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him a unique place in the history of Telugu literature. 
An unbiassed student of Telugu literature does not fail to. 
perceive the great influence that his works have wrought 
upon the later poets such as Tikkana Somayaji, Bammera 
Potana and Srinatha, though Somanatha is more popularly 
known to be the fore-runner of a distinct and a separate 
school of Telugu Poets, who are now little known in the 
Telugu country. 

It is singularly unfortunate that the works of 
Palkuriki Somanatha have not received the attention and 
regard that they deserve from the Andhra people of the 
modern age, though the champions of 'Pragati Sahitya" 
owe a deep debt to him Very little is known about his. 
life, and his times and the Telugu literature is the poorer 
for this neglect on the part of the Andhra scholars. Sri 
Bandaru Thammiah, the well known scholar and 
research worker, has made a deep and searching study 
acbut this long-forgotten poet and has published several 
arMcles in the Telugu periodicals which have thrown a 
new light on the age of Somanatha and have evoked 
intefest in his works, which are^ now slowly seeing the 
light of day. He has now earned the gratitude of the 
reading public of the Andhra and the Karnataka by 
compiling an authentic and authoritative biography of 
Somanatha, which was hitherto an unwritten chapter in 
the history of Telugu literature. The scheme of this 
work, which is systematic and scientific, affords a model 
for tho'se who seek to write the lives of ancient poets. 
It embraces all aspects of the subject matter and leaves 
nothing to be desired. It is eminently useful for the 
students of Telugu literature as also for the Kannadigas, 
who know Somanatha through Bhima Kavi but as the 
author of "Basava Puranamu " and as a deified Sharana 
through Tontada Siddhalinga Kavi, The learned 
author has exhaustively dealt with several controversial 
points regarding Somanatha and has made authoritative 
pronouncements on them. He has made a scholarly 
and critical review of all the available works of the poet 

and has dealt with the notable characteristic features of 
his style, the diction, the prosody, the grammar and the 
like against the back ground of the then prevalent 
literary forms. He also enables his readers to_ have a 
peep into that past by touching upon the religious and 
social conditions of that age and has shown how the 
spirit of that age has found its expression in the works of 

The author wields a facile pen. The Telugu 
reading public is not unacquainted with the virile yet 
graceful and charming style of the author which is known 
tor its purity of diction, easy flow and artistic skill of no 
mean order His work is a valuable addition to the 
modern Telugu literature and I am sure it will evoke 
popular interest and enthusiasm in the works of this long 
forgotten poet, Somanatha I fervently hope that many 
such literary works will emerge from the powerful pen 
of this author and enrich Telugu literature. 


15-4-48 J „ M i..,-B.-L. 

Sabordinate ]ttdge- 
(The Madras Judicial Service). 

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r'&icissnv a. A, wo^$ "^oisi?s»'^«^aM a, X, 

B L., Ktyfuh) TveiS, SSMc&siir' er°<;e'd^ci&»:.-o s;* 


5 g'fciJKO^) ^Sc&OTV'' M, A., 7 

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Sir C- Ramalingareddi, M. A., (Cantab) Kt., D. Litt, 
Andhra University, Waltair, Maharanipeta, 


I am so sorry there has been all this delay regarding^ 
your great book on "Palaluriki Somanadha Kavi. " It ii 
by far the best book on one of our greatest poets, who 
for some reason, which may not be desirable to specify, 
has not received from the Telugu public and scholars 
the attention and respect due. 

Both from the point of view of historical criticism 

and literary valuation, your book leaves nothing to be 
desired. I notice also from other sources that you have 
unearthed a large number of Veerasaiva poets and have 
added to the richness and variety of Telugu literature. 

I need not say that Palakuriki Somanadha Kavi 
ranks amongst the greatest of our poets by reason of a 
style which appeals, to all people and penetrates deep 
into the heart. 

I must also congratulate you on your own wonder- 
fully fine prose Prose is not such an easy composition 
as people imagine. It also requires artistic skill of a high 

Sri B. Joogappa, m. a., 

Deputy Director of Industries and Commerce, 

Triplicane, Madtas. 

With great pleasure I have perused Sri Bandaru 
Thammayya's book on " Palakuriki Somanatha Kavi " Mr. 
Thammayya is well known to the Telugu public for his 
•erudition and research work in Telugu literature. His 
works & writings on Srinatha Kavi have already won the 
admiration of the Telugu public. But his present book is, 
par excellence, the best in which he has portrayed the life 
and genius of one of our greatest poets, Palakuriki 
Somanatha Kavi, whose works, for a long time, were 
eclipsed by religious dogma; for he was the fust Andhra 
Viramaheswera scholar and poet that espoused Sri 
Basaweswara who though a Kannadiga Brahmin by birth, 
embraced the Veerasaivism and preached the fundamen- 
tals of this faith i. e., Universal love, Brotherhood, Equa- 
lity and Service as against the Orthodox School That 
apart now in this age of Gandhism, 1 am sure, his works 
particularly, his "Basavapuranamu" in Dwipada Kavya 
will be read with great zeal and reverence as Sri Basavanna 
of the I2th century preached and practised Gandhian way 
which alone inspired Somanatha Kavi to write his famous 
."Basava Furanam." 

