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Pool and Beach Equipment 

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No. 7 

Anierican Water Equipment 

Made in America 

Qiving Pleasure the World Over 

The Factory — 45,000 Square Feet of Floor Space 

Devoted Exclusively to the Manufacture of 

Outdoor Playground Equipment 


Water Sports Devices 


Anderson, Indiana, U. S. A. 



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— <+ 


Pool and Beach Equipment 


Patronage of swimming pools and bathing beaches has increased to such an extent 
that owners must provide up-to-date equipment and devices for amusement and pleasure 
of patrons. 

Each item in this catalog has been designed, manufactured and tested for practica- 
bility and with two thoughts foremost— i. e. strength and durability. The quality of 
material and workmanship POSITIVELY NOT EXCELLED by any similar devices. We 
have never cheapened an article to meet competition. 


Any device manufactured or sold by us is guaranteed to be as described, and to be 
free from any defective material or workmanship. All parts and completed units are 
thoroughly inspected during process of manufacture and before shipment Any parts 
oroven defective for which claim is made within ninety clays after date of shipment, will 
be cheerfully replaced without cost to customer — and transportation charges prepaid, 
oroviding the claimed defective part is returned to us and an inspection proves the de- 
fect We do not assume any obligation for labor or expense to replace parts, nor any 
liability of any other kind. No salesman or representative has authority to make fur- 
ther guarantee on our behalf. 

Because of the abuse to which diving boards and rubber inflated novelties are 
subiected, we do not guarantee such items beyond their being high grade material. 
However, claims will be entertained and adjustments made whenever, m our opin- 
ion, such is due a customer. 


* I 


With invoice and bill of lading we furnish blue prints and printed instructions for 
facilitating installation of devices whenever necessary. 


All prices are for delivery f . o. b. cars factory, but we will quote delivered prices, or 
advise freight rate to any point if requested. 

To those having satisfactory credit rating, invoices are payable thirty days after 
shipping date. From others we request 20% with the order, and the remainder subject 
to sight draft with bill of lading attached. 

Unless otherwise requested, we will make shipments of fifty pounds or less via 
parcel post or express, whichever proves cheaper; heavier shipments by treight. 


GOOD WILL is the direct descendant of being decent. 

GOOD WILL is respect earned and confidence commanded. 

GOOD WILL is a deep human response to the higher motive in men. 

GOOD WILL is the answer to good service; poor service a creator of ill-will. 

GOOD WILL comes to those deserving it; will remain only so long as deserved. 

(Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce) 

* — 

Views of American Equipped Pools 

^^^^ jKuuicipQl&wt ^^^ ^ 
^ tr^T£ $i r . £ a ' *2£? 0Kuuieij>al Pool - $lietbt/tfillc,!fud. 

JCuaieatal Po o/* tf lairfon, $£ 

~Jj!Cutiicipal PoofZ Blait'toit, <Pa. 

Sea Side <Pai*k 
"Tiroitua 'BeacdfXzi 

Stifimmtnv Pool^ ^arfteld ?kSu(lkuapo& 

American Beach and Pool Equipment is giving utmost satisfaction 
in every section of the country. The above views show just a few 
installations giving evidence of the tremendous patronage enjoyed by 
American equipped pools. 

American Playground Device Co., Andersonjndiana 



Natatorium Slides 

TOWER of galvanized pipe ; cross-members have malleable fittings thru-bolted to them, in- 
suring rigidity. Can be arranged so sliding chute will enter pool at practically any desired 

Stair steps are capped with grooved hardwood treads. 

Sliding bottom of chute of ARMCO galvanized ingot iron sheets, or ALLEGHENY METAL, 
which is POSITIVELY RUSTLESS even though used in salt-water. 

Chute provided with perforated spray pipe, ready for connection to water pressure. 



Length of 



To Deck 



Shipping Weight 





2000 lbs. 





1800 lbs. 





1500 lbs. 


Page Four 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


All-Metal Pool Slide 

ALL-METAL construction ; made only with straight chutes. NOT A PARTICLE OF WOOD 
to decay. Stationary slides have supports for embedding in concrete at water-level. Pool- 
bottom slides furnished if desired. All stairways full length for water 3*/2 f ee ^ deep. Each slide 
has perforated spray pipe for connecting to water pressure system. 



Length of 


above water 





475 lbs. 
700 lbs. 

Pool Bottom 




540 lbs. 
850 lbs. 

Wood treads on top of malleable-iron steps at slight additional cost. 



Page five 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 

Natatoriutn Slides 


shorter slide for the younger bathers. 

Requires more space on concourse than slides on opposite page having the square tower with 
stair at one side. 

Illustration shows chute entering water at an angle to pool wall ; this can be increased where 
conditions require, by placing one of the long pipe supports in the water. 

Supports for lower end of of the chute will be made to meet conditions, in accordance with 
information furnished with an order. 

Chute provided with perforated spray pipe. 

Overall Length Approximate 

Height of Chute Shipping Weight 

lli/ 2 -Feet 16-Feet 470 lbs. 


To Platform 



Page Six 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 



Pool Bottom Slide 

S (Illustration of HP-20 Slide) 

AME construction as slides on page 6, arranged to be placed in the water ; metal bottom of 
galvanized iron or ALLEGHENY METAL. The latter is rustless and stainless steel 
The stairway supporting pipes rest on galvanized pipe portable bases. Wood base-boards 
will be furnished where preferred and specified. 

On page 34 is illustration showing close-up view of the large platform at top of stairway 
winch is an exclusive feature not furnished by others. 

Length of Height Type Ground Shipping 

WPlV JJ*? above water Chute Length Weight 

5S™ ln"2" 8_ft Straight 11-ft. 475 lbs. 

gg-20 20-ft. 10-ft. Straight 13-ft. 600 lbs. 

HP-24 24-ft. 12-ft. Straight 15-ft. 700 lbs. 

Wood treads on top of metal steps at slight additional cost ; see price list. 
This type slide furnished for use on beach, at edge of water, for either portable or concrete 
setting. We will furnish plan for owner to follow in making the wood base. 


Page Seven 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson .Indiana 


Pool Ladders 


TYPE BL The risers and foot-rungs are made of 1%-mch outside-diameter brass tube ; all 
fittings and wall brackets of cast brass. Rungs are sufficiently large to be comfortable to the 


TYPE BL-1 The risers are 1%-nteh o. D. brass tube; the treads are cast brass, with recess 
filled with fluted non-slip rubber pads as illustrated and described on another page in this 

The straight type risers eliminates placing inserts in the concrete pool walk, as required on 
ladders having the bent arms. These may not appear as attractive as our BL-2 type, but will 
prove just as serviceable; and the construction enables us to offer brass ladders at a moderate 
price. . 

