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Development of the Female Genitals—Anatomy of the Female Pelvic Organs—
Physiology—Puberty—Menstruation and Ovulation—Copulation—Fecundation—
The Climacteric—Etiology in General—Examinations in General—Treatment in-
General—Abnormal Menstruation and Metrorrhagia—Leucorrhea—Diseases of ,
the Vulva—Diseases of the Perineum—Diseases of the Vagina—Diseases of the
Uterus—Diseases of the Fallopian Tubes—Diseases of the Ovaries—Diseases of
the Pelvis—Sterility.

The, recaption accorded to this work has been most flattering. In the. short period
which has elapsed since its issue, it has been adopted and recommended as a text-
book by more than sixty of the Medical Schools and Universities of the United
States and Canada.

" One of the best text-books for students and practitioners which has been pub-
lished in the English language ; it is condensed, clear, and comprehensive. The
profound learning and great clinical experience of the distinguished author finds
expression in this book in a most attractive and instructive form. Young practi-
tioners, to whom experienced consultants may not be available, will find in this
book invaluable counsel and help."


Processor of Clinical Gyncecology, Medical College of Ohio ; Gynaecologist
to the Good Samaritan and Cincinnati Hospitals.

GOULEY.—-Diseases of the Urinary Apparatus, Phlegmasic
Affections. By JOHN W. S. GOULEY, M.D., Surgeon to Bellevue
Hospital, 355 pages. Price 7s 6cl.

HARE.—Practical Diagnosis. The use of Symptoms in the
Diagnosis of Disease. By HOBART AMOHY HAKE, M.I)., Professor of Thera-
peutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia,
Laureate of the Medical Society of London, of the Boyal Academy in
Belgium, etc., etc. Second Edition revised and enlarged. In one octavo
volume of 605 pages, with 201 engravings, and 13 coloured plates. Price, 21s

" The rapidity with which a second edition has followed the first in little over
a year, is the best possible proof of the success of this book. Dr. Amory'Hare has
the gift of making whatever he writes interesting, and those unacquainted with
his work could not have a better introduction than this volume. It will prove of
most value to those recently qualified, but useful and suggestive to almost every-
one. The general arrangement is to take the various parts of the body one after
another, and describe the abnormalities of signs and symptoms associated with
each. Separate chapters are devoted to the Face and Head, Hands and Arms,
Feet and Legs, and so on, with special chapters interpolated on subjects that need
fuller treatment, such as Hemiplegia and Convulsions. The illustrations are well
chosen, and good in themselves. In the chapter on the Face and Head, there are
in close juxtaposition excellent figures of a mouth-breather with post-nasal
growths, a cretin, an acromegalic, a patient with myxcedema, syphilitic ptosis,
and exophthalmic goitre, with short, pithy descriptions of the conditions repre-
sented. The grouping is unlike that which is ordinarily employed, and is there-
fore striking. In the chapter on the Hands and Arms there are some good photo-
graphs and skiagams of gout and rheumatoid arthritis, and progressive muscular
atrophy. Dr. Hare's large clinical experience and knowledge of students come
out well in the third chapter on the Feet and Legs, where the usual difficulties of
the different forms of paralysis are made as clear as possible by good plates and
tables. ...

" The description of the diseases of the eye is very full and good, and the diffi-
cult subject of diplopia is well treated. There is a long and elaborate chapter on
the skin, giving practically every abnormality met with, and good coloured