Mr. Thammayya has in fact resurrected one of our 
greatest poets who was, for long for-gotten. He has 
brought to bear his profound knowledge of Veerasaiva 

elosophy and literature in his comment and criticism 
h literary and historical. He has brought home to the 
Telugu public the richness and soul-thrilling simple style 
of Palakuriki Kavi which appeals to bne and all and 
touches the heart most- 
Mr. Thammayya deserves to be conHatulated en his 
having brought out this book on the fines of "Men cf 
Ltters series/' which he has done so well, he being himself 
.^lemaster prose-writer. The book is a very valuable addi- 
tipn to the Telugu literature and deserves to |be on the 
^helf of everv Telugu Library and Scholar. 

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go. 6.) [wg'430-O <3Sx.tS^^!Ssj «o«S SsS^cSfcsSviec /T'O^iS 

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SydSro" esSb-d-faSb c5Sin>8'Sbe» ■;a-&-i&o2Sb8o. eO|^ 

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1926 Tio^^^S^aS^ -sr-sb J&a^o-D x5^rSo-0;5 uSiS 

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so 33 so 2) ^om ^^^$rsD; ^sj^si^^;^ 

(S&ss^O 30-7-33, 3-8-33, 6-8-32) «^4 ^^S^^ 

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{Sip^B rSo. 1 j3o. 9, ;3o. 2 s3o. 1, 2) «;& -sr^SsSb 

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;fc^«M ^5o:Su s3to$ Boo'SSsT'Sa. qs33>:fo Ar^J^c Xtr^ 

^^& (j^oeJiJboesS 1?fa (Keladi in Shimoga District) 
w^s5s3^ sr-cSSbSacSD ij. ^. 1700 ^JoS;SmS efOo-O^S 

<£_8^dSi), 2^gM0 SowoS SpS;^8o£c23&.'Sd&. -SP-a 

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SCs&isrSo Ki;5"^S'^8o» "s^o^Soifj^cei ^53 «5oo-{&t> 


•3S&S SSxdSi"^. &»»2o43^ 23S'^§'eBocaSb tfo-0 cSfiSj 
a^a^'^S^vS*?) bS'^^-i^ dSaad&c •SusSmT'S' 

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fej;S^O"SS c5Sr»=C5-"S' iSisS^JSS), ^SbD-S^&lS ^oa-?r* 
SoXt?'&'^ dSJS l)tfoAs'6o-08. -g^a ?3-»c:l^ aoK5SMu». 

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Sbo^ feoi>r« iS-o'^-sr-Si. ^eSj^o^Ro ^o-SjJ&Oitr'Si aSoX" 

rrf«&&:i^O ^TT'S'tfcs^exD ;j. |j. 6^11 SJol911 rfo 530 e6 
I). «. lOSO— S^SSss-oo; xio 1909 rfo 418 <3S 1)11 ?fll 1243 

SKoo ao?csi>^oo es"^ ^S) zfg'sj'-rfr '^tStSxexriv TVii'tr'^ 
S;& ir»43oSJCij"Ss-s^ 2S»SQl, aS^s5t?a»e) ^8sbo-03^ aoK 

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!r_Je>orc tig^aTi-S^ "SScsSjjS -g* S^«$5;&«»l37T^piSi 

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"tiBSS^a. ^oai«{;!$ rlioir^sioio SoaK^S^sSbS ^^^;S'S"^^!r» 

■goStf^as 7sit6^ x^(5jaM& ^sJjr'sjf ^=s'tfs». ® &=s' 

J^sJS ^Syr'-n^cSr', •^^S'Sos'OJS, i3lO£Sr*S5^oJS, ®S ^i;y 

!Jr«sS)ir°^S) sSo^Sm - Sow;r'i<JsS»e» 

^TJ»^?^5Sb;&85^3 X^j$5^ SSSS5 "^acsSsido^^eS^^rf' tStSti 

T5o^?ioO ^oSir-cr'ifg -rSajJ^r'^sSTT' ^(S6af-& iS-oJ^£&." 
Stj eJfes-jSbA' "i)-33^'' oS^cAcn-iS cSSboOc&^sSs. oii3cJ» 

■ST'SS ■5r'43os5csj'y!5o. ■^jSSsSMo«r'» "§jSS(;'2?e>D" 

SwdtScooff' XT' -^JSjSJSmoSSo TT'S ^ o5aX^|j dSo^-lT'Bcexi 

;i) "M. E. R. 418 of 1909:— (A. D. 1243) Vyaghrapadeswara 
Temple at Sidhalmga madam — Pandya kiDg Jatavarman 
alias Thiibhuvana chakravarti Sundara Pandya Deva 
13th year. 

