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10                                PREFACE.                          .;     '

The aim has been to describe only such bacteria" fB
can be proven pathogenic 'by the lesions .or -toxins
which they engender, and, while considering them, to
mention as fully as is necessary the species with which
they may be confounded.

The book, of course, will find its proper sphere of
usefulness in the hands of medical students ; its pages,
however, will be found to contain much that will be
of interest and profit to those practitioners of medicine
who graduated before modern science had thrown its
light upon the etiology of disease.

In  writing   this work  the  popular text-books have


been drawn upon. Hiippe, Fliigge, Sternberg, Prankel,
Gunther, Thoinot and Masselin, and others have been
freely consulted.

The illustrations are mainly reproductions of the best
the world affords, and, being taken from the great stand-
ards, are surely superior to anything new covering the
same ground. Credit has carefully been given for each


J. McF.
PHILADELPHIA, Feb. i, 1896.