TYPE BL-2 The risers are 1%-inch 0. D. brass tube; treads of cast brass with non-slip 
rubber filler pads same as on the BL-1 ladders. With this type we include special pattern clamp- 
type inserts for the bent arms. 

Order by Numbers Below 

Shipping Weight 

)ol Depth 

Type BL Type BL-1 

Type BL-2 

Type BL 

Type BL-1 

Type BL-2 

4 feet 

BL-4 BL-14 


65 lbs. 

65 lbs. 

90 lbs. 

5 feet 

BL-5 BL-15 


75 lbs. 

75 lbs. 

100 lbs. 

6 feet 

BL-6 BL-16 


85 lbs. 

85 lbs. 

110 lbs. 

7 feet 

BL-7 BL-17 


95 lbs. 

95 lbs. 

120 lbs. 

The bottom tread of all ladders is approximately one foot from the bottom of the pool .; all 
orders should state specifically the exact depth from pool bottom to walk or wall level. Blue 
print showing pool-wall construction should be furnished us when ordering ladders of the BL-Z 


See illustration of treads and brackets on page 35. 



Page Eight 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Pool Ladders 

TYPE A Vertical Ladder: Risers are 1%-in. outside diameter tubular steel; treads of 
THREADS ON PIPE" "^ SprGaderS ' Special fittings are of the bolted clam P type V NO 

m ano T yr^ SSt ^l Way: ^ isersand vertical standards are 1%-in. outside diameter; treads of 
^l^^Z^r HandrailS ° f ^' L D ' ** <™ S ^ e ™^ used in 

Order by Number Shipping Weight 

_ , , ,, . o „ Type A Type S Type A Type S 

Forpoo depth of four feet...... A-4 S-4 140 lbs. 120 lbs. 

For poo depth of five feet.. A -5 S-5 155 lbs. 135 lbs. 

For poo depth of six feet. A-6 S-6 170 lbs. 150 lbs. 

For pool depth of seven feet A-7 S-7 185 lbs. 165 lbs. 

AH metal parts are hot-galvanized. Bottom tread approximately one foot from pool bottom 
on both vertical and stairway ladders. 

If specified Type A ladders will be furnished with flanges for bolting to wood floor, or to 
existing concrete, instead of the special inserts shown on illustration. 


Page Nine 



American Playground Device Co M Anderson , Indiana 


Diving Boards 

(With Adjustable Rubber-Covered Fulcrum) 

V^ONSTRUCTION complies with INTERNATIONAL and A. A. U. regulations. Stand of 
hot-galvanized pipe and thru-bolted malleable-iron fittings. NO THREADS ON ANY PIECE 

The board is positively highest grade Oregon Pine, Vertical grain, 20 inches wide and 14 
feet long; 3 inches thick at anchored end, tapered to thickness of l'/i inches at diving end; 
cocoa-mat top covering 18 inches wide, full length of board. 

The fulcrum is made of cold-rolled steel with vulcanized rubber covering; it is adjustable 
to give range of fulcrum points. 

D.B.- 214 Stand and Board complete, as illustrated. Shipping Weight, 550 lbs. 

D.B.-1420 Board, only, with cocoa-mat top covering. Shipping Weight, 225 lbs. 

Supporting frame is 2-inch inside diameter galvanized pipe. 

Standard equipment includes the special inserts for setting concrete as shown on illustra- 
tion, and same will be shipped unless otherwise ordered. Special flanges will be furnished for 
attaching to wood floor or for shell bolting to existing concrete walk, if specifically ordered. 

SPECIAL NOTICE : For proper installation, the diving end of a One-Meter board must be 
39 inches above water level ; therefore, orders should be accompanied by complete information to 
enable us to furnish pipe legs of proper length : (a) distance of water below pool-walk level; 
(b) whether front legs of supporting stand are to be set in parapet or other higher level than 
that of the concourse; (c) give degree and direction of slope of pool walk, if any. It is advisable 
and desirable that blue print be sent (or sketch) showing construction of pool wall. 



Puge Ten 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


One Metre (Low) Diving Stands and Board 

(With automatic Self -Adjusting Fulcrum) 

(patent applied for) 

No. DB-414 Stand and Board complete, as illustrated. Shipping weight, 500 lbs. 
No. DB-1420 Board only, with cocoa-mat top covering. Shipping weight, 225 lbs. 

THE special feature of this No. is the fulcrum; instead of being movable it is so designed that 
the board automatically adjusts itself to a fulcrum point in accordance with the weight of 
the diver. This will obviate a condition which has caused the breaking of a great many boards — 
i. e. the fulcrum being set to the minimum spacing for use by light-weight divers or children (to 
provide increased 'spring'), but then left in the same location and used by heavy-weight divers. 

The supporting stand is made of 2-inch, inside-diameter, galvanized pipe. Special fittings 
in the vertical legs of the front section provide a method of levelling the fulcrum and board in 
event the walk is slightly unlevel. 

The usual noise of board bouncing on the fulcrum is entirely eliminated by use of the spring 
tie-rod attached to underside of board just back of the fulcrum and anchored to the concrete. 
See illustration above. 

Standard equipment includes our special lock-type inserts for setting in concrete, and which 
will be shipped unless otherwise ordered. Special flanges for attaching to wood floor, or for 
shell-bolting to existing concrete walk, will be furnished if specifically ordered. 

The A.A.U. does not require a board full 14-feet long for use on a one meter stand. At many 
pools (especially indoor installations) conditions will not accommodate a supporting stand long 
enough to give the necessary distance from fulcrum to end of a 14-ft. board, and this has caused 
boards to break — besides not giving proper action. We will suggest advisable length and quote 
on boards for use on stands that are now in position if we are furnished information as to the 
maximum distance from the anchored end of board to the fulcrum; if the fulcrum is adjustable; 
also give the maximum obtainable distance. 



Page Eleven 


American Playground Device Co. t Anderson, Indiana 


Spring Boards 



THIS board is made of highest grade 1%-inch white oak lumber; the sections are held firmly 
together by means of long thru-bolts. The main or top board is reinforced underneath by 
a U/j-inch plank, as illustrated; this feature provides a double-spring. Although not applicable 
where a Regulation board is demanded, this board is being used in hundreds of commercial and 
municipal pools. Cocoa-mat top covering 18 inches wide. 

No. DB-1218 


18 inches 


12 feet 

250 lbs. 

No. DB-1220 

20 inches 


12 feet 


235 lbs. 

THIS board is made of three pieces of 2-inch white oak plank, held together by wood cross 
battens as illustrated. It does not have the reinforcing plank underneath, as does the 
DB-1218 shown above, but the same fulcrum and anchor castings are used on both. It is a good 
serviceable board at a moderate cost. Cocoa-mat top covering 18 inches wide. 

