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Reviews continued from previous page :—

"This work is very much the best in its line in our literature. It is written
and edited by masters in their art. It is up-to-date in every particular. It is a
practical course on prosthetics which any student can take up during or after
college."—Dominion Dental Journal.

"The editor and his collaborators are to be congratulated upon having pre-
sented all that can be regarded as really essential in such an acceptable manner.
As a specimen of book-making, the publishers have added another to their list
of text-books par excellence. The illustrations, typography, paper, and press-
work are beyond criticism. As a text-book on Prosthetic Dentistry it is a de-
cided step in advance of anything that has appeared on that subject."—The Dental

"The appearance of this magnificent work marks an important era in dental
literature and in dental art, elevating, as it does, the mechanical side of
dentistry to the same scientific plane which has been reached in the operative.
This volume will unquestionably take merited rank as the standard text-book
on Prosthetic Dentistry. The several contributors have been chosen with won-
derful discrimination for the chapters which they have written. The illustrations are
especially worthy of note, far surpassing anything that has heretofore been seen.

"As the third of the series of American Text-Books of Dentistry, Dr. Burchard's
work has a high standard already set for it, but we confidently believe that all ex-
pectations will be met. The author is widely and favourably known, not only as
a teacher, but as an illuminating writer on a broad range of dental subject^, and
in fact many chapters in Kirtfs Operative Dentistry and JSssig's Prosthetic Dentistry
are from his pen. It will be noted that these three works cover the principal
fields of dental instruction, and moreover that Dr. Burchard has cleverly selected
subjects for his new work which are naturally cognate and therefore best taught
in conjunction. He has approached them from the conviction that the rational
practice of dentistry must be laid upon the same basis which underlies scientific
medicine and surgery—namely, accurate pathology. Accordingly he discusses
every dental disease from this standpoint, bringing to bear a full acquaintance with
dental literature and collateral sciences, and he is thus enabled to complete a
system of dental medicine by furnishing rational recommendations as to treatment
in ample detail. The section on Dental Pharmacology, though condensed, is the
result of equally careful thought, and will answer every need.

" The series of illustrations is rich, not only in number but in instruct!veness.
An exceptionally large proportion of the engravings are from the author's own
drawings, and being thus produced in immediate connection with his singularly
clear text they possess unique directness in aiding its assimilation."

CINE. In Contributions by Eminent Clinicians. Edited by
ALFRED LEE LOOMIS, M.D., L.L.D., late Professor of Pathology and Practical
Medicine in the New York University, and WILLIAM OILMAN THOMSON, M.D.,
Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine in the New
York University. In four handsome imperial octavo volumes, containing
from 900 to 1,000 pages each, fully illustrated in colours and in black. In
Roxburgh Binding, gilt top. Price per volume, £1 5s net.

Vol. I.—Infectious Diseases.

Vol. II.—Diseases of the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, and of the

Blood, Kidneys, Bladder, and Prostate Gland.
Vol. III.—Diseases of the Digestive System, of the Liver, Spleen, Pancreas,

Thyroid and other Glands.    Addison's Disease, Drug Habits,

Infectious Diseases Common to Man and Animals.
Vol. IV.—Diseases of the Nervous System  and  of the Muscles.    Gout,

Rheumatism, Diabetes, and Rachitis.    Diseases of Doubtful

Origin, Insolation, etc.