to keep the local, state and 
federal government in check, and dealing with such governments' demands, whether we like it or not. After we 
are dead and buried, we still have some arduous responsibilities, not the least of which is having left a 
reputation and track record to which our children and grandchildren can point with pride. Also, before departing 
from this world grandparents have a responsibility to leave the environment, their country and their society in as 
good or better shape than when they entered. This they owe to their children, their grandchildren and their 
future progeny. 

So, how free are we when we enter this world, when we leave it, and the time in between? The answer is 
only an irresponsible idiot would try to shuck all the obligations and responsibilities that are incumbent 

with living. But even try as he may, such individual is far from being "free." As a child he may try to rebel 
against authority, but it will avail him nothing. He will be chastised and he will be punished, and life will only 
be extremely difficult. As an adult, he may try to ignore the responsibility of earning a living, but poverty and 
misery will be his lot. He can neglect the responsibility of supporting his family, but loneliness, isolation and 
guilt will be the consequence. He has the freedom to ignore, or even violate the law, but he will suffer the 
penalties of heavy fines and/or incarceration. Certainly, there will be no joys of "freedom," and liberty will not 
be his reward. 

Let us now picture a scenario in a world about which Libertarians love to fantasize and eulogize, a world in 
which everyone is free to damn well do as the spirit moves them. 

In such a world there are no traffic laws. You can zoom down the highway or the street of a residential 
neighborhood at 90 miles an hour. If it so tickles your fancy, you can also do this in the left lane any time you 
please. After all, nobody is going to tell you where or how you can drive, nor is anybody going to tell you that 
you have to have a driver's license, nor a license plate on your car to identify the vehicle. How long, do you 
suppose, you would stay alive? Or even if you decided to comply with all the traffic rules, but the rest of the 
irresponsible yokels need not, how would you like to venture forth into traffic? 

As a true Libertarian, you are also, of course, free to dump your garbage anywhere you please, such as on your 
neighbor's lawn. On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to this kind of liberty. Your neighbor is also 
free to dump his garbage on your lawn, and undoubtedly would do so in retaliation. He may also utilize his 
freedom to fire his gun in your direction. 

A true Libertarian is also free from taxes, and to spend his money as only he pleases. This means that no roads, 
bridges or schools will be built, unless a congenial private group can get together and do so voluntarily. But, 
again, there are numerous disadvantages to this arrangement. By joining such a group you are thereby already 
surrendering some of your precious freedoms, of course, and then, too, there is the unpleasant likelihood that 
other freeloaders, who never contributed to your group, would also use your roads and bridges. There is also the 
difficulty that such roads would not connect with some other independent group's arrangement and would go 

There would, of course, also be no schools, no government, no law enforcement agencies, and no laws. As such, 
there would also be no police protection from thieves, murderers and other criminals. It would be every man for 
himself In fact, it would be utter chaos and anarchy, and let me point out that anarchy is the most cruel and 
tyrannical of all forms of government. 

Do such situations exist in the world? Yes, most decidedly, and more and more countries of the world are 
drifting into despair and anarchy. We read about the various nigger "republics' in Africa. In one single edition 
of a recent mainstream newspaper the present status of three such countries was described. 

On the west coast of Africa there is Liberia, a country that was founded as early as 1822 by the United States to 
accommodate freed slaves. Its constitution was modeled after that of the U.S.A. In the intervening 168 years, 
how has Liberia fared? 

As in most of these nigger republics, there Is a civil war going on, a war that has degenerated into brutal tribal 

slaughter that characterizes most of these "free" and "independenf states in Africa that can loosely be called 
countries. At war are the Nimba and the Krahn tribes, aided and abetted by the Gios and the Manos tribes. 
Added to this melee of mass murder and wholesale slaughter are the Ameri co-Lib eri an decedents of the early 
freed slaves from America. 

On July 29, 1990, Liberian soldiers forced their way into St. Peter's Lutheran Church, designated as a Red 
Cross Center, and slaughtered an estimated 700 displaced civilians. More were shot shortly thereafter at the 
John F. Kennedy hospital and elsewhere bringing the total casualties in one day to 1000, which constitutes only 
one fifth of the total in the war so far. 

Former President Samuel Doe was slain in 1990, as was the former President William R. Tolbert, Jr. before 
him, in Doe's succession to power. 

Anarchy, chaos, brutality and killing are the norm. More than 600,000 refugees, 20% of Liberia's population, 
have fled the country from the devastations of this grisly war in the last 12 months alone. 

Most of these refugees have fled to neighboring Guinea, the Ivory Coast and to Sierra Leone. 

How are these countries faring? Let us look at Sierra Leone, for instance. 

In Freetown, the dilapidated capital, roads amount to no more than a maze of potholes, electricity shuts off 
daily, hospitals lack running water, and most telephones are for looks only. Corruption In government runs so 
deep that the International Monetary Fund (mostly funded by American taxpayer money) has flnally shut off 
aid. In short, the country is in a state of anarchy, chaos, famine and corruption, as are almost all of the nigger 
republics of Africa. 

Let us look at one more such republic more than a thousand miles to the east, in the heart of Africa. 

Uganda has all the physical attributes of a beautiful, prosperous country, once described by Winston Churchill 
as 'The Pearl of Africa." It has an ample supply of water and fertile land, and the climate is generally warm and 
sunny. Properly organized and developed, it could be one of the most prosperous and beautiful countries in the 

There is one major problem. It is populated by niggers. The consequence is that Uganda is mired in poverty, 
wracked with hunger and starvation. During 17 of the last 21 years Ugandans have been agonizingly entangled 
in protracted civil war and anarchy. Young children walk around with bellies swollen from hunger, and from 
the effects of a host of worms and other intestinal parasites picked up from dirty drinking water. More than 
700,000 civilians have been killed in the ongoing slaughter. Ugandan soldier-thugs have destroyed thousands of 
schools, looted clinics and hospitals, blasted roads, rail links and power stations, the handiwork of previous 
White Man's contributions, into useless rubble. 

This by no means encompasses the turmoil, anarchy, chaos and the proliferation of civil wars that are going on 
in the Dark Continent. In fact, it is no more than a thumbnail capsule of what is going on in the vast majority of 
these savage enclaves, but whereas this is not the place to summarize this huge conglomerate of brutality, mass 
murder, mayhem and insane savagery, here is a short summary as of 1990. 

This Is a partial list of the African countries that were still in a state of war and rebellion in 1990, and the dates 
at which such ongoing wars started: 

Uganda, 1969 
Ethiopia, 1974 
Angola, 1975 
Mozambique, 1981 
South Africa, 1983 
Sudan, 1984 
Somalia, 1988 
Liberia, 1990, etc. 

So much for the potential of trying to uplift the savage niggers to the levels of White civilization. 

But Africa is not the only continent in turmoil. Even our ancestral homeland of Europe is disintegrating into a 
bedlam of anarchy. We find the Balkan countries, we find Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary in a state of chaos, 
confusion and rebellion. We find Yugoslavia breaking up into ethnic entitles which want "independence," 
freedom from the central government. We find the great conglomerate of Russia, probably the world's richest 
land area of natural resources, breaking up into fioundering and confused independences, which, if and when 
they do become independent, cannot govern themselves, cannot organize themselves to feed and house their 
own people in a land of rich natural abundance. Yes, the Russian people are facing a dire winter of hunger and 
famine, even in the Ukraine, a rich area that as long as 80 years ago was considered the rich bread basket of 

Yes, despite all of the technological advances of the last 50 years, most of the world is facing chaos and 
starvation. Not only in Africa, Russia and most of the formerly communist countries of Europe, but also in 
Central America, South America, and closer to home in the U.S.A., most of the major cities in our own country 
are wracked with crime, anarchy, unemployment and poverty. The fact is, as we approach the 21st century, the 
whole world, it seems, is going to hell in a hand basket. 

What is wrong? Can the White Race be saved? 

We Creators believe we have some cogent answers. In the first place, for a society to survive and prosper its 
whole foundation for such must be based on a sound and intelligent philosophy. This we have not been getting. 
The Jews, our deadliest enemies, have done everything possible to mislead and confuse the White Race. 

The same Jewish conspiracy that tossed the catchwords of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity Into the French 
mobs 200 years ago and threw that advanced country into chaos, rebellion and anarchy, is still with us and at it 
today. It is still plying the same con game to most of the world, although the facade of the format has changed, 
seemingly. Today, with the Jews in firm control of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of 
America, they are pushing democracy, American style, and pushing it down everyone's throat, whether they 
like it or not. The fact that the Jews are putting so much fervor behind their promotion of democracy should in 
itself raise a red fiag and alert us to its disastrous consequences. 

What is wrong with democracy? Well, just about everything. The core of the problem is that, along with 
Christianity and Communism, it is a Jewish promotion that bodes ill for the White Race and is designed to 
converge more and more tyrannical power into the hands of the Jewish power establishment. Like Liberty, 
Equality and Fraternity, it is a Jewish fraud. 

Here is how Jewish democracy," American style, works. Seemingly, the people are led to believe that because 
they are allowed to vote, they are governing themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask, for 
example, the Germans. For the last 40 years they have had democracy shoved down their throat. At the same 
time they have had some 300,000 American occupation troops on their soil, with another 300,000 or so Soviet 
occupation troops on East German soil. Now they have been allowed reunification, but most of the troops, after 
45 years, are still there. In private, most of the Germans I have talked to have told me that the six peacetime 
years under National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were the finest, most prosperous and most glorious years in 
their history. Supposing they, both East and West Germany, wanted to vote in a Nazi government tomorrow. 
Under their "democracy," do you believe for a moment they would be allowed to do so? Not a chance of a 
snowball in hell. That is what the American and Russian troops, under Jewish control, are there to make sure 
never happens. 

Things are not really much different in the United States Itself With the money, the financial power. In the 
hands of the Jews, and the newsmedia and the propaganda apparatus also In their hands, the Jews are able to 
operate their "divide and conquer" technique so expertly that the people never realize how effectively they are 
being fleeced, robbed, manipulated and enslaved. With the two-party system the Jews have all the necessary 
leverage they need to put their very own stooges into positions of government and keep out any meaningful 
opposition to their nefarious designs. As a result, we now have a president that is a toady, a chabez-goy, a 
stooge for the Jewish powerhouse. We have a congress that is completely at the mercy of the Jewish 
manipulators. This applies equally to our governors, our state houses, to City Hall and all the way down to the 
lowest level of local government. 

Whereas the original Constitution strictly limited the powers of the Federal government, and reserved most of 
the rights (education, voting procedures, etc.) to the State governments, the Civil War of 1861-65 changed all 
that. The Federal government, taking advantage of the naked power of its armies, has ever since used brute 
force to override any and all rights the states had in all the areas proscribed in the constitutional agreement. 
Then, as now, the Federal government rode, and now rides, roughshod over any rights the states or the people 
have reserved unto themselves in the 9th and 10th Amendments. When in 1956 the State of Arkansas did not 
want niggers to enter into and louse up their High School at Little Rock, the Federal government, completely 
under Jewish control, sent down 10,000 troops to ram their fiat down the throats of the local citizens. When a 
few years later the University of Mississippi did not want a nigger enrolled in their college, the Federal 
government in short order deployed 20,000 Federal troops to force this one goddamned nigger into an 
institution where the local people did not want him, and had every constitutional right to reject him. 

Being in full control of the propaganda apparatus, especially the electronic boob-tube, and having 
convinced us of the one-man one-vote virtues, we are daily being slopped with the claim of how free we 
are in America, that we are all equal, that we should accept the niggers, the Mexicans, the Indians, the 
Jamaicans, and a slew of other mud races as our brothers. (This is where the "Equality" and 
"Fraternity" dosage comes in.) Meanwhile, the White Race, accepting all this Jewish propaganda as the 
"will of the majority," peacefully acquiesces. The White Americans are further told that it is their 
Christian duty to help the needy, and we must subsidize all these parasitic mud races at home and 
abroad, whether we like it or not. This is the essence of democracy, that great and magic Jewish concept. 

Let us make one thing clear. We Creators are not talking about bigger government. On the contrary, we are for 
less government, not more. We envision a government that is smaller, imposes less, much less, in taxes, and 
interferes less with our lives. On the other hand, our kind of government, based on the White leadership 
principle, is more concerned with those duties a well-ordered government is properly constituted to perform in 
the first place. The first duty of such a government is to protect our life and property. Secondarily, it would also 

provide those orderly facilities such as roads, bridges, harbors, airports, schools, law and order, coining of 
interest free money, and several other necessary accoutrements that are incumbent upon a prosperous and well 
constituted society. The big difference between the present parasitical Jew-dominated society and a Creator- 
oriented society is this: our kind of government will be based on the Leadership Principle, headed not by Jews, 
but our own White leaders whose overwhelming religious zeal is not to rob and destroy our White Race but to 
protect its integrity at all costs, and to work for the sole benefit of our own precious race. The primary goal of 
such government will be the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and expunging the 
cancerous alien mud races from the body of our society. 

Meanwhile the White Race is being mongrelized, decimated and destroyed in a deliberate war of genocide, not 
only in the United States, but on worldwide basis. 

What can we do about it? Are we helpless to reverse the trend now fully set in motion? 

The answer is: there is much we can do about it. In fact, we can solve the whole problem resolutely, once and 
for all time. 

The first prerequisite we, the White Race, must have is a firm, positive and militant philosophy and program of 
our own. For too long we have been led around by the nose by our enemies, who have imposed treacherous, 
destructive, alien philosophies upon our thinking. Among the most invidious and deadly of these have been 
Christianity, Communism and Democracy, all of them of Jewish origin. Before we can take any meaningful 
constructive action, we must throw overboard into the trash heap of history those degenerative ideas the 
parasitic Jew has imposed upon the White Race. These include, besides Christianity, Communism and 
Democracy, the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. In their place we must instead promote those positive 
lessons that Nature has taught - ideas that were basic and valid from time immemorial and will be so unto all 
eternity. Some of these ideas are as follows. 

Lessons of Nature for White Survival 

1. We must recognize and separate our own biological species, our own precious White Race, from that of the 
mud races. 

2. We must recognize our natural enemies, namely the mud races, of which the Jews are the most vicious, 
treacherous and deadly. DELENDA EST JUDAICA! 

3. We must recognize that our most important mission in life is the survival, expansion and advancement of our 
own kind and that we must make the world safe, not for democracy, but for the future of our own progeny, for 
all time. 

4. Instead of accepting and succumbing to sick and degenerative Jewish ideas such as Liberty, Equality and 
Fraternity; Christianity, Communism and Democracy; race mixing and the promotion and subsidization of the 
scum and the inferior mud races, we must have a complete revolution of those values we hold dear, values that 
are promulgated by the White Race, for the best Interests of the White Race and the White Race exclusively. 

5. To do this, we must have a clear, consistent, comprehensive creed and program of our own, based on those 
values that are In our own best interests. Such a creed and program must embrace such key values as Racial 
Loyalty, White Racial Teamwork, Racial Purity, the Leadership Principle, the practice of eugenics and the 

upgrading of our racial species, and many other vital concepts as set forth in our own NATURES ETERNAL 
RELIGION, THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and other religious books of CREATIVITY. 

6. We must realize that whether we like it or not, we, the White Race, are embroiled in a deadly racial war, a 
war not of our making, but contrived and orchestrated by the worldwide Jewish network. We are now in the 
precarious position of being exterminated, a crisis that is coming to a rapid climax. Unless the White Race soon 
becomes aware, aroused, organized and militant, we will soon be an extinct species. 

7. We must also realize our own worth - that we are Nature's Finest, and also we must recognize our own 
strength and resources. Aroused, united and organized the White Race is the most powerful force on the face of 
the earth. 

8. We must realize that we cannot save all of humanity, and that we have no obligation to do so. We must get 
our priorities straight and save our own precious White Race in accordance with the principle of TRIAGE. (See 
R.L. No. 67.) 

9. We must now muster and mobilize those forces we possess and wage an all out war to destroy our enemies 
and save the White Race from extinction. We must mobilize and polarize around one powerful, comprehensive 
and militant creed to save ourselves and our future progeny. That creed and program is Creativity and Creativity 

10. We must realize that we are now in a dire and crucial crisis in the life span of our race, and we must 
dedicate ourselves to winning this crucial battle for White survival at all costs, no matter what the price or the 
sacrifices required. We are Nature's Finest, and in accordance with the Highest Law of Nature - survival of the 
species - we must and we will use any and all means to secure the survival of our species. The end (White 
survival) Justifies the means (any and all means deemed effective and necessary). RAHOWA! TOTAL WHITE 

White People Awakel 
Sa\e the White Race! 

Issue No. 69 -April 1991 

The Naive American Goy 

Historically, the Jews most servile tool in slavishly doing their dirty work 

The last meaningful war the United States fought on behalf of the best interests of the White Race undoubtedly 
was the War with Mexico in 1846-48. The White Race can be forever grateful to our then illustrious President, 
namely James K. Polk, whose foresight, determination and loyalty to the White Man's cause increased our 
territory by more than half, and in carrying out our Manifest Destiny, extended the White Man's territory from 
the shores of the Atlantic to those of the Pacific. 

We can categorically state that every major war the United States has fought since that time, beginning with the 
disastrous Civil War (or sometimes called the War between the States) has been geared to the destruction and to 
the detriment of the White Race, to the ruination of the national interest of the United States as such, and above 
all, to the major benefit in expanding the stranglehold of Jewish power in the United States, as well as on a 
worldwide basis. The Jews have skillfully manipulated the White Man's brain and actions, exploited the 
tremendous productivity and ingenuity of the servile White Race in order to further the sinister goals of the 
Jewish Conspiracy and at the same time to decimate, undermine and destroy the White Race Itself 

Fantastic? It may seem so, but the reality of history speaks for itself Let us review the history of the United 
States for the last 130 years, case by case, starting with the disastrous so-called Civil War. 

Case No. One: American Civil War. The much ballyhooed Civil War was not about slavery. In every idiotic 
war the Jews have euchred us into, they have fervently and blatantly proclaimed some phoney moral issue as to 
why the White Man should plunge in and kill each other wholesale, and the Civil War was a typical example. 
This brutal war was meticulously planned years in advance by the Rothschilds and the Jewish money clique. 
The propaganda technique was then skillfully applied to both the North and the South, neither of which 
previously gave a tinker's damn about the stinking niggers until they were plied with a massive dose of 
inflammatory propaganda. 

The real issues were these: 

(a) The Jewish money power in New York and Philadelphia was determined to break the rising political and 
financial power of the Southern plantation owners. We must remember that before 1861 Mississippi was the 
most prosperous state in the Union and Natchez was home to more millionaires than any other city In the 
United States. By the time the massive killing of White Men by other White Men ended in 1865, Mississippi, 
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other Southern states lay in ruins, much as did Dresden, Hamburg 
and the rest of Germany after W.W. II, and as does Baghdad today. 

