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For many years there has been a demand from members of the medical and
legal professions for a medium-sized work on this most important branch of
medicine. The necessarily prescribed limits of the work permit the consideration
only of those parts of this extensive subject which the experience of the author as
coroner's physician of the city of Philadelphia for a period of six years leads him
to regard as the most material for practical purposes.

Particular attention is drawn to the illustrations, many being produced in
colours, thus conveying to the layman a far clearer idea of the more intricate cases.

" The salient points are clearly defined, and ascertained facts are laid down with
a clearness that is unequivocal.''—St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal.

"The presentation is always thorough, the text is liberally interspersed with
illustrations, and the style of the author is at once pleasing and interesting."—
Therapeutic Gazette,.

" One that is not overloaded with an unnecessary detail of a large amount of
literature on the subject, requiring hours of research for the essential points in
the decision of a question ; that contains the most lucid symptomatology of
questionable conditions, tests of poisons, and the readiest means of making them
—such is the new book before us."—The Sanitarian.

COBLENTZ.—Handbook of Pharmacy, embracing the theory

and practice of Pharmacy and the art of dispensing. For students of
Pharmacy and Medicine, Practical Pharmacists, and Physicians. By VIRGIL
COBLENTZ, Ph.G-., Phil.D., F.C.S., etc., Professor of Pharmacy and Pharma-
ceutical Chemistry, and Director of the Pharmaceutical Laboratory in the
College of Pharmacy of the City of New York; Fellow of the Chemical
Societies of London and Berlin, of the Society of Chemical Industry, etc., etc.
Second edition, revised and enlarged, 572 pages, with 437 illustrations.
Price 18s net.

DA COSTA.—A Manual of Surgery, General and Operative.

By JOHN CHALMERS DA COSTA, M.D., Demonstrator of Surgery, Jefferson
Medical College, Philadelphia; Chief Assistant Surgeon, Jefferson Medical
College Hospital; Surgical Registrar, Philadelphia Hospital, &c. Second
edition in preparation.

A new manual of the Principles and Practice of Surgery, intended to meet the
demands of students and working practitioners for a medium-sized work which
will embody all the newer methods of procedure detailed in the larger text-books.
The work has been written in a concise, practical manner, and especial attention
has been given to the most recent methods of treatment. Illustrations are freely
used to elucidate the text.

DAVIS.—A Manual of Practical Obstetrics.   By EDWARD J.

DAVIS, A.M., M.D., Clinical Lecturer on Obstetrics in the Jefferson Medical
College, Professor of Obstetrics and diseases of children in the Philadelphia
Poly clinic, &c., &c., with 140 illustrations, several of which are coloured, 298
pages. Price 6s net.

DENCH.—Diseases of the Ear.   A Text-book for Practitioners
and Students of Medicine.   By EDWARD BRADFORD DENCH, Ph.B., M.D.,
Professor of Otology in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; Aural Surgeon
to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary,  &c., Svo,  645 pages.    With 8
coloured plates and 152 illustrations in the Text.    Cloth.    21s net.
" This is a work of excellence, and well adapted, as its name implies, for both
the practitioner and the student.    The chapters on anatomy and physiology are
complete, and the facts are presented with a clearness that must certainly aid the
student. . . . The work is a valuable  addition   to  otological literature,  and
will prove of great service to every practitioner and student."—Cincinnati Lancet-