Records that the Slvabrahtnins of the Temple agreed 
to provide for offerings in the shrine of Aludaiya Pillaiyar 
from the interest on 2000 kasns presented to the temple 
by Arinda-van Pallavaraiyana m the time of Kopperujin- 
gadeva and now placed in their hands. 

(2) M. E- R. 530 of 1911:— On the south wall of the mandapa 
in front of the Subrahmanya shrine in the Kumaraswami 
Temple at Ilangi. 

Pandya King — Jatavarman alias Thribhuvana chakra- 
varti Konarinraaikonda Kulasekhara Deva- 9 + 1st year 

f The King while encamped at Vasudeva nallur in Tan- 

warinadu appointed three priests to perform worship ia 
the Te'mple at 'Uruppagisura Mudaiya Nayanar at 
Snndarspandya nallur there being none of the Sivadwtja 
Community at the place to undertake the work. 

'i&'sS^ff^^aM sS»tf>L^ -ff'sSosSM ooJSb;^ Ao-»a^ ^^g^** 

63 shoSoaf ^»6sP'^5'a 

A. tsrS ■ar'Soa 6»iJaos°o S^&Kc 'So^'i^^-^'So-a ir" 

!^^ 2sdL?^\6 ^ij^sSjj-g S'e^s^eo^c wJi);5o. b&6^ 

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(1^. ^. 1199-1260) -er'^ti ^sbSao-O »^*^i3-=3r'85g,?) 

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{^. I). eir«a3 1905 iGoll 169-171) 

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(.1. t. 8ir«g 1905 -^ 247 8S) 

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(i^. ^. 1252) S^?R aiT!T-!;Sg<gsigoM;5 z.r 2"^^^^ ^5>- 

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1 511^11 1622 e5^^ a-Qoxo^ca&c&i^^-S^ 33 S^ScAoSbooJJ 
■tS&>. T'^rS ^&-ryw ^^^^ 1^ ^n 1232 ^^oe^ 

cJ3J»fT'^ce&. (Indian Chronology) «^S) K^o^Kfcod^Si 

(1*11 S'H 1322) -Oe^j^-sfc ;5o;5e^)5sSx)e5^ e3g^^c3S»a3ii| 
^■^a^ e5a^»s&;6-&;Sia. 1444 (i)ll ^11 1522) tT* 

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i^ll ^11 1231 tf^sl So;Se?^5^i«5^ esS'^d&zi^l ^"S^SS 

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a^^^V-o'od&^sr* i^. ^. 1217 

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^^^ ^^jcJSo, i?raJ^Ji?a& syo^gocab S«j aSsSS 

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S5b«b Sber'^^5' -^s5^;Sm»3 wA3 srio^rti §^7'=vP'&g» 

<5e5c5D tf^S$'2_SSbjOi5^ ,3-eJSSac3tSb«b ^H'^^ ^O^J 
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"SO. 247/1905 Coer* rfizs-^^s^ciToM^S ^d^sSj^^cy&od 
sSiSi i^. f. 1267 ^^os^SmS"^ aSS^TTTssSx) {f-Oc-xoSc 

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pel ;&a^a ^e»;Ja ^osSef^e-^o sujo&loc ar*,S«a^ 

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3. ^JSS-^So&S SlTTgrs-^yaca (J. §■. 1168 esScSSo, 

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sSmw^ SSSa^sJ'S^Si cxSboxrf-ST'as tvH^^ •ff'S ^g) ^^ 

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?f3<3S», ^8g&^<^ Sbeir'Si^e?Jf5SMex)&-2^c Xa^^ 

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dSbrfMific Kf-o-^=ur°e;Ji3. ^asiX«e^c5So (1. §■. 1160 [^o6 
•dwsJ aao-0 I i. §■. 1192 ^-^oeJsSMsJ a^tf^TrrsJiM;^ 
si §■. 1222 ■■^)oeJ55M& woa-^-cr-Z^C -e^e^jSsSoab HSi 

134 ^oSbSS ^abfT'^g'S 

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^SS^T'oJfco ■^02^6*3-^50? d*iSbsr'$bc&. t)5"^S>(_ 
■iT"®>e» ^a-^? ■C58e5_Je5^ SSS &eucoDK5 ayJSo. -s^tSo 

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OsajJ-j&w »^oxo-0^cSS»?r'^5o. ^S^ife%3-$oro -cJ^f 

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SJ'80-CSb-jSb ;S-£h^Fr°cJSb. So5S3-<'5-d-«^5aT°!5'bo3 S'^eS^ 

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^i3 K5e'o="e5oJ5M, ^TT'pS'^cod ^oSe^oSSx), "loS 

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WTitS^ (A D. 1065) ;'<)wXSaic5&-=S«^oS >eSexr°8 
"r°Si#s3co (A. D 850-900) -^^o^JfoXS) d&a'oi VkS^sSm 
(A. D. 848) cJSxJJ^exiS) "Szasr^a^ ^S^jSm (A D 898) 

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«". OsSbtf^SjcSfi -CT'TvttS, S'AatJacSfip «>0!^Jfiej]bir8S'X'^ 

"The Raghata is neither built on the system of the syllable 
feet nor on that of a mere number of moras but on an equal 
number of moras (tnatras) included within certain feet (gana) 
and harmonies with beating time in music (^?'.)" 