The fulcrum on both AMERICAN Springboards is stationary to provide the proper pitch for 
the diver, and is also properly located to minimize the probability of breakage. 

Anchor irons and concrete inserts are furnished with each complete unit. If board is to be 
installed on a wood deck, the concrete inserts will not be required ; if so ordered, the inserts will 
be omitted (see price list). 


Page Tweh? 



American Playground Device Co- Anderson, Indiana 


Three Metre Diving Stand and Board 

V^ONSTRUCTION complies with specifications of the N. C. A. A. and A. A. U. 

The tower is hot-galvanized steel pipe and heavy malleable iron thru-bolt fittings, furnished 
complete with inserts for setting in concrete. Positively unexcelled in strength and rigidity. 
NO THREADS ON ANY PIECE OF PIPE— hence no weak joints from rust. 
The ladder has hardwood treads attached to heavy malleable-iron cross-pieces with cadmium- 
plated bolts having smooth round heads ; ladder can be placed on either side of tower. 

Board is clear vertical grain Oregon Pine, 20 inches wide and 16 feet long, 3 inches thick at 
anchored end and tapered to l^-inch at the diving end; cocoa mat 18 inches wide, full length. 
The adjustable fulcrum is cold-rolled steel with vulcanized rubber covering. 
No. D.B. 1016. Stand and Board complete; Shipping weight, 866 lbs. 
No. D.B. 1620. Diving Board, only, with cocoa mat; Shipping Weight, 250 lbs. 

Locating the ladder at side leaves clear passage-way at rear of tower; this is some- 
times very desirable when the concourse is not more than eight feet wide. This outfit 
will be furnished with ladder at rear if desired; such construction must be specified as 
it is considered special. 



Page Thirteen 


American Playground Device Co., Andersonjndiana 


Life Guard Chair 

AN item that is a valuable addi- 
tion to the equipment of any 
properly conducted pool. It prevents 
bathers visiting with the Life Guard 
and distracting his attention from his 
duties; just a moment's delay in ren- 
dering service might cost the life of a 

It is made of hot-galvanized pipe, 
V/& inches outside diameter, and as- 
sembled with galvanized malleable- 
iron fittings; the seat and footboard 
are of highest grade vertical-grain 
Oregon Fir, soaked in linseed oil and 
finished with two coats of the very 
best white paint, which is ground and 
mixed specially for use on our pool 

Height : 
To Seat, 72 inches. 
Overall, 90 inches. 

The umbrella has a spread of 5y 2 
feet, high quality No. 2 Drill, attrac- 
tive colors; frame finished in black 
enamel; easily folded and removed. 
The handle is of the tilting type, en- 
abling the occupant to adjust shade 
according to position of sun. 

The Life Buoys are 24 inches in 
diameter, illustrated and described 
elsewhere in this catalog. 

Shipping Weight, 280 lbs. 

Standard equipment includes the 
special inserts for setting in concrete, 
as shown on illustration, but flanges 
will be furnished for attaching to 
wood floor, or for shell-bolting to ex- 
isting concrete walk, if so ordered. 

^ *• m 



Page Fourteen 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Double Diving Tower 

This Tower Serves Those Learning to Dive, as Well as More Experienced Ones 

EACH alternate stair tread extends eighteen inches, providing for diving from various 
heights. Assuming water level to be one foot below pool wall, there would be two diving 
boards at heights of three, five, seven and nine feet ; then the upper deck will accommodate two 
divers at a height of eleven feet above water. If desired, an AMERICAN Diving Board could be 
attached to the deck platform. 

The stair treads and platform deck are mads of the very highest grade Oregon Fir (vertical 
grain) 2-inch stock which is oil-treated and finished with two heavy coats of very best white 
paint that is prepared especially for outdoor devices. 

The stair-stringers are 6-inch channel iron; the center supporting strut made of 1%-inch 
steel angles. Guard-rail and fittings are all hot-galvanized finish. 

This tower can be set on pool wall or on concrete piers in water. 

No. DDT-1 Tower complete, without diving board. 
No. DDT-2 Tower with 12-ft. Oak Diving board. 

Shipping Weight, 1500 lbs. 
Shipping Weight, 1700 lbs. 

Where it is desirable, because of space conditions or other reasons, we can furnish this tower 
with stairway at one side only ; slightly cheaper. For convenience in describing and ordering, we 
call this the Single Stair Tower. 

No. SST-1 Tower complete, without Diving Board. 
No. SST-2 Tower with 12-ft. Oak Diving Board. 

Shipping Weight, 1000 lbs. 
Shipping Weight, 1200 lbs. 


Page Vijteeil 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Pool Life Lines 

A safeguard used in most pools as a warning or indication of water depth. Because of the 
bright colors of the floats, this line is very noticeable. To the cautious patron it gives a 
sense of security or safety by making evident the danger in deeper water beyond. These Lines 
are suitable for bathing beaches on lake or river, as well as in pools; they can be secured to 
stakes or to natural or convenient objects. They contribute to attractiveness of pool or beach. 

No. LL-20 Life Line is suggested for use in lengths up to 40 feet. The rope is i/ 2 -inch in dia- 
meter; the floats are hollow aluminum painted in bright colors, spaced two feet apart. 

No. LL-21 Life Line suggested for use when length is more than 40 feet. The floats are cork 
6 inches in diameter and 12 inches long, painted in bright colors and spaced five feet apart on 

rope that is %-inch in diameter. 

t ■ 
The rope on these lines is the very best grade manila stock and has been subjected to a special 
waterproof treatment which makes it ROT-PROOF. Always remains pliable. 

Life Line Anchor 

Made of bronze; designed for setting in concrete 
as wall is poured; length 5^ inches. 

The eyebolt for attaching life line, is a special 
drop-forging hot-galvanized; shank four inches long. 
This bolt can be removed, if desired, leaving the socket 
flush with wall. 

No. LA-1 — Bronze Anchor, complete with bolt 
No. LA-2— Eye-bolt only 

For installation in existing pool wall, the eye-bolt 
can be furnished with expansion shell. 

Life Buoys 

Made of solid cork slabs, turned round and smooth. Canvas- 
covered and roped. Each buoy is equipped with twenty feet of 
rope. Every swimming pool should have a number of these 
"Life Preservers" at convenient locations for use in case of 

No. LB17 — 17-inch diameter 
No. LB19 — 19-inch diameter 
No. LB21 — 21-inch diameter 

No. LB24 — 24-inch diameter 
No. LB27— 27-inch diameter 
No. LB30— 30-inch diameter 


Page Sixteen 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Diving Brick 

USED to develop enthusiasm in diving, and for training divers to retrieve obiects iiiiHpv 
water — really a lesson in life-saving. uujecra unaei 

weig ^ e Q ^^ 3% inches square and 9 inches long; i 

Locker Room Seat 

A substantial seat without back ; reasonably priced. 

