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" The work is so complete, and has been so systematically prepared, that it is
almost impossible to find a condition in which some benefit cannot be obtained
by suitable diet."—Ohio Medical Journal.

TILLMANNS.—A Text-Book of General Surgery.    By DR.

HERMANN TILLMANNS, Professor in the University of Leipsig. Edited by
LEWIS A. STIMSON, M.D., Professor of Surgery in the New York University
8vo. Cloth, £1 Is net, per vol.

Vol. I.—-The Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology.  General Rules
governing Operations and the Application of Dressings.  Trans-
lated from the Third German Edition by JOHN ROGERS, M.D.,
and BENJAMIN T. TILTON, M.D.   With 447 Illustrations.
Vol. II.—Regional Surgery.    Translated from the Fourth German Edition
by BENJAMIN  T.  TILTON,   M.D.,   New York.     With 417
Vol. III.—Regional Surgery.    With 517 Illustrations.

Dr. Hermann Tillmamis, Professor of Surgery in the University of Leipsig,
possesses as a teacher those rare qualities which enable him to instruct the student
step by step, beginning by the laying of a firm, broad foundation, upon which is
built the solid surgical structure. It was on account of these exceptional qualities
of the author that his work was selected as the best for the use of students, and
at the same time well adapted to the needs of the practitioner.

Surgery, as presented in the present volumes, is a translation of his works on
General Surgery and Surgical Pathology, and on Regional Surgery. Of the latter
there are two volumes.

Volume I., General Surgery and Surgical Pathology, is largely devoted to the
exposition of the essential principles which underlie a solid surgical structure.
This applies not only to general surgical operations, but also to all surgical condi-
tions. The work covers the entire field of general surgery and of surgical diseases,
dealing not so much with special operations as with the conditions which should
govern them—general directions for their performance, after-treatment, and the
etiology, pathology, and treatment of the various surgical diseases.

Volume II., Regional Surgery, is devoted to the surgery of the head, neck,
thorax, and spine and spinal cord; including, in the first division, injuries and
diseases of the scalp, of the cranial bones, of the brain and its adnexa, of the face,
of the nose and nasal fossaa, of the jaws, of the mouth, fauces, and pharynx, of the
ear, and of the salivary glands. The second division includes injuries and surgical
diseases of the neck, of the larynx and trachea, and of the oesophagus. The third
division covers injuries and diseases of the thorax and of the heart; and the fourth
division treats of the surgery of the spine and spinal cord, including deformities,
fractures, gunshot injuries, tumours, etc.

Volume III., Regional Surgery, is devoted torthe surgery of the abdomen, the
upper extremity, and the lower extremity; including in the first section injuries
and diseases of the abdominal wall, of the peritoneal cavity, the surgery of the
liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and intestinal canal (with the
exception of the rectum and anus), injuries and diseases of the rectum and anus,
hernia, surgery of the kidney and ureter, injuries and diseases of the male bladder,
of the urethra and penis, of the scrotum, testicle, epididymis, spermatic cord, and
seminal vesicles, of the prostate and Cowper's glands, surgery of the female genito-
urinary organs, and injuries and diseases of the pelvis. The second section in-
cludes injuries and diseases in the region of the shoulder, of the upper arm and
the elbow joirit, of the forearm and the wrist, and of the hand and the fingers.
The third section includes injuries and diseases of the hip-joint and the thigh, of
the knee-joint and the leg, and of the ankle and the foot.

The list of subjects is so full that it includes even the great surgical rarities,
and the descriptions are sufficiently complete to save the reader from the necessity