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WHOOPING-COUGH.                         479

ing it to be the same as. that described by Afanassiew,
( and by comparison found the latter to be a much larger,
shorter, more elongate bacillus. Czaplewski and Hen-
sePs studies embraced 44 cases of whooping-cough, in
which the bacillus was isolated 18 times; 5 cases of
bronchitis, which subsequently developed whooping-
cough, in all of which it was found; and i case of
rhinitis and bronchitis which developed whooping-cough,
and in which it was found on three different occasions.

From the preceding, it will be seen that many scholars
have labored to detect the specific organism of this dis-
ease. At present several agree upon the presence ofa
certain bacillus in the expectorated matter; but none of
them have yet succeeded in producing the disease or any
modification of it in the lower animals. The specificity
is, therefore, a matter of much doubt, and rests solely
upon the constancy of the presence of the micro-organ-
ism in the sputum.