Legs made of 1^-inch steel channels, rivetted. Drilled holes in each foot nermits fast^iW 
to floor when desired Slats made of 1-inch by 3-inch dressed todwood /Cber^oviSd with 
extra seat support to brace and level slats at center a Wltn 

senibiy" 18116 ' 1 *" ^^ ^'^ ^^ tW0 C ° ats ' S " hipped K " D * with Ranked bolts for as- 
Will be furnished with solid board top instead of slats, if so ordered. 

Height of Seat, 18 inches 

These have slat seats. 

No. 786 
No. 788 
No. 790 


6 feet 

8 feet 

10 feet 



51 lbs. 
56 lbs. 
69 lbs. 

Width of Seat, 14 inches 

These have solid top. 

Length Weight 

No. 786-A 6 feet 51 lbs. 

No. 788-A 8 feet 56 lbs. 

No. 790-A 10 feet 69 lbs. 


Page Seventeen 


Qet the Crowds SELLNER \\ 

Summarized Reasons Why Sellner 
Slides Are Successful 

(1) A PIONEER— A product of ten years success- 
ful manufacturing and operation; result of 
much study and research. 

(2) PATENTED FEATURES— Guiding keels and 
crowned wheels on toboggans. Metal lined 
groove in track. The E-Z walking ramp. Guard 
wings. Anchor boxes which rigidly hold the end 
section of track. 

(3) VARIED WATER LEVEL. Water level can 
raise or* lower 18 inches without adjustment. 

(4) SAFETY. Made not only to withstand all or- 
dinary strain but any sudden pressure. 

(5) SIMPLE INSTALLATION— No skilled carpenter 
or derrick necessary. Any carpenter can install. 
Everything furnished, even hardware, instruc- 
tions and blue print. 

(C) INEXPENSIVE — Reasonable in price. No extra 
operating help and no upkeep. 

(7) A MONEY MAKER— A merry-maker, hence a 
definite money-maker. A thriller for swimmers 
and non-swimmers — men. women and children. 
An attraction for spectators. 

Super Safety 
Guiding Keels 

The Toboggans are 
held firmly together 
by more than a gross 
of stop-head screws — 
no nails. Weighs but 
ny 2 lbs., women and 
children can easily 
carry them. So de- 
signed that moisture 
does not cause them 
to warp. The wheels 
are carefully machin- 
ed true round malle- 
able iron. The bear- 
ing blocks are treated 
in oil solution making 
them impervious to 

Each Toboggan will 
accommodate two per- 

Make Money on this Clean, 

CHAMPION swimmers, national bathing beauties, for- 
eign nobility, famous movie stars and with hundreds 
of thousand others find pleasure and thrills in Sellner 
sliding — there are more than 3,500 toboggans in use. 

The Sellner Slide requires a ground space 18 feet bjj 
941/2 feet. The track with its contour is 100 feet long! 
The height at the tower is 30 feet. Western Fir is largelj 
used. The ramp, track and starting platform are -up 
ported by the same trestles which are tapered to giv< 
maximum durability and wind resistance. This combina 
tion gives strength, simplicity for erection and conven 
ience to bathers for ascending. Concrete footings ar< 
not necessary. The ramp and platform have adequate 

The toboggan will skim over the surface of the wate 
for approximately 85 feet. There is no wear on bathinj 

Operation is practically costless — the bath-house at 
tendant, the soft drink seller or even the life-guard ca 


Page Eighteen 

^TER SLIDE Entertains 'Em 

Thrilling! ^ 

ling but Safe Sport for Bathers 

take care of the toboggan rentals in connection with his 
other duties. Toboggans are rented on time system, 50c 
per hour or by ticket arrangements. In one summer, it 
has earned more than its initial cost for hundreds of 
owners. It encourages bathing. Persons who never took 
to bathing before cannot resist its thrill. You will not 
only derive a direct revenue but its presence and attrac- 
tion to spectators will increase your other beach business 
such as locker and suit rentals and soft drink stand 

There are lots of beaches as Nature made them, but 
crowded beaches are equipped with Sellner Slides. Get the 
jump on the other fellow. Be the first Sellner Slide owner 
in your locality. 

A complete outfit, includes twelve toboggans, all lum- 
ber for tower, ramp and trestle work, also bolts and nails; 
for installation as per illustration. 

F.O.B. Faribault, Minnesota 

E COMPANY, Anderson, Indiana 

^ lew taken from the starting platform; shows safety 
guard wings consisting of 30 feet of metal netting sturdily 
supported. These add greatly to the strength of the 
upper track sections. They are not actually necessary 
but give an appearance of safety and additional feeling 
ot sceurity. 


The Track Unit 

Comprises 100 feet of track with rails, twelve tobog- 
gans, anchoring boxes, safety wings, adequate in- 
structions and simple blue prints. It is purchased by 
those having access to lumber locally under the or- 
dinary market price and therefore want to build the 
trestle, ramp, platform, etc., themselves. There is, 
a saving of freight also. Many take advantage of 
a hillside close to their beach, buy only the Track 
Unit, building their own supports, starting tower, 
etc. In many cases, it is economical to purchase a 
complete outfit from the factory because all pieces 
are cut to size, painted white and numbered ready 
for installation, saving erection time and labor. 

Page Nine/cat 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


The Hunter Water Top 


S corrugated 

Handivhee/ 18' D>a. 
■%'freq and ^"pm 

The F/oa/~ ^pins around ether 
wau ar shdes up and down on 
fh& shaft. SzeM aa/us/vny. 

tfaaber hjhe Sfee/ cans /o 

■ -•.inmrce phhorm 

/"ppe Pin? 

PtK \?.£ jeam/ess s/ee/ /"be Z" inside 

\V\ Jia Zf /ana. 

I 1 /£" inside dia. /ube J" /ana ive/ded 
I inside 2' fob/no, Keeps nxft fram 
I going ay/nsf hand whee/ when #>l//tny 

.$r. t 

'^■14^— /£ 'shaft ?'/any inc/i/athy sye 

ei/e/efc /^'dia. an/' /arm 

£"ba r s/ee/ band 
iye/dea 1 araand 
/aiver ha// 0f 
aaftam eye fa 
ffy/a/a 1 uan/ersa/ 

/£' ' sna// J" /ana 
benf S» as -ro 
7/ is easu -h> 
/ashj// any < vfrere . 