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Ce?sb:ej ss-eSS) dScroo; ^^S"^®-^ c&SfcSSo-JSs-C&K^S. d^ifo 

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8-8-82, 6-8-82 'ttSivo!^c u)m6sS:>ox^ "^•o^Sl 

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^8)5" (8 30-7-32, 8-8-32) er*c j3)5'43t5jS)ooo» "li-o 

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(^oll-rfll sSS^g^rSraSM ^4J 207-298) 
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ejo^KSaMoc (Semi - vowels) ©» sS^ast'SoSrasfc csSsffoS 

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[S.g'430-a (idr»^SKSJSus6 ^j^eNifi ^S6 aT'D^T'O^Jioey^ 

e6^ "Sr'Osfo" er'SStSSr" ■ff'wJSMS g)o&&»^^7vS 
dtssS&s^^ -r-iSsfct) k5^^&5" ©a [^icr&icr5a. (iabsr>«^ 

(leactsoSTT'iSjcaiPTr'JS) S^ r 43 o -0 S v^sSsSJJc 
iS)02i8er*aoS^»«Ss:5S» ^8JSs:=tt» j& 

a)ri3o;£c wSfiS. (S. I. Vol. IV No. )-^ ^Ai«-^0 
•g^SSiS T°ejjaj ?. ;5. 987. esT°ejSlvif '^ 5S%d&)^43> 

SlS?t7>>»& -y^SSSM ^ScSlMSr* "f3-»!T°a&C3fiXlS30&iej 

-os55&"S^tf ©^raS 8" ©a aQgnt<5r>J^ecn>s5^ ^S'^c 
a&^a. (South Indian Inscriptions Vol. IV No. 1015). "ff'^S 

^80 ^ejSoBS ■^sbfTi^tS) 

SSsfofT'S) ■T»<X,iS'dS»d J36-»S!&!ex)ai l)o&dS»?J &»asS» 

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iT=B^«^ SSbXP'ga S^^j3go-Q ox« ^^5SS»oSo asb 

"sr-oSjttSa SaaSsSa^c g^d^Trs' ^tiS^ 
^oaa ^OiSssSsfciS) -a-3^.»--3e) g^So6rfcsSe5^ 

jsX'Sc oSSj^TrDB SoIpSoo ■gSc'Ti^o^ tt-^^S 

(d ^11 ^ia 120) 

«ifcBt!!6 S^a^r-X uo^CiJO^Sto (SSoll-rfll 2-327) 
^T'tT'tfc irSli ^)&^«ai3o4o (SJcll -rill 1. 38) 

(^oll -rfll 1-48) 
25!^;Str3&(SiM 5&X8«)r;$j (Soil ^W 2-90) 

oi(J^sS^'*S ?3JS')_rsJ<<S'ooo 

&>3^^^ ^nsSS'a ^Sir^a ^^^JiMoo;^, ^o-Jfo 

&I1 -s-KsJI«3 ■^acJfeSJT'S^ iJ^§8c"S ro^Si»o 
4li weirs' ^\&.^s SoSTJ'fijcsSi {jSpSj&Bffi h^Xg- 

iSiS^a. ■^^2jJin ^«afr»!;J fi-adaolO rr;0 
IjfT'TP'dSacsTr^TrSb SiJp-Oo-Cs SSKocSfiS s>*i&io-*$i 

(^M 106) ® 
■^cS5bg-*^a '^*''^^£*iS s's^^tT^'^S ^^iP^i)^]S^•cS$Ml7I'$^sfc 
°ig)to 164) 

°(^to ^04) 
Sfc'So «6$Jc TT'-a ssSjasoSw {■^k> 225) 

feser* 0,-3, ir§oer« "Tr»$" "sss^" dSb^&iSS) 

234 ^oSiSi ti^&^^S) 

a&^r a^TVOii SSbo«£) o^^ ;6S&§ "T'sS-jSyjtfsSJfcjgo 

•&43 u^SSjn-ars&S ■3S^s55'ir-w'^eSa. SojSjr-^eJSM^c 
■STEToeSiSboSI) «ci&^ e^5S;io&) "T'^TT'eJSi ■^(gjTT'BS 