(b) A second benefit the Jews derived from this insane and cruel war was the destruction of the flower of White 
manhood in the North and especially in the South, thereby promoting the Jews' eternal goal - that of drastically 
pulling down the quality of the White gene pool. 

The casualty figures are staggering for this young nation with a limited population. The total Union casualties 
were 359,528 of which number 1 10,070 were killed in battle or died of wounds, 224,586 died of disease, and 
24,872 of other causes. This does not include the hundreds of thousands that were maimed and crippled for the 
rest of their life. 

The Confederate Army, which was only about one-third the size of the Union forces, suffered much heavier 
casualties percentage wise. Small towns found their young male population virtually wiped out. For example, 
the 14th Tennessee Battalion marched out of Clarksviile with 960 soldiers in 1861. By the beginning of the 
Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, 360 were left. By sunset, only 60 stood. By battle's end, there were only three 

Although there are no complete records available of the Confederate casualties, the numbers were brutal and 
massive, inflicting a devastating blow to the White gene pool, from which the South has never recovered. 

(c) It firmly re-established Jewish money power, centralized on the Eastern seaboard, and now extending 
unchallenged over all of the United States. 

We must remember that the Jews were able to establish all these gains by brute force only because of the 
killing, bleeding and dying of the befuddled and misguided White soldiers in the field of battle. 

Case No. Two: World War I. This was the first and greatest worldwide conflagration up to that time, in which 
all the major White nations of the world participated in killing, wholesale slaughter and mass devastation of 
their own kind of people. Now, some seventy or eighty years later, no scholarly historian has yet come forth and 
stated one single solitary reason that makes any sense as to why the White nations plunged into such an inane 
and self-destructive pursuit. 

At the turn of the century, it was Germany, located in the heart of Europe and thirty years earlier united under 
Bismark, that was the up and coming White nation. It was the natural and most progressive leading nation in 
Europe. For this reason, it was deemed as a threat to Jewish power, and the Kehilla decided it had to be 
destroyed, the same as they had decided the South had to be devastated some fifty years earlier. 

Again, it was the American doughboys and American productivity that was thrown in the balance and turned 
the tide in the favor of Jewish money power. Despite the fact that more than 30% of the American population 
itself at that time was of German ancestry, America went to war and helped to smash Germany. It was not an 
'Allied' victory, nor a White victory, but purely a Jewish victory. Most of the European nations lay prostrate, 
their economies ruined, disease and famine stalking the land, and Jewish Communism taking over the largest 
country in the world. 

In this case, we must again remember, it was the idiotic naivete of the American goy that turned the tide in 
favor of the Jews. 

Case No. Three: World War II. Despite the Jewish devastation and bankruptcy of Germany, these energetic 
and resourceful people pulled themselves together and a great leader emerged. Despite runaway inflation, 
despite tyrannical and impossible "reparations" and war debts imposed by the victors (Jews), the German 
people survived their catastrophic defeat and by the 1930's, under the leadership of that great genius Adolf 
Hitler, emerged as the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world. Despite the spreading cancer of 
communism in other nations, despite worldwide depression (we must remember that even the United States at 
this time was wallowing in its worst depression of all time), yet the Germans got their act together and 
prospered. Not only prospered but they thoroughly cleaned house. They drove the communists out of Germany, 
they drove the Jewish money power out of their economy and they drove the Jews themselves out of the 
professions, out of their educational system and out of their government. It was a historic case of the White 
Race systematically taking control of their own destiny and getting the world's most pernicious parasite off 
their back. Furthermore, it was a classic model of what the other White nations viewed with envy and were 

eager to emulate. 

It was indeed a major threat and the most dangerous crisis the Jews had faced in the last two thousand years of 
their history. The decision came down from the Kehilla: Adolf Hitler and Germany had to be destroyed! 

Again, it was the American goy that came to the rescue of the Jews. Suddenly, depression or no depression, the 
tremendous industrial strength of the American nation was thrown into high gear to produce vast quantities of 
war materials - a multitude of weapons for mass destruction. Whom did America (?) want to destroy? Why, the 
Germans, of course! As all the world now knows, and is reminded daily, it was the American military might 
that destroyed Germany in 1945 and blasted their cities into rubble. 

What interest did the American people have in destroying Germany? None whatsoever. In fact, a third of the 
White Americans themselves were of German ancestry, as I have already pointed out. 

The White goy did it all to save the neck of the Jewish parasite and to restore Jewish money power worldwide, 
including Germany. Now, as we near the end of the 20th century, we find that this same Jewish parasite has 
ominously turned its demonical powers towards the destruction of the White Race itself, the very patsy that 
saved its neck only two generations ago. Today the Jew is furiously hell bent to bringing in the Mexicans, the 
Koreans, the Filipinos, the Vietnamese, the Nicaraguans, the Chinese and all the scum and mud people of the 
world in order to overwhelm and outbreed the White people of this once pristine land. 

Case No. Four: Israel and the Rape of Palestine in 1948. We have already chronicled the bastardized 
beginnings of the parasitic bandit state of Israel in 1948, when the overwhelming population of that area was 
still Arab and Palestinian. In issue No. 36 oi Racial Loyalty and the first chapter ofRAHOWA! This Planet is All 
Ours, we tell the story of how Jewish money power and Jewish rapacity took over a major piece of Palestinian 
territory that had been Arab for more than 1300 years. Nevertheless, when the Jews proclaimed their bastard 
state in 1948, the United States, under President Harry Truman, virtually broke its neck to be the first to 
recognize this foul and ill-begotten state, and again it was the United States who led the way In the United 
Nations to give its blessing to this criminal atrocity. 

Case No. Five: Korea. By the late 1940's and early 1950's when "America" acted as if it was alarmed about 
the worldwide spread of Communism, it made two major decisions. One was that it was going to act as the 
worlds policeman, whether the other countries liked it or not, and secondly, they would supply foreign aid to 
some 120 countries of the world, whether they needed it or not. 

Korea was the first postwar country in which the United States decided it would flex its military muscles. 
What interest did we have in this backward mud country half a world away? None whatsoever. Our 
excuse was another blatant lie, namely "to stop Communist aggression." It was phoney as hell, since only 
a few years earlier in World War H the United States had saved not only the Jews, but also Jewish 
communism in its home base of Russia. In fact, it was American economic aid and military power that 
had surreptitiously promoted communism throughout the world before and after that calamitous war. 
Now we were committing our troops and resources to fight a phoney no-win war in Korea. Absolutely 

What did the Jews gain from this war? It set the pattern and greatly helped to weaken and drain the now 
dominant White superpower of the world - the United States. It also killed, maimed and crippled tens of 
thousands of young White men in the prime of their manhood, and left us with the commitment of a 
highly costly army of occupation in that country over the last forty years. 

Case No. Six: Vietnam. The build-up for the Vietnam war started slowly during the Kennedy regime in the 
early 1960's. After Kennedy was himself assassinated by the Jewish Mossad on November 22, 1963, and 
Jewish stooge Lyndon Johnson took over, the troop build-up accelerated rapidly. I personally remember 
listening to Johnson's State of the Union message in which he categorically stated, "We do not want to win, we 
just want to show that aggression does not pay." For moral reasons even more idiotic than previous Jew- 
instigated wars, the build-up continued until it reached a massive 500,000 American boys in the stinking jungles 
of Vietnam. Nobody knew why they were there, dying and bleeding, neither the soldiers in the field, nor the 
taxpayers at home who were footing the bill. Anti-war demonstrations abounded at home and abroad. 

How much did this stupid war cost the American people? The long-term costs, including on-going pensions to 
the disabled veterans and also their dependents undoubtedly run into the hundreds of billions. We know that at 
least 67,000 American boys were killed, some 300,000 wounded and maimed, and tens of thousands more were 
left to slowly die of cancer induced by the use of Agent Orange to "defoliate" the jungle. It is my unswerving 
conclusion that the Jews knew exactly what in the hell they were doing and sprayed this carcinogenic chemical 
substance on our troops deliberately to wreak the Insidious damage that in fact it did. 

What secret reasons did the Jews have to stage this pointless and idiotic war? It further helped to cripple the 
U.S. economy and tremendously increase the debt of the American people to the Jew-owned "Federal" Reserve. 
Again, it killed thousands of White Americans in the fiower of their manhood, as stated above, and wrecked the 
education and careers of a whole generation. It also divided the country and left a legacy of shame and guilt that 
will last for generations. However, the main purpose of the Vietnam war was to divert the attention of White 
Americans from the Jew-orchestrated "civil rights" revolution which firmly established the Jewish control 
of Washington and signified the beginning of the open and systematic destruction of White America through 
punitive taxation, forced busing, affirmative action, mud immigration and subsidization of the black 
demographic explosion. 

Case No. Seven: the Gulf War. We have already reviewed the hypocrisy, treason and deceit leading up to our 
insane entrance into the Gulf War and sending 550,000 of our troops to the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia. 
We have done so in the last three issues oi Racial Loyalty. 

Despite the United States being the largest debtor in the world, despite our economy wallowing in depression, 
despite the more than 350 billion dollar deficit in the current budget year. Bushwhacker Bush was non-plussed 
and found ample money to stage this incredibly pointless war. What is it costing? Well, like the Vietnam war, it 
will run into the hundreds of billions, and its maintenance is admittedly a billion dollars a day. 

Why are we there? Bush and his lackeys have come up with a number of spurious and shifting reasons, but like 
those of Vietnam, they are all phoney as hell. The real reason our military might has been placed on the 
desert sands of Saudi Arabia is to protect the world's Number One parasite - the Jewish bandit state of 

We see a repeat of the same brutality and destruction that characterized General Sherman's march through 
Georgia. The burning of Atlanta, the destructive march upward through South Carolina and North Carolina, 
burning cities and estates and laying waste to plantations and farms as they went along. We see a repetition of 
the brutality of bombing of cities like Hamburg, Dresden and hundreds of others into rubble and the killing of at 
least 50 million White people during World War II. It was, and is indeed, an ongoing process of the Jewish 
Purim - kill, burn, destroy the goyim. 


Is there nothing that will stop the Jewish juggernaut from rolling onwards and destroying our world and our 
precious race? Yes, there is and the only power on earth that can stop the further depredations of the Jewish 
tyrant is the White Race, and only the White Race. Informed, aroused and united the White Race can make 
short shrift of the insidious and deceitful Jewish monster. 

The Jews have accomplished the enslavement and mastery of the world through their parasitic and deceitful 
religion - Judaism. In order that we, the White Race, can build a more powerful counterforce to overcome this 
deadly virus we need to arouse and unite our own people by means of a powerful religion of our own. We need 
a revolution of values! We need to throw overboard the deceitful Jewish values that have been imposed upon 
us by Jewish Christianity (love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the niggers) 
and put into its place the eternal wisdom of the Laws of Nature for our own survival, expansion and 
advancement. (We are soon coming out with another book -^4 Revolution of Values Through Religion.) In 
Creativity we have the whole framework, the winning formula. We have the Total Program, the Final Solution, 
the Ultimate Creed. We now need to promote the hell out of our program already in place and inform, arouse 
and organize our own resources for our own best Interests. 

White Man, be a servile, stupid goy no longer! Vow never again to be harnessed into the Jewish yoke! 
Become a militant Creator and help destroy the Jewish monster that is now feeding upon us. DELENDA 

Take action! Join the COTC, NOW! 

Issue No. 70 -May 1991 

Lets get our definitions straight 

We must learn to distinguish clearly between our Friends, our Enemies, and the Mugwumps 

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has endowed each living creature with a built-in characteristic called instinct. 
This characteristic embodies the collective wisdom of that particular creatures experiences in the struggle for 
survival throughout the millions of years when that species developed its own identity differentiating it from 
other nearby species. Included in this outstanding mechanism is the ability to instinctively recognize its enemies 
on sight, without these enemies necessarily wearing an identification card. 

All birds, animals and other creatures have this instinct. The human species, too, has it. If by chance of 
domestication, change of environment or domicile they lose it, then that species is rapidly on the down-hill slide 
to oblivion and extinction. It has happened to thousands of species that are now extinct. 

Having been brought up on the farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, I can recall plenty of such examples as I 
observed birds and animals, both wild and domesticated, in their natural habitat. I recall, for instance, how the 
lowly chicken, no brave bird, knew how to protect her brood. Should a chicken hawk be winging overhead in 
the yard, the mother hen would immediately spot it, sound a screeching alarm to her flock of little chicks, and 
all would scoot for cover as quickly as possible. In contrast, should a crow, or a flock of wild ducks, or any 
other large or small bird be flying over the yard, it would not so much as raise a chicken's eyebrow. 

Similarly with the prairie dogs, which proliferated in our pastures. If a hawk would be flying overhead, they 
would run for cover, their holes in the ground. But prairie dogs have a host of other enemies that consider them 
as fair game for a square meal, such as coyotes, badgers, and even weasels. Now a weasel is about the size and 
shape of a prairie dog, but slightly larger in body, and much more ferocious. However, those little prairie dogs 
had no problem in distinguishing a weasel from one of their own, and would run like hell if they saw or even 
smelled one. (Weasels do have a peculiar odor of their own.) Interestingly enough, I do remember one instance 
where a weasel intruded into a prairie dog town, and three brave prairie dogs pounced on it and attacked it. 

We now come to that one species of animal life that we are particularly concerned about, namely Nature's 
Finest. Does the White Man still have his instincts intact whereby he can distinguish between his friends, 
his enemies and those in between that are neither? Giving close scrutiny to the history of the White Race 
over the last century, it would seem that the White Race has either completely lost its ability to recognize its 
enemies, or wantonly abandoned and destroyed such instinct. 

Undoubtedly, as the human species developed over a period of millions of years, it developed as strong an 
instinct for self-preservation as any other animal. Even the dumb niggers still have it, the Japanese still have it, 
the Jews still have it (do they ever!), but, strangely, only the White Race, it seems, has lost it. 

How could this be? How could Nature's most intelligent, most creative, most productive creature of all, 
have lost its instinct for survival, that most vital of all natural mechanisms? Have we really lost it, or has it 
merely been temporarily subverted, submerged and stifled by an overwhelming dose of bad propaganda? 

I am convinced that the latter is the case, and for this we can squarely lay the blame on Nature's most deadly 
parasite of all - the perfidious and slimy Jew. Aiding them in this process of subverting and deadening our 
natural instinct for survival has been their most treacherous ally, Christianity, and its horde of spook peddlers. 

most of whom are White. 

It is the sacred mission of the Church of the Creator to reverse this process. We are determined to revive and 
re-awaken the White Mans healthy instincts for survival of his own kind, to protect his women folk from 
the filthy marauding niggers, and to expose and destroy the sinister anti-White conspiracy of the 
treacherous Jews. It is our goal to get all those deadly enemies of the White Race from off our back and from 
out of our midst, thereby enabling the White Man to again regain control of his own destiny. 

We are morally, religiously, politically and naturally entitled to do just that. Not only are we entitled to do so, 
but we are morally obligated to do so. Who says so? Nature, in her infinite wisdom, tells us we must do no 

less. We need no further sanction. Nature is the highest authority and total justification. It is our birthright, and 
Creativity has the winning formula with which to do the job. 

So let us carefully, deliberately and explicitly identify and designate our enemies, our friends, and the 
mugwumps in between. 

Our Enemies 

A. First of all, our enemies, more or less in their respective order of menace, danger and deadly viciousness: 

1. Without a doubt, at the head of the list of enemies in the White Man's fight for survival we must place 
Nature's most pervasive parasite - the sinister and treacherous Jew. For thousands of years this pernicious 
branch of the human species has infested and infected Nature's finest civilizations - the Egyptians, the 
Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the present White European civilization. Like a fungus on the brain, it 
has spread from the inside and destroyed them all. It is today destroying the once great American civilization, 
and successfully mongrelizing it into chaos and oblivion. 

2. Secondly, we must identify and indict a sickness that has engulfed the brain of the White Race, namely 
Jewish Christianity. Without this Jewish invention (read again Marcus Eli Ravage's article "Confessions of a 
Jew" on page 305 of the White Man 's Bible) the Jews would long ago have become exposed, defeated and 
passed into oblivion. Without a doubt, Christianity has been the most deadly and pervasive mind-scrambler in 
the White Man's history. Over the last 2000 years it has been the most powerful weapon the Jews have 
developed in their long conspiracy of destroying the White Race. 

3. The niggers and other mud people. Until the aftermath of World War II, only less than 50 years ago, the 
niggers and other mud races were only an insignificant threat on the far distant horizon, as far as the future 
survival of the White Race was concerned. Today, however, as we near the end of the 20th century, the ever 
swelling flood of mud peoples into the United States, into (once great) Britain, Into Australia, and into most 
other White countries has become a rushing tide of evil that seems to be unstoppable. This anti-White mud 
flood is instigated by the Jews and used as their most powerful battering ram in their age-old obsession to 
mongrelize and destroy the great White Race. It is now a clear and present menace. Can we stop it? Yes, if we 
arouse, organize and unify the White Race. This we definitely can (and must!) do. Creativity and only 
Creativity has the winning formula to do the job. 

4. JOG - (our acronym for the Jewish Occupational Government) that sits astride the White Race and at the 

head of this once great country. It is, of course, a conglomerate combination of the three previously listed evils, 
but strangely enough the JOG has in its makeup a predominantly large number of White people cowards, race- 
traitors and dupes. 

5. We can add a whole laundry list of subordinate offshoots of the four above named evils, such as the IRS, the 
CIA, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the communists, the liberals, the masons, the homosexuals, the feminists and 
a whole plethora of lesser evils. However, they are more the consequences, the symptoms and the tentacles of 
the monster, rather than the prime cause. Once we take care of those first four, all our other problems will be 
child's play. 

Our Friends 

B. Our Friends. Let me say that at present the numbers of our enemies far exceed those of our friends. We 
have aligned against us, the Church of the Creator and the White Race, all the major power structures of the 
world. We have already enumerated those evil forces - the Jews, the Christians, the mud races and the JOG, as 
well as those in Category No. 5. However, we have one major ace-in-the-hole: potentially with and for us are 
500 million of Nature's most intelligent and valiant people - the White Race. We the White Race are the 
best fighters, the best producers and we are even the best organizers. Once informed, aroused and united, no 
force on earth can stop us. It is just that our minds have been terribly confused by the Jews' pernicious mind- 
scrambler - Christianity, and we have tragically lacked control and direction. 

Our tremendous ingenuity, energy and productivity has been directed to self-destructive goals against our own 
best Interests and to the benefit of our most deadly enemies. 