Direct Income 

Operators of commercial pools can 
easily sell advertising space on The 
Hunter Water Top. The bottom of 
this device is just as good advertising 
as the top. 

A Large List of Satisfied Users. 

Easy to Install 

First: Remove bolt from hub of 
hand wheel, then slide hand wheel 
(with steel sleeve attached) off the 
shaft, also rubber hose. To assemble 
place float on shaft, then the rubber 
hose and hand wheel assembly, bolt- 
ing handwheel to shaft, driving the 
key in last. 

The Top comes all assembled ex- 
cept the float is shipped separate. 
In taking off parts from the shafting 
assembly to place on the float they go 
back on just as taken off so anyone 
can assemble a Water Top without 
any trouble. It is made of the fewest 
and most durable parts; simple to" 
install. Impossible to assemble 

To Anchor Water Tops 
In pools with concrete floors a small 
groove cut in the floor about six jby 
thirty inches and a foot deep placing 
anchor part of shafting into hole and reinforcing bars that come with Water Top in the place; 
plug hole with concrete so universal joint is about flush with floor of your pool. After twenty- 
four hours the Water Top may be assembled for use. 

When installing in beaches with sand or dirt it is most convenient to dig a hole on the dry 
bank about four feet in diameter and a foot deep, moulding your own concrete block as per in- 
struction sketch shown here with anchor irons moulded in block. After twenty-four hours same 
may be pried out and rolled out into the water four and half to five feet deep at proper place. 
The float and other parts may easily be assembled after anchor with shafting attached is put in 
place for its permanent use. 

Out of season the float and parts may be removed, leaving anchor and shaft in its place for the 
next season. The float and handwheel assembly may be painted before assembling the following 

In pools that have concrete floors and bathers are allowed to use the pool before it is com- 
pletely filled, the Water Top should not be used any more than the diving boards until water is of 
proper depth. Such pools install a steel "I" in floor of the pool about 10-ft. from the water top and 
tie a rope from the "I" to the handwheel, holding the float down on one side to keep it out of com- 
mission until pool is filled. Then by a simple pull of the rope the slip knot is untied and the rope is 
removed. The float immediately comes back in level position and is ready for use. This system 
is not necessary where in use at natural beaches or in pools where bathers are not allowed to enter 
until pool is full of water. 

If handwheel assembly is hard to remove from shaft it may easily be taken off by the aid of 
an ordinary gear puller which may be borrowed from your local machine shops. 

Care must be taken not to use heavy hammers around the cast iron handwheel. If bolt is re- 
moved from hub of handwheel it should come off the shaft easily under ordinary conditions. 

Water Tops are as essential to furnish entertainment in the shallow water as your diving 
boards are in your deep water because about eighty-five percent of your bathers are in the shal- 
low water most of the time and it very essential to furnish them with amusement. 

deiah/ app/vx 700 /£•& 

p?/2f&rn, 7<d<*. <&"* * jf**? 

7&sf*d under hiyh air pres£i/re 
<?/ec/r,<i we/dac/ ffirut/ffiottt 

Caacrefe bhc£ ^'dia /' f/t/c& 
S^acA-s armenr and /SaP /As. 
sand and grave/ reyu/red for fU^ 

anchar a/rd missr he Ser &?A>n? ^ \ fr ,' ; 
sodding imh> wafer ar frMrtf 

A/ore- - 
An a/d discarded &r"reer car 
ivhee/ /nay he sahshhded 
&r ancAar n/eiyhihy 
ZpproK. Soo/hs hy 
pu/hny shaft 
rbrauah center- p/ 
ivhee/ and /as/ep/ny 
yaad. //se c/ra/r? ar 
same means, /a 
awd sfoddiny aa/u 
when capcrehs 
hohrom . 

Rciafortincf bars ore 
fum/sned with fop 

(5/gpf ff//e daerp/ss hgsf jn wp/ee 



Page Twenty 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson , Indiana 



The Hunter Water Top 


• "-'•".."*■ " ' ! ?T^^ !S SS!^~ 

Gee! The Fun You Have on a Water Top 

HE financial success of a pool depends upon what the patrons think and say about it Thev 
-L advertise, either favorably or unfavorably. The HUNTER WATER TOP provides so much 
enjoyment to so many bathers its cost will soon be repaid by increased patronage from the reports 
oi those who have played on it. 

,. Y or *™* seasons this has proven the most popular play device for pools. Requires compara- 
tively little space; remains where placed, but is portable and location can be changed. 

Hundreds of operators attest that Water Tops pay big dividends because up to a certain 
amount of business they do is overhead each season and above that amount the greater Dart is 
profit. It is this added business that Water Tops bring, where your real net profit is made 

The Float is made of heavy steel, corrugated and electric-welded to make air-tight- tested 
under heavy air pressure It spins on top of water; adjusts itself to any load or depth of water 
by simply sliding up or down on the main shaft; and it will spin in either direction 

A+fL h if /^ w, be rem ?Y ed ^ wi -n e i st ° ra £ e > ]ea ™g the anchor and upright shaft in water. 
Attach to the shaft something that will float— thus the location is identified and very little labor 
necessary to replace the TOP in operation next season. Y ° 

ihJ^ Q i lal l d "T hee I' u P ri S ht s^ universal joint and anchor do not turn. Bathers merely hold 
on t^whS nm ° n (tread-mill fashion), or stand still and change hand-holds 

wa?k%th of ^"feet™^ ^^ approximately 600 Ibs - Designed for operating best in 

F.O.B. Oklahoma shipping point. 


Page Twenty-one 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 

Water Barrel 


THIS is another pool play-device. Good exercise plus sport and enjoyment to bather endeavor- 
ing to maintain his equilibrium and remain on the turning barrel. Try it yourself and see 
if your friends will allow you to ride the barrel very long. 

The barrel is 22 inches in diameter and 34 inches long ; it is of the bilge type construction ; 
round edges everywhere ; nothing on which hands or clothing can get caught. Painted in bright 
and attractive colors ; can be furnished in plain hot-galvanized finish if preferred and specified. 

The frame and fittings are galvanized (hot-dip finish) to protect against rust. The horizon- 
tal pipe extends through the barrel and is sufficiently long for perfect safety. The vertical sup- 
porting members are to be set in concrete ; shipment includes base flanges for these supports. 

Shipping weight, approximately 200 lbs. 


Page Twenty-two 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 

Sellner Water Wheel 

HE SELLNER Water Wheel is best operated in 3 feet of water. A running stream is not 

J. necessary. The Wheel turns outwardly only. This feature is due to a ratchet at the bottom 

of the device. It comes to you knocked down, but in such shape that it can be set up in an hour 

dragged to the desired spot ready for use. ' 

The "Old Swimmin' Hole" like everything else must change. The trend is toward more al- 
luring and fascinating amusement devices for the beach and pool. The Sellner Water Wheel is 
making vast strides. Hundreds are being used by bathers— men, women, and children Need not 
be a swimmer. It can be used as a diving platform, too. 


