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coccus-infection, both general and local. Numerous
cases are upon record in which the serum seemed to exert
a beneficial action.

It would seem as if an antiphlogistic serum should
occupy an important place in the future of medicine.

The serum is prepared upon the same plan as that of
Behring, except that living virulent streptococci instead
of the sterile toxin are injected into the horse.


In some cases the pus evacuated from wounds exhibits
a peculiar bluish or greenish color, from the presence of

FIG. 56.—Bacillus pyocyaneus, from an agar-agar culture;   x 1000  (Itzerott

and Niemann).

the Bacillus pyocyaneus (Figs. 56, 57). This is a short,
delicate bacillus of small size, measuring 0.3 : 1-2 fa ac-
cording to Flugge, frequently united in chains of four or
six. It has round ends, is actively motile, has one
terminal flagellum, does not form spores, and can exist
with or without oxygen, though it is an almost purely
aerobic organism.

It stains well with the ordinary solutions, but does not
retain the color by Gram's method.