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458                 PA THOGENIC BA CTERIA.

death in the presence of oxygen. This is, however, un-
true, for the rapid development of a permanent form in
the resisting spores of the bacillus makes the pollution
of the soil exceedingly dangerous for cows who subse-
quently browse upon it. That the spores are of great
vitality is shown by the well-known laboratory method
of keeping them on hand for experimental purposes, dried
in the muscular tissue of a diseased animal.

Every precaution should be exerted to have the affected
animals isolated, and their cadavers disinfected and de-
stroyed or buried in such a manner that subsequent
infection is impossible.

Statistical results of Guillod and Simon, based upon
3500 protective inoculations, show a distinct reduction
of the death-rate from 5-20 per cent, in unprotected
animals to 0.5-2 per cent, in protected animals.