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"The present volume combines all the good points of the most recent works, as
well as descriptions of the various manipulative procedures, for the benefit of those
not familiar with the subject. In a careful reading of this work one is impressed
with the numerous excellent illustrations; with the details of the writer's personal
experience, and the care with which he has selected cases for operation. The
neglecb of this care has been the, great cause for which operations on the middle
ear have been decried. . . . After a careful examination of the volume, we con-
sider it not only the best work, but also the most practical text-book in the English
language."—Medical and Surgical Reporter.

" Dr. Bench, although still a young man, has attained prominence as an aurist,
rivalling . . . other leaders in this country, and has written what is probably, all
things considered, the best American text-book on this subject to-day. . . . The
work is up-to-date in every respect. It is written in a clear and interesting style,
and the print is all that could be desired."—Indiana Medical Journal.

The name of the author is so well known in connection with advanced aural
surgery, that one approaches this volume with feelings of the greatest anticipation,
feelings which are truly satisfied, for there exists but one or two works on Aural
Surgery which can compare with it, and they are all of slightly older issue. This
volume is by far the most scientific work of its kind. It is complete, full of detail,
and exhibits at the same time the knowledge and skill of the writer, and his apti-
tude in teaching the same. . „ .

The portion of the work devoted to Anatomy and Physiology is exceptionally
clearly rendered, the plates being excellent as well as numerous."—Treatment.

DEXTER.—The Anatomy of the Peritonaeum.   By FRANKLIN

DEXTER, M.D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, College of Physicians
and Surgeons (Columbia University), New York. With 38 full-page illustra-
tions in colours. Price 6s net.

BORLAND—A  Manual of Obstetrics.     By W. A.  NEWMAN

DORLAKD, A.M., M.D., Assistant Demonstrator of Obstetrics, University of
Pennsylvania ; Instructor in Gynaecology in the Philadelphia Polyclinic ; one
of the consulting Obstetricians to the South-Eastern Dispensary for Women ;
Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine. With 163 illustrations in the
text, and 6 full-page plates. 760 pages. Price 12s net.

" Among the many recent manuals of midwifery—and truly their name is legion
—the work now under review deserves more than a passing notice. In all its parts
the book shows evidence of great care and up-to-dateness, a remark which applies
even to the somewhat recondite matters of foetal disease and deformity, often very
inadequately discussed in obstetric text-books. By the help of paragraphing,
italicising, and numbering, the information is made easy of access to the
busy practitioner, and the diagnostic tables,, of which there are many, will doubt-
less serve a useful end. The illustrations are plentiful and good.53—Scottish Medi-
cal and Surgical Journal.

DRUMMOND. — Diseases   of   Brain   and  Spinal Cord;

Their Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment. By DAVID DHUMMOND, M.A.,
M.D., T.C.D., et Dunelm, Physician to the Infirmary, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Svo, 300 pages, with 50 illxistratlons. 10s 6d.

PICK.—Diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmoscopy. A Hand-
book for Physicians and Students. By Dr. EUGENE FICK, University of
Zurich. Authorised Translation by A. B. HALE, M .D., Assistant to the Eye
Department, Post-Graduate Medical School, and Consulting Oculist to
Charity Hospital, Chicago ; late Vol. Assistant, Imperial Eye Clinic, Univer-
sity of Kiel. With a Glossary and 157 illustrations, many of which are in
colours. Octavo. 21s net.