But now we have direction, we have our own goals, we have our own battle plan. We will play the stupid patsy 
no more. We now have Creativity, the Beacon of Hope and Salvation for the White Race. We will now settle 
for no less than total control of our own destiny, and never rest until we, the precious White Race, inhabit all the 
benevolent lands of this Planet Earth. It is all embodied in our battle cry - RAHOWA! THIS PLANET IS ALL 

The Mugwumps 

C. Let us now take a closer look at that polyglot conglomerate that is somewhere in between our enemies and 
our friends. By and large, the mugwump-type individuals and groups we are talking about are racially oriented, 
are pro-White, but from there on out they wander off into a diversity of counter-productive directions that 
cannot and never will produce any effective solution. We have pretty well described them in Racial Loyalty No. 
1 In the article "The Flat Tire Syndrome." Their main stock in trade is to endlessly re-hash history, analyze and 
re-analyze, discuss and re-discuss the problem, but never come up with any meaningful solution. On top of that 
they drag along some useless, counter-productive ballast that we have also described in the article "Self- 
Imposed Handicap" (See Expanding Creativity, Page 89.) Their main forte is to deplore and lament, bitch and 
gripe about the mess we are in, but never come up with any program or solution whereby we can solve the 
problems threatening our survival. In this category we can find the Identity Christians, the Klans, the Odinists, 
the Instaurationists, the Neo-Nazis and a host of other polyglot bitch-and-gripe exponents. 

Lessons of History 

We Creators look at the lessons of history in overcoming the Jewish monster, and we see that the only 
movement that has made a significant challenge to the Jewish juggernaut was Adolf Hitler' s Nazi party in 
Germany during its sojourn between 1933 to 1945. Hitler during the 1930's covered a significant amount of 
ground in his own country of Germany in eradicating the Jews from power and out of the system. It was a bold 
and powerful beginning and from it we could and should learn much. We, of the Church of the Creator, have 
learned much and taken these lessons to heart. The lessons we have learned are as follows: 

1. One of the most glaring weaknesses of National Socialism was Nationalism per se. It pitted White Man 
against White Man, and culminated in World War ii where White Men killed other White Men (the Jews' most 
cherished dream) to the tune of 50 million. We White Racial Loyalists - Creators say: never again! We reject 
National Socialism and replace it with Racial Socialism which embraces all the White peoples of the Planet 
Earth into one powerful battering ram against the Jews and mud races. This is our resolute and unwavering goal 
and program. 

2. Hitler never had the nerve, nor the opportunity to confront Jewish Christianity head on, and thereby ignored 
destroying the Jews' most powerful and insidious weapon. 

We maintain that unless and until this pernicious mind-scrambler is thoroughly exposed and completely 
demolished we will never be able to unite all the White peoples and get the scurvy Jew off our back. 

3. There are more lessons to be learned from the German Nazi experience, and we have listed them in 
"Fundamental Differences" (see Expanding Creativity, page 56.) But the main lesson we can learn from the 
German experience Is that as long as there were hundreds of rival "Nationalisf parties abounding, none of them 
had any clout in taking over the government of Germany. It was not until the members of all these polyglot 
parties saw fit to join in Hitler's Nazi party that the Germans had the clout to take over their government 
and drive the Jews from power. 

I exhort my fellow White Racial Comrades to take particular note of this lesson from history. As long as we 
here in America are stupid enough to collaborate in playing the Jews' treacherous game of Divide and 
Conquer, we will never be able to muster the necessary clout and power to win the racial war in this country. 

Therefore, we urge every racially minded White Man and Woman to study the situation carefully and make up 
their minds as to what movement is more powerful than a well-structured White Racial Religion, and what 
movement is more complete, clear, comprehensive and logical than Creativity. The answer is absolutely clear - 
NONE! We therefore urge you. White Man and Woman: do not sit on the fence like a mugwump any longer! 
Make up your mind and take action! Join with us! Our goals are fixed, our creed and program are clear and 
complete -we have the Winning Formula! Take action, now! RAHOWA! 

Language as a Weapon of Jewish Conspiracy 

from the sublime to collecting alien garbage 

The Jews, in their ongoing racial war of annihilation against Nature's Finest, have used the technique of Divide 
and Conquer most effectively. They have divided and fragmented the White Race seventeen ways to Sunday, 
but the three main divisive wedges have historically been, and remain so today, namely language, nationalism 
and religion. Today we want to examine the Jews' fanatic drive to keep us divided by a polyglot plethora of 
different languages. 

The Church of the Creator from its beginning has pointed out and advocated that we would be a thousand 
times better off if the White Race coalesced and polarized around one universal language. Furthermore, 
we have strongly campaigned that our overwhelming choice is that greatest of all White languages, namely 
Latin. We make this choice for several solid reasons, all of which we have already explained and will repeat 
again before the end of this article. 

Recently there appeared an extensive article in The Atlanta Constitution entitled "Most of world's languages 
saying goodbye forever." A second article accompanying the first was entitled "Vanishing Languages" and 
under it a major subtitle "Linguists: Rescue efforts made from Alaska to steamy jungles." 

The articles went into great detail bewailing such tidbits as: "In Rock Hill, South Carolinian, there Is an Indian 
'Chief by the name of Gilbert Blue, poor fellow, who has forgotten how to speak his 'native' language of 
Catawba, which vanished with the death of his grandfather." What will these poor goddamned Indians do 
without their Catawba? The article continues "From the hardscrabble hills of South Carolinas Catawba Indian 
reservation to thatch-roofed villages in Amazonia (South America), languages are being snuffed out at a record 
rate - victims of civilizations advance Into once-Isolated portions of the globe and the pervasive influence of 
radio and television." 

Below is a chart of the endangered languages in the United States. 

The article goes on to wring its hands about "disappearance of native language" in the Cherokee Indian 
Reservation at Cherokee, North Carolina. "Among 600 children I have taught last year," says Marie Junaluska, 
an Indian teacher at the Cherokee school, I could only find six who could speak it." But, goddamn it, she is 
going to move heaven and earth (and huge sums of taxpayers' money!) in a desperate attempt to keep it alive. 

The two articles go on to compile a stack of figures and charts about all the primitive languages of the world, 
from the jungles of the Amazon to the Indian reservations of Oklahoma, to the steamy jungles of New Guinea 
and Borneo. Not to be omitted, of course, are the passel of mumbo-jumbo languages of the savage niggers of 
Africa, some of which have an extensive vocabulary of as many as 45 words. They are, of course, oh, so 

The articles continue to deplore: "New language surveys suggest that the world is on the verge of a kind of 
linguistic holocaust, the rapid loss of diversity of human languages." They admit that most of these oh! so 
precious languages have never been reduced to written form. In short, they were nothing more than the stone- 
age mumbo-jumbo of some savage tribes which were too stupid to be able to organize their languages Into 
written form. So now the White Man must come to the rescue! 

One of such "language rescuers" is the Summer Institute of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington. 
This project is under the direction of Dr. Thomas Headlong, and funded, of course, by White taxpayers' dollars. 
There are a number of others trying to "save" this vast collection of stone-age garbage, for what purpose, Christ 
only knows and he won't tell. 

Below is a chart which displays a number of stone-age languages (troubled tongues) on a worldwide basis. 

The view of the Church of the Creator regarding languages 

Frankly, we care not a tiddle whether savages of the world speak, keep or lose their Babel of stone-age mumbo- 
jumbo. It is no concern of ours. Why any White Man, who is so indifferent about saving Nature's Finest 
specimen, should be so concerned about saving somebody else's obsolete garbage, is hard to understand. If 
these savages are too stupid to save their language and put it into written form, any effort on the part of the 
White Man is a lost cause in any case. 

We Creators have no interest in increasing the "diversity" of thousands of different savage languages that are 
disappearing or still exist. On the contrary, we are primarily concerned about those languages that are spoken by 
our own racial kinsmen, the White Race, and even in this category we do not advocate an increase, but a 
worldwide unification of our spoken and written word. 

Let us repeat a stark reality of the world in which we find ourselves. We are under the heel of a sinister 
Jewish tyranny, a conspiracy that is moving heaven and earth in order to destroy our precious White 
Race. They have been astoundingly successful, and unless we unite and destroy them first the White Race will 
be "saying goodbye forever." One of the most effective techniques that has enabled the Jews to succeed in this 
anti-White campaign is their "Divide and Conquer' trickery. As I have stated innumerable times before, the 
three most devastating forces dividing the White Race have been for centuries and are today - religion, 
nationality and language. Therefore, if we are ever to get our act together, to arouse, unify and organize the 
White Race into a powerful battering ram, we do not need more languages, or "greater diversity. We need to 
unify the White Race. 

As I read The Atlanta Constitution year after year, I have noticed this Jew-run newspaper repeatedly chortling 
about how "multi-cultural" Atlanta is becoming - why, it has such a "diversity" of racial, ethnic, religious and 
linguistic groups, and is becoming more international every day, until now it is probably the most diverse' and 
"international" city in the United States, they say, and isn't It great? No, it is not great! Atlanta has a 
superabundance of native grown niggers, as well as large numbers of mud immigrants: Vietnamese, Haitians, 
Nicaraguans, Mexicans, Cubans, Pakistanis, Hindus and every stripe of Asiatics Imaginable. Does this make for 
peace and prosperity? No, indeed, on the contrary. Atlanta has the largest crime rate in the country, next to that 
nigger enclave called Washington, D.C. As I have said any number of times before, a polyglot society has in it 
the seeds of dissolution and anarchy, and is impossible to govern. And so it is with Atlanta. What used to be a 
cultural and prosperous White city, is now going down the sump hole of anarchy at a rapid clip. But what is 
happening to Atlanta is also happening to every other major metropolis and city of the United States. 

So we come back to Square One. What the White Race needs is not more fractured diversity, but instead we 
need to coalesce and unify. Instead of our misguided intellectuals wasting their time and the taxpayers' money 

in chasing down the thousands of useless stone-age mumbo-jumbo and trying to put it in writing and on tapes, 
they would serve humanity a thousand times more usefully if they would spend that same amount of 
time, energy and money in promoting Latin to our own White Racial kinsmen. 

There is only one way to go and that is for the White Race to unify under one religion, namely Creativity, and 
under one language, namely Latin, civilization's finest and most prestigious language of all time. 

We choose Latin for the following reasons: 

(a) It is the best organized, perfectly phonetic and most effective of all languages. 

(b) It has more tradition, culture and history Imbedded in it than any other language. 

(c) It is a neutral language in the fact that none of the major nations of the world can claim exclusivity on this 
language. It would therefore evoke less bickering and jealousy from rival nations than if a major modern 
language, such as French, English or German, were chosen. 

(d) Most of our basic terms In the field of medicine, law, zoology, biology, botany, anthropology and other 
sciences are even today imbedded In Latin. 

But most important of all, the Latin language of he great ancient White Roman civilization embraces all the 
greatness of the best in the achievements of the White Race over the last twenty-four centuries, or for that 
matter, for all time. The best principles of bravery, warfare, organization, political science, government, law, art 
and civilization are all symbolized in this great language as in no other. In fact, renewed studies of classical 
Latin during the Renaissance period helped to awaken Europe out of the Dark Ages, and Latin remained the 
universal language of all educated Europeans until the Jew-orchestrated "French Revolution" of 1789 divided 
Europe into a polyglot of language-based "nations." In view of the rapidly approaching threat of genetic 
extinction, all White nations of the world must put Racial Loyalty above National Loyalty, and unite Into a 
worldwide WHITE RACIAL COMMUNITY with one White Racial Religion (Creativity) and one White Racial 
Language (Latin). 

The White Race of today, what is left of it, can be mighty proud of the heritage handed down to us by the 
Ancient Romans and their prestigious language. Classical Latin. Let us not allow the Jews to drag it into the dirt 
and trade it off for some bastardized facsimile that passes for a "modern" language. 

Classical Latin is the perfect choice. It is the only way to go if we are ever to unite, arouse and organize our 
now dying race. 


Issue No. 71 -June 1991 

Saul, a Jewish Pharisee Rabbi, 
tfic Prime Instigator of Christianitii 

The official story of Christianity, as told by the Christian preachers, goes something like this: 

Nearly two thousand years ago, in the year 1 C.E. (Common Era), a spirit called the Holy Ghost, a 
member of the Holy Trinity, descended upon a Jewish woman by the name of Mary. Although at the time 
she was married to a Jewish fellow by the name of Joseph, this weird story claims that nevertheless she 
was a virgin when the Holy Ghost impregnated her and got her pregnant. (Question: Was this the first and 
only sexual involvement between the Holy Ghost and a human, or were there others? Was this strictly a one- 
night stand?) The result of this copulation was a bastard son, a hybrid, half-human and half ghost, if you 
can imagine such a freakish creature. He was named Jesus after the eighth day when he was circumcised, 
according to Jewish custom. 

To follow the life of this hybrid from the story in the Jewish New Testament, little is known about this cross- 
bred freak for the next 30 years. This is extremely strange, since he claimed to be the son of God, or the Holy 
Ghost, or the Holy Trinity, take your choice. Anyway, at the age of 30, in a sudden burst of Messianic fervor, he 
began preaching his strange message, namely that he was the son of God (the Jewish Yahweh, of course) and he 
now repudiated the harsh code of the old man and came to preach a new message of his own. That message 
basically was that he had come to save all of us lousy sinners from that fiery sulphurous pit, that horrible torture 
chamber also known as hell - to which most of humanity was to be relegated. This horrible fiery pit had 
evidently been constructed at the time of Creation some 4000 years earlier. At that time, the Father, the Son and 
the Holy Ghost (who are really all one, and had existed from time eternal) also created heaven and earth, and 
also mankind, the latter seemingly as an afterthought. 

The question as to why they created this horrible, sadistic torture chamber ofhellfire, and then followed this up 
4000 years later by launching a program for fervently saving us poor mortals from suffering eternal agony in it, 
is never explained. Nor has it ever been explained why, some 2000 years later, this stupid program of salvation 
has been an utter failure. Obviously he/it/they could have avoided this horrible problem by never building the 
goddamned monstrosity in the first place, or having made a boo-boo, demolished it as quickly as possible. But 
they did neither, and according to one fervent evangelist by the name of Edgar C. Whisenant (See R.L. #58) 39 
billion people are going to wind up in it, to be tortured forever and a day. According to him, only one billion are 
going to heaven, come Judgment Day. 

But to get back to our story of the now hyped-up Saviour at the age of 30. For three high-pressured years he 
roamed the countryside in Palestine preaching to all and sundry: The end is near! Unless you repent and believe 
in me that I am your Saviour, you are all going to hell! You are going to burn, baby, burn! Repent! Repent! 

After three years of this kind of high-powered promotion, he was condemned to death by crucifixion at the 
demand of the Jewish mob. For this the Jews have been accused by the Christians as being Christ-killers for the 
last 1900 years, until recently Pope John Paul II, being in cahoots with the Jews, revised the official line and let 
the Jews off the hook. 

However, the story does not end with the hanging on the cross. In fact, it now takes a strange twist. Three days 
after Christ was taken down from the cross and interred in a tomb, he walked out, fresh as a daisy, fiew straight 
upward into heaven to be with his father (and the holy ghost, presumably) from whence he had come, and with 

whom he "was one." Evidently he had carried off his performance according to the script as composed by 
himself, his father, and not to be forgotten - the Holy Ghost. His job of salvation was completed, and if us 
dumb clucks didn't take it from there, that was our tough luck. They could bum in hellfire for all eternity, and it 
would damn well serve them right. 

Weird story? Not only weird, but stupid as hell! 

Who concocted this strange and garbled story? Did a fellow by the name of Jesus Christ really walk the sands of 
Palestine some 1900 years ago and preach this strange stuff? Not likely, since there is not the slightest shred of 
historical evidence that such a character ever existed then, or later. If not Christ, then who did put this jumbled 
and garbled story together and promote it to the masses, until today there are more than a billion confused and 
duped followers who believe this deranged story, more or less. 

About twenty years ago I started investigating the early beginnings of Christianity from what sources of 
legitimate history had to say about it. To my surprise, my encyclopedia, and other sources of scholarly 
information, shamefacedly admitted there was no actual "historicity" for the life of Jesus Christ, but only 
the religious scriptures" and their unsubstantiated claims. In short, no historical evidence, only claims, not 
unlike the story of Santa Claus or Mother Goose. If there was no Jesus Christ, then it follows that he obviously 
could not have had twelve disciples to spread his teachings. No Christ, no teachings, no disciples. 

Then who did put this story together and promoted it to the world to become one of its major religions? 

A good question. The evidence points strongly to a Jewish rabbi by the name of Saul of Tarsus, who later 
was elevated to sainthood by the Christians to become St. Paul. It was this scurvy, slimy and perfidious Jew 
who, with the help of other Jewish rabbis, initiated, concocted and promoted the suicidal creed of Christianity 
with the express purpose of undermining and destroying the magnificent White Roman Civilization. 

The story of "St." Paul is almost as fantastic as the story of the "Crucified Saviour" himself, with one major 
difference. Whereas Christ never wrote a single word, left no letters, essays or manuscripts to prove that he said 
anything, there is ample evidence that this hyper, souped-up Jew rabbi Saul of Tarsus not only did plenty of 
preaching, organizing and proselytizing, but left an ample supply of letters for posterity to back his 
activities. In fact, the numerous so-called Pauline Epistles, written to the Romans, the Corinthians, the 
Galatlans, the Ephesians, the Colossians, and the Thessalonians some time during the latter part of the first 
century, make up 83 pages of the "New" Testament, or about 30% of its total contents. 

As to who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, nobody really knows, nor is there any evidence that such 
characters ever existed. Evidently their garbled and contradictory stories originated from some earlier 
"Crucified Saviour" stories, sixteen of such being on record from earlier religions. It seems that most of the 
highly touted principles of "Christian morality" - such as "love your enemy," "turn the other cheek," "give 
everything to the niggers," "do not judge," "take no care of tomorrow," etc. - were plagiarized from the 
teachings of the suicidal Jewish sect of Essenes. 

But let us now focus on this fellow Saul, and see what he did and why he did it. 

In this respect, we have an excellent essay and analysis written by another Jew, namely Marcus Eli Ravage, in 
modern times. His article appeared in the February 1928 issue oi Century Magazine, and I have reprinted his 
analysis verbatim, starting on Page 305 of the White Man 's Bible. 

Ravage says, in effect, that Saul of Tarsus was obsessed with hatred of the world conquering Romans who 

mled most of the civilized world in the First Century, C.E., including the small Jewish province of Palestine. 
When, in order to subdue the rebellious Jews, the Roman General Titus leveled Jerusalem to the ground, it 
became Saul's burning obsession to find ways and means to seek revenge and destroy the proud and haughty 
Romans, and bring their Empire down in ruins. But how? 

Finally Saul hit upon a brilliant idea. He would do it by means of religion. He would feed them a self- 
destructive religion whereby they, the Romans, could commit genocide by their own initiative - a tall order, 
indeed. Where could he find such a religion? 

He already had such a religion, made-to-order for the job he had in mind. The Essenes had just such a religion 
that they had practiced for the last century and half, and it was effectively destroying the very people who 
practiced it. Why not promote and feed this poison to the Romans? Why not, indeed? Saul went at it with a 
vengeance, and gaining the cooperation of the whole Jewish Kehilla, he soon got the operation into high gear. 
He did not live to see the phenomenal success of his conspiracy, but I am sure it surpassed his fondest dreams, 
and the rest is history. By the year 476 C.E., the once proud and mighty Roman Empire lay in shambles, and the 
once superb Roman gene pool had been dissipated and mongrelized among a welter of alien races. 