Guided Diving Apparatus for Shallow Water 

This novel device requires a ground space of 8 feet by 15 feet. The plat- 
form stands 7i/ 2 feet high. The Wheel is 8 feet in diameter with a face 18 in- 
ches wide. It is neat in appearance, painted white and nicely finished no 

rough edges or sharp corners to bruise bathers. A flexible rubber plate pre- 
vents the pinching of fingers and toes between the Wheel and the platform. 

It is a fertile investment although not a direct source of revenue. Its fascination and at- 
tractiveness compels attention and it definitely aids in increasing locker and suit rentals and 
proves a valuable piece of equipment. It is safe. Parents can enjoy a feeling of confidence that 
no accident will happen to their children on this device. 

F. O. B. Faribault, Minn., from where shipments are made. 

Approximate Weight, 580 Lbs. 

Page Twenty-three 


American Playground Device Co., Andersonjndiana 


Raft Combination 


HE Diving Tower is similar to our standard DB-1016, and can be equipped with board either 
14 or 16 feet in length. We recommend the use of a fixed fulcrum. 

Overall height, 10 feet ; to upper end of sliding chute, 8 feet. 

The sliding chute is 16 feet long ; will be furnished with metal bottom of either ARMCO gal- 
vanized ingot-iron sheet, or of ALLEGHENY METAL which is guaranteed rustless and stainless. 

The outfit was designed for use on a floating raft, but can be installed on piers near the water 
edge at proper depth for using both the diving board and slide. 

Wherever water under pressure is available we will equip the chute with a perforated spray 
pipe ready for connecting to pressure system. Where used on a float, the spray pipe would be 
impractical; we recommend the use of an ordinary pitcher pump which can be obtained at any 
hardware store. 

No. DTS-1 Outfit complete (galvanized metal slide bottom) Shipping Weight 1040 lbs. 

No. DTS-2 Outfit complete (ALLEGHENY METAL slide bottom) Shipping Weight 1040 lbs. 

Prices do not include and we do not furnish the float or raft. These can be made at less ex- 
pense by local carpenter. 


Page Twenty-four 


American Playground Device Co. t Anderson, Indiana 

American Flood Lights 

\y RACTICALLY all swimming pools now use some kind of lighting system to make night use of 
- 1 - the pools possible. Illuminated pools draw greater crowds, assuring owners increased patron- 
age ; and, by doubling the hours of operation, insure greater profits. Better light serves as won- 
derful advertising and can often be attained with practically no additional cost for electricity. 

American Flood Light Projectors approach nearest 100% efficiency. And being adjustable 
to use of various size lamp globes, they are economical in cost of first installation. 

Send us dimensions of pool or other area to be illuminated, indicating location and height of 
available poles to which lights could be attached; we will make suggested layout and prices of 
equipment necessary to light the area effectively. Or, we will have representative make actual 
survey of conditions— all without obligation to you. American Flood Lights are also applicable 
to Playgrounds, Baseball Grounds, Football Fields, Oil Service Stations, Airports, Racing Tracks, 
Auto Parking or wherever a flood of light is desired. 

Where flood-lighting has been used for night sports 
it has been found that attendance is far larger than dur- 
ing the day. Crowds will be held longer by illuminating 
any of the following areas : 

SERVICE STATIONS or any other area which is furn- 
ished for patrons. Plenty of light is the very best adver- 


Page Twenty-five 


American Playground Device Co. t Anderson ,1 ndiana 

Beach Play Equipment 

EACH succeeding year pool owners are giving more consideration to play equipment on beach 
or Blot d ground immediately adjacent to pool. Many patrons not only enjoy but prefer 
short periods of recreation out of the water; this actually increases pool capacity. 

Our complete line of playground devices is illustrated in a separate catalog which will be 
furnished on request. 

Bv usinc pipe frames designed to accomodate two pieces of apparatus on each section, any 
number of 10-foot sections can be furnished to accomodate ground conditions; and provide en- 
tertainment for greater number of patrons. 

No. BG 136. Includes two swings, two pairs of solid aluminum flying rings, and two steel 
trapeze bars. All apparatus suspended by high-test galvanized steel chain attached to roller- 
bearing hangers. Galvanized steel pipe frame 12 feet high; length 30 feet at top, 42 feet at 
ground level. 

Prices will be quoted on request, on any combination of apparatus specified. 

No. B-136: Six swings complete with 
all fittings and galvanized pipe. Frame 
exactly like above illustration of BG- 
136. Total shipping weight 785 lbs. 

No. B-138: Consists of eight swings, 
all frame fittings and galvanized pipe. 
Total shipping weight 985 lbs. Frame 
same construction as BG-136, except 
having four sections. Rings or trapeze 
may be substituted, as desired, at no ad- 
ditional cost. 

Three men will completely install the 
B-138 in 15 hours. 


Page Twenty-six 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Beach Play Equipment 

F £5 SJfS P^ 1 ' 011 . 3 ' combination sets of different pieces of apparatus are popular. The f ollow- 
ctn be g maX or ^^"T*** 1 We W - a lai " ge numbei ° f others *™ which seecCn 

Beach Gym No. 280 

Length Over-all, 54 feet; Height, 14 feet; Ground Space Required, 54x14 feet. 

Installation Material, Total Labor Hours and Number of Men Required 

-Best Cement, li/ 2 sacks; Gravel, % yard; Men> 3 Total Hourg u 

Apparatus: 1 Metal Flexible Ladder, 1 Metal Climbing Pole, 2 Horizontal bars,' 2 Metal Trapeze 
flying rini l s mmUm ymg RmgS; *" fittin * 8 COmplete ' RoIler ^aring Hangers onSS 
Shipping Weight, complete outfit including pipe, 1145 lbs. 

f« o'l TRj ^Y EL if ^ G T £ E . RINGS " is a Popular exercise with adults and children. It is remarkable 
become enthusiasm girls, especially, take to this form of am^ement-how ~t t£j 

No. C-6 Traveling Ring Set: Six solid cast aluminum rings with galvanized steel siiqnpnqinn 
43Tl2-ft. r_beanng hangei ' S ' and aU framG fittingS ' He ^ ht ' 12-f t SrSmd iSL^SS^ 

Installation Material, Total Labor Hours and Number of Men Required 

Best Cement, 1 Sack; Gravel, % cubic yard ; Men, 2. Total Hours 10 
Shipping Weight, complete outfit including pipe, 685 lbs 

Page Twenty-seven 


American Playground Device Co., Andersonjndiana 



Horse Shoes 

TKF some of the old songs, the game of "horse-shoes" is always popular, especially with adult 
men. It was familiarly known as "barnyard golf" when some of us were boys. 

