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BROWN.—The Animal  Alkaloids,  Cadaveric  and  Vital;

or the Ptomaines and Leucomaines Chemically, Physiologically, and Patho-
logically considered in Relation to Scientific Medicine. By A. M. BUOWJST,
M.D. VYith an Introduction by Professor ARMAND GAUTIER, of the Faculty
de M4dicine of Paris, and Member of the Acad6mie de Medicine and of the
Acad£mie des Sciences. Second edition. Price 7s 6d.

"The book is brief, well-writ ten, and easily studied. .           As a first

edition of an advanced and most important subject, it promises a distinguished
career."—Benjamin Ward Richardson, in The Asclepiad.

" The pages in which these views are elaborated are full of interest."—Lancet.

11 As among the notable books, mention must be made of Dr. Brown's * Animal
Alkaloids,' which stands out as the most original woi?k of the year; one opening
tip a new line of thought and investigation."—The Medical Press and Circular.

BUSHONG.—Modern Gynaecology, a Treatise on Diseases of

Women, comprising the results of the latest investigations and treatment in
this branch of Medical Science. By CHABLES H. BUSHONG, M.D., Assistant
Gynecologist to the Demilt Dispensary, New York, etc. One volume, 8vo,
illustrated, 380 pages. Price 7s 6d net.

" This work will prove a very useful addition to the library of every medical
man who has much to do with the treatment of the diseases peculiar to women.
It is evidently the outcome of the author's personal experience in dealing with
this class of disease, and therefore possesses the advantage of being thoroughly
practical. Another point in its favour is that it deals with its siibject from the
general practitioner's point of view rather than that of the specialist. The
symptoms of each disease are clearly stated, and the methods of treatment are
those which have been well tried and approved by experience. In inflammatory
affections of the generative organs, Dr. Bushong is a thorough believer in the
benefits of complete rest, copious hot water injections, and of plugs of cotton wool
well soaked in glycerine. To the use of the bromides and ergot, he adds that of
hydrastus canadensus and salix nigra. He also speaks highly of hamamelis. We
have read the book with pleasure, and feel justified in recommending it to our
readers."—Quarterly Medical Journal.

CERNA.—Notes on the Newer Remedies, their Therapeutic

Applications and   Modes   of   Administration.     By DAVIE CEBNA,  M.D.,
Ph.D., Demonstrator of and Lecturer on Experimental Therapeutics in the
University of Pennsylvania.    Forming a small octavo volume of 253 pages.
Price 5s net.    Second Edition, Revised and greatly Enlarged.
The work takes up in alphabetical order all the Newer Remedies, giving their
physical  properties,  solubility,  therapeutic   applications,  administration,   and
chemical formula.

In this way it forms a very valuable addition to the various works on Thera-
peutics now in existence.

Chemists are so multiplying compounds that if each compound is to be
thoroughly studied, investigations must be carried far enough to determine the
practical importance of the new agents.

" The volume is a xiseful one, and should have a large distribution."—Journal
of the American Medical Association.

u These ' Notes' will be found very useful to practitioners who take an interest
iii the many newer remedies of the present day."—Edinburgh Medical Journal.

CHAPMAN. — Medical   Jurisprudence  and  Toxicology.

By HENUY C. CHAPMAN, 3V1.D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine and
Medical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia:
Member of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, of the Academy of
Natural Sciences .of Philadelphia, of the American Philosophical Society, and
of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia. 232 pages, with 36 illustrations,
some of which are in colours. Price 5s net.