When I included the Pauline saga back in the late 1970's in the White Man 's Bible, it was too fantastic for most 
people's credibility, but the powerful evidence that such were the early origins of Christianity were too 
overwhelming to be ignored. The undeniable historical evidence is beginning to seep more and more even into 
the so-called "mainstream' publications. 

In the April 22, 1991, issue of U.S. News and World Report appears an in-depth article called The Momentous 
Mission of the Apostle Paul." It says in effect that it was the tent-maker, Saul of Tarsus, trained in the Pharisaic 
rabbinical school of Judaism, who was the real originator and spark plug of Christianity. Whereas he at first 
opposed the new suicidal religion the Essenes were promoting, in a fiash of brilliance he turned the poisonous 
brew into a masterly campaign of virulence to the advantage of the Jews. U.S. News and World Report asks the 
question: Where would Christianity be without Paul? Where, indeed? 

There is one major issue that this U.S. News and World Report article, unlike Marcus Eli Ravage, seeks to 
camoufiage, and that is that this Jew Saul did it all out of the goodness of his heart in order to save souls for 
Christ... Being a Pharisaic rabbi who hated Romans, Greeks and all other Whites with a passion, "the goodness 
of heart" motivation seems highly incredible. Ravage's conclusion that Saul did what he did out of revenge and 
hatred for the Romans makes a thousand times more sense. 

One thing both articles agree on is that Jew rabbi Saul of Tarsus was one hell of a slick promoter and organizer. 
By the way, his favorite saying was: "I am all things to all men. " Looking back on the subsequent events of 
history, there can be little doubt that this Pharisaic Jew rabbi, Saul of Tarsus, did indeed do one hell of an 
effective job. I will let the reader judge for himself whether he did it out of love or out of malice. Knowing the 
malevolent, vengeful and sadistic nature of the inventors of the concept of hell, there is little room for doubt in 
my mind as to what it was that motivated the real founder of Christianity, Jew rabbi Saul of Tarsus. 

It is high time for the White Race to reject the Jew-concocted suicidal Christianity and embrace the true White 
Racial Religion - Creativity. Delenda est Judaica! RAHOWA! 

Issue No. 72 -August 1991 

Before the shooting ever starts 

We Must First Win the Propaganda War 

In every vicious campaign of destruction the Jews have ever launched, they have had the foresight to first wage 
an Intensive and unrelenting war of words. This they have done consistently throughout their history, and this 
they are pursuing today more fiercely and fervently than ever. 

For example, before unleashing the "allied" armed forces to destroy Hitler and Germany, the Jews first set in 
motion a vicious and unrelenting campaign of hatred against Hitler personally, and secondly, against everything 
German. In this they used every dirty trick in the book, not the least of which were the churches and religion, 
and above all, their clergy. After they had the goyim's brains mashed into putty, then they were ready to follow 
through with the heavy artillery, tanks, bombers and battleships. 

When they wanted to destroy Saddam Hussein and Iraq, they followed the same modus operandi. We all 
remember the vicious hatred that was suddenly ignited and spewed forth against Saddam and Iraq. It was 
spearheaded by the Jews' most ardent servant and Zionist mouthpiece. Bushwhacker George Bush, the 
President of the United States. Once the war fever was considered as having been sufficiently heated up, then 
the heavy bombers and tanks moved in and smashed Iraq into a mass of rubble. This, despite the fact that only a 
few months earlier, this same president had ostensibly backed Iraq as one of our favored allies In the Middle 

The same procedure of lies and propaganda is being pursued by the Jews and the JOG (Jewish Occupational 
Government) here in the United States against the White people themselves, the very people who pay most of 
the taxes and do most of the work. For example, in order to pass the pro-nigger, pro- Jew, anti -White Civil 
Rights Acts (so-called) of the 1960's, the Jews and the JOG instituted a fierce and diabolical propaganda 
campaign, an ongoing campaign that is still in full fury today. Concomitant with this major campaign there are, 
in fact, a whole passel of secondary smear campaigns running alongside the mainstream, aimed at legitimizing 
such measures as taking the peoples' guns away from them, forced busing, forced integration, confiscatory 
taxation, subsidizing the niggers and the rest of the scum of the world - the list is too long to recapitulate here. 
But they are all aimed at the destruction of Nature's Finest - the White Race. Let us state the bottom line - all 
are designated to lay the groundwork for the destruction and/or mongrelization of the White Race, both here in 
America and throughout the world. That is, and remains, the prime goal of the Jew's war against the goyim. 

In short, there is an ongoing, unrelenting war for the minds of men being waged, night and day, year after year. 
Most of all, the prize target is mind of the White Man. 

But more than one can play this game of propaganda, and there are in fact a number of other players in the 
game. There are even others besides the Jews who are successful. Let us review again what happened in Iran in 
the last few decades. Before we do so, let us clarify one case in point. When we speak of "America" and 
"American policy," we must make it clear that such policy is not that of the American people at all, least of all 
the White American people. America and the manipulation of its policy Is totally in the hands of Israel and the 
Zionist Jews. Such policy is not designed for the benefit of America at all, but rather for its destruction, for the 
protection of Israel and the benefit of worldwide Jewry. 

Having made this clear, let us proceed further with the Iranian affair. In so doing, we want to illustrate the 

superior power of religious ideology over a political organization when the two face confrontation. 

For most of the 19th century and well into the 20th century the imperialist powers of Europe zealously staked 
their colonial claims in Africa and the Middle East. Until 1945 the foreign powers dominating Iran were 
basically Russia and Britain. Whereas Russia was mainly interested in territorial expansion, Britain had several 
different interests. These were basically in expanding markets for British exports, and establishing a land bridge 
to their massive colony of India. Later, as rich oil resources were discovered in Iran, the British interests 
concentrated on capturing and exploiting those fabulous resources for themselves. 

Up to this time, for most of the colonial powers, such as Britain, France, Holland, etc., the prime interest in 
overseas colonies lay in exploiting their natural resources and the cheap labor of these backward peoples. In this 
respect I want to make it clear that benefits of such exploitation accrued basically to the large corporations and 
cartels who developed these overseas trade channels, but few, if any, benefits were shared by the common 
people at home. This was pure national commercial imperialism. 

After the end of World War II, a new, more powerful and pervasive imperialism began to emerge, a power 
structure whose interests were more focused and more international in scope. This alliance was basically Jewish 
in nature, utilizing and manipulating the newly emerging and military domination of the United States in world 
affairs. After the establishment of Israel in 1948, the Israeli-American alliance began to challenge and replace 
the dominance of British Interests in Iran. 

The Iranians had been intensely hostile to foreign domination of any kind, whether British, American or Israeli. 
Leading this opposition from the beginning had been the Moslem clergy, and as the struggle deepened the 
religious power structure became more vociferous and more fanatically mobilized. 

Let us digress for a moment. It is interesting to note that religion also entered into the picture from the side of 
colonist expansion, as well as the resisters. I remember some of the German propaganda in the late 1930's 
accusing the British of acquiring their colonies by means of "the Bible, the check-book and with cannon." The 
Germans, who at that point in history had been stripped of their colonies, contended the British first invaded 
virgin territory with their missionaries preaching Christianity and trying to convert the natives. The next stage, 
after the missionaries were well established, came the mercenaries with their checkbooks, taking over land and 
resources. Next came the military with their cannons to consolidate and protect their commercial 
aggrandizement. All this in the name of moral righteousness, as enunciated by King Leopold of the Belgians 
when he proclaimed: "Our only program is that of the moral and material regeneration, as they took possession 
of the Congo and its vast territories and natural resources. In short, the church with its appetite for expansion 
and growth was the spearhead and a powerful adjunct in the takeover of the backward lands and territories in 
the past century. 

Getting back to Iran, by the early 1950's the British dominance was supplanted by the American-Israeli 
alliance, which was not really American at all, but purely Jewish, capitalizing on American power, prestige and 
military might. It was a case of the Jewish tail wagging the American dog (See R.L. No. 65). The Iranians, being 
less naive than their average American counterpart, understood this more clearly than do the Americans. 
Nevertheless, the hostility of the religious mullahs and the masses was directed almost exclusively against the 

Americans, culminating in the invasion of the U.S. Embassy in 1979 and the ensuing hostage crisis. 

When the American government backed the Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, "The King of Kings," they had 
found themselves a real patsy. Vainglorious and ambitious, he soon surrounded himself with all the 
accoutrements of brute power and pomposity, a course of action that soon separated the King from the people 
and the mullahs. In the ten years before he was ousted in 1978, he took in more than $100,000 million in oil 
exports. With the help of the United States and Israel he set up a powerful and brutal secret police organization 
that was the envy of despots all over the world. Called the Savak, the staffing and direction of this vicious 
organization was taken over by the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA, with the Mossad calling the shots. 

Opposing this alien take-over were the Moslem religious leaders, the mullahs, led by the Ayatollah Ruholla 
Khomeini, when in 1963 he virtually launched a revolution by a series of proclamations in Qum. In the ensuing 
struggle, the Savak stormed the Khomeini's center in Qum and killed 15,000 people. Khomeini was arrested, 
but later released, and spent the next 15 years in exile in Paris. 

From here on in it was a battle for the minds of the people, with the Shah having control of the mass media, 
the military, the secret police and the vast financial resources flowing in from oil revenues. 

In the end, as we all know, Ayatollah Khomeini won out with his religious power over the people and drove the 
Shah into exile and disgrace. Not only did he become the dominant power in Iran, but he became a religious 
symbol and leader of all the Islamic world, from Africa to India to Indonesia. Even after his death, he remains 
the cement that binds together the now powerful Islamic revolution on a global basis. This despite the fact that 
he knew little or nothing about government, was himself cruel and despotic, and was an extremely poor 
administrator. Such is the power of a religion, even a fraudulent religion as faulted as is Mohammedanism. 

Actually, what we are now witnessing is a cultural and religious revolution of the Moslem world, a revolution 
some historians have equated in importance with the French revolution of 1789 and the Communist revolution 
of 1917. Underlying this struggle are two virulent religions, Judaism, on the one side controlling and 
manipulating the power of the (rapidly shrinking) White people of the world, and on the other side, we have the 
rapidly expanding Arabs and the Moslems. 

Where do you fit into this world picture, Whitey? Do you have a religion of your own? Most members of 
the White Race will reply, oh yes, we have a religion of our own. We have our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
We have our own religion - Christianity. 

Really? No, not really, Christianity Is a Judaic opiate, designed to paralyze, deaden and render insensible the 
natural fighting spirit and acuity and instincts of the White Race, and as Jew Marcus Eli Ravage explains so 
explicitly, when Pharisee Rabbi Saul of Tarsus imposed Christianity on the unsuspecting goyim, "We 
conquered you more completely than any conquering enemy ever conquered any people In history. " 

What all the foregoing illustrates is that religion is the key to our destiny, as it has been in the history of 
peoples throughout civilization. It is the most powerful and dynamic force in the world in capturing the 
minds of men. Furthermore, there is a fierce and unrelenting war going on today as never before for the minds 
of the people, a war in which the Jews have been the master-manipulators for the last several thousand years. 
The main prize today as never before is the minds of the White people, the White Race, throughout the world. 

Not the niggers, not the Arabs, not the Hindus, not the Chinese, but the White Race. Only we have the power 
and potential to save ourselves and save the world from utter chaos and cataclysmic horrors. The Jews know 
this full well, and Whitey, you had better come to your senses and also clearly understand the dreadful reality of 
this situation. 

So what weapons do we, the White Race, have to work with, to unite us and take control of our own destiny? 
What religion do we have that we can polarize around? Christianity? No, perish the thought. It was Jewish 
Christianity that has brought us to the brink of disaster and extinction in the first place. 

But all is not hopeless. Now for the first time in 6000 years of the White Man's civilization we do have a racial 
religion of our own. We have Creativity, which is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature as revealed through 
science, history, logic, common sense. Creativity has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed 
for the salvation and redemption of Nature's Finest - the White Race. In Creativity we have it all. We now need 
to go out and promote the hell out of our own racial religion and take over the world. 

Intense, relentless propaganda is the answer. If Hitler had spent only 10% of the time, energy and money on 
propagandizing the White Race on a worldwide basis as he spent fighting a losing military war (against his own 
White racial comrades), he probably might never have had to resort to a shooting war at all. 

Think about it! Righthere in America we can win tfic war for the minds of our White racial comrades 
without ever having to resort to a shooting war at all. The fact is, whether we like it or not, we have to win the 
propaganda war first in any case. If we don't, we will wind up as we did in W.W. I and W.W. II, with White 
Men killing White Men when we should have been fighting our real enemies, the Jews and all the other mud 

Think about it again. White Man, then go to work. You now have the weapons you need. Use Them. 

Issue No. 73 - September 1991 

We are the wave of the future 

Tomorrow Belongs to Creativity 

Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail. So spoke a one-time president of Yale 
University about 50 years ago. Although he undoubtedly had Yale's liberal philosophies in mind, nevertheless 
what he uttered were some imperishable truths about books and ideas. His liberal and Jew-oriented ideas have 
held sway over the last several generations, not because they had much merit, but because they had a veritable 
army of aggressive promoters, organized, financed and orchestrated by the worldwide Jewish network. 

However, time marches on, and the truth will not remain suppressed forever. The Jews undoubtedly have been 
the most avid and powerful promoters of ideas - religious, political and philosophical. They invented Judaism, 
they invented Christianity, they invented Communism. Practically all their postulations are based on lies, deceit 
and fraud. They are, as has been observed succinctly and often, the world's most prolific Masters of Deceit. 
They concocted a fictitious history for themselves and called it Judaism. It was designed to unite and polarize 
their tribe of thieves and cutthroats so that they could continue to rob, fleece and destroy the goyim and take 
over the wealth of the world for themselves. They invented Christianity in order to confuse, distract and soften 
up the goyim and make them easy prey for their sinister program of worldwide piracy. They invented 
Communism as the culmination of Judaism and Christianity so that they could use force and brutality to clap the 
dissident behind the iron bars of their monstrous chain of gulags. They further invented the massive lie called 
the holocaust to augment their program of worldwide enslavement. It seems they have been amazingly 
successful in slopping the goyims' brains with all of these deceitful lies and conspiracies. 

But, as I said before, time marches on, and truth and reason will not forever remain suppressed and buried. The 
White Man has finally had enough of all this Jewish hocus-pocus. There is a new wave of ideas in the White 
Mans thinking today. Whereas the progression of the White Mans enslavement began in the order of 
Judaism, Christianity and Communism, its unraveling is proceeding in the opposite order. 

The first to go is Communism. After more than seventy years of this Jewish plague, the Russian people and the 
people of Eastern Europe have had enough. Communism is now a dead horse in Russia. It is dying of its own 
stinking Jewish rot in adjoining countries. The next to go will be that foul Jewish mind-scrambler called 
Christianity, a sinister plague that has lain like a cancer on the brain of the White Race for lo, all these many 
centuries. It is beginning to crumble rapidly. Anyone who has read our latest analysis of Christianity, A 
Revolution of Values through Religion will curse the day he or she was ever introduced to this cancer on the 
brain. Once Christianity has been exposed and demolished, an angry world will make short shrift of Judaism 
and all its vestiges. As one nigger shrieked "Free at last! Free at last!" Yes, the world will be free at last of the 
most vicious and sinister parasite ever to infest this once beautiful and pristine Planet Earth. 

In the first issue oi Racial Loyalty (June, 1983) we stated that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has 
come, and that idea is Creativity, the White Man's religion. It is, in fact the first and only racial religion the 
White Race has ever structured for its own survival, expansion and advancement in the last 6000 years of 
civilized history. 

James P. Warburg, of the notorious Jewish Warburg family that structured the sinister Federal Reserve, and 
who embodied the epitome of Jewish rapaciousness, made a bold statement on the fioor of the U.S. Senate on 
February 17, 1950. Arrogantly flaunting Jewish power, he bragged, "We shall have world government whether 

we like it or not. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent. " A 
very revealing and interesting statement. When he said "we" will have it, he meant of course they, the Jews. 
When he said whether "we" like it or not, he, of course, meant us, the goyim. Confidently and arrogantly, he 
was plainly telling the Senate of the United States that we have you stupid goyim locked up in our tentacles and 
you had better come peacefully or else. 

But not so fast, you sleazy, stinking kike. This is 1991, and the racial conflict is rapidly heating up all over the 
world, especially in the United States. It is now becoming more ominously obvious to the White people of the 
world what the Jewish game plan is. The White people of Russia are angrily aware of what a dastardly Jewish 
scam is Communism, and are increasingly aware that It was the Jews that imposed this horrendous fraud upon 
them. PAMYAT is organizing in Russia with increasing determination, and the Jews are fearfully fleeing their 
own befouled nest in that vast land. But don't come to the United States! We White Americans, too, are 
becoming increasingly aware of your evil and parasitic presence. In growing numbers we are becoming 
painfully aware that it is the Jewish plan to drag in all the scum and mud races of the world into our fair land 
and mongrelize us into oblivion. We fully realize that it is you, you slimy kikes, who are the cause of the 
widespread crime, of the slums, of the degeneration of our cities and the downward spiral of our once great 
land. Don't come here! Retribution and vengeance will be ours! Go to Israel and let the Arabs contend 
with you! 

Speaking of the Arabs and the Palestinians - that issue, too, is reaching a breaking point. The world is getting a 
much clearer picture of what kind of a brutal tyranny you kikes will impose upon its enslaved peoples once you 
have taken their guns away from them and have them in complete submission. 

The White people of South Africa, too, are getting a clearer picture of what your ideas are about "democracy" 
and "one-man, one vote." it is now becoming quite clear that your perception of "one-man, one vote" is also 
"one-time only." Once the White man is crushed, as in former Rhodesia, then the nigger is a full time tyrant 
under the auspices of Jewish tutelage. Your program of decimating the White Race and mongrelizing the 
balance is becoming clearer to the White Man by the day. We are determined to turn the tables on you! 

Recently we had a fine group of young Creators from Canada visit us here at World Headquarters. We heard 
Innumerable stories of how the "Canadian" government is imposing iron-clad censorship on the White 
population. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are as dead as a dodo in Canada. Just the mere 
utterance of the word "Jew" in the wrong context is an offense punishable by Imprisonment. Canada is no 
exception. The same frightful and Draconian application of censorship and Jew-law is now prevalent in our 
once "Greaf Britain, In Sweden, in Germany and most other Jew infested countries. It is a forerunner of what 
the Jews are assiduously planning and conniving to bring about in the United States also. 

But one of the things one of the young Canadians said to me really brought home the stark horror of the 
impending situation. He said that many of their military bases were being closed and they were now being 
turned into vast concentration camps, or gulags, as in Russia for the last seventy years. That made me realize, 
yes, indeed, our military bases here in the United States, too, are closing up shop as such by the score. What is 
"our" Jewish government (JOG) going to do with them? Let me guess. Let them go to waste? Not by a 
damnsite! The building of prisons and penitentiaries are today the only booming growth industry in the United 
States! And the closed military bases are made to order for conversion into Jewish gulags. 