"inxr-cr a^^fio^ sost»xi S^sS Soari 
^o^iiv ^zrS^t^n^iiiTV fells' st-p^psJsSmSoJS) 

jSaiS !5 ;fe-|^«fe».'fe ^oi^Jj'S^^ 35[ro-!7'o5S\ i§ vX.ciSh3. 
Sox I^S'skS ^o;& KT-wsP^b i*'«ai»o ■Orf&^jtf^ 's' 

286 ^«So88 ^sasT'^S'O 

qcr 'V_J'3p ^4^(n-7?^" aSi^Si^h S^O^Z) 

KS^^sSm SS)eMc«oS5(S d&S^^JS» Sur'S^iM S^c<S) 
qcr 8, 4, ir^vaiiOiSD sS^mr-'XsiMucNi-S^ 

-SfoKn^^jS) ^^oSnAijcu'^ "^^Soe» •r'^as ^c6 \^^ 

(I) 1^ ej ^ 8 g ij5 B 

(2) ^ ^ ^ & |S a 

(3) ^wSs5t.43[^8 

(4) ^iSrs^■th^^B 

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288 ■^v^bS ^SbFT'ciSg'a 

**aSbeS«2s" "^i't&zj'' ts^SboySeS^ '^S S'O ^Sabcco 
cSSboo&^a eJoo-0;5?5b V^f^TV JSohpoS^So-SIS KrB'if'oX'sSM 

(•3o'65fcr■3b^33^ 54 lOo? 56 S)eSgai») 
-5^^S »-t^4a ^8^:5 rS^^'^SSco "«0$^&0£;&5"' 

aJooSSSa cJ&"Jfc»S) 8ejC'Cfc&i^ kSsSiOss^SsSm. 

eS^sa. ^TTf^SsJ ^oSSa^oc Stiio-OjS-S^ »» oxo-JSs 

(o. ^. id^l&'y^Saoa igta 225) 

jqotSi "?o«8'A^Jf'^" O^Sb^J'JSsfo'rf sS>ct'SS->^(J;Sm 
ooxtf sJO^dSao esoSoKr'S6;S»e». SSb^Ip '^'J^A^ S&r»!5J5 

S'o^JsS-sCf S)sSj-'&!u;^b difisSsT'efeo OSidSbS&jifi-^ cJ66 

;sx>&^ sfo^^jfo^ eSa\ae3n.^ -^jf^-s^. ro^s'tfu 

("So^fcifc-ffi (tis 57 iCJo? 73 s3Ks;&) 

!90 ^«S6e§ ^s&iT'^ro 

° ~° bo g-|J*g-, 

^K^«S^ SSsSJiiSto "JJ^iSe" w» [S^j^Ao-OdScOi^ 
eosSc K«»a, "sSk!-«»'> cs&a osr^sSr.^^^ TVS «jj^ 

"Efa cxvro a^S z)ck^Q^ ^absr=e^c ^oe^TTc ■SriSoSS' 

55«3Xfo. ^oe^^ ^{S\ SgaulSfc tfsStfjf, 5j^-cJ!J ^jj 

Oriental Institute Journal (Vol. iV No. I ) «S^ I) -Ooa 
Scr»S tCP'TPdificaTr'^Tr'S sSoS-5rTr°J;Jp-tfS|_55t)§S' S)SS> 
SjOifo ^oJJejj?i»«5^ [I (J5^SSV°(|2)V& 6-8-1932 

■2s;3&37r>» sS)S5b <S"{r§;^ S^e^oeT* -SS.jr_tf;< -^d-^J&j 
TPiSa r3-° Sfesa. S8^5 S'a;>^S»X»j -^VlJ^^eSa 

293 ifv^S ii^s&t^^^Si 

«oK© rSoasxj^SLQ^ix^iX) woiJsSuoS) (Semi-Vowels) 

t3!S». §3 sS&^SoSi^ aSir-o^^Jfa iQotrsfcel sr-e^o 

»5sSr»nacB ODO&-^33cn' f^^o^cS^bSi. "J^o'Sr'jr^e^j" 
^A* rfe-oj A^ron Si^absix^t tf_So<Satf;i5;j> zs'oJ^^ 

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Soewspft fJoaSbt aaio5S,ceS?6sfci. 

KsSx^^'ff'tfao^boo "S'olkiSo^&^A" "g'e-ET'o-S^&Sci" 

56s5S85Sm1§J$3. ©^jptS'rsSSMWS) ifeSSio CJuo-tib yr'sSjT' 

6-XT'*«i5s9Jfeen: — rSj, rSaj, ,^8, -SSi^, ^a;>i SoisSjj, 6$g 
•^2joe5a-c ^S'ci&i, ST'^TO&S', ScT^afosT'S" MOXsfi^-exi. 