No better exercise offered by any similar inexpensive 
game- very little investment in equipment. The game 
will prove popular at any lake resort; for night play; 
a very inexpensive electric lighting system is required. 

These shoes are made of certified malleable-iron ; bet- 
ter than steel; not so lively on the bounce. Made in 
regulation size and weight to conform to regulations of 
the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Association; also 
JUNIOR size for ladies and children. 

To distinguish in playing, the figures 1 and 2 are cast 
in the shoes. No. 1 pair is finished in black ; No. 2 pair 
in red. Metal stakes furnished if desired. 

No. 1036 Regulation Shoes ; two pairs. 
No. 1016 JUNIOR Shoes; two pairs. 
No. 2026 Regulation Stakes; one pair. 

Heavy All-Rubber Balls 


Made of the highest grade of rubber. The 
SPORT BALLS have open inflation tube which 
folds under a special constructed flap. 


13 inches diameter 
16 inches diameter 
20 inches diameter 

Many games can be played with these sub- 
stantial balls, which are suitable for use in water 
as well as on land. No home should be without 
one or more. 


hurt it 


Piigc Twenty-eight 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson , Indiana 


Beach and Lawn Items 

Used as Two Se^ts; Sturdy and Comfort- 
able — Accommodates a number of people 

Used as a Picnic Suite — Convenient and 
ideal for this purpose 

Double Duty Park Bench 

\ a \ tf fif St develo P™ ent in P"* equipment. It combines three articles— two settees 
JtoJSl a table '. thllS »™ff the ~8t of the table. The cost of this three-in-one piece of furn t me 
effects a saving in investment for such equipment; freight charges will be less- and it saves 
trouble and damage occasioned by frequent dragging of settees and tables across good park sot 

Steel Lawn Swings 

(4 Passenger) 

Made of steel, galvanized after cutting and punching is 
done. Seats are three feet wide and accommodate four 
adults or six children comfortably. They are attached to 
heavy steel hangers, fitted at the top with a roller-bearing, 
making it the lightest running swing on the market. 
The awning is made of best canvas. Furnishes amusement 
for children and a comfort for the old folks. 

Occupies space on the ground 6x8 feet. 
Weight, without awning, 195 lbs. With awning, 216 lbs. 
They Fold Compactly for Shipment 
Easy to Store in Winter When Not in Use 

Park Settees 

CONSTRUCTION: Legs of 1^-inch channels; 
wide wood slats; all painted green. Settees ship- 
ped K.D. (knocked down) which obtains lower 
freight rate. Carriage bolts included in shipment ; 
assembling is simple. 

Backs and Seats 18 inches high; seats 14 in- 
ches deep. 




4 feet long 

5 feet long 

6 feet long 

Above have arm rests 

Weight, 50 lbs. 
Weight, 55 lbs. 
Weight, 60 lbs. 
as illustrated. 

No. 374 4 feet long Weight, 40 lbs. 

No. 375 5 feet long Weight, 45 lbs. 

No. 376 6 feet long Weight, 50 lbs. 

Above same as Type N, without arm rests. 


Page Twenty-nine 




American Playground Device Co. f Anderson, Indiana 


Beach Umbrellas and Bathing Tents 


B-96 with TD 


B-96 with Scalloped Valance 


HE B96 is America's most popular beach umbrella, because of its reasonable price, coupled 
with attractive color range, substantial construction and perfect tailoring. 

Covers of heavy dyed twill in two-color alternate panels. The popular combinations are: 
Black and Orange, Green and Orange, Blue and Red. The metal parts are cadmium plated to 
resist rust. 

B-96 Beach Umbrella, 6-foot spread 

B-97 Beach Umbrella, 7-foot spread 

SV-96 Umbrella, 6-ft. with scalloped valances 

SV-97 Umbrella, 7-ft. with scalloped valances 

List prices for all above include Tilting Device and spear point for easy sitting in sand or dirt ; 
see price list for deduction if these features not wanted. 


This tent is convenient where the usual accomodations are not available. When packed in its 
carrying case (see illustration above) it weighs only 15 lbs. Can be set up by merely raising 
the umbrella portion, inserting the center pole in sand, hooking the curtains on the rib ends and 
anchoring them down with stakes. 

The diameter of the umbrella top is 5^ feet; the bottom of the tent is 7 feet square; joint- 
ed center pole 8 feet long; covered with heavy twill in solid colors — tan, green, orange or black. 



Page Thirty 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 

Fun Flote » 


Air Rafts ♦ 

F TL o1°p^^and? n ^ : beLTand w a r^ te - If «%»■ ° f the ™NFLOTE Air Baft. 
different, is equally at home in the water LZtt sp , ecialt5 \ J he FUNFLOTE, as new as it is 
support; ashore, solid comfort ami w V , "■ Shwe - Afloat ' the FUNFLOTE provides safe 
your ingenuity. W^MU^uJ^'SJRS V^ F ™ FL0 ™ is limited only by 
without risk of damage to pool equi pment or hi „ -v <■„ w 8. the11 ' if trons amused and ^fied 

ino. 5^5 30-m. x 72-m., inflated; weight about 8 lbs 

_ If 

Page Thirty-one 


American Playground Device Co., Anderson , Indiana 



Patterson Foot Bath 

for the prevention of 
Ringworm of the Foot or Athlete's Foot 

THESE rubber foot baths are designed especially to meet 
the requirements for a suitable container for holding the 
strong sodium hypochlorite solution used in the method of 
prophylaxis of ringworm of the feet described by Earl D. Os- 
borne, M.D., and Blanche S. Hitchcock, B.S., in the August 15, 
1931, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Associa- 
tion. Metal pans are out of the question, due to the oxidizing 
action of the chemical, and enameled pans, besides adding a 
dangerous element in their tendency to cause slipping, soon 
crack under the constant action of the feet and expose metal 
to oxidation. 

Extensive laboratory experiments, and more than a year s 
use in the Buffalo Public Schools, have shown that these pans 
should last almost indefinitely. In addition to their practica- 
bility, the white rubber and graceful lines make a foot bath 
that will not be out of harmony with the finest surroundings. 