And just whom do the Jews have in mind as permanent residents in these places of torture and oppression? 
Why, silly question! They have you in mind, Whitey, to fill those bunk beds behind the iron bars, that is, of 
course, if you let them take your guns away and snooker you into such a defenseless position and let the black 
niggers act as your "guards" and wardens. 

Grim? Yes, indeed, But events are moving rapidly. One world Judaism is coming on with a vengeance. But 
another set of events is mushrooming even more rapidly and that is the angry awakening of the White Race here 
in the United States and across the world. Up until now the resistance has been only sporadic, unplanned, 
haphazard and ineffective. But things are rapidly changing. Now we have a comprehensive, well structured, 
meaningful plan and program. We now have a racial religion of our own - we have Creativity. No longer is the 
right hand unaware of what the left hand is doing. No longer are we merely on the defensive, stupidly 
worshiping the Jews as "God's Chosen" on Sunday, and merely cursing them the rest of the week. No longer 
are we wasting our time wishing for pie in the sky" or bewailing the threat of 'fry in the sky" the rest of the 
time. Now we have a militant, well-planned creed and program that is marching on the offensive to build a 
massive steam roller and crush our enemies. 

Our program is Delenda est Judaica! This planet is all ours! Rahowa! 

Don't just stand there! Join with us! 

White People Awake! 
Save the White Race! 

More About Lawyers 

In November of 1986 I wrote an article {R.L. #37) about preachers, doctors and lawyers entitled The Holy 
Trinity.' In It I observed that whereas these three "professions" wielded a most powerful influence in our 
society, whereas they commanded unwarranted faith in their "professional" opinions, nevertheless, all three of 
them were founded on fraudulent premises. Like the Holy Trinity on High, namely the Father, the Son and the 
Holy Ghost, so too, were these three earthly gods promoting bad advice to their gullible flock, their patients and 
to their clients. One other characteristic all three of these earthly do-gooders had in common was that whereas 
they all tried hard to convince us that they were trying to help solve our problems, actually they did their utmost 
to exacerbate and prolong those problems as long as possible, and in fact often create problems where none 
existed. Why? Because the more problems they created and the longer these problems can be drawn out, the 
more lucrative is their professed help. Money, money, money is the bottom line. An example for instance, is a 
preacher trying to save us from the horrible clutches of hell, a hell that doesn't exist. However, if he can draw a 
graphic and gruesome picture of the torture of hell, and convince his gullible sheep they are real, he has a flock 
of paying victims for the rest of his life, or your life. 

Today we want to take another look at the lawyers in America. Last month (August) the American Bar 
Association had a gathering in Atlanta to pat themselves on the back. It so happened that one of their speakers 
was another lawyer by the name of Dan Quayle, now ensconced in the high office of vice-president of the 
United States. Unexpectedly, he more or less confirmed what I said about lawyers back in 1986, and his fellow 
henchmen, already sensitive to the public mood, didn't like it. 

Quayle came out with some interesting statistics. He raised the question, "Does America really need 70 percent 
of the world's lawyers? Is it healthy for our economy to have 18 million lawsuits coursing through the system 
annually? He pointed out that one in every 355 Americans is a lawyer, compared to one in 9000 in Japan. Doing 
a little arithmetic on my own, this means that we have more than 25 times as many lawyers per capita as does 
highly industrialized Japan, in fact, approximately 700,000 of these vultures are on the loose, looking for prey. 
One thing the vice-president did not dare to point out was that an overly high proportion of these predators 
preying on other people's miseries are Jews, and that they dominate the profession. Jews also dominate the 
medical profession, and invented Christianity, that third debilitating sector of the "Holy Trinity." 

Quayle' s speech set off a spate of controversies, and the first to turn his wrath on Quayle was ABA President 
John Curtin, who gave a severe dressing down to the much maligned vice-president immediately following the 
V.P.'s speech, and in his presence. 

However, the overwhelming public sentiment, and even the news media was not sympathetic to the lawyers. 
Too many of them had had unpleasant experiences and rip-offs of their own to refiect upon. We ourselves have 
a problem about having to hire a lawyer before the N.C. Tax Commission in order that the C.O.T.C. may 
protect itself in pursuing Its Constitutional religious rights as set forth in the First and Fourteenth Amendments. 

Historically, lawyers have had a well-earned sordid reputation over the many centuries. Even Shakespeare 400 
years ago had one of the characters in one of his plays suggest in order to help humanity "First we kill all the 
lawyers." (Read again "The Holy Trinity" page 205, Rahowa! This Planet is All Ours.) 

Issue No. 74 - October 1991 

Legally and Progressively 

How We will Build a Whiter and Brighter World 

During the last six months In particular, we at the World Center here have been besieged by an increasing 
number of reporters from the Jewsmedia. We have had any number of reporters from prominent out of state 
newspapers writing feature articles about us, some with our cooperation, many without. We have been featured 
in a number of TV episodes from Jacksonville to Denver to New York - "Inside Edition," "Geraldo," Maury 
Povitch" and a number of others. 

There is one constant norm in all these articles, TV programs and interviews. They are hostile to our creed and 
program. The dominant obsession is to smear us and depict us as being violence-prone. Whereas it is we who 
have repeatedly been attacked, in true Jewish fashion they try to turn the facts upside down. Some of the basic 
questions I now ask any reporters before I will talk to them are usually in this order: 

(a) Are you a Jew? If the answer is yes, I terminate the interview at the very inception. Next I ask them if they 
are black, with the same conclusion. 

(b) Have you been sent here to do a smear job on the Church of the Creator? 

The latter is actually not too relevant a question, since invariably they will lie to us and claim that they will give 
us an impartial and balanced view as they see it. Usually I will acquiesce and say, alright, we will answer your 
questions, but stick to your commitment. Give us an honest report and we will answer your questions frankly 
and honestly. We have nothing to hide. 

Question (a) is usually answered honestly. By now they know that we will not tolerate talking to a Jewish or a 
black reporter, and therefore the media does not send such down to us. However, every once in a while they do 
slip in a Jew that denies he is one of the tribe. 

Question (b) is really a charade, a farce. The reporter will lie every time. We know that they have been sent here 
to do an out and out hatchet job, and they know that we know. So we usually proceed anyway, and they never 
disappoint us. They invariably come out with a hostile smear job. Why do we cooperate? Well, at our stage, as 
Adolf said some seventy years ago, almost any publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell our name right. 
The more people hear about us, sooner or later the White people will sort out the true facts. It is our job to see to 
it that they get them, once they know we exist. 

The questions usually run the same course, starting with: what is Creativity? One standard answer is. Creativity 
is a racial religion structured for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White Race. How many 
members do you have? We don't disclose numbers since we are usually accused of either overstating or 
understating such numbers, and in any case, we don't want to get embroiled in the numbers game. We don't 
have an accurate count of all our members, supporters and sympathizers, and in any event, it is not relevant that 
we do. We prefer to talk about our creed and program. We want to build a Whiter and Brighter World. 

It is at this point that the reporter usually begins to become venal. After a discussion of what is our definition of 
the White Race and who are the "mud" races, they will ask the question: How are you going to "cleanse your 
territory" as you put it, of the mud races? Is it your intention to kill all the Jews and the blacks? 

We must keep in mind that the reporter came here to talk to us for basically two reasons: (a) to write an article 
about Creativity in order to smear us, in short, to do a hatchet job, (b) to gather intelligence information to 
convey on to the files of the ADL, and the Jewish master computer in Tel Aviv. We must also remember that 
besides trying to portray us as haters, they will try very hard to make us look like a movement that promotes 
violence. In this latter attempt to make us look violence-prone they will use every remote linkage they possibly 
can contrive, and nothing is too remote for these lying prostitutes of the Jewish media. 

Keeping these ground rules in mind we must be very careful and very precise in our answers to these 
reporters, who will inevitably zero in on the key question: Just what are you going to do with the Jews and the 
niggers that are already here? Are you going to kill them? 

And our answer is: no, we have no plans for killing anybody. We are a non-violent religious movement. We 
have a comprehensive plan as to how to achieve a Whiter and Brighter World. Every step along the way is 
legal, constitutional and non-violent as we will detail to you. Here is how we plan to proceed, step by step: 

Step No. 1. We mean to build our racial religious movement legally and constitutionally by employing and 
enjoying the same rights as does every other religious group in America, by means of propaganda, by means of 
persuasion, by means of organization. Instead of adulating fictitious spooks in the sky, our religion is based on 
Racial Loyalty. There is nothing new about Racial Loyalty. If you look at the real world around you, you will 
see that the niggers practice it, the Jews practice it, the Indians practice it, the Muslims practice it, the Japanese 
practice Racial Loyalty. In fact, just about every race in the world practices Racial Loyalty and has for 
thousands of years. The only difference is that we are now talking about White Racial Loyalty. But there is 
nothing illegal about being White and there is nothing Illegal about White Racial Loyalty. 

Step No. 2. We plan to build our movement to such dimensions that we will be able to take control of our 
government from out of the slimy hands of the Jews who now have it and thereby take control of our own 
destiny. Nothing illegal about that. After all, the White people built this great country, and at this point in time 
are still the majority. What is more fair and more legal than the White people having control of their own 
destiny, rather than a small minority of Talmudic Jews? How do we plan to accomplish this? 

Step No. 3. We plan to accomplish it by promoting Racial Loyalty to the White Race, by informing, arousing, 
uniting and organizing the mighty potential of our White Racial Comrades. We mean to polarize the White 
Race under one language, Latin, one religion. Creativity and build one mighty powerhouse so that we, not the 
Jews, will be in charge of our own affairs. Nothing illegal about that. 

Step No. 4. Having done the above, we will then further practice Racial Loyalty and take our next step. In 
accordance with Nos. 6, 7, 8 and 9 of our Sixteen Commandments, we will boycott the Jews. We will boycott 
them in business and break them financially. We will boycott them in politics and drive them from out of 
government. We will boycott them in education, in the news media, and every other place in our cultural life. 
There is nothing illegal about using the boycott either. The Jews have been doing it for thousands of years. The 
Arabs have been boycotting Israel for the last forty years. Our government (JOG) has been using sanctions (an 
extreme form of boycott) against South Africa, against Iraq, against Iran, against Germany in the 1930's and 
against any and every other country they didn't like. Numerous Jew controlled organizations (such as NOW) 
even today use the boycott against such states as Arizona because they did not acquiesce to declaring a legal 
holiday in honor of Martin Lucifer Koon. So, we can conclude there is nothing illegal about using the boycott. 
However, if used by a united, polarized White Race, believe me, it can be and will be extremely effective. 

Step No. 5. Having achieved control of our own destiny, we will then simultaneously stop subsidizing the 

niggers In this country, stop subsidizing the parasitic state of Israel, and in fact, stop subsidizing all the other 
120 some countries that JOG has piled on the backs of the working White American taxpayers. We will simply 
let all these Jews, niggers, parasites and freeloaders shift for themselves and wither on the vine. 

Having done the above, we will let Nature take its inevitable course In phasing out the problem. For hundreds 
of millions of years Nature has followed its wise but ruthless course of Survival of the Fittest, which also means 
the demise of those unfit to cope for themselves. In the endless struggle of each species to survive In 
competition to other like species. Nature has persistently used the culling process, of weeding out of the weak, 
the deformed, the sickly and the mentally Incompetent. It is only in the last half of the 20th century that the 
White race, misguided by the evil hand of the Jew, has subverted this purgative action of cleansing the genetic 
defects of a species gene pool. By subsidizing the lazy, the shiftless, the incompetent and rendering massive aid 
to all the parasites, the scum and the free-loaders of the world, we have greatly multiplied the defectives at the 
expense of he competent, until now we are reaching the breaking point. In our program we mean to reverse this 
sick and idiotic process. All this, too, is strictly legal. 

Step No. 6. We are now well on the way towards the salvation and redemption of the great White Race. Our 
next step is to then aggressively cleanse our territory of the still lingering mud races. 

The first step is to forcibly expel the some 10 million illegal Mexicans. This too, is strictly legal, and it is a 
dereliction of duty that our JOG government has not done so a long time ago. Along with these illegal Mestizos, 
we will also expel all other alien muds - Haitians, Pakistanis, Jews and whatever. 

Next, we will institute a program of repatriating all blacks back to Africa whether they are tenth generation 
"Americans' or not. 

This too is not a new idea by any means, and repatriation of unassimilable mixed peoples has been practiced by 
any number of nations throughout history, both recent and ancient. 

1. The Egyptians drove the Jews from out of their land 3500 years ago when the latter became unbearably 
obnoxious (as with the Holohoax, the Jews have twisted history around and claim they left Egypt voluntarily 
after the Egyptians tried to keep them. What an inverted lie!) 

2. All of the French in the colony of Acadia (In present day Nova Scotia) were deported by the victorious 
British in 1755. Most of these were deported to Louisiana, but many scattered elsewhere. (Read Longfellow's 

3. In our own American history, we moved any number of Indian tribes to other less desirable, less inhabited 
areas. Some were moved and confined to reservations, some, like the Cherokees were moved en masse from 
North Carolina to Oklahoma. This was a matter of the conquering White Man cleansing the territory and 
making room for his own people, a process that was repeated time and again. 

4. When the White Man conquered Texas, they organized the Texas Rangers and launched a powerful (and 
successful) drive to expel every Mexican and Indian from what was now conquered White Man's territory. This 
was How the West was Won. 

5. The Turks even resorted to extensive massacres of the Armenian population in 1894-96, again in 1909, and 
again in 1915, the latter running into millions. 

6. After World War II, the victorious democratic' Allies, led by America, Russia and Britain, routed, moved 
and/or killed 13 million Germans from their eastern homelands and crowded them into the western areas of a 
remnant Germany, all at the bequest of the Communist Jews. 

7. Also, after W.W. II the Jews (with the help of American JOG) drove the native Palestinian Arabs from a 
homeland they had lived in for two thousand years. This in order to make room for the parasitic state of Israel. 
With their Uzi machine guns in hand, the Jews are still at it today driving the Arabs out of the West Bank and 
the Gaza Strip. All this with the subsidization of Israel by the American taxpayers to the tune of four billion a 
year, now being anted-up to more than ten billion. I ask you, Whitey, how long are you going to stand for this 
kind of rapacious atrocity? 

8. The niggers in Africa, with the help of (our own!) JOG and in accordance with the Jewish plan of 
exterminating the White Race are driving the White people out of Africa. Is it fair? If so, it is just as fair to drive 
the Jews and niggers out of the White Mans territory, is it not? 

But let us now look at the specific controversy of resettling the niggers here in America and moving them out of 
our land. This problem is certainly not new and the solution to it was not invented by the Church of the Creator. 
It is an insidious problem of long standing that should have been solved a long time ago, and several of our 
most astute White statesmen and leaders have strongly advocated the expulsion of these black animals from out 
of our midst. 

1. Thomas Jefferson, certainly one of the most fervent advocates of liberty, clearly realized the race problem as 
early as 1811, and formulated plans to have the niggers deported onto foreign soil, preferably Africa. This was 
at the urging of the Virginia legislature and its then Governor. James Monroe. 

2. As a result of this initial Impetus for the deportation of Africans, the American Colonization Society was 
formed in 1817. Among its high officers were such distinguished leaders as Charles Carroiton, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence, Henry Clay, John Marshall, Wm. H. Crawford, John Randolph, Daniel Webster 
and Andrew Jackson. 

In 1822 a large tract of land was secured on the west coast of Africa and it was called Liberia. Between 1820 
and 183 1 some 2,228 niggers were transported to this territory. 

Having shown the feasibility of their plan, the Society in 1827 asked Congress to give its support and financial 
aid for the continuation of this highly important project. However, the hidden hand of the Jew was already in 
evidence even then and Congress did nothing. The Jews have been vigorously sabotaging every plan for the 
deportation of the blacks in our midst ever since. They want the niggers to stay and mongrelize the White Race. 

The Colonization Society nevertheless continued its efforts and did, in fact, move 20,000 niggers from America 
to Africa. But with the Jews blocking their every move and Congress not giving its official support, it gradually 
declined in effectiveness. 

3. The racial problem festered on and finally exploded into the devastation of the War between the States, 1861- 
65, a terrible tragedy for all White Americans, especially for the South. 

Abraham Lincoln, also realizing the seriousness of the problem of having two completely divergent and 

incompatible races living in the same land, strongly advocated moving the blacks out, and instituted a Bureau of 
Emigration to begin their deportation. He advocated one colony in Haiti, and another in Colombia. However, 
again because of Jewish opposition and since Lincoln was assassinated at the end of the war, both of these 
projects were stymied. Had he not been assassinated (by the Jews) the chances are that a meaningful deportation 
program would have been pursued by the U.S. government under the leadership of Lincoln. 

4. Briefly, let me summarize other prominent American supporters, advocates and promoters: 

(a) President Millard Fillmore presented a plan to Congress for the emigration of all blacks as early as 1852. 
Congress ignored it. 

(b) President Ulysses S. Grant advocated a similar program. 

(c) Marcus Garvey, a black mulatto, in the 1930's organized the Universal Negro Improvement Association 
advocating the resettlement of blacks to Africa. He enlisted the support of 6,000,000 black members, but the 
Federal government under the control of Roosevelt and the Jews hounded him, framed him, imprisoned him and 
stymied any such constructive action at every turn. 

(d) U.S. Senator Theodore Bilbo spent most of political life advocating the resettlement of blacks to Africa. He 
introduced a bill in the Senate (April 24, 1939) to make this possible, and secured the support and signatures of 
2-1/2 million blacks. Again, Roosevelt and the Jews killed the bill. 

(e) Senator Langer introduced a bill in 1957 providing aid for blacks desirous of migrating to Liberia. 

(f) Malcolm X, a black mulatto leader, strongly advocated the back to Africa movement. He, too, was 

(g) Louis Farrakhan is strongly advocating separation of the races, to the fervent vocal support of millions of 
niggers. However, he is now demanding that the separated niggers be given a major piece of America itself 

The upshot of all previous history is that the racial problem is becoming ever more heated, more violent, and 
will not go away. 

The only feasible solution to this lingering cancer is to ship all the niggers in America back to Africa. Once we, 
the White Race, have destroyed the Jewish stranglehold, and have gained control of our own destiny and of our 
own government, the problem can be solved. This we will do with, I believe, the overwhelming support of the 
niggers themselves. Let me state it again - it is not the niggers that are blocking the solution, it is not the White 
people, it is the Jews. 

Let us now again take up this question of "fairness," and is it fair or is it not fair for one people to drive another 
out of their territory and occupy it for themselves? As history has shown from time immemorial, this question is 
entirely moot. History has demonstrated repeatedly and irrevocably that territory Is occupied by those people 
with the will and the means to conquer the territory they desire, and then held by those capable of, and 
determined to hold it. 

