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4*4                 PA THOGENIC BACTERIA.

gluing the lids together. The breathing is rapid, and
there may be cough. Occasionally there is an eruption
with crusts or scabs of various sizes on the skin, which
is often congested. The animal becomes weak, stands
with arched back and drawn abdomen, and walks with a
weak, tottering gait.

The course of this disease varies from one or two days
to two or three weeks.

At post-mortem examination petechiae, ecchymoses, and
extravasations of blood into the tissues are found to be com-
mon and form one of the principal changes in the acute

FIG.  113.—Bacillus of hog-cholera, showing flagella.

form of the disease. The spleen is enlarged to two or four
times its normal size, and is soft and engorged with blood.
The extravasations of blood are common in the lym-
phatic glands, beneath the serous membranes of the
thorax and abdomen, and particularly along the intes-
tines; on the surface of the lungs and kidneys and in
their substance. The contents of the intestine are some-
times covered with clotted blood. In the subacute form
of the disease the principal changes are fcmnd in the
large intestine, and consist of ulcers which appear as
circular, slightly projecting masses varying in color from