^^er'iit^^ex) Xclo-08. -B^S Tr=;*tP' sa lis^^ jSsSt'JJ 

"sa^c «^jr-^&uo!6c w^<3s»_r jS)X3i& s-a^:3a. sss^css 

K"a5^« !j*«JiS, S"ft5S ;r*S'!r=ti' ;$»s^;<b "Suotvsp' 

ST^j- »05^^tJ ^KsSo;* acr»{$|J-& ?fcr»e>) iSsJbr'SaM 
*rp:_ astfv^r s^feoeSa «^s (LMfea ^-sss&s) 

"RoS* ! ax;$afig ! i&tf^S-;So»g I" (aj §11) 

"SBtf^r-n-ifba s»fc3ox-cS"8-a" (ion -tflli 

Ao-{6bcJS» ^j6?r'^S) g'^^ooJSac TT'SSSKbSfc. Ii0er*c 


AJroaJc ^r'Sj^ ^jJ^u ^j^c'^ ^(SaSxJiCP'^ciSi) 

29S ^e)S68S is^sSi^l^tt) 

■sra^cMJfc '■^SSjK^Sb, ■^esa^eJsiu, E^-i<55o:, ^Sx^e^sSu' 

e3JdiSi»_rJSM «oxcHix^>^S. £celd&j ^TcSr, t^csk, 

«jc& 'Sr'Sob, "^■Scto, SSKT'^Ofej ScL^^/^iJST^SiSSjJtie?^ 
SSpSSsh^Saiu ooxdeooS5>j_S. S'.^SS'rfMiSc Xetni;;^ 

238zh«. ' 

iPii^S sSiSr-S^g" («5fi;,^o5' S)2Sel6;o^) 

'^^ ^ 3i 244) 

-r-tfr a;lcs65S»i5 -^ciS^d? ssb-cr.„Kygj, jj^^ 
nsSMU^b ^)c55 55e»5cca?6^ J^abfr'^^S g\?foo«r* 

»oKS s5«b^»^SJJ L^rj^n^iSc la^^oQjQ ^a 

800 ^oSoSS iir*ifosy$S'0 

S)8o ^cS^sSr»«';S»3 eSuoS)o-06. qo56«j^8^ 5J-»d&$ 
[■shdUaJSn «o-»a^ »JJ8o^;*. ^8'otf» "^sSgcoSo Ty^va 
■S^^\ ^d(>ai»7rS-£i3\ iT'nySSu ^«aS8o-0 -a^^sp^ 

^•0^3 ;3oi5-|r'CT'^o -cJ8i^^sSuuoJSb ■^o5o43dDoo&c 

JfoweScl aab'StfSoefc'fj sfcS<3fe'X)Sr-o6 I sSbS>^'*S55 oXi^rf 
~° ^tB ^11 o 6 5gt) 195-196) 

ifsst* TT-s6cs6^r^ (^fScjfo nan,t6otiX> sfiSr-ees sjoft 

(Soli -all si&»ss> s^rern&i. ^4a 185) 

S04 Ti^SoSS ^sferT'^fS'O 

ih ^J 1115 no£fS^!SsixiiSt fr^^iSfi Tv^sSiOxrii 0-:$ 

<aj(^c& [ill ^111160-70 -s^^odSMicrciSo •5'cJJ;<bi3?> 
■r=$a SPeJcSfo i) IIS'll 900 ro-^jc ot-Soqc^^ iP^Jfca^S) 

•««{Jc «foCT';J'8o-0;6 =cr'^r^^t^'^3' SiS^dtfc'^fcw^ ^«lJsS» 

-gjS) TVS ^■rr>eJ^§JS9'_^|^S'oSwe5^c iw;5^;& 
|a^_^;S»X L_;<o^s5b^e;So3SJc tt-Co-S -^Tn s&d&n.-o'a 

;Sm^!Sms5c TvOo-aS rS^'giJXci Sir>t)-^cSS rm^^^ 

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}<v -^(Sn^&avfSa eso^^lr>^^ ^a&^^Q^^f^o. 28-Sol) 
S)^B (So. 1-^0. 3,4)er'c ^ar^e^Aoo^iS '«;5 !Sjj_^sfo» 
-r-oaijo" «ab •sr-oSabsiSc 238^oacJS»o43Si. « cXfi^r^'dSb 

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Sos6-»SS5o^S&3iSc 7rSS«i;Sb. ^^$oef;^_8 c&oife 

■BSS8§ tfa Sir"p?5-er'KS§'JSM ■g'car'OJi). 

g'^ e^g 25 e^ J^ £§ ^ 

l:,ScBs3j S"SSj-^ 9i6$£ X^e" 

Sj^a '^s !i^^-5^{^c Jscio ^igs>3 ai6(,r^o i^sfo'Sso 

jSa-aO^iJ S3-Ka85c S"?d E;So^S<3Sr&c 'Sat' 

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iSafcai" (;ir«&-5r^S sj^iS^Ty'cs 6oiS«ra'2fo •;Se[g^sx:) 

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"Siotf "SoS So^i iScr-^^l Sfci'SJ'c T'&Sb atiSotJfeSi) 
&3(S^4oc SSSJSc KJiS0?fCEr6sI ^a-BoJgs&'^e), rj5-s-?b5fc>c 