Is it fair? Perhaps not, but history is not fair. Nature is not interested in fairness. The bigger fish eat the smaller 
fish, the coyotes eat the weaker rabbits and rodents, and on down the food chain. Is it fair? Evidently Nature 

says it is, and there is only one Law of Nature that predominates in this regard, and that is the Law of Survival 
of our own species on this Planet Earth. Nature severely punishes with extinction those species that are too lazy, 
too laggard or too incompetent to take on the struggle for survival. The bottom line is: Eternal struggle is the 
price of survival. I didn't make the rules but merely observe and learn from both the lessons of history and the 
laws of Nature. Having accepted the facts of life, I have no quarrel with reality. 

Nor is the moral question of survival of its own kind any problem with any of the races of mankind other than 
the White Race. In fact, they exalt and glorify their triumph over their enemies, whoever they might be. When 
one Indian tribe destroyed another they celebrated the extermination of their rivals with great gusto. The Old 
Testament is full of repeated glorification of how the Jews, with the help of their Jahweh god slew the enemy 
with the edge of their sword until every man, woman and child had been slain. Even the White Romans, Greeks 
and Egyptians stated massive celebrations over their victories throughout their history. The Romans shed no 
tears, felt no pangs of guilt when they finally conquered Carthage after more than a century of hostility. On the 
contrary, they burned Carthage to the ground and sowed salt in its ruins, and were damned glad they had 
destroyed an overwhelming threat to their survival. It was only after the treacherous Jews inflicted the New 
Testament brain scrambler on the Gentiles that the White Race was plagued with the so-called morality of guilt 
and "fairness." We can specifically point to the Sermon on the Mount teachings of "love your enemy," "turn the 
other cheek," "sell all thou hast and give it to the niggers" for the suicidal origin of this self-destructive idea. 
(See "The Sermon on the Mount," page 154, A Revolution of Values.) 

Having thrown all this perfidious and suicidal Jewish advice overboard and established a rational and realistic 
moral base for our own survival, we are now ready for its next step. 

Step No. 7. Ever since Columbus discovered America in 1492, the White Race pursued a vigorous program 
of expansion and colonization, a healthy Instinct Nature has imbued in all its creatures, whether they be 
animals, birds, insects or plants. This expansion was first led by the Spaniards and the Portuguese, then rivaled 
and surpassed by the French, the Dutch and the Anglo-Saxons. There was one major difference between the 
former and the latter groups. Whereas the Spanish and Portuguese poisoned their gene pool in the New World 
by interbreeding with the indigenous natives, the Anglo-Saxon group, by and large, did not. The result is (or 
was) the great country of the United States we once knew, and to the detriment of the Latinos, the mongrelized 
mix-breeds and mestizos of Mexico and South America. 

Be that as it may, this surge of energy by the White Race lasted for some 450 years, then came to an 
ignominious halt after the suicidal events of W.W. II. Not only did it come to halt, but through the Marshall 
Plan and the insane American policy of subsidizing all the scum, freeloaders and mud races of the world, we, 
the White Race are now in full retreat, running before our inferiors, apologizing for our previous success, and 
thanks to the devilish manipulations of the Jewish Kehilla, we. Nature's Finest, are now on the road to 

Be it therefore resolved, we, the White Race are now determined to take Step No. 7, the final stage of 
building a Whiter and Brighter World. We are determined to take up where our White ancestors left off 50 or 
100 years ago and resume the colonization program of our illustrious forbearers and expand the domain and 
territory of our great Race. We now have the moral base on which to proceed, fully backed by our religion, 
supported by centuries and millenniums of history, and furthermore, by the Eternal Laws of Nature. We need 
nothing more. 

We will make one major change in our future expansion. Instead of conquering new territory and intermingling 

and exploiting the cheap labor of the natives, we will have none of this nonsense. Instead, by planned and 
deliberate measures, we will make a clean sweep, one measured addition at a time. In such territories as we 
colonize we will clear it of the mud races and settle it with White families exclusively. No longer will there 
be any of the former muddled geographic race mixing. We will settle and digest one segment of territory, then 
go on to the next, until such time as this beautiful planet will be settled and inhabited by its most deserving 
heirs, Nature's Finest. 

Only through Creativity can we accomplish such a noble and far-reaching goal. Join with us today! 

White People Awake! Save the White Race! 

Issue No. 75 - November 1991 

How the early Texans cleansed tfie muds out of their territory 

Red Niggers in Texas 

No state has a more colorful and glorious history than does the State of Texas, and no state more clearly 
exemplifies the eternal struggle of the White Man against his deadly racial enemies - the Indians, the Mexicans 
and JOG, the Federal government itself 

Today that struggle goes on, more deadly than ever, in Texas, and on a national basis, and in fact, on a 
worldwide basis. The only situation that has changed is that the White Race now has more racial enemies pitted 
against it than ever, namely Asiatics, Haitians, South American and Central Americans, mud peoples, and a host 
of others. In the meantime, JOG has become more powerful, more vicious and hostile, and the boundaries of the 
racial war have become more confused and obscure in the White Man's vision. Nevertheless, the war today is 
very real and more ferocious than eve. Whereas the early Texans took direct and effective action and won their 
racial war more than a hundred years ago, today the opposite is unraveling before our eyes. The White Race is 
losing, is leaderless, confused, and rapidly on its way to extinction. 

Let us review some stages of the interesting and heroic history of the White Man's conquest of the great Lone 
Star State, how he was beset with the same evil forces we are today, and how he took direct and drastic action to 
triumph over his mortal enemies. 

I have read a number of books on the Texas Rangers, on the battle of the Alamo, the heroic battle at San 
Jacinto, and Texas history in general. Most of them downplay and/or de-emphasize the historic fact that the 
Conquest of Texas was essentially a racial war - a long drawn out three-cornered struggle between the White 
Man, the Mexicans and the Indians. It was not until recently, however, that when Rev. John Brooks sent me 
another book on Texas that I realized how fierce and intense that racial battle was. The name of the book is The 
Lone Star -A History of Texas, and what especially piqued my interest was a chapter in the middle of the book 
entitled Red Niggers, a term of contempt used by the early White settlers for the ever marauding Indians. 

For two hundred years the area known as Texas had been claimed by the Spanish conquerors of Mexico. 
However, by the time the first White settlers arrived in this area under the auspices of Empressario Stephen F. 
Austin during the 1820's, the Spanish and Mexican colonization of Texas had been a colossal failure. As in 
South America, and in Mexico Itself, the Spanish conquest, although preceding by almost two centuries that of 
their rivals, differed significantly from that of the Anglo-Saxon colonization. The Spaniards did not conquer to 
colonize. There were three major forces in play that determined the course of Empire. They were the Crown, the 
army, and the Catholic Church, not all three necessarily on the same course. They came to exploit the land and 
the native labor, mine the gold and silver and enrich the coffers of the Crown, and in the process expand the 
domination of the Catholic Church. But as colonizers they were a total failure. They did indeed strip the land of 
its gold and silver, shipping its wealth across the ocean to make Spain the most affluent domain in Europe 
during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. 

Over the centuries of unabated effort, the attempt by the Catholic Church to Christianize the Indian heathen was 

a total failure. They did build a number of missions with Indian slave labor, but the Indians did not embrace this 
alien creed as their own. In fact, only the more docile tribes could be domesticated at all, and during the process 
they invariably declined in numbers and eventually died out. The more warlike tribes, such as the Comanches, 
the Apaches and others, rejected Catholicism in toto, and kept up their raiding, scalping and thieving. 

As we come to the first half of the nineteenth century, there were a string of five Spanish missions in Texas, of 
which San Antonio de Bexar was the most prominent, but all were in a state of decline and decay. By the 
1820's the Mexican revolution had aborted from Spain, the country was in chaos and the now mix-breed 
Mexican settlers in Texas were only a few, subject to the terror and raiding parties of the warlike Indians to the 
north and to the west. Not only was Mexican colonization not advancing, it was retreating. 

When Moses Austin, followed by his son Stephen F. Austin, approached the Mexican government with an offer 
of bringing in 300 Anglo-American families on a given tract of choice Texas lad, the Mexican government was 
receptive. This they were not because they liked the Anglos, but because they hoped that these more durable 
Americans would act as a buffer zone and thus protect the territory behind them for the Mexican settlers to 
expand upon. 

Moses Austin soon died after the initial application, but his son carried on and the Anglo-Celts, Anglo-Saxons, 
and Anglo-Americans were indeed tough, and a more durable breed. When the new settlers were offered tracts 
of one site of legua (4428 acres) of good land at 12-1/2 cents an acre, the rush was on. The first wave came 
from the Trans-Appalachian South - Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri. The main motive 
was economic improvement - an opportunity to own and settle on good land at approximately one-tenth the 
going price in the United States. First came the farmers and hardy frontiersmen, soon followed by merchants, 
lawyers and townsmen. By 1825 his original 300 patents were used up and Austin applied for more. In the next 
ten years Austin succeeded in locating more than 1500 families. But he was not the only Empressario. There 
were soon 25 more, although none as successful as Austin. In a single decade these White Americans had more 
children, raised more crops and built more towns than the Spaniards had in the previous three hundred years. 

Although these American frontiersmen were subjects of the Mexican government and had to "profess' to 
Catholicism in order to obtain the patents to their land, they brought with them their European culture and 
American ideas of freedom. As such they were soon on a collision course with the chaotic and ever-changing 
Mexican government, who by 1830 began to view the Anglos with hatred, envy and fear. Further Immigration 
of Americans from the north to Texas was restricted, and whereas the early settlers had enjoyed almost 
unlimited freedom from taxation and Mexican government bureaucracy, now they became subjected to both. 
Nevertheless, the White Anglo settlers from the American north and east kept on coming in ever increasing 
numbers. A rebellion and a racial war was inevitable and it was soon to come. 

Not only were the White settlers faced with the hostility of the Mexican nation of whose territory they were a 
part, but the depredations and hit and run raids from the war-like tribes on horseback to the north and west kept 
increasing. Whereas the Austin colony had settled in an area that had only a scattering of unwarlike Indians, as 
the numbers of White settlers increased so did the repeated raids from the fierce Comanches, Lipans, Apaches, 
Karankawas and other Indian warriors on horseback. Stephen F. Austin early in the settlement had organized 
"companies of ranging volunteers" that were soon to become the notorious Texas Rangers, the scourge of the 
Indians and the Mexicans, the latter calling them the "Diablos Tejano," the Texan devils. 

A three cornered racial war was facing the ever expanding White settlers, between the Indians, the Mexicans 
and the late arriving White settlers. It was a war that was to continue for more than sixty years. 

It Is not our intent here, nor do we have the space, to give even a concise resume of the colorful history of Texas 

In the nineteenth century. Suffice it to say that by 1835 the independent, freedom-loving White Texans had had 
enough and were ready to revolt against the Mexican tyranny. This culminated in the thunderclap at the Alamo 
when the then President and General of the armies, Santa Anna marched north and decided to teach these 
Americanos a lesson they would never forget. After 13 days of siege, on March 5, 1836, Santa Anna and his 
5000 regulars stormed the walls of the improvised fortress and within a matter of a few hours it was all over. 
The 182 heroic defenders of the Alamo were all slaughtered and mutilated beyond recognition. But the 
Mexicans had won only a Pyrrhic victory at best, and the Americans exacted a heavy toll of at least 1600 dead 
Mexicans and more than 500 wounded, and it was here that the legend of the Diablos Tejanos was spawned. 

The shock-waves of the Alamo spread terror throughout Texas and sent the American colonists fleeing eastward 
with their families, as Santa Anna, despite his heavy losses, was determined to wipe out every last Americano 
In Texas. 

Soon thereafter Sam Houston was given charge of a rag-tag army of 800 volunteers by the then interim 
government of President David C. Burnett, who headed up a sorely divided cabinet. Houston, too, kept 
retreating eastward, gaining additional volunteers as he went. Some of his men began grumbling that he, 
Houston was afraid to fight, but Houston consulted no one and kept his counsel to himself Then, at the 
appropriate moment on the afternoon of April 21, Houston attacked. While Santa Anna's army was camped at 
the San Jacinto bayou only a mile from the Americans, and enjoying an afternoon siesta, Houston launched his 
attack on the surprised Mexicans. 

The shout Remember the Alamo! went up as the Americans ran screaming at the disorganized Mexicans. It 
was all over in about 18 minutes and the carnage that ensued was indescribable. By nightfall 630 Mexican 
corpses lay scattered in clumps across the grassy field, with more than 200 wounded, as the disoriented 
Mexican remnants surrendered. The Americans had lost only two killed in action, with about 30 wounded, of 
whom seven more would die later. 

General and Presidente Santa Anna had fled, but was captured the next day, disguised in a private's uniform. 

As the news of San Jacinto spread, great cheering went up all over Texas and the pioneers and their families 
returned to their farms. Houston had not only won a most decisive battle in the history of the White Race, but he 
had also Won the West. Texas had won its independence. 

Nevertheless, the three-cornered racial battle between the Indians, the Mexicans and the White Texan settlers 
continued. The hit-and-run marauding raids by the fiercest Indians on horseback in North America - the 
Comanches, the Lipans, the Apaches, the Karankawas - not only continued but increased In Intensity. So also 
did the intensity of the hatred of the Mexicans, now that they had lost Texas. The United States government in 
Washington took a strictly hands-off policy and was of no help. They had made a treaty with Mexico in 1819 in 
which they conceded Texas was Mexican territory. Although the new Republic of Texas wanted to join the 
United States, the festering slave issue, the eastern bankers and politicians rejected their White brothers who 
had conquered Texas by sheer blood, guts and colonization. 

The White colonists carried on. They formed an independent Republic. The hero of San Jacinto, Sam Houston 
was its first president, limited by the new constitution to a two-year term. The Indian raids increased. The new 
Republic was bankrupt and badly in need of not only money, but material goods of every kind. It could not 
afford a regular army. Having spent three years of his youth among the Cherokee Indians, Houston had a soft 
spot in his head about the Indian attacks. Houston was succeeded by Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, also a hero 

of San Jacinto, as president of the Republic in 1838. 

Unlike Houston, Lamar had no soft spot or illusions about the racial war that freed the colonists. He faced the 
reality: Texas had to fend for itself Rejecting the hypocrisy of the bleeding hearts of the North, Lamar took a 
forthright stand on the racial problems that confronted him, a stand that was strongly supported by the colonists 
themselves. As far as the Mexicans were concerned, he advocated the Mexican government should be given a 
final chance to negotiate a boundary and peace with Texas. If they did not, the Mexicans should be brought to 
their senses by knocking them to their knees. As far as the Indians were concerned, he considered them as 
merely trespassing red vermin on Texas soil. In this outlook, Lamar invented nothing new. The notion that these 
savages were tenants at will, without inherent title to American soil, and the White Man might dispossess them 
without formal legal action, was already firmly imbedded in American thought that had already acquired the 
legitimacy of two hundred years of history. 

Lamar stated bluntly that the Indians, the Mexicans and the White Man could never live peacefully in 
the same territory. "Nature forbids it." He revived the Texas Rangers and inaugurated a firm policy of 
driving all the Indians and Mexicans out of Texas, a policy eagerly supported by the majority of the White 
Texans. Not only was it his objective to drive out the more peaceful Cherokees living on Texas soil, but it 
became governmental policy to pursue and destroy the more warlike Indians who made repeated forays from 
the north and the west. The attitude of the Texas settlers was to exterminate all Indians, that the only good 
Indian was a dead Indian. They called them red vermin, red niggers, and realized that their farms and 
settlements would never be safe until the Indian menace was completely destroyed once and for all. 

From its very beginning, the Texas Republic had been campaigning for annexation into the United States, only 
to be spurned by such abolitionists as John Quincy Adams and other eastern anti-slavery advocates. When, in 
1844, James K. Polk was elected president, a new hero entered the arena in Washington. Polk favored American 
expansion "from sea to shining sea" and in late December of 1845 the aspiration of most Texans was realized. 
Texas became a state of the Union, much to the relief of its inhabitants. 

By this time, the Mexican threat on Texas' southern borders had become more abrasive and the Texas financial 
situation was in chaos. Soon after annexation, the United States, under President Polk, declared war against 
Mexico. In the ensuing war, 1846-48, the White Americans thoroughly trounced the Mestizo Mexicans on their 
home territory, although the White Man was repeatedly outnumbered in men and artillery in every battle. The 
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war, and President Polk, whom we Creators regard as the greatest of 
American presidents, gained for the White Man the western third of the United States, Including California, 
Arizona, New Mexico and other territories, as well as assuring the security of Texas. 

President Polk died (1849) shortly after then end of his one term. After the war with Mexico, in which the Texas 
Rangers played a heroic and significant part, the people of Texas re-assessed their situation. Instead of the 
government helping to protect the White colonists from the marauding Mexicans south of the Rio Grande and 
from the fierce Indian raids from the west and north, the policy of the Feds in Washington was to do neither. 
The government in Washington, in fact, made the slavery issue its main preoccupation, and since Texas was a 
slave state, Texas was looked upon with disfavor. It made arrangements for Indian reservations on Texas 
territory, and forbade Federal troops from pursuing Mexican raiders across the Rio Grande. Meanwhile, the 
Texans and the Texas Rangers beefed up their own limited forces, wondering all the while whose side their 
"new" government was on. 

This abrasive situation continued for another 13 years. For 30 years the Jews, the Rothschilds, and the eastern 
bankers had fomented a virulent campaign of hatred against the slave-owning southern states. The Jews were 
now orchestrating one of the most notorious and successful examples of their "Divide and Conquer" techniques, 
the North against the South. After a whole generation of detailed planning, conniving and conspiring, they 
found a most willing spokesman to lead their assault. Shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected, the Civil War 
broke out in April of 1861. As planned, it proved to be the most tragic, destructive and insane war in American 
history. It devastated the South, including Texas, and changed forever the mentality of the White Race. 

Although only a small portion of the war took place on Texas soil, nevertheless the Texans contributed heavily 
to its efforts and incurred disastrous losses in men killed and wounded. When it was over, Texas, along with the 
other Southern states, became occupied territory, occupied by a hostile, hateful, Jew-controlled Federal 
government. On June 19, 1865, General Gordon Granger of the Union Army landed in Texas. Some 52,000 
bluecoats were sent to the border (southern) area alone, to rule, humiliate and tyrannize the White population. 
Their Texan former government was declared null and void, their plantations and farms were devastated. The 
niggers, of which there were now 200,000 in Texas, ran rampant. Although these niggers were illiterate, dumb 
and savage, they, along with the northern carpet baggers became the electorate and the rulers. Texas was now 
under military rule, whether they liked it or not. Niggers now terrorized cities such as Victoria, burned down 
some towns such as Brenham. The Union troops jeeringly stood by and condoned such atrocities. The White 
Texans, it seemed were now helpless to defend themselves and were ruled by the most vicious and hateful 
enemies - the niggers and the Jew controlled JOG, the Jewish Occupational Government. 