Molded From One Solid Piece of 
Soft White Rubber 


This method of prophylaxis is based on the fact that solutions of Sodium Hypochlorite con- 
taining 5% (5,000 parts per million) available chlorine will kill m fifteen seconds all of the 
well known species of the fungus which produces ringworm of the foot, or as it is commonly 
called "athlete's foot." Solutions of this strength, provided the alkali content is kept within the 
range' specified by the United States Pharmacopeia, are not injurious nor irritating to the human 
skin, and in addition to their fungicidal properties exert an exceptionally strong germicidal ac- 
tion, actually promoting healing. 


It is made of pure white rubber, 30 inches by 30 inches square, weighs sixty pounds, and 
holds four gallons of solution. 


Same size and design as the Senior White, and holds same amount of solution. Made of ser- 
viceable gray rubber. 


Made of same grade of white rubber as the Senior, and in the same design, but smaller in size ; 
particularly adapted for smaller installations. Measures 20 inches by 20 inches square, weighs 
twenty-five pounds; holds two gallons of solution. 


This bath answers the demand for a small, inexpensive bath which will stand up well under 
hard usage. It is the same size and design as the Junior White, made of a gray rubber. 

Patterson Foot Bath for Showers, Locker Rooms, Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Turkish 
Baths, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Athletic Clubs, Golf Clubs and Industrial Plants. 


Page Thirty-two 



American Playground Device Co., Andersonjndiana 


Rubber-Tex Waterproof Carpet 

IS made of carpet of a most rugged texture, treated in a bath of liquid rubber then vulcanized 
to a heavy rubber base, producing a waterproof carpet that is extremely^ durable ^deSJSm 
ical. Because of its construction Rubber-Tex is absolutely sanitary and resists ; weather S' 
a\racfi^\:?^e^^ce eaSy t0 ^ ^ ^ "* ^ J ^^ ^peSly Sffl !."££ 
Its rugged texture preven^pin^ , ^ ^^ 

rooms. It will not fray or separate, thus preventing 
and sediment from getting into the pool. Its re- 
sistance to weather conditions makes it desirable 
tor out of door areas— open porches, runners to the 
street and golf tees. 

Open Porch and Golf Tee 


the ^^^^^t^ Red a " d Natural -«t Wo any color scheme and 

place of 

Cocoa Matting 

f™ Ti he mattin £ used on our d iving boards is a special-woven imported material T+ p*„ i, i 

gromets for lacing. (Laces not f mnikie bv us) tZ le ^y duck canvas, punched and fitted with 
replace the entire i^t^S^l^SL^^ * f P&d f makes it; unn ecea S ary to 
the board. covering ol a ooaid because of a worn place at point where divers leave 


just and corrosion; they are Hnked l^^JlSS&SZ&t^g^*^ 

inehe" ade " ^ f0 " 0Wing StmdalX] widths: 18 ' 20 ' 22 ' 24 > 26 - 2 ». 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 

Pa^<? Thirty-three 



American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 



Slide Construction 

A close-up view of the landing platform used on slides illus- 
trated on page 7 ; not on any single chute slides except AMERICAN. 
The pipe rail guards assist in starting down the chute in a natural 
sitting posture; no overhead bar to crawl under. 

All metal parts, bolts and washers on AMERICAN Slides are 
either hot-galvanized or cadmium-plated. 


MERICAN Slides have been known for the past twenty years for their superior construc- 
tion; hence they have the longest life. 

The above illustration shows a special feature which is characteristic on only AMERICA!} 

s li c les i. e. the wood slat reinforcement underneath the metal sliding bottom of the chute; this 

prevents sagging of the metal between the cross-battens which is so noticeable on so many 

Diving (Spring) Boards 

POOL owners and manufacturers have both experienced grief from breakage of boards. While 
breakage is sometimes due to hidden defect in the timber, it is not infrequent that a board 
used with much shorter fulcrum distance than called for by the A. A. U. regulations and as 
shown by the Manufacturer's drawings. Of this condition the owner or operator is usually not 
aware, and feels justified in assuming that, inferior material has been furnished ; but the man- 
ufacturers have not been entitled to all the criticism passed on to them. 

We guarantee the one-piece Oregon Pine boards to be strictly in accordance with A. A. U. 
specifications as to dimensions, and that they are vertical-grain material. In case of breakage 
we shall be glad to receive report, and will unhesitatingly make replacement without charge if 
defective material is proven, and providing the board has been used under proper working con- 
ditions as to fulcrum spacing. Replacement boards furnished f. o. b. factory; we will not as- 
sume any expense in connection with installation of new board. 

NOTE THIS: For championship contests the A. A. U. permits the use of a board 13 feet 
long on a one-meter stand. If conditions surrounding a pool will not permit installation of a 
supporting stand that will provide six feet from rear anchor to the fulcrum (minimum spacing), 
we suggest use of a 13-foot board for longest life; and same will be altogether "Official. 


Page Thirty-four 

American Playground Device Co., Anderson, Indiana 


Pool Ladder Parts 

Fig. 1 

Fig. 2 

TREADS : Our new design tread meets the 
demand for something really high-class. 
The illustration shows, in detail, the tread used 
on our brass pool ladders — either Type BL-1 or 
BL-2 which are listed on another page. 

Fig. 1 is the canvas-filled rubber foot-tread 
which fits snugly in the recess of the spreader 
casting. It is soft on the feet and has a non- 
slip surface. 

Fig. 2 is the brass spreader which is secured 
to the vertical pipe risers by heavy brass bolts. 
The perforations in bottom of recess provide 

Fig. 3 is the completely assembled tread. 

Pool Ladder Bracket 

This is an illustration of the one-piece bracket and 
flange used on our Type A galvanized steel pipe lad- 
ders, also all ladders made of brass tubing. 

The clamping lug is always brass, to insure against 
corrosion and to make ladders easily removable at all 

Dimensions: distance from pool wall to center of 
socket, 6 14 inches; diameter of socket, 1% inches; 
diameter of flange, 4i/ 2 inches. 

Furnished in galvanized iron, solid brass or cast 

Concrete Inserts 

The castings (Pattern No. W-57) used for setting in the pool walk, and into which the short 
arms ot Type A and Type BL-2 pool ladders are inserted, are of the clamp type— the locking lug 
is brass and similar to that used on above illustrated Pool Ladder Bracket. These make setting 
of ladders easier than the use of shell bolts thru pipe flanges; and ladders are easily removed at 
any time. 

lessened by cutting threads ; and on steel ladders threaded joints are the first places to be at- 
tacked by rust — thus shortening life of any pipe. 

On our Type A vertical ladders it is not necessary to anchor the brackets to pool wall ; they 
are sufficiently rigid to require no fastening other than the concrete inserts for the bent arms 
The special bracket fittings will make a bearing against a smooth wall. 


P«.?e Thirty-five 




New Herald Building 
Anderson, Indiana 









Pool and Beach Equipment 

or* v vo.