III ■^fflcSfeo OoRcJSmc -craSvir ^st'isvoSS "SOJSsfcr>^8)<o&>oo2l^e)(3$>i 
•Sr-c-ff'CB&S-aio S'^cS'i3c^?tiS)i»j S^csSiceitr'S-^c [?v3orS&$ 

^c^f o;\=S^'S, rSd.S^-8 SS3:Si^«b (S-Sa-KsiBU 

a^(^?p»^|j?SSa>s6 "^11 §11 1164 (lill ^11242) eS^ 

808 »hoSo8S is*ss>^^^Si 

i.lJacSS" •ScPSf^ g'^^E?" dSotfoK 

(ion -all ssbSi-sfi [srtfEsSjs) 
sSSb^ dSMoJfo ici&^ e)iS,Esa»e> i*j3oa Ki'^^^^^-tr' i 

(iol! -all ^>T3-°Srf ijSS'tSn&j) 

!6^i6iCP'^ ST'TT'^o-O* aSr-oi^^iTh r^ex) SOS*- 

M ^SbtoivrS^^Sotii aoX'SSbSSis ^oSSgs&^TPC /Tew^j ix 
^Sa^^SS SoJCsJOKSs© a'a^^ssbgosMTfc'^ciJ sib 

<§lsS»cTS cJfoaoJfcio ^Jdt&oJSS rSS,«fjac» *'3^?^'S^! 

TT-Sa Uooae. (^{JS So 32,^011 3 ) qsaxyjJeljSiJSM. 
85'jp.i>P'&ca i^ll §"11 (1210-1290) tnbuSi ^QTT- 

310 ^ejSoel dr^iSbrJ-^ra 

"SisSbc^fc SP-^^ort^AS) ;tn>a^j ^.;3bi3-»$b'2^otJ7r>c zdvS 
ao-0 «r'^siu»> "Sr^tfNSo-cSa 55»sS5acu Tr^rr°>£i ^ocSSoo 

So?iidS» " s;* ier*^sr'^» a^jSJJ^oSoosS) as'j^sS 

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All SoRSu^^ioiS ^OjfosM ^/CjolsSjafi 

(3-!r°to=3s'^&= e 2, Si 134) 

^B't^S e5SjS&-^^o36 ;^abo&ica^ooj;5 wBkS (i^li ^111260- 
1320) dtsaS Se»^j6 iJeio-C^^sr'iesb. e^fJ^sSMS icr»e5c2& 
l"Sjl_TSc)2^e) flrSjsb53-«^ S;!6^8o-Os ar-Sew -5-°;5sS«btfi). 


(«D §11 t^ 98) 
(&^3 tfsrs») 

^ooJfo^cdfo TT'^^'SiSff'S 1 JToJfo /Toco's R"o"Sa3&»Si> 

s"!! a.os«8 s^ossss i s~e>s'S8?'Sae&iSS"o0^c^ 

?r-eS;5;er«^sr'^» (i)ll 911 1300-1380) cJ&_^» 

^aSbiT^a^S g'^5fce»;Cr»ar s£r'SJJ»'^?'5i33 aaxdfioS^O. 
s5eM556osP'Sc& ^i&fT"^ Ssfcg'So-aiT'ao. SKj^JSffS-SJS 
JiuSJ SJJco&?S3-oSsS -asesoc^ooSb ?!r«55bT»a^O ^o>j^y& 

&Stf!&o2Se6«Sot»o2l ■So'cT'e I 19 tuO'SfcioX'cf^JofifTSrfto 

fsSoll dl) 
m iiSSS'jS, abyo? 1 ^^e)5o S™«5ceSKi5^e SiJfSoDJScKTir-c 

(^^iisS'asSorsB esl, sS 96) 

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■Soooo Soeso^OD So-ScSSmc TT-diooEXiKi S^oOtSSw SbBJ0t»e» h&tSba 
SfclnSe)Ot»e» !Sr»^cjS>sc "^^^ a^l<5S»c "SSb^fencre) S5«ISc5S» 
■asjooao S^caS •^■a;S Kaj23B3OOO0 •tfooBnr'S 

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Sfoo^ecSfeiPSbC iewi&X'cSfosoSfec ^SiB36ot3S»c& SSi)0-:5c$S»cSb S&S 
Sibo-iicJSxgS& Sj'^^S SJ6!«)jfo<S TJ'SnsSbex) -050)^-55(2 -SoSee 

cJSiK^SK^ OfcogoSS-O^ c&P:5tS"3 intst^ SoSJo"^ "36£Cl4i6i 
"So"3e2 -SJ^^^SiS '^v^^S'2_ iP&'jSJSoR J^^gS S^S'jpO'a 
d^oS-aSc ^o»sSSr<^ Sr«oi»»ox5)" (e 1, 6 148) 