For nine years these stalwart Texans endured these humiliations, atrocities and thievery of their liberties and 
their properties. Then by 1873 they finally got their act together and having thoroughly learned their lesson of 
fraud, manipulation and chicanery from their oppressors, they finally ousted JOG's tyrannical Governor E.J. 
Davis, and replaced him with their own man, Richard Coke, although they had to break down the door of the 
Governor's office to do so. They also now replaced the legislature with members of the former rebel army, they 
abolished the dreaded "state police" of the JOG, and wrote themselves a new constitution. 

One of the notable features of this new constitution was its limitations of powers of the government. The 
Texans had learned a hard lesson and they instinctively distrusted government, all government. They now no 
longer looked to government and what it could do for them, but agonizingly realized what government could do 
to them. The powers of the governor of Texas were now one of the weakest in the country. 

The Indian and the Mexican problems were still very real in this badly devastated state. The Indian raids, severe 
during the war, continued with increased fury after the surrender of the Confederates. From 1865 to Aug. 5, 
1867, reports from county judges show that 163 persons were killed by Indians, 43 carried away into captivity. 
In this matter, too, the Texans took a firm hand. They reinvigorated their Texas Rangers, and under the capable 
leadership of Colonel Randal Mackenzie on the western frontier with 1000 Rangers in command of the Frontier 
Battalion, he destroyed the Indian tribes, using the tactics of hot pursuit wherever it would lead. They organized 
a Ranger Special Force on the Rio Grande under the leadership of the famous Leander H. McNelly to bring the 
Mexican depredations to a halt on that frontier. 

By 1880, these heroic Texas Rangers had done their job and done it well. The last settler had been killed by 
Indians and the last Indian shot by the Texas Rangers. The frontier was secure. 

We now come to analyze the situation as it exists today in Texas, and in the United States. 

The Civil War put the Jews and their money power in flagrant control in Washington and in the state Capitals. 
They have remained in power ever since, the sinister and hidden enemy of not only the Southern Whites, but all 
White people. They have been diabolically clever in using their vast financial resources to expand that power 
and to enslave the White Race all over the world, using the White Race itself as a tool in their vicious technique 
of Divide and Conquer. 

Today our main enemy is still JOG, and not much has changed, except now the Indians and the Mexicans are 
not our only threat. Now the Mexican horde has been increased to fiood proportions, but it has also been 
augmented with Cubans, Haitians, Hindus, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese and hordes of other alien mud races. 
Like the situation in Texas a century ago, JOG is doing nothing to stop the invasion. On the contrary it has 
opened the doors wide and is encouraging the mud fiood, rewarding it with welfare and subsidization after these 
parasites get here. All this at the White Mans expense, and aimed at the destruction of the White Race. 

What can we do about it? What can we learn from the Texans who cleansed the muds out of their territory by 

1. The first thing we can learn is that the cleansing action, heroic as it was then, was not permanent. Today there 
are more Mexicans in Texas, (as well as California, Arizona, New Mexico and other states) than there were in 
Mexico a century ago. And they are still coming in droves. 

2. The reason we have not stopped the mud flood is because the White Race has never gotten their act together 
to extirpate the real cause - the Jewish virus which was the cause of the Civil War, and a host of other wars 
(W.W. I, W.W. II), all of which have been devastating to the White Race. 

3. The reason we, the White Race, have succumbed to the deadly Jewish virus is because of our blindly clinging 
to the destructive Jewish mind-scrambler, namely Christianity, which teaches us that we must love our enemies, 
and that the Jews are Gods chosen. 

4. The solution is what the C.O.T.C. has advocated repeatedly: we need a racial religion of our own, based on 
reality and the survival, expansion and advancement of our own kind. With Creativity we now have such a 
religion, one around which we can now rally the total White Race and cleanse the world of the expanding mud 
races with the same zeal and determination as the Texas Rangers did in the last century. 

Issue No. 77 - January 1992 

Lessons We Can Learn from the David Duke Campaign 

1. The most important fact emerging from the Duke campaign in Louisiana is that the racial issue is now on the 
front burner in politics and every other field, and overshadows all other issues on the present day political, 
cultural, economic and every other arena of endeavor. It is not confined to Louisiana, or the South, nor even the 
United States. It is now the dominant issue on a worldwide scale. 

Nor is it anything new, nor something innovated by David Duke. It has been there, simmering ominously for a 
long, long time, even long before the Civil War, or even Columbus discovery of America. What is new is that it 
is being openly debated and entering the field of politics with gusto. Words and phrases that the Jewish 
newsmedia defined as not "P.C (politically correct) are now being bandied back and forth by Jewish 
commentators, nigger news writers and politicians, and even by most of the more timid White politicians, 
commentators and reporters. 

2. David Duke did not set this phenomena in motion. As I said before, it has been brewing for a long, long time. 
Ronald Reagan during his mediocre term began to bring it more into public consciousness with his opposition 
to quota bills. President Bush went a step further when he turned his 1988 lackluster campaign around, coming 
from behind by using the Willie Horton case as a major issue, which his opponents charged was a racist tactic. 
The fact is, it was, and certainly helped him in coming up from behind to win the presidential race. 

3. Duke was far from being the ideal candidate in representing the White racial position. I have never once 
heard him mention the Jewish tyranny as an issue of debate. Furthermore, he also had too many skeletons in his 
own closet, besides his past connection with the K.K.K. and Nazi groups. His moral and private life leave much 
to be desired and had he won, his enemies would certainly have eagerly aired them out in public. Nevertheless, 
although his past was well known, the overwhelming fact is that he still won 55% of the White vote, a very, 
very significant fact. Actually, this is what the Jewish press admits, but the real figures may even be 
considerably higher. This is what the White people voted, despite denunciations from the churches, from the 
(Jewish) business community, arid even from the President of the United States himself His own party, the 
Republican Party, also disclaimed him. 

The fact that even though he only mildly represented the White racist position, it was still the key issue in the 
campaign, and his financial help came from not only the voters in Louisiana, but from all over the United 
States. This indicates more strongly than ever that the country (and the world) is ready for a racial showdown: 
The war is now on, the White Race vs. the mud races, an issue we, the Church of the Creator, have been 
preaching and promoting vehemently for nearly 20 years. 

4. On the other hand, the niggers, unlike the White voters, strictly practiced racial loyalty. They voted 96% for 
Edwin Edwards, and it is the niggers that voted him in. So we had a strictly racial polarization, with the 
majority of the White people voting for a White candidate, and the overwhelming majority of the niggers 
voting for the Jew-nigger contingent. In future campaigns, it should be thoroughly emphasized - one 
candidate is the nigger's candidate, the other one is the White Man's candidate. We must polarize each contest 
to the hilt. 

5. We, the COTC do not claim to have invented this issue. Nature has ordained it since the beginning of time - 
the segregation of the species, and woe betide any species that would dare violate her laws. What we have done, 
however, is marshaled the obvious facts and structured them into a consistent, orderly and comprehensive code 

and religion, the first such Racial Religion in 6000 years of civilized history. We have raised the virtue of White 
Racial Loyalty to its highest peak in all history, while at the same time exposing the idiotic obsession by our 
people of worshipping non-existent Jewish spooks in the sky, especially that of a mythical Jewish bastard. We 
want to revolutionize an insane frame of mind that has deranged and scrambled the brains of the White Race for 
the last 1900 years. 

6. In order that we get the Jewish tyrant and monster off our back, it Is absolutely imperative that we, the White 
Race, get control of our own destiny. This we can do only if we gain control of our government here in the 
United States, and in every other White country. The road to such attainment must be to build a strong, well 
organized, well financed and all-pervasive White power structure, one which is inherently religious in its 
zeal, political in its drive, and racial at its core. When we do this (and we are well on our way) there is 
nothing in the world that can stop us, not the Jews, not the niggers, not JOG nor any other power on the face of 
this planet. 

Some Other Observations 

(a) Although running a political candidate under the umbrella of the COTC is slightly premature, we should 
whenever a highly desirable candidate emerges and is ready, willing and able, start testing the waters and get 
into the swim. Although I do not believe David Duke is by any means our best standard bearer, nevertheless, I 
was begging and hoping he would win. It would have encouraged (and still will, even though he lost) other 
White candidates to do likewise and run on the racial issue. I cannot understand why Tom Metzger came out 
at the last minute and denounced him. What possible motive could this serve In the Interests of the White Race? 
However, this is by no means the end of this issue, only the beginning. 

(b) Racial strife and tensions are building up and running high all over the world. Skinheads in Germany are 
burning down the houses of the muds, even killing them, and the muds are fleeing for their lives. France is 
shipping out the muddy Algerians. Pamyat is active in Russia, and the Jews are fleeing that country in large 
numbers, a once great country they have assiduously worked to destroy and leave in shambles. Canada, 
Sweden, Australia, England, the Netherlands and in fact about every White country in the world is becoming 
race conscious and aware of our great White heritage. RAHOWA! and more power to them. 

(c) in the campaigns of the future, unlike David Duke, we must be more explicit, more strident, more militant; 
and Instead of merely talking about quotas, affirmative action, welfare parasites, we must move into the next 
phase with gusto and talk more incisively about the Jewish tyrants and their program to mongrelize and destroy 
the White Race. We must expose the Federal Reserve Board and the corrupt Jewish counterfeiting ring that it is. 
We must talk about expanding our own numbers and territory and driving out the mud races from our lands as 
did the early Texans in the Nineteen Century (see R.L. No. 75). 

(d) Finally, we must face the fact that for the White Race to pursue Its program for survival, the time might 
soon come when we will be forced to implement Articles 7 and 8 of Creative Credo No. 64 (see page 401 of the 
White Man's Bible). Let us make sure we are prepared should such an emergency be forced upon us as a last 
resort. Let us never be caught in the disastrous position the Arabs in Palestine find themselves, where the Jews 
have all of the Uzi machine guns and the Arabs have nothing but rocks to throw back. Never, never, never give 
up your guns. 

(e) In this last resort scenario, we welcome letters, literature, suggestions and advice from any and all our 
supporters as to how we can best prepare ourselves for self-defense and in Implementing Articles 7 and 8 as a 
last resort, should It become necessary. 

(f) In the meantime, recruit, distribute our literature, and organize to the hilt. Let us make hay while the 
sun shines, for time is running out. DELENDA EST JUDAICA! 

Issue No. 78 - February 1992 

What is the Matter with being a Racist? 

In their long and depraved history, the Jews have launched and promoted any number of evil and destructive 
movements and ideas. To name a few - Judaism, Christianity, Communism, the United Nations, race mixing 
and the program of the White Race feeding and subsidizing all the scum and mud races of the world. There are 
dozens more, such as the French Revolution, but we will not pursue the list of evils that were conceived and 
promoted by the Jewish network over the last 5000 years. 

In promoting any and all of these movements their key weapons always have been, and still are, propaganda, 
lies and deception. The main trick is to hold up false images - make the evil seem good, and make the healthy 
and salubrious seem evil. An example of the former could be communism, and an example of the latter would 
well be exemplified of the evil image they have built up about the genius of the greatest leader the White Race 
has ever had, namely Adolf Hitler. They have used this same technique in selling communism to the Russians 
and the world, in selling Christianity to the Romans, and race-mixing to the Americans of today. All these ideas 
and movements were (and are) built on lies being repeated over and over again until the unthinking yokel 
finally accepts them as being a self-evident truth {such as all men are created equal). They hammer away at the 
same goddamn set of lies endlessly and relentlessly until they have enough believers to build their evil 
movements. The technique consists mostly of building up a stable of epithets, which, when once established 
firmly enough, all the Yids need to do is hurl them at their enemies and no substantiation or argument is further 
needed. The Christians used this technique, it was used by the Communists, it is used by the race-mixers of 
today. The Christians built up such epithets as "pagan," "anti-Christ," "sinner" and a host of others. 
Communism's main target was the word "capitalisf (which would describe any competent man of intelligence 
and achievement). The source of most of these convoluted ideas originated out of the Jewish New Testament, 
first conceived by Pharisee Jew Saul of Tarsus. Remember the Sermon on the Mount? Or the story of Lazarus 
and the Rich Man? 

Today we want to more closely examine the word "racist," a description the Jewish press and network considers 
as one of the most evil and despicable words in the English language. To be a racist is to be evil per se, and 
since we Creators openly declare that our race is our religion and we are proud to be racists, according to the 
Jewish mind-set we are all evil, just as Jewish Christianity deems all people are sinners and automatically evil 
from the day they were born. "Racisf and "racism" is indeed the Jew's favorite epithet and they will throw it at 
anybody and everybody who doesn't love the niggers and the Jews. In fact, it is also used as a cudgel against 
any one who is proud to be White. 

There are a number of flaws in most of the deceptive epithets the Jews have built up to fire mortar shells at their 
enemies, but none of the flaws are as glaring as their invention of the racist epithet. 

The most glaring flaw in this whole racist hocus-pocus is the fraudulent and two-faced nature of this hoax. It is 
great to be racist if the niggers practice it. For Instance, Martin Lucifer Koon was a great man (according to the 
Jewish press) because he was so vociferously pro-nigger. Hitler was the most evil creature that ever lived 
because he was for his people, the White Race. The Jews are just wonderful people, God's Chosen, and in fact, 
because they claim they are pro- Jew and pro-Israel, even though they may be American citizens and never have 
set foot in Israel, they are, in fact, the most fanatic racists of all. The Arabs are evil racists if they are pro- Arab, 
but the dumb American Indians are heroes if they are pro-Indian and anti -American, anti -White or anti 
everything else. And so it goes. Pro-nigger, pro- Jew, pro-mud racism is good racism. Pro-White racism is evil, 
evil, evil. 

Why the double standard? It is so obvious, so inconsistent and contradictory that any simple child can see 
through it, and unlike most of their clever deceptions, this "racism" epithet, although millions and billions are 
being spent by the Jewish establishment to promote it, nevertheless, it isn't selling too well. Although the Jews 
are using every means at their disposal, television ads, commercial newspaper ads (there is always a nigger in 
the middle of every clothing ad) and even government enforcement (housing laws, affirmative action and a 
dozen others), the White people are not buying the race-mixing garbage. Not only is it not selling, it is 
beginning to backfire and being used as an ever more powerful weapon by the White Race. Even the politicians 
(horrors!) are getting into the act, (mildly) as witness the recent David Duke foray in Louisiana. 

The fact is Race is the most prominent and powerful issue in the world today. Never have so many millions 
of people become as race conscious as they are today, and this is what scares the hell out of the Jews in their 
present world predicament. The reason the Jews have spent so much time, money and energy (even long before 
Hitler was ever heard from) to denounce racism" is because they themselves are the most fanatically race 
conscious people in history and they have long realized what a powerful, cohesive force it can be if properly 
organized. In fact, Judaism is nothing more or nothing less than a pro- Jew racial religion, and it has been and is 
today the Jews' religious loyalty to their race that has enabled them to become the world-masters and super- 
tyrants of mankind that they are today. 

They also realize and have realized for centuries that racism inherent in and combined with religion is 
the most powerful motivator and world-mover of all. That is why they are scared spitless of Creativity. 

They realize full well (much more so than the White people) what a powerful and world embracing force is 
inherent in the White Man's first totally racial religion, a religion that is clear, consistent, coherent and 
comprehensive, a religion that is specially designed for the survival, expansion and advancement of Nature's 
Finest, Nature's most intelligent and creative creature In all history. Yes, the Jews have excellent reason to 
shiver in their boots. 

Creativity is thoroughly racist, a characteristic of which any man or woman can be intensely proud. I am proud 
to be a racist. The opposite of a racist is a traitor to their race. A racial traitor in our lexicon is the most 
despicable and repugnant miscreant in Nature's realm. 

Yes. I am proud to be a racist. Anyone who is not, is a racial traitor. So let us march forward under the banner 
of Creativity, expand and advance the potentials of Nature's Finest until we have built that Whiter and 
Brighter World in totality for which mankind has been striving not only for centuries, but for millenniums. 

In order that we achieve this noble goal we must first expose all the deceptive Jewish shibboleths and epithets 
and replace them with our own great creative and powerful ideas. 

It is a war for the minds of men, and especially for the mind of the White Man. It is a war we are winning, a war 
that will expose and destroy the most vicious and deceptive parasite the world has ever known. Delenda est 
Judaica! RAHOWA! 

Issue No. 79 -March 1992 


Basically, its objective is for the Jewish Gulag Archipelago to encircle the globe with universal poverty and 
tyranny shared by all. 

When George Bushwhacker Bush was scheduled to make his State of the Union speech last January 28, he had 
a tough nut to crack. The establishment media realized that he had to come up with the speech of his life to save 
his crumbling presidency what with election year coming up. The economy was in ruins. Companies, large and 
small, were going bankrupt. Companies were laying off workers by the tens of thousands. Despite extending 
"benefits' (dole) for the second time within the last few months, people were destitute. The unemployment 
figures were skyrocketing. Our national debt was mounting by the hundreds of billions. The country was (and 
is) in a dilemma worse than the Great Depression, with this one major exception - we are never again to return 
to normal, and the Jews have planned it that way. 

Undaunted, Old Bushwhacker George stepped up to the rostrum to the repeated cheers of his Republican and 
Democratic lackeys, acted as if everything was coming round the bend and lied his way through what some 
pundits even applauded as a great speech. 

What did he say? He said nothing new. He was proceeding in lock step with the Jewish plan of the New World 
Order which he had already touted in a major speech last year. He even bragged that it had been the United 
States, our persistence in fighting the Cold War against Communism that had destroyed Communism. We had 
fought in Korea. We had fought in Vietnam. Last but not least, we had fought in the glorious Gulf War and 
smashed Iraq back to the rubble of the stone age. Weren't we great? And the long suffering tax payer who had 
paid for all these glorious wars was finally to get kudos for having put up with it all for so long. 

But the Bushwhacker was lying through his teeth throughout the deceptive tirade. The United States, under the 
control of the Jewish network has never fought Communism. On the contrary, ever since the November 
Revolution of 1917 when the Jewish Communists took control of the unfortunate and misguided Russian 
people, the American policy has aided and abetted that Jewish swindle every step of the way. If we really had 
wanted Communism destroyed, all we had to do was nothing and it would have rotted Into oblivion a long time 
ago. If we really had wanted this Jewish pestilence wiped out, Adolf Hitler and the Germans would have given 
it the final death knell in the early 1940's. 

But no. Roosevelt and his gang of Jewish criminals moved heaven and earth to get us into that war to save 
Communism and to save Jewish control of the world. Not only did we save the Commies' neck, but we 
immediately shipped 13 billion dollars worth of goodies, refrigerators, tractors, technical machinery, and even 
the secrets of producing the atomic bomb to Russia even before (and after) World War II was over. Korea did 
nothing to impede communism. Neither did Vietnam nor the Gulf War, nor the numerous covert CIA activities 
in practically every part of the world. On the contrary, every action we took, every hundred billion we spent 
overtly or covertly helped to expand Jewish Communist control. 

