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TYPHUS MURIUM.                        4*5

portance. Agar-agar cultures are best, as being most
readily transportable. They are broken up in water and
well stirred, and the liquid poured upon a large num-
ber of small pieces of broken bread. These are next to
be distributed with reasonable care. Instead of being
carelessly scattered over the ground, they should be
dropped into the fresh mouse-holes, and pushed suffici-
ently far in to escape the effects of sunlight upon the
bacilli. Attention should be paid to holes in walls,
under railway tracks, etc. and other places where mice
live in greater freedom from disturbance than in the
fields. (3) The attempted eradication of the mice should
be begun at a time of year when the natural food is not
plenty. By observing these precautions the mice can be
eradicated with certainty, usually in a period of time not
exceeding eight to twelve days. For this purpose, in the
course of two years, no less than 250,000 cultures were
distributed from the Bacteriological Laboratory of the
Tierarznei. Institut in Vienna. The bacilli are not
pathogenic for the animals, such as the fox, weasel,
ferret, etc. that feed upon the mice, do not affect man
in any way, and so seem to occupy a useful place in
agriculture by destroying the little but almost invincible
enemies of the grain.