*'&c3S»-c:'Sc3S»c eS43c5fcc aStJfoj £> tjOSx Sf 8c5S» s3ooo5l£3S»c 
af oo!\cJS» aiSS(»» sr&haisa B^cStSfeao 2ir'cac5S» aXi8c5S»o 
!ra6cJS» sS®o-ac5Sx> iS!S8o-0(jfos o-ScS^w "^^SitJfcoc SffiOocJfei 
-SoiSsXkJSm S^ofifS^o 'S^'OSBoo K^tfi^goeMSo &&%" 

(es 3, i5 64) 
r'«-»AraSe-^^c& (lis fll 1060-1420) ?Ji5 

^©o'Sa a^ftaM aasesi dSozys^'Bo-a dsboot's. 

|)5r"$r£rin.6>f"sS»ca& (|ill SB 1370-1450) 
•S^areS^c ■S£._^iT'c&. I)sr=$ba Xjo^sfoj si>lS godfiea^ 

?r& "llpT-^S) ^St^oeJ^ osSsj-esaiT'^o^oo" (eso^^ 
d'!r»^c ;S8^«5;jS_5S' ^oll 80 Soil 4, 5/6) »;& -srv^ 

314 ^-usoei ^absr-^ro 

■Sgsr* ! oxisScJfe^, Sssssjcer s^oTj (dl ;g)l) 

SJ-®^ o(xn>«Jci. ^JSbSH'^b S;5bS'8o-S)« S5i:>oo r'oab^oA 

Sa 6SS)4 tSh^S S"fl^ SeS ty^SS^oB tfes^Kjs -&?'S^S9 
(SSoKer" e^ea-a^ -iytiScjrose o^aSiSe inS& sJo^se 
■SXS88 a-s'&r^a i^fflSa &o&oc ;<rae §oif«>-oSB 

All afifi^iC^je ?fcffi?c^«^e 3^S^ 

aj«);s3 S"-s;;;j:538 o»Sj 003^^8 

■^tfSoS ^{JSss&oo jxorr-CJSoeJoS) (^'USer'XJ^ SS 3, SSIO) 

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iiS^cJfeic ?fcoac»»c KcScSSm i:r'ejS»..-'3«^Rt3S» JS^(^ ;ie)SaS» 

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^8^8 ^BbqUSoS^ ^1^^) ^^'^^ S^ora^X" So 


JliJjJ'S SDW-Si^Xa^ (i')l! §11 1530) ^sia^^ji 
swa r^ 5S.S80-0 S.u^ntfee^jjfeSfo SSW^Sm 

XeS3j:4oSe T>j'-B-&^& i&:(S-|c3S»cl r'HtS^ 6lif(o!Si>^\Kka 

S18 T^u^ag d^sfeiT'^g's) 

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fell "Soso aioSlg- s'JSe ^Sjtf &r>g5ss» 3Ss^»o-&c &o 

SoK9 S)e;sr'tS^cJ& (|Jll ^n 1650) •^'tp^p^ 
^ti S8l?)oO;S r'ocflcj^ d^AFT'c^S r\8ioo 


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oSmoo ttS' -^8 eSSooyeSc «ir»iJf SJ'^^oo "^Ha^ s&n-f>;^ 
T°sSc5SiM« »-0o-0cJtof3^a&. -sr-Ser* H)oa r^os 

totfc^ ass's 

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«e\g'w»oiD ccoasSSec l&^dSxiOdSS. s"©^^ ^;Sss^ 

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ash ^Q-^^WbioS^ ^T'tP'^D-aS. iSj^S^eSrJSMeT* 

All X^SS^^'^^ i^aSitJSac K«ie»'Bo& 

(Ijll ^11 1222). ©«0 ^«o5Sm;6 uaaJssS sS^rSnSajsSc 

822 i^oSbaS ;er«i6sr'^rs 

'Sr'K»cr'^ssb.-'ia&ioi^3x;S d3o55^8■o^»Rc ^JTex^sS 
d*s&fcr'^c&, «?»^"^§cS5 ;S(jSj(^/r*-;Jj&eja» "iotf». 

sir* tiSotf Tyrone B»6 sg'ejg'T' |S^8«^ 5>'^adt&cil"R» 

(Jll S'll 1500) Sjs5-6a:J5Str'a<S8^e$;5M (feoAr^K 

aactt!SS» (sS^^-^o^? DzscsSbSi) wss^ti^ S"5'-i5o^ 
^tj^&jvTci^v SoS-STtr-^Sij -aej^i^sSMSSb ;^Bi 

tpzig's) (III fii i^Hi) S'Sjjr^ir'sfc syeJsSMjfc, fcuS'o'^ 
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■Ci8i^;3c»;* "a-osj^8? ^^^^ef ^ir^fs,'' s$);;fe^a^ 
15 ^o$be»X« Sods' jS'^pS' |^A'ocifsSMX-S -srSS^h^t^ 

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