Despite all our efforts. Communism has dismally failed and broken down of its own insane rottenness, no 
thanks to America. It is now a dead horse abysmally exposed for the foul, rotten Jewish tyranny that it always 
was and is. But the Jewish program of world slavery under its control has not changed. Only the name has been 

changed to confuse the gullible and the cowards. The program itself remains constant - and that is to suck the 
whole world into this catastrophe. Only now we will call it the New World Order, and instead of it being run 
out of Moscow, it will now be directed out of Washington, New York and Israel. The American people who 
have had to finance most of this sorry mess are now to become poverty stricken slaves, just like the rest of the 
Third World countries, and beaten down to their miserable level. 

There is nothing new about the New Order. It is as old as the Jewish conspiracy itself which has its roots 
in the Talmud, the Old Testament and the Protocols of the Elders ofZion. 

Think about it. What is the most vicious, the most heinous, the most dastardly crime our enemies, the Tribe of 
Judah, could possibly perpetrate on Nature's Finest, the Illustrious White Race? Would it be extinction? Would 
it be enslavement? Would it be mongrelization? 

The answer Is, yes. It would be all of these horrible catastrophes and more. Added to this horrendous list would 
also be the shame, the torture, the humiliation, the filth to which we would be subjected, and worst of all, the 
irreversible poisoning of our precious White gene pool. Our striving and the building of that illustrious gene 
pool by our noble ancestors over the millions of years would be thrown into the dung heap and admixed with 
that of the filthy niggers and sub-human animals. Our glorious history would be calumniated and defiled, 
ridiculed and dragged into the filthy mire of the lowliest Hottentot and African aborigines, a shameful process 
that would be even beyond the basest scum as witnessed in Haiti and other sub-human mires of degradation. 
Think about it again! Is this the kind of world you want to leave your children and grandchildren? Your future 
progeny ten generations down the line? Fifty, one hundred generations into the future? 

We Creators say not by a goddamnsite, if we can help it! 

Let us take a sober and realistic look at what we are faced with today. In the last decade of the Twentieth 
Century. After Bushwhacker George Bush lured Saddam Hussein into attacking a two-bit penny-ante country 
the size of a postage stamp into invading Kuwait, he and the Jewish press had the necessary pretext to declare 
war on Iraq and bomb it into rubble. Why should he want to do that? To defend the United States? Lets not be 
silly, a fifteenth rate country like Iraq, nine thousand miles distant from our shores, was not of the slightest of 
threats to our (American) security. So why did he commit 450,000 troops, an endless array of tanks, battleships, 
planes, missiles and all the other accoutrements of destruction to the desert sand of Saudi Arabia in order to 
smash Iraq? The answer to that question is simple as hell. He did it not to protect our homeland, not to 
protect our oil supply, but he did it to protect the sleazy, slimy, sump hole of the world that is the home of 
the world's most pernicious parasite. He did it on the orders of his Jewish overlords, in order to smash an 
Immediate and nearby threat to Israel. And smash Iraq he and the Jewish overlords did, in the process killing 
some 300,000 Iraqi men, women and children. 

For this traitorous act of cowardly accommodation to the Jews, Bushwhacker Bush was acclaimed a great hero 
deserving re-election in 1991, and "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf the greatest military strategist since 
Hannibal. The fact is that the outcome was inevitable and one sided as a gang of a thousand bullies beating up 
on a small troop of boy scouts. It required no great genius, nor were there any heroics involved. 

Nor was there any surprise involved, either in the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, nor by the massive smashing of 
Iraq's military and Infrastructure by our 220,000 sorties of blasting bombers. As I have shown in considerable 

detail back in December of 1990 in R.L. No. 66, the operation was deliberately planned a full 18 months in 
advance in the secret enclaves of Fort McPherson, Georgia. It was headed by chief planner Lt. Gen. John 
Yeosock, who, in turn, was under the orders and supervision of the Jewish network, who master-minded the 
whole operation. 

Being overwhelmed by all the Jewish adulation, the Bushwhacker began to believe all this heroic hogwash. He 
began to feel like a world leader and began to talk of the New World Order, with himself as the dictator of 
course. So let us take a closer look at what he and his Jewish cohorts are talking about. After all, he is at least 
nominally the president of the world's most powerful and affluent nation and the commander in chief of the 
worlds largest and most sophisticated military establishment. In fact, the United States, now that the Soviet 
Union is rapidly falling apart, is the only super power left in this rapidly deteriorating world. 

So what does Bush have in mind when he talks about the "New Order?" What he and his Jewish cohorts have in 
mind bodes ill for mankind, and especially for the White Race. The New Order is neither new nor will it be 
orderly. The plans and the outlines for the new order are as old as the hills, and for the perceptive historian its 
details can be fleshed out from reading Deuteronomy, Numbers, Joshua and all the rest of the Jewish tripe in the 
"slay 'em and rob 'em" stories of the Old Testament. It can be further amplified and detailed by studying the 
Talmud and further brought into more modern focus by reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It is a 
Jewish program of mass genocide, of slavery, of torture and horror. The gruesome goals of such torture and 
beastliness can best be perceived by reading the last book in the Jewish Christian Bible - namely the splenetic 
ghastliness of "The Revelation." (See Part X oi Revolution of Values Page 188, "Revelation, a Jewish 
Nightmare in Technicolor.") 

There is no great secret about what the Jews have in mind for us in their "New Order." In fact, the details are 
already abundantly visible for those who will look reality in the face. Let us take it step by step. 

1. Here is the kind of humanity the Jews have in mind for us goyim. In fact, they have built a model statue of 
such In the United Nations building in New York, and is photographed on Page 70 of the book The United 
Nations ' Blueprint for Peace. He is called the UNESCO Brown Man and is supposed to be a composite of all 
the mud races of the world. He is faceless, nationless, homeless, characterless, a brown slob utterly detached of 
any history or heritage. Unlike the picture shown, the slob will also be ugly, short and dumpy, a deformed and 
grotesque caricature of what used to be "Natures' s Finest." 

2. The White Race, per se, is the number one target of all that the Jews hate, fear and despise. Their greatest 
efforts are now, and have been since the days of the Egyptians, to mongrelize and utterly destroy the White 
Race. We saw it In the wanton slaughter of the White Russians when the Jews ran rampant during the Russian 
Revolution they themselves organized. (They utterly murdered between 20 and 30 million White Russians.) We 
saw it happen a century and a half earlier when they guillotined the French nobility and pursued their strategy of 
"always kill the best first." We saw it again In the mass bombing and slaughter of the Germans in the 
firebombing of Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and hundreds of other German cities during World War II. We are 
seeing it in the emasculation of the White Male right here in America today. 

We could go on with dozens of other examples. The destruction of Rome through the poisonous virus of Jewish 
Christianity. The mongrelization of the exemplary Greek civilization 2500 years ago. The driving out of our 
W.R.C. from the continent of Africa. There is more, much more. 

3. The build-up of Israel and the subjugation of national powers and independence into the jurisdiction of the 

United Nations. Since the governmental powers of all nations are in the hands of the Jews (especially that of the 
United States) this is no problem for the Jews. They own the money, they own the newsmedia, they own the 
government. With all the key news centers of power in their hands, controlling the United Nations is a piece of 
cake. George Bush repeatedly referred to fulfilling the United Nations' Resolutions when he wanted to clobber 
Iraq back into the stone age, and did so with great impunity. Of course, it was not he who was calling the shots 
and making the decisions, but his Jewish overlords, but it made it look so universal as if the whole world was 
behind him, when actually a few key Jews in the Kehilla were really making each and every one of the 

Such is the nature of the coming New World Order. George Bush acts like he is really in control, or perhaps 
even believes that he is. He is of course, only a front, a Jewish stooge, and the Jewish Kehilla is calling the 
shots. If Georgie boy doesn't follow strict orders, he will quickly be replaced by the real operators. 

How can we, the White Race, fend off the coming disaster? The answer is to inform, arouse and organize the 
mightiest potential power on the face of the earth - the White Race - Nature's Finest and the best vehicle 
to organize around is a powerful racial religion. Join with us in promoting Creativity, recruiting new 
members and building a powerful steam roller to smash the Jewish menace once and for all. Your life and the 
future of your progeny depends on it. Act NOW! 

Issue No. 81 -June 1992 

Revolutionary Leadership 

Leadership, like fame, is an elusive and fleeting quantity. Some people have leadership thrust upon them, others 
train for it and struggle hard to obtain it, others are born to it. In this discourse we are interested how we, the 
COTC can obtain more and better leaders in our movement. We need thousands of leaders and millions of 

Leaders come in different shapes and categories. Some are financial leaders, some are best fitted to be political 
leaders, some are inspired to be religious leaders, some for organizational leadership. The categories are 

At this stage in our Creativity movement we are interested In every category of leadership, but basically we are 
interested in real revolutionary leadership, because, at this time in history we are In the middle of a major 
revolution, a complete and drastic revolution of values, a revolution so far reaching that it is undoubtedly the 
most significant event in 6000 years of civilized history. 

Yes, whether we like it or not, we are today engulfed in a major worldwide revolution that constitutes a major 
turning point in the history of the human race, and the outcome will either be a catastrophe of gigantic 
proportions or it will usher in a new age of greatness and well-being for the human race. Not only will the future 
course of the human race be drastically affected, but the global environment as well. It will depend on which 
side wins. If the evil forces led by the Jews are victorious, future humanity is doomed to tens of thousands of 
years of slavery, misery and bestiality, a situation from which there is no reversal and from which it can never 
recover. If, on the other hand, the White Race wins, led by the program and vision of the Church of the Creator, 
a bright and beautiful new world will emerge. It will be a world of grandeur and beauty, a world of continuing 
advancement, of cultural, economic and genetic well-being. The outcome, my dear White Racial Comrades, 
depends completely on how hard you struggle to bring about victory. 

James MacGregor Bums has written a book on Leadership, one in which he covers a dozen different types of 
leadership - political, executive, financial, religious and a variety of others. In Chapter 8, he examines 
Revolutionary Leadership, the topical subject we are herewith involved, because, believe me, what we are 
involved in in this latter part of the twentieth century is no parlor game. We are not playing musical chairs or 
ordinary politics. The revolution we have been hurled in to is the most cataclysmic in the history of mankind, 
and the outcome is so final it can never be reversed. Either our future progeny will be part of a hellish 
mongrelized mass of enslaved zombies, or they will have the great good fortune to be living in a Whiter and 
Brighter world that will be a wonder to behold. 

Here is how Burns describes a revolution. "In its broadest meaning revolution is a complete and pervasive 
transformation of an entire social system. It means the birth of a radical new ideology; the rise of a movement 
bent on transforming society on the basis of that ideology; overthrow of the established government; creation of 
anew political system; reconstruction of the economy, education, communications, law, medicine, and the 
confirmation and deification of a new leadership.... Rare is the revolutionary leader who helps initiate a 
revolution, lasts through the whole revolutionary cycle of struggle, victory, and consolidation of power, and 
directs the process of social transformation. " 

If we apply the above definition to the Creativity revolution to which we are committed, it fits our every 
category. We make no bones about it. We are and we intend to implement a radical new ideology and religion: 

we intend to build a bright new world that will be exclusively inhabited by Nature's Finest - the White Race. 
We intend to completely destroy and exterminate Jewish dominance of our government, of our finances and of 
our culture. We intend to wipe out the malignant Jew spawned religion of Christianity that has so plagued the 
mind and soul of the White Race for nearly two thousand years and replace it with a healthy and progressive 
racial religion structured for the best interests and needs of the White Race and exclusively for the White Race. 
We plan the creation of a new political system based on the Leadership Principle, not the present much-touted 
Jewish "democracy"; the reconstruction of the economy; of our educational system in which race and eugenics 
are paramount. We intend to revolutionize our system of law, medicine (Salubrious Living), communications 
and our whole ecological system of keeping this planet a cleaner and greener world, a world our future progeny 
can live in with the utmost of pride, enjoyment and health. 

Burns further states that "Of all the stages in a transforming revolution, the birth of the idea or vision that 
impels the revolution and its adoption by a decisive number of persons are probably the most crucial steps 
towards the transformation. " This is very true. For any revolution, movement or religion to come into being, it 
first must have a solid and comprehensive creed and program. This we have in Creativity, and do we ever! It is 
the most fully-structured, the most comprehensively detailed and clearly articulated creed and program any 
religion or movement has ever been given. It has been detailed to cover every phase and vital need relevant to 
the survival and well-being of the White Race. It is spelled out in at least twelve books and no stone has been 
left unturned to clearly state where we stand on every issue vital to our great race. Furthermore, it is based on 
two of the strongest emotional and motivational movers in history - it is based on race and religion. 

There have been any number of revolutions in history gone by, most of them minor, some of major Impact. 
Burns reviews four major revolutions, their leaders and their impact. We can learn something from each. 

1. Among these certainly Martin Luther (1483-1546) ranks high, although like practically every other 
revolution the impact of his "Reformation" did not bode well for the White Race per se. Nevertheless, the 
impact of what he did changed the course of history, although not necessarily for the better. 

It is interesting to note that Burns gives us a very low rating of Luther's leadership abilities. He says, "Few 
leaders would seem so ill suited for revolutionary leadership as Martin Luther, for he acted without party and 
organization; his strength lay in the collective strength of a following he hardly knew. " He points out that 
Luther for most of his life (he died at age 63) was a poor monk with no political base and an uncertain 
ecclesiastical one, had no military protection and was in frequent peril for his life and freedom. He was neither a 
trained philosopher nor a learned theologian. Yet he created a revolution that echoes into our time. Bums notes, 
however that he had an absolute fanatical conviction that carried almost everything before it, and he had the 
good fortune of living in an era ripe for ideological change. 

2. The French Revolution. 

In his treatise "A Real Case Against the Jews," Marcus Eli Ravage, himself a Jew, frankly states (p. 288 
W.M.B.) "We (the Jews) have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but nearly all your wars, 
not only the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history." Further on (p. 289) he states 
clearly that not only did they have a major hand in Luther's Protestant revolution, but "the three principal 
revolutions in modem times - the French, the American and the Russian." 

Ravage was boasting, but he was not lying. The French Revolution was a carefully planned and staged Jewish 
revolution. It was one of those revolutions that devoured its own instigators and they did not live to see the 
fruits of their labors. Some of these leaders were Goy, some (most) were Jews. A few of the more prominent 
leaders who were victims of the revolution they had helped to instigate were Reoeillon, Brissot, Danton, Marat 

and dozens of others, including thousands of lesser caliber. 

The real leaders and instigators of the French revolution were the Jacobins, a Jewish organization which later 
became the forerunner of the Communist Party in Russia. The real objective of the Jacobins was to behead and 
destroy the French nobility. "Always kill the best first," is the basic Jewish principle. This they did with a 
vengeance as they guillotined tens of thousands of those of the best in French leadership. The Napoleonic Wars 
that followed in the next twenty years killed other hundreds of thousands of the best France had to offer. The 
French nation has never recovered from this drastic blood letting instigated by the Jewish Jacobins, starting with 
the French Revolution. 

3 and 4. The Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. 

In his book. Burns treats the leadership and these two revolutions in considerable detail. However, I will not 
take the space, and rather make short shrift of them. 

Both were Communist revolutions based on Karl Marx's deceptive Jewish theories. The Russian revolution was 
aided and abetted in large part by American Jewish Capitalists such as Jacob Schiff of Kuehn, Loeb and Co. He 
donated 20 million dollars financing and training 3000 Jewish cutthroats under the tutelage of Leon Trotsky in 
Eastside New York. The Chinese revolution in large part was also aided and abetted by the American 
government itself when they sent George Marshall (of the Marshall Plan fame) over to China in 1949 to help 
Mao Tse-tung "negotiate" Chiang Kai-shek out of power and have Mao and his communist band of criminals 
take over. 

There are two parallel features about the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, besides them being instigated by 
Jewish communism and the American government. One aspect is that Lenin, a prominent leader of the Russian 
Revolution, lived long enough to reap the fruits of his labors to rule the take-over for a few years, (until he went 
insane and died in 1924), and Mao on the other hand ruled China for many years. The other common 
denominator is that In both revolutions the Jews succeeded beyond their wildest dreams their maxim of "kill the 
best first." in Russia it is estimated that somewhere between 20 and 30 million White Russians were murdered 
early in the take over, the same White Russians who had brought civilization and government to Russia some 
one thousand years earlier. In China it is estimated that at least 60 million of Mao's enemies were murdered 
during his bloody regime. 

There is one major revolution of modem times that author Burns fails to list among the four mentioned above, 
and that is Adolf Hitler's National Socialist revolution. This is rather strange, since it had an impact (at the 
time) that was equal to any in history. Perhaps because it was not as bloody as the French, the Russian and the 
Chinese Revolutions that Burns decided to omit it. Secondly, it was the only revolution that was not Jew led and 
inspired, and in contrast to the bloody revolutions was an extremely constructive revolution for the German 
people while it lasted. It was of course, as everyone knows, crushed by the worldwide Jewish powers, for to 
have left it to fiourish it would soon have meant the end of Jewish financial and tyrannical governmental powers 
throughout the rest of the world. Nevertheless it was a major revolution of the first magnitude and one from 
which we, the White people can learn much. 

And we have learned much from this heroic breakthrough against Jewish tyranny and treachery. Here are a few 
of the lessons we must take to heart. 

1. Rather than Nationalism as preached and practiced by the Nazis, we must instead unite all the White peoples 
of the world under one umbrella, as did Hitler with the Germans. 

2. Never again must White Men kill White Men, whether it be under the auspices of Nationalism, religion, 
language or any other divisive pretext. We must recognize our real enemies - the Jews and the mud races, then 
make common cause with all the White nations of the world and concentrate our political and military 
firepower against the real enemy. 

3. In order to unite the White peoples of the world we must realize our genetic values and dump overboard the 
Jewish Christian mind boggier that has plagued the White Race for nearly two thousand years and brought it to 
the edge of suicide. 

4. We must also unite the White people of the world under one language, namely Latin, and eliminate the 
three greatest divisional tools with which the Jews have manipulated us for too long, namely nationality, 
religion and language differences. 

Creativity has the answer. 

But time is running out on us. We must realize that the most deadly revolution of all time is now upon us and 
this time "killing the besf means killing or mongrelizing all of the White peoples on this Planet Earth - a goal 
the Jews are pursuing with a fanatic vengeance. So the commitment we must make is clear and imperative. We 
must organize the total White Race. We must train our leaders. We must have a prepared plan of action when 
the showdown comes - and it is coming in this decade. 

The need is overwhelming and the choice is clear. Either through cowardliness and negligence we accept the 
death of Nature's Finest, or we fight back and take over and inhabit all of Planet Earth. There is no choice in 
between. So make up your mind my dear White Racial Comrade, and spring into action. Creativity has the 
whole program laid out for you. Join with us now and save our future progeny from the fiendish hell the Jews 
have planned for us.